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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ebrington St Eadburga


The Parish

The parish of Ebrington is located in the extreme northeast of the county of Gloucestershire indeed it forms part of the rather fretted border with not only Warwickshire (a detached parish) but also Worcestershire. In this corner the three counties boundaries (prior to 1974 reorganisation) were rather complicated. Ebrington is sited about 2 miles north of the market town of Chipping Campden and is located on a lane which lies to the north and parallel with the B4035 which connects Chipping Campden to the Worcestershire market town of Shipston on Stour. This is Cotswold Hills country par excellence, a rolling limestone set of hills that stretch all the way from the southern Midlands down to the border with Somerset. Ebrington is mainly built with the honey-coloured stone characteristic of the district and is rather "picture-postcard" as a result. In former times this was sheep country with their wool making the area wealthy, nowadays there is a growing proportion under arable though it suits the stony soils less without modern fertiliser support. Ebrington is sited at around 150 metres above sea level although land rises to the north to Ebrington Hill at 259 metres it is quite a local eminence. The drainage is largely heading south then east to form part of headwaters of the River Stour a tributary of the Avon. The parish was substantial, at 2,800 acres, and supported around 550 parishioners. In Domesday times, too, this was a substantially wealthy parish supporting 18 ploughs and 2 mills all was held by one William Goizenboded.

The Church

St Eadburga's church is sited to the west of the village centre, accessed along a walled footpath from the triangular village green. The church has three basic ages, the oldest being the nave which shows the original building as having been begun in the immediate post-Conquest period. The nave shows many Norman features including diaper work and chevron moulding. The next period, 13th century, covers both the south aisle added to the nave and towards the end of that century the chancel. The final addition was the western tower added during the Perpendicular building period that characterises much of the Cotswolds. As usual the Victorian's got to work with their restorations but thankfully here their touch was lighter than most. The church sits in a well-wooded graveyard which is largely put to rough grass, part being preserved as a nature reserve. A tranquil setting thanks to the long access route from the village.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 15th September 1754 - 15th December 1803 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P131/IN/1/5
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 13th April 1804 - 5th November 1811 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P131/IN/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 9th February 1813 - 6th February 1837 Gloucestershire Archives Bishop's Transcripts as loose leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register covering this period has either been lost or retained by the parish, the entries here were retrieved from the extant BTs, the quality is poor leading to a likelihood of a few misreads and the year 1814 is missing

Mickleton St Lawrence
Mickleton St Lawrence
Ilmington St Mary, Warwickshire
Ilmington St Mary, Warwickshire
Mickleton St Lawrence
Chipping Campden St James
Ilmington St Mary, Warwickshire
Stretton on the Foss St Peter, Warwickshire
Chipping Campden St James
Blockley St Peter & St Paul, Worcestershire
Stretton on the Foss St Peter, Warwickshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
26/02/1754 Edward DAVIS   Pebworth Hannah POWEL   Pebworth
24/03/1754 Edward MAN   Pebworth Bridget WEAER   Pebworth
15/09/1754 Thomas PAINE   Combrook, Warwickshire Jane BARNESLY    
24/07/1755 Proctor SANSOM   Ilmington, Warwickshire Sarah RIGHTON    
25/07/1755 William LLOYD   Blockley, Worcestershire Elizabeth PROCTER    
21/09/1755 Edward WILLIAMS     Mary HODGKINS    
09/11/1755 John STANDLEY     Mary WESTON    
04/12/1755 James HOWEL     Anne BATCHELOUR    
30/01/1756 Thomas BOOKER     Mary KITE   Quinton
23/02/1756 William SMITH     Ursula FREEMAN    
22/02/1757 Thomas ADKINS     Mary CHADBURN    
27/03/1757 John PARNEL     Susannah PHILLIPS    
13/04/1757 Thomas MOORE     Margaret READ    
16/04/1757 John BAYLIS     Anne BURROWS   Ilmington, Warwickshire
29/06/1757 John TURBIT     Anne TAYLER    
01/07/1757 John HIROM     Elizabeth JONES    
06/02/1758 William MANDER   Todenham Mary WARKMAN    
19/05/1758 John BOOKER     Margaret WOOLASTON    
07/06/1758 John HAWKS     Susannah TAYLOR    
25/01/1759 John WESTON     Mary PURSER    
06/02/1759 Richard GREGG     Margaret NESBIT    
29/05/1759 John ROBERTS     Elizabeth FREEMAN    
20/10/1759 Anthony BALL     Mary DYER    
07/11/1759 Richard TERRY     Sarah CARTER    
01/12/1759 Thomas FREEMAN     Mary AUKER    
03/12/1759 John KEELY     Anne BOOKER    
02/02/1761 Edward COX     Ruth WILLIAMS    
02/03/1761 John YATES   Longborough Elizabeth HARRIOTT    
03/03/1761 John GIBBS   Todenham Mary CARTER    
26/12/1761 William WARD Single   Ann HAINS Single Buckland
11/01/1762 William STEPHENS     Elizabeth PARNELL    
10/04/1762 Richard MARTIN     Eglingtine WESTON    
13/04/1762 Edward SOLEY   Blockley, Worcestershire Mary STOCK Single  
04/07/1762 Thomas FLETCHER     Mary KEMING    
27/03/1763 William TAYLOR     Mary SANSSUM    
06/04/1763 Richard COX     Elizabeth FLETCHER    
05/06/1763 Richard PUSSER     Hesther STOCK    
27/10/1763 Samuel KEYT     Elizabeth CHARLWOOD    
06/11/1763 William KEELEY     Mary CARTER    
27/02/1764 John ROBINS     Mary BATCHELOR    
01/05/1764 John KEYTE     Elizabeth CORMEL    
04/06/1764 William CARTER     Joan ARCH    
25/09/1764 Robert BURROUGHS   Ilmington, Warwickshire Elizabeth HARWOOD    
01/11/1764 Thomas NEWMAN     Hannah POOL    
04/07/1765 William HALL   Bourton On The Hill Eleanor CORMEL    
28/07/1765 Samuel BARNSLEY     Susannah BEAL Widow Chipping Campden
01/08/1765 John STANDLEY   Blockley, Worcestershire Mary PROCTOR    
16/09/1765 John BAYLIS   Whitchurch, Warwickshire Mary TINSON    
04/10/1765 Richard TURNER     Mary WILLIS    
30/10/1765 William HARWOOD     Alice HARRISON    
09/02/1766 William CORMEL     Dolly YARNAL    
08/11/1766 John TAYLOR   Saintbury Mary GREEN    
13/06/1767 James SHARPE   Moreton In The Marsh Hannah WESTON    
13/07/1767 Henry ROBERTS     Susannah UNIT    
19/01/1768 Thomas WILKES   Offenham, Worcestershire Elizabeth HARTWELL    
09/05/1768 Peter UNIT     Elizabeth GOODING    
07/06/1768 William RYLAND     Hannah UNIT    
10/10/1768 Thomas GREEN     Elizabeth JAMES    
05/11/1768 John LAMPIT     Mary TIDSALL    
14/11/1768 Joseph MILES     Mary ROBBINS    
27/11/1770 Richard EMMS     Hannah FLETCHER    
24/12/1771 John BLAKEMAN     Mary TUSTINS    
26/07/1772 William BEASLEY     Hannah WILKINS    
01/08/1772 Joseph HALLS     Mary REEVES    
27/10/1772 Richard SMITH     Hannah LOYD    
10/01/1773 William RYLAND     Elizabeth KEYT    
20/02/1773 Thomas ROBERTS     Anne GIBBS    
10/03/1773 Henry PROCTOR     Susannah DARK    
18/05/1773 George PICKRING     Mary FLETCHER    
28/06/1773 John HOWE     Elizabeth SEERS    
03/07/1773 William IBBS     Susanna ROBERTS    
18/07/1773 William MONDAY     Mary BIRD    
22/08/1773 William HARRIOTT     Sarah MORRISS    
20/11/1774 Thomas HARROD     Rebecca SMITH    
27/11/1774 William WIDDOWS     Elizabeth HARDIMAN    
13/01/1775 John PHIPPS     Mary DEE    
14/09/1775 Samuel SMITH     Martha RIGHTON    
17/10/1775 Robert LOADER     Elizabeth COX    
26/01/1776 James GREGG     Jane GREEN    
05/08/1776 William WEBB     Sarah BIRD    
05/10/1776 Richard HUDLAND     Anne WILKINS    
29/03/1777 William HOBBINS     Elizabeth TIDSALL    
16/07/1777 John STEVENS     Hannah YOUNG    
04/09/1777 John WILLIS     Mary KEYT    
02/12/1777 John KEYT     Mary WELLS    
12/05/1778 Edward WILLIAMS     Alice TIMMS    
05/07/1778 Ralph ALCOCK     Anne DAVIS    
01/10/1778 Richard FLETCHER     Murail SMITH    
19/11/1778 Anthony HYATT     Sarah BOOKER    
24/11/1778 William EDEN   Stow On The Wold Hannah PARTRIDGE    
21/02/1779 John EDWARDS     Hannah HUDSON    
25/02/1779 Jonathan EWINS     Sarah COURT    
30/06/1779 William GIBBS     Dolly CORMELL Widow  
11/09/1779 Robert HAINS     Elizabeth SAVAGE    
13/03/1780 John GIBBS     Elizabeth FINCH    
20/03/1780 Thomas JONES     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
02/07/1780 Thomas JARVIS     Mary COLLICOTT    
02/07/1780 Thomas JERVIS     Mary LOCKETT    
24/07/1780 William FREEMAN     Mary PARSONS    
21/08/1780 John DAY     Mary SEERS    
25/11/1780 Thomas TAYLOR     Elizabeth HEWINS    
03/07/1782 George PICKERILL     Sarah LOCKET    
14/11/1782 John NICHOLS     Jane CHURN    
22/07/1783 Thomas ROBINSON     Mary COOK    
10/08/1783 Samuel WELLS     Mary WILLIAMS    
25/07/1784 John HALL     Sukey SMITH    
16/10/1785 Charles COX     Sarah KEELEY    
08/03/1786 William LONG     Elizabeth SMITH    
20/05/1786 William WYATT     Hannah WESTON    
28/08/1786 Thomas BROADWAY     Mary JARVIS    
26/09/1786 Thomas GREEN     Alice WILLIAMS    
07/11/1786 Samuel KEYT     Martha WESTON    
14/12/1786 William WELLS     Ann LAYFIELD    
05/03/1787 Richard SOUTHAM     Mary PERREY    
03/04/1787 John ROBBINS     Elizabeth BEAL    
09/09/1787 Joseph SMITH     Anne OAKLEY    
25/09/1787 John PARKER     Anne KEELEY    
22/01/1788 Richard WILKINS     Anne PARNELL    
31/03/1788 Joseph TANNOR     Hannah CARTER    
04/08/1788 Ambrose GEE     Sarah KNOTT    
15/10/1788 William FINCH     Anne SYMONDS    
03/11/1788 William NEWMAN     Mary BARBER    
03/11/1788 William RAWLIN     Anne CORK    
24/12/1788 Richard WEBB     Mary PROCTER    
27/04/1789 Richard ANDREWS     Hannah HIRON    
09/06/1789 John TAUNTON     Mary SMITH    
26/10/1789 John BUMPUS     Mary PROCTER    
16/02/1790 Thomas BOOKER     Ann YARNELL    
05/04/1790 Richard HARISON     Mary DICKSON    
06/10/1791 William MORRIS     Elizabeth SMITH    
02/11/1791 William YARNOLD     Lucy SOUTHAM    
19/07/1792 John HOPKINS     Mary CORMAL    
14/02/1793 Richard WHISTLER Single   Elizabeth HIRON Single  
01/04/1793 John ALCOCK     Mary HARRIS    
24/01/1794 John WELLS   Mickleton Margaret BOOKER    
14/10/1794 Thomas WILKES     Sarah CARTER    
13/11/1794 John WEBB     Hannah CORNBELL    
24/03/1795 Samuel HEYTE     Hannah SOUTHAM    
23/08/1795 William COLLINS   Blockley, Worcestershire Anne EDWARDS    
29/12/1796 William GREEN     Hannah SMITH    
30/01/1797 William EDEN     Martha GREEN    
25/05/1797 George PICKERILL     Sarah WEBB    
04/12/1797 John HANCORN     Susannah TAYLOR    
16/05/1799 William SOLLICE     Ann FLETCHER    
14/01/1800 William YOUNG     Elizabeth ROBINS    
27/03/1800 Michael WESTERN     Mary SOUTHAM    
15/06/1800 Francis HALL     Hannah BOOKER    
18/06/1800 George RUSSELL     Elizabeth WILKINS    
04/02/1801 William SMITH     Mary KEELEY    
02/11/1801 Thomas HOBBINS     Elizabeth GIBBS    
26/11/1801 Thomas SMITH     Ann BALDWIN    
19/04/1802 Richard SMITH     Elizabeth BROWN    
25/05/1802 William NEWMAN     Anne JARVICE    
21/06/1802 Joseph BOOKER     Mary DAY    
31/01/1803 William FLETCHER     Martha YOUNG    
28/02/1803 Robert MASON     Mary CROSS    
07/11/1803 John PHILIPS     Mary KEYT    
08/11/1803 William ROBERTS     Sarah HOBBINS    
15/12/1803 John AZLEWOOD     Susanna PROCTER    
1 13/04/1804 John PHILIPS   Tredington Susan SMITH    
2 15/05/1804 John HOLMES     Anne MILLS    
3 23/10/1804 John ROBERTS     Sarah WESSON    
4 15/11/1804 Joseph KNIGHT     Sarah HOPKINS    
5 04/06/1805 John CORBETT Single   Elizabeth EDEN Single  
6 15/07/1805 Thomas MORRIS     Sarah PROCTER    
7 25/07/1805 William EDGINGTON   Wolford, Warwickshire Ann GIBBS    
8 28/09/1805 Thomas HARRIS Single Evesham, Worcestershire Elizabeth SOUTHAM Single  
9 28/10/1805 Joseph NEWETT     Sophia ANDREWS    
10 29/10/1805 Joseph KEELY     Ann BURTON    
11 13/04/1806 George BATCHELOR     Mary SMITH    
12 04/10/1806 John GOLDICOTT     Elizabeth SAVAGE    
13 11/12/1806 Abraham STANLEY Single Snowshill Mary ABLITS Single  
14 25/01/1807 Thomas EDKINS   Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire Elizabeth HALE    
15 16/08/1807 William TAYLOR     Ann NEWMAN    
16 16/08/1807 John GIBBS     Mary BARRIT    
17 05/11/1807 Stephen BREWER Single   Sarah JARVIS Single  
18 10/11/1807 William WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth WEBB    
19 10/10/1808 Thomas SMITH   Ilmington, Warwickshire Hannah RIGHTON    
20 13/12/1808 William BETRIDGE   Burmington, Warwickshire Elizabeth SMITH    
21 05/02/1811 William WYATT   Ilmington, Warwickshire Mary PROCTOR    
22 06/12/1811 Thomas COX     Sarah CARTER    
23 02/01/1812 Thomas WALTON     Ann SMITH    
24 02/04/1812 Thomas JARVIS     Hannah CARTER    
25 23/05/1812 John PICKERING     Sarah KEELEY    
26 19/10/1812 Edward EDKINS     Ann WATERS    
27 05/11/1812 John HANCOCK   Mickleton Mary KEYTE    
1 09/02/1813 Thomas PARNEL     Mary ALCOCK    
1 26/07/1813 Francis William WESTON     Susanna GIBBS    
2 08/11/1813 James HARRISS   Blockley, Worcestershire Sarah HALE    
10 29/05/1815 James MANNERS   Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire Mary ALCOCK    
11 23/10/1815 James GREGG     Anne LESTER    
12 09/11/1815 Robert TAYLOR     Mary LESTER    
13 21/11/1815 Joseph RIGHTON     Susannah KEYTE    
15 23/08/1816 Robert DAVIS     Elizabeth RIGHTON    
16 20/01/1817 John CROSSLEY     Elizabeth SMITH    
17 06/10/1817 William HARDIMAN     Eleanor NICHOLS    
18 13/10/1817 James TIDMARSH     Elizabeth CROSSLEY    
19 14/10/1817 William BARNETT   Mickleton Alice JONES    
20 14/04/1818 William CANNING   Preston On Stour Ann GIBBS    
21 21/07/1818 Robert MARSHALL   Blockley, Worcestershire Anne DEE    
22 28/04/1819 John MARSHALL   Blockley, Worcestershire Hannah DEE    
23 10/07/1819 John GEORGE Single Clifford Chambers Sarah SMITH Single  
24 08/12/1819 John BUMPUS Single   Mary Ann GREENAWAY Single  
25 08/03/1820 Charles SOUTHAM Single   Ann RIGHTON Single  
26 08/03/1820 James RIGHTON Single   Ann KEYTE Single  
27 01/08/1820 Thomas GREEN Widower   Sarah CORMELL Single  
28 30/05/1821 John CLARKE Single   Keziah TURNER Single  
29 20/08/1821 Thomas ANDREWS Widower   Sarah YATMAN Widow  
30 06/11/1821 John MALINS     Sarah SMITH    
31 12/11/1821 William RANDAL     Mary GREEN    
32 27/12/1821 Samuel KEYTE     Sarah KEYTE    
33 19/01/1822 William SOUTHAM Single Ilmington, Warwickshire Mary EMMS Single  
34 07/05/1822 John HAINES     Catherine DYDE    
35 07/11/1822 William KEYTE Single   Anne SOUTHAM Single  
36 02/04/1823 Thomas HARRIS Widower Cheltenham Anne KEYTE    
37 02/05/1823 James RIGHTON     Ann SMITH    
38 14/07/1823 Samuel KEYT     Mary WELLS    
39 04/08/1823 Richard DYER     Jane GREENWAY    
40 14/10/1823 Anthony RICHARDSON     Margaret ROBERTSON    
41 14/10/1823 John KEEN   Barcheston, Warwickshire Sarah BROWN    
42 03/06/1824 Thomas SMITH Single   Ann PENDERY Single Stretton On The Foss, Warwickshire
43 09/12/1824 Charles KEYTE     Catharine JARVIS    
44 06/01/1825 John CROSSLEY     Elizabeth ADAMS    
45 06/01/1825 Samuel JARVIS     Letitia LINES    
46 14/04/1825 Matthew BOOKER     Lucy MANNING    
47 12/05/1825 John KEYT     Mary RIGHTON    
48 11/04/1826 John EDEN     Elizabeth FLETCHER    
49 20/04/1826 Stephen BLAKEMAN Single Chelsea, Middlesex Hannah BOOKER Single  
50 16/10/1826 Henry SMITH     Ann JARVIS    
51 17/10/1826 John BROWN     Mary COX    
52 29/01/1827 Richard BOULD     Sarah JARVIS    
53 20/02/1827 John ROBERTS     Hannah RIGHTON    
54 14/03/1827 John COOKBILL     Sarah FLETCHER    
55 26/04/1827 Thomas HAINES     Maria SMITH    
56 23/06/1828 Joseph SOUTHAM     Mary NEWITT    
57 16/09/1828 Robert RUSSELL     Celey WIGGINS    
58 13/10/1828 James FLETCHER     Mary Ann WILLOUGHBY    
59 14/10/1828 Charles SMITH     Mary EMMS    
60 16/02/1829 John BOOKER     Elizabeth PLUMB    
61 16/11/1829 Edmund ALCOCK     Maria SHARP    
62 12/05/1830 William GIBBS   Stretton On The Foss, Warwickshire Hannah MARSHALL    
63 07/06/1830 Thomas HARTWELL     Susannah EDEN    
64 04/04/1831 Joseph ROBINS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
65 03/10/1831 George COX Single   Sarah HOWELL Single  
66 25/10/1831 John MILLINGTON   Cropthorne, Worcestershire Frances PENN    
67 01/11/1831 William NICHOLS Widower Ilmington, Warwickshire Mary Ann MORRIS Single  
68 14/11/1831 Joseph HONE     Elizabeth PROCTOR    
69 10/05/1832 George ROBERSON     Catharine JARVIS    
70 12/10/1832 Richard LANE     Margaret CLEMENS    
71 23/11/1832 Abraham STANLEY     Mary HOWELL    
72 13/07/1833 William RIGHTON     Judith MORRIS    
73 08/08/1833 John DAVIS   All Saints, Evesham, Worcestershire Elizabeth KYTE Single  
74 20/09/1833 Robert RUSSELL Widower Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire Sarah BATTRIDGE Single  
75 08/02/1834 John TRACY Single   Hannah WILLIAMS Single  
76 29/03/1834 Arthur GREEN Single   Harriot RIGHTON Single  
77 04/12/1834 Edward VLEADON Single Chipping Campden Ann ROBERTS Single  
78 15/12/1834 Charles VANDERY Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
79 13/10/1835 Thomas MORRIS     Susannah BALDWIN    
80 21/01/1836 Samuel SOUTHAM     Anne GOLTY    
81 11/02/1836 William BISHOP     Elizabeth HAWKINS    
82 26/05/1836 James TOMKINGS Single   Anne KEELY Single  
83 16/06/1836 Thomas EDEN Single   Emma WILLOWBY Single  
84 30/12/1836 Richard SUEL Single   Anne COX Single  
85 06/02/1837 Joseph ROBBINS Widower   Ann BOOKER Single  

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