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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Lanchester All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Lanchester lies in northern County Durham, indeed it forms a significant part of Durham's border with neighbouring Northumberland. Lanchester is located about 8 miles northwest of the county town of Durham and the village that gives its name to the parish sits astride the A691 road which connects Durham with Consett. Lanchester parish covers an extensive area and includes three chapelries, Esh, Medomsley & Satley, which were separately licensed for marriages and have their own pages. Lanchester is a large sprawling village mainly built along the A691 and largely filling the valley of the Backgill Burn which it occupies. Lanchester has a long history and is reputed to have been founded as a Roman way station being just east of Dere Street. Lanchester parish would largely have earned its living by pastoral farming albeit some industry made use of the Burn's power. The Backgill Burn drains the parish eastwards, shortly joining the River Browney and then the Wear before reaching the sea through the port of Sunderland. Lanchester is sited at around 110 metres above the sea, but sits in a valley; local heights rise sharply to over 250 metres within a mile of the village. Lanchester parish was extremely extensive, one of the larger by area even in a county with large acreage parishes, it covered almost 42,000 acres and would have supported a population of almost 8,000 parishioners. In common with much of the north of England Lanchester is not mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the heart of the village by the junction of A691 and the minor road, Peth Bank. All Saints is a very early church and rather magnificent in the preservation of those early styles. The main fabric of the church has been dated from the period covered by the Norman Romanesque styles of the 11th & 12th centuries to the Early English Gothic styles of the later 12th & early 13th centuries. There is also much evidence that the church, at least partially was augmented with Roman stones from the way station. The chancel was rebuilt sometime about the middle of the 13th century and changes were further made when the church was made collegiate in 1283, the chancel widened and a northern chancel chapel added. Much later and Perpendicular in style comes the western tower and from that period much of the fenestration for the northern & southern aisles plus the clerestory were refreshed. Pevsner's summing up describes the church as "one of the most rewarding parish churches in the county" and few would differ from that opinion. The site is separated from the nearby pavements by a low, local stone, wall and there are entrances at both northwestern and southwestern corners of the site. The church is rather hemmed in by trees from the east but adequate photographs can be made from other angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th May 1754 - 25th April 1781 Durham Record Office - Reference EP/La/19 Plain, margined and ruled book with combined Banns & Marriages Grade 4 register - Poor quality register with likelihood of significant number of misreads The register media is underexposed making the images dark, the cramped handwriting and lack of segregation of entries make for a trying read and a likelihood of significant volumes of misreads and also a possibility of accidental omission
2 15th May 1781 - 20th December 1812 Durham Record Office - Reference EP/La/10 Plain, margined but unruled book with combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 register - At times challenging to read with a likelihood of some misreads There are periods of difficult handwriting within the register making a probability of some misreads
3 9th January 1813 - 10th June 1837 Durham Record Office - Reference EP/La/11 Rose style preprinted and prenumbered register Grade 2 register - Not a perfect read but a low expectation of misreads Challenging writing impacts some entries again but matters are much improved over its predecessors.

Shotley St Andrew, Northumberland
Whittonstall St Philip & St James, Northumberland
Ovingham St Mary, Northumberland
Ebchester St Ebba
Medomsley St Mary Magdalene
Ryton Holy Cross
Whickham St Mary
Tanfield St Margaret
Chester le Street St Mary & St Cuthbert
Shotley St Andrew, Northumberland
Muggleswick All Saints
Chester le Street St Mary & St Cuthbert
Witton Gilbert St Michael & All Angels
Satley St Cuthbert
Wolsingham St Mary & St Stephen
Wolsingham St Mary & St Stephen
Brancepeth St Brandon
Brancepeth St Brandon
Esh St Michael
Durham St Oswald

1755 1760 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 1790 1795 1800 1805 1810 1815 1820 1825 1830 1835

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
24/02/1754 Joseph FARBRIDGE   Slaley, Northumberland Ann PROUD    
08/05/1754 John HALL   Pittington Anne MOOR    
11/05/1754 Thomas ROBINSON   Brancepeth Grace FREWEL    
19/05/1754 John MARLEY   Esh Jane RAISBECK    
20/05/1754 George ROGERS     Frances AVISH    
03/06/1754 John NIXON   Ryton Mary WILLISON    
04/06/1754 Cuthbert ROPER     Ann FARROW    
04/06/1754 John BOWMER     Katharine CHICKEN    
23/06/1754 Thomas TAYLOR     Mary TEASDALE    
08/07/1754 John APPLEBY     Ann GENTLE    
28/07/1754 Thomas LOWRY     Jane LOWRY    
20/10/1754 John JOHNSON     Katherine HOWTON    
04/11/1754 William COATMAN   Lamesley Jane MAGGEE    
24/11/1754 John PACE     Margery TAYLOR    
28/11/1754 Thomas HARDWICK     Sarah RICHARDSON    
02/12/1754 Thomas BRITTON     Deborah HILL    
14/12/1754 George HILL     Eleanor MEDCALF    
24/12/1754 John BEWICK     Ann AVISH    
26/12/1754 Michael NEWTON     Elizabeth OLD    
09/01/1755 John WINCHESS     Mary BECK    
13/01/1755 Gabriel THORNTON     Jane ATHEY    
27/01/1755 Richard REED     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
06/02/1755 Cuthbert RICHARDSON     Ann BATEY    
12/04/1755 John LEIGHTON     Ann SNOWBALL    
21/04/1755 Thomas ROBSON     Hannah AINSLEY    
06/05/1755 John RASE     Mary RIPPON    
14/05/1755 Richard WIGHAM     Isabel GREEN    
14/05/1755 James KIRKLEY     Dorothy HEDLEY    
18/05/1755 William HENRY     Mary EDWARD    
21/05/1755 Robert FAWDON     Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
22/05/1755 William BURRELL     Sarah WILLEY    
10/06/1755 Thomas HENRY     Elizabeth SIMPSON    
23/06/1755 John HUNTER     Anne HASWELL   Ryton
13/07/1755 Miles COOK     Mary BUSH    
16/08/1755 George SUMMERVAIL     Mary NAISH   Lamesley
27/08/1755 William ARMSTRONG     Ann PATTINSON    
30/11/1755 Thomas WATCHMAN     Jane CARRINGTON    
06/12/1755 Thomas PATTINSON   Tanfield Ann NAISBY    
15/12/1755 John HILLS     Elizabeth POTS    
16/12/1755 George HILLS   Esh Margaret MYERS   Esh
23/12/1755 George PATTISON     Mary SNOWBALL    
27/12/1755 William MARLEY   Esh Dorothy ELLIOT   Esh
29/12/1755 Robert RICHARDSON     Mary MONCASTER    
03/01/1756 Stephen CLARK   Witton Gilbert Mary SCORER Widow  
20/01/1756 John ROBSON     Elizabeth DORMANT   Chester Le Street
21/02/1756 Othniel SELBY   Tanfield Jane CROFT    
01/03/1756 George MARDELL     Ann WHELDON    
19/04/1756 John ELSDON     Ann TEASDALE    
08/05/1756 James CURRY     Susanna MIDFORD    
09/05/1756 Stephen MILBOURN   Ryton Barbara HASON    
11/05/1756 John FOGGON   Esh Hanna GILLCHRIST    
17/05/1756 Ralph CARR     Margaret WILKINSON    
18/05/1756 Joseph BELL     Hannah ORD    
07/06/1756 Edward MONCASTER     Margaret CUMMIN    
24/06/1756 John BELL     Mary WHEATLEY    
06/07/1756 John PROUD     Ann GARTHWAITE   Brancepeth
17/07/1756 William WHEATLEY     Ann GREY    
24/07/1756 William ANDERSON     Margaret NAISBY    
29/07/1756 Ralph RAMSON     Mary TODD    
15/08/1756 Thomas DOD     Katherine OXLEY    
04/09/1756 Henry PATINSON     Ann ISLEY    
04/09/1756 John HUNTER     Jane HALL    
20/09/1756 John SMITH     Mary FEWSTER    
11/11/1756 John WRIGHT     Jane JAMESON    
16/11/1756 John OLLIVER     Jane GOWLING    
04/01/1757 John DIXON     Mary SCOT    
10/01/1757 Ralph HUNTER     Mary LANCASTER    
14/02/1757 Arrowsmith AISLABIE     Ann AUBORN    
16/02/1757 John STEPHENSON   Ryton Jane MITCHINSON    
17/02/1757 Thomas JACKSON   Esh Jane HIRDMAN   Esh
10/05/1757 Robert HUNTER     Margaret ALLISON    
12/05/1757 John HOGGART   Hexham, Northumberland Elizabeth POTS    
16/05/1757 William HEDLEY     Mary MADDISON    
06/06/1757 Robert DUNCAN     Mary YOUNG    
07/06/1757 Stephen HODGSON     Margaret PALLISTER    
07/06/1757 Thomas BURNHOPE     Margery REED    
13/06/1757 Robert DODD     Mary PHILIPS    
22/06/1757 Thomas GRICE     Mary BURNHOPEE    
27/06/1757 William JOHNSON     Ann HUNTER    
10/08/1757 James LABOURN     Eleanor KELL   Chester Le Street
22/09/1757 James BECK     Dorothy GALLY    
10/10/1757 Samuel BURRELL     Elizabeth RIDLEY    
30/10/1757 Anthony BECK     Mary JOPLING    
31/10/1757 George BELL     Margaret BAILES    
22/11/1757 William STUART     Elizabeth BRADFORD   Tanfield
28/11/1757 Edward NICHOLSON     Mary JOPLING    
30/12/1757 Samuel RAMSAY     Hannah DODSHON    
03/02/1758 Thomas THOMPSON     Margaret ROBINSON    
26/03/1758 John CURRER   Houghton Le Spring Mary WALTON    
13/04/1758 William ORD     Elizabeth HEAD    
14/05/1758 Michael WATSON   Esh Ann WRAY   Esh
15/05/1758 John GARDNER     Margaret MITCHEL    
15/05/1758 Thomas SCOT   Brancepeth Jane TWEDDLE    
23/05/1758 Richard SMITH   Merrington Jane CROUDACE    
23/05/1758 John TEASDALE     Ann CUMMIN    
29/05/1758 George HURLWAY     Ann ORD    
17/06/1758 Joseph BURNHOPE   Stanhope Christian DICKINSON    
28/06/1758 Robert DICKINSON     Mary READSAY    
02/08/1758 John CARWICK   Esh Isabel HERRING   Esh
17/08/1758 William MALLABER     Mary FOSTER   Tanfield
02/10/1758 Michael DURANCE     Ann BAINBRIDGE    
29/10/1758 Michael HUNTER     Jane MARLEY   Esh
18/11/1758 Thomas SURTIS     Mary SUTHERAN    
01/12/1758 John PROCTOR   Esh Mary WRAY   Esh
26/12/1758 Thomas BARNES     Mary RICHARDSON    
26/12/1758 Peter SIMPSON     Dorothy NAISBY    
19/01/1759 Abraham OYSTON   Brancepeth Ann AKENHEAD    
16/04/1759 Robert REDHEAD   Sunderland Elizabeth ROBINSON    
07/05/1759 Edward SELBY   Chester Le Street Mary PEARSON    
13/05/1759 Michael SMITH     Katharine ROBSON    
16/05/1759 Peter STAINSBY   Esh Mary FORSTER   Esh
26/05/1759 John SNOWDON   Hart Alice THOMPSON    
04/06/1759 Nicholas HYMERS   St Nicholas, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Margaret WHEATLEY    
18/06/1759 Timothy HALL     Mary DONKIN   Pittington
30/06/1759 John BAKER     Hannah THOMPSON    
14/07/1759 Robert DORMAND     Ann WHEATLEY    
11/11/1759 John HOBSON   Bishopwearmouth Ann FINLEY    
14/11/1759 William TAYLOR     Thomasin BOOTLAND    
21/03/1760 Michael WALKER     Katharine FAIRLAMB    
08/05/1760 John RICHARDSON     Mary GALLY    
12/05/1760 Joseph HIRDMAN     Ann MIDFORD    
13/05/1760 Thomas DOWSON     Elizabeth BLAKEBURN    
14/05/1760 George WATSON     Mary TURTON    
24/05/1760 Gilbert SCOT     Ann WALKER    
25/05/1760 William ADEY     Dorothy WHITTELL    
01/06/1760 Andrew PACE     Joanna HALL    
09/06/1760 John HANKIN     Margaret LIDDEL   Satley
10/06/1760 Henry ATKINSON     Ann HUCHINSON    
24/06/1760 John DODDS   Esh Mary ROBINSON   Esh
21/07/1760 Anthony KIRKLEY     Elizabeth LIDDEL    
18/08/1760 John GRUNDY   Brancepeth Margaret TAYLOR   Esh
04/09/1760 Thomas OLIVER     Ann RAMSHAW    
05/10/1760 Cuthbert MARSHALL   St Nicholas, Durham Thomasin WHEATLEY    
06/10/1760 Jesse FORSTER   Brancepeth Mary WILKINSON    
15/11/1760 Michael MORROW   Ryton Susanna SWINBURN    
15/11/1760 Peter DIXON     Elizabeth SHIPLEY    
23/11/1760 Moses HOPPER     Mary CARR    
25/11/1760 John ORINS     Isabella SALTERN    
26/11/1760 Robert MASON     Eleanor HUDSON    
26/12/1760 James FOGG     Alice HALL    
03/02/1761 William CURREY     Margaret DUCKETT   St Margaret, Durham
23/03/1761 John BATTY   Gateshead Margaret JELLY    
04/04/1761 John BOWMER     Hannah WYLAM    
10/05/1761 William GLENDINNING     Elizabeth WRAY    
31/05/1761 William BELLERBY     Elizabeth DIXON   Egglestone
05/06/1761 John HUTCHINSON     Sarah RICARBY    
08/06/1761 George COLTMAN     Esther HILLS    
24/06/1761 William HOLMES     Mary LIDDLE    
26/07/1761 John RICHARDSON     Mary ORD    
26/07/1761 George OXLEY     Jane BLAKELOCK   Tanfield
23/08/1761 Joseph RICHARDSON     Jane DIXON    
26/08/1761 Thomas ENGLISH     Elizabeth WALKER    
28/09/1761 Robert SURTEES   Ovingham, Northumberland Ann GREENWELL    
18/10/1761 John RIDDLE     Isabel NICHOLSON   St Andrew, Bywell, Northumberland
20/10/1761 Henry STORY     Ann ACKWORTH    
22/11/1761 Matthew CARRINGTON     Jane ROBINSON    
23/11/1761 Michael FENWICK     Barbara RAMSAY    
07/12/1761 Thomas GIBSON     Elizabeth ATHEY    
19/12/1761 Ralph BYERLEY     Priscilla JOPLING   Satley
19/12/1761 Ralph HOLMES     Sarah HIRDMAN    
26/12/1761 Forster FAIRLAM     Elizabeth SALTON    
29/12/1761 James WASSELBEY     Jane BRUCE    
19/01/1762 Michael WATSON   Esh Elizabeth LOGAN   Esh
20/02/1762 William HUNTER     Mary RICHARDSON    
11/04/1762 George RICHARDSON     Jane OUTERSON    
15/05/1762 Thomas BOWMAN     Grace HIRDMAN    
18/05/1762 Thomas GRICE     Sarah ROBSON    
19/05/1762 John HEWITT   St Andrew, Auckland Isabel FORSTER    
22/05/1762 Joseph CLARK     Sarah EELS    
31/05/1762 William BELL     Jane BAINBRIDGE    
03/06/1762 Henry PICKERING   Wolsingham Ann HODGSON    
05/06/1762 Thomas RICHARDSON   Whickham Margaret RICHARDSON    
13/06/1762 William SEYMOR     Margaret HEADS    
27/06/1762 Robert HUTCHINSON     Mary HUNTER    
07/08/1762 John HASWELL     Sarah CHAPMAN    
19/08/1762 Thomas DODS     Ann HALL    
04/09/1762 John WALL     Jane SOULSBY   Tanfield
05/09/1762 Robert LUMLEY     Mary WHEATLEY    
21/10/1762 Thomas BOWERBANK     Sarah ADEY    
24/10/1762 Henry GEY   Great Ayton, Yorkshire Margaret WHITE   Esh
24/10/1762 James BEST     Rebecca BELL   Tanfield
28/11/1762 William TEMPLE     Eleanor PALMER    
13/12/1762 Robert TAYLOR   Esh Dorothy LAMB   Esh
25/12/1762 Joseph GARDENER     Elizabeth TINN   Tanfield
24/01/1763 William RUTHERFORD   Chester Le Street Hannah WHEATLEY    
24/01/1763 Robert STRINGER     Sarah HUTCHINSON    
07/02/1763 George ROBINSON     Hannah FRENCH    
23/04/1763 William RICHARDSON     Catharine WALKER    
01/05/1763 Samuel WILE     Jane ROBINSON    
09/05/1763 William FOREMAN   Tanfield Mary TREVOR    
09/05/1763 Cuthbert STOBS     Mary HALL    
15/05/1763 Thomas GLENDINING   Esh Eleanor MILBURN   Esh
22/05/1763 Patrick SUDDES   Tanfield Ann JELLY    
28/05/1763 Robert MADDISON     Mary DOBSON    
12/06/1763 Thomas HEWIN     Martha GREY   Ryton
26/06/1763 Robert HARRISON     Mary COLTMAN    
05/07/1763 William LIDDEL     Dorothy FOREMAN    
12/09/1763 Robert MOOR     Hannah DODDS    
02/10/1763 Michael THWAITES   Kelloe Elizabeth EMBLETON    
22/10/1763 John LAMB     Elizabeth GREENWELL    
23/11/1763 John DIXON     Elizabeth BECKWITH    
01/12/1763 William TAYLOR   Brancepeth Margaret LINDSLEY    
24/01/1764 Timothy WHEATLEY     Ann BROWN    
19/02/1764 William TURTON     Hannah TURBET    
21/02/1764 Christopher CHARLTON     Mary DITCHBURN    
20/05/1764 John BEWICK     Dorothy BURREL    
26/05/1764 Thomas STORY   Hart Jane DODDS   Esh
09/06/1764 Richard HALL     Margaret PATTINSON    
11/06/1764 John BEADNELL   Ryton Mary HEADS   Satley
03/07/1764 William CARLTON   Tanfield Margaret BOYS    
22/07/1764 William RICHARDSON     Hannah JACKSON    
06/08/1764 Samuel DAWSON     Margaret RICHARDSON    
20/08/1764 John ALLAN   Esh Elizabeth WATSON   Esh
20/08/1764 William HODGSON     Katharine WATSON    
22/09/1764 John MILBURN   Esh Mary WILSON   Esh
16/10/1764 Matthew NICHOLSON     Mary MASON    
05/11/1764 Joseph JOPLING   Tanfield Dorothy LABOURN    
06/11/1764 William WRIGHTSON   Ryton Mary CUMMIN    
18/11/1764 George SUMMERBELL     Ann PALL    
25/11/1764 Robert GREEVES     Margaret BLENKINSOP    
01/12/1764 Joseph WILKINSON     Mary TEASDALE    
10/12/1764 William SMITH     Sarah HILL    
11/12/1764 Robert DORMAN     Ann MASON    
16/12/1764 Anthony BECK     Ann STORY    
05/02/1765 Thomas BROWN     Isabel BROWN    
06/02/1765 Robert TRUMBLE   Shotley, Northumberland Elizabeth ORD    
14/02/1765 George HEADS   Satley Elizabeth PROUD    
25/04/1765 John LOWRY     Ann WALKER    
09/05/1765 Robert SIMPSON     Hannah BRIDING    
27/05/1765 John ROBSON     Ann ROBINSON   Brancepeth
28/05/1765 Ralph DIXON     Hannah MYERS    
28/05/1765 William ROBINSON     Ann GASTRIN    
04/06/1765 William HEADS   Shotley, Northumberland Hannah MADDISON    
04/06/1765 Stephen THOMPSON     Eleanor GRAINGER   Esh
25/06/1765 Francis KIRKLEY     Mary SIMPSON    
02/07/1765 Richard WHITE   Bishopwearmouth Mary SHARPER    
02/07/1765 William SANDERSON   Esh Mary DODS   Esh
07/07/1765 George RICHARDSON   Tynemouth, Northumberland Margaret BURREL    
13/07/1765 William BRIGGS   Medomsley Mary RACKET   Esh
20/07/1765 Thomas BAKER     Ann RENTON    
11/08/1765 Robert FAIRLAMB     Mary CUMBERBACH    
29/08/1765 Thomas SHARP     Isabel OXLEY    
06/10/1765 John STANKLEY     Mary FORSTER    
03/11/1765 John SHARP     Ann BRYDING    
24/11/1765 Robert ELLOT     Eleanor RICHARDSON    
14/12/1765 Richard BELL     Jane BAINBRIDGE    
20/12/1765 William WHEATLEY     Ann ERRINGTON    
23/12/1765 Edward FORSTER   Esh Katharine SMITH   Esh
26/12/1765 Thomas STARK   Whickham Alice NAISBY    
26/01/1766 John SLATER     Elizabeth GARDENER   Tanfield
05/02/1766 Henry DENNING     Ann MOOR    
30/03/1766 Jonathan NEWTON   Medomsley Margaret RAMSAY    
13/04/1766 Peter TAYLOR   Witton Gilbert Margaret HUTCHINSON    
27/04/1766 Joseph RICHARDSON     Mary BAINBRIDGE    
30/04/1766 Thomas ATKINSON     Elizabeth RUTTER    
10/05/1766 Thomas PATTINSON     Margaret WILSON    
19/05/1766 John HUTCHINSON   Ryton Ann BEST   Esh
20/05/1766 William ROBSON     Elizabeth MYERS    
02/06/1766 John DAVISON   Elwick Hall Isabel HENDRY    
02/06/1766 Joseph LAYBURN     Ann NICHOLSON    
21/06/1766 James WILSON     Isabel DIXON    
10/07/1766 William DOWNING     Sarah NUGENT    
20/07/1766 Stephen HORSLY   St Andrew, Auckland Dorothy MYERS    
02/08/1766 John SMITH   Esh Jane BEAMOND   Esh
29/09/1766 Jonathan BRYDING   Monkwearmouth Ann BARRAS    
10/11/1766 John EMMERSON   Brancepeth Margaret RICHARDSON    
23/11/1766 Robert SLATER     Elizabeth BROWN    
27/11/1766 George HASTINGS   Tanfield Jane GIBSON    
21/12/1766 John BISSIT   Chester Le Street Elizabeth WHINNEY    
25/12/1766 Robert HANN   Washington Mary WALKER    
27/12/1766 Thomas ROBSON     Jane MURRAY    
29/12/1766 John DIXON     Mary WHEATLEY    
04/01/1767 John LOWSON     Magdalene WHITE    
25/02/1767 Robert BRIGGS     Katharine DORMAN    
04/05/1767 Thomas GRAY     Jane LAWSON    
14/05/1767 Edward BELLERBY     Mary BAXTER    
19/05/1767 George GRUNDY     Katharine SIMPSON    
24/05/1767 John PALMER     Elizabeth ELLOT    
01/06/1767 William ATHY     Mary BOYS    
17/06/1767 William ADAMSON     Elizabeth BARKER    
27/06/1767 Joseph CLEMISON     Mary HALL    
05/07/1767 Henry MAUGHAM     Mary BELLERBY    
13/07/1767 Joshua HAMMOND     Ann ATKINSON    
20/07/1767 William SPOWERS     Ann RICHARDSON    
01/08/1767 Robert BROUGH     Elizabeth TOMLINSON   Tanfield
20/08/1767 Thomas SUMMERSON     Ann DENNING    
27/09/1767 Thomas WALLS     Jane SEYMOR    
10/11/1767 George PATTINSON     Jane BYERLEY    
16/11/1767 Joseph GARTHWAITE     Hannah LABOURN    
21/11/1767 Matthew SUTHERN   Tanfield Elizabeth RIDLEY    
24/12/1767 James RICHARDSON     Mary ANDERSON    
24/12/1767 Joseph SIMPSON     Elizabeth DIXON    
25/12/1767 Henry PACE     Elizabeth KIRKUP    
26/12/1767 William PACE     Margaret GRAHAM   Lamesley
11/01/1768 Robert OLIVER     Mary BEAMSON    
01/02/1768 Robert TROTTER     Hannah COOPER    
04/04/1768 Thomas SCOT     Alice BONES    
04/04/1768 George FORSTER   Medomsley Ann RUTHERFORD    
15/05/1768 Roonald FORSTER   Kelloe Ann DOWAL    
17/05/1768 Thomas ROOXBY     Elizabeth CRAGGS    
30/05/1768 Robert BEWICK     Mary CHARLTON    
02/06/1768 Edward HENDERSON     Margaret LEYBOURN    
05/06/1768 Alexander AYR     Thomasin THOMPSON    
12/06/1768 Michael WARDEL   Tanfield Ann HEDLY    
05/07/1768 John HARRISON     Ann GREENWELL   Heworth
24/09/1768 William ARMSTRONG     Margaret RUTHERFORD    
20/10/1768 John HALL     Margaret HARRISON    
22/10/1768 William RICHARDSON   Tanfield Mary DAWSON    
06/11/1768 John BLANCH     Ann FOGG    
19/11/1768 William PALFREEMAN     Ann PARKER    
19/11/1768 Thomas STODDART     Dorothy WHELDON    
26/11/1768 John SIMPSON     Mary BRADY    
27/12/1768 Joseph PEARSON     Elizabeth WILD    
08/01/1769 Anthony WIGHAM     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
26/03/1769 William ROBINSON   Darlington Elizabeth HODGSON    
11/05/1769 Joseph JOPLING   Muggleswick Sarah TEASDALE    
11/05/1769 George PINKNEY   Lamesley Rebekah BOLAM    
16/05/1769 William MUSGROVE     Elizabeth CHARLTON    
18/05/1769 John CUMMIN     Elizabeth FOREMAN    
23/05/1769 Thomas LAWSON     Ann TATE    
24/05/1769 Isaac LUNSON   Satley Jane EGGLESTON   Satley
24/05/1769 Joseph STORY   Satley Katharine HULL    
27/05/1769 Michael URWIN     Jane RAMSAY    
29/05/1769 John BROWN   Sedgefield Jane FAIRBARNS   Esh
29/05/1769 Robert LEVISON     Mary RIDLEY    
05/06/1769 John ROBINSON     Sarah LOWRY    
08/08/1769 George THORNTON     Dorothy JONS    
15/08/1769 John LAX   Brancepeth Elizabeth TAYLOR    
29/08/1769 John BURLISON   St Margaret, Durham Sarah HUTCHINSON    
07/12/1769 Joseph MAUGHAN     Elizabeth REED    
27/12/1769 Richard TEASDALE     Elizabeth LOFTUS    
11/02/1770 Henry JOHNSON   Satley Margaret BELL   Satley
13/02/1770 Charles HINDMAS     Mary WILSON    
20/05/1770 Mark HILLS     Sarah SIMPSON    
23/05/1770 John SMITH   Esh Jane LEECH   Esh
26/05/1770 Jonathan DOWSON     Ann ROBSON    
27/05/1770 John HALL     Mary MYERS    
18/06/1770 John PATTINSON     Jane WHEATLEY    
24/06/1770 Randle HALL     Mary KIRKLEY    
02/07/1770 George LAWS   Ryton Thomasin WHEATLEY    
03/11/1770 John HEWITT   St Andrew, Auckland Ann CHARLTON    
22/11/1770 John BELL     Ann REDHEAD    
04/12/1770 Thomas RIDLEY     Isabel LOFTUS    
24/12/1770 Robert JACKSON     Rachel RUTHERFORD    
27/12/1770 John GOWLAND   Tanfield Barbara WOOD    
16/01/1771 Joseph LEIGHTON     Mary MILBOURN    
11/02/1771 James HENDERSON     Priscilla OLIVER    
01/04/1771 Thomas SHANKSLEY     Elizabeth HARRISON    
01/04/1771 John LEIGHTON     Ann CRAGS    
06/04/1771 John RICHARDSON     Hannah TROTTER    
12/05/1771 Lawrence MOULD     Hannah SHIELD    
13/05/1771 Ralph BYERLEY     Thomasin REED    
15/05/1771 Nicholas ANDREWS   Whickham Elizabeth LUMLEY    
09/06/1771 John HARDWICK   Satley Esther WEARMOUTH   Satley
09/06/1771 Thomas BRADLEY     Ruth RIDLEY    
17/07/1771 John ENGLISH     Ann BAXTER    
30/07/1771 Robert BECK     Elizabeth DUNN    
08/08/1771 Charles LOCK     Mary CUMMIN    
11/08/1771 James ORINS     Margaret COOPER    
17/08/1771 William BAINBRIDGE     Sarah DOWNY    
16/11/1771 George RAMSHAW     Margery DIXON    
26/11/1771 William HOPPER     Ann THOMPSON    
16/12/1771 Thomas HARRISON   Brancepeth Sophia NOCKS   Esh
17/12/1771 John WILLSON     Mary ATKINSON   Muggleswick
07/01/1772 Ralph WATSON     Margaret POWEL    
27/04/1772 George WRAY   Tanfield Ann REED    
09/05/1772 Thomas PARKIN     Ann NEWTON    
11/05/1772 William WILKINSON     Sarah BAXTER    
14/05/1772 John USHER     Ann DUNN    
17/05/1772 William HUNTER     Isabel RICHARDSON    
18/05/1772 Robert SOULSBY     Jane HILLS    
24/05/1772 John MOFFET   Ryton Isabella RICHARDSON    
25/05/1772 Joseph TINKLER   Tanfield Hannah WALTON    
01/06/1772 William DAVISON     Margaret PURVIS    
08/08/1772 Samuel WILD   Chester Le Street Deborah BROOK    
03/10/1772 William RICHARDSON   St Andrew, Auckland Dorothy WATSON   Esh
13/10/1772 Michael GARTHORN   Hamsterley Addinell WATSON    
26/10/1772 John COWART   Merrington Mary ELIOT   Esh
16/11/1772 James WILLSON     Ann SMITH    
30/11/1772 Gabriel COLE     Mary MOOR    
19/12/1772 John SIMPSON     Martha DIXON    
29/12/1772 James MOFFETT     Ann HUDSON    
18/01/1773 John RAMSEY     Elizabeth DEARHAM    
29/04/1773 William LOWS   Ryton Jane WHEATLEY    
01/05/1773 Thomas WILKINSON     Mary BYERLEY    
03/05/1773 Cuthbert ANDERSON     Ann NEWTON    
13/05/1773 William MAKEPEACE     Elizabeth ROBSON    
17/05/1773 Robert FULTHORP     Sarah WILSON    
18/05/1773 James CROUDACE     Dorothy HODSON    
24/05/1773 John ATKINSON   Esh Isabella STORY   Middleham, Yorkshire
31/05/1773 George WILLEY     Margaret WALTERS    
26/06/1773 Thomas RICHARDSON     Elizabeth STOBS    
17/07/1773 Henry DIXON     Dorothy BROWN    
22/07/1773 John CUMMING   Brancepeth Grace GREENWELL    
22/08/1773 Edward GREGORY   Dalton Le Dale Mary BLAND    
12/09/1773 John HOLMS   Chester Le Street Catharine HALL    
14/09/1773 Michael SOULSBY     Jane JACKSON    
14/10/1773 Anthony MOORE   Brancepeth Mary ROBSON    
01/11/1773 John SAUNDERSON     Elizabeth WRAY    
18/11/1773 Major TONE   Bellingham, Northumberland Hannah ROBINSON    
20/11/1773 Robert ROBINSON   Bishopwearmouth Margery WALKER    
24/11/1773 Edward REDHEAD     Jane SPITE    
27/11/1773 Henry CURRY     Mary WALTON   Houghton Le Spring
01/12/1773 George WRAY   Esh Elizabeth USHER   St Oswald, Durham
06/12/1773 William DODD     Isabel CHEESEMAN    
21/02/1774 Christopher THURLWELL     Ann BROWN    
26/02/1774 Joshua BRUNTINGHAM   Witton Gilbert Jane JOLLY    
22/03/1774 Thomas GREENWELL     Eleanor MADDISON    
01/05/1774 John BROWN     Jane WRIGHT    
03/05/1774 Roger HILLS     Hannah HILLS    
09/05/1774 Robert JOHNSON     Ann BELL    
10/05/1774 John WHEATLEY     Elizabeth FENWICK    
12/05/1774 Thomas BAXTER     Ann HASWELL    
16/05/1774 Thomas CHARLTON   Hart Barbara MILLS    
19/05/1774 Thomas HEADS   Satley Barbara BORROW    
24/05/1774 Robert RICHARDSON     Jane SNOWBALL    
26/05/1774 Jonathan EMMERSON   Gateshead Mary TEASDALE    
07/06/1774 John FRENCH   Esh Hannah TAYLOR   Esh
09/06/1774 Edward WILLIS     Sarah DAGLISH    
11/06/1774 William ROBINSON     Jane WALKER    
21/07/1774 John BRYDING     Ann EGGLESTON    
23/07/1774 Thomas FRENCH   Esh Mary CARR   Wolsingham
30/07/1774 Joseph ATKINSON     Jane SMITH   Esh
14/09/1774 Edward BLACKETT     Frances CARTER   Brancepeth
10/11/1774 Edward CHARTON   Brancepeth Elizabeth GREENWELL    
12/11/1774 John CASON     Jane HOLYDAY    
24/11/1774 George HARRISON     Mary LEE    
26/12/1774 John FARROW     Margaret HASWELL    
06/02/1775 Edward SURTEES     Mary ROBINSON    
19/02/1775 John BROWN     Mary WHITFIELD    
22/04/1775 Edward BAKER     Elizabeth SPARROW    
25/04/1775 John HANKY   Satley Elizabeth DOWSON    
02/05/1775 Thomas NESUM     Elizabeth WALTON    
13/05/1775 William BROWN     Ann WATSON    
15/05/1775 Richard AYRE   Satley Jane FORSTER   Satley
20/05/1775 Michael BELLERBY     Mary ROBSON   Ryton
22/05/1775 William LIDDEL   Easington Jane HUNTER    
03/06/1775 John BOWLER     Mary WALKER    
26/06/1775 Ralph REED   Chester Le Street Margaret HOPPER    
09/08/1775 Thomas HOPPER     Mary ENGLISH    
03/09/1775 Joseph SIMPSON     Alice WHEATLEY    
10/09/1775 Luke SEYMOR   Tanfield Elizabeth HEWIN    
07/10/1775 John CURRY     Elizabeth ROBINSON   St Oswald, Durham
13/10/1775 Benjamin BYERLEY   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Elizabeth ERRINGTON    
14/11/1775 Robert LEVISON     Mary NORTON    
05/12/1775 John TAYLOR   Ryton Mary FAIRLAM    
05/02/1776 Ralph HARDY     Jane HARRISON    
13/02/1776 William BELL     Mary OGLEVY    
13/02/1776 Robert SAMSON     Elizabeth GARGRAVE    
20/02/1776 Edward MOWBRAY     Margaret LINSLEY    
28/04/1776 Thomas ROBSON   Chester Le Street Margaret SELBY    
20/05/1776 Samuel PARKER   Medomsley Mary LAYBOURN    
30/05/1776 Robert AUNGLE   Darlington Ann CARRICK    
08/06/1776 Jonathan HALL     Mary MAKEPEACE    
08/07/1776 John WREN   Wolsingham Mary GREENWELL    
17/08/1776 Thompson WILKINSON     Elizabeth LIDDLE    
23/09/1776 William ORD     Elizabeth BURREL    
21/11/1776 James NASEBY   Chester Le Street Mary LEVISON    
01/12/1776 Henry TURNBULL     Mary ROBSON    
03/12/1776 George BECK     Barbara MOSLEN    
17/12/1776 Thomas HEINS   Witton Gilbert Mary SWADDLE   Esh
02/01/1777 William STRETFORD     Mary ELLIOTT    
21/01/1777 Joseph CARR     Sarah ERRINGTON    
03/02/1777 John HILLYARD     Mary FULTHORPE    
03/02/1777 Edward BAKER     Jane RODHAM    
15/04/1777 Francis ROBINSON     Ann BULCRAIG   Heworth
03/05/1777 John LAWSON     Jane DUNN    
03/05/1777 John WALTON     Elizabeth HUNTER    
05/05/1777 William COOK     Mary FORSTER    
08/06/1777 Nicholas GARTHWAITE     Mary HANKIN   Satley
08/06/1777 Jacob NESBIT   Longbenton, Northumberland Ann FAWELL    
23/06/1777 Thomas PICKERING   Brancepeth Jane HASWELL    
05/07/1777 Matthew HALL     Ann Thomasin BOYS    
04/08/1777 John ROBINSON     Ann DAVIDSON    
04/08/1777 John GREY     Isabel BURGESS    
17/08/1777 Henry JAMESON     Elizabeth DUNCAN    
24/08/1777 Thomas RICHARDSON     Sarah DODDS    
31/08/1777 Emerson WALL     Sarah SELBY    
10/11/1777 Thomas CHARLTON     Mary HUNTER    
17/11/1777 Joseph DIXON     Ann PATTISON    
30/11/1777 John HEAVYSIDES   Sherburn Hospital Elizabeth STOKELES    
20/01/1778 John NEWBEGIN   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Jane GALLEY    
12/02/1778 William MAUGHAN   Stanhope Sarah BARRAS   Satley
01/03/1778 Thomas DODD     Hannah LIDDEL    
08/03/1778 William ANDERSON   Esh Eleanor SHAW   Esh
27/04/1778 William HALL     Mary FORSTER    
02/05/1778 Thomas ERRINGTON     Ann ROBINSON    
04/05/1778 Edward BURREL     Ann HUNTER   Esh
12/05/1778 Matthew FORSTER     Ann RICHARDSON    
13/05/1778 John REED   Houghton Le Spring Elizabeth RAMSAY    
14/05/1778 Peter LAWSON     Mary RIDLEY    
19/05/1778 Henry DIXON     Ann SEYMOUR    
01/06/1778 George TAYLOR   Satley Elizabeth HYLAND    
02/06/1778 William PEARSON   Esh Elizabeth LINGET   Esh
02/07/1778 John ALDERSON   Brancepeth Ciceley PROUD    
20/07/1778 Bartholomew FARRER   Chester Le Street Ann ROBERTSON    
15/08/1778 John ANDERSON     Jane WHEATLEY    
13/09/1778 Anthony BROWN     Ann SANDERS    
04/10/1778 Anthony RICHARDSON     Jane MARLEY    
22/10/1778 John HUNTER     Sarah TWEEDDALE    
31/10/1778 George JOHNSON     Margaret RICHARDSON    
03/11/1778 Francis PEARSON     Mary SWINBURN    
07/11/1778 George HALL   Chester Le Street Isabella BURRELL    
24/11/1778 Christopher ROBINSON     Sarah SELBY    
30/11/1778 Joseph GARGET     Mary WILKINSON   Esh
26/12/1778 Thomas SCOTT     Ann HALL    
15/01/1779 James WATSON     Ann MAKEPEACE    
14/02/1779 Lewis DE BELLO     Mary MADDISON    
15/02/1779 Charles LOCK     Isabella HUDSON    
05/04/1779 George WALTON     Isabella CARRER    
29/04/1779 William OXLEY     Hannah RAMSEY    
03/05/1779 Anthony BELL   Satley Elizabeth BORROW    
09/05/1779 John WALL     Mary HOPPER    
11/05/1779 Thomas JACKSON   Esh Elizabeth WALTON   Esh
15/05/1779 Michael WHEATLEY     Dorothy MYERS    
15/05/1779 Thomas BLACKET   Easington Jane PROUD    
20/05/1779 Joseph HILLIARD     Hannah RAMSEY    
25/05/1779 John HARRISON     Margaret ROBINSON    
30/05/1779 John MINS     Ann KIDD    
12/06/1779 John BROWN     Dorothy GRAYDON    
11/07/1779 John CUTHBERT     Mary ROBINSON    
13/07/1779 Thomas BANKS   Hurworth Jane GREENWELL   Esh
25/08/1779 John TURNBULL   Shotley, Northumberland Jane ORD    
05/09/1779 Thomas SEYMORE     Isabella ORINS    
23/10/1779 Thomas BROWN     Alice SHARP    
08/11/1779 Michael WILLIS     Magdalene HUTCHINSON    
08/11/1779 John PROUD     Bella HILLS    
29/11/1779 John BURTON   Haughton Le Skerne Frances TAYLOR    
01/12/1779 Robert HUDSON     Ann STOREY    
13/12/1779 John MORLEY     Elizabeth HALL    
27/12/1779 Nicholas JOHNSON     Mary LISTER    

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