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Bowers Gifford St Margaret


The Parish

The parish of Bowers Gifford lies in the extreme south of Essex separated from the Thames only by Canvey Island. Bowers Gifford is located about 2 miles east of the vastly expanded new town of Basildon and sits on the B1464 road, the former route of the now, thankfully, bypassing A13 road from London to Southend. Once a separate and rather small village Bower's Gifford is nowadays almost engulfed by the expansion of development along the northern banks of the outer Thames Estuary. Only a narrow strip of greenery separates the new town of Basildon from the developments that are South Benfleet & Thundersley. Modern infrastructure abounds and the London to Southend rail line cuts perilously close to St Margaret's church. At the time of this transcript Bower's Gifford was a lonely and remote village in the marshes of the Thames estuary, a largely pastoral farming regime would have been supplemented by coastal activities such as shell fisheries, reed harvesting and wildfowling. Most drainage in the parish has been modified by man's efforts to drain extra land for farming, most water makes its way to the nearby Thames through creeks and drains. The main centre of property in Bowers Gifford is sited at around 30 metres above the sea, St Margaret's church some 20 metres lower, the land hereabouts is flat with few prominent hills of any description making the former island of Hadleigh Castle Country Park at 72 metres something of a local landmark. Like most Essex parishes Bowers Gifford was rather small, at 2,400 acres it would have supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Bower's Gifford was a relatively small place, albeit shred between no fewer than 4 landholders. The greater part was in the hands of the delightfully named Grim the Reeve with lesser portions with Ranulf Peverel, Walter the Deacon & Westminster Abbey, the whole parish could only muster 4 ploughs albeit the pastures were extensively dotted with sheep.

The Church

St Margaret's church sits nearly a mile to the south of the main centre of property accessed by Church Road which zigzags across the busy dual carriageway of the A13 and heads down to the edge of the grazing marshes. Sadly very little remains of the mediaeval within the fabric of the church. The asymmetrical western tower with its curiously off centre windows and partial buttress has its origins in the 14th century, the top complete with shingled spire having been added in the 16th century. The main body of the church, however, dates from a complete rebuild of 1829 albeit there has been some reuse of original materials. Further restorations in the 1860s & 1910 were followed by the addition of the vestry in 1923 & the organ chamber in 1930. The church sits close to the main rail line to Southend at the southern end of Church Road, it becomes a footpath beyond the rail line. There is room for a few cars to park by the entry which is through an un-gated lychgate. The churchyard is almost completely devoid of obstacles making for a straightforward piece to photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th September 1755 - 13th December 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P387/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 27th September 1814 - 23rd October 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P387/1/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
25/03/1754 John KEEL     Dinah SWAN    
1 14/09/1755 John ROBERTSON   Pitsea Sybilla SHAW    
2 04/06/1758 Christopher GARLAND     Mary UNDERWOOD    
3 11/05/1759 Robert BUCKLESHAM Widower Pitsea Sarah DANIELS Widow  
4 06/10/1760 Andrew WENDEN     Elizabeth ROWLEY    
5 26/10/1760 Thomas LEE     Esther LUCY    
6 16/01/1763 James FRY     Mary KENNEDY    
7 18/01/1763 John SEWELL Widower Pitsea Ann CHAPMAN Widow  
8 21/10/1764 John WEBB Widower   Catherine SAMMERS Widow  
9 28/11/1764 William BALLARD     Mary NEAL   South Benfleet
10 21/10/1765 John STEPHENS     Sarah LAMB    
11 25/11/1766 Leonard WRIGHT     Jane SPELLER    
12 24/02/1770 Thomas HOCKLEY Single   Sarah CAERLACK Single  
13 25/06/1770 Henry ACRON Single   Jane ACRON Single  
14 02/01/1771 James ANDREWS Single   Susanna DANIELS Single  
15 12/11/1772 John BUNDIN Single   Elizabeth POWTER Widow  
16 11/10/1775 Henry FOSTER Single   Sarah DANIELS Single  
17 13/10/1775 Richard MARKWELL Single   Mary FROST Single  
18 01/01/1776 William PARKER Single East Hanningfield Elizabeth WHITE Single  
19 26/09/1777 John ARCHER Single   Elizabeth BUNTON Widow  
20 08/10/1777 John HINTON   Thundersley Sarah FROST Single  
21 02/12/1777 Richard CARTER Single   Anne BETTIES Single  
22 01/08/1779 Joseph CHAPMAN Single   Sarah BENNET Single  
23 26/12/1779 Daniel DANELS Single   Elizabeth ESBRIDGE Single  
24 26/06/1780 William ALLEN Widower   Sarah BUTLER Single  
25 21/08/1780 George STILL Single   Mary WEBB Single  
26 09/10/1780 Thomas BEDELL Single   Mary MARKWELL Widow  
27 23/04/1781 James BAYLEY   Gravesend, Kent Mary SPITTY    
28 19/10/1784 James BRITTON Single Pitsea Mary LILLY Single  
29 18/11/1784 Robert POWLEY Single   Hannah SPITTY Widow Shenfield
30 01/01/1785 William WHEEL Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
31 25/01/1785 Simon ROBINSON Single   Lucy MILSON    
32 29/10/1785 Thomas MEAD Single Pitsea Sarah GARLAND Single  
33 06/01/1786 John HEARY Single   Rose WILKINSON Single  
34 10/07/1786 Benjamin BUCKINGHAM     Elizabeth BRIDGES   South Benfleet
35 02/10/1786 Edward SAVELL Single Thundersley Sarah BUCKINGHAM Single  
36 10/10/1786 Thomas BLAKELEY Single   Ann COPPING Single South Benfleet
37 03/09/1787 Charles SPITTY Single   Jane COX Single Shenfield
38 08/10/1787 William COPPING Single   Elizabeth SAWELL Single Nevendon
39 09/01/1788 Abraham MOUNTAIN   Pitsea Mary SAVEALL    
40 11/10/1788 John NOAKS Single North Benfleet Elizabeth MARCHANT Single  
41 26/07/1789 Robert HONEYSET Single Corringham Jane KEAL Single  
42 12/10/1789 Richard TURROGROSE Single   Sarah DRURY    
43 30/11/1790 Thomas SULLINGS Single   Susannah GARNISH Single Pitsea
44 30/11/1790 George CRUDEN Single   Susanna SPITTY Single  
45 21/08/1792 Samuel BINDER Single   Sarah ROCKCLIFFE Single  
46 10/01/1793 John RAYNER Single   Ellinor HAGGAR Widow  
47 14/10/1793 Cole SAWELL Single Nevendon Sarah COOK Single  
48 28/01/1794 Thomas CLARK Single   Mary WHITE Single  
49 31/01/1794 William COPPING Widower   Elizabeth HAWKS Single  
50 26/04/1794 John MARCHANT Single South Benfleet Martha STACY Single  
51 29/09/1794 George SCALES     Hannah CRACKNELL    
52 06/10/1794 Edward SKUDDER Single   Sarah LEWIN Widow  
53 03/10/1796 William BEARMAN Single   Jane BIRD Single  
54 17/04/1797 James COOLBEAR Single Prittlewell Mary ROCKCLIFF Single  
55 21/09/1798 George MEAD Widower Pitsea Elizabeth COPPING Widow  
56 31/12/1798 Jeremiah GURNETT Single Pitsea Elizabeth GURNETT Widow  
57 30/04/1799 Samuel WEBB Single   Sarah SAWELL Widow  
58 07/10/1799 Thomas FOSTER Single   Martha LUCY Single  
59 10/07/1800 William GOLDSTONE   North Benfleet Elizabeth ARCHER Widow  
60 19/10/1802 Richard TURROGROSE Widower   Elizabeth NEATHERWOOD Widow  
61 29/10/1802 John HICKFORD Single Pitsea Sarah MEAD Single  
62 26/12/1803 James FRANCIS Single   Mary SEWELL Single  
63 23/09/1804 Thomas COOLBEAR Single   Mary POOL Widow  
65 14/09/1805 William GARNISH Single   Susannah MILES Single  
64 30/09/1805 Joseph HARVEY Single Thundersley Mary HIDE Single  
66 17/12/1805 Stephen HALLOWHEAD Single   Amy Ann PRENTISS Single  
67 17/03/1806 Thomas WELLS Single   Phoeby FAKER Single  
02/06/1806 Samuel WALLER Widower   Ann LINN Widow  
22/10/1806 John HORNSBY     Sarah MARTIN Single  
08/05/1809 John WILLIS Single   Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
11/09/1809 Joseph SPELLER Single   Sarah SAWARD Single  
10/10/1809 Joseph FREEMAN Single   Ann QUY    
16/10/1809 William GRAY Single   Mary BLATCH Single  
08/11/1810 Samuel ARCHER Single Wickford Susannah BLAKELY Single  
17/10/1811 Thomas DALE Single Pitsea Mary CORNISH Single  
21/07/1812 William STEVENS Single   Hannah QUY Single  
13/12/1812 John WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth COPPING Single  
1 27/09/1814 William HAWLEY Single St Giles, City Of London Mary Ann PRENTISS Single  
2 11/09/1816 John HOWARD Single   Lydia WAYLETT Single  
3 27/11/1816 William SUTTON Widower   Sarah HOY Widow  
4 20/06/1817 James WRIGHT Single   Mary CHALK Single  
5 20/07/1817 Edward WEBB Single   Mary KELLY Single  
6 30/11/1818 William WILLINGHAM Widower   Sarah DAWSON Single Laindon
7 08/02/1819 William SAVAL Widower   Mary FRENCH Widow  
8 13/07/1819 Samuel SPINKS Single Rayleigh Mary BLAKELY Single  
9 25/09/1819 Nathaniel TANNER Single   Sarah CHAPMAN Widow  
10 17/07/1820 Samuel KEMP Single   Elizabeth AIKIN Single  
11 29/09/1820 Edward BUTT Single   Hannah BARTLETT Single  
12 22/01/1822 Richard TWIN Single   Jane WELLS Single  
13 10/04/1822 William REDDINGTON Single   Sarah PERRY Single  
14 07/10/1822 Christopher BETTIS Single   Mary HARROD Widow  
15 11/11/1823 William MARTIN Single   Elizabeth HUGHS Single  
16 03/07/1826 William GOLDSTONE Widower   Elizabeth HILLS Single  
17 05/02/1827 Samuel HARVEY Single   Rachel RAVEN Single  
18 05/11/1827 John Smith RAYMOND Single   Sarah HOOPER Widow  
19 17/10/1828 Thomas BEARMAN Single   Charlotte MASQUELL Single  
20 18/12/1828 Abraham AGER Widower   Mary HILLS Single  
21 05/02/1829 William HAYLOCK Widower South Benfleet Rebecca DALE Widow  
22 20/04/1829 Abraham WARNER Single   Rebecca TENQUET Single  
23 21/01/1830 William MARTIN Widower   Honor MARLEY Single  
24 22/03/1830 James PASSFIELD Widower   Sarah SMART Widow  
25 10/05/1831 James WOOLARD Single   Hannah PERRY Widow  
26 24/06/1831 William SMITH Single   Harriot WALDRON Single  
27 04/07/1831 James BRIDGE Single   Sarah DANIELS Single  
28 30/09/1831 John PUMFLEAT Single   Susan FRENCH Single  
29 22/07/1833 Samuel LARGE Widower   Sarah THEALL Single  
30 12/10/1833 Joshua STRACEY Single   Charlotte CHURCH Single  
31 25/12/1833 John HART Widower North Benfleet Maria THORRINGTON    
32 23/03/1834 George KNIGHT Widower   Caroline SMITH Single  
33 15/09/1834 Samuel PUMFLEAT Single   Hannah WELLS Single  
34 01/10/1834 Charles EATON Widower   Sarah POWELL   Pitsea
35 05/11/1834 Thomas SPUNNER Single   Rachael LACK Single  
36 02/02/1835 William WOOLLARD Single   Mary FRENCH Single  
37 09/09/1835 William GARRISH Single   Elizabeth LONE Single  
38 28/09/1835 George SAVEALL Single   Ellenor LEWIS Single  
39 09/05/1836 Charles HOWARD Single   Charlotte HARDING Single  
40 23/10/1836 William DOE Widower   Elizabeth BARBER Single  

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