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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llanddewi St David


The Parish

The parish of Llanddewi lies in far western Glamorgan on the Gower Peninsula. Llanddewi is roughly 14 miles west of Swansea and sits just west of the A4118 which connects Swansea with Port Eynon and where that road performs a sharp right-angled bend changing direction from westwards to heading south to the coast. There is not much to Llanddewi, no village as such, just a collection of farms loosely grouped around the church. Llanddewi also served the sister parish of Knelston when that parish's church fell into disuse. Llanddewi sits almost centrally within the Gower Peninsula with the parish covering the most fertile land within that peninsula, a mixture of farming regimes with pastoral farming dominant. Llanddewi is drained northwards by the narrow Burry Pill, which meets the outer estuary of the Afon Llwchwr through the small village of Llanmadoc. In contrast to Gower's coastal riches and dominant ridge-line, Llanddewi sits on a fertile plain at around 50 metres above the sea, land rises, at first gently and then much steeper, onto the ridge of Cefn Bryn which tops out at almost 190 metres close to Penmaen. Parishes in Glamorgan vary markedly in size with upland ones far exceeding the lowland parishes in extent, as one of the latter Llanddewi is, however, fairly typical, covering close to 1,200 acres Llanddewi would have supported a population of around 150 parishioners. Like most of Wales Llanddewi is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St David's church is tucked away behind surrounding farms and accessed by a roughly surfaced track which curved around to both the church and the presumed castle site. The church is certainly ancient, as are many on Gower, Pevsner notes a 12th century styled window on the northern side of the nave indicating a Norman Romanesque beginning to the building. The build clearly ran into the following century as Early English Gothic style flows into the chancel and the nave's southern doorway. The curious saddle-back topped western tower also shows lancet windows, typical of that style, and is presumed to be contemporary. Further minor improvements followed in the 14th century using Decorated style themes whilst modern restorayion in both 1876 & 1905 refreshed and replaced many of the building's larger windows. From the A4118's sharp turn a narrow lane leads northwest to a group of farms where a small sign points the track to the church, there is ample parking on the grassy space outside the churchyard which has no obstructions whatsoever for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
15th April 1754 - 29th December 1812
West Glamorgan Archives - Swansea - Reference - P/107/CW/7
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages
Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number
Water-damage to this register makes one or two entries tricky to read and may lead to a misread or two
2 1st April 1813 - 8th June 1837 West Glamorgan Archives - Swansea - Reference - P/107/CW/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Llangennith St Cennydd
Llangennith St Cennydd
Llangennith St Cennydd
Rhossili St Mary
Knelston St Mary
Rhossili St Mary
Rhossili St Mary
Port Eynon St Cynog
Penrice St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
15/04/1754 Thomas GAMMON Port Eynon Mary RICHARD
23/08/1754 David GRIFFITH Rhossili Mary BEYNON
31/03/1755 John RICHARDS Rhossili Margaret LEYSON
19/05/1755 Richard REES Elizabeth EDWARD
08/06/1755 Daniel CURTISS Oxwich Mary WILLIAM
06/11/1755 George BYDDER Ann THOMAS
31/01/1757 John MORRIS Elizabeth JONES
12/04/1757 Daniel HOWEL Knelston Ann BYDDER
06/01/1758 John DAVID Sarah DAVID
28/07/1758 George TAYLOR Llangennith Elizabeth EVANS
09/05/1759 David WILLIAM Mary EVANS
16/09/1759 William JONES Joan THOMAS
11/01/1760 David JENKIN Jane TAYLOR
04/06/1760 Samuel CLEMENT Jane ROSSER
05/07/1760 Roger HOWELS Elinor WILLIAMS
12/01/1761 John EDWARD Elizabeth DAVID
12/05/1763 Abijah EATON Margaret DAVID Llanrhidian
20/11/1763 Nathaniel EYNON Margaret WILLIAM
22/11/1763 Griffith WILLIAM Rhossili Elizabeth LUCAS
17/10/1764 John THOMAS Cheriton Anne WEBBER
08/04/1765 William KADWALADER Mary MATHEW
16/10/1765 David WALTER Nicholaston Susan HARRY
05/06/1766 Edward ROSSER Knelston Lydia PHILIP Knelston
16/10/1766 William TAYLOR Llangennith Alice EVANS
24/03/1767 John HUGH Elizabeth THOMAS
05/04/1768 George PHILIP Port Eynon Mary DAVID
24/05/1768 Thomas ACE Sarah EATON
25/02/1770 William LONG Margaret RICHARD Cheriton
22/10/1771 John JONES Knelston Mary HULLEIN Penrice
31/10/1771 John HUGH Mary BEYNON
21/01/1772 Thomas BEVAN Penrice Sarah HARRY
17/03/1773 William JONES Port Eynon Mary BYDDER Knelston
17/10/1774 Thomas JONES Knelston Elizabeth WALTER Knelston
06/01/1775 Philip GUY Penmaen Mary BEYNON
06/01/1778 William JENKIN Knelston Anne MORGAN Knelston
21/04/1778 John HARRY Knelston Mary ATKIN Knelston
09/06/1778 John PHILIP Port Eynon Elizabeth CLEMENT
13/10/1778 John CLEMENT Elizabeth DAVID
05/07/1779 John BEYNON Catherine CLEMENT
31/05/1782 John CURTISS Penmaen Mary WILLIAM
20/02/1783 William BUTTON Knelston Elizabeth KNEATH Knelston
13/04/1783 John WILLIAMS Mary CLEMENT
22/04/1783 Francis ROBERT Knelston Ann CLEMENT Knelston
27/12/1784 John JONES Swansea Elizabeth TAYLOR
31/01/1785 George REES Penrice Mary EDWARD
14/06/1785 John CLARKE Rhossili Elizabeth GREY
15/07/1785 John ROTHERO Llangennith Mary BATCOCK
10/11/1785 William BUTTON Knelston Mary GILL Knelston
19/10/1788 Leyshon ROGERS Llangennith Ruth CLEMENT
30/11/1788 William TAYLOR Llangennith Elizabeth HOSKIN
24/03/1789 William DAVIE Mary HOSKIN
19/12/1790 John EVANS Anne JONES Single
21/02/1792 David WILLIAM Anne WILLIAM Llangennith
24/09/1793 Thomas CHALK Llangennith Elizabeth ROTHERO
10/08/1795 John HUGH Jane BATCOCK
18/10/1795 Joseph MATTHEWS Margaret HOSKIN
22/11/1795 William TUCKER Penrice Ann CLEMENT
01/12/1795 Philip ATKIN Rhossili Elizabeth CLEMENT
25/01/1796 George TUCKER Cheriton Elizabeth EATON
05/06/1796 William BUTTON Port Eynon Mary GWYNN
06/12/1796 Daniel HOWELL Elizabeth ACE
14/05/1797 John HUGH Llanrhidian Ann PHILLIP
25/06/1797 Daniel ROSTRON Mary GORDON
05/07/1797 George CLEMENT Penrice Mary DAVIES
10/12/1797 William BOWEN Llanrhidian Mary JEFFERY
03/01/1798 Phillip GROVE Ann CLEMENT
18/12/1798 John WALTER Knelston Ann ACE Port Eynon
14/06/1799 Howel WILLIAM Ann SMITH
12/02/1800 John THOMAS Elizabeth HARRY Knelston
06/03/1800 Thomas CORBET Port Eynon Anne HOSKIN Knelston
11/01/1801 Stephen ARNOLD Knelston Anne TUCKER Knelston
08/05/1802 John HUGH Mary CLEMENT Knelston
21/12/1802 William LOO Mary BROWN
12/04/1803 Sylvanus GIBB Oxwich Hannah LONG
27/12/1803 Churchman ROGERS Knelston Margaret STOTE Penrice
09/01/1805 Thomas GROVE Catharine DAVIES
13/02/1805 James HARDIN Susannah CLEMENT Knelston
19/05/1807 William PHILLIP Port Eynon Eleanor TAYLOR
13/02/1808 David WILLIAMS Elizabeth HOPKINS Widow
23/02/1808 John CLEMENT Mary JONES
19/04/1808 William BEVAN Penrice Mary GAMMON
22/11/1809 Daniel PHILIP Jane BEVAN Penrice
23/11/1809 David STEPHENS Reynoldston Margaret WILLIAM Knelston
28/11/1809 Samuel PHILIP Sarah KNEATH Llangennith
06/12/1809 George REES Mary PHILIP
27/05/1810 Jacob GAMMON Mary TUCKER Knelston
26/12/1811 George PHILIP Knelston Elizabeth HORROD Knelston
31/03/1812 John CLEMENT Margaret CLEMENT
28/10/1812 Benjamin JENKIN Margaret WILLIAM Knelston
29/12/1812 John LEWIS Reynoldston Sarah WILLIAM
1 01/04/1813 David MORGAN Knelston Elizabeth CLEMENT Knelston
2 01/02/1815 David BEYNON Single Blanche TUCKER Single
3 27/04/1815 Phillip UBEYNON Single Elizabeth EVAN Single
4 10/08/1815 Charles EMERY Single Martha HOLLAND Single Knelston
5 07/02/1816 William CLEMENT Single Jane GROVE Single
6 22/02/1816 John WILSON Single Susan THOMAS Single Knelston
7 26/08/1818 David GRIFFIES Single Margaret TUCKER Single
8 25/10/1818 Thomas CORBETT Widower Sarah HARRIS Single
9 27/10/1818 John BIDDEN Single Knelston Jane CLEMENT Single Knelston
10 16/03/1819 George WALTERS Single Knelston Maria EYNON Single
11 05/05/1819 David THOMAS Single Knelston Sarah HOSKIN Single Knelston
12 19/05/1819 John JENKINS Single Mary PHILIP Single Knelston
13 30/12/1819 Richard CLARK Single Knelston Anne TAYLOR Single Llangennith
14 00/00/1820 Samuel BIDDER Single Knelston Elizabeth WALTERS Single Knelston
15 03/12/1821 John JONES Elizabeth GRIFFITHS Llanmadoc
16 09/01/1822 William HOSKIN Knelston Elizabeth TAYLOR Llangennith
17 05/03/1822 John PHILLIPS Knelston Mary GROVE
18 22/08/1822 Francis BATCOCK Swansea Elizabeth BEYNON
19 20/05/1823 Daniel DINNIS Reynoldston Ann PHILLIPS Knelston
20 06/06/1824 John CLARK Mary ROGERS Llangennith
21 08/07/1824 Thomas HOSKIN Knelston Mary WILLIAMS Knelston
22 24/11/1824 Robert BYDDER Knelston Mary REES Knelston
23 14/08/1825 Evan JENKINS Llangennith Mary HOSKIN Knelston
24 04/10/1825 David BYDDER Ann GROVE
25 16/05/1826 James MASLEN Oystermouth Elizabeth BUTTON
26 01/01/1827 William MILLARD Knelston Martha HOSKIN Reynoldston
28 13/04/1828 William GAMAN Elizabeth BEYNON Llangennith
29 07/09/1828 John PUMMER Llangennith Mary HOSKIN
30 05/03/1829 William REES Rhossili Mary LONG
31 23/12/1829 John STEVENS Single Ann GRIFFITHS Single
32 03/05/1830 Robert CLEMENT Knelston Mary BEYNON Llangennith
33 25/05/1830 James TAYLOR Single Llangennith Ann HOSKIN Single
34 12/05/1831 Richard STOTE Widower Port Eynon Elizabeth HARRY Single Knelston
35 15/03/1832 Daniel PHILLIPS Llangennith Mary CLEMENT
36 08/11/1832 John EATON Agnes BEVAN Knelston
37 06/12/1832 William DAVIES Penrice Maria GWYNN
38 21/04/1833 George HOSKIN Knelston Mary GUY Knelston
39 31/05/1834 David HUGHES Single Margaret HOSKINS Single Knelston
40 29/10/1834 Thomas RICHARD Catherine PHILLIPS
41 25/06/1835 George WILLIAMS Single Knelston Eliza MORGAN Single Knelston
42 10/09/1835 John JENKINS Oxwich Mary GROVE
43 01/10/1835 Henry THOMAS Single Esther LUCAS Single
44 22/10/1835 Samuel CLEMENT Single Mary DAVIES Single
45 28/01/1836 William TUCKER Reynoldston Sarah GUY Knelston
46 08/02/1836 Philip CLEMENT Widower Knelston Jane MORGAN Widow Penrice
47 18/02/1836 John THOMAS Single Knelston Elizabeth STOTE Single Knelston
48 29/02/1836 William TUCKER Single Ann CLEMENT Single
49 10/03/1836 Daniel WALTERS Single Elizabeth DUNN Single
50 05/05/1836 John DAVIES Single Llangennith Ann GAMMON Single
51 21/07/1836 William HULLIN Single Llangennith Anne BEYNON Single
52 24/11/1836 William BEYNON Mary DAVIES Llanrhidian
53 08/06/1837 John DAVIES Llanrhidian Mary BEYNON

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