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Steeple St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Steeple lies in southeastern Dorset forming a short stretch of the county's English Channel coastline. Steeple is located about 6 miles south of the market town of Wareham and sits in an area devoid of major roads, the closest being some 3 miles to the east of Steeple, the A351 at Corfe Castle. Steeple is a small place with no defined village as such, merely a scatter of farms and cottages across a strongly undulating landscape where the local geology is complex and defining of the landscape. Here the rocks are standing on end with a geological sequence through Cretaceous to Jurassic in a short space of physical landscape, the harder rocks standing proud as ridges whilst Steeple sits within the softer rock of a vale in which the infant Corfe River rises. A farming community with a mixed regime, the thin oils of both chalk and limestone being grazed by mainly sheep whilst arable dominated the vale. Modern developments have come to the area, the army's Tyneham tank ranges border Steeple to the west whilst the nodding donkeys of the Kimmeridge oil field, hardly Dallas but still productive, also lie close by. The infant Corfe River drains eastwards and then northeastwards to reach the English Channel through Poole Harbour. Steeple is sited at around 75 metres above the sea but the chalk downland to the south rises to 167 metres at Tyneham Cap whilst to the north the limestone ridge rises almost to 200 metres on Ridgeway Hill both within a mile of Steeple's church. Steeple parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just under 3,100 acres it would have supported a population of just over 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Steeple was an equally small place, held by Roger de Beaumont it offered just 1 pair of ploughs together with some meadows, pastures & woodland.

The Church

St Michael's church sits at the end of a short dead-end lane running southwards from the main village access, a lane running westwards from Corfe Castle. A single remnant of an early church has been identified, the southern doorway is Norman Romanesque in style and represents the earliest fabric within the building. This early piece is indicative of a church on this site back to the 1th century. The nave retains a single lancet window which is of the Early English Gothic style of the 13th century but much else is later and represents a rebuild of the church probably in the 15th century. The western tower shows that Perpendicular style typical of this period. Later still are the chancel chapels which Pevsner dates in tot 16th century with the northern being later than the southern, both a late date for significant church building campaigns. For once Pevsner does not mention a Victorian restoration so if one occurred it was light and sensitive.The lane to the church is narrow and hooks tightly around the churchyard but just before it ends at a farm gate and opposite the entrance gates a pull-in for a single car is very welcome. The churchyard has, unfortunately, many trees within it and many of these occupy the favoured southeastern aspect making it a challenge for the photographer to adequately capture the church.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
5th November 1754 - 20th November 1812
Dorset History Centre - Reference -  PE-STP/RE/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 22nd March 1813 - 5th November 1835 Dorset History Centre - Reference -  PE-STP/RE/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 05/11/1754 William HASCOLL Ann BARTRAM Single
2 19/12/1754 William STICKLAND Widower Tyneham Elizabeth FOOKES Single
3 08/08/1755 William DART Winfrith Newburgh Mary SYMONDS Single
4 21/10/1755 William DOWELL Ann BAINES Single
5 07/02/1757 John GIBSON Great Dunmow, Essex Betty PIKE Single
6 22/02/1757 Robert STEPHENS Single Wareham Ann FOOKES Single
7 13/04/1757 Robert FERRY Joyce SYMONDS
8 01/08/1757 John POLLARD Honor TUBB Single
9 05/11/1757 John RICHARDS Hannah WEY Single West Lulworth
10 15/01/1758 Robert FOOT Lytchett Minster Mary BENNETT Single
11 05/04/1758 Richard GREENHAM Anne SEAMAN
12 04/12/1759 John CARTER Church Knowle Jane TOMS
13 17/09/1760 Jonathan HIBBS Martha FOOKES Single
14 12/04/1761 Charles RICHARDS Mary ABBOT Single Tyneham
15 13/05/1762 Joseph HOPKINS East Lulworth Mary FORD Single
16 03/08/1762 Thomas CROOMS Elizabeth MATHEWS
17 09/08/1763 Thomas RANDAL Elizabeth HARDY Single
18 20/09/1763 John HARDY Elizabeth LINNINGTON Single
19 07/03/1765 John BENNET Church Knowle Hannah SEYMORE
20 06/05/1765 William MELLIDGE West Lulworth Sarah OKLEY Single Melcombe Regis
21 19/10/1765 Henry WISEMAN Corfe Castle Mary GOODCHILD Single
22 08/04/1766 John FOOKES Ann HARRIS Single Church Knowle
23 30/11/1766 James NOTLEY Chickerell Betty WHITTELL Single
24 14/01/1768 Thomas INGS Harbridge, Hampshire Martha PYKE Single
25 14/06/1768 Dennis WILLSHIRE Susannah HOPKINS Widow
26 24/04/1769 Jemmy PENNY East Lulworth Mary SEAMAN Single
27 03/07/1769 John MILLEDGE West Lulworth Mary MOREY Single
28 04/12/1769 John KING Winfrith Newburgh Mary GRIFFIN
29 27/02/1770 John POLLARD Anne ROSE Single
30 10/08/1773 George TUCK Wareham Elizabeth SAMPSON Single
31 12/10/1773 James BENNET Mary WHITTLE Single
32 08/03/1774 William COOPER Single Lucy SEAMAN Single
33 10/10/1775 Samuel COOPER Single Anne HIBBS Single
34 02/06/1777 George STICKLAND Single Corfe Castle Rachel BENNET Single
35 17/11/1777 Edward FOOKES Tyneham Ann ELMS Single
36 23/12/1777 William VYE Single Wareham Jane SAMPSON Single
37 01/02/1779 James SELBY Mary RABBITS Single
38 06/02/1780 John NOTTING Widower Woodsford Elizabeth GRIFFIN Single Chaldon Herring
39 15/11/1781 Giles SAMSON Single Katharine STICKLAND Single East Stoke
40 11/03/1782 Robert RANDAL Single Wareham Joanna MUSCLE Single
41 09/07/1783 Charles RICHARDS Single Betty MUSCLE Single
42 22/10/1783 Samuel BAKER Wareham Ann RUMSEY Single
43 20/02/1787 William ELMES Single Anne RAWLES Single
44 16/10/1787 Thomas HOOPER Widower Mary HIBBS Single Church Knowle
45 14/11/1787 Samuel STICKLAND Widower East Stoke Mary LUCEAS Single
46 15/06/1789 John HIBBS Tyneham Anne FURMIDGE Single
47 06/07/1789 Daniel PITCHER Single Coombe Keynes Mary FOOKES Single
48 28/08/1789 William BRINE Widower Wareham Mary FERRY Single
49 05/04/1790 John GIBBENS Single Mary BENNET Widow
50 24/05/1790 Samuel MINTERN Single Langton Matravers Anne FRAMPTON Single
13/01/1792 Ephraim TAYLOR Elizabeth FARREL
16/01/1792 James KITCAT Jane DAY
10/06/1792 James SEARLEY Ann ELMES
16/09/1792 Thomas SEAMAN Mary ABBOTT
03/06/1793 James RICHARDS Elizabeth ABBOT
28/01/1794 Thomas RANDALL Catherine JONES
18/05/1794 William Mark CURE Mary WINZAR
04/07/1794 Edward SLADE Elizabeth FRAMPTON
25/05/1795 George BUTCHER Mary SELLY Tyneham
30/02/1798 John WHITTLE Joyce MEECH
29/05/1798 Robert TAYLOR Elizabeth BARTLETT
03/11/1798 James MILLEDGE Melcombe Regis Mary ROWLAND
16/01/1799 Joseph BOWER Langton Matravers Martha LUCAS
19/01/1799 John BENNET Elizabeth STICKLAND
04/03/1799 Samuel BROWN Corfe Castle Margaret EDMUNDS
06/12/1799 Richard LOXLEY Elizabeth PROWSE Single Tyneham
20/01/1800 Eli BARNES Single Ann BARNES Single
05/08/1800 William ORCHARD Single Mary COOPER Single
09/10/1800 Thomas COLE Single Church Knowle Elizabeth TAYLOR Single
27/11/1800 William SMITH Widower Wareham Mary LUCAS Widow
15/04/1801 Thomas GUY Honor SKINNER
11/05/1803 Abraham GIBBINS Judith NEW
16/05/1803 William HAYSOM Swanage Elizabeth COOPER
26/10/1803 James KING Single Lucy BENNET Single
07/05/1805 John TUCK Single Frances SYMMONDS Single
16/10/1805 William SEAMAN Single Ann ASKELL
07/10/1806 John STICKLAND Single Dinah WHEEL
11/05/1807 Joseph SARGENT Single Wareham Cathrine SAMPSON Single
05/08/1807 Robert BLACKLOCK Corfe Castle Mary MARSH Single
22/10/1807 Samuel COOPER Single Mary BARNES
26/11/1807 Thomas BAKER Ann ANSELL
24/05/1810 Edward PARMITER Single West Lulworth Lucy FUMBER
20/11/1812 Thomas STEEVENS Single Alverstoke, Hampshire Ann HUNT Single
1 22/03/1813 James HUNT Edith LOVELL
2 20/12/1814 Richard SAMPSON Church Knowle Jane COOPER
3 16/10/1815 Henry STICKLAND Mary CRUMPLER
4 11/02/1816 Samuel HOMER Wareham Hannah HOOPER
5 19/02/1816 Robert CHISMAN Ann ARCHER
6 22/02/1816 Charles VEY Jane HARDEY
7 13/06/1816 John BEER Corfe Castle Ann COOPER
8 05/09/1816 John JOYNER Elizabeth ANDREWS
9 13/10/1816 John KNAPP Peggy RANDALL
10 25/02/1818 James HARRIS Wareham Elizabeth HOOPER
11 16/11/1818 George RIDOUT Tyneham Jane GIBBONS
12 07/12/1818 Robert STRANGEMAN Lytchett Minster Mary MILLEDGE
13 24/03/1819 Robert PITCHER Single Langton Herring Mary FRAMPTON Single
14 17/01/1820 James SLADE Dinah LUCCAS
15 10/04/1820 Lewis BURDEN Catharine BENNET
16 17/04/1820 Richard DOREY Wareham Susanna HOOPER
17 01/05/1820 Thomas PITCHER Ann BOWER
18 05/04/1821 John SLADE Elizabeth HIBBS
19 20/06/1822 William COOPER Honour HOOPER
20 12/08/1822 Charles HOOPER Ann TRENT
21 21/11/1822 Henry PITCHER Single Esther FAREWELL Single
22 20/05/1823 James PITCHER Langton Herring Mary EDMONDS
23 08/12/1823 William GUY Church Knowle Elizabeth SLADE
24 14/01/1825 Giles SAMPSON Lydia MOULD
25 18/04/1825 William GUY Martha COX
26 05/05/1825 John RANDALL Eliza TAYLOR
27 11/05/1825 Martin ANDREWS Rachel SAMPSON
28 12/05/1825 John FOOKES Charlotte BECK
29 02/04/1826 John FARWELL Sarah STEVENS
30 07/08/1828 William TRIM Sarah TRENT
31 01/04/1829 John DOREY Ann BUTCHER
32 01/06/1829 Thomas LUCKAS Jane FOOKES
33 12/10/1829 John PLOMER Ann LUCCAS
34 24/11/1829 James LUGG Sarah PITCHER
35 25/03/1830 Thomas SUMMERS Church Knowle Martha CURE
36 06/01/1831 Henry FARWEL Elizabeth RUMSAY
37 13/09/1831 Henry STICKLAND Harriet HONEYBURN
38 27/02/1832 Thomas COOPER Elizabeth SEWARD
39 27/09/1832 William BAILEY Elizabeth HIBBS
40 14/03/1833 Joseph EDMONDS Single Rachel STICKLAND Single
41 16/07/1833 John HOLLAND Widower Hannah STOCKLEY
42 24/07/1833 John WILKINS Lytchett Minster Hannah CURE
43 09/12/1834 George Orchard GALTON Wool Susanna WHITE
44 01/01/1835 William MARSHALLSEY Tyneham Elizabeth Dugdale SAMPSON
45 05/11/1835 George RICHARDS Mary STICKLAND

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