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Middleton St George


The Parish

The parish of Middleton St George lies in southeastern County Durham, indeed it forms a part of the border with neighbouring Yorkshire, the River Tees here forming that border and the neighbouring parish of Sockburn having land in both counties. Middleton St George is located about 4 miles east of the industrial town of Darlington and sits just a mile south of the A67 road which connects Darlington with Teesside. Once a small riverside village Middleton St George has expanded greatly in recent times, a process helped by the creation of England's first rail line, the Stockton to Darlington line having a station in the northern part of today's village. Other modern developments include the construction of Teesside Airport which occupies much of the eastern portion of the parish and sits uncomfortably close to the ancient church. At the time of this transcript Middleton St George would have been a pastoral farming settlement grazing largely cattle on the fertile floodplain of the nearby Tees. The Tees drains the parish eastwards the relatively short distance through industrial Teesside to reach the North Sea through that river's estuary. Middleton St George is sited at around 30 metres above the sea with land rising gently away from the river for a little over 20 metres further within a couple of miles. Middleton St George parish was fairly typically sized for lowland Durham, it covered around 3,100 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In common with most of England north of the Tees, Middleton St George is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area of the country.

The Church

St George's church sits not in the village but almost 2 miles away to the southeast in an isolated setting accompanied by farms. Whilst Pevsner's account is scanty he does indicate that the chancel arch, often the oldest part of any church, can be dated to the 13th century. Much has altered since that date, notably in two Victorian impacts. In 1822 the nave was widened and the chancel rebuilt which also probably accounts for the extensive brick patching. Finally in the 1880s the western tower, declared unsafe, was demolished leaving today's rather Spartan appearance. Despite the domestic charms of plant pots by the door the church is still regularly used for worship & marriages and is open for visiting. To reach the church take the lane southeastwards and parallel to the Tees, a white signboard marks the dead-end lane leading to the church. There is space for parking by the church, the churchyard whilst compact has few obstacles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st May 1754 - 4th June 1811 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/Mi.SG 3 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd November 1813 - 24th May 1837 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/Mi.SG 5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Haughton le Skerne St Andrew
Haughton le Skerne St Andrew
Sadberge St Andrew
Long Newton St Mary
Dinsdale St John the Baptist
Egglescliffe St John the Baptist
Sockburn All Saints
Sockburn All Saints
Sockburn All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/05/1754 Thomas SNOWDON     Isobel WRIGHT    
2 15/07/1754 John MOODY     Isabell BOWBON    
3 02/05/1756 Edward WALKER     Ann WARD    
4 31/01/1757 Thomas HEWIS   Great Smeaton, Yorkshire Elizabeth PINCHAR    
5 24/04/1758 Thomas OLIVER   Dinsdale Alice PINCHER    
6 15/06/1759 Christopher JACKSON     Ann SMITH    
7 27/11/1759 William HYENSON     Mary ATKIN    
8 18/01/1760 William ALLEN   Stainton, Yorkshire Catharine SMITH    
9 12/05/1760 William GRAHAM   Long Newton Dorothy JACKSON    
10 18/05/1760 Peter DOUGLASS     Philis PATISON   Hurworth
11 02/12/1760 Ralph MEGGISON     Hannah COATES Single Darlington
12 12/05/1761 Silvester INGLEDEW   Yarm, Yorkshire Dorothy HAY    
13 13/05/1761 John ROBSON     Jane POTTER    
14 28/10/1761 Thomas MOODY   Yorkshire Jane PARKIN Single  
15 28/12/1761 John PINCHER     Isabel HOP    
16 16/05/1762 John KIRKLAH   Northallerton, Yorkshire Ann CHRISTELOW    
17 24/02/1763 Thomas RICHARDSON     Ann BROWN Single Darlington
18 15/05/1763 William MOORE     Anne DIXON Single  
19 15/05/1764 Thomas BROWN   St Andrew, Auckland Alice KAY Single  
20 24/05/1764 Michael MIDDLETON     Ann MIDDLETON    
21 22/11/1764 John MARSHALL     Ann TOTTY    
22 10/01/1765 Thomas HOPPER   Cockfield Elizabeth COOKE    
23 22/01/1765 Richard ROSS   St Andrew, Auckland Mary SAWKELD Single  
14/05/1766 Robert PEARSON     Hannah WARE    
17/03/1767 John HARRIS     Joannah WILKINSON    
12/05/1767 John WILKINSON     Alice CLERK    
11/02/1768 Nicholas SAVILLE   Croft, Yorkshire Mary MIDDLETON    
23/11/1768 Joseph BLENKOSHIP     Mary ADDISON    
30/05/1769 Christopher AUDE     Ann KIRKLEY    
29/09/1769 John BATTERSBY     Ruth ROBINSON Single  
26/08/1770 Thomas WALKER   Hurworth Dorothy STOKEL    
29/11/1771 William SMITH     Elizabeth WILKINSON   Eryhome, Yorkshire
26/02/1772 Robert PEIRSON   Darlington Mary ROBINSON    
13/09/1772 David WILSON     Jane DAWSON    
12/05/1773 William RANSDELL     Ann HUNTINGTON    
04/04/1774 George MIDDLETON     Elizabeth KEAY    
14/05/1774 Thomas BATTERSBY     Margaret CLARK    
24/05/1774 Ninian GASCOYNE     Mary KAY    
16/06/1774 Haigh ROBSON   Darlington Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
13/11/1774 Thomas HULL     Grace CARTER    
25/03/1775 Robert DODD   Manfield, Yorkshire Elizabeth JACKSON    
13/05/1776 Anthony BURREL     Jane PATTISON    
22/01/1777 Mark MIDDLETON     Jane FENWICK    
07/05/1777 James SLEE     Frances JEWET    
11/06/1777 William HANSON   Barton, Yorkshire Elizabeth GASCOYNE    
17/08/1777 Thomas BARBER   Kirkleatham, Yorkshire Elizabeth DENNEN    
01/12/1777 Thomas GASCOYNE     Mary HODGSON    
01/03/1778 John CAMPBALL     Ann WALKER    
08/12/1778 John SMITH     Dinah RICHARDSON    
12/05/1779 Robert THOMPSON   Monk Hesledon Ann TAYLOR    
06/11/1780 William MIDDLETON     Jane HEDLEY    
12/02/1782 Thomas SMITH     Eleanor BELL    
22/10/1783 William JOHNSON   Stainton, Yorkshire Anne HANSON Single  
24/11/1783 James INGLEDEW   Croft, Yorkshire Ann CLYBOURN    
10/12/1783 Robert TEASDALE     Grace HULL    
06/05/1784 James HANSON     Jane RICHARDSON    
23/05/1785 Thomas BELL   Kirklevington, Yorkshire Grace JACKSON    
05/01/1786 Thomas WATSON   Barton, Yorkshire Margaret CLIVERING    
20/04/1786 Thomas MIDDLETON     Margaret ROBINSON    
18/09/1787 Ralph WRIGHT     Elizabeth HALL    
28/01/1790 Thomas STEADMAN     Dorothy MASON    
07/07/1791 John MIDDLETON     Hannah BURTON    
23/07/1791 Joseph HARDY   Sedgefield Margaret RIDLEY    
21/05/1793 Thomas CHAMBERS     Elizabeth HALL    
11/08/1793 Christopher JACKSON     Elizabeth GIBBON    
16/08/1794 John FORTUNE     Ann PINCHER    
25/09/1794 John GREATHEAD   Darlington Ann MIDDLETON    
25/05/1795 John ADAMSON   St Andrew, Auckland Margaret CHRISTELOW    
11/06/1795 James WADE   Haughton Le Skerne Ann SAYER    
02/08/1796 John FORTUNE     Mary HALL   Egglescliffe
29/11/1796 Thomas WADE     Ann MARSHALL   Egglescliffe
30/05/1797 Thomas WOODHOUSE   Dinsdale Jane CHAMBERS    
12/05/1799 John NICHOLSON   Stanwick, Yorkshire Alice WILKINSON    
08/12/1800 John SMURTHWAITE   Hurworth Ellen TRUEMAN Single  
12/07/1803 John BARKER   Skelton In Cleveland, Yorkshire Mary DOUGLASS    
22/08/1803 John BURTON Single   Ann MIDDLETON Single  
13/05/1805 William HOPPER     Margaret WILKINSON Single  
06/07/1805 Richard LONGSTAFF   Bowes, Yorkshire Ann MEGGINSON    
16/06/1807 John ROW   Yarm, Yorkshire Ann SMITH    
13/02/1808 Charles COWPER     Sarah CATTERSON Single  
20/06/1808 James SEDGWICK   Easby, Yorkshire Ann INGLEDEW    
19/11/1808 Thomas WRIGHTSON   Easingwold, Yorkshire Frances WADE    
03/01/1809 Robert TEASDALE     Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
06/03/1810 Simeon CORPS   Hurworth Rebecca GASCOYNE    
04/06/1811 Ralph GOLDSBOROUGH   Barton, Yorkshire Margaret GASCOYNE    
1 23/11/1813 John TODD     Jane STABLER    
2 16/04/1814 William MIDDLETON     Ann DOWNES    
3 29/04/1815 William COLE   Long Newton Mary DOWNES    
4 05/12/1815 Matthew JAMESON     Ann JANSON    
5 10/06/1817 Matthew BREWSTER     Dinah GASCOYNE    
6 02/12/1817 Robert BELL     Elizabeth CRAGGS    
7 26/03/1818 John MARTINDALE   Chester Le Street Mary Ann COCKS    
8 30/10/1818 George CHAMBERS     Elizabeth MIDDLETON    
9 13/11/1820 John WEST     Elizabeth BISHOPBRIDGE    
10 16/12/1820 George SMITH     Elizabeth CHAMBERS    
11 21/07/1821 Christopher WOOD   South Shields Mary Ann BUCKLEY    
12 11/05/1822 Anthony ROBINSON   Egglescliffe Elizabeth DOWNES    
13 30/11/1822 George CLARK     Sarah HEARINGS    
14 02/04/1823 Nicholas BELL   Egglescliffe Elizabeth HODGSON    
15 12/05/1823 Ninian HARRISON   Manfield, Yorkshire Hannah ROBERTSHAW    
16 20/05/1823 James TEASDALE     Mary PEVEREL    
17 03/07/1824 Robert MOORE     Jane CHAMBERS    
18 26/03/1825 John FERGUSON   Long Newton Jane ORWIN    
19 14/05/1825 George RUTTER     Hannah BOWRON    
20 23/11/1825 Christopher JACKSON     Harriet HUNTER    
21 24/11/1825 David MOOR     Mary GREY    
22 17/08/1826 Thomas WHELDON   Northallerton, Yorkshire Elisabeth BRIGNALL    
23 06/11/1826 Jonathan HUTTON   Kirkleatham, Yorkshire Margaret PREST    
24 25/11/1826 William RUDD     Ann GLENDINNING    
25 03/02/1827 James ROBINSON     Sarah HOPE   Yarm, Yorkshire
26 13/05/1828 Richard BELL     Margaret JOHNSON    
28 31/05/1828 William PALMER     Margaret JACKSON    
29 25/10/1828 Thomas CHAMBERS     Mary THORNTON    
30 12/05/1829 William WALTON   Haughton Le Skerne Mary ADAMSON    
31 08/06/1829 Thomas KIRTON   Yarm, Yorkshire Catherine PATTON    
32 17/12/1829 Robert HARRISON     Elizabeth INGLEDEW    
33 14/03/1831 Isaac TEASDALE     Isabella ROWLAND    
34 28/06/1831 Edwards PEACOCK   Danby Wiske, Yorkshire Selena WILMER Single  
35 30/06/1831 William SEDGWICK   Norton Mary Ann SMITH    
36 09/07/1831 James DINSDALE Single   Ann EATHER Single  
37 14/05/1832 John SMITH     Mary BINKS    
38 17/05/1832 William FAWELL   Dinsdale Rebecca ELLERBY    
39 10/10/1832 John PEACOCK   Hurworth Ann ELLIS    
40 11/10/1832 Thomas ADAMSON     Isabella HILLS   Darlington
41 19/02/1833 William FOGG   Stockton On Tees Hannah METCALF    
42 02/03/1833 Walter OLIVER     Ann FORTUNE    
43 03/06/1833 William PULLAN     Catharine AKERS    
44 14/02/1835 George CHAMBERS     Elisabeth THORNTON    
45 17/12/1835 Benjamin SMITH   Sockburn Margaret SMITH    
46 16/02/1836 Thomas ELLIS     Ann CHAMBERS    
47 15/05/1837 Francis AYERS     Eliza PATTINSON    
48 24/05/1837 Thomas SEDGWICK     Margaret LAMB   Hurworth

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