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Harnhill St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Harnhill lies in southeastern Gloucestershire quite close to its border with neighbouring Wiltshire. Harnhill is located about 3 miles east of the market town of Cirencester sitting, in lanes, in a triangle of lane formed between the A417 (Cirencester to Fairford) and A419 (Cirencester to Swindon) roads. Harnhill is small with only a tiny grouping of properties around its set of lanes, not a village as such more of a hamlet. The principal activity at the time of this transcript would have been farming and the area had a mixed farming regime on slightly clayey soils. Small brooks drain the parish into the Ampney Brook which heads southwards to join the early Thames at Cricklade, thence heading for the North Sea through the City of London. Harnhill is sited at around 100 metres above sea level and the land is best described as gently undulating at or about this same height. Harnhill parish was rather small by Gloucestershire standards, it covered barely 700 acres and would have supported a population of just under 100 parishioners. In Domesday book Harnhill is held by one Ralph of Tosny but its assets are not detailed other than its tax was 5 geld units making it fairly wealthy.

The Church

St Michael's church is tucked away from the main lanes through the parish and is accessed along the narrow Church Lane. There are features which suggest a Norman origin for the church, notably the southern porch with its tympanum depicting its saint fighting a dragon. Much else dates from the 13th or 14th centuries with features from the early English, Decorated and Perpendicular eras, much is of the latter period. The church had a fairly late restoration (1909) and was little affected stylishly by those improvements. The church sits close by its Manor House (now a centre for Christian Healing) and is best accessed on foot. The site is fairly open to Church Lane but there are numerous trees which do somewhat restrict the angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th October 1755 - 9th April 1812 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P164/IN/1/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting leads to the possibility of a few misreads
2 8th November 1813 - 11th October 1835 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P164/IN/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Preston by Cirencester All Saints
Ampney Crucis Holy Rood
Ampney St Mary
Preston by Cirencester All Saints
Ampney St Mary
Ampney St Peter
South Cerney All Hallows
Driffield St Mary
Driffield St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 26/10/1755 John WELLAVISE     Sarah SOLLIS    
2 07/05/1758 Thomas GATEHOUSE     Ann PAGET    
3 18/10/1759 Thomas HATTAWAY     Mary TOWNSEND    
4 29/10/1759 John WIFE   Ampney St Mary Mary ELDRIDGE    
5 18/02/1760 William HINTON   Cranham Elizabeth ELDRIDGE    
6 07/09/1760 Thomas HOWSE   Cirencester Ann HOWLINS    
7 16/08/1761 William WAVING   Coln St Aldwyn Ann AISH    
8 10/06/1765 Jonah SMITH   Bibury Ann ELDRIDGE    
9 25/09/1769 John LEWIS   Preston By Cirencester Jane LOCK    
10 11/02/1770 John HOWEL     Mary PEARCE   Fairford
11 25/06/1770 Thomas BEDWELL   Ampney St Mary Hannah HEWLINGS    
12 01/07/1771 John HILL   Crudwell, Wiltshire Sarah ELDRIDGE    
13 24/11/1771 Thomas COOPER   Preston By Cirencester Sarah JEFFREYS    
14 15/11/1772 Daniel RODWAY   Driffield Sarah TOWNSHEND    
15 01/10/1775 Thomas TARLING   Preston By Cirencester Mary BURTON    
16 03/07/1777 Isaac HEWLINGS     Ann WICKS    
17 13/10/1777 John BENNET     Mary WELDDOISE    
18 24/09/1778 Harry BOURTON     Mary LANE   Ampney Crucis
19 02/01/1779 James HALL   Northleach Anne DAVIS    
20 26/10/1779 Edward TOWNEY   Ampney Crucis Molly PAYNE    
21 27/09/1780 Methusalah HATHIWAY     Ann TURNER    
22 16/04/1781 William SOMMERTON Widower   Mary GARDNER Single  
23 22/06/1781 John SQUIRE   Stanton Hannah DAVIES    
24 15/10/1781 William ALLSEPH Single   Mary POLLARD Single  
25 05/10/1782 John HAYDEN     Ann STRAIN Single  
26 24/02/1783 Richard HERVEY   Driffield Susannah JOHNSONS Single Driffield
27 11/04/1787 William HALL   Lower Slaughter Dorothy HICKS Single  
28 03/06/1790 Joseph PARTRIDGE     Maria NUDD Single  
29 25/12/1791 William ANDREWS Single   Jane SELLWOOD Single  
30 27/08/1799 Robert DOWN   Walcot, Somerset Martha JEFFERIES    
31 07/01/1802 William LITTLE Single   Sarah NICHOLS Single  
32 18/04/1802 Jonathan CLUTTERBUCK   Cirencester Deborah HERBERT    
12/04/1803 James PEACHY   Ampney Crucis Sarah COOLMAN    
26/11/1804 Samuel SPENCER   Cirencester Elizabeth CURTIS    
05/11/1807 William HARBUT     Sarah BISHOP   Ampney St Peter
09/04/1812 Thomas BERRY   Norton Coleparle, Wiltshire Ann STRANGE    
1 08/11/1813 Richard LEWIS Single Preston By Cirencester Elizabeth HORRIL Single  
2 09/12/1813 Richard Davis BROWN Widower Cirencester Ann LONG Single  
3 08/02/1816 Edward WALKER Single Eastington By Northleach Susannah TARLING Single  
4 15/10/1820 William King ACOTT Single St Sampson, Cricklade, Wiltshire Phebe ELFORD Single  
5 26/04/1821 Richard CURTIS Single Driffield Mary Ann GATERS Single  
6 07/12/1824 Jacob JEFFERIES Single Preston By Cirencester Susanna ANDREWS Single  
7 03/10/1825 George HAINES Single Ampney Crucis Maria HORRELL Single  
8 13/11/1825 Joseph CURTIS Single   Sarah MALING Single  
9 06/10/1827 Harry AYRES Single Ampney St Peter Jane HORRELL Single  
10 07/11/1828 George WILSON Single   Elizabeth TOMBS Single Hampnett
11 06/10/1830 Isaac BATEMAN Single   Rachel HAINES Single  
12 16/11/1830 George BATEMAN Single   Jane ANDREWS Single  
13 23/12/1830 Joseph HARRIS Single Highworth, Wiltshire Jane TARLING Single  
14 14/03/1831 Daniel LONG Single   Ann WILSON Single  
15 06/06/1833 William LAWES   Biddestone, Wiltshire Maria Jones LITTLE    
16 02/03/1835 Thomas WILSON Single   Jane BEDFORD Single  
17 11/10/1835 Joseph WILSON Single   Eudocia WALDRON Single  

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