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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Haughton le Skerne St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Haughton le Skerne lies in southern County Durham not too far from its border with neighbouring Yorkshire. Haughton le Skerne is located about 2 miles northeast of the industrial town of Darlington and lies just under a mile west of the A66 road which forms Darlington's bypass and connects it with Stockton on Tees. Once a distinct and separate village Haughton le Skerne is today almost swallowed by the expansion of Darlington, a brief green corridor along the valley of the River Skerne is all that separates the two. At the time of this transcript the parish would have been largely rural and dominated by farming, a mixed regime of both arable and pastoral farming in place. The parish had a brief moment in history as part of the route of the Stockton & Darlington rail line, the first passenger line in England, passed through the southern edge of the parish, albeit that original route is now disused. The village of Haughton le Skerne is just one of many settlements within the wider parish, which was so large as to be subdivided into a separate chapelry of Sadberge. The Skerne drains the parish southwards the short distance to the Tees which forms the border with Yorkshire, here water turns east and heads for the North Sea through the conurbation of Teesside. Haughton le Skerne is sited at around 40 metres above the sea, the land is fairly gentle hereabouts rising steadily northwards to local heights of close to 80 metres. Haughton le Skerne parish was extensive, as are so many in Durham, it covered just over 10,200 acres and in the wider parish there would have been close to 1,500 parishioners, this count would include the parishioners of Sadberge which was also licensed for marriages and will have its own page. Like most of Durham there is no mention of Haughton le Skerne in Domesday Book which has sparse coverage north of the Tees.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits on the main route from Haughton le Skerne towards Darlington and close to the crossing of the River Skerne. The church has ancient origins being essentially Norman Romanesque in style and probably dates from soon after the conquest, Pevsner does not sanction a specific date but 12th century is plausible. The core of the church, nave chancel and western tower are contemporary and have only minor modifications to show for a remodeling exercise in the Perpendicular style of the 15th century. Much later, in 1895, transepts, vestry & southern porch were added to the building amongst a general restoration and refurbishment. The church sits within an oblong churchyard formed within the shallow fork of Haughton Road and Salters Lane, parking is better in the latter where an entrance leads into the churchyard. The site is a little constricted due to the shallow forking roads and has quite a few trees which do somewhat limit the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th May 1754 - 15th October 1811 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/HaS/6a Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The first 20 years of this transcript are completed in a tiny hand, making for a trying read, slow to execute and with a possibility of a few misreads as a result.

NB bundled with its successor into a single deposit
2 23rd November 1811 - 7th September 1812 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/Has/6b Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads A short register of just 7 entries bundled with its predecessor
3 4th January 1813 - 31st May 1837 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/Has/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Heighington St Michael
Aycliffe St Andrew
Bishopton St Peter
Heighington St Michael
Sadberge St Andrew
Middleton St George
Darlington St Cuthbert
Darlington St Cuthbert
Hurworth All Saints
Dinsdale St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/02/1754 James BURDRA     Ann LAVERICK    
05/03/1754 Richard GARMONSWAY     Mary WARDEL    
1 13/05/1754 Anthony SMITH     Mary CURRY    
2 13/05/1754 Isaac MARSHALL   Long Newton Mary BATERSBY    
3 17/07/1754 Matthew BORDER     Ann MITCHEL Single Darlington
4 19/11/1754 Thomas WRIGHTSON   Middleton St George Margarett GARMONSWAY Single  
5 20/01/1755 Charles HANDY     Mary STEDMAN    
6 28/04/1755 John SOWERBY     Mary CROSFIELD    
7 11/05/1755 Joseph LEETON     Dorothy KIRBY    
8 12/05/1755 John RIDDLE     Elizabeth TROTTER    
9 19/05/1755 Thomas JOBLIN     Elizabeth PALLISTER    
10 22/11/1755 Ralph TOMSON   Aycliffe Alice RICHMOND    
11 04/12/1755 Joseph JACKSON     Elizabeth LOFTHOUSE Single Darlington
12 07/12/1755 Thomas WALKER     Jane GRANT    
13 27/04/1756 John COOPER   Darlington Mary CLEMENT    
14 20/05/1756 Christopher ROBISON     Ann STEPHENS    
15 23/11/1756 William TAYLOR   Darlington Jane COATS    
03/05/1757 Richard BORDER     Margaret HOBSON    
06/09/1757 James YOUNG     Elizabeth COUTHMAN    
07/05/1758 John TAYLORSON   Aycliffe Mary COWPER    
08/05/1758 John PATERSON     Ann MATHERS    
15/05/1758 George FOGG   Cleasby, Yorkshire Mary JOBLIN    
15/05/1758 John GREENWILL     Mary BROWN    
22/05/1758 Richard HUMPHRY     Jane GRAHAM    
24/05/1758 William SMITH Single Northallerton, Yorkshire Rebeccah HUNTER    
06/07/1758 William RICHMOND     Ann SMURTHWAIT    
30/08/1758 Richard ROBISON     Margaret FORSTER Single  
22/11/1758 William WRANGHAM     Jane WALTON    
23/11/1758 William RICHARDSON     Mary CLARK    
08/05/1759 William PERKIN   Darlington Jane WOOD    
13/05/1759 John KELL     Sarah WATE    
18/09/1759 John BARKER   Stockton On Tees Elizabeth WASTELL    
22/11/1759 Thomas PERKIN   Croft, Yorkshire Jane COOK    
31/12/1759 Robert ASKEW     Ann COOK    
12/05/1760 Joseph ELLERBY     Mary COTTEN    
13/05/1760 John COOPER     Mary ELWIN    
15/05/1760 Anthony ROUTLEDGE     Mary BROWN    
15/05/1760 Michael GREYNE     Margarett RICKSON    
18/05/1760 William GIBSON   Stockton On Tees Margarett WATTSON    
27/12/1760 John WHALEY   Middleton St George Elizabeth HELMSON    
12/05/1761 Thomas CARLEUS   Darlington Elianor MEDCALF    
08/12/1761 Robert ELWIN     Mary TAYLOR    
19/01/1762 John WARRICK   Sadberge Mary MORGAN    
10/02/1762 John LATHAM     Ann MASTELL    
12/04/1762 George GOUNDRY   Heighington Ann LAMB    
13/05/1762 Thomas COLSON     Dorothy SHAW    
14/05/1762 William GREY     Elizabeth SIM    
02/08/1762 Thomas BROWN     Margarett ROBISON    
27/04/1763 William SHERATON     Margarett CALVERT    
12/05/1763 Richard BURDEN     Elizabeth GRYME    
15/05/1763 Joseph JOHNSON     Martha HALL    
17/05/1763 Thomas WOODHOUSE   Great Smeaton, Yorkshire Margarett MICHESON    
21/07/1763 Samuel MUSGRAVE   Darlington Mary FEETHAM    
30/08/1763 Matthias ROBINSON     Margarett SNOWDEN    
22/09/1763 Christopher LUMLEY     Isabell YEILD    
22/11/1763 William BARRET     Jane SMELT    
05/12/1763 Joseph ADDISON     Mary STOBS    
24/03/1764 John WARDELL     Elizabeth HARRISON    
06/05/1764 John LINN     Mary BREWER    
17/05/1764 John JEFFERSON     Margaret JERVICE    
24/05/1764 William SAYER   East Cowton, Yorkshire Mary SMITH    
28/10/1764 Richard STORY   Stockton On Tees Mary JOPLIN    
27/11/1764 William TENDELL     Susanna ATKINSON    
14/05/1765 James WAKE   Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire Margaret JACKSON    
16/05/1765 Thomas WATSON   Kirklevington, Yorkshire Ann ORD    
16/05/1765 William JUDSON   Bishopton Susannah CURREY    
29/07/1765 Adam LUDLAW     Jane PINKNEY    
03/11/1765 Richard HAWXWELL   West Rounton, Yorkshire Susanna SMITH    
22/11/1765 John WINDALE   Darlington Mary SHAW    
25/11/1765 Thomas DENNISON     Elizabeth HOLLAND   St Helen, Auckland
26/11/1765 Hugh PEACOCK     Ann PATTISON    
12/12/1765 Thomas FURNIS   Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire Mary COTSWORTH    
24/02/1766 Edward WHORTON   Stockton On Tees Elizabeth OYATES    
02/04/1766 Mark ATKINSON   Croft, Yorkshire Mary FAUCETT    
19/10/1766 James SPEDING     Mary BURDEN    
23/11/1766 Robert HARLING     Margaret PAVERILL    
07/12/1766 John SCOT     Ann PAVY    
27/12/1766 Joseph LEECH     Jane ARMSTRONG    
03/02/1767 Henry WILKINSON     Mary TUNSTALL   Hurworth
10/02/1767 John WOOD     Ann BOWMAN    
23/03/1767 Thomas WHITFIELD   Heighington Margaret APPLETON    
19/04/1767 Thomas ANSLEY     Margaret SUTTON   Darlington
07/05/1767 John PATTISON     Hannah LAVERICK    
12/05/1767 William ANGUS   Darlington Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE    
27/03/1768 Henry HUNTER     Elizabeth LANCASTER    
22/05/1768 John LIDDEL   Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire Jane CURRY    
12/06/1768 Zacheriah ROGERS     Elizabeth FAIRBANES    
13/09/1768 Joseph COATES   Darlington Ann SNOWDON    
08/03/1769 Ralph FLINT   Darlington Frances CUNDELL    
30/04/1769 Nicholas WETHERELL     Margaret PARKIN    
14/05/1769 Michael TURNER     Ann HUGH    
15/05/1769 William CROW     Ann MUNCASTER    
23/05/1769 George HEARTLEY     Christian MARK   Northallerton, Yorkshire
25/06/1769 James TAYLOR     Prudens BURTON    
30/10/1769 John BROWN   Stanwick St John, Yorkshire Ann LADLOW    
06/11/1769 Anthony ROBINSON   Darlington Ann RICHMOND    
27/11/1769 John TATE     Jane BROWN    
14/05/1770 William DAWSON     Isabella HALL    
10/08/1770 Ralph CLOSE     Elizabeth COATESWORTH    
12/11/1770 Joseph SCOTT   Bedale, Yorkshire Jane BROWN    
16/12/1770 Robert HARRISON     Ann HALL    
03/06/1771 Abraham STORY     Phillis FAWCETT    
29/09/1771 Joseph HOWGATE   Jamaica Dorothy GARTHWAIT    
16/10/1771 William ALEXANDER   Scotland Elizabeth BENDLOWES    
24/11/1771 John CHAPMAN     Lucy TEASDALE    
14/05/1772 George ZILA     Ann THOMPSON    
18/05/1772 Robert HESLOP   Barnard Castle Jane COLPITTS    
18/11/1772 Jonathan FARTHING     Margaret PALISTER    
26/11/1772 George COATES     Isabella SANDERSON    
29/11/1772 George WILKINSON     Ann JAMES    
12/05/1773 Richard ALLISON     Jane COCK    
23/05/1773 Abraham HODGSON     Elizabeth GIBSON    
30/10/1773 William BURTON   Middleton St George Alice STORY    
22/11/1773 John PEACOCK   Eston, Yorkshire Margaret CURRY    
06/01/1774 John TROTTER     Martha PARNABY    
22/05/1774 John CROW     Mary HALL    
07/08/1774 William COMPSTON     Margaret RUTHERFOOT    
16/04/1775 Christopher LEONARD     Alice PATTISON    
13/05/1775 Anthony REED     Catherine MASTERMAN    
16/05/1775 John CULLY   Escombe Alice BERTRAM    
12/06/1775 William FAWCETT   Great Smeaton, Yorkshire Ann NATTRASS    
19/06/1775 William HESLOP   Yorkshire Mary NATTRASS Single  
10/07/1775 George BRADLEY     Sarah TODD   Long Newton
26/11/1775 John CARR     Anne HUNTER    
05/12/1775 Christopher WATERS   Bishopton Mary FLEETHAM    
17/01/1776 William CRAGGS     Elizabeth YOUNG    
17/02/1776 Robert HARLAND     Elizabeth HALES    
17/06/1776 Robert HARRISON     Mary BROWN    
14/10/1776 George SHIRLEY     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
05/11/1776 Matthew SMITH   Darlington Hannah SMITH    
26/11/1776 William SPENCE   City Of London Elizabeth PARKER    
01/01/1777 John GIBSON     Mary WILKINSON    
01/04/1777 Martin ROBSON     Alice COATS    
13/05/1777 Peter TAYLOR     Isabel SMITH    
19/05/1777 John BROCKET   Aycliffe Mary NICHOLSON    
16/02/1778 George LIDDLE     Jane SWINBANK    
11/05/1778 John GOODBURN     Margaret PALLISTER    
13/05/1778 William BERTRAM   Darlington Elizabeth WETHERELL    
16/05/1778 William GREGSON   Laughten En Le Morthen, Yorkshire Elizabeth SANDERSON    
28/06/1778 James GRAHAM     Elizabeth GREATHEAD    
11/08/1778 Christopher BELL   St Helen, Auckland Mary HESLOP    
05/10/1778 John HODGSON     Isabel LOADMAN    
05/04/1779 George Crose HUTCHINSON     Hannah TATE    
06/04/1779 George WASTELL     Mary WRANGHAM    
03/05/1779 John KILBURN   Birkby, Yorkshire Jane TURNER    
09/05/1779 Richard BRIGNAL   Monk Hesledon Jane COLLING    
24/05/1779 Joseph WILIS     Mary HARRISON    
07/06/1779 John MOWBRAY   Long Newton Jemima STORY    
22/11/1779 John SANDERSON     Ann NEWCOMB    
04/03/1780 John KELSEY   Brancepeth Mary WASTELL    
14/05/1780 William JANSON   Middleton St George Dorothy MIDDLETON    
25/02/1781 John WILSON     Mary ROBINSON    
14/05/1781 John ROBINSON     Mary LOWDEN   Whorlton
29/05/1781 John STAINSBY   Cleasby, Yorkshire Margaret WALKER    
08/07/1781 Timothy CORBY     Ann LEADMAN    
19/08/1781 James RATE     Jane SMITH    
26/11/1781 Edward EARL     Jane KIRTLING    
18/03/1782 John MOORE   Great Smeaton, Yorkshire Elizabeth STEADMAN    
14/05/1782 William KIPLING     Mary WIDDRON    
19/05/1782 George GRAHAM   Darlington Ann ELLERBY    
03/06/1782 Jonathan WATSON     Isabel WATSON    
16/07/1782 Joseph PRESTON   Stockton On Tees Jane SPARK    
14/11/1782 Richard CUNDEL     Isabel MARTINDALE   Darlington
02/12/1782 John HARRISON     Jane ARMSTRONG    
16/12/1782 William CATTERICK   Long Newton Mary FEETHAM    
04/05/1783 Thomas HEAVISIDE   Bishop Middleham Elizabeth GOWLAND    
11/05/1783 John DENT     Mary LISTER    
22/11/1783 William WARWICK   Hurworth Elizabeth WILSON    
02/12/1783 John ROBINSON     Mary TUTIN   Darlington
17/12/1783 John HANDSEL   Hurworth Hannah BROWN    
18/12/1783 Andrew BROWN     Barbara STORY    
16/05/1784 John JOHNSON     Ann TULIP    
20/05/1784 John BOWMER     Ann BELL   Long Newton
22/11/1784 John DODD     Eleanor MAY    
28/11/1784 William CURRY     Ann WAKE    
01/02/1785 Joseph BROWN     Isabel TAYLOR    
11/05/1785 Anthony TAYLOR     Margaret SMITH   Darlington
12/05/1785 John TEASDALE   Darlington Jane BOWES    
17/05/1785 Anthony HUNTER     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
05/06/1785 John ROBINSON     Sarah JOHNSON    
25/07/1785 James SPEDDING     Mary TULLY   Aycliffe
30/10/1785 Jonathan ROSS   Sunderland Ann GIBBIN    
13/12/1785 John MARTIN     Elizabeth HEDLEY    
21/02/1786 Nicholas RICHARDSON     Margaret WAKE    
03/05/1786 Robert WALKER     Hannah WALKER   Aycliffe
14/05/1786 William MILBURNE     Ann ROBINSON    
14/05/1786 William GRANGER     Margaret STODDART    
17/05/1786 Jonathan BAKER   Hurworth Jane ROBINSON    
24/05/1786 William JAMPSON     Mary HUMPHREY    
24/10/1786 Robert MOODY     Sarah GRAINGER    
16/12/1786 John BANKS   Hurworth Mary CUNDEL    
25/12/1786 John DODDS   Hurworth Margaret LAWSON    
02/01/1787 William HARDY     Mary WRIGHT    
13/05/1787 Thomas COLSON     Margaret LYNN    
13/05/1787 John CRAGGS     Mary BURN    
15/05/1787 Michael MEEK   Osmotherly, Yorkshire Margaret LUMLEY    
24/09/1787 William AINSLEY     Ann GRAHAM    
02/12/1787 John GRABHAM     Elizabeth MASTERMAN    
05/05/1788 William MOFFATT     Elizabeth RATCLIFF    
21/06/1788 William BROWN   Durham Jane BAINBRIDGE Single  
22/06/1788 George HARDY     Jane MILLER    
27/11/1788 Christopher ELLIOT   Darlington Ann TAYLOR    
09/12/1788 Robert SHIELL     Ann DAWSON    
14/12/1788 Robert ELLERBY     Mary HAVILLOCK    
10/02/1789 Francis LOTT   Stockton On Tees Ann GREATHEAD    
09/03/1789 Michael GENT     Ann NAISBY    
13/04/1789 John DENT     Rachel JACKSON   Darlington
13/04/1789 George BELL   Stainton, Yorkshire Mary ELLINGTON    
13/04/1789 Thomas WALKER     Margaret WHARTON    
05/05/1789 Anthony HUNTLEY   Stranton Sarah DOBBIN    
12/05/1789 Henry ARMSTRONG     Elizabeth DOBISON    
01/06/1789 Joseph PICKERING     Jane WRIGHT    
13/08/1789 James DAWSON     Jane WALL   Darlington
16/05/1790 John LOWES     Isabel DITCHBURN    
26/05/1790 Nathan PARKINSON     Jane WALKER    
13/01/1791 Henry LAMB   Stainton, Yorkshire Dorothy WETHERELL    
22/03/1791 John WALDY   Yarm, Yorkshire Margaret GARMONSWAY    
28/04/1791 Miles CLOSE   Darlington Judith SHELDON    
26/10/1791 John SMITH     Mary CRAGGS    
23/11/1791 Thomas ROBSON     Hannah HANBY    
07/05/1792 Robert BACON     Susanna SIMPSON    
14/05/1792 William CRAGGS   Sockburn Mary WRIGHT    
27/05/1792 Joseph BURN   Darlington Mary TEASDALE    
29/07/1792 John BELL   Kelloe Ann WILKINSON    
21/08/1792 Simon ROBINSON     Esther ROBINSON    
17/11/1792 Ralph CROZIER     Mary STORY   Hurworth
27/11/1792 Francis SOWERBY   Bishopton Ann COATSWORTH    
07/04/1793 William SPARROW   Barnard Castle Hannah COATES    
28/05/1793 Dobson FOGG     Jane NESHAM   Darlington
26/06/1793 Thomas WRANGHAM     Margaret MAY    
25/11/1793 William GREENWELL   Hurworth Elizabeth DOBSON    
02/03/1794 John BENTLEY     Margaret SCOTT    
12/05/1794 Thomas TWEDEL     Eleanor LAIDLER    
31/08/1794 John FORSTER   Hurworth Ann ROBINSON    
13/10/1794 Thomas ENGLISH     Jane PARKINSON    
10/03/1795 William COWLING   Heighington Honour TODD    
11/05/1795 George THOMPSON     Ann HARRISON    
11/05/1795 George FAWCETT   Long Newton Ann GRENER    
25/05/1795 John LAX   Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire Ann BELL    
08/06/1795 Robert PEACOCK     Frances WINTER    
14/07/1795 John BLAND   Darlington Jane WRAY    
23/11/1795 George ADAMSON     Jane DODDS    
12/05/1796 Joseph BROWN     Isabella PREACHER   Bishopton
13/07/1796 Timothy TINKLER   Aycliffe Jane POTTS    
24/08/1796 Ralph ROBINSON     Rebecca GASSIGNON   Hurworth
01/09/1796 Young LOWSON     Jane ROBINSON    
12/09/1796 Josias HEWSON   Darlington Mary BLAIR    
03/04/1797 William TEASDALE   Manfield, Yorkshire Lucy TEASDALE    
09/04/1797 William CRABTREE     Elizabeth PACE    
12/12/1797 Ralph CHIPCHASE   Danby Wiske, Yorkshire Alice WILLIS    
26/12/1797 James LEEMING     Eleanor SCOTT    
09/01/1798 Christopher COATES     Margaret COATESWORTH    
27/03/1798 Joseph ROBINSON     Margaret MAUGHAM    
13/05/1798 John ABDELL   Aycliffe Isabella BULMER    
14/05/1798 George GUY   Aycliffe Ann WRIGHT    
03/09/1798 Richard BRAITHWAITE     Elizabeth TEASDALE    
14/05/1799 Jonathan WALKER   Kirby Ravensworth, Yorkshire Dorothy COULSON    
30/05/1799 George DOBBING   Sadberge Mary APPLEBY    
03/03/1800 William FAWCETT     Ann COLSON    
15/06/1800 John METCALFE     Mary COLLING    
22/11/1800 Thomas SAKES     Isabella BAINBRIDGE    
23/12/1800 John WETHERELL     Elizabeth SMITH Single  
18/06/1801 John HUNTON     Thomason WETHERELL Single  
01/12/1801 Johnathan DRYDEN   Dinsdale Catharine LEONARD Single  
31/12/1801 Joseph PEARSON     Isabella CUNDELL    
19/03/1802 James MEGGSON     Sarah BATRICK    
07/05/1802 Jonathan TAYLORSON   Hurworth Elizabeth TEMPLE Single  
10/05/1802 Joseph NATES     Jane SAWKELL    
13/05/1802 John CHAPMAN     Sarah MYERS    
13/05/1802 William RITE     Ann NICHOLSON    
22/05/1802 James BOLDRIDGE     Elizabeth SMITH    
30/05/1802 William TAYLOR     Ann PALISTER    
26/12/1802 John LEEMING     Elizabeth WALKER    
22/02/1803 William SMITH     Elizabeth DOBSON    
14/03/1803 Thomas PRESTON   Darlington Isabella HARLAND    
29/03/1803 Thomas CLEMENT   Heighington Elizabeth PALLISTER    
18/05/1803 William STOCKDALE     Ann TODD   Washington
23/05/1803 Joseph PATTISON   Durham Ann DIXON    
10/08/1803 Ralph CROW     Hannah SMITH    
26/11/1803 Thomas TRUEMAN   Middleton St George Grace WETHERELL Single  
13/12/1803 William WILD     Alice DIBBS    
25/01/1804 John GIBSON     Elizabeth SELBY    
20/05/1804 John BITTON   Darlington Elizabeth MABLE    
22/07/1804 Thomas METCALF     Frances HERRING    
06/09/1804 Joseph GIBSON     Sarah STANILAND    
27/12/1804 Nicholas WETHERELL     Margaret ROBINSON    
29/01/1805 George HORNSBY   Aycliffe Ann GRAINGER    
12/03/1805 Thomas GRAINGER     Mary STEVENSON    
15/04/1805 George SPENCE   East Cowton, Yorkshire Ann TAYLOR    
15/04/1805 William MOSSOM     Margaret BLYTH    
13/05/1805 John HODGSON     Elizabeth ORRIN   Hurworth
13/05/1805 Joseph WALKER     Jane HALL    
26/06/1805 Robert HUMBLE   Jarrow Mary MASON    
09/07/1805 John WALKER     Jane WILSON    
29/07/1805 Thomas BULMER   Stokesby, Yorkshire Elizabeth PALLISTER    
20/11/1805 William BYERS     Mary STABLER    
23/11/1805 John BENNION     Hannah PROCTOR    
15/05/1806 Joseph JOHNSON   Croft, Yorkshire Ann HEDLEY    
05/06/1806 Roger CALVERT   Kirklevington, Yorkshire Isabella COATESWORTH Widow  
25/11/1806 John YOUNG     Hannah CUNDELL    
06/12/1806 William WADE   Brancepeth Margaret GOODBURN    
19/01/1807 John ROBERTS   Kirby Ravensworth, Yorkshire Mary CHAPMAN    
28/01/1807 George JEMMISON   Darlington Ann CROW    
30/04/1807 Henry WILKINSON     Margaret OLIVER Single  
16/05/1807 John HADRICK   Aycliffe Margaret WILKINSON    
24/11/1807 Richard LUMLEY   Richmond, Yorkshire Elizabeth DUNN Widow  
11/01/1808 John CLEMISON     Ann PATERSON    
25/02/1808 Thomas PALLISTER   Darlington Elizabeth GOODBURN    
12/03/1809 Ralph BLAND     Sarah METCALF    
24/06/1809 Thomas WILSON     Sarah JOPLING    
27/11/1809 George LANE     Ann GOLDSBOROUGH    
07/02/1810 William WHEATLEY     Mary REAK    
24/04/1810 John KIPLING     Mary WIDERINGTON    
13/05/1810 Thomas COULSON     Jane WAKE    
28/08/1810 George CUMMIN     Alice ATKINSON    
13/11/1810 Robert CUMMIN   Stockton On Tees Mary MAPHAM    
27/11/1810 Joseph ARROWSMITH   Long Newton Mary ROBSON Single  
29/11/1810 George WATSON   East Cowton, Yorkshire Ann ROBINSON Widow  
29/11/1810 John ROBINSON   Darlington Maria HIGGISON    
28/12/1810 George CRISP   Yarm, Yorkshire Ann KITCHING    
29/06/1811 John WATSON     Isabella BOWMAN    
15/10/1811 Thomas ROBSON   Lamesley Sarah JEFFERSON    
1 23/11/1811 Robert HARRISON     Ellen JOHNSON   Northallerton, Yorkshire
2 19/12/1811 William HARDY     Diana GUY Single  
3 20/05/1812 John DODWORTH     Jane THOMPSON    
4 13/08/1812 Thomas TATE   East Cowton, Yorkshire Hannah CROW    
5 16/08/1812 Thomas WALKER   Darlington Frances HARRISON    
6 03/09/1812 Thomas VAUGHAN     Priscilla Anne WALTON Single  
7 07/09/1812 Thomas OLIVER     Jane DENT Single  
1 04/01/1813 Thomas ROBSON     Mary Ann PIGG    
2 18/01/1813 James HEMSLEY   Coniscliffe Mary HALL    
3 19/04/1813 Ralph LIDDLE     Mary STEVENSON    
4 17/05/1813 William WAISTELL   Darlington Ann GENT    
5 21/05/1814 George DODSWORTH Single   Margaret BURN Single  
6 28/05/1814 John ROBINSON Single   Margaret PALLISTER Single  
7 04/07/1814 Thomas SOWERBY Single Easby, Yorkshire Margaret GENT    
8 19/07/1814 Francis GREATHEAD Widower   Isabella TWEDDLE Single  
9 23/10/1814 Francis WILSON   St Nicholas, Durham Ann ROBSON    
10 27/11/1814 Robert THIRKELL Single   Anne BAINBRIDGE Single  
11 14/12/1814 Thomas WILKINSON   Croft, Yorkshire Margaret LANE    
12 16/01/1815 William WISEMAN   Heighington Mary HARDY    
13 20/02/1815 Robert LABRON     Anne SPEDDIN    
14 23/03/1815 William DOVE Single Darlington Rachel PARKER Single  
15 15/05/1815 William BUCKTON Single   Mary PEARITH Single  
16 15/05/1815 William ROBINSON   Stanwick St John, Yorkshire Jane ARROWSMITH Single  
17 28/08/1815 James YOUNG Single   Anne FOWLER Single  
18 24/10/1815 Francis ROBINSON Single   Sarah DIBBS Single  
19 27/12/1815 John STODART     Dorothy LIDDLE Single  
20 02/01/1816 William WETHERELL   Manfield, Yorkshire Elizabeth WASTELL    
21 11/05/1816 William GOWLAND Single   Anne SIDGWICK Widow  
22 04/03/1817 Thomas OLIVER Widower   Mary HIXON Single  
23 04/05/1817 Thomas DODSWORTH Single   Mary RABY Single  
24 20/05/1817 William OLIVER Widower St Andrew, Auckland Elisabeth WOODS Single  
25 08/06/1817 Christopher BROTHERTON Single Wensley, Yorkshire Mary BROWN Single  
26 04/10/1817 William HODGSON Single   Elizabeth POTTS Single  
27 19/11/1817 Thomas CHILTON Single Darlington Jane WETHERELL Single  
28 23/11/1817 Robert TUERT   Darlington Jane SPARK    
29 29/11/1817 George DODDS Single   Elizabeth PALLISTER Single  
30 10/02/1818 James CARTER Single   Mary LANE Single  
31 24/03/1818 George PATTISON Single   Jane HOLLAND    
32 13/05/1818 Robert ROBINSON Single   Anne TOPHAM Single  
33 17/06/1818 William AINSLEY Single Darlington Dorothy MOOR Single  
34 08/08/1818 John LAYTON Widower   Jane PATERSON Widow  
35 21/11/1818 George COWLEY Single   Lovehannah BURNSIDE Single Darlington
36 23/11/1818 William PATTISON Single Darlington Jane BOSOMWORTH Single  
37 10/05/1819 Edward BUCKTON Single   Elizabeth PIGG Single  
38 31/05/1819 John LAX Single   Elizabeth WILSON   Merrington
39 23/06/1819 Thomas PORTHOUSE   Middlesex Rebecca STANILAND Single  
40 24/11/1819 James ALLENBY Single   Anne ROBERTS Single  
41 27/12/1819 John GREY Single Croft, Yorkshire Elizabeth HARDY Single  
42 07/09/1820 William ROBINSON Single   Anne WILKINSON Single  
43 23/10/1820 George BROWN Single   Mary Anne SOPPET Single  
44 15/05/1821 William SCORER Single Witton Le Wear Anne LYNN Single  
45 09/06/1821 Matthew JACKSON Single   Anne FLETCHER Single  
46 15/07/1821 William BANNAR Single   Hannah CLAY Single St Andrew, Auckland
47 01/09/1821 John BROWN     Maria DUNN    
48 03/09/1821 Matthew SCOTSON Single   Sarah OLD Single  
49 25/02/1822 John LEAMING Widower   Eleanor EARLE Widow  
50 23/04/1822 William LANCASTER Single   Jane ROCHESTER Single  
51 23/07/1822 George METCALFE Single Bentham, Yorkshire Jane RICHARDSON Single  
52 23/11/1822 Samuel WILKINSON Single   Mary CLARKSON Single  
53 23/11/1822 Thomas CARR Single   Mary ASHTON Single  
54 28/12/1822 George POTTS Single   Jane PACEY Single  
55 25/01/1823 Thomas SMITH Single   Jane RATE Single  
56 03/02/1823 Thomas JARRAN Single   Anne LANE Widow  
57 15/03/1823 Robert BROWN Single   Isabella FOWLER Single  
58 12/05/1823 George DODSWORTH Widower   Jane GRANGER Single  
59 18/06/1823 James CRAWFORD Widower Darlington Sarah WYRILL Single  
60 06/07/1823 Robert YOUNG Single Darlington Sarah THEASBY Single  
61 02/08/1823 David SHARP Single   Margaret HEADLAM Single  
62 17/08/1823 Robert WEST Single   Ann BEACH Single  
63 02/12/1823 Marmaduke WETHERELL Single Croft, Yorkshire Jane CROW Single  
64 29/12/1823 John WETHERELL Single   Christiana FOWLER Single  
65 12/01/1824 John LODGE Widower   Margaret REAH Single  
66 04/02/1824 English STOBBART Widower Darlington Rose PINDER Single  
67 14/04/1824 John WETHERILL Single   Jane ROBINSON Single  
68 13/05/1824 Richard TWEDDELL Single   Mary WATSON Single  
69 31/05/1824 George WASKIN Single   Elizabeth ROWLAND Single  
70 07/06/1824 Thomas WILSON Single   Elizabeth AINSLEY Single  
71 16/01/1825 James HILLERY Single   Elizabeth LOTT Single  
72 22/02/1825 William THOMLINSON Widower   Ann NEASHAM Single  
73 04/04/1825 Christopher STONEHOUSE Single Yarm, Yorkshire Hannah WASTELL Single  
74 02/05/1825 Joseph WAUGH   St Cuthbert, Carlisle, Cumberland Alice Ridley CROW    
75 09/05/1825 Bartholomew KENT Single Aycliffe Elizabeth BREEKEN Single  
76 08/08/1825 William RICHMOND Single Hurworth Ann WARRINGTON Single  
77 30/08/1825 Robert LOWIS Single   Isabella WILSON Single  
78 11/10/1825 Joseph SHEPHERD Single Doncaster, Yorkshire Elizabeth BLAIR Single  
79 23/10/1825 Robert ZELL Single   Ann POTTS Single  
80 31/12/1825 Askew BROUGH Single   Jane WILSON Single  
81 08/05/1826 Matthew HALL Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
82 08/05/1826 William DOWSON Single   Eleanor CROOKS Single  
83 13/05/1826 Ralph SWINBURN Single   Mary PATTISON Single  
84 15/05/1826 William JOHNSON Single   Maria BROOMLEY Single  
85 20/05/1826 John ROBINSON Single   Mary BOWMAN Single  
86 19/06/1826 Robert PIGG Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
87 24/07/1826 Thompson WALTON Single   Hannah ALDERSON Single  
88 12/08/1826 Thomas GOWLAND Single   Ann HORSEMAN Single  
89 22/08/1826 Samuel STURDY Single Darlington Ann JACKSON Single  
90 12/09/1826 William APPLEBY Single Egglescliffe Mary AYRE Single  
91 14/05/1827 Nathaniel DUNN Single   Esther SPARK Single  
92 22/05/1827 John STOREY Single   Sarah JOWARD Single  
93 26/08/1827 William IMAS Single   Mary MARKS Single  
94 24/09/1827 James REID Single Darlington Jane CUNDELL Single  
95 30/10/1827 Thomas WRAY Single   Mary HARRISON Single  
96 24/11/1827 William COCKFIELD Single   Elizabeth STEADMOND Single  
97 01/12/1827 Richard ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth PATTINSON Widow  
98 10/12/1827 Thomas NEWTON Widower   Jane JACKSON Single  
99 10/12/1827 Jonathan KITCHING Single   Charlotte SOAPER Single  
100 15/12/1827 Thomas LEE Single   Jane CLEMENT Single  
101 19/02/1828 Robert HARRISON Single   Ann WOOD Single Birkby, Yorkshire
102 10/05/1828 James CARTER Widower   Hannah CLARKSON Single  
103 24/05/1828 John WILSON Single Darlington Ann JARRAN Single  
104 12/06/1828 Thomas REID Single   Mary INGRAM Single  
105 17/03/1829 John ROWLATT Single   Mary STOREY Single  
106 10/05/1829 John SMITH Single   Mary CHAMBERS Single  
107 16/05/1829 William SMITH Single   Elizabeth STEVENSON Single  
108 26/05/1829 Francis ROBINSON Single   Margaret STOBBART Single  
109 18/07/1829 Daniel DICKSON Single Darlington Jane STAINBANK Single  
110 23/11/1829 William IDLE Single Stockton On Tees Jane BALL Single  
111 30/11/1829 John GLAISTER Single   Ann SAILES Single  
112 26/12/1829 Henry WALKER Single   Ann STEPHENSON Single  
113 26/12/1829 William TEMPLE Single Stanwick St John, Yorkshire Mary THORNTON Single  
114 25/01/1830 John BOWKER Single   Ann HINDLE Single Darlington
115 26/01/1830 Henry PICKERING Single   Margaret GILLESPIE Single  
116 06/02/1830 John CLYDE Single   Elizabeth PARK Single  
117 08/05/1830 William POTTS Single   Margaret HARRISON Single  
118 17/05/1830 George CRAGGS Widower Middleton St George Eleanor DUNN Single  
119 29/05/1830 John TEASDALE Single   Mary ELSTOB Single  
120 26/08/1830 Henry RANSON Widower Stockton On Tees Isabella SHIELDS Single  
121 15/11/1830 William CHRISTIAN Single   Sarah TOWNSEND Single  
122 20/11/1830 Joseph WATSON Single   Ann CHIPCHASE Single  
123 20/11/1830 John STUBBS Single Darlington Elizabeth CHIPCHASE Single  
124 23/11/1830 Jacob JOYCE Single   Mary MCGUIRE Single  
125 04/12/1830 John SCOTSON Single   Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
126 18/12/1830 Joseph PIGG Single   Ann SUDDICK Single  
127 22/01/1831 Joseph PICKERING Single Darlington Hannah SMITH Single  
128 06/02/1831 William CUMMING Single   Alice HALL Single  
129 26/03/1831 William WHITLEY Single   Margaret RUSSEL Single  
130 12/04/1831 John FOSTER Single   Tamar PICKERING Single  
131 07/06/1831 William WRIGHT Single   Margaret SISSON   Sedgefield
132 20/06/1831 Charles NORTON Single   Frances CHIPCHASE Single  
133 02/07/1831 George SMITH Single   Ann STAINBANK Single  
134 23/07/1831 Peter HAMMOND Widower Staindrop Jane WALKER Widow  
135 01/08/1831 James TARRAN Single   Margaret METCALF Single  
136 05/11/1831 William PINKNEY Single   Eleanor SPENCE Single  
137 20/12/1831 Simon ROBINSON Single Shildon Jane TEASDALE Single  
138 21/04/1832 John HANSOM Single   Elizabeth WARRINGTON Single  
139 13/05/1832 Joseph HARCUS Single Sadberge Mary LONGSTAFF Single  
140 09/06/1832 Thomas RICHARDSON Single Great Ayton, Yorkshire Margaret FARNES Single  
141 23/06/1832 Robert SWALLWELL Single Darlington Elizabeth MACALISTER Single  
142 21/07/1832 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Catherine RAYE Single  
143 13/08/1832 Thomas LEWIS Single   Elizabeth HILLERY Widow  
144 17/09/1832 Thomas BLAIR Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
145 19/11/1832 John SANDERSON Single   Lucy AINSLEY Single  
146 07/01/1833 John PALLISTER Single   Elizabeth FORSTER Single  
147 14/05/1833 Richard SPENCE Single   Mary ROBERTSHAW Single  
148 08/07/1833 James Steward DIXON Single   Jane HARDY Single  
149 06/08/1833 Jonathan Hodgson WILSON Single   Agnes MIDDLETON Single  
150 02/09/1833 John DOWNEY Single   Hannah PICKERING Single  
151 14/10/1833 James DOUGLAS Single   Mary DOWNEY Single  
152 14/10/1833 William EMMETT Single   Mary BELL Single  
153 26/12/1833 Anthony GILL Single Hartlepool Mary SWALES Single  
154 28/12/1833 Thomas WATSON Single Dinsdale Elizabeth FENNY Single  
155 25/02/1834 William LEEMING Single   Elizabeth STOBBART Single  
156 12/04/1834 Joseph DENT Single   Elizabeth MOSES Single  
157 03/06/1834 Rowland WEBSTER   Stranton Dorothy SKELLY    
158 11/06/1834 James LAIDLER Widower Easington Near Guisborough, Yorkshire Mary JONES Single  
159 15/06/1834 James HENDERSON Single   Jane CARTER Single  
160 27/07/1834 John TODD     Isabella SUDDICK    
161 05/08/1834 John WILKINSON Single   Elizabeth WILKINSON Single  
162 09/09/1834 Francis RIDLEY Single St George In The East, Middlesex Mary CROW Single  
163 15/11/1834 William PRESTON Single Darlington Sarah ROBINSON Single  
164 22/11/1834 George WALTON Single   Mary HARLAND Widow  
165 24/11/1834 Joseph ROBINSON Single   Mary HOPPER Single  
166 27/11/1834 Francis GREATHEAD Single   Jane SADLER Single  
167 07/02/1835 George SHAW Single   Elizabeth SELBY Single  
168 24/02/1835 William WALKER Single   Margaret DODSWORTH Single  
169 25/02/1835 Thackray GOULDSBOROUGH   Heighington Mary HALL Single  
170 07/03/1835 Emmanuel BYGATE Single Darlington Jane HALLIDAY Single  
171 14/05/1835 Ralph ADAMSON Single   Sarah MORLEY Single Heighington
172 14/05/1835 John SNAITH Single   Jane HALL Single  
173 19/05/1835 Thomas MYERS Single   Hannah STOBBART Single  
174 08/06/1835 Robert ORTON Single Rudby, Yorkshire Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
175 16/06/1835 Henry NAISBITT Widower Northallerton, Yorkshire Jane WALKER Single  
176 13/07/1835 William BULLOT Single   Elizabeth BELL Single  
177 19/09/1835 James BUCKTON Single Wilton, Yorkshire Jane LIDDLE Single  
178 24/10/1835 Michael STEVENSON Widower Darlington Dorothy BOOTH Single  
179 24/11/1835 James DUNN Single   Jane APPLEGARTH Single  
180 14/05/1836 Robert DAWSON Single Darlington Ann HALL Single  
181 14/05/1836 Robert ARMSTRONG Single Lanercost, Cumberland Elizabeth ALDERSON Single  
182 14/05/1836 James BRADLEY Single Aycliffe Mary KEMP Single  
183 21/05/1836 William HOGGETT Single Darlington Elizabeth SMITH Single  
184 23/05/1836 Ralph FERGUSON Single   Jane WATSON Single Coniscliffe
185 31/07/1836 John LUND Single   Ellen BIRCH Single  
186 08/10/1836 Robert ANGUS Single Darlington Jane HARRISON Single  
187 24/12/1836 John ROWLAND Single   Margaret CHIPCHASE Single  
188 28/03/1837 Robert LAWSON Single Bishopwearmouth Mary Ann WALTON Single  
189 22/04/1837 William SEDGEWICK Single   Elizabeth FENWICK Single  
190 26/04/1837 Michael GRAHAM Single Acklam, Yorkshire Ann MEARS Single  
191 08/05/1837 William SANDERSON Single   Sarah WILSON   Middleton St George
192 13/05/1837 William PALLISTER Single Sedgefield Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
193 31/05/1837 John Todd ATKINSON Single Darlington Ann ALDERSON Single  

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