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North Benfleet All Saints


The Parish

The parish of North Benfleet is located in southern Essex close to its coastline with the estuary of the River Thames. North Benfleet lies about 2 miles east of the new town of Basildon. North Benfleet is located within a square of busy main roads, The A132, A127, A130 & A13 roads totally encircle the small area of North Benfleet and its agricultural land. Prior to 20th century expansion North Benfleet would have been a small village, little more than a hamlet, grouped around the junction of lanes to the west of North Benfleet Hall, nowadays housing has infilled much of the area to the south of the former village centre although much arable land still remains. The area around North Benfleet is part of the Essex flood plain of the estuary of the River Thames. It is low lying and alluvial in nature, North Benfleet is sited at just under 20 metres above sea level and the land about shows barely a contour on Ordnance Survey maps. There is little surface drainage that has not been influenced by man, what exists is headed northwards through field drains to reach the estuary of the River Crouch or south to the Thames. The parish of North Benfleet was of a typical size for this part of Essex, at around 2,200 acres it would have supported around 300 parishioners. In Domesday Book North Benfleet is not specifically mentioned being recorded with its larger southern neighbour, South Benfleet.

The Church

All Saints church is tucked away from the village behind the site of the demolished North Benfleet Hall and is accessed via that former Hall's lane. The church is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses the building in a few lines. Much is Victorian or later, at least on the surface. Pevsner does, however, note that the 20th century brick tower is built around a 15th century belfry. Traces of the mediaeval are also found in the western wall of the nave which indicate that the building in one form or another has been here since Norman times. The church closed for worship in 1994 and Pevsner reports that in 2004 there was no access to the interior. The building can only be reached on foot from a parking area by a large green bordered by the farm and some housing. The site is not unduly restricted in photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th February 1756 - 5th April 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P262/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 21st October 1814 - 6th December 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P262/1/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Pitsea St Michael
Wickford St Catherine
Rawreth St Nicholas
Rawreth St Nicholas
Pitsea St Michael
Rayleigh Holy Trinity
Thundersley St Peter
Pitsea St Michael
Bowers Gifford St Margaret
Thundersley St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 17/02/1756 William DARBY   Rochford Sarah SPARKS    
2 04/08/1756 Thomas JENNINGS   Rayleigh Mary REYNOLDS    
3 17/10/1756 John GRIFFINHOOK Single   Sarah BLACK Widow  
4 22/09/1757 John WHITAKER Single Rayleigh Agnes SHIPMAN Single  
5 01/05/1758 Samuel FITCH   Hockley Elizabeth LAVEL    
6 11/10/1758 Thomas MERRYFIELD   Rayleigh Lucretia DUCKER    
7 05/11/1758 Robert REYNOLDS   Mountnessing Sarah MANSFIELD    
8 02/07/1759 Thomas SPARKS     Ann JOSLIN   Pitsea
9 10/09/1759 William DAVIS     Susannah EVERET    
10 26/09/1759 Joseph OLIVER   Basildon Elizabeth COOK    
11 14/10/1759 William MEARS     Hannah TOWLER    
12 24/07/1760 Francis BOSTEN Single   Mary PORTER Widow  
13 12/11/1760 William MEARS     Mary TOWLER    
14 12/01/1761 Ralph TOWLER     Mary HORNARD    
15 08/10/1761 Thomas HURST     Elizabeth BRAY    
16 09/06/1762 Joseph HORROD     Elizabeth HURST    
17 24/09/1763 Luke PLAIL     Judith HAMMOND    
18 11/10/1763 Henary SORRELL   Hockley Martha KING    
19 26/03/1764 John TURKEY   Ramsey Elizabeth BLACK    
20 21/05/1764 John CARPENTER   Great Burstead Mary HURST    
21 11/11/1765 Robert COLLER     Mary KING    
22 01/10/1766 William READ Single Minster In Sheppey, Kent Susanna STOCKDALE    
23 26/01/1767 James HARROD     Rebecca HARROD    
24 25/09/1768 John PASLEA     Mary INGOL    
25 27/11/1768 John RYLET Single Hawkwell Sarah BELL    
26 10/01/1770 Thomas SIBLEY Single   Mary KING Single  
27 29/09/1771 James ALLEN Single Paglesham Martha SORREL Widow  
28 12/10/1772 William REYNOLDS Single Pitsea Mary GUIVER Single  
29 08/11/1772 John WHYMAN Single   Liddia SHEPPARD Single  
30 31/01/1773 John JOHNSON Single   Mary PETIT Single  
31 26/07/1773 James SHARP Single   Jane SIMPSON Single  
32 21/10/1776 John SCOTT Widower   Sarah SNOW Widow  
33 03/02/1777 Thomas DOVER Single   Susannah MERCHANT Widow  
34 11/01/1778 John HAGGER Single   Eleanor BENNET Single  
35 24/04/1778 John CHAPMAN   Rawreth Sarah SADLER    
36 08/09/1778 William BUGBY Single   Susannah SHARBIT Single  
37 30/09/1779 John CHAPMAN Widower   Alice GARNISH Single  
38 18/01/1780 Thomas ARCHER Widower   Susanna PAGE Single  
39 04/07/1780 Samuel RICHARDS Single   Elizabeth JARVIS Widow  
40 20/05/1781 William WALLET Widower   Susanna DOVER Widow  
41 15/12/1782 William SAYS Single Rettendon Hannah PURFECT Single  
44 21/09/1783 John NUNN Single   Sarah LODGE Widow  
45 04/10/1784 Jonathan TAYLOR Single   Ruth TURNER Single  
46 28/11/1786 Henry GOLDSTONE Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
47 06/12/1786 William HOLIDAY Single   Elizabeth PERRIN Single  
48 09/04/1787 John DOWSET Single   Elizabeth CROSS Single  
49 18/09/1787 Robert GOLDSTONE Single   Ann SPARKS Single  
50 23/09/1788 James PRAYL Single   Susanna HARRIS Single  
51 04/05/1790 John DAVIS Single   Ann HAND Widow  
52 01/06/1790 John BRITON Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
53 18/01/1791 William GRAY Widower   Elizabeth STAIL Widow  
42 01/05/1792 Thomas GREEN Widower   Margaret GARRISTONE Widow  
54 04/06/1792 James GOLDSTONE Single Nevendon Hannah COOK Single  
55 30/12/1793 William HUBBERT Single   Sarah BAVON Single  
56 13/04/1795 John CHOPPIN Single   Susannah WAYLETT Widow  
57 20/07/1795 Stephen CHOPPIN Single   Sarah DAVIS Single  
43 02/02/1796 James SWAN Single   Mary HILLS Widow  
58 26/09/1797 John HARRINGTON Single   Martha MOSS Single  
59 04/12/1797 John LAISELL Single   Sarah BETTIS    
60 08/12/1799 Thomas EMENE Single   Elizabeth GADELSTONE Single  
61 20/10/1800 William BRADFORD Single   Ann NETHERWOOD Single South Benfleet
62 04/11/1800 John SCOTT Widower   Rebecca POTTER Widow  
63 08/12/1800 James SHARP Single   Eleanor GOODCHILD Single  
64 15/06/1801 Thomas FROST     Rosetta WALTERS    
65 26/04/1802 Cornelius DANIELS Single Thundersley Lucy SMITH Single  
66 20/12/1802 Stephen CHOPPIN Single   Jane CRACKNELL Single  
67 22/02/1803 Thomas SHARP Single   Sarah HART Single  
68 06/10/1803 Thomas ANDERSON     Elizabeth HINTON    
69 21/10/1805 Isaack BEDLER Single   Elizabeth PARKER    
70 23/01/1806 Christopher HART Single   Susannah CROW Single  
71 07/04/1806 John PEDDOE Single   Mary CROSS Single  
72 17/04/1806 Thomas SPARKS Single   Mary HONEYSETT Single  
73 06/05/1806 John HITCHCOCK Single   Rebecca HUGHES Single  
74 25/07/1808 Robert RANS     Sarah CROW Single  
75 15/09/1808 John TRAYLEN Single Rayleigh Mary RAYNER Single  
76 25/09/1809 William BARNES     Susanna HAND Widow  
77 27/05/1811 William ATKINS     Lucy GARPON    
78 12/12/1811 John CURBY Single   Elizabeth LEE Single  
79 05/04/1812 John SWANN Single   Mary SMITH Single  
1 21/10/1814 James GOLDSTONE Single   Sarah WOOLLARD Single  
2 26/06/1815 William ROD Single Rayleigh Esther CHOPPING Widow  
3 21/10/1816 Thomas SHARP Widower   Ann SWANN Widow  
4 24/12/1817 John BUTCHER Single   Susan JUDD Single  
5 01/12/1818 James BEESON Widower   Ellen HUME Widow  
6 02/08/1819 John WILKS Widower   Mary WOOLLARD Single  
7 15/06/1821 Robert SAGGERS Single Rayleigh Mary Ann FROST Single  
8 17/06/1821 William FULLER Single   Sarah HILLS Single  
9 25/06/1821 John GUNN Widower   Mary BRITT Single  
10 07/11/1821 James MANN Widower Horndon On The Hill Sarah NOAKES Single  
11 12/11/1821 Jacob BUTCHER Single   Mary GISBY Single  
13 19/02/1822 George COE Single   Eleanor SHARP Single  
14 26/03/1822 William DOWMAN Single   Mary Elizabeth COOK Single  
15 02/07/1822 John FINCH Single   Frances WEAVER Single  
16 01/10/1822 John DOWSETT Single   Sarah HAWKS Single  
17 01/10/1823 John BRITT Single   Rebekha PARKES Single  
18 15/04/1824 James VAIL Single   Susannah BREWITT Single  
19 20/09/1824 Hugh HILLS Single   Elizabeth BUCKNAM Single  
20 08/11/1824 William GREEN Single   Sarah WEAL Single  
21 25/12/1824 William WEAL Single   Hannah CRIPPS Single  
22 08/02/1825 John RANTTELL Single   Ann WOLLARD Single  
23 09/09/1825 William ARSKER Single South Benfleet Mary GROUT Single  
24 16/11/1825 Thomas FROST Widower   Ann VAIL Single  
25 30/09/1826 William BARTTRAM Widower   Susan AGER Single  
26 30/09/1826 James WEAL Single   Mary CROW Single  
27 09/10/1826 William HINTON Single   Harriet HURREL Single  
28 30/10/1826 John LURING Single   Louisa BENTAL Widow  
29 25/09/1828 William GROWT Widower Rawreth Isabella GOLDSTONE Single  
30 14/11/1829 William COCKS Single   Sophia PERREY Single  
33 00/00/1830 Thomas PRAYL Single   Sarah DOWSET Widow  
31 11/01/1830 George HAMMET Single Burnham On Crouch Rebeccah BEDLOW Single  
32 17/04/1830 Joshua WEAL Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
34 19/07/1830 William HATTEN Widower   Susan GISBY Single  
35 12/02/1831 James MARTIN Single   Sarah BLOWERS    
36 07/03/1831 George KNIGHT Single   Mary SHELLEY    
37 14/05/1831 John SPICER     Mary Ann MARCHANT    
38 17/07/1831 Benjamin BALLS     Mary ANDERSON    
39 24/10/1831 John MASON     Ruth Anne KIRBY    
40 09/04/1832 Jacob BARNES Single   Sarah SKINNER Single  
41 28/05/1832 George HART Single   Mary SUMNER Single  
42 08/07/1832 James SPACKMAN     Martha Veter GISBY    
43 14/10/1833 David SPACKMAN Single   Susan WATTS    
44 29/09/1834 William CHAMBERS     Sarah PERRY    
45 29/09/1834 Charles SHUTTLEWORTH     Sarah COLE    
46 14/11/1836 Charles WEST Single   Sarah WHILDEN Single  
47 06/12/1836 Abraham CHAPLIN Single   Hannah SHARPE Single  

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