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Muggleswick All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Muggleswick lies in northwestern County Durham forming a short stretch of the border with neighbouring Northumberland. Muggleswick is a small place, little more than a hamlet which lies around 4 miles west of the industrial town of Consett. Muggleswick sits around a mile south of the B6278 road which connects Consett with Stanhope. This is an upland area, much of the land being open moorland used for sheep raising or for the modern day practice of driven grouse shooting. Industry was not missing here, the local rocks held rich deposits of lead, some containing silver, so much mining of the ore and some processing was done within the parish. As more than half the parish acreage was "waste" there was little farming, mostly pasturage with some arable in more benign spots. Much of the parish is drained northwards by a series of small fast-flowing burns which are all headed for the nearby River Derwent, here forming the boundary with Northumberland, the Derwent heads northeastwards to join the Tyne to the west of Newcastle before reaching the North Sea through the latter's estuary. Muggleswick is very much an upland area, the church is sited at 230 metres above the sea and land rises steadily westwards into the Pennines, local heights rise to over 400 metres on nearby Skaylock Hill. Muggleswick parish was extensive, covering almost 6,000 acres it would, however, had a sparse population covering just over 400 parishioners. Like most of Durham & Northumberland Muggleswick is not mentioned in Domesday Book which has few entries for this far north in England.

The Church

All Saints' church stands in isolated spelndour amongst pastures on a ridge of land some 60 metres above the nearby Derwent. From the B6278 one heads south crossing Eddy's Bridge and taking the nest farm access track heading eastwards. Here, by some farm buildings a footpath heads across meadows to the church. Strangely Pevsner did not visit or include the church within his 1983 edition, a rare lapse in his coverage. The church is, however, a fairly recent building. The present church was rebuilt in 1728 using much of the material from its predecessor. The presence of the 2 lancet windows in the western end may be indicative of the age of the prior church. A simple church of nave & chancel in one, topped by a bellcote and augmented with two porches, it is small and fitted to the size of its congregation. This remote site requires an on-foot approach across paddocks set to pasture and requiring the crossing of stiles, once reached the churchyard has no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th February 1755 - 11th October 1779 Durham University Library Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 25th April 1784 - 23rd November 1812 Durham University Library - Reference - DDR/EA/PBT/1/1 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads
3 12th June 1813 - 14th June 1837 Durham University Library - Reference - DDR/EA/PBT/1/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Shotley St Andrew, Northumberland
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Stanhope St Thomas
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Satley St Cuthbert

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/02/1755 John LAWREY     Anne COLPITS    
15/06/1755 Joseph PARKER     Elizabeth GIBSON    
16/11/1755 Joseph READSHAW     Ellen RICHARD    
03/08/1756 Joseph MAKEPEACE     Anne BAINBRIDGE    
03/05/1757 John EDMONDSON     Margaret WILKINSON    
24/07/1757 Robert STEPHENSON     Hannah WADE    
04/12/1757 Jonathan GRAHAM     Barbary BROWN    
15/05/1758 John SURTEES     Ann NICHOLSON    
20/01/1759 Joseph WHALLEY     Hannah ORD    
07/02/1759 William LOWREY     Frances WILKINSON    
02/05/1761 George LAWS     Ann ORD    
12/11/1761 Joseph PROUD     Jane KINDRED    
23/12/1762 Robert COLPITS     Elizabeth BELL    
04/10/1763 John EGLESTONE     Elizabeth ELLIOT    
04/06/1764 Thomas ELLIOT     Ann WHALEY    
04/06/1771 William LEYBOURN     Sarah HOPPER    
19/05/1776 George CHAMBERS     Jane ROBSON    
29/11/1777 John GRAY   Hamsterley Mary MAKEPEACE    
07/06/1778 Joseph GIBSON     Jane NOBLE    
25/05/1779 John CROOK     Dorothy GIBSON    
07/06/1779 Thomas HALL     Ann RAIN    
24/06/1779 John GARNER     Mary HESLOP    
11/10/1779 John REES     Mary PARKER    
16/05/1782 William BROWN   Shotley, Northumberland Mary REED    
28/10/1782 John BELL   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Margaret GRAY    
25/04/1784 George MAKEPEACE     Mary BURDIS    
10/07/1784 John ALLISON     Mary RIDSDALE    
01/01/1785 John SHORT     Jane WHALEY    
17/01/1785 James RAMSAY   Lanchester Sarah WHALEY    
21/06/1785 Thomas LAWSON     Mary LONGSTAFF    
12/12/1785 John RAMSAY     Mary BURNOP   Lanchester
01/07/1786 Robert WILLEY   St Peter, Bywell, Northumberland Elizabeth TURNBULL    
10/05/1788 John RAILTON     Mary WILSON    
28/06/1788 George BOWMER     Dorothy SMITH    
23/11/1789 Matthew ANDERSON     Mary RICHARDSON    
10/03/1790 Stephen STEPHENSON     Priscilla NIPPER    
29/05/1790 Thomas NICHOLSON   Ebchester Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
04/09/1790 Emmanuel LAYBURN     Mary NIPPER    
11/06/1792 Joseph SHORT     Ann BROWN    
25/08/1793 John RIPPON   Lanchester Hannah SHORT    
10/05/1794 William RICHARDSON   Medomsley Sarah ORD    
28/06/1794 John CARR     Jane LAWSON    
28/12/1795 Robert URWIN   Lanchester Mary READSHAW    
19/02/1797 George GRAY     Ann DENT    
14/11/1797 George WILSON   St Helen, Auckland Mary MAUGHAN    
13/12/1797 John MAUGHAN     Isabel JOHNSON    
21/02/1799 John DOBISON   Washington Margaret WALTON    
03/06/1799 Robert FROST   Medomsley Ann PARKER    
03/06/1799 John BURTON   Shotley, Northumberland Ann RICHARDSON    
29/01/1800 John MAYER     Ann SCOTT    
07/06/1800 John SINTON   Lanchester Mary WILSON    
21/06/1800 William LAWSON   Lanchester Jane BURDIS    
04/07/1800 Joseph WHALEY     Thamar SHORT    
01/06/1801 Henry ROBSON   Edmundbyers Eleanor BELL    
19/05/1802 Robert RAMSAL     Ann LAWSON   Lanchester
31/05/1802 Thomas PARKER   Medomsley Ann LOWERY    
12/06/1802 Cuthbert WARD     Elizabeth SURTEES    
13/07/1802 William RITSON     Elizabeth WARD    
26/02/1803 Thomas COPELAND     Mary READSHAW    
04/06/1803 Joseph WALTON   Stanhope Priscilla SURTEES    
28/07/1804 George ERRINGTON   Stamfordham, Northumberland Mary ANGUS    
30/03/1805 John GIBSON     Sarah BROWN    
17/05/1806 William JACKSON   Lanchester Ann READSHAW    
13/06/1807 Amos WILKINSON     Mary ANDERSON    
27/06/1807 John MARSHALL   Lanchester Ann WARD    
07/12/1807 Charles BRADLEY   St Nicholas, Durham Elizabeth HESLOP    
23/04/1810 John GRAY     Hannah ANGUS    
19/05/1810 Joseph GIBSON   Middleton In Teesdale Keziah RAILTON    
02/06/1810 John EARNSHAW     Elizabeth APPLEBY    
19/06/1810 Henry ROBSON   Edmundbyers Martha TEMPERLY    
29/12/1810 Thomas ANDERSON     Hannah GRAY    
22/04/1811 George FURNACE     Jane FOREST    
20/05/1811 Joseph COULTHARD     Isabel NIXON   Lanchester
27/10/1811 Emmerson PARKER Single   Mary MIDDLETON Single  
16/11/1811 John DODD Single Edmundbyers Margaret OLIVER Single Edmundbyers
27/04/1812 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Dorothy COULTHARD Single  
24/10/1812 William JORDESON Single Lanchester Elizabeth COULTHARD Single  
23/11/1812 George MOLE     Eleanor PROUD    
1 12/06/1813 Robert SURTEES Single   Tamar ANGUS Single  
2 14/05/1817 John OLIVER Single Stanhope Ann MARSHALL Widow  
3 21/06/1817 Robert PROUD Single   Dorothy RODGERS Single  
4 21/06/1817 John WALKER Single   Barbary THOMPSON Single  
5 26/10/1817 Thomas FOSTER Single Stanhope Susan OLIVER Single  
6 15/05/1819 Joshua ELLIOT Single Lanchester Jane WESTGARTH Single  
7 29/06/1819 William MILLER Single Lanchester Hannah CARR Single  
8 04/03/1820 Nicholas ROUTLEDGE Single Shotley, Northumberland Alice SHORT Single  
9 17/10/1820 John ANGUS Single Wolsingham Ann ANGUS Single  
10 19/03/1821 George BROWN Single Medomsley Margaret HARRISON Single  
11 10/05/1821 George SIDDLE Single   Mary ELLIOT Single  
12 28/02/1822 Robert SURTEES Widower   Sarah SHORT Single  
13 30/11/1822 Robert BAINBRIDGE Single Edmundbyers Margaret WIGHAM Single  
14 11/10/1823 Thomas CLENNELL Single Hunstanworth Thamar SHORT Single  
15 25/10/1823 Matthew BATESON     Mary MARSHALL    
16 03/02/1825 Robert FOREMAN     Mary COOK   Medomsley
17 09/04/1826 William WILSON Widower   Jane STEPHENSON Widow  
18 27/10/1827 George WILLIS Single   Ann DOBSON   Satley
19 23/06/1828 John ASKEW Single   Jane CARR Single  
20 18/07/1830 William TOTTY Single Edmundbyers Barbara LOUGH Single  
21 21/08/1830 William JOHNSON Single   Jane GARTHWAITE Single Lanchester
22 05/12/1831 John NATRASS Single   Mary WHALEY Single  
23 22/08/1832 James CRAGGS Widower   Sarah HUTCHINSON Single  
24 08/06/1833 John LAWSON Single   Margaret COPELAND Single  
25 03/03/1834 Charles ALLEN Single   Ann MAYOR Single  
26 31/05/1834 Thomas RITSON Single   Ann RICHARDSON Single  
27 20/12/1834 John SHERLOCK Single   Mary BELL Single  
28 31/12/1834 Joseph LEE Single   Mary HARDY Single  
29 07/05/1835 William BOWEY Single   Margaret LAWSON Single  
30 30/08/1835 Anthony MOLE Widower   Sarah FEATHERSTONE Single  
31 20/09/1835 Thomas MAYOR     Isabella Ann PARKIN    
32 22/08/1836 Thomas NATRASS Single Lanchester Hannah STEPHENSON Single  
33 28/11/1836 Robert SURTEES Single   Elizabeth LEYBOURNE Single Lanchester
34 14/06/1837 Anthony SHOTTON Single Medomsley Margery JOHNSON Single  

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