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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Witton Gilbert St Michael & All Angels


The Parish

The parish of Witton Gilbert lies in north central County Durham about 4 miles northwest of the city of Durham. Witton Gilbert is a large village sitting astride the A691 road which connects Durham with Lanchester & the mining settlement of Consett. Much of Witton Gilbert sits just to the north of the main road with much new development in the upper reaches of the village along the route of the B6312. At the time of this transcript Witton Gilbert would largely have been a farming community, predominantly pastoral with some arable in more favourable soils. Today Witton Gilbert functions largely as a commuter village in support of both Durham and the wider conurbations alongside the Tyne to the north. Witton Gilbert sits on the northern side of the valley of the River Browney, this drains the parish eastwards merging with the Wear in Durham before reaching the North Sea through the port of Sunderland. Witton Gilbert is sited at around 110 metres above the sea with its newer estates some 40 metres higher, the landscape is quite hilly with local heights rising to 232 metres on Charlaw Fell just to the north. Witton Gilbert parish is quite small for a Durham parish, it covered just over 2,500 acres and would have supported a population of almost 1,250 parishioners. There is no mention of Witton Gilbert in Domesday Book which has scant coverage of this area.

The Church

St Michael & All Angels' church sits almost on the banks of the Browney and a quarter mile south of the A691 accessed along a narrow lane, Coach Lane. Whilst the church has early origins sadly there is little of that left due to the almost complete rebuild in Victorian times. The walls of the chancel and the southern side of the nave are Norman Romanesque in style and all of the church would have been present at that time, probably 12th century. Other windows have been reused and they indicate that changes were made during the 14th century incorporating the fashions of that time. The present buildingis, however, largely a Victorian rebuild. Coach Lane terminates at a small parking area, it continues as a footpath, where entry is made through a rather tall lychgate. THe churchyard has quite a few trees and the church is slightly hemmed in from the south which somewhat limits photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th September 1754 - 5th December 1812 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/WG1/9 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The use of segregation to separate the entries is sufficiently poor to make it possible some entries may have been accidentally omitted
2 21st November 1814 - 20th June 1837 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/WG1/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Lanchester All Saints
Chester le Street St Mary & St Cuthbert
Chester le Street St Mary & St Cuthbert
Lanchester All Saints
Durham St Margaret of Antioch
Durham St Oswald
Durham St Oswald
Durham St Margaret of Antioch

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/09/1754 William COCKBURN     Hannah THOMPSON    
07/04/1755 John FOSTER Single   Elizabeth SMITH    
17/06/1755 Thomas OLIVER   Merrington Mary HALLOM    
31/01/1756 Thomas BOWMAN   Witton Le Wear Jane BURNE    
07/02/1756 Caleb JOPLING     Frances TAYLOR   Merrington
03/05/1756 William MOOR     Hannah WATSON    
07/06/1756 Thomas SMITH     Isabel COOPER    
07/08/1756 Thomas OLIVER   Brancepeth Elizabeth MOWBRAY    
30/01/1757 Gibson MOWBRAY   Wolviston Mary TAYLOR    
18/04/1757 John JOPLING     Elizabeth HEDLEY    
06/05/1757 George ERRINGTON     Mary SMITH    
03/06/1757 John SCORER   Chester Le Street Mary HARRISON    
21/05/1758 William HERBERT     Alice HOLMS    
27/08/1758 William CLARK     Isabel MASON    
15/07/1759 Joseph HALL     Ann WEAR    
03/11/1759 Robert ARROWSMITH   Kelloe Ann BAISTER    
18/11/1759 John APPLEBY     Sarah HALL    
12/02/1760 John SMITH     Margaret LAMBTON   Chester Le Street
28/05/1760 Ralph WEATHERBURN     Mary ROBSON   St Nicholas, Durham
28/05/1760 Richard CROFTON Single Jarrow Ann MOWBRAY Single  
27/01/1761 John CLARK Single   Mary DARLING   Chester Le Street
10/05/1761 Robert HODGSHON   Tanfield Margaret FAIRBANKS    
14/05/1761 John HOGG     Ann ROSEBY    
28/02/1762 John CROFT Single   Ann MALLOM Single  
21/06/1762 William NAZEBY     Jane HEDLEY    
25/10/1762 Robert YELLOWLEY   Heworth Mary COOPER    
15/02/1763 William KIRKLEY   Sherburn Hospital Margery TAYLOR    
09/06/1763 John GOODRICK   Lamesley Jane GEDLING    
12/06/1763 John POTTS     Honour FERRY    
17/12/1763 William BRIGGS     Grace JOHNSON   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
05/02/1764 Robert STONES     Ann ROBINSON    
04/06/1764 Thomas HEDLEY     Dorothy JEFFERSON    
19/06/1764 Richard PROCTOR   Houghton Le Spring Frances MOWBRAY    
12/05/1765 Andrew MARSHAL     Mary PICKERING    
01/03/1766 John PATTINSON   St Margaret, Durham Isabel MOWBRAY    
08/05/1766 Thomas APPLEBY   Sedgefield Elizabeth SANDERS    
04/01/1767 William COCKBURN     Elizabeth CARLETON    
27/01/1767 Robert SALKELD     Sarah MASON    
13/05/1767 Anthony BARRELL     Catherine HUNTER    
27/07/1767 Henry BAINBRIDGE     Ann CLARK    
17/05/1768 William MALLOM     Jane FERRY    
02/01/1769 Thomas TAYLOR     Margaret ATKINSON    
02/04/1769 John GARFOOT     Eleanor WILSON    
18/05/1769 William SNOWDON     Elizabeth GRIEVESON    
05/05/1770 Peter STONES   Durham Isabel MOOR    
04/11/1770 John MORRISON     Elizabeth TURNBULL    
26/05/1771 William ELLIOTT     Mary AUGUS    
26/05/1771 John FERRY     Frances GRIEVE    
12/05/1772 Robert BUNTON     Ann BELL    
21/05/1772 Anthony HUNTER   Sunderland Sarah BELL    
26/10/1772 Robert GRIEVESON     Isabel FERRY    
23/04/1773 John HUNTER     Ann COOPER    
12/05/1773 Joseph OYSTON     Elizabeth WRAY   Esh
16/05/1773 Richard DAVISON     Sarah DAVISON    
17/05/1773 James GEDLING     Mary PATTINSON    
02/01/1774 Joseph KIRTLEY   Brancepeth Catherine PEARSON    
12/02/1774 William STONES     Elenor NICHOLS    
12/02/1774 James BAISTER     Margaret BREWEL    
25/04/1774 Anthony BUNTING   Sunderland Ann PATTINSON    
24/12/1774 Rowland ROBINSON   Easington Eleanor PEARSON    
28/03/1775 George JOHNSON   Penshaw Ann BURDON    
22/05/1775 Robert FERRY     Thomasine DUMMELL    
25/06/1775 Thomas SHERWOOD     Eleanor CHAMBERS    
27/06/1775 John ROWE     Sarah ATKINSON    
30/06/1776 Anthony SAINT     Elizabeth MILBURN    
01/09/1776 Jonathan WINTRISS     Jane HERRING    
10/09/1776 John HARTLEY   Yorkshire Eleanor NEWBY    
19/10/1776 Andrew SMART     Jane BAISTER    
17/05/1777 Robert SIMPSON   Hamsterley Mary LINSLEY    
20/07/1777 John CLARK     Elizabeth HALL    
17/05/1778 Thomas DODDS     Hannah NEWTON    
09/05/1779 Robert GRIEVESON     Jane TAYLOR    
16/05/1779 William SNOWBALL     Violetta CHAMBERS    
15/08/1779 George PATTINSON     Mary GREGORY    
28/03/1780 David HILTON     Frances BAISTER    
23/10/1780 Robert ROBINSON   Lanchester Barbara MASON    
01/12/1781 Thomas BUCKTON   Chester Le Street Elizabeth HODGSON    
10/02/1782 John BOGIE     Ann BUNTING    
02/03/1782 Joseph JOPLING     Ann BIRCKLEY   St Nicholas, Durham
18/05/1782 John SEWELL     Elizabeth HALL    
05/11/1782 William WILKINSON     Margaret TAYLOR   Lanchester
11/11/1782 John WHITE     Ann HENDERSON    
04/01/1783 John COWANS     Sarah ERRINGTON    
19/02/1783 Joseph BARKER   Marske, Yorkshire Rachael SCROFTON    
03/04/1783 Michael COWANS     Ann HARLE    
10/05/1783 Ralph FERRY     Margaret WILSON    
06/07/1783 Thomas APPLEBY     Elizabeth MILLBURN    
26/05/1784 Joseph TAYLOR   Lanchester Deborah ATKINSON    
21/06/1784 Joseph HALL     Mary LAX    
11/07/1784 Matthew YOUNG   St Oswald, Durham Elizabeth LAWSON    
27/11/1784 William HALL     Susanna ALLISON    
07/02/1785 Andrew SANDERS   Bishopwearmouth Dorathy ERRINGTON    
17/05/1785 William BOWMAN   Kelloe Frances BASTER    
12/05/1786 Thomas HENDERSON     Margaret DOUGLAS    
21/05/1786 William LAWSON     Ann WALTON    
11/06/1786 Richard FORSTER   Chester Le Street Elizabeth OYSTON    
01/08/1786 William ARMSTRONG     Hannah SMITH    
27/08/1786 George MOOR     Isabella BECK    
17/02/1788 William GRIEVESON     Ann WATSON    
10/05/1788 Robert TURNBULL     Elizabeth MADDISON    
26/05/1788 John AVERY     Jane SANDERSON    
23/06/1788 James EGGLESTONE   St Margaret, Durham Frances FERRY    
05/01/1789 Andrew MARSHALL     Ann RENNISON    
25/01/1789 George JEWITT   Washington Ann APPLEBY    
14/06/1790 William SALKELD   Brancepeth Elizabeth SMITH    
27/11/1790 Robert FERRY     Hannah FORESTT    
20/06/1791 Christopher JACKSON     Mary GRIEVESON    
27/06/1791 John NIXON   Lanchester Julia WILKINSON    
27/11/1791 Ralph SNOWBALL     Margaret DENT    
30/01/1792 George THOUBBORN     Jane LODGE    
13/05/1792 Robert HUDSON     Elizabeth HEAVISIDES    
03/07/1792 James HEDLEY     Mary HUNTER    
28/10/1792 Thomas SNAITH     Ann BELL    
26/12/1792 John SPRAGGON     Margaret STORY    
01/02/1793 George MOOR     Jane ROBSON    
11/11/1793 Matthew COOK     Sarah NIXON    
22/12/1793 Thomas ROBSON     Hannah HUNTER    
18/09/1794 Thomas RIDSDALE   Northallerton, Yorkshire Elizabeth COOK    
03/05/1795 Hutchinson SALKELD   St Giles, Durham Jane MOOR    
01/11/1795 William STONES     Eleanor WALKER    
25/11/1795 Edward URVIN     Ann EMERSON   Chester Le Street
28/01/1796 William FORSTER     Mary THIRLWELL   Lanchester
09/02/1796 Roger NAIZBY     Mary FORSTER    
23/02/1796 William MATTHEWS   Chester Le Street Barbara ADAMSON    
01/03/1796 Joseph SNOWBALL     Isabella RICHARDSON    
16/05/1797 Thomas GLENDINNING   Esh Dorothy DIXON    
22/10/1797 William HARLAND     Mary ROBINSON    
29/10/1797 William RACE     Mary BAISTER    
03/12/1797 William HOPE   Kelloe Elizabeth MARSHALL    
03/12/1797 James LAIDLER     Ann VAISEY    
25/12/1797 John SMITH     Ann FRASHER    
01/04/1798 William HARLAND     Hannah HEAVISIDES   St Andrew, Auckland
24/06/1798 Anthony BUNTON     Hannah HARLAND    
19/11/1798 David HOLMES     Dorothy DARLING Single Chester Le Street
17/06/1799 Henry TUNSTLLS     Elizabeth CLARK    
08/12/1799 William MORRISON     Mary BOLAM    
25/12/1800 William STORY   Aycliffe Ann FARRY    
14/06/1801 Thomas JOHNSON     Margaret HOLIDAY    
17/04/1802 George WILSON     Elizabeth DONALDSON    
13/06/1802 Joseph SMART     Jane GRIEVESON    
09/08/1802 David HOLMES     Mary DARLING    
15/05/1803 John DARLING     Frances RICHARDSON   St Mary Le Bow, Durham
01/01/1805 Jelinger SYMONS   Whitburn Maria Henrietta AIREY    
22/01/1805 Charles HODGSON   St Margaret, Durham Sarah BARKER    
09/02/1805 Samuel JOPLING   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Alice CARR    
11/11/1805 William OLIVER     Hannah DOBSON    
20/03/1806 Thomas PROUD   St Oswald, Durham Elizabeth WHITALL    
18/05/1806 John URWIN     Ann JOBLING    
11/12/1806 John HOOD     Mary JOHNSON    
07/02/1808 Thomas NIXON     Jane COWANS    
07/02/1809 Robert BUNTON     Mary TAYLOR    
13/05/1809 William ELLIOT     Mary PEARSON    
28/05/1809 John ROBINSON     Ann RIDLEY    
08/10/1809 John PEARSON     Mary ROBINSON    
13/12/1809 Thomas JACKSON   St Nicholas, Durham Hannah NIXON    
02/06/1811 John PATTISON     Barbara ROBINSON    
19/10/1811 John ROBINSON     Margaret JOHNSON    
29/01/1812 Robert MARSHALL   Lanchester Elizabeth CLEMITSON    
17/05/1812 William ATKINSON     Jane BRUNTSKINS    
09/08/1812 Joseph HALL   Chester Le Street Margaret SMART    
05/12/1812 Matthew FERRY     Mary ADAMSON    
4 21/11/1814 Nicholas HENDERSON   Washington Jane BURNOP Single  
7 23/01/1815 Thomas BROWN   St Giles, Durham Elizabeth RENICKS Single  
8 31/01/1815 John WOOD     Ann CROFTON Single  
10 02/11/1816 Robert MAUSTON     Jane AISBIT Single  
11 21/06/1817 William TURNBULL     Isabella FARREY    
12 28/03/1818 Joseph THOMPSON     Mary WHEATLEY Single St Oswald, Durham
13 31/03/1818 William HARLE     Mary RIDLEY Single  
14 20/07/1818 John CLARK     Elizabeth BELL Single  
15 06/02/1819 Thomas GLENDENNING Widower   Elizabeth DOBSON Single  
16 26/06/1819 Anthony BUNTON Single   Elizabeth WALTON Single  
17 24/11/1819 William Frederick EDGER Single   Hannah STOCKLEY Single  
18 13/03/1820 Joseph ROBSON   Kelloe Ann BARKER    
19 21/05/1820 John PATTISON     Mary LONGSTAFF    
20 16/12/1820 John LINSLEY   Lanchester Hannah FENWICK    
21 13/05/1821 Edward FARRY     Dinah BLAKEY    
22 22/10/1821 William WILKINSON   Bishopwearmouth Mary Ann SMITH    
23 17/12/1821 George WRANGHAM     Hannah URWIN    
24 04/05/1822 Thomas MOOR     Elizabeth MALLOM    
25 26/11/1822 Anthony HARRISON Single   Ann WHEATLEY Single Brancepeth
26 13/08/1823 Thomas BULMER Single St Oswald, Durham Mary ROBSON Single  
27 01/03/1824 John PROCTOR Single St Oswald, Durham Maria WARD Single  
28 09/06/1824 John GRAY Single   Dorothy WALTON Single  
29 24/11/1824 Thomas WALKER Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
30 25/01/1825 Joseph ATKINSON Widower   Sarah MORDEW Single  
31 09/05/1825 Michael ADAMSON Single   Dorothy CRAIGG Single  
32 22/05/1825 Robert WEARMOUTH Single Easington Mary HALL Single  
34 07/02/1826 John JACKSON Single   Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
35 26/03/1826 Robert RUTHERFORD Single   Dorothy HOLMES Single  
36 14/10/1826 George THUBBRON Single   Rachel WILSON Single Lanchester
37 17/10/1826 John BATES Single   Mary SPARKE Single  
38 20/01/1827 John DEWRANCE Single Tanfield Ellen COOK Single  
39 20/01/1827 James HUTTON Single Tanfield Jane MORDUE Single  
40 01/10/1827 Thomas SEYMOUR Single   Ann BROWN   St Oswald, Durham
41 12/05/1828 Robert TAYLOR Single Chester Le Street Ann HOLMES Single  
43 04/10/1829 William AYER Single St Andrew, Auckland Isabella HALL Single  
44 20/05/1830 Thomas ALLEN     Ann THUBBORN    
45 12/06/1830 Thomas CUMMINGS Single   Hannah BROWN Single  
46 28/11/1830 Edward HALL Widower   Deborah TURNBULL Single  
47 25/12/1830 Michael SCRAFTON Single   Dorothy DAVISON Widow  
48 27/12/1830 William DARLING Single   Hannah HOLMES Single  
49 07/05/1831 John LIDDLE Single   Sarah DIXON Widow  
50 06/06/1831 Thomas BOOTH Single Bishopwearmouth Sarah FORSTER Single  
51 25/09/1831 Edward AINSLEY Widower   Mary BILTON Widow  
52 29/11/1831 Matthew LINDSLEY Single St Nicholas, Durham Elizabeth IVESON Single  
53 26/12/1831 Robert PEARSON Single   Margaret HARRISON Single  
55 10/04/1833 George FORSTER Single Gateshead Ann PATTISON Single  
56 14/05/1833 George BULLEWELL Widower Houghton Le Spring Eleanor Thompson RAILTON    
57 23/11/1833 Thomas BAKER Single St John, Chester, Cheshire Margaret HENDERSON Single  
58 14/05/1834 Cuthbert LIDDLE Single   Sarah DAVISON Single  
59 04/06/1834 William CLARKE Single   Isabella MAUGHAN Single St Margaret, Durham
60 08/07/1834 Thomas HAMILTON Single St Oswald, Durham Ann CROFORD Single  
61 30/08/1834 William DIXON Single   Isabella HARLE Single  
62 03/11/1834 Thomas ALLEN Widower   Isabella WALTON Single  
63 18/11/1834 Michael HUNT Single   Catherine WALTON Single  
64 22/11/1834 John CLARK Widower   Ann FEATHERSTONEHAUGH Widow  
67 04/04/1835 John MARLEY Single   Mary WATCHMAN Single  
70 15/02/1836 James HARDY Single   Mary HOLLIDAY Single  
72 16/05/1836 John APPLETON Single   Ann BUNTON Single  
73 14/02/1837 George THUBBRON Widower   Dorothy GAIR Single  
74 18/04/1837 George HUTCHINSON Single   Susan BARKER Single  
75 13/05/1837 George PARKIN Single   Mary DARLING Single  
76 13/05/1837 Joseph VASEY Single Lanchester Elizabeth CULBERSON Single  
77 20/06/1837 John ROBSON   St Nicholas, Durham Frances HALL    

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