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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Long Newton St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Long Newton (usually rendered as Longnewton today) lies in southern County Durham not too far from its border with neighbouring Yorkshire. Long Newton is located 4 miles southwest of the industrial town of Stockton on Tees and sits just off the A66 road which connects Stockton with Darlington, indeed the A66 was formerly routed through the village but now passes to the north. Long Newton, as its name somewhat suggests, is a linear village which stretches for over a half mile either side of what was the main road. At the time of this transcript farming, chiefly arable, was the mainstay of the economy although some quarrying of the local stone for building also took place. Modern developments have come to Long Newton, the Stockton to Darlington railway passes through the southern portion of the parish whilst barely 3 miles south is Teesside International Airport, one of England's major regional airports. Long Newton is drained by the nearby Coatham Beck which joins the Tees to the east of Stockton and thence to the North Sea. Long Newton is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in gentle terrain rising only slightly to 60 metres or so within a couple of miles. Durham parishes are rather large in extent and Long Newton was no exception, it covered around 4,000 acres and would have supported a population of close to 300 parishioners. Like most of Durham Long Newton is not mentioned in Domesday Book which has scant coverage north of the Tees.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the northern side of the old main road, Darlington Road. Whilst there has been a church on this site since at least the 13th century the present church is the third incarnation of St Mary and was built in the 1850s at the bequest of the local landholder the Marquess of Londonderry. It is difficult to say much about a church described by Pevsner simply as "towerless and of no interest". Clearly he was not impressed by the simple nave, chancel & western bellcote that is today's church. Darlington Road is broad and street parking is easy to manage, the churchyard, well screened by trees, sits behind a recent local stone wall with metal gates for entry. The churchyard has no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th May 1754 - 28th December 1777 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/LN 3 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The first 5 years are badly faded leading to a likelihood of some misreads, the use of "white-space" to segregate entries is poor throughout raising the possibility of accidental omission. Users should treat this piece with a degree of caution
2 6th January 1778 - 4th August 1783 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/LN 4 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 27th December 1783 - 27th December 1812 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/LN 6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
4 13th May 1813 - 26th June 1837 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/LN 8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Bishopton St Peter
Bishopton St Peter
Elton St John
Sadberge St Andrew
Middleton St George
Elton St John
Stockton on Tees St Thomas a Becket
Middleton St George
Egglescliffe St John the Baptist
Egglescliffe St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
05/05/1754 John LITTLEFARE     Mary MITCHELL    
26/08/1754 Thomas STOUBS     Hannah CROW    
15/09/1754 Richard HALL     Ann RICHARDSON    
25/11/1754 William JOHNSON     Isabella WILKINSON    
30/11/1754 George HALL     Hannah PAMERLEY    
05/01/1755 William PEACOCK     Jane BLAKELOCK    
06/01/1755 Thomas DIXON     Elizabeth GRANWELL    
31/03/1755 John HUDSON   Northallerton, Yorkshire Hellen HENDERSON    
31/03/1755 George CUMMYN     Ellen BURKAM    
21/05/1755 John DAWSON     Eleanor CLARK   Marton, Yorkshire
25/09/1755 Richard HARRISON     Mary ORD    
16/11/1755 George SNOWBALL     Mary ROBSON    
13/05/1756 Thomas WATSON   Kirk Smeaton, Yorkshire Mary MARKHAM    
08/08/1756 William PEACOCK     Margaret STEPHENSON   Sadberge
03/03/1757 William CARTER     Elizabeth BROWN    
29/04/1757 Thomas GUY   East Cowton, Yorkshire Mary HEY    
22/05/1757 William YOUNG   Esh Jane STEEDMAN    
04/12/1757 John MILBURN     Margaret WHARTON    
22/11/1758 John CUMMIN   Egglescliffe Ann COLLIN    
28/11/1758 Christopher CUSTARD     Dorothy SMITH    
03/05/1759 John ADAMSON     Anne YOUNGER   Egglescliffe
05/06/1759 John JOPLING   Great Ayton, Yorkshire Mary MERCER    
20/11/1759 Robert DAVISON   Grindon Isabella OLIVER    
20/11/1759 Robert PALMER     Isabella ROBINSON    
07/04/1760 John WRIGHT     Jane ROBINSON   Yarm, Yorkshire
15/05/1760 Robert JOHNSON     Margaret BURREL    
26/05/1760 John ANDERSON     Mary GUY    
30/09/1760 Timothy PARKER   Sunderland Ann JEFFERSON    
13/11/1760 Robert ALLEN   Bishopton Ann PEACOCK    
03/01/1761 Thomas THOMPSON   Stockton On Tees Ann GIBSON    
08/05/1761 George ADAMSON     Ann CARTER    
11/07/1761 William LOUGH   Corbridge, Northumberland Jane GRAHAM    
19/07/1761 Dennis ROWLEY     Hannah HUGALL    
27/10/1761 Thomas GIBSON   Darlington Margaret BAMLET    
24/11/1761 John ANDERSON     Jane NICHOL    
21/12/1761 Stephen BRYAN     Mary BROWN   Elton
08/02/1762 Thomas BLINCKINSOP   Hamsterley Margaret YOUNG    
26/05/1762 William INGRAM     Jane CHARLTON    
03/06/1762 John JOHNSON     Elizabeth ALLEN    
06/06/1762 Thomas YOUNG     Ann SMITH    
28/11/1762 Thomas MASON     Isabella WARD    
08/02/1763 Robert SPARK   Scruton, Yorkshire Grace BROWN    
13/06/1763 George JOHNSON     Mary BELL    
17/06/1763 Nicholas SMALES     Frances HALL    
23/07/1763 Thomas PEARSON   Ormesby, Yorkshire Jane CARTER    
13/02/1764 George WELLES     Agnes HOPES    
12/05/1764 John CARTER     Elizabeth CARTER    
05/07/1764 William FEATHAM   Haughton Le Skerne Mary BENTON    
05/11/1764 William CARTER     Thomlinson SMITH    
21/11/1764 Robert PURBEIS     Jane REED    
27/11/1764 John ADAMSON     Jane STORY    
22/01/1765 John CHIPSES   Egglescliffe Frances RICHARDSON    
03/03/1765 William GATES   Gainford Isabella WILKINSON    
07/03/1765 Robert CLEMENT   Merrington Ann WILKINSON    
19/05/1765 William MIDDLETON     Margaret LIDLE    
28/05/1765 Robert SMITH     Rachell HILL    
22/02/1766 Enoch BROWN   Barton St Cuthbert, Yorkshire Elizabeth GRAHAM    
14/05/1766 Thomas NORTON     Margaret WILKINSON    
16/05/1766 Joseph HOPPER     Elizabeth TATE    
16/12/1766 Ralph ROBSON     Ann WILKINSON    
19/05/1767 Ralph CORNEY     Dorothy HYMAS    
23/05/1767 John MILLER     Mary TIMPSON    
30/05/1767 James ROBSON     Thomason BELL    
27/07/1768 John KIRTLEY     Ann RICHARDSON   Billingham
14/11/1768 John COLBURN     Hannah STOREY    
05/06/1769 Robert WILSON   Billingham Mary GOLDSBROUGH    
04/11/1770 Christopher GARBUTT   Darlington Ann PARDISON    
02/07/1771 Thomas JOHNSON     Mary PEARSON    
10/03/1772 John GRAHAM     Ann NORTON   Sedgefield
13/07/1772 William MOOR     Mary FORESTER    
22/09/1772 John WATSON     Elizabeth FORESTER    
20/10/1772 John GIBSON     Jane NELSON    
26/12/1772 Thomas COATSWORTH     Elizabeth SWEETHAM    
26/12/1772 George SMITH   Egglescliffe Mary COATSWORTH    
12/04/1773 Isaac ALDERSON     Mary HUTCHINSON   Kirklevington, Yorkshire
19/04/1773 Lascelles DAY   South Cowton, Yorkshire Margaret HILL    
07/06/1773 George PEARSON     Jane HERRING    
01/07/1773 John COATSWORTH     Margaret ANGLE    
23/11/1773 Simon GASCOINE     Elizabeth PAVERLEY    
23/05/1774 Henry CARTER     Sarah HUDDERT    
16/06/1774 Robert HILL   Houghton Le Spring Elizabeth BROWN    
16/11/1774 William CARTER     Ann BURTON    
16/05/1775 Henry HARRISON   Egglescliffe Mary BRUCE    
16/05/1775 James WILKINSON   Greatham Elizabeth SNAITH    
26/12/1775 Thomas MEDCALF     Margaret SMITH    
05/03/1776 William BAXTER     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
11/06/1776 John ROBINSON     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
21/11/1776 Richard BUTTLER   Sunderland Ann PAVERLEY    
10/03/1777 John YARROW     Jane LOCKEY    
27/04/1777 William GALES     Isabella MOWBRAY    
12/05/1777 John ATKINSON     Mary BURN    
18/05/1777 Thomas TOMLINSON     Dinah BARRON   Houghton Le Spring
08/06/1777 Benjamin WARD   Northallerton, Yorkshire Mary SMITH    
25/06/1777 Michael CASS     Ann RACE   Acklam, Yorkshire
24/08/1777 John NICHOLSON     Jane WIDDRIP    
23/10/1777 James ROBINSON     Sarah KITCHEN    
28/12/1777 Edward STEPHENSON     Clary OLIVER    
06/01/1778 Mark DAVISON     Mary SCARLICK    
13/05/1778 William GRAHAM   Bishopton Hannah GALES    
22/11/1778 John DUNN     Elizabeth BAKER    
29/11/1778 Thomas TOMLINSON     Jane PICKERING    
08/02/1779 Ralph HARBOURN     Mary THOMPSON   Grindon
05/04/1779 Robert NEWBY     Ann SCORRER   Merrington
18/04/1779 Francis GARRY     Ann BELL    
09/04/1780 Stephen POTTER   Norton Anne PEARSON    
08/07/1780 William BROWN     Margaret NEWBY    
08/08/1780 William BELL     Mary SHORT    
15/05/1781 John BENTON     Ann LAMB    
20/05/1781 John SMITH     Jane BENTON    
20/05/1782 Richard MATTHEWS     Elisabeth BROUGH    
14/11/1782 John JOHNSON     Jane BONE    
11/05/1783 Mark PEACOCK     Jane SHILDON    
12/05/1783 Christopher HUMBLE     Margaret WALKER    
15/06/1783 George PEARSON     Clara STEPHENSON    
04/08/1783 Ralph ALLEN     Elizabeth STELLING   Elton
1 27/12/1783 Robert MOWBRAY     Mary SHEMELD    
2 21/11/1784 Robert SMITH   Hart Elizabeth JURDON    
3 17/01/1785 John HARLEY     Anne DOBSON    
4 10/03/1785 William PATTISON   Billingham Elizabeth PEACOCK Widow  
5 10/04/1785 Matthew NEWBY     Milcah HUSBAND    
6 02/05/1785 James SANDERSON   Kirklevington, Yorkshire Anne MILLER    
7 02/01/1786 John HARBRON     Eleanor MOODY    
8 12/03/1786 Christopher RICHARDSON     Rachel GIBSON    
9 16/05/1786 John SELBY   Northallerton, Yorkshire Anne NICHOLSON    
10 13/06/1786 Mark HARLE     Mary MARLEY    
11 21/11/1786 John HALL   Coniscliffe Elizabeth GREENWELL    
12 12/05/1787 William CARTER     Barbara BOLTON    
13 09/07/1787 William MIDDLETON     Elizabeth GIBSON    
14 22/10/1787 John BENTON     Mary LODGE   Stockton On Tees
15 13/05/1788 William WETHERALL   Ainderby Steeple, Yorkshire Anne BENTON    
16 21/12/1788 Thomas SHERATON     Elizabeth CHIPCHASE    
17 16/05/1789 Joseph HANSELL   Hurworth Rebecca TAYLOR Widow  
18 07/05/1790 Robert SPENCER   Staindrop Anne JOHNSON    
19 19/07/1790 Michael CASS     Eleanor MOODY    
20 14/05/1791 John HUTCHINSON   Sadberge Eleanor BELL    
21 26/12/1791 William BRACK     Elizabeth ENGLEDEW    
22 11/12/1792 Thomas CALVERT   Yarm, Yorkshire Jane HUTTON    
23 25/06/1793 George BRACKIN   Haughton Le Skerne Mary CUMMIN    
24 22/01/1794 Thomas STOKER     Elizabeth CARLISLE   Billingham
25 19/02/1794 John TRENHOLME     Elizabeth KIRTON    
26 04/12/1794 James INGERAM     Hannah COULSON    
27 25/04/1795 John CHRISTOPHER   Stockton On Tees Elizabeth ANDERSON Single  
28 13/05/1795 George TAYLOR     Ann ROBINSON    
29 19/05/1795 William CALVERT     Ann CLOSE    
30 23/05/1795 William WAKE     Elizabeth CRAGS    
31 23/08/1795 William GRAHAM     Esther BATINSBY    
32 07/12/1795 Thomas BELLONBY   Catterick, Yorkshire Hannah DUNNING    
33 18/01/1796 Thomas YOUNG     Elizabeth SHERRINGTON Widow  
34 30/07/1796 John MEBURN Widower Yarm, Yorkshire Hannah POTTS    
35 20/12/1796 John MILLER     Jane FEETHAM   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
36 11/05/1797 William HALL   Haughton Le Skerne Ann KNAGGS Widow  
37 23/05/1797 John GARNETT Widower   Mary CLEMENT Single  
38 06/06/1797 Thomas HARDY   Norton Mary BELL    
39 01/01/1798 Bartholomew PARMERLEY     Jane PEARSON    
40 09/04/1798 Joseph HARRISON   Elton Jane SMITH    
41 28/04/1799 Robert PEARSON     Elizabeth MASHAM Single Melsonby, Yorkshire
42 20/10/1799 James EASTERBY     Jane PEACOCK Widow  
43 13/02/1800 William KIRKLEY     Mary WALKER Single  
44 16/02/1800 John RICHARDSON   Aycliffe Dinah INGRAM    
45 23/02/1800 Robert FORSTER   Stockton On Tees Margaret POTTS Single  
46 01/05/1800 Robert CHAPMAN     Mary GIBSON Single  
47 22/03/1801 John FURNEIS     Margaret WEARMOUTH   Northallerton, Yorkshire
49 04/10/1801 William LAWSON     Ruth NEWBOLD    
50 11/05/1802 William HUTTON     Jane WILKINSON    
48 21/07/1802 Robert HUNTLEY Single East Harlsey, Yorkshire Elizabeth CARTER    
51 22/08/1802 Robert FERGUSON     Mary PEARSON    
52 14/05/1803 William PRINGLE   Stockton On Tees Margaret RIGG    
53 04/06/1803 John PRINCE     Ann WILKINSON Single  
54 19/07/1803 William CLARK     Mary DRYDEN    
55 31/10/1803 Robert GIBSON Widower Yarm, Yorkshire Mary MOODY Single  
56 26/11/1803 George COOPER   Stockton On Tees Margaret RUTHER    
57 17/05/1804 William SHORT     Margaret STEVENSON    
58 26/05/1804 John BLENKERSHIP     Sarah CRISP    
59 23/11/1804 George WILKINSON Single   Ann RICHARDSON Widow  
60 24/11/1804 John FAWDON   Haughton Le Skerne Elizabeth CUMMING    
61 14/05/1805 Martin MORISON     Mary RUTTER    
62 25/11/1805 George POTTS     Jane ROBINSON    
63 17/12/1805 Robert MONKHOUSE     Margaret BRUCE    
64 12/05/1806 Matthew WILD     Isabel WORTHY    
65 02/06/1806 Robert ADDISON   Sedgefield Ann CLEMENT    
66 19/05/1808 Christopher ORD   Sockburn Elizabeth COAL    
67 23/06/1808 Michael PIGG   Adwick Le Street, Yorkshire Eleanor KIRK    
68 18/02/1809 John NELSON     Mary RICKABY    
69 04/04/1809 Matthew ADAMSON     Mary FERGUSON Single  
70 09/05/1809 John COAL     Mary ADAMSON Single  
71 15/05/1809 John WINN   Stockton On Tees Dorothy HENDERSON Widow  
72 20/06/1809 Thomas SMITH   St Nicholas, Durham Mary ROBINSON    
73 11/12/1809 Mark DAVISON     Ann HALL Widow  
74 05/03/1810 Robert FERGUSON     Ann DRYDEN    
75 16/05/1811 Thomas SMITH   Yarm, Yorkshire Isabella HARBUT    
76 04/09/1811 George HODGKINSON Widower Southwell, Nottinghamshire Frances PLUMPTRE Single  
77 28/11/1811 Henry KNOT     Elizabeth GREATHEAD    
78 14/05/1812 Dods VICKERS     Isabella PALISTER    
79 18/05/1812 John ALMOND     Mary BENTON    
80 27/12/1812 William TODD     Ann ATKINSON    
1 13/05/1813 Christopher JEFF     Elinor NASEBY Single  
2 23/11/1813 John BAXTER     Mary RELLIN Widow  
3 24/11/1813 William HENSFORTH   Billingham Elisabeth ALLERBURTON    
4 01/03/1814 Thomas BARBER     Elizabeth CUMMING Single  
5 14/04/1814 John YOUNG     Jane DRYDEN Single  
6 26/05/1814 Thomas STEELL     Elisabeth NAGGS    
7 23/06/1814 Robert KNOTT     Mary LAWSON Single  
8 04/10/1815 William COATES   Yarm, Yorkshire Mary CARTER Single  
9 23/11/1815 William TINKLER     Jane ROBINSON Single  
10 12/02/1816 Richard HALL Single Billingham Mary PEACOCK    
11 20/05/1816 Robert THOMPSON     Mary WILSON Single  
12 18/02/1817 Thomas CASS   Billingham Margaret NIGHTINGALE Single  
13 04/09/1817 Paul ILEY Single Yarm, Yorkshire Frances CARTER Single  
14 12/04/1819 Luke OLIVER Single   Elisabeth RUDD Single  
15 10/06/1819 Edward BLACKETT Single   Mary GRAHAM Single  
16 06/08/1819 Joseph SMITH Single   Ann DIXON Single  
17 25/09/1819 Thomas BAINBRIDGE Single   Margaret CROFT Single  
18 17/11/1819 John JOHNSON Single Stainton, Yorkshire Ann BRUNTON    
19 05/02/1820 Matthew NEWBY Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
20 23/05/1820 William FERGUSON Single   Ann WALKER Single  
21 24/10/1820 Stephen CROWE Single   Esther MANNERS Single  
22 31/10/1820 John MANNERS Single   Isabella SANDICK Widow  
23 02/11/1820 James RUDDICK Single   Catharine BENTON Single  
24 12/05/1821 James EASTERBY Widower   Jane SMITH Single  
25 14/01/1822 Robert JOHNSON Single   Mary BENTON Single  
26 06/06/1822 William SAYER Single Rudby, Yorkshire Margaret FEETHAM Single  
27 13/10/1822 John BEE Single St Margaret, Durham Margaret ALLEN Single  
28 23/11/1822 John WAITON Single   Ann HILDRETH Single  
29 07/08/1824 Robert REED Single   Mary HERRING Single  
30 04/11/1824 Benjamin WALKER Single Tanfield Alice PETCH Single  
31 25/07/1825 Elias METCALF   Bolton On Swale, Yorkshire Mary Ann HORNSBY Single  
32 26/11/1825 William COLTMAN Single Elton Mary Ann PROUD Single  
33 26/01/1826 Thomas NAGGS Single   Mary CORNER Single  
34 28/03/1826 William GOLDSBROUGH Single Middleton St George Sarah DRYDEN Single  
35 21/11/1826 Antony UNTHANK Single   Harriet PETCH Single  
36 28/11/1826 James NICHOLSON Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
37 11/10/1827 Edward BLACKETT Widower   Ann HARLEY Single  
38 03/12/1827 George WALKER Widower   Mary WARD Single  
39 10/12/1827 Thomas DUNN Single   Hannah ELWOOD Widow  
40 11/05/1828 William RAMSDALE Widower   Margaret COATES Single  
41 14/05/1828 Robert HARRISON Single   Ann PARK Single  
42 16/05/1829 George SCOTT Single Westerdale, Yorkshire Margaret FERGUSON Single  
43 06/07/1829 Richard SMITH Single Stockton On Tees Ellinor HARRISON Single  
44 15/02/1830 James HARDY Single   Ann ADDISON Single  
45 15/05/1830 Barington WINTER   Skelton In Cleveland, Yorkshire Thomasin WARD    
46 23/11/1830 Thomas Walton ALDERSON Single   Mary FAWELL Single  
47 14/04/1831 Joseph UNTHANK Single   Ann BOWSER Single  
48 28/11/1831 William SIMPSON Single   Jane SMITH Single  
49 22/04/1832 Thomas BAINES Single Stockton On Tees Elisabeth OSBORN Single  
50 14/05/1832 John METCALF Single   Mary MANN Single  
51 16/03/1833 Antony WYNN Widower Stockton On Tees Cicily LAWSON Single  
52 23/03/1833 Mark ROBINSON Single   Elisabeth HARRISON Single  
53 21/10/1833 Richard JIMMISON Single   Hannah PEARSON Single  
54 16/11/1833 William BAISTER Single Stockton On Tees Isabella ELGEY    
55 23/11/1833 John STRAKER Single Middleton St George Hannah FARBONE Single  
56 30/11/1833 John RUTHERFORD Single Billingham Mary OVINGTON Single  
57 22/04/1834 Thomas William WALDY Widower Yarm, Yorkshire Ellen FABER    
58 05/06/1834 James CLEASBY Single St Andrew, Auckland Mary ELGIE Single  
59 23/04/1835 Matthew CROWE Single   Frances DRYDEN Single  
60 26/12/1835 Edward SELVY Single Haughton Le Skerne Mary SPENCE Single  
61 26/03/1836 George MOODY Widower   Frances WARD    
62 21/06/1836 John FARNDALE Single   Elizabeth HULL Single Yarm, Yorkshire
63 26/11/1836 Anthony DINSDALE     Margaret HARRISON    
64 03/12/1836 Thomas WETHERALL     Joanna FARNDALE    
65 20/05/1837 William HORNSBY Single   Ann NEWTON Single  
66 26/06/1837 William FENWICK Single Hart Ann KNOTT    

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