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Wicken Bonhunt St Margaret


The Parish

The parish of Wicken Bonhunt lies in northwestern Essex about 4 miles southwest of the market town of Saffron Walden. Wicken Bonhunt is a small village, little more than a hamlet, which sits on the B1038 midway between Newport and Clavering. Wicken Bonhunt is grouped around its eponymous Hall and was most likely a "closed " parish where most land was held by a single landholder and inbound migration was discouraged thus preventing a nuclear village being created. Today's village stretches along the B1038 which two small groups, that close to the Hall and the second westward around the crossroads. Like most Essex parishes Wicken Bonhunt would have been a farming community, at the time of this transcript it was estimated at 75% arable and little has changed. Wicken Bonhunt is drained eastwards by the Wicken Water which soon joins the infant Cam, passing through Cambridge it joins the Great Ouse to reach the North Sea through The Wash. Wicken Bonhunt is sited at around 80 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside with local heights rising to just under 120 metres within a mile or so. Essex parishes are fairly small but Wicken Bonhunt was one of the smaller, covering barely 800 acres it would have supported a population of close to 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Wicken Bonhunt was held by one Gilbert son of Thurold and was an equally small place offering just 5 ploughs as well as small meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Margaret's church is set back from the B1038 around 100 yards behind the village inn and next to the Hall. The church has its origins in the 12th century but the principal feature which gives that date was the round tower which formerly graced the building. Removed in the 1850s restoration the earliest portion remaining is now of the 13th century. The chancel is, however, all that remains of the mediaeval. The restoration of the 1850s was so substantial as to constitute almost a complete rebuilding of the remainder and Pevsner seems scandalised that this should have been perpetrated by a prominent Ecclesiologist, John Hanson Sperling. A small patch outside the gates allows parking and the churchyard is fairly open, a group of trees does, however, impede the aspect of that controversial western tower.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th April 1756 - 29th December 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P2/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 26th October 1813 - 16th June 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P2/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Arkesdon St Mary the Virgin
Wendens Ambo St Mary the Virgin
Newport St Mary the Virgin
Arkesdon St Mary the Virgin
Newport St Mary the Virgin
Clavering St Mary & St Clement
Rickling All Saints
Quendon St Simon & St Jude

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
24/03/1754 Richard LAVENDER     Sarah TRIGG   Arkesden
1 18/04/1756 John SELL Single Clavering Elizabeth WOLLARD Single  
3 19/10/1756 William BANKS Single   Mary KEMPSTON Single  
4 14/01/1757 Thomas MUMFORD Single Wimbish Mary ROLFE Single  
5 06/10/1758 Richard GAPES Single Wendens Ambo Hannah MANSFIELD Single  
6 09/10/1759 Henry PISFORD Single Stoke By Clare, Suffolk Martha ROLFE Single  
7 12/02/1760 Joseph Douglas KNIGHT Single Manuden Sarah BRADBURY Single  
8 03/09/1760 James HILLS Single Henham Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
9 17/11/1760 John WATSON Single   Hannah FIRMAN Single Arkesden
10 25/12/1760 Samuel BUSH Widower   Sarah POMFRETT Single  
12 02/08/1762 Edward SAVILL Single Rickling Sarah PATMAN Single  
13 12/06/1764 John DARES Single   Jane WEBB Single  
14 30/12/1764 John WARRIS     Rachael COE    
15 22/05/1771 John MILLS Single Wimbish Elizabeth ROLFE    
16 23/05/1774 Thomas SAVILL Widower   Ann BAYLEY Widow Rickling
17 21/09/1775 James HOLLAND Single   Elizabeth BAYLEY Single  
18 02/06/1777 William PERRY Single Debden Sarah STONK Single  
19 27/08/1778 Robert CRICK Widower   Hannah BETTS Single  
20 27/05/1779 Thomas MARTIN Single Clavering Susanna CAMPIN Single  
21 15/05/1780 Adam HOWARD Single Rickling Elizabeth PISSFORD Single Quendon
22 12/04/1781 Thomas CLARKE Single Widdington Mary COMPIN Single  
23 11/10/1781 William BANKS Single Rickling Jemima NEWMAN Single  
24 07/01/1783 Charles BANKS Single   Sarah BUSH Single  
25 20/05/1783 John BROOKS Single   Ann MANSFIELD Widow  
26 19/04/1784 John MUMFORD Single Takeley Mary MUMFORD Single  
27 03/05/1785 Stephen GURKIN Widower St Andrew The Great, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Susannah CLARK Single  
28 07/05/1786 John RUMBALL Widower   Ann FREEMAN Single  
29 19/09/1786 Charles CORBY Single   Mary WREN Single  
30 13/05/1787 Joseph BACON Single   Mary READ Single  
31 00/01/1788 Richard CLAYTON Single   Elizabeth SAVIL Single  
09/05/1788 Thomas PIGRAM Single Clavering Frances NOTTAGE Single  
14/10/1788 James BAILEY Single   Anne BROWN Single  
05/05/1789 John CAKEHEAD Single Newport Elizabeth PEGRAM Single  
21/12/1790 George BURGESS Widower Arkesden Mary OVERILL Widow  
26/12/1790 George MONK Widower   Margaret FOSTER Widow  
10/07/1792 William MONK Single   Susanna KING Single  
04/10/1793 Robert GLASSCOCK Single Clavering Elizabeth NOTTAGE Single  
27/07/1794 George READ Single Clavering Hannah STANDLEY Single  
09/02/1796 William GAPES   Wendens Ambo Ann ELDRET    
02/05/1796 John NOTTAGE Single   Sarah FRANCIS    
25/09/1797 John ARCHER   Takeley Susannah MUMFORD    
28/09/1798 Peter HARRIS   Takeley Susannah NOTTAGE    
04/06/1799 Charles SAVALL   Newport Rachael THUROGOOD    
25/12/1799 Ralf BROOKES Single   Mary ABRAM Single  
26/05/1801 Thomas GREEN Single Manuden Mary NOTTAGE    
16/05/1806 Michael REID     Catherine CANE    
07/03/1807 Charles BANKS     Maria KEMP    
10/11/1807 John DILLON     Alice BACON    
11/10/1808 John BROOKS     Susannah BROOKS    
03/03/1809 Thomas REED Single   Mary FARNHAM Single  
26/12/1811 Thomas HAMMOND   Arkesden Sarah BROOKES    
29/12/1812 James BUTLER     Elizabeth BROOKES    
1 26/10/1813 Thomas BOWTELL     Ann BREWER    
2 07/01/1815 Joseph GARDENER Single   Amey RICHARDSON   Debden
3 07/07/1816 James PARISH Single Newport Mary GARDENER Single  
4 01/11/1816 John CORBY Single   Hannah BROOKS Single  
5 10/11/1816 John CAKEHEAD Single Arkesden Mary KEMP Single  
6 09/12/1816 Daniel CHIPPERFIELD Single   Sarah MONK Single  
7 24/11/1818 Thomas TOFTS Single Great Hormead, Hertfordshire Anne BROOKS Single  
8 09/03/1819 John WILSON Single Widdington Sarah STANLEY Single  
9 02/11/1820 Thomas SPENCER   Rickling Hannah CLARK    
10 30/12/1820 Joseph BANKS Single   Sarah CLAYDEN Single Clavering
11 05/03/1822 James CLARK Single   Rachel CORBY Single Newport
12 24/07/1824 William PAGE Single Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Susanna GAYLER Single  
13 05/08/1824 James TURNER Single Saffron Walden Hannah WATSON Single  
14 19/11/1824 James GASKIN Single Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Alice HOLDER Single  
15 09/12/1824 William HAMMOND Single Arkesden Rebecca THURLEY Single  
16 01/10/1825 George CORBY Single   Elizabeth HOLLAND Single  
17 04/02/1826 James READ Single   Ann HAGGER Single  
18 10/06/1826 James RUMBALL Single Clavering Elizabeth WARD Single  
19 02/09/1826 Thomas BROOKS Widower   Martha PLUCK Single  
20 04/11/1826 Jacob HOLLAND Single   Lydia HAMMOND Single Arkesden
21 24/12/1827 Robert ROBERTSON Single Great Hormead, Hertfordshire Elizabeth BROOKS Single  
22 15/12/1828 John COLE Single Clavering Lydia KEMP Single  
23 24/11/1829 Joseph BUSH Widower Clavering Susanna MONK Single  
24 11/09/1830 Samuel BUSH Single   Ann BOWTELL Single  
25 25/09/1830 James HARVEY Widower Newport Ann KEMP Widow  
26 05/01/1832 William MONK Single   Martha PARKER Single  
27 17/04/1833 Ambrose CHALLIS Widower   Alice HOLLAND Widow  
28 25/02/1835 Charles BRAME Single St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Ann SAUNDERS Single  
29 31/10/1835 William BANKS Single   Sarah PLUCK Single  
30 16/06/1836 James HAYDON Single Newport Hannah HAGGER Single  

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