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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llangennith St Cennydd


The Parish

The parish of Llangennith lies in the extreme west of Glamorgan, indeed it forms part of Glamorgan's western coastline. Llangennith sits at the western end of Glamorgan's Gower Peninsula about 16 miles west of the industrial port & city of Swansea. Llangennith is a compact village sitting at the western end of a long winding lane which runs along the peninsula from the B4295 road at Llanrhidian. The area is dominated by small arable fields on rather sandy soil, between the village and the sea are the extensive dunes of Llangennith Burrow which culminate in the rocky headland of Burry Holms. Given the coastal setting only small streams drain the parish into the nearby sea. Llangennith is sited at about 50 metres above sea level but sits at the start of a low pass between the twin hills of Harding's Down and Llanmadoc Hill both of which rise 100 metres above the village. Gower parishes are fairly large in acreage and Llangennith is one of the larger, the parish would have supported almost 450 parishioners. In common with most of Wales Llangennith is not mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Cennydd's church sits on the southern side of the village on the eastern side of a narrow lane. The church has a very unusual layout with a northern tower and a rather long chancel giving a peculiar profile. The church is early and largely in the Early English style of the 13th century. Most of the fabric dates either this century or that of the 14th, the windows, however, largely date from the extensive restoration of the 1880s. This restoration also raised the floor of the building by 4 feet creating some rather unusual partially covered doorways. The church sits on a steeply sloping site and is partially set into the hillside. A stone wall surrounds and access is by an attractive lychgate. The site (and indeed most of the village) is largely treeless and open so there are few restrictions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 28th November 1754 - 10th May 1803 West Glamorgan Archives - Swansea - Reference - P/109/CW/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has suffered from apparent water damage making for rather tricky reading, whilst every care has been taken it is likely that some misreads will have occurred.
2 25th September 1804 - 14th April 1807 West Glamorgan Archives - Swansea - Reference - P/109/CW/1 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

1807 - 1812

There appears to be no surviving register covering this period.
3 14th February 1813 - 15th June 1837 West Glamorgan Archives - Swansea - Reference - P/109/CW/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanmadoc St Madoc
Cheriton St Cattwg
Cheriton St Cattwg

Llanrhidian St Rhidian & St Illtyd
Reynoldston St George

Rhossili St Mary
Llanddewi St David
Knelston St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
28/11/1754 David NICHOLAS     Anne RICHARDS    
09/01/1755 John HOLLAND   Llanmadoc Catherine FRANCE    
11/01/1755 Robert CLEMENT   Llanddewi Mary HOSKYN    
30/03/1755 William EDWARD     Margaret PHILLIP    
08/05/1755 Thomas GAMMON     Mary TAYLOR    
04/11/1755 David LLOYD     Mary HOPKIN    
28/01/1756 John PHILIP     Elizabeth JENKIN    
09/07/1756 William JONES   Oystermouth Mary WHITE    
24/08/1756 George BYDDER   Llanddewi Anne CLEMENT    
04/02/1757 John HULLEIN     Anne BALL    
07/12/1757 Evan THOMAS   Llanrhidian Mary BOWEN Widow  
10/01/1758 Thomas BOWEN     Elizabeth BATCOCK    
27/03/1758 William FOLAND     Ann HOSKYN    
23/11/1758 Joseph WALKER   Cheriton Ann GORTON    
15/01/1759 George LUCAS   Llanmadoc Page GROVE    
13/11/1759 John TAYLOR     Jennet HOPKIN    
21/01/1760 Philip TUCKER     Blanch TUCKER    
07/04/1760 Thomas MATTHEW     Sarah PHILIP    
07/04/1760 Thomas MATTHEWS     Sarah PHILIP    
14/10/1761 John LEWIS     Ann GAMMON   Rhossili
07/03/1762 Samuel GAMMON   Port Eynon Sarah GORTON    
12/04/1762 John WALTER     Ann WHITE    
17/01/1763 Richard JONES   Penrice Ann MORGAN    
02/02/1763 John POONER     Elizabeth HOPKIN    
20/03/1763 George ACE   Reynoldston Elizabeth PRICE    
11/06/1764 Philip HOPKIN     Jane PENRY    
11/12/1764 William PHILIP   Gelligaer Margaret RICHARD    
22/05/1765 John TUCKER     Mary TUCKER    
13/10/1765 William DAVID     Katherine DAVID    
30/01/1766 Solomon BYDDER   Llanrhidian Mary BALL    
01/05/1766 William TAYLOR     Margaret LEWIS    
28/09/1766 George TUCKER     Margaret MATTHEWS    
12/01/1767 Richard POONER     Sarah ROGER    
19/05/1768 Jenkin CLEMENT     Jane BATCOCK    
11/10/1768 John DAVID   Rhossili Jennet MEYRICK    
01/10/1769 Benjamin TUCKER     Elizabeth DAVID   Reynoldston
09/10/1770 William REES     Elizabeth JENKIN   Llanmadoc
16/01/1771 Richard POONER     Elizabeth BOWEN    
29/07/1771 William PHILIP     Rebecca MATTHEWS    
09/06/1772 George EYNON     Elizabeth TUCKER    
18/10/1772 William REES     Anne TAYLOR    
09/11/1772 Nicholas BALL     Sarah POONER    
05/04/1774 John MORGAN     Mary DAVID    
07/01/1775 William MORGAN     Keziah BEYNON    
17/04/1775 John TIBBLE Single Swansea Elizabeth TUCKER    
14/11/1777 George EVAN     Ann TUCKER    
06/01/1778 Samuel BEVAN   Rhossili Elinor TAYLOR    
05/06/1778 Richard GAY     Mary JENKIN    
17/10/1778 George EVANS     Anne BYNON    
02/02/1779 George JENKINS   Llanmadoc Ann TAYLOR    
12/05/1779 William CHALK     Alice HOPKIN    
12/01/1780 John BUTTON   Rhossili Sarah MATHEWS    
14/02/1780 John THOMAS     Rachel LEWIS    
27/03/1780 William CLEMENT     Ann TUCKER    
09/06/1780 William KNEATH     Sarah ROBERT    
14/03/1781 John JONES Single Llanrhidian Sarah GAMMON Widow  
16/04/1781 William RUTHRO     Mary LOYD    
14/08/1781 George BYNON   Rhossili Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
21/01/1783 George BYNON     Elizabeth BOWEN    
25/03/1784 James BYNON   Llanddewi Mary POONER    
13/10/1784 Henry TUCKER     Elizabeth ROBERT    
12/03/1785 John HORWOOD     Mary TAYLOR    
28/03/1786 William BOWEN     Ann HULLIN    
29/06/1786 John HULLIN     Mary JENKIN    
07/12/1786 David EATON     Ann DAVID    
02/10/1787 Rees MORGAN     Ann HOPKIN    
01/05/1788 John LUCAS     Mary WALTER    
02/09/1788 George DAVID   Port Eynon Mary TAYLOR Single  
06/11/1788 John TUCKER     Anne WILLIAM Single  
17/12/1788 George BOWEN     Mary WALKER    
12/01/1789 George BEYNON Widower   Elinor EVAN Single  
20/01/1789 William TUCKER     Elizabeth FOLLAND    
29/04/1790 John BYNON     Mary EDWARD    
02/05/1793 John POONER     Elizabeth JONES    
02/09/1793 Richard OWEN   Llanddewi Mary BEYNON    
23/10/1793 George TUCKER     Elizabeth PROTHROW   Llanddewi
24/10/1793 Edward ROSSER     Margaret HOPKIN    
18/11/1793 John TAYLOR     Ann HORWOOD    
19/03/1794 William ROBERT     Chatherine STEPHEN    
24/08/1794 Thomas EATON     Elizabeth REES    
31/10/1794 Henry HULLIN     Catherine BOWEN    
09/12/1794 John BEYNON     Mary LEWIS    
01/02/1795 John WILLIAM     Mary CLEMENT    
15/03/1795 William REES     Elizabeth HULLIN    
02/12/1795 George BYDDER     Blanch TUCKER    
16/12/1795 George BYDDER   Cheriton Anne EVANS    
03/03/1796 George BYNON     Mary BOWEN    
03/03/1796 Thomas NICHOLAS     Elizabeth BYNON   Llanddewi
10/04/1796 John BYNON     Ann TAYLOR    
18/10/1797 David JONES     Rebecca REES    
29/11/1797 John THOMAS   Rhossili Elizabeth TUCKER    
19/01/1798 William LONG     Ann HULLIN    
29/05/1798 John THOMAS     Ann ROSSER    
06/12/1798 Nicholas HULLIN     Jennet REES    
20/11/1800 Thomas GORDON   Llanrhidian Mary BEYNON    
01/03/1801 John REES     Anne WEBBURN    
01/07/1801 Thomas PHILLIP   Ilston Catherine TUCKER    
18/03/1802 John ROSSER     Margaret TUCKER    
06/06/1802 William HULLIN     Ann BYNON    
31/11/1802 Thomas GRIFFITH     Ann THOMAS    
12/01/1803 John RICHARD     Mary TAYLOR    
10/05/1803 William WILLIAM     Mary HOPKIN    
25/09/1804 William KIFT     Sarah THOMAS    
05/09/1805 Caleb CLARK     Mary POONER    
06/11/1805 Edward JENKIN     Ann LEWIS    
18/11/1806 Owen DAVID     Ann THOMAS    
16/12/1806 George EVAN     Elizabeth LONG    
08/01/1807 Phillip BEYNON     Jane TUCKER    
23/03/1807 George RICHARD     Elizabeth REES    
14/04/1807 William CHALK     Sarah HORWOOD    
1 14/02/1813 George BEVAN   Penrice Sarah TAYLOR    
2 25/02/1813 George THOMAS Single Reynoldston Ruth BEYNON    
3 05/04/1813 William LEWIS Widower Cheriton Ann REES Single  
4 04/09/1813 John BEYNON Single   Catharine DAVIES Single  
5 20/12/1813 Thomas THOMAS Single   Margaret KNEATH Single  
7 18/01/1814 Robert CLEMENT Single   Mary EYNON    
8 07/02/1814 Thomas BOWEN Single   Ann EVAN Single  
9 21/05/1816 David LEWIS Single Llanmadoc Eleanor TAYLOR Single  
10 03/12/1816 William EVANS Single Llanmadoc Eliza BEYNON Single  
11 13/05/1817 John BEYNON Widower   Anne ROSSER Single  
12 13/05/1817 William CHALK Single   Elinor TAYLOR Single  
13 24/12/1817 John ROTHERO Single   Anne GUY Single Cheriton
14 15/04/1818 Robert WILLIAMS Single   Jennet OWEN Single  
15 26/05/1818 Caleb THOMAS   Cheriton Elizabeth HORWOOD    
16 22/02/1819 John BEYNON     Elizabeth EVANS    
17 18/03/1819 William TAYLOR     Elizabeth JENKINS   Llanrhidian
18 26/10/1819 William ROBERTS     Ann REES    
19 30/01/1820 John BEYNON     Mary TAYLOR    
20 03/08/1820 Thomas LEWIS   Llanmadoc Dinah OWEN    
21 26/09/1820 William NICHOLAS     Mary WILLIAMS    
22 30/11/1820 Francis RICHARDS     Elizabeth RICHARDS    
23 12/12/1821 John WILLIAMS   Llanddewi Ann TAYLOR    
24 01/01/1822 John BEYNON     Mary Ann DEANE   St Mary, Swansea
25 10/12/1822 Morgan REES   Llanmadoc Mary KNEATH    
26 14/10/1823 Nicholas HULLEN Widower   Martha WILLIAMS Widow  
27 16/03/1824 David KNEATH   Ilston Mary DAVIES    
28 03/02/1825 John EYNON     Mary TAYLOR    
29 05/06/1825 John ROGERS     Catherine BEYNON    
30 09/06/1825 Thomas GWYN   Cheriton Elizabeth PUNNER    
31 13/07/1825 Thomas HOSKIN     Jane RICHARDS    
32 13/07/1825 Joseph GWYNN     Mary HOSKIN    
35 18/04/1826 William CLARK   Oxwich Ann POWELL    
36 16/07/1826 John EDWARDS     Elinor KNEATH    
37 29/10/1826 John LEWIS     Ann TAYLOR    
38 19/04/1827 Robert BUTTON   Rhossili Elizabeth TAYLOR    
39 12/08/1827 Leyshon ROGERS     Eliza BEYNON    
40 18/11/1827 David LEWIS     Ann EVANS    
41 27/12/1827 Thomas PHILLIPS     Ann BEYNON    
42 08/05/1828 Thomas KNEATH     Elizabeth DAVIES    
43 04/06/1828 John REES Single   Mary STYCH Single  
44 16/10/1828 Leyshon OWEN     Mary EVANS    
45 31/12/1828 John LEWIS   Llanmadoc Jane BEYNON    
46 20/02/1830 Thomas TAYLOR     Grace KNEATH    
47 08/04/1830 Thomas HULLIN Single   Mary RICHARD Single  
48 14/10/1830 William WILLIAMS     Margaret BYDDER    
49 30/12/1830 George TAYLOR     Elizabeth CLARK    
50 09/06/1831 John TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
51 09/02/1832 John GROVE     Ann REES    
52 08/03/1832 William LEWIS     Mary ROSSER    
53 12/07/1832 John HOSKIN   Knelston Eleanor TAYLOR    
54 05/10/1832 Samuel DAVIES   Merthyr Tydfil Elizabeth EVANS    
55 05/05/1833 Phillip THOMAS Single   Eleanor TUCKER Single  
56 22/11/1834 Caleb CLARK     Eleanor LUCAS    
57 05/03/1835 Edward PHILLIPS     Mary ROSSER    
58 05/05/1835 Robert RODGERS     Anne BEYNON    
59 16/04/1836 George HOWELLS   Reynoldston Eleanor THOMAS    
60 28/04/1836 James TAYLOR     Tamare THOMAS    
61 17/11/1836 George BEVAN     Margaret LEWIS    
62 15/06/1837 Phillip TAYLOR     Elizabeth BEYNON    

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