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St Mary Hill St Mary


The Parish

The parish of St Mary Hill lies in south central Glamorgan about 4 miles east of industrial town of Bridgend. St Mary Hill sits, in lanes, about a mile south of the A473 road which connects Bridgend with Llantrisant. There is very little to modern day St Mary Hill just a scatter of farms and cottages around the notable eminence of "the hill", namely St Mary Hill Down standing dominant over the nearby Ewenny valley along which the A473 runs. There are modern intrusions into the parish in the form of the modern M4 motorway which carves its course to the northeast of the parish and across the Ewenny on its way from Cardiff to Swansea. St Mary Hill's economy would have been based upon farming, sheep grazing on the down (the parish was noted for its high quality wool) and more arable in the lower portions of the parish. The Ewenny drains the parish towards the southwest, it reaches the Bristol Channel in a joint estuary with the Ogmore at Ogmore by the Sea. St Mary Hill is sited at various heights around its down, the main grouping of buildings at about 70 metres, the church 20 metres higher and the down tops out at 120 metres, it forms the local height for some distance. St Mary Hill parish was small by Glamorgan standards, one of a few such small parishes dotting the Vale of Glamorgan, it covered just over 1,400 acres and would have supported a population on about 250 parishioners. Like most of Wales St Mary Hill is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Mary's church occupies a lonely and windswept site on the northern flanks of the down, on the northern side of a narrow lane and overlooking the steep drop into the Ewenny valley. The large circular walled churchyard, a "llan", indicates a long occupied religious site but much of the present building is relatively recent. Only limited traces remain to justify a 12th century origin for the building, the chancel arch shows the Norman Baroque style arching whilst the recess of the aumbrey has a 14th century motif. The chancel was largely reconstructed in 1803, the western tower in the late 1870s whilst nave & porch were heavily restored in the following decade to result in today's church, The lane is narrow but the church is set back by a small grassy area with a gravel pull-in to park, the churchyard is starkly open with just a single tree at the eastern end of the building which present no impediment to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th November 1755 - 4th December 1812 Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference NLW/STMARYHILL/REGISTER/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th May 1813 - 27th May 1837 Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference NLW/STMARYHILL/REGISTER/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Coychurch St Crallo
Coychurch St Crallo
Llanilid St Illid & St Curig
Coychurch St Crallo
Llangan St Canna
Llansannor St Senwyr
Llnagan St Canna
Llnagan St Canna
Penllyn St John the Evangelist

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/11/1755 Thomas JOHN     Elizabeth REES    
2 08/06/1756 John EVAN     Cecil DAVID    
12/11/1756 John RICHARD     Catherine LLEWELLIN    
23/11/1756 Jenkin JONES     Mary JONES    
07/01/1757 Edward DANIEL     Jennet MILES    
08/05/1758 William PREES     Margaret COOK    
13/05/1758 William GRIFFITH     Catherin JOHN   Ewenny
17/07/1758 Evan LLEWELYN     Anne DAVID    
29/10/1760 John RICHARD     Catharine REES    
20/11/1762 Morgan LLEWELLYN Single Penllyn Alice WILLIAMS    
14/01/1764 John LEWIS   St Brides Minor Catherine ROBERT    
03/03/1764 John REED   Ewenny Mary WILLIAM    
07/11/1764 David GRIFFITH     Mary REES    
26/11/1764 William EDWARDS Single   Mary EVAN Single  
06/04/1765 Thomas THOMAS Single Llanbleddian Gwenllian REES Single  
09/04/1765 William PREES     Diana SMITHERS    
23/04/1765 John LEWIS     Mary THOMAS Single Penllyn
28/02/1767 Jenkin JOHN Single   Margarett REES Single  
14/11/1767 David THOMAS Widower   Mary MILES Single  
18/02/1771 Edward NICHOLL Single   Denis COOK Single  
16/08/1771 Morgan JOHN   Llantrisant Mary MILLWARD    
25/05/1772 Edward TRUMAN Single Llangan Catherine COOKE Single  
29/01/1773 Evan HOPKIN Single Coychurch Ann WILLIAM Widow  
22/02/1773 Robert THOMAS Single Colwinston Margaret JONES Single  
13/05/1774 Lewis HOWELL Single Llantrithyd Mary DAVID Single  
03/12/1774 Evan HOPKIN Widower   Catherine ROBERT Widow Llantwit Major
01/02/1775 William MEREDITH Single Coity Margaret DAVID Single  
28/08/1775 William FOORDE Widower St Nicholas Mary WILLIAM Single  
12/03/1776 David THOMAS Single St Brides Major Margaret THOMAS Single  
05/06/1776 Charles MATTHEW Widower Llanmaes Mary REES Single  
01/04/1777 Evan RICHARD Single   Elizabeth DAVID Single  
05/05/1777 William MORGAN Single Llangan Rachel JOHN Single  
16/05/1778 Evan MORGAN Single Llansannor Mary DAVID Single  
06/01/1779 John REES Widower   Elizabeth JENKIN Single  
19/10/1779 Edward HUSSEY Single Coychurch Jane RICHARD Single  
11/04/1780 David LEWIS Single Coychurch Catherine RICHARD Single  
29/06/1782 Thomas REES Widower Coity Mary THOMAS Single  
15/05/1783 John BRYANT Single   Rachel DAVID Single  
04/05/1784 William JOHN Single   Catherine EVAN Single  
12/08/1785 Morgan JOHN Single Coychurch Catherine MORGAN Single  
1 22/04/1786 Rees PHILLIP Single Llangan Catherine LLEWELLIN Single  
2 01/07/1787 Thomas JENKIN Single Coychurch Margaret JENKIN Single  
3 23/07/1787 Thomas MORGAN Widower Welsh St Donats Cecil DAVID Widow  
4 09/04/1788 Evan DAVIES   Llandaff Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
5 10/05/1789 Edward DANIEL Single   Mary DAVID Single  
6 21/05/1789 John DAVID Single Coychurch Gwenllian LEWELIN Single  
04/07/1789 John THOMAS Single Llancarfan Ann THOMAS Single  
29/08/1790 William JONES Single   Jennett WILLIAMS Single  
10/05/1791 Llewellyn BEAVAN Single Llansannor Mary EDWARDS Single  
29/08/1791 Moses MATTHEWS Single   Mary LLEWELLYN Single  
09/06/1792 Morgan REES Single   Margaret BEAVAN Single  
01/04/1793 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth BASSET Single  
29/05/1793 Thomas HOPKIN Single Newcastle Margaret LLEWELLYN Single  
12/07/1793 John SAMUEL Single Coychurch Margaret WILLIAM Single  
12/08/1793 Thomas ROSSER Single Llanharry Mary WATKIN Single  
10/03/1794 Henry EDMOND Single   Elizabeth RICHARD Single  
02/07/1795 William JOHN Single   Sarah THOMAS Single  
22/08/1795 William PHILLIP     Mary WILLIAM   Llangan
14/11/1795 Edmund EDMUND Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
25/05/1796 John HOOPER Single Flemingston Margaret EDWARDS Single  
16/07/1796 Thomas MORGAN Single Coychurch Catherine LLEWELLYN Single  
14/12/1796 Richard BASSET Single   Elizabeth EDMUNDS Widow  
15/10/1797 Thomas DAVIES Single   Margery WILLIAMS Single  
08/07/1798 David THOMAS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
15/11/1798 Hopkin HOPKIN Widower Penllyn Catherine HUGH Single  
25/03/1799 David MORRIS Widower   Jane WILLIAM Single  
16/06/1799 Thomas JENKIN Widower   Mary JENKIN Single  
02/02/1800 Moses MATTHEWS Widower   Joan ROBERT Single  
23/04/1800 Thomas RICHARD Single   Margaret THOMAS Single  
05/05/1800 William JONES Single   Ann JONES Single  
08/12/1800 John WILLIAM Single Peterston Super Montem Gwenllian HOWEL Single  
02/05/1802 John REES Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
05/06/1802 Evan JENKIN Single Llangan Mary HARRY Single  
25/09/1802 Robert BASSET Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
28/03/1803 William FLEW Single Llangan Mary THOMAS Single  
14/05/1803 Edward THOMAS Single Coychurch Sarah DAVID Single  
28/08/1803 Richard JENKIN Single   Elizabeth JENKIN Single  
19/09/1803 Howel MORGAN Widower Llantrisant Jane HOWEL Single  
22/01/1804 Rees ESTONS Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
05/05/1804 John DAVID Single Penllyn Sarah JONES Single  
25/12/1805 John ROSSER Single Llansannor Sarah LEWELLYN Single  
17/05/1806 William THOMAS Widower   Mary POWEL Single  
30/12/1806 John THOMAS Single Penllyn Ann JENKIN Single  
30/06/1807 John WILLIAM Single Coychurch Catherine WILLIAM Single  
24/10/1807 William JOHN Single   Mary JOHN Single  
08/10/1808 William ARTHUR Single Coychurch Ann REES Single  
16/10/1808 David DAVIES Widower Ewenny Ann JOHN Single  
11/02/1809 William DAVID Single   Catherine THOMAS Single  
23/06/1809 William WILLIAMS   Ystradowen Margaret BASSETT    
26/04/1810 David WILLIAM Single   Jennett EVAN Single  
24/10/1810 Daniel MORGAN Single Llanilid Jane REES Single  
03/12/1810 Evan POWELL Single Llansannor Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
03/05/1811 John JENKINS Single Llanharry Elizabeth REES Single  
09/05/1811 John REES Widower   Mary JONES Single  
04/12/1812 John RICHARD Single Aberdare Margaret DAVIS Single  
1 08/05/1813 Morgan THOMAS Single Laleston Sarah TURBERVILLE Single  
2 29/05/1813 Rees JENKIN Single   Elizabeth HOWELL Single  
3 14/06/1813 William JONES Single Coity Mary TURBERVILLE Single  
4 12/10/1813 Morgan WILLIAMS Single Coychurch Margaret TURBERVILLE Single  
5 21/05/1814 Elias WATKINS Single Llantrisant Cecil THOMAS Single  
6 02/07/1814 William WILLIAM Single Coychurch Margaret REES    
7 29/06/1816 William JOHN Single   Sarah HOWELL Single  
8 27/12/1817 Anthony GRIFFITH Single   Mary THOMAS Widow  
9 13/03/1818 Elias JOHN Single Penllyn Eve ROSSER Single  
10 25/04/1818 Elias DAVID Single   Mary REES Single  
11 15/05/1819 Herbert MORDECAI Single   Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
12 05/06/1819 William JENKIN Single   Ann HOWELL Single  
13 13/03/1820 Thomas RICHARDS Widower   Gwenllian JENKINS Single  
14 14/10/1820 Thomas HOWELL Single   Catherine THOMAS Single  
15 07/04/1821 Alexander THOMSON Single Aberdare Ann JONES Single  
16 27/04/1822 William RADCLIFF Single   Jennet PRICE Single  
17 01/06/1822 Christopher EVANS Single Llantrithyd Diana THOMAS Single  
18 23/11/1822 Evan DAVID Single Llantrisant Ann WILLIAMS Single  
19 22/06/1823 Evan THOMAS Single   Margaret MORGAN Single Llanilid
20 13/09/1824 Thomas MORGAN Single   Gwenllian JOHN Single Cowbridge
21 23/09/1824 William JONES Widower   Alice JONES Widow Llansannor
22 27/06/1825 Thomas WILLIAM Single Llantwit Major Mary REES Single  
23 10/09/1825 Jenkin LEWELLYN Widower   Margaret HOPKIN Single  
24 08/10/1825 Thomas LEWELYN Single   Ann EVAN Single  
25 23/12/1826 Thomas THOMAS Single Coychurch Mary THOMAS Single  
26 30/06/1827 William LEWIS Single St Brides Minor Mary HOPKIN Single  
27 28/09/1827 Thomas MORGAN Single   Mary WILLIAM Single  
28 06/10/1827 Thomas LEWIS Widower   Gwenllian DAVID Single  
29 05/11/1827 Richard WILLIAM Single   Ann MORGAN Single  
30 17/05/1828 Edward DAVID Single Coychurch Sarah MATTHEW Single  
31 21/06/1828 Thomas EVANS Single Bettws Jane BASSETT Single  
32 25/12/1828 Howell MORGAN Single Gelligaer Ruth MATTHEWS Single  
33 31/12/1829 Morgan JONES Single Newcastle Mary GRIFFITH Single  
34 25/05/1830 John HOWELL Single Coychurch Catherine THOMAS Single  
35 08/06/1831 John MORGAN Single   Ann OWEN Single Coity
36 18/06/1831 William MATTHEWS Single Ystradowen Mary REES Single  
37 02/06/1832 Edward ROBERTS   St Brides Minor Ann HOPKIN Single  
38 17/06/1832 William WILLIAMS Single   Jennet WILLIAM Widow  
39 30/07/1832 Jacob JENKIN Single   Mary MATTHEW Single  
40 01/10/1832 William DAVIS Widower Llangan Catherine MATTHIES Single  
41 10/12/1832 John JENKIN Single   Margaret HOPKIN Single  
42 11/05/1833 John MORDECAI Single   Margaret MORGAN Single Llansannor
43 20/07/1833 Evan EVANS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single Llangan
44 03/05/1834 George MORT Single   Catherine JENKINS Single  
45 11/07/1834 David TRUMAN Single Llansannor Anne REES Single  
46 20/09/1834 Samuel EVANS Widower Llangan Anne EVANS Single  
47 07/05/1836 David THOMAS Single   Ann DAVIES Single Cowbridge
48 02/11/1836 Richard WATKINS Single Colwinston Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
49 06/05/1837 John BASSETT     Elizabeth GRIFFITH    
50 27/05/1837 John WILLIAMS     Margaret WILLIAMS   Penllyn

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