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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ystradowen St Owain


The Parish

The parish of Ystradowen lies in southern central Glamorgan on the southern edges of the Vale of Glamorgan and roughly 3 miles northeast of the market town of Cowbridge. Ystradowen sits on the A4222 road which connects Cowbridge with Llantrisant. Ystradowen is a small and compact village with most properties alongside the A4222 or in adjacent lanes. Ystradowen has a long history, a 10th century residence of the Prince of Glamorgan, an 11th century battle site between Saxons & Britons and an early 12th century site of a Norman motte, which shows of having been abandoned unfinished. Like many parishes of the Vale of Glamorgan, Ystradowen's economy would have been underpinned by pastoral farming of both cattle, in the main, and sheep. Modern developments temporarily came to Ystradowen, a branch rail line linking Cowbridge and Llantrisant has disappeared and been dismantled. Ystradowen is drained northeastwards by the Nant Dyfrgi which soon reached the Afon Elaf and turns back south to reach the outer Bristol Channel through Cardiff Bay. Ystradowen is sited at around 60 metres above the sea in moderately undulating countryside where local hills reach 130 metres on nearby Mynydd y Fforest. Ystradowen parish was fairly typically sized for the Vale, covering close to 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of close to 200 parishioners. Like most of wales Ystradowen, despite that moote, is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Owain's church sits just west of the A4222 at the southern end of the village where a lane turns left towards Llansannor. Sadly this is not some medieval masterpiece but largely a copy of its predecessor and built between 1865 & 1868 to replace the former church in which these marriages took place. Strangely the builders & architect decided to largely copy the design of the church they replaced, building in a 13th century Early English Gothic style and even replicating the unusual saddle-backed roof-line of the previous church's western tower. Despite being a relatively modern church Pevsner praises its faithfulness to replicating that prior church. The entrance to the churchyard, through local stone walling, sits barely 50 metres into the lane and parking may be sought with the White Lion Inn at the junction. The churchyard is open and uncluttered with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
17th June 1757 - 4th January 1812
Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - NLW/YSTRADOWEN/REGISTER/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 7th May 1814 - 12th June 1837 Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - NLW/YSTRADOWEN/REGISTER/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanharry St Illtyd
Llanharry St Illtyd
Llantrisant St Illtyd, St Wonno & St Dyfodwg
Llansannor St Senwyr
Llanbleddian St John the Baptist
Welsh St Donats St Donat
Llanbleddian St John the Baptist
Welsh St Donats St Donat
Welsh St Donats St Donat

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
5 17/06/1757 Daniel DAVID Single Llanbleddian Gwenllian THOMAS Single
4 26/11/1757 Evan BEVAN Llantrisant Gwenllian WILLIAM
6 05/12/1758 John MORGAN Single Gwenllian MATTHEW Single
7 12/05/1760 Jenkin MORGAN Llantrisant Jennet MORGAN
8 08/08/1761 William LEWIS Catherine WILLIAM
9 01/09/1763 Thomas MORGAN Single Cowbridge Mary JONES Single
10 15/09/1763 William HARRY Single Cecilia ROGERS Single Swansea
11 26/09/1763 John MORGAN Widower Anne DAVID Single Welsh St Donats
12 04/05/1765 Henry DAVID Single Llanharry Elizabeth JOHN Single
13 01/09/1766 Thomas RICHARD Single Llantrisant Mary THOMAS Widow
14 07/02/1767 Edmond DAVID Single Anne JAMES Single
15 17/08/1767 Evan DAVID Single Catherine THOMAS Single
16 18/09/1767 William MORGAN Widower Anne DAVID Single
17 12/11/1768 Grant GIBBON Widower Llanbleddian Catherine POWER Widow
18 28/11/1768 Thomas THOMAS Single Gwenllian HARRIS Single
19 28/11/1768 William DAVID Single Jane BEVAN Single Llanbleddian
20 03/12/1768 Matthew HICKS Single Mary HENRY Single
21 22/12/1768 Robert THOMAS Single Llanbleddian Anne WILLIAM Single
21 22/12/1768 Robert THOMAS Single Llanbleddian Anne LLOYD Single
22 30/03/1769 Thomas WILLIAM Single Jane THOMAS Single
23 30/03/1769 Daniel DAVID Widower Anne EDWARD Widow
24 02/01/1772 James BIGGS Single Leigh On Mendip, Somerset Peggy WILLIAMS Single
25 20/02/1772 David GRIFFITH Single Llantrisant Martha BUCKNELL Single
26 09/07/1772 William THOMAS Widower Elizabeth WILLIAM Single
27 30/07/1772 Thomas ANDREW Single St Brides Major Mary MORGAN Single
28 03/12/1772 Robert ARNOTT Margaret DAVID
29 19/04/1773 William DAVID Single Ann DAVID Single
30 31/03/1775 Edward WILLIAM Single Pentyrch Margaret DAVID Single
31 03/06/1775 David JONES Single Llanbleddian Catherine MATTHEWS Single
32 16/08/1775 Evan DAVID Single Elizabeth JOHN Single
33 20/03/1776 George TUDOR Widower Llanbleddian Phebe JENKIN Widow
34 29/03/1778 William FELTON Single Mary MEASEY Single
35 06/02/1779 Jonathan MEASY Single Ann THOMAS Single
36 08/12/1780 Thomas MORGAN Single Cowbridge Eleanor DAVIES Single
37 14/11/1782 John SHERRA Widower Jane DAVID Single
38 13/07/1783 John HUGHSON Single Llantwit Major Margaret HARRY Single
39 24/05/1784 Thomas DAVID Widower Coychurch Elizabeth DAVID Single
40 07/03/1785 Edward LEWIS Single St Hilary Jane DAVID Single
41 26/06/1785 George BASSETTE Single Welsh St Donats Christiana MATTHEW Single
42 12/05/1787 Joseph SANT Widower Llanbleddian Amy WILLIAMS Single
43 02/07/1787 William MILES Widower Mary HARRY Single
44 26/05/1788 Jenkin LLEWELLYN Single Jane JENKIN Single
45 17/06/1788 Thomas THOMAS Single Llansannor Mary MATTHEW Single
46 20/06/1789 John JENKIN Single Llansannor Mary DAVID Single
47 03/09/1789 George WILLIAMS Single Sarah JONES Single
48 15/02/1790 Evan LLEWELLYN Single Welsh St Donats Mary WILLIAM Single
49 24/12/1792 Jacob MORGAN Single Jane WILLIAM Single
50 21/04/1794 Edward HOWE Single Cecil JOHN Single
51 26/04/1794 Samuel DAVID Single Radyr Gwenllian DAVID Single
52 14/05/1794 Francis JONES Single Llanbleddian Catherine LLEWELLYN Single
53 26/08/1794 Evan MATTHEW Widower Mary WILLIAMS Single
54 25/10/1794 Watkin POWELL Single Cantref, Breconshire Mary WILLIAMS Single
55 14/05/1796 William JOHN Single Mary LEWIS Single
56 25/02/1797 William DAVID Single Llanharan Jennet WILLIAM Single
57 20/03/1797 Rowland THOMAS Widower Hannah WATKIN Single
58 08/07/1797 Jonathan MEASY Widower Llanbleddian Mary WILLIAM Single
59 02/06/1798 John THOMAS Single Jennet WILLIAM Single
60 17/05/1800 William THOMAS Single Welsh St Donats Mary THOMAS
61 28/06/1800 Morgan THOMAS Single Welsh St Donats Jane JOHN Single
62 12/05/1801 John THOMAS Single Llanbleddian Ann THOMAS
63 30/06/1801 William THOMAS Single Hannah THOMAS Widow
64 18/12/1801 William DAVID Single Welsh St Donats Ann MORGAN Single
65 04/05/1803 Thomas LEWIS Penllyn Margaret MORGAN
66 18/12/1803 David THOMAS Margaret WILLIAMS Widow
67 09/11/1805 John THOMAS Single Catherine MEAZY Single
68 15/02/1806 John ROWLAND Single Eglwysilan Jane JOHN Single
69 03/06/1809 John RICHARD Single Llanharry Mary MORGAN Single
70 23/11/1809 Edward TROLEY Single Rosina ROBINSON Single
71 03/09/1810 William MILES Single Jane JOHN Single
72 26/08/1811 Traherne TRAHERNE Single Gwenllian JOHN Single
73 04/01/1812 William JENKIN Single Llanharry Jane WILLIAMS Single
1 07/05/1814 William SANT Welsh St Donats Mary JOHN
2 28/06/1814 John WILLIAMS Single Cowbridge Jane EVANS Single
3 18/05/1815 William THOMAS Single Llanharan Mary TRAHERNE Single
4 17/06/1815 Thomas HOPKIN Single Welsh St Donats Anne WATTS Single
5 25/05/1816 Robert DAVID Single Mary HARRIES Single
6 23/07/1816 Thomas THOMAS Single Coity Elizabeth MATTHEWS Single
7 11/01/1817 Thomas JOHN Single Mary ROBERTS Single
8 01/11/1817 John THOMAS Single Llantrisant Catharine EVAN Single
9 20/11/1817 Evan RODERICK Single Llantrisant Elizabeth WATTS Single
10 05/01/1818 William SPENCER Widower Llanbleddian Mary MORGAN Single
11 01/07/1820 William DAVID Single Penmark Margaret MORGAN Single
12 08/07/1820 William REES Single Llanharry Charlotte JENKIN Single
13 26/05/1821 Lewelyn YORATH Single Llanharry Mary HARRIES Single
14 18/08/1821 Morgan REES Charlotte RICHARD Single
15 09/05/1822 Henry YORATH Single Llanharry Ann MATHEWS Single
16 12/06/1822 John Fraunceis GRIFFITH Widower Catherine WILLIAMS Single
17 29/07/1822 Edward DAVID Single Llansannor Margaret MORGAN Single
18 17/05/1823 Lewelyn ROBERT Single Llantrisant Ann MORGAN Single
19 07/06/1823 Morgan HARRY Single Llantrisant Mary THOMAS Single
20 15/07/1823 David HOWELLS Widower Mary JENKINS Single
21 26/11/1823 Thomas ADAMS Widower Llanbleddian Margaret WATTS Single
22 07/09/1825 James MORGAN Widower Llantrisant Catherine HOWELL Single
23 04/02/1826 Thomas JOHN Widower Mary MORGAN Single
24 06/05/1826 David DAVID Single Cescil WILLIAMS Single
25 13/05/1826 John GIBBON Widower Pendoylan Margaret EVANS Single
26 16/05/1826 John MORGAN Single Ann THOMAS Single
27 01/07/1826 William HOWELL Single Hannah HOPKINS Single
28 24/02/1827 Samuel DAVIES Single Elizabeth WILLIAMS Widow Llanbleddian
29 24/02/1827 Thomas JAMES Single Barbara RHYS Single
30 20/03/1827 David JOHN Single Elizabeth EVAN Single
31 28/04/1827 John JOHN Single Welsh St Donats Jane THOMAS Single
32 15/12/1827 Thomas JOHN Single Llansannor Mary THOMAS Single
33 13/06/1829 William HARRY Peterston Super Ely Catherine MATTHEWS Single
34 28/04/1831 William THOMAS Single Welsh St Donats Susannah WILLIAMS Single
35 16/07/1831 Daniel LEWIS Single Llantrisant Anne EVANS Single
36 08/10/1831 Ebenezer WILLIAMS Single Llantrisant Margaret MATHEWS Single
37 05/05/1832 Thomas POWELL Single Welsh St Donats Jennet MATHEWS Single
38 20/07/1833 Richard PHILLIP Single Llantrisant Mary DAVID Single
39 01/01/1837 William WILLIAMS Single Llantwit Fardre Anne WILLIAMS Single
40 12/06/1837 David JOHN Single Pendoylan Mary JOHN Single

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