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Marriages 1754 - 1837
South Warnborough St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of South Warnborough lies in northeastern Hampshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Surrey. South Warnborough lies about 3 miles southwest of the market town of Odiham on the B3349 road which links Odiham with Alton. South Warnborough is a compact village built largely around the crossroads of the B3349 and a crossing lane. South Warnborough is largely surrounded by arable agricultural land, a land use that would still have been in the majority at the time of this transcript although sheep grazing would have then been a commoner sight than today. South Warnborough is located in the chalk downlands of Hampshire and sits on a low ridge. Given the porous nature of chalk there is little surface drainage in the parish, what exists is headed northwards along the courses of dry valleys towards the infant River Whitewater which heads north to eventually reach the Thames in Berkshire. South Warnborough is sited at around 100 metres above sea level in rolling country with hilltops around 30 metres higher. The parish is of a typical size for Hampshire at just over 2,500 acres it supported around 370 parishioners. In Domesday times South Warnborough was held by one Guy of Craon and supported 8 ploughs, some meadow and a mill.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits on the eastern side of the B3349 as you leave the village heading south. The church is a rather ancient structure with many features dating back to Norman times. The church has a simple form of nave, chancel and bell-turret. The chancel is older than the nave, it bares the Early English style of the 13th century whereas the nave id Decorated and a half-century or so later. As usual the Victorians restored the building with much work in the 1870s but they have spared the rather attractive bell-turret which tops off the building. The church is set back from the road, accessed off a small triangular green via a lychgate. There are quite a few mature trees which restrict but do not impede photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th October 1755 - 14th September 1811 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 70M76/PR4
Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Once the clerk finishes the preprinted bordered pages he continues onto the blank unruled pages of the book, these have badly faded leading the a possibility of a few misreads
2 26th October 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 70M76/PR5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads The parish made just a single entry before Rose's Act made the register redundant
3 16th January 1813 - 4th March 1837 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 70M76/PR7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Upton Grey St Mary
Greywell St Mary
Odiham All Saints
Upton Grey St Mary
Weston Patrick St Lawrence (detached)
Odiham All Saints
Long Sutton All Saints
Shalden St Peter & St Paul
Alton St Lawrence
Alton St Lawrence
Holybourne Holy Rood
Froyle St Mary of the Assumption

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
18/02/1754 Robert CHEWRY     Mary COE    
27/10/1755 William DEAN     Ann LEE    
08/06/1756 Thomas WHEELER   Long Sutton Mary GREEN    
24/01/1757 Thomas BUNCH     Olive SMITH    
13/12/1757 John NEWLAND     Margaret HALL Single  
31/01/1758 John CLEEVE   Basing Jane NEWLAND Single  
17/04/1758 Thomas MILES   Upton Grey Sarah VICKREY    
27/06/1758 William HAWKINS   Long Sutton Mary MARLOW    
30/10/1758 John SKEATES     Anne WEIGHT    
07/11/1758 Thomas DUFFIN     Mary SHEWRY    
12/11/1758 George LOCK     Elizabeth SMITH    
01/12/1758 Edward LEE     Sarah ALING    
25/05/1760 Robert LEMMON     Lucy CHANDLER    
07/09/1760 John BARNS     Sarah SMITH Single  
02/11/1760 George THOMPSON     Mary CROPP Single  
02/02/1762 John THOMSON   Odiham Elizabeth HALL Single  
07/02/1762 Edward SHEPHARD Widower Odiham Elizabeth COOPER Single  
07/07/1763 John NAISH   Alton Ann KING    
06/10/1763 William LOCK   Odiham Sarah BUBB    
08/10/1764 George EDWARDS     Ann JEROM    
13/11/1764 William BURCH     Mary WAKEFORD   Alton
05/01/1765 Thomas BENHAM     Elizabeth DICKER    
19/07/1766 John DOE     Ann DIBLY    
22/09/1767 James RUFFEL     Elizabeth WOODS    
11/01/1769 George TURNER   St James, Westminster, Middlesex Abigail CRIBB    
04/05/1769 John DICKER     Elizabeth GAISHFORD    
01/11/1769 Thomas SILVER     Sarah LEE    
24/10/1770 William AFLETT   Herriard Jane KING    
31/07/1771 John WARD   Sherfield Upon Loddon Mary CARTER    
15/09/1771 William PINK     Ann OTHEN    
13/11/1771 Henry EVENTON   Ash, Surrey Mary DALING    
14/11/1771 William LEE     Margaret BOWIE    
11/10/1773 Thomas DICKER     Elizabeth TERRY    
15/11/1773 Isaac EELES     Sarah HALL    
20/04/1774 Thomas RIVES     Elizabeth PINK    
01/09/1774 Edward HARRISON     Esther ASHMAN    
28/12/1775 William PURVER   Herriard Sarah SILVER    
23/04/1776 William FOWKES   Herriard Jane SAVEDGE    
08/10/1776 Thomas CHON     Eleanor WISE    
03/12/1776 John COLLIER   Alton Jane KIMBER    
25/03/1777 Samuel HOARE     Sarah DEANE    
29/05/1777 Henry HENWOOD   Shalden Mary HOOKER    
12/10/1780 Joseph LANE     Hannah DICKER    
01/12/1780 John COLLINS   Selborne Elizabeth WHITE    
26/12/1780 John BRISTOW     Elizabeth RICE    
29/05/1781 Richard RENDELS   Cliddesden Ann HOOKER    
01/10/1781 Thomas STAMP   Westbourne, Sussex Mary BAGEANT    
17/01/1782 Thomas DEAN     Hannah HENWOOD    
31/01/1782 Henry LEE     Elizabeth HASKER    
23/11/1782 Charles PADDICK   Basingstoke Mary LEMMON    
15/01/1783 William EXALL   St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Jane BENNETT    
08/05/1784 William BAILLY     Elizabeth RANDALL    
22/09/1785 John Richard Churchill SABINE   Bradford Abbas, Dorset Susannah NEWLAND    
10/11/1785 William NORMAN     Mary FULKNER   Holy Trinity Minories, City Of London
12/12/1786 William COWLES     Mary CHILDES    
10/04/1787 Daniel BROWN   Basing Elizabeth BARNES    
17/04/1789 Joseph IVORY   Sittingbourne, Kent Mary TILLY    
17/04/1789 Joseph BIDINGFIELD   Sittingbourne, Kent Mary TILLY    
13/11/1790 Robert HEYSHAM     Sarah HAWKINS    
20/10/1791 Samuel SMITH   Colemore Ann BURCH    
13/11/1791 Matthew REYNOLDS     Ann BRIGGS    
21/06/1792 William MAJOR   Binsted Eleanor DICKER    
30/05/1793 Eli CHAMPION     Hannah WINDEBANK    
18/07/1793 William RICHARDSON     Mary HAUGHTON    
30/09/1793 Thomas SWITZER   East Stratton Joyce FUSSELL    
08/12/1793 John HOARE   Long Sutton Matilda CHAMPION    
29/05/1794 John NASH     Sarah GOODCHILD    
16/10/1794 Stephen HALL     Ann PARKER    
05/02/1795 William BAILEY     Mary WESTON    
14/10/1795 William CHILDS     Sarah GOODCHILD    
31/12/1795 William HALL   Binsted Martha WILLIS    
07/01/1797 John SANDERS   Clewer, Berkshire Barbara Elizabeth BURCH    
14/01/1797 Michael CHILDS   Upton Grey Sarah LOCKE    
21/05/1798 John BRISTOW   Basingstoke Ann WHITE    
07/06/1798 William ARLOTT   Bramley Rachel HIGGS    
20/07/1798 Stephen DICKER     Sarah HEATH    
16/01/1800 Alexander BURT   Upton Grey Elizabeth LEE    
02/06/1800 James HARRIS   Long Sutton Ann NASH    
20/11/1800 Robert GREGORY     Martha HIGGS    
12/10/1801 Allen WILLIAMSON     Mary LANE    
24/12/1801 John PRIZEMAN Single   Sarah DICKER Single  
26/03/1802 George HALL Single Long Sutton Mary CARTER Single  
10/06/1802 Matthew HUCKLEY Single   Anne WISE Single  
04/11/1802 James PORT     Sarah LEE    
11/12/1802 James HOARE     Hannah PORTSMOUTH   Long Sutton
06/01/1803 James HOBBS     Elizabeth LOCK    
27/10/1803 James YOUNG     Phillis ACKETT    
25/10/1804 John SMITH   Sherborne Sarah YALDEN    
02/11/1804 William LAWRENCE     Elizabeth CHAMPION    
19/10/1805 William FORDER     Hannah BULPIT   Ellisfield
23/11/1805 John PAGE     Elizabeth RALF    
16/01/1806 Walter DICKER Single   Hannah LANE Single  
05/04/1806 Thomas DICKER     Anne VARNDELL    
11/05/1806 John KING     Litte BIDE    
17/10/1807 William MYLES   Hartley Wespall Anne HOARE    
29/11/1807 William CATHOLIC     Ellen CHUN    
11/10/1808 James SIMPSON Single   Judith BENHAM Single  
12/10/1808 William STAMP     Sophia EVENS    
03/12/1808 Charles SILVER     Maria CARTER    
14/01/1809 Charles APPILTON     Anne HEATH    
20/08/1809 James KNIGHT     Anne VINCE    
03/09/1810 Edward NASH Single   Elizabeth DICKER Single  
14/09/1811 John GOODCHILD Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
26/10/1812 Andrew BATCHELOR Single   Ann LANE Single  
1 16/01/1813 Henry YOUNG Single   Elizabeth LOCK Single  
2 31/07/1813 Daniel GOODCHILD Single   Jane MAY Single  
3 06/08/1813 Charles HEATH Single   Elizabeth Ann ELLIS Single  
4 30/04/1814 John SMITH Single   Sarah PORT Widow  
5 16/07/1814 William LUTTON   Long Sutton Anne MANCEY    
6 15/05/1815 Richard GLASPEN Widower   Mary GLADMAN Widow  
7 17/06/1815 Thomas BLAYNEY   All Saints, Evesham, Worcestershire Anna Harland HARRISON    
8 16/09/1815 James GRIG   Greywell Amelia STACEY    
9 11/10/1815 Samuel GIVAL     Mary COOPER    
10 16/10/1817 Thomas Moore WAYNE Single   Frances BOWYER   Hartley Wintney
11 23/10/1817 Frederic SMART Single   Frances LANE Single  
12 15/01/1818 William WESTBROOK Single Froyle Ellen Frances MAJOR Single  
13 20/06/1818 James HALL   Crondall Harriet LANEY    
14 08/10/1818 Joseph LANE Single   Elizabeth DUNHAM Single  
15 04/03/1819 Henry NORTON     Elizabeth LANE    
16 11/12/1819 George KEENS   Upton Grey Sarah SIMPSON    
17 11/12/1819 Thomas MILLARD   Upton Grey Mary LANEY    
18 11/01/1820 William FROST   Froyle Elizabeth WHITE    
19 13/06/1820 James HOCKLEY     Eliza PRESELLO Widow  
20 02/11/1820 Abraham TARRANT Single Greywell Lydia CHILL Single  
21 28/11/1820 Thomas DALTON     Hannah LANEY    
22 06/03/1821 John DAWKINS Single Upton Grey Sarah HOCKLEY Single  
23 16/06/1821 Joseph TAYLOR     Jane LANEY    
24 15/10/1821 John PINK     Elizabeth GREGORY    
25 25/05/1822 Charles CHILDS     Mary Anne DICKER    
26 27/05/1822 Thomas WHITE     Mary Ann CHILDS    
27 06/07/1822 Edward STAMP     Eliza TAYLOR    
28 13/07/1822 John MAY Widower   Elizabeth HOOKER    
29 18/01/1823 George SPUDBOROUGH     Harriet CHILDS    
30 05/03/1824 John CHILDS     Charlotte COOPER    
31 14/02/1825 John ROGERS   Nately Scures Hannah HOCKLEY    
32 29/09/1825 James PALMER     Mary BAKER   Long Sutton
33 13/11/1826 George MARSH     Jane WARNER    
34 11/12/1826 William WHEELER     Lucy TANNER    
35 28/12/1826 Stephen DICKER     Elizabeth TURRELL    
36 22/03/1827 James EVANS Widower   Sarah CRANHAM Widow  
37 16/06/1827 Henry STEVENS   St Michael, Winchester Hannah LOCK    
38 01/12/1827 Thomas NEVILL     Kesiah HOBBES    
39 18/02/1828 John CRANSTOUN     Sarah DAVID    
40 10/05/1828 James SIMSON Single   Hannah GREENWILL Single  
41 17/06/1828 Michael CHILD     Sarah TITHERIDGE    
42 28/06/1828 John JACKSON     Jane SIMPSON    
43 23/07/1828 David GREGORY     Frances CARTER    
44 18/10/1828 James SILVER     Mary GREGORY    
45 14/02/1829 George CARTER     Sarah GAINES    
46 17/08/1829 Joseph LANEY     Ann PAGE    
47 27/08/1829 William Joseph WALKER Single Southrop, Gloucestershire Louisa Emily MANLEY    
48 15/04/1830 James WOOD   Odiham Elizabeth DICKER    
49 29/05/1830 Frederic CHILD     Charlotte HOOKER    
50 15/01/1831 Daniel COLEMAN   Odiham Hannah CARTER    
51 02/04/1831 George HOBBES     Elizabeth DOWDEN    
52 17/08/1831 John MARSH     Sarah MILES    
53 08/12/1831 James STACEY     Sarah COLLISE    
54 11/06/1832 James THOMSON     Letitia LANEY    
55 21/06/1832 John DICKER Single   Charlotte CHILD    
56 15/07/1832 Henry STEVENS   Alton Anne WESTBROOK    
57 13/10/1832 Thomas DICKER     Elizabeth CHILDS    
58 18/02/1833 James KNIGHT     Mary MARSH    
59 23/11/1833 Eli STACEY     Ann BUSHNELL    
60 26/04/1834 Thomas LANEY     Sarah CHILD    
61 17/05/1834 George ROPLEY     Jane GOODCHILD    
62 24/05/1834 Thomas LANEY     Athaliah HOBBS    
63 03/06/1834 Andrew BATCHELOR Widower   Elizabeth PETTITE Widow  
64 19/07/1834 Charles VINCE     Ann GOODCHILD    
65 19/07/1834 Charles STACEY     Sarah HOOKER    
66 30/08/1834 John KNIGHT     Jane HOOKER    
67 06/02/1835 Charles KNIGHT   Weston Patrick Martha COSTON    
68 25/04/1835 James HALL   Herriard Louisa CARTER    
69 28/11/1835 William HARNSWORTH   Froyle Louisa HALCOOP    
70 28/12/1835 James STEER   Cheriton Harriet Louisa DAVID    
71 30/07/1836 William GREGORY     Mary HOOKER    
72 04/03/1837 John DASH     Martha CARTER    

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