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Wendens Ambo St Mary the Virgin


The Parish

The parish of Wendens Ambo lies in northwestern Essex close to both the border with Cambridgeshire and also with Hertfordshire. Wendens Ambo is located about 2 miles southwest of the market town of Saffron Walden and sits on and just west of the former course of the A11 (Norwich to London) road nowadays renumbered as the B1383. The parish takes its unusual name from the merger of Great & Little Wenden into a combined parish in early times. Much of the village is built along the B1039 which runs down from the nearby Hertfordshire hills. A typical farming parish, the farming regime here would have been varied due its position adjacent to the grazing meadows of the River Cam flood-plain, whilst the usual arable crops could be found on higher and drier ground. Modern developments have come to the parish, the railway line from Cambridge to London was cut between village and river with Audley End station lying within the parish and the modern M11 motorway runs immediately to the west of the village. The River Cam drains the parish orthwards through Cambridge to join the Great Ouse near Ely and thence to the North Sea through The Wash. Wendens Ambo is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in an area of the county that is more rolling than the conventional view of Essex, local heights rise to 120 metres within a mile or so. Wendens Ambo parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering around 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of just under 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Wendens Ambo was altogether a more substantial place, shared by 4 landowners it could offer 13 ploughs, extensive meadows & woodland and had 2 mills.

The Church

As the B1039 passes through Wendens Ambo it performs a right angles dog-leg set of bends to pass around the site of St Mary, the church being almost centrally placed within the village but tucked way up the incredibly picturesque Church Street. Pevsner muses that this street with its pretty thatched cottages is a great favourite of the producers of scenic calenders and it is certainly a pleasant sight to behold. St Mary's church has ancient origins, Pevsner even identifies reused Roman bricks within its structure, the western doorway showing these characteristically thin bricks. The western tower and its arch are the oldest remaining complete structures, 12th century and in the Norman Romanesque style. The southern arcade shows the lancet windows typical of the Early English Gothic style and is dateable to the 13th century, also 13th or early 14th century is the chancel in the later Decorated style, Work in the 15th century included creating a clerestory to improve internal lighting, adding a vestry and topping the tower with battlements. Like most churches the Victorians made their usual restorations, here there were two principal ones, in 1847 the northern aisle was rebuilt whilst in 1895 a general restoration took place which also rebuilt the southern porch. Church Street is a narrow lane and a dead-end so parking must be considerate, as one climbs it the western tower is nicely framed by mature trees, with a pathway rising to the wooden entrance gates. The trees around the western end do somewhat limit the angles available but not unduly so.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th September 1754 - 15th December 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference P389/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number One page of 8 marriages is missing from the register and there are no contemporary BTs to compensate, also a few pages are faint leading to a certainty of omission and a possibility of misreads albeit few in number
2 13th July 1813 - 1st June 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference P389/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Elmdon St Nicholas
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Saffron Walden St Mary the Virgin
Arkesdon St Mary the Virgin
Saffron Walden St Mary the Virgin
Arkesdon St Mary the Virgin
Wicken Bonhunt St Margaret
Newport St Mary the Virgin
Newport St Mary the Virgin

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 30/09/1754 Francis COWELL Widower Sarah SMITH Single
2 05/12/1754 John WHITE Single Arkesden Sarah PARISH Single
3 28/11/1755 Thomas JAGGER Single Elizabeth REYNOLDS Single
4 21/04/1756 Benjamin SWANN Single Saffron Walden Mary HAVERS Single
5 19/10/1758 Alexander WOFORD Widower Barley, Hertfordshire Martha HART Single
6 19/12/1758 Robert GAZAM Single Saffron Walden Elizabeth BROOKES Single
7 17/01/1760 George HAYDEN Single Mary PARRISH Single
8 14/10/1760 William FREEMAN Single Ann REYNOLDS Single
9 11/12/1760 James WARD Single Saffron Walden Martha PARRISH Single
10 23/03/1761 Thomas WYMAN Single Sarah RAYMENT Single
11 24/11/1761 John GAPES Single Elizabeth BURLIN Single
12 22/12/1761 John PIGERAM Single Rickling Ann KNIGHTLEY Single
13 24/12/1761 Samuel POWELL Single Ann SMITH Single
14 19/10/1762 Thomas HAVERS Single Mary COE Single
15 17/11/1762 Samuel BYATT Single Ann BURLIN Single
16 03/08/1763 Wyatt STAMFORD Widower Holy Trinity, Ely, Cambridgeshire Martha REEVE Single
17 17/11/1764 John HAVERS Single Mary BURLIN Single
18 20/10/1766 William LINSELL Single Saffron Walden Sarah WATTS Single
19 18/11/1766 William PORTER Single Jemima WILSON Single
20 18/11/1766 John REYNOLDS Single Mary PARRISH Single
21 27/04/1767 William CAKEBREAD Single Elizabeth BUTLER Single
22 01/11/1767 Robert KEMPTON Single Mary PAMPHILON Single
23 21/11/1767 James PARRISH Single Jemima BURROWES Single
24 07/02/1768 William RAYMENT Widower Mary REYNOLDS Single
25 20/10/1768 John PAMPHILON Single Hellen MARTIN Single Saffron Walden
26 20/10/1768 William FREEMAN Widower Elizabeth WHITE Single
27 06/12/1768 Hope WILKES Single Arkesden Martha Ann FISKE Single
28 18/12/1768 George SQUIRE Single Sarah REYNOLDS Single
29 17/09/1769 John BANKS Widower Saffron Walden Elizabeth JAGGER Single
30 01/03/1770 William BROOKES Single Mary HAVERS Single
31 06/05/1770 Enoch ERSWELL Single Saffron Walden Elizabeth HARE Single
32 23/10/1770 William WELCH Single Mary HAYES Single
41 11/11/1776 George CARTER Single Rachael NOTTAGE Single
42 30/07/1778 William GILBY Single Saffron Walden Elizabeth HILLS Single
43 09/09/1778 William EMERSON Single Saffron Walden Esther KELLEN Single
44 10/01/1779 Thomas THURGOOD Single Kesiah HILLS Single
45 15/08/1779 George MONK Single Wicken Bonhunt Mary MIFFEN Single
46 04/11/1779 William WEST Single Elizabeth NEWMAN Single
47 27/03/1780 William HAYDEN Single Mary GILBY Single
48 11/10/1781 William MYNOTT Single Saffron Walden Sarah DEBNEY Single
49 23/10/1781 John FREEMAN Single Sarah BURGESS Single
50 30/01/1783 William SEAMER Single Arkesden Rebecca FLACK Single
51 08/06/1783 George GILBY Single Margarett REED
52 14/10/1783 John SAVEL Sarah MONK
53 04/11/1783 John MILLER Mary FREE
54 14/06/1785 John GOULDEN Saffron Walden Anne FREEMAN
55 28/07/1785 Robert DARNELL Single Anne RAND Single
56 11/09/1785 Richard REEVE Single Mary COE Single
57 13/09/1785 Robert RUSHFORTH Single Mary WHITE Single
58 08/11/1785 John FLACK Single Charlotte HAVERS Single
59 17/11/1785 Thomas MASON Single Great Chesterford Mary CAKEBREAD Single
60 08/12/1785 John BUTLER Single Sarah SMITH Single
61 03/01/1786 Henry LINNEL Single Ann FREEMAN Single
62 01/11/1786 Stephen PLUCK Single Mary LINSDELL Single
63 30/01/1787 George SAVILL Single Mary REED Single
64 10/05/1787 James WHITE Single Mary SAVIL Single
65 29/05/1788 George BAINES Single Saffron Walden Phillis FLACK Single
66 15/07/1788 George MUNCHEA Single Elizabeth BURROWS Single
67 22/07/1788 Thomas LILLY Widower Margaret MALLING Single
68 10/10/1788 Henry OSBORN Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Anne FREE Single
22/07/1790 John BARKER Single Anne CAKEBREAD Single
19/10/1790 William SKINNER Single Elizabeth STUBBINS Single
02/04/1791 Thomas BARKER Single Elizabeth JAGGER Single
23/08/1791 James PIGRAM Widower Stansted Mountfichet Elizabeth FLACK Single
10/11/1791 Daniel HOCKLEY Widower Arkesden Dorinda SMITH Single
25/12/1792 George BOWTLE Single Saffron Walden Eve COE Single
28/05/1793 Thomas CANE Single Mary GAPES Single
18/02/1794 Thomas RAND Single Rachel FLACK Single
26/05/1794 William CAKEBREAD Single Sarah MAN Single
26/11/1794 John PUTMAN Widower Mary FLACK Single
26/02/1795 John BROOKS Single Sarah SAVILLE Single
14/04/1795 Samuel SAVILLE Single Martha SMITH Single
27/10/1796 Thomas KIDMAN Single Newport Fuerday CHILES
13/07/1798 Stephen PLUCK Widower Sarah ELDRET Single
10/09/1798 Thomas NOTTAGE Single Margaret CAKEBREAD Single
02/11/1798 Daniel POWELL Widower Ware, Hertfordshire Mary TRIGG Single
15/11/1798 James WILKINSON Ickleton, Cambridgeshire Charlotte FLACK Single
20/12/1798 John HIDE Single Elizabeth SHORE Single
10/10/1800 Thomas CANE Widower Sarah BUSH Single
16/10/1801 Job PORTER Single Ann LIST Single
02/11/1801 Richard POULTER Single Ickleton, Cambridgeshire Susanna MILLER Single
24/02/1803 James BUSH Single Newport Susannah GUNN Single
07/08/1803 William SEAMER Single Sarah GARDINER Single
29/11/1803 James RAND Single Sarah GAPES Single
18/10/1804 Thomas GAPES Widower Kezia DEANES Single
18/01/1806 John HOYE Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Alice FLACK
26/04/1807 William RIDER Single Rhoda GAPES Single
02/11/1807 Joshua HAVERS Single Jane LINSELL Single
12/01/1808 Thomas GREEN Single Littlebury Mary FULLER Single
03/04/1808 Robert REED Single Wicken Bonhunt Elizabeth FLETCHER Single
20/10/1811 William ANDREWS Elizabeth GILBY
08/09/1812 Richard DREW Saffron Walden Mary Ann REEVE
15/12/1812 John PLUCK Elizabeth LINZEL
1 13/07/1813 William CAMP Single Saffron Walden Ann KEMPTON
2 19/07/1813 James MILLER Single Littlebury Sarah FLETCHER
3 04/10/1813 James BARKER Single Sarah BANKS Single
4 18/10/1813 James HARVEY Newport Sophia PLEDGER
5 26/10/1813 William CLARK Mary PORTER
6 11/01/1814 Job REEVE Sarah PATMAN
7 18/03/1814 Robert WARD Widower Charlotte NASH Widow
8 05/11/1814 Joshua HAVERS Single Elisabeth COOTE Single
9 12/01/1815 William THURGOOD Single Mary SAVIL Single
10 28/09/1815 John WRIGHT Single Martha BROOKS Single
11 08/10/1815 William IMESON Widower Sarah THOMAS Widow
12 01/11/1815 Joseph PLUCK Ann GUNN
13 00/00/1816 William SAUNDERS Sarah PLEDGER
14 22/10/1816 Thomas HOPKINS Linton, Cambridgeshire Letitia Elisabeth DERMER
15 22/12/1816 James PARRISH Arkesden Mary BENNET
16 08/11/1817 John BENNETT Single Mary SMITH Single
17 25/12/1817 Adam HOWARD Single Sarah MUNSAY Single
18 12/01/1818 John MONK Single Elizabeth MILLER Single Chrishall
19 22/01/1818 Septimus Stanley MEGGINSON Bolam, Northumberland Martha ROBINSON
20 27/04/1818 Joshua PARISH Susan THURGOOD
21 10/10/1818 James SAVILE Single Susan PIGRAM Single
22 06/01/1819 William GAPES Single Jane REDGWELL Single
23 16/05/1819 James SMITH Single Mary GILBY
24 14/10/1819 Robert MONK Single Mary Anne HAVERS
25 19/12/1819 James WILSON Martha PLEDGER
26 11/01/1820 Samuel UNYON Elizabeth PATMAN
27 07/11/1820 James MERSHEL Ann FLACK
28 17/11/1820 James BARKER Widower Frances WRIGHT Single
29 24/11/1820 Robert PEG Mary HARRISON Single
30 25/09/1821 Robert CRAINE Single Sarah CAKEBRED Widow
31 02/03/1822 Thomas BASS Single Debden Sarah PORTER Single
32 21/02/1823 Thomas COWELL Emma BUTTON
33 15/03/1823 William NICHOLSON Fareham, Hampshire Eliza CORNWELL
34 05/08/1823 Richard MUNSON Single Mary BROOKS Single
35 19/10/1823 Stock DRAYTON Widower Sarah BRAND Single
36 07/06/1824 John CAIN Single Mary PETERS Single
37 26/11/1824 John GAPES Single Susan ANDREWS Single
38 15/12/1825 John PLAYLE Widower Rody CAKEBREAD Single
39 11/02/1826 Thomas BARKER Single Mary THURGOOD Single
40 16/05/1826 Joseph HARRETT Single Mary BOND Single
41 23/09/1826 John PLUCK Single Arkesden Elizabeth UNWIN Widow
42 08/10/1826 John FLACK Single Mary BARKER Single
43 10/02/1827 James GAPES Single Martha BARKER Single
44 17/02/1827 Philip DIXON Single Widdington Eve REEVE Single
45 30/05/1827 Abraham WARREN Widower Elmdon Rhode PLAYLE Widow
46 29/09/1827 Thomas BARKER Single Mary MUNSON Single
47 29/05/1828 Thomas HOWARD Widower Elizabeth ELDRED Widow Widdington
49 18/10/1828 Richard GAPES Widower Mary Edwards DAVIS Single
50 08/11/1828 William THURGOOD Widower Sarah BOWTLE Single
51 29/12/1828 Moses FLETCHER Single Rebecca BACON Single
52 31/05/1830 James BUTTON Single Clavering Mary NOTTAGE Single
53 11/12/1830 William HAVERS Single Ann MARKWELL Single
54 14/12/1830 John STALLIBRASS Single North Weald Bassett Sarah CARNWELL Single
55 09/07/1831 William THOMAS Single Lydia MUNSON Single
56 06/11/1831 William HAVERS Single Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single
58 14/03/1832 Henry GRASS Single Widdington Elizabeth SAWKINS Single
59 12/06/1832 Charles STALLIBRASS Single Henham Ann Catherine CORNWELL Single
61 29/07/1832 John TURNER Widower Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Mary MUNSON Widow
62 26/09/1832 Jasper BOWMAN Single Eastwood Sarah HAVERS Single
63 04/10/1832 Job PORTER Single Ann COWELL Single
64 11/11/1832 Richard GAPES Single Susan SMITH Single
65 26/10/1833 Joseph SAVILE Single Elizabeth BUDD Single
66 01/02/1834 James RAND Single Jane MUNSON
67 30/09/1834 John THURGOOD Single Mary WEBB Single
68 27/10/1834 Robert TURNER Widower Newport Sarah ABRAMS Single
69 27/06/1835 Charles HOY Single Elmdon Susan REEVE Single
70 13/12/1835 George SPICER Single Susan BARKER Single
71 23/04/1836 John CLARKE Single Eliza JEFFERY Single
72 01/06/1836 John PLUCK Single Sarah MASON Single

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