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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Tichbourne St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Tichborne lies in central Hampshire about 6 miles east of the city of Winchester. Tichborne is a relatively small village built along the western banks of the River Itchen, a narrow lane follows the river and most properties are along or near that lane. Tichborne lies about a mile south of the A31 road which connects Winchester with Alton. The area about Tichborne is underlain with chalk making poor arable soils hence pastoral farming would have been the major economic activity. The River Itchen drains northwards, westwards and then south to reach the English Channel through the port of Southampton. Tichborne is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in gently rolling chalk downland, the Itchen lies some 10 metres lower whilst local heights rise to just over 100 metres to the south of the village. Downland parishes are traditionally large and Tichborne would have covered an area of around 3,000 acres and supported a population of just under 350 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Tichborne in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Andrew's church lies uphill to the west of the main lane through the village. The church is very early with Saxo-Norman features indicative of an 11th century origin. The chancel is clearly datable to the this period showing Saxon double-splays to the windows. The nave and two-bay arcades are later and in the Early English Gothic style of the 13th century. The contrasting brick western tower is much later having documentary dating evidence of completion in 1703. The church is accessed along Church Lane, a dead-end road which leaves the lane adjacent to a pretty thatched cottage, at the end is space for a car or two. Access is than by foot along a gravel track through a wooden gateway. The churchyard is surrounded with trees but there are adequate views for photography despite some restrictions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th August 1755 - 5th December 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 139M82/PR3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Scruffy handwriting and soiling lead to the possibility of a few misreads
2 6th February 1813 - 1st December 1836 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 139M82/PR4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/08/1755 Henry NASH     Mary EXALL Widow  
2 09/10/1756 Richard BLEAK     Jane GREEN Single  
3 14/03/1757 William RUSSEL   New Alresford Elizabeth AUBERY Single  
4 12/07/1758 Charles SPICER   New Alresford Ann ETHERIDGE    
5 17/12/1758 Joseph SMITH   Hursley Elizabeth ETHERIDGE    
6 23/06/1759 Kish CHRISTMAS   Alton Mary BULL    
7 27/05/1760 William GROVER   Newton Valence Mary PINK    
8 28/10/1760 Francis WHITEAR   New Alresford Sarah GODWIN    
9 13/04/1761 William ANDREWS     Sarah NEWMAN    
10 31/08/1762 Francis DE OCEAN     Mary SPARROW    
11 13/10/1762 Moses COLLIS     Elizabeth CHILDS    
12 25/08/1763 Henry ROW   Kilmeston Elizabeth SPICER    
13 22/11/1763 Charles FREEMAN   New Alresford Frances RATTY    
14 21/02/1764 John FISHER   Ovington Margaret MOODY Single  
15 11/10/1764 William TITHERIDGE     Mary WOODERSON    
18 11/02/1765 William BENNET Single   Frances PINK Single  
16 01/12/1765 Thomas CROUCHER Single Froyle Anne PAGE Single  
17 30/01/1766 Edward NOBLE Single   Johanna TURNER Single  
19 14/06/1766 John MANSBRIDGE     Sarah CHILD    
20 22/06/1766 William CAMIS Single Hambledon Ann EVANCE Single  
21 23/05/1769 James LOVELOCK     Mary BATT    
22 31/07/1769 Thomas PINK   Exton Sarah HEB    
23 16/05/1770 Thomas WURNAM     Frances PAGE    
24 30/05/1771 John BRICKNAL   New Alresford Elizabeth JETTEN    
25 20/10/1772 Benjamin WHITEAR   Old Alresford Sarah SCRIVEN Single  
26 24/05/1773 Thomas SAWKINS Single Ovington Rebecca SCRIVEN Single  
27 16/11/1773 William EAMES     Sarah DIGWEED    
28 18/11/1773 Richard MORLEY     Ann HEBB Widow  
29 09/01/1776 Francis CHASE   Burghfield, Berkshire Elizabeth SCRIVEN Single  
30 05/08/1776 James FORSTER Single   Elizabeth BUDD Single  
31 09/10/1777 James DADDYMEAD   New Alresford Elizabeth HOLLOWAY    
33 27/10/1778 John FORD     Martha WELLS    
34 07/07/1779 George WIGLEY   St Lawrence Margaret ETHERIDGE    
35 02/08/1779 Thomas CARPENTER     Mary MARSH    
36 03/04/1780 Thomas WHITEAR Single Old Alresford Mary SCRIVEN Single  
37 14/06/1780 Joel MILLARD     Mary ETHERIDGE    
38 10/07/1780 Richard MORELY     Mary WILKINS    
39 13/07/1780 James COLE   Cheriton Sarah JONES    
40 02/08/1780 Henry WHITEAR Single Cheriton Frances SCRIVEN Single  
41 13/10/1783 David BALDWIN     Mary NEWTON    
42 16/10/1783 John BLAKE     Ann BELL    
43 02/12/1783 Aaron STANBROOK     Amelia COPPERTHWAITE   Twyford
45 15/11/1784 George GOLDFINCH   Owslebury Frances NORRIS    
46 30/12/1784 Thomas GREEN   Durley Fanny ETHERIDGE    
44 11/12/1786 Thomas STEPTOE     Elizabeth MEARS    
47 02/08/1787 James MARSH Widower   Mary NASH Widow  
48 29/08/1787 George GATES   Hinton Ampner Sarah WHITEAR    
49 24/09/1787 John HAYTER Single Kings Worthy Elizabeth NOBLE    
50 19/08/1788 James PIPER     Sarah BAKER    
51 18/11/1788 Moses COLLESS Single   Elizabeth ETHERIDGE Single  
52 13/10/1789 James ETHERIDGE Single   Leah SPENCER Single  
53 05/12/1789 John HOARE Single Bishops Waltham Frances MARSH Single  
54 13/11/1790 Joseph SMITH     Hannah NEWTON    
55 02/05/1791 Thomas GUY Single   Frances KNIGHT Single  
56 10/10/1791 Richard LILLYWHITE Single   Winifred NORRIS Single  
57 08/01/1792 Francis SHELDON Single Wycliffe, Yorkshire Frances PLOWDEN Single  
58 16/10/1792 Thomas ROGERS Widower Chilcomb Mary NOBLE    
59 04/02/1793 William ADAMS Widower Cheriton Elizabeth NASH Single  
60 21/04/1794 Job ARNOLD Single   Lucy CAMIS    
61 16/05/1794 John FISHER Single   Ann BENTLEY Single  
62 25/11/1794 Richard CAWTE Single   Susannah STANBROOK Single  
63 21/05/1796 William DOWER Single   Hannah NOBLE Single  
64 04/01/1797 Richard WAIGHT   Itchen Stoke Martha NEWLAND   Ropley
65 05/01/1797 John PACE   Corhampton Sarah PINK    
66 24/10/1797 John MANSBRIDGE     Mary LAVINGTON    
67 22/01/1798 Thomas SILK     Frances PAGE    
68 19/03/1798 Benjamin BATT   Hinton Ampner Mary EAMES    
69 14/10/1799 George BONE   Itchen Stoke Hannah RIMES    
70 28/07/1800 Joseph GOATER Single   Sarah EAMES Single  
71 26/09/1800 Henry CROCKFORD     Mary ROSIER    
72 28/10/1800 James NEWELL   Soberton Frances WHITEAR    
73 10/10/1801 William CAMIS Single   Olive TULL Single  
74 20/04/1802 William MANSBRIDGE Single   Mary BELLINGER Widow  
75 26/05/1802 Philip SHARP Single New Alresford Frances ETHERIDGE    
76 04/10/1803 Jacob CHURCHER   Soberton Sarah MILLARD    
77 11/04/1804 Richard ADAMS Widower Cheriton Elizabeth CARPENTER Single  
78 10/05/1804 Joseph NEWALL Single Cheriton Susannah WHITEAR    
79 22/11/1804 John GOODWIN Single   Ann WHITEAR    
80 02/08/1806 Benjamin WHITEAR Single   Charlotte FOX Single  
81 05/11/1806 William JEFFERY     Elizabeth EAMS    
82 04/06/1807 Robert LOMER Single Upham Ruth BARNES Widow  
83 11/10/1807 William CROOK Single   Sarah WOODS Single  
84 08/11/1807 Charles PULLINGER Single   Ann MARSH Single  
85 16/05/1808 Thomas KNOWLES Single   Ann MILLS Single  
86 06/04/1809 Joseph KNOWLES Single   Dinah BUDD Single  
87 11/11/1811 Jacob HARRISON Single Odiham Susannah YOUNG Single  
88 05/12/1812 William BALDWIN Single   Elizabeth WOODS Single  
1 06/02/1813 Thomas BRASIER Single Kilmeston Mary STEPTO Single  
2 02/08/1813 William WORNHAM Single   Sarah DORE Single  
3 18/12/1813 George GREEN Single   Sarah BALDWIN Single  
4 21/07/1814 Richard LILLYWHITE Widower   Hannah SHEPARD Widow  
5 02/08/1814 Guy PRIER     Maria ADAMS    
6 02/08/1815 William FORD     Sarah COLLISS    
7 09/10/1815 Samuel FOWLER Single Leominster, Herefordshire Elizabeth GODRICH Single  
8 25/11/1815 William GRIFFIN Single Bishops Sutton Elizabeth FISHER    
9 13/07/1816 William MARSH Single Itchen Stoke Elizabeth DORE Single  
10 02/11/1816 Henry GATES Single   Sarah WORNHAM Widow  
11 21/02/1818 William HOPGOOD Single   Sarah REEVES Single  
12 30/03/1818 John BURGES Single Bighton Dinah POINTER Single  
13 15/10/1818 Peter GRIFFIN Single   Rebecca ADAMS Single  
14 28/11/1818 William BATT Single   Mary COLLISS Single  
15 05/12/1818 Benjamin SMITH Single   Mary Anne MARSH Single  
16 12/10/1820 John PAICE Single   Maria BACHELOR Widow  
17 14/10/1820 Robert MINCHIN Single Bighton Sarah GODWIN Single  
18 14/10/1820 Charles DIXON Single   Sarah ADAMS Single  
19 21/04/1821 George CANNONS Single   Peggy COLLISS Single  
20 25/06/1821 Andrew MORLEY Single   Sarah PIKE Single  
21 26/01/1822 Charles GUY Single   Jane BUTCHER Single  
22 29/04/1822 Robert CHASE Single Rogate, Sussex Elizabeth GODWIN Single  
23 12/06/1822 George NORGATE Single   Sarah STURT Single  
24 29/06/1822 Richard CANNONS Single   Harriet MARSH Single  
25 04/12/1822 John MILLARD Single   Sarah CHILDS Single  
26 24/12/1822 John ETHERIDGE Single   Jane COWDREY Single  
27 14/02/1824 George FUDTRELL Single Farnham, Surrey Harriet MILLS Single  
28 12/09/1825 Thomas MARLIN   Cheriton Amelia ANNILL    
29 23/01/1826 David FISHER Single   Mary Ann EWEN Single  
30 01/05/1826 John CHIDELL Single Droxford Sarah GODRICH Single  
31 11/11/1826 Henry HOWARD Single   Frances MARSH Single  
32 28/06/1828 George GODWIN Single   Elizabeth Sarah THORN Single  
33 13/09/1828 Moses COLLESS Single   Jane EADE Single  
34 19/10/1828 Richard WESTBROOK Single New Alresford Mary EARWAKER Single  
35 05/11/1828 Thomas HINNEN Single   Martha GREEN Single  
36 05/05/1829 Joseph Lord DORMER Single   Eliza TICHBORNE Single  
37 02/06/1829 Edward GODWIN Single Nether Wallop Mary Ann GODWIN Single  
38 22/09/1829 Henry Benedict ARUNDELL   Tisbury, Wiltshire Frances Catharine TICHBORNE    
39 01/02/1830 Charles Thomas TALBOT Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Julia TICHBORNE Single  
40 29/04/1830 William JEFFERY Widower   Mary WHITE Single  
41 19/05/1832 Benjamin WHITEAR Single   Olive FREEMANTLE Single  
42 11/12/1833 William BUDD   Itchen Stoke Louisa PAYE    
43 25/08/1834 Thomas HOLDER Single   Charlotte MANSBRIDGE Single  
44 18/10/1834 Robert MANSBRIDGE Single   Hannah HEBB Single  
45 29/09/1835 Thomas GIBSON Single   Elizabeth PARGENT Single  
46 25/07/1836 John BENNETT   Tisbury, Wiltshire Emily Blanche TICHBORNE    
47 02/08/1836 James SIMPSON Single   Harriet MARSH Single  
48 22/10/1836 John MANSBRIDGE Single   Mary HOLDER Single  
49 01/12/1836 Stephen BUTT Widower South Stoneham Elizabeth HAMPTON Widow  

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