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Clehonger All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Clehonger lies in south central Herefordshire about 4 miles west of the city of Hereford. Clehonger is a large and rather dispersed village which sits on the junction of the B4349 (Hereford to the Golden Valley) and B4352 (Hereford to Hay on Wye) roads. Most of present day Clehonger lies in modern developments to the south of the junction whilst there is a second smaller settlement a little over a mile east around the church. Clehonger would have been a farming village at the time of this transcript, typically for Herefordshire it would have been dominated by the grazing of cattle. Clehonger is drained northwards by a small tributary of the Wye, the Cage Brook which soon joins the latter for its long journey through Hereford to reach the Bristol Channel through the port of Chepstow. Clehonger is sited at close to 100 metres above the sea in fairly gentle terrain, land being at or below that height for many miles. Clehonger parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering a little under 1,900 acres it would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Clehonger was held by one Ilbert Fitzturold and was largely described as waste with only 3 ploughs to merit a mention. 

The Church

All Saints' church sits over a mile to the east of the present focus of the village, on the western side of Church Road which leads northwards from the B4349 towards the Wye valley. There are traces of an early 12th century church, scattered remnant such as chevron moulding reused in the rebuilt chancel, traces of a Romanesque style window in the nave and the southern doorway. The church was modified significantly in the 13th century, the western tower in the Early English Gothic style from the early part whilst the southern arcade and the transepts date from the mid 13th century. A Perpendicular top stage was added or replaced on the tower as a further change but it wasn't until Victorian times that further significant alteration occurred. A sustained campaign from 1847 through to 1850 saw many changes wrought, notably the rebuilding of the chancel and addition of the southern porch. The church is set back from Church Road behind a circular green with adequate parking outside, a lychgate grants entry to the churchyard which is free from photographic obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
16th April 1755 - 20th June 1787
Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AS45/6
Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages
Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number
A lack of segregation between entries makes for a possibility of accidental omission
2 29th September 1788 - 3rd December 1812 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AS45/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page, bound together with a composite baptismal & burial register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 26th February 1813 - 1st June 1837 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AS45/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Eaton Bishop St Michael
Breinton St Michael
Breinton St Michael
Eaton Bishop St Michael
Hereford St John the Baptist
Kingstone St Michael
Allensmore St Andrew
Allensmore St Andrew
Much Dewchurch St David
Dewsall St Michael
Hereford St John the Baptist
Dewsall St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/04/1755 David BOWEN Eaton Bishop Ursula POWEL
05/05/1756 Edward COOKE Mary LAWRENCE
31/05/1756 John WILLIAMS Mary LEVEL Widow
18/07/1756 Christopher POWEL Mary DAVIS
01/05/1758 William HUSBANDS Mary HIGGINS
19/06/1759 John MASON St Devereux Elizabeth SYRE
28/09/1759 Hugh POWELL Anne TAYLOR Byford
17/08/1760 George WILLIAMS Eaton Bishop Mary PHILLIPS
02/05/1762 John CROSS Nancy HAINES
07/10/1762 William MAKEAM Bridge Sollers Elizabeth WATHAN
06/04/1763 James ELLIOTT Allensmore Ann COLLOE
22/04/1763 John TAYLOR Rebecca STOLLARD
20/05/1764 John SYRE Elizabeth POLES
17/06/1764 William PHILLIPS Nancy HAINES
28/05/1765 John WILLIAMS Mary VERRY
11/11/1766 William HOPKINS Widower Christiana LILLWELL Single St John, Hereford
09/02/1768 Richard JONES Margarett HIGGINS
05/07/1768 William WALKER Anne JONES
27/12/1768 John LEVEL Jane VERY
03/02/1770 Richard JONES Single Martha JENKINS Single
30/01/1771 Morgan CRUMP Elizabeth COOK Allensmore
20/06/1771 James GWILLIM Burghill Mary PRITCHARD
01/07/1771 John GRIFFITHS Mary POWELL
20/01/1772 Joseph SYER Single Allensmore Dianna PHILLIPS Single
02/07/1772 John Scudamore LETCHMERE Fownhope Catherine WHITMORE
03/05/1773 Richard SMITH St Margaret Anne JAMES
07/02/1775 John POWELL Single Eaton Bishop Mary WATKINS Single
22/05/1775 William PROSSER Allensmore Anne PROSSER
27/05/1775 John MORRIS Mary WHADLEY
13/06/1775 Richard TAYLOR Madley Elizabeth GRAY
24/10/1775 Matthew SHEPHERD Mary GOLD Widow
06/11/1775 Philo MADDY Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Ann PUGH Single
12/05/1776 Thomas MORRIS Single Mary SMITH Single
23/06/1776 William POWEL Single Hannah DAVIS Single
10/05/1778 William JONES Anne PARSONS
20/10/1778 Thomas TAYLOR Mary PRITCHARD
12/02/1779 Walter PRICE Mary JENNINGS
16/02/1779 John PRITCHARD Elizabeth BETHELL
13/05/1779 William PRICE St Peter, Hereford Elizabeth PERKINS
06/04/1780 John SMITH Mary GUNTER
05/05/1781 Tamberlain HORDS Single Mary JONES Single
04/06/1781 Chaplin HODGES Single St Owen, Hereford Sarah ELLIOTT Single
26/07/1781 John EVANS Elizabeth THOMAS
20/11/1781 Thomas VAILL Anne WADLEY
26/02/1782 James MORTON Mary JONES
28/06/1782 John JONES Single Newland, Gloucestershire Anne MORFIELD Single
11/01/1783 George MONNINGTON Single St Owen, Hereford Elizabeth FIELD Widow
30/04/1783 Richard TOMKINS Single Sarah BARRETT Single Yazor
05/01/1784 Hugh RUSSELL Sarah PHILLIPS
12/01/1784 John WILLIAMS Single Sarah EDWARDS Single
27/06/1785 Thomas BAYLISS Mary TAYLOR
30/11/1785 Thomas BOOYEAR Mellinea DAVIS
30/04/1786 Thomas BETHEL Mary MORGAN
27/07/1786 Thomas POWELL Single Mary GOOLD Single
20/06/1787 James MEEK Single Elizabeth THOMAS Single
1 29/09/1788 James PHILLIPS Single Elizabeth JAMES Single
2 21/06/1790 John PREECE Thruxton Susannah GILBERT
14/06/1791 James ELLIOTT Single Eaton Bishop Ann ELLIOTT Single
18/06/1791 Thomas MORRIS Single Wellington Margaret HUSBANDS
03/05/1792 Thomas BEST Single Margaret WILLIAMS Single
15/05/1792 William VAUGHAN Single Mary MORRIS Single
21/06/1792 Walter WILLIAMS Single Mary WILLIAMS Single
29/11/1792 Richard BROWN Single St John, Hereford Ann TANCOTT Single
19/05/1794 William EVANS Breinton Joyce PROSSER
29/05/1794 John HOLLAND Single All Saints, Hereford Elizabeth TANCOTT Single
06/07/1794 John WATKINS Single St Nicholas, Hereford Elizabeth PAYN Single
25/10/1794 John BAKER Single Mary BAYLIS Single St Nicholas, Hereford
25/06/1795 John REECE Single Ann HIGGINS Single
06/08/1795 William WATHEN Single Kingstone Martha MATHEWS Single
08/11/1795 John BARTLEY Widower St Martin, Hereford Mary COTTERELL Single
17/11/1795 James THOMAS Widower Mary PRICE Single Eaton Bishop
05/05/1796 Richard YEOMANS Single Sarah POWLES Single
08/09/1796 Thomas MERRICK Single Ledbury Hannah ROBINSON Single
08/06/1797 Benjamin TAYLOR Single Ruth JONES Single St Peter, Hereford
17/05/1798 John DAVIS Single Martha GILBERT Single
05/07/1798 William WATKINS Single Christiana DAVIS
13/12/1798 William DAVIS Widower Mary PRICE Single Peterchurch
01/01/1800 William COLE Single Ann SHEPHERD Single
07/05/1800 William PROSSER Single Ann PROSSER Widow
05/06/1800 James PHILLIPPS Single Mary DAVIES Single
28/07/1800 William HUSBANDS Single Phoebe PRICE Single
31/07/1800 John MATTHEWS Single Nancy HUSBANDS Single
18/06/1804 John TAYLOR Mary ROWBERRY
02/05/1805 William EVANS Single Mary BEVAN Single
03/07/1806 William TAYLOR Single Ann PHILLIPPS Single
05/02/1807 John PRITCHARD Single Mary BETHELL Single
24/06/1807 Barnabas PRITCHARD Mary JONES
08/06/1809 John BOWEN Single Ann WATKINS Single
09/05/1811 Thomas REECE Single Ann TAYLOR Single
29/11/1811 William POWELL Single Raglan, Monmouthshire Eleanor JONES Single
03/12/1812 William MEEK Single Sarah RUSSELL Single
1 26/02/1813 Thomas LEWIS Single Presteigne, Radnorshire Jane JONES Single
2 22/07/1813 Richard EVANS Single Mary HARDMAN Single
3 11/08/1813 William PARRY Single Ann VAUGHAN Single
4 07/11/1813 William ROWLAND Widower Mary JONES Single
5 22/08/1814 Henry HATSELL Single Mary MATTHEWS Single
6 17/05/1815 John PARKER Single Winchcombe, Gloucestershire Ann WALL Single
7 16/11/1815 Thomas WATHEN Single Allensmore Jane JONES Single
8 17/04/1816 John GARMSON Single Ann POWEL Single
9 11/08/1816 William EVANS Single Pamela GWILLIM Widow
10 14/08/1817 William SHORT Widower Ann HOWELLS Single
11 15/10/1817 William MAGNESS Single Ann DAVIES Single
12 25/11/1817 Thomas WHITNEY Single Sarah POWELL Single
13 08/04/1818 Samuel SEAL Single Elizabeth WATKINS Single Abbey Dore
14 13/04/1818 Francis TAYLOR Single Ann MEEK Single
15 23/06/1818 William JONES Single Elizabeth PRITCHARD Widow
16 07/07/1819 Richard DAVIES Single Mary CLARK Single
17 28/10/1819 James PRICE Single Elizabeth YEOMANS Single
18 11/11/1819 James CROSS Single Eaton Bishop Mary SAMS Single
19 24/01/1820 George VAUGHAN Single Sarah VAUGHAN Single
20 10/02/1820 William POWELL Single Allensmore Elizabeth POWELL Single
21 15/05/1820 Richard JONES Widower Ann WHITEHEAD Widow St John, Hereford
22 24/11/1820 Thomas WALL Single Susan MARTIN Single
23 10/02/1823 John BAKER Single Mary WILLIAMS Single
24 05/03/1823 Frederick HILES Single Charlotte Emily PAYNE Single
25 10/06/1823 John PRITCHARD Single Elizabeth GARDINER Widow
26 17/06/1823 Samuel WOOD Single Elizabeth ANDREWS Single
27 29/12/1823 James WATKINS Single Eliza Ann JONES Single
28 28/12/1824 William VAUGHAN Single Mary VAUGHAN Widow
29 12/02/1825 William BANTON Single Callow Ann TAYLOR
30 27/05/1825 Peter HOPKINS Single Martha COOK Single
32 25/05/1826 John GRIFFITHS Breinton Elizabeth DAVIS
33 30/05/1826 John SEBON Elizabeth ROBERT
34 25/07/1826 Mark POWELL Single Hannah BEVAN Single
35 01/08/1826 James GWILLIM Single Eliner MORGAN Single
36 27/11/1826 James PREECE Martha GRIFFITHS
37 29/12/1826 William GRIFFITHS Single Prudence DAVIS Single
38 21/05/1827 John JONES Single Winifred GWYNNE Single
39 05/06/1827 John GARSTONE Widower All Saints, Hereford Esther LAWRENCE Single
40 06/06/1827 James MORGAN Single Sarah WATKINS Single
41 07/08/1827 John SMART Single Ann HOWELL Single
42 09/10/1827 Thomas VAUGHAN Single Margaret POWELL Single
43 14/11/1827 Edward PROSSER Single Margaret COOKE Single
44 19/02/1828 John USK Widower Elizabeth WALLIS Widow
45 07/04/1829 George LEWIS St Peter, Hereford Ann MATTHEWS
46 14/05/1829 John HUGHES Single Phebe WALL Single
47 23/02/1830 William DAVIS Widower Anne HAMMONDS Widow
48 27/05/1830 John POWELL Elizabeth SAUNDERS
49 03/06/1830 Richard DAVIS Sarah YEOMANS
50 19/06/1831 James BEVAN St Peter, Hereford Anne BAYLEY
51 11/06/1832 John WILLIAMS Mary JONES
52 08/10/1832 George JONES Maria NASH
53 08/03/1834 William OWENS Widower Elizabeth PREECE Single
54 13/03/1834 Thomas HAMMONDS Single Alice WILLIAMS Single
55 06/05/1834 Thomas VAUGHN Mary MORGAN
56 15/05/1834 James PITT Single St Peter, Hereford Sophia BENNETT Single
57 02/06/1834 John Parry HAMMONDS Single Mary Anne EVANS Single
58 22/09/1834 Joseph PREECE Single Ann PRITCHARD Single
59 07/04/1835 Joseph PRICE Single Anne ROGERS Single
60 24/10/1835 John JONES Widower Mary JONES Single
61 01/02/1836 Thomas DAVIES Charlotte PRICE
62 02/06/1836 Thomas TRUMPER Single Wellington Elizabeth VAUGHAN Single
63 01/06/1837 William ADAMS Single Mary MORRIS Single

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