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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Holybourne Holy Rood


The Parish

Holybourne is a chapelry in the parish of Alton in the northeastern part of Hampshire close to its border with neighbouring Surrey. As a chapelry the church was only registered for marriages for a short period in the duration of this transcript project. Holybourne is northeast of its mother parish along the line of the busy A31 which connects Alton with Farnham in Surrey and ultimately to London. Fortunately the A31 now follows a dual-carriageway to the south and no longer passes through the village. The village is set in the valley of the River Wey at just over 100 metres above sea level, however broad downs rise to the northwest to way over 200 metres as the valley is significantly incised. The area today is almost totally arable but would have had a significant amount of sheep grazing on the downland pastures at the time of this transcript. The area of the chapelry was compact, just over 1,300 acres, and supported just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Holybourne was held personally by the King and supported 5 ploughs.

The Church

Holy Rood church is sited to the west of a narrow lane which climbs from the village northwestwards on to the downs. The church is a mixture of four ages, the earliest part is the tower base which is Norman although the spire is a 19th century addition. The next oldest piece is the chancel which dates from the Early English era followed by the nave which dates from the classic build period of the Perpendicular. The church sits in a small graveyard bordered by a low stone wall, the site is curved to the road and access is gained by a wooden gateway. There are many mature trees making sight lines rather tricky, the east end, however, is presented rather pleasantly to the road.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 1812 Hampshire Record Office Bishop's Transcripts on loose leaf folios A single entry for 1766
2 9th December 1823 - 6th April 1837 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 21M79/PR7
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Fading & soiling of this register leads to a likelihood of some misreads

Alton St Lawrence
South Warnborough St Andrew
Froyle St Mary of the Assumption
Alton St Lawrence
Binsted Holy Cross
Alton St Lawrence
East Worldham St Mary
East Worldham St Mary


Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
11/11/1766 William CUE     Hannah DAVIES    
1 09/12/1823 John SMITH Single Alton Elizabeth FORDER Single  
2 31/12/1823 John FORDER Single   Eliza GROVER Single  
3 31/01/1824 George CHAPPEL Single Binstead Mary Ann WEBB    
4 19/04/1824 James SPEER Single Binstead Martha RAPEY Single  
5 24/07/1824 James MASSEY Single   Ann BLACKMAN Single  
6 09/08/1824 George GATES Widower   Martha ANDREWS Single  
7 19/10/1824 George BAILEY Single   Mary Ann APPLETON Single  
8 27/12/1824 James COVER   Covent Garden, Middlesex Elizabeth TUERSLEY    
9 24/03/1825 Daniel LEE Single   Sarah WITAKER Single  
10 29/08/1825 Thomas HOWARD Single   Mary JACOBS Single  
11 03/09/1825 William NEWLAND Single Alton Sarah HOOKER Single  
12 19/11/1825 George JUNE Single   Elizabeth HOOKER Single  
13 27/03/1826 William VOLLER Single   Elizabeth ROWELL Single  
14 25/04/1826 James BLACKMAN Single   Eliza BAMPTON Single  
15 11/06/1826 George MARRANT Widower   Ann BROWN Single  
16 18/08/1826 William POND Single   Sarah THOMSON Single  
17 11/10/1826 William ROWELL Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
18 25/11/1826 Robert HOBARD Single   Lydia CLEMENTS Single  
19 12/02/1827 James HOOKER Single   Frances WEBSTER Single  
20 09/05/1827 George TRIMMING Single   Mary STEVENS Widow  
21 11/08/1827 Francis DUNSCOMBE Single Croydon, Surrey Sarah WATFORD Single  
22 03/11/1827 William WALKER Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
23 27/01/1828 William COOPER Single   Jane POND Single  
24 27/01/1828 Thomas HEATH Single   Elizabeth WOOLVERIDGE Single  
25 15/06/1828 George WINDEBANK Single   Sarah ANDREWS Single  
26 19/06/1828 William TICE Single   Catherine MAJOR Single  
27 05/07/1828 Thomas POND Single   Jane DOER Single  
28 24/07/1828 John BINSTED Single   Elizabeth CAMMERING Single  
29 27/10/1828 James PAGE Widower   Lucy MERRETT Single  
30 31/10/1828 Daniel WILKINSON Single   Harriot BERRY Single  
31 13/12/1828 Peter SMYTH Widower   Jane WOODHAM Widow Ropley
32 14/12/1828 John HEATHAWAY Single   Jane SMITH Single  
33 04/07/1829 Dennis GARDENER Single   Mary TRIMMING Single  
34 27/07/1830 James WEALE Single Basingstoke Jane EVANS Single  
35 14/08/1830 James WEBB Single   Anne MAPEY Single  
36 21/02/1831 John ELLIS Single Farringdon Ann MILLS Single  
37 12/03/1831 George GOLDING Single Froyle Harriet GATES Single  
38 28/04/1831 Thomas HARROLD Single   Elizabeth GATES    
39 10/12/1831 James ANDREWS Single Binstead Mary BENNETT Single  
40 31/12/1831 John BAMPTON Single   Eliza WAREHAM Single  
41 18/02/1832 George SPIERS Single   Elizabeth HARDING Single  
42 27/02/1832 George SMITH Single   Jane TRIMMER Single  
43 03/03/1832 George GATES Single   Martha COLE Single  
44 05/05/1832 John COLES Single   Sarah GATES Single  
45 22/09/1832 Thomas CHANDLER Single   Mary STRIDE Single  
46 12/01/1833 John NEALE Single   Harriet STENT Single  
47 20/04/1833 Samuel BRAMBLEY Single Bentworth Harriet BENNETT Single  
48 27/05/1833 Henry DURROW Widower Privett Lucy NEWLAND Single  
49 22/05/1834 Benjamin REED Single   Jane KNIGHT Single  
50 25/09/1834 George TRIMMING Widower   Susanna BONE Single  
51 11/10/1834 Henry BROWN Single   Lucy KNIGHT Single  
52 07/01/1835 William John James RENDELL Single Alton Eleanor WILLIAMS Single  
53 25/10/1835 Thomas POND Widower   Jane BACHELOR Single  
54 30/01/1836 William ARNOLD Widower   Sarah MILBURY Widow  
55 15/02/1836 Thomas HOWARD Single Tatsfield, Surrey Elizabeth BRACKLEY Single  
56 09/06/1836 William KNIGHT Widower   Jane WILLIS Single Northwood
57 19/07/1836 George BENNETT   Wombourne, Staffordshire Julia Theresa PHILIPS    
58 05/11/1836 George TRIMMING Single   Harriett EAMES Single  
59 04/02/1837 Charles COLLINS     Charlotte HOOKER    
60 06/04/1837 James THOMAS Widower   Susanna PAVEY    

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