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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llanilid St Illid & St Curig


The Parish

The parish of Llanilid lies in the Vale of Glamorgan about 4 miles east of the industrial town of Bridgend. The parish is just north of the M4 motorway which cuts across Glamorgan from west to east and south of the A473 which parallels it to the north. The parish is sited at around 50 metres above sea level in the valley of the Ewenni Fach in an area of mixed farmland. There is no village as such to Llanilid, there being merely a scatter of farms and cottages. The parish was small in extent, about 1,800 acres, and with a small population, about 150 parishioners. Llanilid, in common with virtually all of Wales, is not mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

The church of St Illid & St Curig lies just south of the lane which runs through the parish but set back up a narrow lane. The church was extensively renovated in the 1880s but still shows a few features which indicate an early origin. The arches of the tower and chancel in particular have pointed heads which indicates an early period. The rest appears to be largely 16th century with many Tudor features.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th May 1754 - 12th December 1812 Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - P17CW/8
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 21st March 1813 - 13th May 1834 Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - P17CW/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Coychurch St Crallo
Peterston super Montem St Peter
Llanharan St Julius & St Aaron
Coychurch St Crallo
St Mary Hill St Mary
Llansannor St Senwyr
St Mary Hill St Mary
St Mary Hill St Mary
Llansannor St Senwyr
Llansannor St Senwyr

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/05/1754 Henry MILLER     Catherine WILLIAM    
01/08/1754 John DEERE Single St Athan Margaret REES Single  
20/09/1756 John EVAN     Elizabeth CRADDOCK   Wick
28/03/1759 Evan LEWIS   Coychurch Sarah PRICE    
18/12/1759 William THOMAS     Mary DAVID   Llanharan
09/05/1760 Llewelyn DAVID   Llantrisant Margaret EVAN    
07/06/1760 John JENKIN   Llanharan Mary EVAN    
08/01/1763 David REES     Jennet DAVID    
17/12/1763 George FYDDIR     Mary EVAN    
25/08/1765 William RADCLIFF Single   Margaret THOMAS Single Coychurch
06/11/1765 William JOHN Single Llansannor Anne MILWARD Single  
03/03/1772 John WILLIAM Single Welsh St Donats Joan ROBERT Single  
18/11/1772 John WATKIN Single Coychurch Lettice THOMAS Single  
19/04/1773 John MORGAN Single   Mary RICHARDS Widow Llantrisant
15/05/1773 William LEWIS Single   Catherine MORGAN Single  
21/01/1775 William LEWIS Single St Hilary Mary REES    
15/05/1775 Edward WILLIAM Single Eglwysilan Gwenllian JENKIN Single  
29/04/1778 John MORGAN Single   Amy PALMER Single  
14/12/1778 Elias DAVID Single   Alice JOHN Single  
12/10/1780 John PALMER Single   Catherine RICHARD Single Peterston Super Montem
05/05/1781 Jenkin DAVID Widower   Margerett MORGAN Single  
13/05/1782 Edward JOHN Single Coychurch Mary DAVID Single  
01/10/1782 Miles DAVID Single   Mary TREHARNE Single  
23/08/1783 William JONATHAN Widower   Grace EVAN Single  
22/11/1786 Thomas DAVID Widower   Mary THOMAS Widow  
28/05/1787 John PALMER Widower   Gwenllian DANIEL Single  
18/10/1788 David REES Single St Mary Hill Jane DAVID Single  
08/11/1788 William EDMOND Single   Martha EVAN Single  
28/03/1789 John JONES Single Ewenny Hannah REES Single  
23/01/1790 Evan JENKIN Single Llanharan Sarah DAVID Single  
27/06/1791 Thomas REES Single Llanharry Margaret REES Single  
33 11/02/1792 William THOMAS     Mary GRIFFITHS Single  
34 29/02/1796 Lewis LEWIS Widower   Mary WILLIAM Single  
35 11/05/1796 Llewelin LLEWELIN Single Llanharan Mary DAVID Single  
36 08/06/1799 William RICHARD Single Peterstone-Super-Montem Catharine JOHN Single  
37 06/11/1799 Thomas DAVID Widower   Anne WILLIAM Single  
38 27/12/1800 Howell PRICHARD Single Llantrisant Catharine DAVID Single  
39 26/10/1801 Thomas OWEN Widower   Elizabeth REES Single  
40 04/04/1803 David ROSSE Single   Elizabeth COLSTON Single  
41 27/12/1803 Richard RICHARD Widower Llanharry Gwenllyan WILLIAM Single  
42 06/04/1805 David HARRY Single   Ann THOMAS Widow  
43 27/08/1805 Howell HOWELL Single   Margaret MORGAN Single  
45 10/02/1807 Llewellyn JOHN Widower Llantrisant Amelia JENKINS Single  
46 13/05/1809 Thomas JONES   St Mary Hill Mary DAVID    
48 05/05/1810 David DAVIES   Llantrisant Dinah MORGAN    
47 17/05/1810 Evan PHILIP   Llanharan Jane LEWIS    
49 13/02/1811 William PAUL Single Llanharan Margaret MILES Single  
50 28/10/1811 Evan GRIFFITH Single Coychurch Mary PALMER Single  
51 12/12/1812 David THOMAS Single St Mary Church Margaret RICHARDS Single  
1 21/03/1813 Daniel DAVID Widower   Ann FRANCES Single Llansannor
2 06/06/1814 Thomas PALMER Single   Jennet LEWIS   St Brides Major
3 25/03/1815 Thomas WILLIAM Widower   Mary LONG Single  
4 06/07/1815 Richard HARRY Single   Margaret DAVIS Single  
5 16/12/1815 William JOHN Single Llanbleddian Alice DAVIES Single  
6 13/02/1816 William MORGAN     Margaret WILLIAMS    
7 19/03/1816 William RADCLIFF Single   Margeret LEWIS Single Coity
8 08/06/1816 John REES Single Merthyr Mawr Anne HARRY Single  
9 21/02/1818 Thomas WILLIAM Single Llandyfodwg Sarah THOMAS Single  
10 02/11/1818 David JOHN Single   Anne LEWIS Single  
11 07/11/1818 William MATTHEW Single Coychurch Mary JENKIN Single  
12 07/12/1819 Daniel DAVID Single   Margaret OWEN Single  
13 16/10/1820 Morgan EDMOND Single Coychurch Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
14 04/01/1821 Edward SPENCER Widower   Margaret DECRE Single  
15 03/02/1821 William JENKIN Single   Catherine THOMAS Single  
16 24/04/1824 William DAVID Single Coychurch Persilla LEYSON Single  
17 11/02/1826 Morgan DAVID Single Llantrisant Mary JOHN Single  
18 10/05/1827 Thomas JERVIS Single Welsh St Donats Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
19 22/12/1827 William DAVID Single Llanharan Jane THOMAS Single  
20 30/01/1828 Thomas WALTERS Single Bedwellty, Monmouthshire Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
21 04/02/1828 William EDWARD Single   Barbara MORGAN Single  
22 04/10/1828 Thomas RICHARD Single Coychurch Elizabeth JONES Single  
23 03/04/1830 William TRAHARNE Single   Mary THOMAS Single Coychurch
24 10/10/1830 John WILLIAMS Single Llantrisant Anne EDWARD Single  
25 18/12/1830 John JONES Single Coychurch Mary THOMAS Single  
26 31/03/1831 Watkin WILLIAMS   Llantrisant Sarah JENKINS    
27 30/05/1831 Rees HARRIS Widower Merthyr Tydfil Mary LEWIS Single  
28 19/09/1831 John EVANS Single Merthyr Tydfil Martha LEWIS Single  
29 01/11/1831 David LONG Widower   Mary HUSSEY Widow  
30 08/08/1832 David DAVIES Single Colwinston Mary DAVIS Single  
31 05/10/1832 William HOPKIN Single Coychurch Mary MORGAN Single  
32 13/12/1832 Samuel SAUNDERS Single Bedwellty, Monmouthshire Magdalen JONES Single  
33 27/02/1833 David THOMAS Single   Fryswith CADOGAN Single Llantrisant
34 02/05/1833 Richard PHILIPS Single   Anne JONES Single  
35 02/05/1834 Evan JENKIN Widower   Mary MORGAN Single Coychurch
36 13/05/1834 David WATKIN Widower   Barbara MORGAN Single  

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