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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ilmington St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Ilmington lies in an area previously detached from the south of the county of Warwickshire, county boundaries in this area (where Warwickshire, Gloucestershire & Worcestershire all meet) were extremely convoluted with detached portions of each county and a confusing one at that. Local Government reorganisation in 1974 smoothed the current county boundaries and left Ilmington in Warwickshire. Ilmington is located in the northern end of the Cotswold range of hills about 4 miles northwest of the Worcestershire market town of Shipston on Stour. Ilmington sits in a network of lanes about 2 miles west of the A429 (which follows the ancient Roman Road of Fosse Way) which links Warwick to Cirencester. Ilmington consists of a curious oval of lanes, elongated on a northeast/southwest axis enclosing an area which includes St Mary's church. Ilmington sits on the edge of a plain butted against the escarpment of the Cotswold to its southwest. The main economy of the parish would have been mixed farming but quarrying of the limestone and also weaving of silk were important employers. Much of the parish is drained by the Humber & Small Brooks, they head northwards to join in sequence the Rivers Stour, Avon and Severn before making their way to the Irish Sea through the Bristol Channel. Ilmington is sited at 110 metres above the sea but land rises steeply to its southwest onto the Cotswold range and local heights of over 250 metres lie within a mile of the village. Ilmington parish was of a large size for a south Warwickshire parish, more in common with its Cotswold neighbour in Gloucestershire, it covered around 3,700 acres and would have supported around 900 parishioners. In Domesday times Ilmington was largely held by the Count of Meulan with a small portion held by one Robert of Stafford, the parish could offer about 15 ploughs and had a small meadow.

The Church

St Mary's church lies in that parcel of land encircles by the oval ring of Ilmington's lanes, it can be accessed from most directions only by footpaths running from those lanes. The church is very early and largely dateable to the Norman period of 12th century. Pevsner cites both northern and southern doorways and chancel arch as showing undoubted Norman styles. The western tower, a rather squat and blocky piece, he dates to maybe a half century later and the transepts also show the Gothic Early English style of the 13th century. However, like many churches St Mary was extensively renovated by the Victorians who largely replaced most of the fenestration albeit keeping the original architectural styling. Much of the site is enclosed by a low local stone wall and footpaths cut through the churchyard and between properties to access the site from many angles. The churchyard is somewhat heavily wooded and photographic angles are particularly inhibited if one seeks a landscape portrait of the entire building.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th October 1754 -15th October 1769 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0020/5
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Both fading & poor handwriting combine to make it likely that some misreads will have been made
2 17th October 1769 - 8th March 1782 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0020/6 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Both fading & poor handwriting combine to make it likely that some misreads will have been made
3 1st April 1782 - 25th December 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0020/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 1st May 1813 - 6th June 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0020/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Once again poor handwriting complicated by fading makes for a possibility of a few misreads

Quinton St Swithin, Gloucestershire
Whitchurch St Mary
Tredington St Gregory, Worcestershire
Mickleton St Lawrence, Gloucestershire
Tredington St Gregory, Worcestershire
Ebrington St Eadburga, Gloucestershire
Ebrington St Eadburga, Gloucestershire
Stretton on the Foss St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/01/1754 Richard KINCHIN     Mary STOCK    
09/01/1754 Thomas TAYLOR   Bourton On The Hill, Gloucestershire Elizabeth WEBB    
04/02/1754 Thomas HIRON     Margaret READ   Blockley, Worcestershire
14/10/1754 Thomas BLABY   Combrook Sarah ASHWIN    
30/07/1755 Thomas SMITH Single   Jane SMITH Widow Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
09/10/1755 Thomas FREEMAN   Bretforton, Worcestershire Elizabeth HANWEL    
13/10/1755 William FREEMAN     Sarah GUY    
17/10/1755 Joseph PRENTICE     Hester BUMPAS    
16/03/1756 William BAYLIS   Quinton, Gloucestershire Anne LINE    
04/10/1756 John SANFORD     Elizabeth HARRIS    
07/10/1756 William LESTER     Anne FRANKLIN    
20/11/1756 Thomas HASSALL     Eleanor BAGGOT    
21/11/1756 Francis MASON     Jane RICHARDS    
06/12/1756 William WILLIS     Elizabeth TOMKINS    
06/01/1757 Samuel SANSOME     Martha HINE    
27/01/1757 Thomas NORTON   Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire Elizabeth POTTER    
25/10/1757 Richard DEAKINS     Mary NEWLAND    
27/12/1757 James BASKET Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single  
09/01/1758 Samuel CALLOW Single Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Ann WEBB Single  
07/05/1758 William DARK Single   Mary KINGS Single  
08/05/1758 Philip BALDWYN Single   Mary HANDY Single  
16/05/1758 Richard Alington PYE Widower Hailey, Oxfordshire Elizabeth BLAGROVE Single  
22/10/1758 John TERRY Single Brailes Ette WAKEFIELD Single  
29/10/1758 Francis WATERS   Preston On Stour, Gloucestershire Mary BAYLIS    
11/11/1758 Thomas NEWLAND     Jane ROUSE    
04/12/1758 Thomas HINE     Susanna ROBERTS    
04/12/1758 John DYDE     Mary HINE    
29/12/1758 Joseph TANNER   Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Mary WEBB    
11/01/1759 John SMITH     Elizabeth JARVIS    
14/05/1759 William WALKER     Ann HANDS    
16/05/1759 Samuel KILBY     Hannah SMITH    
03/12/1759 Edward WALKER Single Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire Lydia WOODWARD Single  
11/02/1760 John GARDINER     Ann ROGERS    
06/07/1760 William SAUNDERS   Weston Upon Avon, Gloucestershire Ann CLEMENTS    
04/08/1760 Richard ALLARD     Mary BURY   Quinton, Gloucestershire
29/09/1760 John TOMES Single   Mary SOUTHAM Single  
12/10/1761 William SUMNER Single   Sarah BALLARD Single Hampton Lucy
22/02/1762 Edward KETTLE Widower   Ann TIDSAL Single  
29/08/1762 James TIPPING Single Bowdon, Cheshire Ann WADHAMS Single  
26/09/1762 Thomas HANDY Single   Ann TOUGHLEY Single  
23/10/1762 John KINCHIN Single   Ann WELLS Single  
12/10/1763 James HAWKINS     Elisabeth PRIEST    
12/10/1763 Phineas BATCHELOR     Eleanor SMITH    
21/10/1763 John WILSON     Abigail FREEMAN    
05/02/1764 Thomas MARSHALL     Philippa CLEMENTS    
14/02/1764 Thomas WELLS   Quinton, Gloucestershire Alice WELLS    
05/03/1764 William TAPLIN Widower Eastington By Northleach, Gloucestershire Elisabeth BROWN Single  
14/05/1764 John SLATTER Single   Alice GIBBS Single  
05/10/1764 Thomas PACE Single St Nicholas, Warwick Mary MILLS Single  
21/10/1764 William TIDSALL Single   Mary BEARLEY Single  
19/12/1764 Thomas REEVE Single   Elisabeth LOADER Widow Quinton, Gloucestershire
16/02/1765 William PHIPPS     Sarah WORRAL    
17/03/1765 William BISHOP Single   Mary CLAMPSON Single  
01/10/1765 Johnson SOLOWAY Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
06/04/1766 Francis GANDERTON Single   Ann WADHAMS Single  
07/04/1766 Simon PAYN Single Eastington By Northleach, Gloucestershire Alice BISHOP Single  
25/05/1766 William TIMMS     Ann SMITH    
17/10/1766 John SOUTHAM Single   Mary HAINES Single  
18/05/1767 Samuel HOBDAY     Rose SMITH    
12/06/1767 Samuel FREEMAN Single   Mary CALDECOTE Single  
13/07/1767 Jonathan HANDS Single   Ann NEWMAN Single  
11/08/1767 John BARTLETT Single   Mary NEWMAN Single  
07/10/1767 John HANCOCK Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Mary FREEMAN Single  
16/10/1767 William JONES Single   Alice SLATTER Widow  
24/11/1767 George MORRIS Widower Tredington, Gloucestershire Martha HITCHIN Widow  
04/01/1768 William HOBDAY Single   Lucy SNOW Widow  
02/05/1768 Thomas NEWMAN Widower   Elizabeth WYCHERLEY Single  
11/06/1768 Benjamin JOHNSON Widower   Mary SANFORD Single  
06/12/1768 James KEYTE     Mary PAYNE    
06/12/1768 Thomas RUSSELL     Mary KEYTE    
05/01/1769 John BATCHELOR     Hannah LIDSY    
29/04/1769 Richard COX   Stretton On The Foss Elizabeth BUNHAM    
29/06/1769 William SMITH     Elizabeth HOBDAY    
12/10/1769 John TANNER     Elizabeth AZLEWOOD    
15/10/1769 Richard BRODWAY     Hannah RIGHT    
17/10/1769 William BALLARD     Mary DRINKWATER    
11/11/1769 William WEBB   Whichford Elizabeth HANDY    
30/04/1770 Samuel TINSIN Single   Martha SMITH Single  
03/06/1770 Thomas SMITH Widower   Elizabeth COLLET Single  
13/10/1770 William DAVIS     Hannah PURCER Single  
05/11/1770 John TANDY Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
28/12/1770 Isaac SNOW   Blockley, Worcestershire Hannah COLDICOAT Single  
27/10/1771 William WELLS Single   Frances COLDICOAT Single  
09/11/1771 James HIXON Single   Mary MULLIS Single  
02/03/1772 James ARCHER Single   Anne WHITE Single  
27/10/1772 Robert WELLS Widower   Nanny PENNY Widow  
05/01/1773 William KEYTE     Elizabeth LAMLEY    
16/05/1773 James KINCHIN     Rachael HARRITT    
09/11/1773 William PURSER     Ann ARCH    
05/09/1774 John HUMPHREYS   Blockley, Worcestershire Elizabeth HANDS    
18/04/1775 William BATCHELOUR     Esther COOK    
20/04/1775 Joseph OAKELY     Jane SANSOM    
07/05/1775 John OACKLEY Single   Elizabeth BAKER    
20/11/1775 John BAYLIS Widower   Rose BAILIS    
21/11/1775 William MANDER Widower   Mary PRICE Single  
26/12/1775 James HANDS Single   Rose WELLS    
19/02/1776 Joseph BLOUNT Single Mapledurham, Oxfordshire Mary CANNING Single  
18/04/1776 William NEWMAN Single   Sarah HIRON Single  
02/10/1776 John BENNET     Winifred FORSTER    
04/11/1776 Simon DRIVER     Elizabeth SUMMERS    
03/12/1776 John HANDY Single   Elizabeth BENNET Single  
31/12/1776 Daniel FORSTER Widower   Mary CHURCHILL Single  
10/02/1777 William TUBB Single   Mary WEBB Single  
13/10/1777 Thomas BAYLIS Single   Jane GARDINER Single  
18/10/1777 Christopher BROADIS Single   Ann NEWLAND Widow  
06/12/1777 Samuel RIGHTON Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Hannah SANSOM Single  
10/12/1777 Benjamin VALE Single   Mary FORSTER Single  
30/12/1777 Thomas COOK Widower   Mary BATCHELOR Single  
03/06/1778 George COLDICOATE Single   Mary NEWLAND Single  
12/06/1778 Samuel SMITH Single   Hannah UNDERHILL Single  
12/06/1778 John BASKET Single   Elizabeth NEWMAN Widow  
23/11/1778 Richard HEATH Single   Sarah COMMANDER Single  
03/12/1778 Thomas NEWMAN Single   Mary KINCHIN Single  
08/12/1778 Robert SMITH Single Atherstone On Stour Elizabeth WYATT Single  
24/12/1778 John EDWARDS     Mary PLEADON    
05/04/1779 Rehoboam PRUE Single Claverdon Rose HANDY Single  
11/11/1779 James BROMLEY     Catherine HARRINGTON    
13/12/1779 Richard PLUMBE Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Sarah SANSOM Single  
26/12/1779 Thomas GAILE     Sarah JOHNSON    
09/05/1780 John BENNITT Widower Mickleton, Gloucestershire Elizabeth HAINS    
18/05/1780 Thomas COMPTON     Mary HALL    
13/11/1780 Thomas COOPER   Stratford Upon Avon Elizabeth SOUTHAM    
16/11/1780 William SAVAGE     Mary WELLS    
26/02/1781 John SANSOM Single   Ann SMITH Single  
29/05/1781 John NEWLAND Single   Hannah BEAVINGTON Single  
04/06/1781 Thomas EDWARDS     Hannah COLDICOTT    
19/12/1781 Thomas PARSONS Single   Mary WHADDAMS Single  
08/03/1782 William HORNBY Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
1 01/04/1782 John STYLES     Mary CRISIL   Quinton, Gloucestershire
2 19/08/1782 John Courtenay THROCKMORTON Single Weston Underwood, Buckinghamshire Mary GIFFARD Single  
3 17/10/1782 David MILES     Mary DARK    
4 29/10/1782 Thomas BRISBY     Susan ALLEN    
5 17/11/1782 Thomas BEST     Mary BASKET    
6 25/02/1783 William BALLARD Widower   Mary WALTERS Widow  
7 02/03/1783 Thomas RAWBONE     Elizabeth HARWOOD    
8 18/04/1783 William SUMERTON   Atherstone On Stour Mary MASON    
9 22/04/1783 Robert LINE     Jane FREEMAN    
10 12/05/1783 John GARDNER     Lydia BROADWAY    
11 14/10/1783 William GOFFE Widower Halford Ann BAYLIS    
12 14/12/1783 Aaron COLDICOT     Mary SANDFORD    
13 12/10/1784 James REIGHTON   Ebrington, Gloucestershire Mary SANDSOME    
14 04/11/1784 John WELLS Widower Combe, Oxfordshire Elizabeth SOUTHAM    
15 05/12/1784 Joseph WALKER     Judy ADDAMS    
16 27/12/1784 John COLDICOTT     Ann NEWLAND    
17 27/03/1785 James JOINGS Single Mickleton, Gloucestershire Ann SUMMERS    
18 27/06/1785 Robert DAVIS Widower   Elizabeth HARRET Widow  
19 05/07/1785 Richard GRIMMIT     Jane PURSER    
20 11/07/1785 William BURY     Hannah SMITH    
21 05/09/1785 Thomas HODGKINS     Elizabeth BEST    
22 23/10/1785 William BROADWAY     Hannah ROBERTS   Ebrington, Gloucestershire
23 24/10/1786 Thomas FREEMAN     Mary HICKSON    
24 13/11/1786 Thomas DYDE     Mary TERRY    
26 05/09/1787 Robert HOLTOM     Mary SALMON    
25 24/09/1787 Robert MYNORS   St Martin, Birmingham Susannah EDEN    
27 24/09/1787 Robert HODGKINS     Lucy JABERRY    
28 15/10/1787 John FOSTER     Mary CATTLE    
29 23/05/1788 Edward COOK Single Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire Sarah MASON    
30 30/12/1788 John SMITH     Frances BALLARD    
31 18/02/1789 John SLATTER     Catharine SMITH    
32 13/04/1789 James KINCHETT     Mary HARWOOD    
23 15/04/1789 John BARKER     Elizabeth MATSON    
24 01/06/1789 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Mary AZLEWOOD Single  
25 06/08/1789 John WALKER Single   Elizabeth SANSOM    
26 25/10/1789 John WELLS     Mary SMITH    
27 29/10/1789 Joseph HADLAND     Jane TANDY    
28 23/11/1789 Edward MEDDES   Stratford Upon Avon Frances JOHNSON    
29 01/12/1789 George WEBB   Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Hannah WALKER    
30 06/12/1789 Charles TINDELL Single Wolford Nelly COLDICOTT Single  
31 07/06/1790 George ARTHUR     Elizabeth HANLEY    
32 12/07/1790 Joseph BAKER     Mary STANLEY    
33 29/05/1791 John BARTLETT     Anne LINE    
34 31/05/1791 James PURSER     Mary PRICE    
35 24/01/1792 Robert TOWNSEND   Stratford Upon Avon Sarah WYATT    
36 22/06/1792 Richard THROP     Anne KEELY    
37 11/10/1792 Michael JOHNSON     Anne WELLS    
38 02/12/1793 Thomas JENINGS     Elizabeth ALLCOCK   Quinton, Gloucestershire
39 24/12/1793 William HANDY     Hannah STANLEY    
40 11/01/1794 Daniel JAMES     Sarah GRIMMET    
41 22/06/1794 Thomas BARTLETT Single Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Elizabeth BARTLETT    
42 14/07/1794 John LINE     Anne FOX    
43 26/11/1794 William WILKS Single   Elizabeth APPLETREE Single Hook Norton, Oxfordshire
44 13/09/1795 William ALCOCK     Elizabeth BATCHELOR    
45 07/12/1795 John STANLEY     Mary HANDY    
46 19/12/1795 George MANDER     Mary BAILIS    
47 23/04/1797 William SAVAGE     Hannah EDWARDS    
48 13/05/1797 William LINE     Winifred WATSON    
49 06/06/1797 Edward HAYNES Single Brailes Anne JAMES Single  
50 22/06/1797 John HAYDON     Anne WESTON   Ebrington, Gloucestershire
51 30/10/1797 James ARCHER     Hannah OAKLEY    
52 13/11/1797 James HAWKINS     Mary KILBY    
53 20/11/1797 Benjamin VEAL     Hannah BROADWAY    
54 15/05/1798 Thomas ROBINS Single Tredington, Gloucestershire Mary JONES Single  
55 11/09/1798 Thomas SMITH     Sarah FLETCHER    
56 12/09/1798 John BATSFORD Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Sarah SANSOM Single  
57 15/10/1798 John TIMS     Elizabeth HANDY    
58 16/10/1798 Giles COCKBILL   Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire Hannah NEWLAND    
59 29/10/1798 William LOADER     Anne WARING   Aston Subedge, Gloucestershire
60 24/01/1799 Thomas ROBERTS     Mary BISHOP    
61 29/01/1799 John ARCHER     Sarah JONES    
62 03/02/1799 William CARTER     Anne KEMP    
63 01/03/1799 John HATHAWAY     Sarah HOPKINS    
64 30/04/1799 William SOLEY     Anne SMITH    
47 08/10/1799 John FLETCHER   Preston Bagot Fanny WEBB    
48 17/12/1799 Decimus SLATTER     Theodosia POTTER    
49 04/02/1800 Thomas SMITH     Joyce SLATTER    
50 20/02/1800 John SOUTHAM     Sarah BISHOP    
51 23/10/1800 Brown WELLS     Anne PAINE    
52 11/12/1800 William ENSTONE     Elizabeth AZLEWOOD    
53 11/05/1801 Robert LINE     Sarah GANDERTON    
54 11/05/1801 Richard HINE   Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Anne JONES    
55 16/11/1801 James ARCHER Widower   Mary GREY Single  
56 27/04/1802 William VEAL     Sarah JONES    
57 21/09/1802 Joseph HALFORD   Quinton, Gloucestershire Sarah DISSON    
58 14/10/1802 James WEBB   Blockley, Worcestershire Christian WINTERS    
59 25/10/1802 John SANDFORD     Hannah EMMS    
60 27/12/1802 Thomas SMITH   Eastington By Northleach, Gloucestershire Elizabeth BATCHELOR    
61 12/05/1803 Henry TIMS     Mary WILLSON    
62 12/08/1803 John SHEPHERD   Mickleton, Gloucestershire Hannah FOSTER    
63 29/08/1803 Thomas HUGHES   Quinton, Gloucestershire Fanny COLDICOTT    
64 20/03/1804 Robert HANDS     Alice HANDY    
65 18/05/1804 Richard HUGHES   Quinton, Gloucestershire Susanna HANDS    
66 16/10/1804 William KETTLE     Anne FREEMAN    
67 17/12/1804 Joseph KEYTE     Charlotte WELLS    
68 21/02/1805 John TRUBY   Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire Sarah SMITH    
69 06/03/1805 Charles KINEHIN     Sarah HODGKINS    
70 08/07/1805 George BUTLER Single Lower Swell, Gloucestershire Elizabeth LOADER Single  
71 23/09/1805 Thomas WILLOUGHBY   Ebrington, Gloucestershire Anne SAVAGE    
72 08/04/1806 George KINGZETT     Sarah ROUSE    
73 01/06/1806 Joseph COPE     Ann ROUSE    
74 29/12/1806 William CHURCHILL     Anne JOHNSON    
75 15/06/1807 Richard PHILIPPS Single Childs Wickham, Gloucestershire Elizabeth INGLES Single  
76 11/10/1808 Thomas SUTTON Widower   Sarah HANCOCK Widow  
77 11/10/1808 William RAINBOW Single Tredington, Worcestershire Mary CASTLE Single  
78 18/10/1808 John MARSHALL Single Tredington, Worcestershire Hannah BROADWAY Single  
79 25/12/1808 Michael JOHNSON Widower   Sarah DAVIES Single  
80 16/01/1809 William STOW     Anne WELLS    
81 06/04/1809 Thomas DUMBLETON     Anne BEST    
82 25/04/1809 Joseph SLATTER     Mary POTTER    
83 17/10/1809 Samuel LIGHTON   Ebrington, Gloucestershire Sarah WYATT Single  
84 19/10/1809 Samuel PICKERING Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Ann HANDY Single  
85 08/02/1810 Joseph JONES Single   Elizabeth COMPTON Single  
86 26/07/1810 James DUNN Widower Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire Mary BARRETT Widow  
87 05/08/1810 William ROBINSON     Anne HARTWELL    
88 18/10/1810 John SALMON Single   Mary HIRON Single  
89 08/11/1810 John JENNINGS Widower   Alice FOSTER Single  
90 15/04/1811 Richard GARDNER Single Honington Mary TREAVER    
91 16/04/1811 William CARTER Widower   Ann FREEMAN Single  
92 05/10/1811 Samuel WEBB Single   Jane TIMS Single  
93 23/10/1811 Robert BARNES Single St Nicholas, Gloucester, Gloucestershire Nancy SLATTER Single  
18/11/1811 George WARREN Single   Mary MALINS    
06/07/1812 Richard WILKINS     Alice SANDFORD    
22/09/1812 Joseph TROTMAN   Long Marston, Gloucestershire Mary HARWOOD    
19/10/1812 John BISHOP     Frances SMITH    
25/12/1812 John KINCHETT     Sarah EDWARDS    
1 01/05/1813 William CARTER     Elizabeth SHILINGFORD    
2 05/07/1813 Robert WRIGHTON   Ebrington, Gloucestershire Mary COMPTON    
3 11/10/1813 John PURSER     Mary PARKER    
4 23/12/1813 Decimus SLATTER Widower   Ann EAST    
5 25/05/1814 William JONES   Stratford Upon Avon Elizabeth WATERS Single  
6 28/07/1814 Richard MATSON Single   Jane CALDICOTT Single  
7 25/09/1814 William BEAL Single   Elizabeth JENNINGS Single  
8 29/09/1814 John COOKE Single   Mary WARD Widow  
9 11/10/1814 John COMPTON Single   Esther SHELLINGFORD Single  
10 07/11/1814 Joseph NEWMAN Single   Ann PICKERING Single  
11 16/11/1814 John PARKER Widower   Mary TIMMS Widow  
12 21/11/1814 Joseph CARTER Single   Elizabeth HODGKINS Single  
13 22/12/1814 William ARCHER Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
14 26/12/1814 Thomas MATTHEWS Single   Elizabeth YOUNG Single  
15 23/06/1815 Joseph WILSON Single   Elizabeth BALLARD Single  
16 24/07/1815 Mathias DOWNS Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
17 28/08/1815 John TWIST Single Alveston Elizabeth WALKLETT Single  
18 25/09/1815 John WATERS Single   Mary NEWMAN Single  
19 12/10/1815 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Sophia RICHARDSON Single  
20 16/10/1815 John MASON Single   Mary MARSHALL Single  
21 16/11/1815 John CLEADON Single   Ann CARTER Single  
22 22/11/1815 John KENT Single Stratford Upon Avon Mary KENT Single  
23 17/03/1816 Thomas NEVIL Single   Ann PURSUR Single  
24 11/07/1816 Daniel BRADLEY Single   Hannah SANDFORD Widow  
25 18/11/1816 Thomas CATTLE Single   Hannah PHAR Single  
26 02/12/1816 Thomas Stanley HILL Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Widow Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
27 31/12/1816 John MARSHALL Single   Ann HARRIS Single Welford, Gloucestershire
28 10/02/1817 Richard EMMS Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Mary SAVAGE Single  
29 08/05/1817 William CLIFFORD Single   Susannah LOMAS Single Halford
30 24/06/1817 William COLLETT Single Broadway, Worcestershire Mary SMITH Single  
31 07/08/1817 John HANDS Widower   Alice SLATTER Single  
32 18/08/1817 John WELLS Widower   Mary MILES Widow  
33 14/10/1817 William TIMMS Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Hannah JOHNSON Single  
34 30/10/1817 Thomas SMITH Single   Susanna BASKET Single  
35 03/04/1818 Richard KINSKIN Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
36 22/09/1818 William MALINS Single   Hannah EDWARDS Single  
37 07/12/1818 William STAIT Single   Elizabeth PARGITER Single  
38 04/03/1819 John MEADOWS Single   Margaret TIMMS Single  
39 18/10/1819 Joseph FREEMAN Single   Sarah FREEMAN Single  
40 11/11/1819 Richard HEMMINGS Single Brailes Sarah JENNINGS Single  
41 29/11/1819 Joseph ANDERTON Single   Elizabeth BALL Single  
42 06/12/1819 Robert HANDS Single   Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
43 24/12/1819 George WESTON Single Blockley, Worcestershire Elizabeth HANDY Single  
44 25/12/1819 John FORSTER Widower   Sarah COLLETT Widow  
45 27/12/1819 William ROSE Single   Sarah OSBORN Single  
46 07/02/1820 George STANLEY Single   Mary HODGKINS Single  
47 14/02/1820 James POPE Single   Mary KEELEY Single  
48 16/03/1820 John GARDNER Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Hannah ROSE Single  
49 03/04/1820 George WILKINS Single   Mary BATCHELOR Single  
50 13/04/1820 Edward KIBBLE Single Charlbury, Oxfordshire Susannah JOHNSON Single  
51 04/10/1820 John GOUGH Single   Sophia BALLARD Single  
52 09/10/1820 John Walton HANDY Single   Elizabeth HOUCKINS Single  
53 07/04/1821 William FUSTIAN Single Oxfordshire Ann FORSTER Single  
54 19/04/1821 John COOK Single Hanwell, Oxfordshire Mary SUCH Widow  
55 23/04/1821 Thomas KINCHETT Single   Susannah AZLEWOOD Widow  
56 15/05/1821 John STANLEY Single   Ann TREAVOR Single  
57 13/08/1821 William APPLEBEE Single   Hannah HAWKINS Single  
58 16/08/1821 Samuel COX Single Long Marston, Gloucestershire Elizabeth SHARLETT Single  
59 18/08/1821 Benjamin VALE Single   Hannah PARKER Single  
60 29/10/1821 James HALL Single   Ann THORN Single  
61 12/11/1821 George KNIGHT Single Norton & Lenchwick, Worcestershire Mary COLLETT Single  
62 15/11/1821 Robert MARSHALL Widower   Mary HARRIS Single  
63 29/11/1821 John WESTON Widower Ebrington, Gloucestershire Mary VAINE Single  
64 28/01/1822 John SMITH Single   Jane WATSON Widow  
65 11/03/1822 Robert SANSOM Single   Sarah HARTNELL Widow  
66 24/06/1822 Thomas ANDERTON Single   Elizabeth PARKER Widow  
67 25/11/1822 William GALE Single   Jane HYDE Single  
68 01/04/1823 John BAYLISS Single Lighthorne Ann YATEMAN Single  
69 10/06/1824 Mark LYNE   Tredington, Gloucestershire Anne BALLARD    
70 28/06/1824 Henry LOVERIDGE     Esther BIRCH    
71 04/08/1824 Samuel PURSER     Mary ROSE    
72 24/08/1824 Charles HIATT     Mary STEPHENS    
73 28/09/1824 Edward HORNSBY   Mickleton, Gloucestershire Sarah COMPTON    
74 19/10/1824 George BAYLIS Widower   Ann BARTLETT Single  
75 16/11/1824 John WYATT Single   Theodosia SLATTER Single  
76 16/11/1824 John HODGKIN     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
77 18/11/1824 Edward WILKINS Single   Ann Wilkins SANFORD    
78 31/12/1824 Robert KEYTE     Esther BAYLIS    
79 06/06/1825 Giles Smith MASON     Mary COX    
80 26/07/1825 Robert BATSFORD Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
81 02/08/1825 Job COLDICOTT Single   Ann PARSONS Single  
82 08/09/1825 Joseph ROBINSON Single   Hannah ARCHER Single  
83 11/10/1825 Samuel HANDY Single   Delia BAYLIS Single  
84 25/10/1825 Charles BETTRIDGE Widower   Ann ARCHER Single  
85 25/10/1825 John FREEMAN Single Quinton, Gloucestershire Alice ARCHER Single  
86 27/10/1825 Thomas EDEN Widower   Elizabeth GIBBS Single  
87 01/12/1825 Daniel ENSTONE Single   Elizabeth KENCHIN Single  
88 02/02/1826 William WOODWARD Single   Betty KEELEY    
89 27/03/1826 Thomas BALDWIN Single   Eleanor BIRCH Single  
90 27/07/1826 John PARKER     Sarah HATHAWAY    
91 29/09/1826 John LYNE     Nancy FOX    
92 10/11/1826 John MULLIS     Mary TIMMS    
93 14/12/1826 John HAWKINS     Ann ROSE    
94 27/12/1826 John DOWDESWELL     Mary Anne PRITCHETT    
95 23/01/1827 Thomas HANDY Widower   Mary COX Widow  
96 16/02/1827 Thomas KEYTE Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
97 09/08/1827 William TOMPKINS Widower Banbury, Oxfordshire Mary POTTER    
98 01/10/1827 Richard ANDERTON     Mary SHROP    
99 27/12/1827 Edmund SOUTHAM Single   Elizabeth SOLEY Single  
100 22/01/1828 Thomas Barnett ARTHUR Single   Elizabeth LYNE Single  
101 24/01/1828 Daniel WALKER Single   Elizabeth SLATTER Single  
102 06/02/1828 Samuel PICKERING Widower   Mary EMER Single  
103 12/02/1828 Charles WAKEMAN Widower   Sarah BIRCH Single  
104 18/02/1828 John FOSTER Single   Hannah GOUGH Single  
105 04/08/1828 William SMITH Single   Hannah PHILPOTT Single  
106 21/10/1828 John HALL Single   Hannah BEVINGTON Single  
107 04/12/1828 Joseph PHIPPS Single   Kesia MANNERS Widow  
108 07/05/1829 Robert WILKINS Single   Jane HARRIS Single  
109 22/06/1829 Thomas BENNETT Single   Ann ARCHER Single  
110 27/10/1829 Robert WORRELL Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Mary SLATTER Single  
111 25/03/1830 John MARSHALL Single Quinton, Gloucestershire Jemima JENNINGS Single  
112 12/04/1830 George DUMBLETON Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
113 01/06/1830 George WILKINS Widower   Margarett BEVINGTON Single  
114 03/06/1830 William COLLETT Single   Elizabeth JENNINGS Single  
115 14/10/1830 John WIDDOWS Single Quinton, Gloucestershire Sarah JENNINGS Single  
116 26/10/1830 Thomas BURROWS Single   Rhoda PIGGON Single Cold Aston, Gloucestershire
117 09/04/1831 Joseph BATCHELOR Single   Charlotte ALCOCK Single  
118 03/10/1831 William CATTLE     Ann Jones COLDICOTT    
119 20/10/1831 Thomas BUMFORD     Hannah KEEN   Blockley, Worcestershire
120 21/11/1831 Thomas POWELL     Mary INGLES    
121 26/12/1831 William BATSFORD Single   Hannah ROBINSON Widow  
122 21/02/1832 James FAIRHEAD Single Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire Mary Ann DOWDESWELL Widow  
123 15/09/1832 Thomas SMITH     Mary Ann PURSER    
124 02/10/1832 David Jones COLDICOTT     Hannah HAWKINS    
125 16/10/1832 John PARKER   Ebrington, Gloucestershire Sally SOUTHAM    
126 16/10/1832 John ANDERTON Widower   Ann STANLEY    
127 17/11/1832 James BUTLER     Emma SUTTON    
128 21/12/1832 William SPEARING Single   Ann LINDON Single  
129 11/06/1833 Thomas FOULKES Single   Jane ARCHER Single  
130 05/08/1833 Joseph WOODWARD Single   Hannah BENNETT Single  
131 10/09/1833 Michael PARKER Single   Charlotte COOPER Single  
132 10/10/1833 Richard ASTON Single   Elizabeth CALLOW Single  
133 21/11/1833 Joseph WILLIAMS Single   Jane WIDDOWS Single Tredington, Gloucestershire
134 22/04/1834 Robert OLIVER Widower Alderminster, Worcestershire Elizabeth POTTER Single  
135 08/07/1834 John Franklin HIRON Single Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire Mary Ann EDEN Single  
136 15/07/1834 Edmund SOUTHAM Widower   Ann WOODWARD Single  
137 08/11/1834 Thomas Jones COLDICOTT     Sarah ARCHER    
138 01/12/1834 John FREEMAN Single   Hannah WOODWARD Single  
139 04/12/1834 Henry BIRCH Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
140 25/02/1835 William SOUTHAM     Ann KINCHIN    
141 21/05/1835 David WOODWARD Single   Alice TURNER Single  
142 14/09/1835 Robert HORNSBY Widower   Mary Ann LUCKETT Single  
143 10/10/1835 John Loyd GREENWAY Single   Ann BEAUCHAMP Single  
144 10/03/1836 William HOLTHAM Single   Mary Ann COOK Single  
145 24/05/1836 John CATTLE Single   Ann ANDERTON Single  
146 07/06/1836 Charles SMITH Single   Joyce DUMBLETON Single  
147 22/06/1836 George HAWKINS     Eliza DUMBLETON    
148 03/11/1836 Robert RACE Single   Susanna ARCHER Single  
149 06/12/1836 George Smith DORSETT   West Bromwich, Staffordshire Mary BATE    
150 06/06/1837 Samuel WEBB Single   Hannah KEELEY Single  

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