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Marriages 1754 - 1837
St Fagans St Mary


The Parish

The parish of St Fagans is located in southeastern Glamorgan about 4 miles northwest of the city of Cardiff. Indeed, nowadays, St Fagans has almost been engulfed by the rapidly expanding city and now forms its northwestern edge. St Fagans is sited in the valley of the River Ely and is accessed by minor roads heading northwards from the busy A48 road which transits the conurbation of Cardiff, the new western by-pass runs through the edge of the parish to its west. St Fagans parish was largely dominated by rich pasture land until modern times, the fertile valley giving rich grassland whilst the slopes were somewhat more meagre. Nowadays St Fagans is perhaps more famous as the sight of the Museum of Welsh Life which occupies the castle and grounds to the west of the main village. The "castle" is in fact an Elizabethan house which Pevsner describes as the most important in the county of Glamorgan, the museum is very popular and features examples of Welsh buildings transported to the site and rebuilt there. St Fagans village is largely built along a minor road which runs north from the main road along the valley bottom, it is sited at about 20 metres above sea level (the sea at Cardiff Bay being only 4 miles distant). The parish, in common with most of the parishes of the Vale of Glamorgan, was physically quite small but still supported in the region of 400 parishioners. In common with most of Wales there is no mention of St Fagans in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Mary's church (it is not known when the dedication changed from Fagan) is located at the heart of the village adjacent to the main junction of roads. The church has the standard layout of nave, chancel and western tower but an additional aisle is to the north. Much of the church is from the 14th century although there are features to the nave which extend the age back a couple of centuries. The tower is, however, a much later rebuild (presumably following a collapse). Pevsner is really quite impressed by the 14th century detail describing it as "unmatched for its decorative finesse" within Glamorgan. Like most churches the Victorians got to work and modified and restored much of the building. The church sits in a rounded site which is surely signs of a pre-Christian location. The site is surrounded by a mid-height embattlemented stone wall and accessed through a slate roofed wooden lych gate. The site is devoid of trees although there are some surrounding it making for a rather easy photographic location.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 19th January 1756 - 14th November 1812 Galmorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - NLW/STFAGANS/REGISTER/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 25th October 1813 - 20th April 1837 Galmorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - NLW/STFAGANS/REGISTER/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanilltern St Ellteryn
Pentyrch St Cadwg
Radyr St John the Baptist
Radyr St John the Baptist
Llanilltern St Ellteryn
St Bride's super Ely St Bride
Radyr St John the Baptist
Llandaff St Peter & St Paul
St George's super Ely St George
Michaelston super Ely St Michael
Llandaff St Peter & St Paul
Caerau St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 19/01/1756 John EDWARD     Rachel WILLIAM    
2 17/06/1756 William JOHN   Roath Ann WILLIAM Single  
3 24/08/1756 Morgan HOWEL   Calne, Wiltshire Martha HARRY Single  
4 03/01/1757 David LEWIS   Bonvilston Mary JOHN Widow  
5 27/05/1757 William MORGAN     Jane THOMAS Single  
6 06/02/1758 Llewellyn BEVAN   Llansannor Rebecca LEWIS Single  
7 13/05/1758 Edmond BARKLEY   Roath Joan ROBERT Single  
8 23/05/1758 Edward WILLIAM   St Brides Super Ely Jane WRENCH Single  
9 05/12/1759 David MEYRICK     Mary JOHN Single  
10 13/05/1760 Watkin EVAN   Roath Sarah WATKIN Single  
11 14/05/1761 William JOHN     Jane WILLIAM Single  
12 31/07/1761 John MATHEW     Elinor HENRY    
13 18/05/1762 Charles PHILLIP     Joan CADOCK Single  
14 22/05/1762 Edmund WILLIAMS   Radyr Mary JENKIN Single  
16 12/06/1763 John CARNE   Monknash Eleanor CARNE Single  
17 21/06/1763 Thomas JOHN Single Whitchurch Anne HOWELLS Single  
18 12/06/1764 Richard EDMUNDS     Jane LEWIS Single  
19 07/01/1765 David REED     Anne JONES Single  
21 10/06/1766 Edward RICHARD     Frideswitte WILLIAMS Single  
22 19/02/1767 Morgan EVAN   St Brides Super Ely Anne THOMAS Single  
22 19/02/1767 Morgan EVAN   St Brides Super Ely Anne WRINCH Single  
23 17/08/1767 William RICHARD   Peterston Super Ely Mary ROSSER Single  
24 30/08/1768 David JOHN   Llantrisant Joan WILLIAM Single  
25 20/09/1768 Lewis THOMAS   Llanilltern Mary DAVID Single  
26 01/10/1768 Edward MATTHEW     Anne MILES Single  
27 28/04/1770 Edward MILES     Margaret EVAN Single  
29 05/06/1770 William HARRIS   Llandaff Mary EVAN Single  
20 21/06/1770 Howell THOMAS Single Peterston Super Ely Anne JENKIN Single  
28 21/06/1770 Howell THOMAS Single Peterston Super Ely Anne JENKIN Single  
30 26/06/1771 John HOWELL Widower   Mary DAVID Single  
31 16/05/1772 John WILLIAM Single   Anne LLEWELYN Single  
32 04/04/1774 Henry LEWIS Single Eglwysilan Florence MORGAN Single  
33 09/05/1774 William BADGER Widower St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Mary ROBOTHAM Single  
34 04/12/1774 Oliver ROBOTHAM Single Radyr Cecil JENKINS Single  
35 22/04/1775 Evan EVAN Single Llantrisant Mary WILLIAM Single  
36 01/05/1775 Joseph THOMAS Single   Margarett MORGAN Single  
37 09/05/1775 William JENKINS Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single  
38 12/02/1776 William HOPKIN Single Llandaff Mary EVAN Single  
39 21/05/1776 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth OAKEY Single  
40 14/09/1776 William LEWIS Single   Rachel JONES Single  
41 17/02/1777 Evan THOMAS Single   Mary WADE Single  
42 07/04/1777 Thomas MORGAN Single   Elizabeth DAVID Single  
43 17/08/1777 Thomas CHATTERTON Single Llandaff Mary THOMAS Single  
44 27/12/1777 Lewis HOWELL     Ann LEWELIN    
45 19/07/1778 Evan REES Single St Brides Super Ely Cecil THOMAS Single  
46 12/06/1779 Edward MASON Widower Cardiff Catherine JOHN Single  
47 14/12/1779 Thomas HOWELL Widower St Nicholas Florence LLEWELLIN Single  
48 13/05/1780 Thomas LLEWELYN Single   Joan LLEWELYN Single  
49 15/05/1780 Thomas JOHN Single   Mary WILLIAM Single  
50 18/05/1780 William DAVID Single   Blanch JENKINS Single  
51 30/09/1780 Thomas RICHARD Widower   Catherine LEWELYN Widow  
52 07/05/1781 Thomas JOHN Single   Susan DAVID Single  
53 23/06/1781 John THOMAS Single   Mary JOHN Single  
54 27/10/1781 Thomas WILLIAM Single   Elizabeth BOWEN Single  
55 11/05/1782 Howel MORGAN Widower Llantrisant Mary JENKIN Single  
56 11/05/1782 William JAMES Single   Mary WILLIAM Single  
57 10/05/1783 Thomas THOMAS   Barry Elizabeth LLEWELYN Single  
58 20/04/1784 Edward THOMAS   Margam Mary LLEWELLIN Single  
59 03/07/1784 Richard THOMAS Single   Catherine JOHN Single  
60 20/11/1784 John THOMAS     Alice HUGHSON Single  
61 09/03/1785 David DAVIES Single Wenvoe Mary LEWIS Single  
62 14/05/1785 William FRANCIS Single   Catherine JENKIN Single  
63 21/05/1785 Llewelyn MORRIS   Whitchurch Susanna WILLIAM Single  
64 21/06/1785 Thomas JOHN Single Llandaff Catherine DAVID Single  
65 18/10/1785 John JENKIN     Ann MORGAN Widow  
66 09/06/1786 Jenkin LEWIS Single   Elinor PHILLIP Single  
67 02/05/1787 Evan JOHN Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
68 08/05/1787 Edward LEWIS     Ann JOHN Single  
69 24/08/1787 Thomas FLETCHER Single   Elizabeth MATTHEW Single  
70 29/09/1787 William THOMAS     Grace GIMLETT   Llandaff
71 02/05/1788 Edward JOHN   Radyr Ann LEWIS Single  
72 15/11/1788 Walter LLEWELLIN Single Whitchurch Ann EDWARDS Single  
73 22/04/1789 James ISRAEL Single   Mary HOWELL Widow  
74 16/05/1789 Morgan LLEWELLIN     Margarett HOWELL Single  
75 23/05/1789 Thomas THOMAS     Elizabeth MILES Single Cardiff
76 08/06/1789 David JAMES     Elizabeth DAVID    
77 11/09/1789 Thomas HOWELL   Llantrisant Mary RICHARD    
78 21/11/1789 Thomas LLEWELLIN     Mary MORGAN    
79 15/05/1790 James WILLIAMS     Barbara THOMAS    
80 14/05/1791 Thomas JAMES Single Merthyr Dyfan Mary WILLIAMS Single  
81 21/05/1791 Thomas MILES Widower Pentyrch Ann DAVID Single  
82 29/02/1792 William ROBERT Single Penarth Caroline DAVIS Single  
83 15/05/1792 Nathaniel JONES Single   Joan WILLIAMS Single  
84 30/07/1792 John GIMLET Single Pentyrch Ann GRIFFITH Single  
85 17/11/1792 Thomas JOHN Widower   Catherine DAVID Single  
86 22/02/1794 Thomas GRIFFITH Single   Margaret JENKIN Single  
87 07/05/1794 Richard THOMAS Single   Anne JENKINS Widow  
88 21/07/1794 David THOMAS Single   Hannah TYLER Single  
89 13/12/1794 Morgan MORGAN Single Eglwysilan Catherine DAVID Single  
90 11/05/1795 Thomas DAVID Single   Mary EDWARD Single  
91 23/05/1795 John JENKIN Single Michaelston Super Ely Anne MATTHEW Single  
92 25/07/1795 John MORGAN Single   Anne LEWELLIN Single  
93 16/11/1795 Thomas JOHN Widower   Cecil JOHN Single  
94 28/02/1796 Evan THOMAS Single   Ann MILES Single  
95 01/03/1796 Thomas JENKIN Single   Mary JONES Single  
96 14/05/1796 William PHILIP Single   Margaret MILES Single  
97 20/05/1797 David CADWGAN Single Peterston Super Ely Elizabeth WILLIAM Single  
98 01/07/1797 Evan HOPKINS Single St Brides Super Ely Ann JENKINS Single  
99 07/08/1798 Charles STENNER Single St Decumans, Somerset Margarett LACY Single  
100 22/09/1798 Charles ATKINS     Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
101 01/06/1799 Lewely JAMES Single Llanmaes Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
102 10/08/1799 Edward WILLIAMS Widower   Mary DAVID Single  
103 10/05/1800 William ROWTON Single   Mary DAVID Single  
104 17/08/1800 John MILES Widower   Mary MATHEW Single  
105 02/11/1800 William CHARLES Single   Rachel THOMAS Single  
106 26/12/1800 Charles DANIEL Widower   Jane EDWARD Single  
107 27/04/1801 John WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth PRANCH Single  
108 02/08/1801 Joe THOMAS Single   Jane LEWELLYN Single  
109 03/07/1802 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
110 20/11/1802 Francis MORGAN Single Monks Wood, Monmouthshire Elizabeth JENKINS Single  
111 18/12/1802 John GIBBON Single   Anne JENKIN Single  
112 08/02/1803 William MORGAN Single Wenvoe Anne FRANK Single  
113 06/03/1803 James HOWEL Single   Jane RICHARD Single  
114 12/03/1803 William EDMOND Single   Margaret MORGAN Single  
115 21/05/1803 Thomas JAMES Single Michaelston Super Ely Elizabeth THOMAS Widow  
116 03/07/1803 Howel ELIAS Single Llangattwg, Breconshire Mary WILLIAM Single  
117 17/05/1804 Evan DAVID   Peterston Super Ely Margaret JOHN    
118 07/07/1804 William MILES Single   Anne THOMAS Single  
119 13/08/1804 James WILLIAM Single St Andrews Major Cecil MORGAN Single  
120 18/08/1804 William FORDE Single   Mary RICHARD Single  
121 09/05/1805 William SCOURFIELD Single   Elizabeth MILES Single  
122 16/05/1805 Lewis FRANK Single   Mary JOHN Single  
123 21/01/1806 Morgan STURRICK Single Radyr Jane WILLIAMS Single  
124 08/02/1806 Jenkin MORGAN Widower Llantrisant Margaret BRANCH Single  
23/03/1806 Phillip EVAN Single   Cecil MORGAN Single  
10/05/1806 James JAMES Single   Ann BASSET Single  
21/11/1806 Thomas THOMAS Single   Anne PHILIPS Single  
29/11/1806 John WILLIAMS Single Radyr Mary PHILIPS Single  
12/06/1807 Thomas JOHN Single   Anne EVANS Single  
29/09/1807 James ROBERTS Single St Georges Super Ely Anne HOPKINS Single  
30/07/1808 Richard HULE Widower St Georges Super Ely Blanch HOWEL Single  
03/06/1809 Edmund THOMAS Single Llanilltern Margaret HUMPHREYS Single  
14/06/1809 John BARTON Single   Susannah MOODY Single  
05/08/1809 William MILWARD Single Pentyrch Martha PHILIP Single  
10/09/1809 David MORGAN Single   Mary HOWE Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex
15/11/1809 John ROBERT Single St Andrews Major Mary HOWEL Single  
17/03/1810 David JENKIN Single Michaelston Super Ely Elizabeth WILLIAM Single  
14/04/1810 Philip MORGAN Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
19/05/1810 Evan MORGAN Single   Eleanor RICHARD Single  
05/06/1810 Thomas PHILIP Single   Anne WILLIAM Single  
13/04/1811 Phillip RICHARD Single   Anne SUG Single  
11/05/1811 Thomas JOHN Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
30/11/1811 Evan FRANK Widower   Margaret HUMPHRY Widow  
04/03/1812 Richard THOMAS Widower   Mary JONES Single  
04/07/1812 William JENKINS Widower   Anne THOMAS Single  
14/11/1812 Thomas HUMFREY Single   Mary JOHN Single Pentyrch
14/11/1812 David THOMAS Single   Mary FRANKLYN Single  
1 25/10/1813 Richard GEORGE Widower Usk, Monmouthshire Ann SHEPARD Single  
3 03/05/1814 Evan DAVID Single   Mary HARRY Single  
4 05/05/1814 Richard DAVIES Single Wenvoe Mary BEVAN Single  
5 17/05/1814 David JONES Single   Anne LLEWELYN Single  
6 02/07/1814 Thomas LEWIS Widower Cardiff Mary THOMAS Single  
7 13/12/1814 John PRICHARD Single Usk, Monmouthshire Cecil JENKINS Single  
8 06/05/1815 Philip JOHN Single   Anne RICHARD Single  
9 05/08/1815 Thomas THOMAS Single St Brides Super Ely Anne JAMES Single  
10 27/12/1815 Elias FLANDERS Single Llandaff Mary JOHN Single  
11 04/05/1816 Thomas REES Single   Anne FRANK Single  
12 24/05/1817 James ELLIS Single Michaelston Super Ely Mary THOMAS Single  
13 19/06/1817 Henry Charles MORGAN Single   Maria PEARSON    
14 11/11/1817 Thomas GRIFFITH Single Wenvoe Anne JAMES Single  
15 06/08/1818 David DAVIES Single Merthyr Tydfil Mary JONES Single  
16 02/10/1819 Thomas MILLWARD Single   Anne WILLIAM Single  
17 12/04/1820 John HAWKER Single Lavernock Mary MATTHEWS Single  
18 16/08/1821 Edward THOMAS   Whitchurch Elizabeth MORGAN    
19 17/01/1822 Edward BEAVAN Single Llandaff Anna OATRIDGE Single  
20 14/02/1822 John HAWKINS Single Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire Ellen OATRIDGE Single  
21 17/05/1822 Daniel JONES Single   Ann OATRIDGE Single  
22 01/06/1822 Thomas JOSEPH Single Llanishen Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
23 16/11/1822 Abraham CULVERWELL Single   Anne PERRINS    
24 16/07/1823 William ATKINS Single   Jane JOHN Single  
25 20/09/1823 Benjamin PREGG Single Cardiff Jane PAYNE Single  
26 22/11/1823 John EVAN Single   Charlotte ATKINS Single  
27 20/12/1823 Thomas JOHN Widower   Amy THOMAS Widow  
28 13/11/1824 William GRIFFITH Single   Mary MORGAN Widow  
29 16/03/1825 Thomas THOMAS Single   Lucy DAVID Single  
30 09/05/1825 Thomas EARL Single St Brides Super Ely Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
31 14/05/1825 Thomas DAVID Single   Caroline STONE Single  
32 25/05/1825 Hugh WILLIAMS Single Llandaff Mary THOMAS Single  
33 19/11/1825 Thomas HOWEL Single Whitchurch Elizabeth HARMAN Single  
34 04/02/1826 Thomas ROSSER Single Radyr Sarah PAINE Single  
35 22/04/1826 Edward JENKIN Single Cardiff Sarah WILLIAM Single  
36 19/06/1826 John JENKINS Single Bonvilston Rachel LEWELYN Single  
37 06/05/1827 William LOCK Single   Rachel HARDING Single  
38 09/05/1827 Evan EDMOND Single   Mary MILES Single  
39 20/03/1828 William REES Widower   Amy JOHN Widow St Nicholas
40 05/04/1828 Edward JAMES Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
41 10/05/1828 Thomas EVANS Single Pentyrch Maria DAVID Single  
42 24/05/1828 John JONES Single   Margaret LEWELYN Single  
43 19/08/1828 John Clough JONES Single   Mary OATRIDGE Single  
44 18/02/1829 Thomas ATKINS Single   Cecil EVANS Single  
45 14/09/1829 Joseph BRIDGMAN Single   Mary LEWELYN Single  
46 30/03/1830 Daniel DAVIS Single Aberystruth, Monmouthshire Lydia JONES Single  
47 11/10/1830 Rees EUSTANCE Widower   Sarah THOMAS Widow  
48 07/05/1831 Thomas LEWELYN Single   Jane PHILIPS Single  
49 05/10/1831 Henry EATON Single Newcastle Rachel COSLETT Single  
50 04/06/1832 Thomas THOMAS Single St Brides Super Ely Mary HARMAN Single  
51 07/11/1832 Horatio BECK Single   Mary Anne LLOYD Single Cardiff
52 27/05/1833 William REES Single St Lythans Mary MORGAN Single  
53 06/12/1833 Thomas MORGAN Single Llantwit Fardre Anne JONES Single  
54 15/02/1834 Thomas JENKIN Single   Anne THOMAS Single  
55 10/05/1834 William JOHN Single Whitchurch Jane EDMONDS Single  
56 29/10/1834 William WILLIAMS Single   Martha MILES Single  
57 17/11/1834 Morgan GRIFFITH Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
58 15/10/1836 Joseph LEWELYN Single   Jennette GIBBON Single  
59 15/11/1836 John ATKINS Widower   Johanna HANKS Single  
60 10/12/1836 John WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth JENKINS Single  
61 20/04/1837 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Wenvoe Blanch HARRIS Single  

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