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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Chalton St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Chalton is located in eastern Hampshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Sussex. Chalton is sited on the Hampshire Downs about 6 miles north of the market town of Havant. The village is compact and sited around its triangular village green at a crossroads of lanes, around a mile east of the busy A3 road which links London to Portsmouth. The area is rolling chalk downland and would have been dominated by sheep grazing at the time of this transcript, the soil being rather too thin for arable crops; today heavier machinery means arable now dominates the landscape. The village is located in a shallow valley between two notable hills, Windmill Hill to the west tops out at 193 metres above sea level and Chalton Down to the southeast at 145 metres; Chalton, itself stands at around 90 metres above sea level. Given the porous soil there is little surface drainage, what water there is making its way southwards to enter Chichester Harbour. The parish was of a typical size for the area, but the chapelry of Idsworth (with its own page) took up almost half of the area and the majority of the population. Chalton itself supported around 260 parishioners. In Domesday times (when Idsworth was not separately assessed) the parish supported an impressive 37 ploughs as well as meadows and woodland, a wealthy place indeed.

The Church

St Michael's church is located at the eastern end of the village green opposite to the Red Lion pub. The earliest work is that of the chancel which is dated to the 13th century. The nave and southern chapel are a little later spanning the cusp of the 13th and 14th centuries. The tower was augmented by battlements in Victorian times and, of course, this was part of a more extensive renovation and modification. The building clearly impressed Pevsner who describes it as "small but stately" and waxes almost lyrical over one chancel window. The church is accessed along the southern edge of the green and the graveyard entered through an a lych gate. The site is quite hemmed in with tall trees and this does create issues for adequate photography in the summer months.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th April 1756 - 19th August 1812 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 39A/1B/1 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 17th January 1813 - 23rd June 1837 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 39A/1A/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 5 Register - the condition of this register is such that the transcript carries a "health warning" as to the likelihood of being substantially incorrect The latter portion of this register suffers badly from fading so much so that some entries are unreadable and have been omitted as such, users should treat the latter stages with a degree of caution

Clanfield St James
Buriton St Mary
Buriton St Mary
Clanfield St James
Blendworth Holy Trinity
Buriton St Mary
Harting St Mary & St Gabriel, Sussex
Idsworth St Hubert
Blendworth Holy Trinity
Blendworth Holy Trinity
Idsworth St Hubert

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/04/1756 Edward BOYET     Elizabeth SHAYER Widow  
28/06/1756 John BREWER   Wymering Elizabeth REED    
08/08/1756 John ANSELL     Mary PESKET    
21/08/1756 John HEBERDEN   Idsworth Anne BROOKES    
23/08/1756 John BRIGGS   Compton Frances REEKS    
30/08/1756 John SKEWET     Sarah BOYET    
03/01/1757 John PEARSON     Elizabeth LUFF    
08/02/1757 John PAY     Elizabeth GOODROE    
11/04/1757 John PATE     Betty JARMAN   Warblington
12/10/1757 Thomas WINKWORTH     Catherine HEATHER    
29/12/1757 Edward OUTEN     Elizabeth LEACH    
10/01/1758 John HEATHER     Sarah OUTEN   Newton Valence
24/04/1758 Richard UPPERTON     Martha GRIFFIN Widow  
26/10/1758 Samuel CLARKE     Mary DASH   East Meon
31/10/1758 John BRINSTED     Sarah ENTICKNAP    
26/07/1759 John FRENCH   Warblington Flora JORDAN    
24/10/1759 John CRAFTER     Anne COOK    
27/12/1760 Edward PADWICK   Wymering Martha PATRICK    
25/06/1761 William BISHOP   Portsea Mary BARKER    
06/08/1762 Thomas TURNER Widower   Elizabeth CHADICK Widow Hambledon
21/12/1762 James WHITEHART     Elizabeth EADE    
07/08/1763 Thomas PARVIN     Elizabeth ANDREW    
06/11/1763 William PEARCE   East Meon Mary HEATH    
06/03/1764 Thomas LILLYWHITE     Elizabeth PAY Widow  
23/04/1764 Thomas SANDEN     Mary SMITH Widow  
03/05/1764 William COBDEN Widower Liss Anne SMITH    
01/10/1764 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth LUFFE    
14/12/1764 Thomas ENTICKNAP     Mary LUFF    
14/02/1765 John MARSHAL     Elizabeth CARPENTER    
22/04/1765 William JENMAN     Sarah GRIFFIN    
23/09/1765 Thomas PURVER     Mary DORRELL    
26/01/1766 John BOGGUST     Mary LILLYWHITE Widow  
30/03/1766 John COUSINS     Mary TODD    
22/04/1766 Jonathan MEERS Widower Portsmouth Elizabeth DYER    
20/05/1766 William PAINE   Warblington Sarah LUFF    
22/09/1766 William PADWICK     Anne TREGUST    
11/10/1766 Joseph MESHAM     Elizabeth MERIT    
05/06/1767 James YOUNG   Pagham, Sussex Elizabeth KNELLER    
15/06/1768 John IRONMONGER   Botley Anne GROVER    
11/10/1768 Edmund ALLBREY   East Meon Mary SILVER    
15/05/1769 John SUTER   North Mundham, Sussex Sarah COLLINS    
26/07/1769 John CARPENTER     Elizabeth GROVER    
04/06/1770 Francis PEARSON Widower   Elizabeth YOUNG    
27/07/1770 John CRASSWELLER     Mary CARPENTER    
19/08/1770 Henry HAWKINS   Houghton, Sussex Elizabeth WIGGENS    
04/04/1771 Richard PITT   Blendworth Mary WITCOMBE    
13/05/1771 James DRIDGE   Stoughton, Sussex Lucy PAY    
29/05/1772 John STEEL     Elizabeth GARD    
03/11/1772 Joseph GALE   Catherington Sarah COOK    
20/12/1772 John HODSTONE   Harting, Sussex Elizabeth ASLETT    
18/01/1773 George PALMER   Arundel, Sussex Hannah TRICKETT    
08/06/1773 Henry WHITE     Hannah WHITE Widow  
29/09/1773 Henry MARSHALL   Blendworth Mary WELCH    
19/10/1773 Mathew MUCKRIDGE     Elizabeth VOLLAR Widow  
14/02/1774 Robert ATWICK     Mary MITCHEL    
18/09/1774 John SIMMS     Anne PENNICOTT    
14/06/1775 Henry VOLLAR   Stoughton, Sussex Elizabeth HOBBS    
06/02/1776 William MILLS     Ann SANSMOOR    
03/04/1776 James CARPENTER Single   Sarah APPLETON Single Harting, Sussex
01/07/1777 William POATE     Mary CRASWELLER Widow  
05/12/1777 Henry FAY     Mary GODING    
04/11/1778 Robert PESKET     Frances PAINTER    
16/04/1779 William MILLS Widower   Isabella BLACKMAN Widow  
24/05/1779 William PRATT     Frances SMITH    
08/06/1779 John HOTSTON Widower Compton, Sussex Mary KILL    
14/06/1779 John SEARLE     Sarah CARPENTER    
15/10/1779 Joseph PRATT     Elizabeth PAY    
11/07/1780 William SHEWET     Sarah SHEWET    
30/03/1781 John FLEET     Elizabeth SILVESTER    
05/06/1781 Zeph MUCKERIDGE     Elizabeth EARWICKER    
04/11/1781 Edward SMITH     Mary SMITH    
14/01/1782 John GARD     Anne TREGUST    
06/04/1782 Edward MISSAM     Mary BONE    
11/08/1782 George PRATT   Bedhampton Anne WINKWORTH    
27/08/1782 Martin REEKS   Clanfield Mary FAY    
15/12/1782 William LUCKINS     Anne CRASWELLER    
27/01/1783 Thomas GOODGER     Winney WILLIS    
17/02/1783 William FOWLER   Portsea Mary SILVESTER    
28/04/1783 John LUFF   Clanfield Elizabeth SMITH   Idsworth
12/05/1783 James PADWICK   Blendworth Mary PAY    
13/10/1783 John WHITE   Blendworth Frances KNIGHT    
12/04/1784 Thomas MARTIN     Anne WARE    
27/12/1784 Arthur WHITE     Catherine SMITH    
12/05/1786 Henry TREAGUST Single   Anne PARVIN Single  
05/07/1786 Joseph DAVIS     Elizabeth BOYET    
20/05/1787 John BURMAN   Bosham, Sussex Olive CLEAR    
06/08/1787 James GOLDSMITH   Hambledon Sarah LILLYWHITE    
08/12/1787 Stephen GALE Single Clanfield Elizabeth MUGGERIDGE Widow Idsworth
03/03/1788 William LEBORN     Sarah WHITE    
13/05/1788 George CARPENTER     Hannah      
19/06/1788 William ROWLAND   East Meon Mary WINKWORTH    
18/10/1788 Samuel KNIGHT     Honor FLEET    
10/11/1788 William GOODGER   Compton, Sussex Elizabeth MARSHALL    
12/11/1788 John LAMBOURN     Elizabeth REAVES    
18/11/1788 Edward PEARSON   Idsworth Mary FRENCH    
18/04/1789 John KILL     Anne ANTONY   Idsworth
12/08/1789 Thomas SILBER   Warblington Sarah EDNEY    
07/09/1789 Richard BAKER   Warblington Elizabeth JACKSON   Idsworth
19/10/1789 Reuben SMALL   Buriton Mary BANKS    
18/10/1790 Richard CHASE   Stoughton, Sussex Sarah BONE    
03/03/1791 Richard PAYSALT   Oving, Sussex Mary CLARKE    
01/05/1791 Thomas EDNEY     Susannah COUSINS    
01/08/1791 Daniel BONE     Sarah REAVES    
09/10/1791 Joseph MILES   Up Marden, Sussex Martha STONER    
26/01/1792 John PUNKER   Yapton, Sussex Elizabeth APPLEFORD    
11/05/1792 William BAKER   Buriton Elizabeth KENCHET    
29/05/1792 John HEAL   Havant Sarah PEARSON    
06/08/1792 Thomas BANKS     Jemima JENMAN    
13/01/1793 John PITTIS   Bedhampton Sarah BLACKMAN    
21/08/1793 John TREGUST     Elizabeth CARRELL    
28/11/1793 William HELLYER     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
09/02/1794 John WILD     Elizabeth CARPENTER    
14/02/1794 Jeremiah JENMAN     Sarah WARE    
11/09/1794 Henry HALL     Anne HEBERDEN    
11/11/1794 John BULBECK     Elizabeth PESCOTT    
29/01/1795 John LILLYWHITE   Exton Mary CRASWELLER    
04/04/1795 William BROOKER   Compton, Sussex Elizabeth FAITHFUL    
06/08/1795 James PEARSON   Portsea Hannah ANSELL    
27/07/1796 Thomas VOLLER     Elizabeth MARTIN    
11/10/1796 James MARKWICK     Mary COZZENS    
24/07/1798 Francis PEARSON     Mary PADWICK    
09/04/1799 James EDNEY     Mary CRASWELLER    
09/10/1799 George COOPER     Mary ALBEY    
24/10/1799 John WEST     Ann ROOKE    
28/11/1799 Thomas BARROW   Buriton Susannah MARTIN    
06/12/1800 George GOODALE     Mary ATHERLY    
11/06/1801 Newell WOLLEDGE   Portsea Jane ROOK    
22/02/1802 James PAGE     Priscilla GARDNER    
12/07/1802 Thomas PAIGE     Margaret LEE    
04/05/1803 Thomas HOLDEN   New Shoreham, Sussex Elizabeth NIGHT    
30/05/1803 John BAKER     Jane KENT    
24/02/1804 Thomas WEDGE     Mary SMITH    
02/04/1804 Henry LIPSCOMB Single   Elizabeth EDNEY Single  
16/10/1804 William GALE Single   Elizabeth GREY Single  
26/11/1804 James VOLLAR Widower   Sarah CROSSWELLER Single  
15/04/1805 James OUTEN   Warblington Charlotte PEARSON    
20/04/1805 John MARTIN Single   Marianne GLEW Single  
14/05/1805 Edward HALL   Portsea Mary HOARE    
07/12/1805 John ANDREWS Widower   Jane DOWDALL Widow  
19/01/1807 Samuel PINNEX   Blendworth Ann MESSUM    
04/01/1808 James PRATT Widower   Mary LUFF Single  
18/05/1809 James SPARKS Single   Sarah GILL Single  
17/07/1810 William ATHERLY Single   Mary WESTBROOK Single  
20/12/1810 Thomas HICKMAN Single   Mary LAMBOURN Single  
15/04/1811 James HINCH Single Havant Kitty EDNEY Single  
19/08/1812 William ATHERLY Widower   Elizabeth DRAPER Single  
1 17/01/1813 John BOOKER Single   Mary Ann WESTBROOK Single  
2 23/08/1813 David CUDLIPP Single Kingston Sarah KNIGHT Single  
3 13/10/1813 Thomas NEAL     Sarah JENNINGS    
4 13/01/1814 Daniel BONE Widower   Mary WILKES Single  
5 22/03/1814 Thomas VOLLER Single   Elizabeth POWELL Single  
6 19/05/1814 George STRIPE Single Stoughton, Sussex Elizabeth CRESSWELLER Single  
7 17/10/1814 Richard CHASE Single   Sarah BURNS Single  
8 27/02/1815 Henry JONES Single   Ann TYRRELL Single  
9 07/08/1815 William Thompson BROWN Single   Susan SMITH Single  
10 04/11/1815 Thomas HICKMAN Widower   Sarah WINDEBANK Single  
11 27/02/1816 John SMITH Widower Warblington Mary BACON Widow  
12 05/11/1816 William HOTSTONE Single   Jane PALMER Single  
13 16/06/1817 Louis Jaques Dominique Aurelius VAN DER SMISSON     Louisa Catharina Collaton Van Der Smisson GRAVES    
14 16/10/1817 George CAROLL Single   Ann POATE Single  
14 16/10/1817 George TREAGUST Single   Ann POATE Single  
15 26/03/1818 John LUDMAN Single Farlington Sarah TREAGUST Single  
16 12/11/1818 James ROYAL Single   Frances HELLYER Single  
17 17/11/1818 William MARTIN Single   Sophia PARR Single  
18 10/12/1818 John BAKER Single   Elizabeth LUCKINGS Single  
19 24/12/1818 William MARNER     Merrener CAROLL    
20 26/12/1818 Joseph CROSSWELLER     Ann CROSSWELLER    
21 19/10/1819 George MARTON Single   Elizabeth LIPSCOMB Single  
22 22/04/1820 Henry Peter DELME Single Fareham Mary GAGE    
23 29/04/1820 John BOLTON Single   Mary PORTER Single  
24 27/07/1820 William HOARE Widower   Ann PEN Single  
25 26/12/1820 Henry KINSHETT Single   Mary Ann YOUNG Single  
26 11/08/1821 John GROVER Single   Sarah WINDEBANK Single  
27 18/08/1821 George OAKSHOT Single   Hannah WESTBROOK Single  
28 01/11/1821 George KENCH Single Havant Sarah YOUNG Single  
29 19/11/1821 Isaac BEAUCHAMP Single Hambledon Ann NEWMAN Single  
30 26/01/1822 Richard WELLS Single   Mary ROOK Single  
31 08/07/1822 Henry MATTHEWS Single   Hannah MORETON Single  
32 20/08/1822 Samuel JEFFERY Single   Charlotte BEAN Single  
33 09/11/1822 William LOCK Single   Sarah UTLEY Single  
34 12/11/1822 James HILLYER Single   Sarah HEDGECOCK Single  
35 02/12/1822 Thomas UTLEY Single   Ann CROSSWELLER Single  
36 22/05/1823 George MARSHALL Single   Jane TARGET   Warblington
37 23/06/1823 John WELLS Single   Kitty MATTHEWS Single  
38 07/10/1824 Matthew CAKEBREAD Single   Jane TREAGUST Single  
39 09/10/1824 John MARTIN Single   Mary KINCHETT Single  
40 23/11/1824 John MARSHALL Single   Elizabeth HELLYER Widow  
41 02/12/1824 William UTLEY Single   Elizabeth EDNEY Single  
42 14/12/1824 William PURCHASE Single   Elizabeth GARD Single  
43 29/12/1824 William HOARE Single   Sarah FOSTER Single  
44 07/06/1826 John KENCHETT Single   Mary ELDRIDGE Single  
45 19/08/1826 Charles BUDD Single Bramshott Sarah Frances GARD Single  
46 19/10/1826 Thomas CARPENTER Single North Hayling Sarah HOOKER Single  
47 01/02/1827 Benjamin COLBOURNE Single   Mary PHILLIPS Single  
48 14/08/1827 Matthew ALLEN Single   Elizabeth BATCHELOR Single  
49 26/12/1827 John Abel SMITH Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Anne GREY Widow  
50 22/03/1828 Thomas STOTSTON Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth BURCHER Single  
52 21/02/1829 Thomas WELLS Single   Sarah BONE Single  
53 26/02/1829 Thomas BOYES Single   Anne MARTIN Single  
54 26/10/1829 Richard SMITH Single   Frances BOYS Single  
55 15/12/1829 James ADAMS Single   Anne HARPER Single  
56 28/04/1830 James CARPENTER Single   Elizabeth GODDARD Single  
58 25/12/1830 Henry SYLVESTER Single Blendworth Mary Selina Ann SYLVESTER Single  
59 04/01/1831 William LIPSTROTT     Ann FLEET    
60 02/04/1831 John LARKIN Single   Harriet SYLVESTER Single  
61 04/04/1831 Charles JOHNSON Single Up Marden, Sussex Elizabeth WILSON Single  
62 11/04/1831 Benjamin BONE Single   Elizabeth WOODMAN Single  
63 17/05/1831 Thomas WAKEFORD Single   Elizabeth JEFFERY Single  
64 15/05/1832 James JACOB Single   Mary ATHERLY Single  
65 11/06/1832 Robert LOCK Single Buriton Harriet WHITE Single  
66 04/10/1832 Moses TURLOW Single   Mary MARSHALL Single  
67 15/10/1832 Thomas PINNIX Single Stoughton, Sussex Mary Ann FULLER Single  
68 29/12/1832 Edward WELLS Single   Anne ROGERS Single  
69 23/03/1833 Thomas BOYS Single   Harriet HAPTON Single  
70 10/04/1833 James WHITTINGTON Single   Jane VOLER Single  
71 09/05/1833 Charles COLBOURNE Single   Ann PHILIPS    
72 18/05/1833 William PORTER Single   Harriet MERRIT Single  
73 23/07/1833 Thomas WHITE Single   Elizabeth BONE Single  
74 07/12/1833 Joseph LOCK Single   Jane JEFFERY Single  
75 25/12/1833 Charles WELLS Single   Lucy LAMBLE Single  
76 03/05/1834 Jonathan WILD Single   Hannah MERRIT Single  
77 28/02/1835 John MARSHALL Single   Ann VOLLER Single  
78 09/05/1835 John DERBON Single South Hayling Mary MARSHALL    
79 05/06/1835 Thomas BALING     Isabella BALING    
80 03/11/1835 Francis FULLER Single   Hannah WYLDBORE Single  
81 26/12/1835 Henry HEDGCOCK Single Up Marden, Sussex Mary PALMER    
82 30/12/1835 William PENN Single   Ann BOXALL Single  
83 25/03/1836 David DROVER Single Andover Louisa Caroline KENNETT Single  
84 02/04/1836 John VOLLAR Single   Emily WHITE Single  
85 16/04/1836 William KENT     Clara WHITE    
86 14/06/1836 Thomas POWELL   Stoughton, Sussex Harriett EDNEY    
87 09/07/1836 Henry PLEDGER     Sarah VOLLER    
88 05/11/1836 William HOOKER     Ann GREEN    
89 23/06/1837 James BUDDIN Single   Mary SYMONDS Single  

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