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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wickford St Catherine


The Parish

The parish of Wickford lies in southern Essex about 6 miles east of the new town of Billericay. Wickford, once a relatively small village, is now a substantial town built along the A129 road which connects Billericay with Rayleigh. Wickford, like many villages in this area has seen phenomenal growth in recent times, fueled by the London to Southend on Sea rail line it has become a centre for commuting to the capital, a journey of barely 45 minutes. The installation of "new towns" at Basildon & Billericay has also prompted growth throughout this area of Essex, what were once open fields are now covered in housing. Wickford, at the time of this transcript, was a small and compact village grouped around the crossroads of A129 & A132 engaged primarily in arable agriculture. Wickford is drained northwards into nearby Hanningfield Reservoir which the feeds eastwards into the River Crouch and its estuary. Wickford is sited at between 10 & 20 metres above the sea in fairly gentle countryside, local heights rise to around 70 metres towards the reservoir. Wickford parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering around 1,600 acres it would have supported a population of close to 450 parishioners, today's population is estimated at close to 33,000 to give some idea of the changes wrought. In Domesday times Wickford was a mid-sized place shared between 4 landowners, the ubiquitous Bishop Odo of Bayeux held a holding, a larger share was in the hands of a Saxon survivor one Swein of Essex; collectively Wickford could offer 9 ploughs together with extensive meadows, woodland & pasture.

The Church

St Catherine's church sits on the northern side of the A129 as it heads eastwards towards Rayleigh. Sadly this church is a Victorian replacement for its mediaeval predecessor having been almost complete rebuilt in the mid 1870s. Little remains of the previous church except a single window in the northern wall of the vestry and the roof of the chancel, both are 15th century and Perpendicular in style. The church was rebuilt in a resemblance of 13th century early English Gothic style with lancet windows characteristic of that period. Little of the building excited Pevsner albeit he did praise the attractive bellcote with its openwork frame and shingled splayfooted spire. The A129 is a very busy road but the church car park opposite makes for a parking haven, the churchyard is shaded by trees and marked by a hedge-topped low wall. A broad lychgate marks the entrance and the churchyard is open and with no restrictions to photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st January 1755 - 16th November 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P70/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th May 1813 - 8th November 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P70/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Downham St Margaret
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Nevendon St Peter
Pitsea St Michael
North Benfleet All Saints
Rawreth St Nicholas
North Benfleet All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/01/1755 James MANNING Widower   Elizabeth HARROD Widow  
2 12/08/1755 John COLBY Single Runwell Jane CROUCH Single  
3 06/10/1757 Jeremiah HUNT     Sarah REYNOLDS Single  
4 31/07/1758 Thomas HUBBARD   Rettendon Susanna WALKER Single  
5 25/09/1759 Joseph COPPING   Nevendon Sarah FLACK Single  
6 23/04/1761 John THURNELL     Sarah SWAN Single  
7 30/09/1762 Jonathan SKINGLY     Martha COOK Single  
8 14/10/1762 Thomas PONT Single   Elizabeth HILLS Single  
9 25/04/1763 John MATTHEWS Single   Ann PEACOCK Widow  
10 28/06/1763 Thomas HEARD Single   Susannah VERE Single Rayleigh
11 11/10/1763 William SWAN Widower   Maria SOLMES Single  
12 03/03/1764 Thomas EMMERSON     Elizabeth CLARK   Runwell
13 11/07/1764 John MARSHAL Widower   Mary HAWKINS Single  
14 28/07/1766 James PUNT Single Rawreth Mary HEARD Single  
15 15/04/1767 Thomas EMMERSON Widower   Margaret JERMY Widow  
16 12/10/1767 John STOCK Widower   Elisabeth REED Single  
17 04/05/1768 Isaac LIVERMORE Single   Ann SHARBUTT Single  
18 03/10/1768 Robert TURNER Single   Susanna SCRIVENS Single  
19 17/04/1769 John STOCK Single   Margaret PARKER Single  
20 29/10/1769 John CARTER Single Prittlewell Mary SIMPSON Single  
21 24/11/1769 Joseph MARSHALL Single Thundersley Anne ELCOCK Single  
22 19/07/1770 Thomas MEREDITH Single   Margaret EMMERSON Widow  
23 13/11/1771 Richard KIPPS Single   Rebecca KNIGHTBRIDGE Single  
24 15/10/1772 Samuel ARCHER Single   Sarah HEARD Single  
25 06/10/1773 Henry SALMON Widower Ramsden Bellhouse Susannah HEARD Single  
26 19/10/1773 John TANNER Single   Mary SHUTTLEWORTH    
27 27/01/1774 James SIMPSON Single   Ann VAILL Single  
28 08/02/1774 William Henry PERKINS Single   Sarah ROBERTSON Single  
29 11/07/1775 George ROBINSON Single   Sarah SHARBORD Single  
30 31/10/1775 Daniel GRIDLEY Single Chelmsford Sarah MARSHAL Single  
31 12/12/1775 James PUNT Widower   Susannah TURNER Widow  
32 13/10/1777 William BUTCHER Single   Mary TANNER Widow  
33 20/10/1777 William SHARBOARD Widower   Sarah DRAPER Widow  
34 20/04/1778 Thomas PALMER Widower   Sarah SALMON Single  
35 21/01/1779 George WYATT   Ashingdon Mary BELL Single  
36 21/04/1780 William HUGHS Single   Ann ARCHER Single  
37 06/10/1780 Thomas BRIDGE Single   Mary HUGHS Single  
38 14/11/1780 John HUTSON   Hockley Sarah MATTHEWS    
39 17/11/1780 Abraham BELL     Ann MILBOURN   Great Burstead
40 26/07/1781 Thomas BRAZIER Single   Lucy REDDISH Widow  
41 10/10/1781 John BLAKELEY Single   Elizabeth NUTTON Single  
42 25/04/1782 Edward WALKER Single   Sarah WILSON Single  
43 07/05/1782 Benjamin MURREY Single   Sarah COUSINS Single  
44 16/09/1782 George CATTAWAY Widower   Sarah DRAPER Widow  
45 18/11/1782 Samuel FLETCHER Single   Susannah BUGBY Widow  
46 25/11/1782 William HARVEY Single   Sarah BARNARD Single  
47 02/08/1784 John BLACKLEY Widower   Elizabeth STOCK Widow  
48 11/10/1784 Thomas THOROUGHGOOD Single   Sarah LAYZEL Single  
49 19/10/1784 Thomas WARWICKS   Runwell Hannah GATSON Single  
50 28/03/1785 Thomas REED Single   Sarah DAVY Single  
51 12/06/1786 John WIBREU Single   Mary KING Single  
52 15/04/1788 James FAIRCHILD Single Rochford Elizabeth BELL Single  
53 28/04/1788 John LISTER Single   Sarah PERKINS    
54 02/08/1788 John REED Single   Elizabeth STOCK Single  
55 12/01/1789 William GIBSON Single   Susannah PUNT Single  
56 07/01/1790 William WEBB Widower   Susannah SALMON Widow  
57 03/06/1790 William SHATTLEWOOD Single Great Burstead Mary MATTHEWS Single  
58 11/04/1791 Levi BARTLETT Single   Mary TURNER Single  
59 16/10/1791 Robert RUST Single Great Waltham Elizabeth BUGBY Single  
60 15/09/1792 Richard BARTLETT Widower   Ann HUGHES Widow  
61 24/09/1792 Jepthah MILES Single   Ann CHAPMAN    
62 04/10/1792 John ADEY Single Rawreth Esther PURKIS Single  
63 29/10/1792 William LIBARD Single Fobbing Eleanor TANNER Single  
64 23/02/1793 John KAY Single South Hanningfield Mary RICKNELL Single  
65 20/02/1794 James ROOST Single North Benfleet Phoebe CARTER Single  
66 04/03/1795 Richard BARTLETT Widower   Sarah WALKER Widow  
67 16/11/1795 Matthias WENDON Single   Mary BUGBY Single  
68 10/08/1796 Joseph WATTS Single   Bridget Hartley TALBOT Single  
69 11/10/1796 Joseph GLASSOCK Single   Jane CARTER Single  
70 25/10/1796 Samuel MASON Single   Mary STOCK Single  
71 20/03/1797 James CLARK Single   Sarah DEIKS Single  
72 05/02/1798 William WRIGHT Single Nevendon Ann BARNES Single  
73 05/02/1798 John FENNER Single Runwell Sarah BRIDGEMAN Single  
74 28/08/1798 James RIVERS Single Runwell Sarah BISHOP Single  
75 01/10/1798 Joshua NASH Single Thundersley Ann TANNER Single  
76 11/10/1798 Mark BENSON Single Pitsea Susannah PLAYLE Widow  
77 14/10/1798 Edward HYMUS Single Langdon Hills Mary DALE Single  
78 11/09/1799 Isaac WILSON Single   Ann ANDREWS Widow  
79 16/09/1799 William WOOSE Single   Mary BARTLET Widow  
80 14/10/1799 Thomas MOTT Single Rettendon Jane SWAN Single  
81 16/01/1800 Roger TALBOT Widower   Mary PURKIS Widow  
82 07/04/1800 John TRUSALL Single   Catherine BUTT Single  
83 05/05/1800 Richard CHAPLIN Single   Ann THURRELL Single  
84 27/05/1800 Thomas COCKLEY Single   Mary Maria ELLIS Widow  
85 09/12/1800 John BORRETT Single Wickham Bishops Mary PURKIS Single  
86 23/05/1801 William KEMP Single   Mary SPOONER Single  
87 02/12/1801 William PERRY Single   Myra STILLAMAN Single  
88 17/12/1801 Thomas BELL     Sarah ARCHER    
89 18/02/1802 Henry MADDOCKS Widower   Anne WILSON Widow  
90 14/07/1802 Simon LARTER Single   Sarah JINKINS Single  
91 23/07/1802 Richard REED Single   Sarah BARTLETT Widow  
92 23/08/1802 Edward CHAMBERS Single   Ann SWAN Single  
93 31/08/1802 William BODGER Single   Sarah HYMAS    
94 22/09/1802 John CUNINGHAM Single   Rebecca SAVEALL Single  
95 02/03/1803 Daniel PATTEN Single   Sarah WOLLARD    
96 11/04/1803 Thomas TANNER Single   Rhoda BENNETT Single  
97 11/07/1803 Robert COWPER Single   Martha PATTEN Single  
98 28/04/1804 James HUNT Single   Sarah SPOONER Single  
99 22/10/1804 Moses CARTER Single Pitsea Mary SWAN Single  
100 02/11/1804 William PEASE Single   Elizabeth THURROWGOOD Single  
101 28/11/1804 John LARTER Single   Elizabeth CRACKNELL Single  
102 21/12/1804 Thomas William THOMPSON Single Southwark, Surrey Ann SMITH Single  
103 19/03/1805 Edward MASON Single Ramsden Crays Elizabeth HAWARD Single  
104 14/10/1805 John LILLY Widower   Hannah PURKISS Widow  
105 15/01/1806 Matthias WENDON Widower   Elizabeth COOK Single  
106 04/03/1806 John TERRY Widower Nevendon Mary HALES Widow  
107 15/05/1806 William BRIDGE Single   Elizabeth ARCHER Widow  
108 26/05/1806 Abraham CARTER Single   Martha CARTER Single  
109 17/11/1806 James SWAN Single   Susanna NICHOLS Single  
110 16/12/1806 William CHAPLIN Single   Martha EVERET Single  
111 29/12/1806 William TANNER Single   Elizabeth LARRETT Single  
112 05/02/1807 Thomas OSBORN Single   Charity Mary MASON Single  
113 05/05/1807 John CHAMBERS Single   Sarah THOROWGOOD Single  
114 10/06/1807 John JERVIS Single   Rachel PRYER Single  
115 01/10/1807 James LARRETT Single   Elizabeth MATTOCKS Single  
116 13/06/1808 Samuel MASON Widower   Lydia CALLEWAY Single  
117 17/10/1808 Francis BLAKELY Single   Ann WALKER Single  
118 21/02/1809 William PEASE Single   Ann CHAPLIN Single  
119 15/09/1809 Edward WOOLLARD Widower   Elizabeth PICKETT Single  
120 04/09/1810 William SKILL Single Springfield Rachael CURTIS Single  
121 23/09/1810 Thomas WALFORD Single Rainham Martha SWAN Single  
122 16/10/1810 James WARWICKER Single   Mary Elizabeth BARTLETT Single Downham
123 23/10/1810 Richard CHAPLIN Single   Susannah SWAN Single  
124 29/10/1810 James SWAN Single   Anne CRACKLEN Single  
125 05/03/1812 George SALMON Single   Susannah NOKES Single  
126 20/07/1812 John CROW Single   Jane CHAPLIN Single  
127 20/10/1812 Henry Reagreal WEBB Single   Elizabeth RILEY Single  
128 16/11/1812 George JENKINS Single   Lucy WILLSMORE Single  
1 11/05/1813 James WALET Single   Sarah HORSNAL Single  
2 15/08/1813 John BUTTEN Single   Mary Ann GREYGOOSE Single  
3 08/10/1813 William CARTER Single   Sarah ALP Widow  
4 30/11/1813 Charles ARCHER Single   Susannah WALDEN Single  
5 08/02/1814 Thomas CLAXSON Single   Mary HORSNAL Widow  
6 15/08/1814 James PEARCE Single   Elizabeth SWAN Single  
7 16/09/1814 James BAVIN Single   Ann PEASE Widow  
8 04/10/1814 Moses MILLER Single   Love ARCHER Single Rayleigh
10 28/01/1815 William REEVE Single Runwell Jane GLASSOCK Widow  
9 28/01/1815 William TANNER Single   Mary RUFFELS Single  
11 14/02/1815 Michael PONDER Single   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
12 22/04/1815 Abraham NEVILLE Single   Anne WILLEMORE Widow  
13 07/12/1815 John ADEY     Mary ARCHER    
14 05/12/1816 Richard HEWS Single   Elizabeth Ann RUFFLES Single  
15 16/01/1817 John BRIGHT Single Rettendon Amy SMITH Single  
16 11/03/1817 Henry TILLBROOK Single   Mehatabel THOROUGHGOOD Single  
17 14/10/1817 John CANNONTON Single   Rachel MIAL Single  
18 20/10/1817 Goliath LESTER Single   Charlotte WHITE Single  
19 11/11/1817 John PEARSE Single   Hannah THOROUGHGOOD Single  
20 17/12/1819 John NORTH Single   Mary WOOLLARD Single  
21 29/09/1820 James EWEN Single   Elizabeth JERRY Widow  
22 11/10/1820 James PUNT Widower   Sarah BEECH Single  
23 18/02/1822 Thomas REED Single   Ann Hannah WHITBREAD Single  
24 07/10/1822 William MASON Single   Frances KEMP Single  
25 30/09/1823 William MARSH Single   Sarah LARTER Single  
26 22/06/1824 John CLARKE Single   Martha WOOLLARD Single  
27 23/09/1824 Thomas BELL Widower   Sarah RUFFLES Single  
28 19/10/1824 John EALEY Single   Susan ARCHER Single  
29 21/12/1824 John GOLDSTONE Single   Ann WENDON Single  
30 25/12/1824 James PUNT Single   Elizabeth BEECH Single  
31 04/04/1825 Hoatio BURLES Single Little Wakering Mary Anne CARTER Single  
32 18/05/1825 James DUFFIELD Single Great Baddow Mary Ann WHITBREAD Single  
33 08/12/1825 James THAKE Single Runwell Mary PEPPER Single  
34 30/03/1826 John FLACK Single Sible Hedingham Elizabeth SNEEZUM Single  
35 24/10/1826 Goliath LESTER Widower   Mary HAYDEN Widow  
36 20/09/1827 John FROST Single Rawreth Hannah PEASE Single  
37 01/01/1828 Henry MATTOCKS Single   Sarah BATCHFORD Single  
38 29/11/1829 John COTTEN Single   Mary HYMENS Single  
39 15/07/1830 Benjamin FRANKLYN Widower   Elizabeth BRIDGE Single  
40 03/11/1830 John CARTER Single   Elizabeth BREWER Single  
41 20/12/1830 Henry STIBBARDS Single Prittlewell Eliza BELL Single  
42 27/04/1831 George ELVEN Single   Johannah Catharine SMITH Single  
43 23/06/1831 William BRIDGE Single   Esther WHEEL Single  
44 05/12/1831 Robert RUSBROOK Single   Emma NUNN Single  
45 30/04/1832 George LOVE Single Downham Sarah CHAMBERS Single  
46 01/07/1833 Stephen JOYCE Widower   Sarah MATTOCKS Widow  
47 23/10/1833 Abraham CARTER Single   Rebecca WOOLLARD Single  
48 25/12/1833 Henry FINCH Single   Hannah PERRY Single  
49 15/07/1834 William BLAKELY Single   Sarah DODSON Single  
50 01/08/1834 Joseph WATTS Single   Charlotte SPELLER Single  
51 13/11/1834 Abraham BRADFORD Single   Charlotte CHANDLER Single  
52 22/07/1835 Henry CHAPLIN Single   Jane Elizabeth WARD Single  
53 24/12/1835 William MOYSE Single   Charlotte SMITH Single  
54 04/02/1836 Isaac CARTER Single   Mary Ann FRANKLIN Single  
55 15/06/1836 John JEFFRIES Widower   Ann WHITE Widow  
56 08/11/1836 Jeremiah MURRY Single   Elizabeth CLAXON Single  

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