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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Much Dewchurch St David


The Parish

The parish of Much Dewchurch lies in southern Herefordshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Monmouthshire Much Dewchurch is located about 6 miles southwest of the county town of Hereford. Much Dewchurch is a small and compact village sitting about a mile west of the A466 road which connects Hereford with Monmouth. The area would largely have been used for pastoral farming at the time of this transcript with Herefordshire beef predominating in the rolling landscapes. A small brook (The Worm Brook) drains the parish westwards to join the River Monnow then the Wye to reach the Bristol Channel through the town of Chepstow. Much Dewchurch is sited at around 100 metres above the sea although local heights rise on Orcop Hill to nearly 300 metres a couple of miles southwest of the village. By Herefordshire standards Much Dewchurch parish covered a large area, it covered just over 4,200 acres and would have supported a population of almost 600 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Much Dewchurch in Domesday Book.

The Church

St David's church lies in the south of the village tucked away from the main street and accessed by a short lane. The church, which is Norman in origin, has been extensively restored during two phases within the Victorian era. Despite these later addition elements of the mediaeval origins survive, the tower is 13th century, the southern doorway & window are Norman whilst the windows of nave & chancel are late 13th or early 14th centuries. The roof of the nave was replaced during the 15th or 16th centuries and changes from the Victorian period include the pyramidal roof to the tower, the northern aisle & vestry. The access lane ends at wooden gateways with the church still screened by trees, once through the churchyard opens out nicely allowing ample angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 4th January 1756 - 11th May 1812 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AJ25/6 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 10th May 1813 - 29th June 1837 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AJ25/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

St Devereux St Dubricius
Allensmore St Andrew
Clehonger All Saints
Dewsall St Michael
Aconbury St John the Baptist
Kilpeck St Mary & St David
Much Birch St Mary & St Thomas a Becket
Kilpeck St Mary & St David
Orcop St John the Baptist
Llanwarne St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
04/01/1756 Edward JORDAN     Nancy WATKINS    
15/11/1756 James HUGHES     Ann PRICHARD    
06/03/1757 James HUGHES   Orcop Esther LEWES    
01/06/1757 Thomas POWELL     Elizabeth PRICHARD    
04/11/1757 James DAVIES   Abbey Dore Mary LEWES    
17/11/1757 James DAVIES     Elizabeth HALL    
13/02/1758 John WILLIAMS   Allensmore Ann PREECE    
06/08/1758 Aristarchus MERRICK     Elizabeth FENNELL    
13/11/1758 John WATKINS     Anne SMITH    
09/02/1759 Joseph LEE   Vowchurch Margarett STEPHENS    
19/04/1759 William PHILLPOTTS   Upton Bishop Elizabeth PRICE    
05/08/1759 Charles WILLIAMS Widower   Eleanor JONES Widow  
30/09/1759 Edward POWLES     Mary JOHNSON    
17/12/1759 John MEREDITH   Foy Catherine SMITH    
14/07/1760 James THOMAS     Elizabeth PROTHEROE    
25/05/1761 William COULES     Elizabeth VAIL    
12/01/1762 Daniel BRACE     Margaret JENKINS    
09/05/1762 James WILLIAMS     Mary RAVENHILL    
14/05/1762 James WILLIAMS   Llanwarne Margarett PRICHARD    
14/08/1762 John HARRISS     Sarah GREENWAY    
28/11/1762 Thomas WILLIAMS   Orcop Elizabeth ROGERS    
14/01/1763 William ROGERS     Margaret WILLIAMS    
13/02/1763 John TRIGG   Kingstone Mary PREESE    
27/04/1763 John MERRICK     Susannah BAKER    
27/06/1763 James PRICE     Elizabeth DEW   Llanwarne
05/04/1764 John HARRIS     Anne WATKINS   Much Birch
24/04/1764 William MUTLO     Mary WOOD    
01/06/1764 Thomas RUCK     Hannah GREENWAY    
14/06/1764 Zachariah CASTREE     Anne HITCHENSON    
03/09/1764 David POWELL   Bredwardine Sarah TYLER    
28/01/1765 Edward RAWLINGS     Mary GRIFFITHS    
14/04/1765 John DALLOE   Much Birch Hester JONES    
29/05/1765 Thomas SISELL     Margaret PALMER Widow  
16/10/1765 Thomas SMITH     Mary MORRIS    
06/11/1766 John MORRIS   Allensmore Elizabeth WHITING    
09/06/1767 Evan PROSSER     Susannah MEREDITH    
10/06/1767 Thomas POWELL     Mary MEEK    
09/10/1767 Edward PARTRIDGE     Esther PARSONS    
06/08/1768 John NASH     Martha SHOUGH    
28/11/1768 Walter NASH     Hannah GOODS    
09/01/1769 James MEREDITH     Mary JAMES    
19/04/1769 William SMITH     Ann CROSS    
27/04/1769 John JAY     Mary PRITCHARD    
12/05/1769 Thomas SMITH   St Nicholas, Hereford Elizabeth ADDIS    
28/11/1769 William VOYCE     Elizabeth BALL    
12/08/1770 Richard THOMAS   Llanwarne Mary CATTERELL    
29/03/1771 John DAVIS     Mary EVANS    
23/05/1771 Robert BARRY   Ledbury Susannah POCKWELL    
13/06/1771 William PALMER     Sarah SANDERS    
23/06/1771 William KIFT Widower   Eleanor WILLIAMS Widow  
19/09/1771 James DAVIES Widower   Anne WATKIN Single Bridstow
21/04/1772 Thomas GWATKIN     Hesther BARREL    
14/05/1772 William SEABOURNE   Mitchel Troy, Monmouthshire Martha PARRY    
18/06/1772 Benjamin WALTER   Little Birch Sarah DAVIS    
08/07/1772 James WATKINS     Sibell PROSSER    
19/09/1772 John ROBINSON     Susanna COOK    
01/11/1772 John MORGAN Single Abergavenny, Monmouthshire Elizabeth SEABORNE Single  
22/02/1773 Jonathan TAYLOR Single Clehonger Elizabeth GILBERT Single  
30/06/1773 John MEREDITH Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
14/04/1774 Benjamin JOHNSON Single Bromyard Elizabeth SMITH Single  
10/06/1774 Thomas WATKINS     Beatrice PRITCHARD Single Ewyas Harold
22/07/1774 Charles VAUGHAN   Leinthall Earles Mary JAY    
05/02/1775 James HAWKINS     Ann HAWKINS    
14/02/1775 Charles MINTON Single Kilpeck Elizabeth PALMER Single  
13/03/1775 William HOPKIN     Mary LOYD    
02/10/1775 James PRICHARD     Elizabeth MEREDITH    
07/11/1775 William POWELL     Susanna MADLEY    
31/12/1775 Francis GRITTON     Mary JONES    
20/02/1776 John PEARCE   Bridstow Anne JAMES    
30/12/1776 William WALTERS     Ann WILLIAMS    
02/04/1777 James MEREDITH     Elizabeth MEREDITH    
23/04/1777 Henry NASH     Sarah NORMAN    
09/06/1777 Thomas YORK     Elizabeth FLETCHER    
27/09/1777 Thomas CROSS     Mary PORTER    
09/10/1777 Thomas MACKLIN     Susannah FLETCHER    
31/12/1777 Richard GWILLIM     Mary GRIFFITHS    
25/05/1778 Thomas FLOYD   Kilpeck Susannah JONES    
07/06/1779 William PHILIPS     Mary PARRY    
25/10/1779 Richard ROBERTS     Anne GOODS    
30/05/1780 Joseph TULLY Single St John, Hereford Mary SMITH Single  
09/06/1783 Thomas SYMONDS   Walford Elizabeth EVANS    
23/06/1783 Thomas EVANS     Sarah DAYMORE    
13/09/1783 John BAYNHAM     Ann SKYRME    
30/09/1783 William GRIFFITHS   Orcop Elizabeth MINTON    
30/11/1783 John STEPHENS     Mary DAVIES    
20/05/1784 Thomas WILLIAMS     Ann WELSH    
03/07/1784 William GILBERT   Orcop Elizabeth GRINDELL    
02/12/1784 Thomas PORTER     Ann JONES    
07/04/1785 James ROSSER   Hentland Ann BRYAN    
21/11/1785 Francis LINK Single Dewsall Mary LEWIS Single  
09/08/1786 Thomas PRICE     Ann EVANS    
03/12/1787 James JONES     Catharine MEREDITH    
17/04/1788 James PREECE     Sarah MORGAN    
12/06/1788 John GRINDON Single   Ann EDWARDS Single  
04/12/1788 William COWLES     Mary BUTLER    
03/01/1789 William RUCK Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single Pencoyd
29/01/1789 Thomas MASON Single   Susannah PARROTT Single Much Birch
24/02/1789 William JENKINS     Martha PRICHARD    
09/07/1789 John HUGHES     Susanna COX    
29/09/1789 Samuel POWELL     Martha BIGGS   Llandinabo
14/01/1790 Anthony STEPHENS Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
25/05/1790 William DAVIS Single   Mary EDWARDS Single  
11/10/1790 Benjamin PRICHARD     Esther PERRY    
05/12/1791 Thomas POWELL Single   Mary SNEAD Single  
07/05/1792 John COOK Single   Mary PRICE Single  
18/12/1792 John PHILLIPS Single   Ann EDWARDS Single  
15/07/1793 Joseph THACKWAY     Elizabeth COLBORN    
25/07/1793 Thomas MATHEWS Single All Saints, Hereford Mary DAVIS Single  
27/11/1793 John DEW     Rebecca BULLEN    
24/01/1794 William PROSSER Single Llanwarne Elizabeth BAYLEY    
27/02/1794 John HARRIS     Nancy PORTER    
23/04/1795 Thomas VAUGHAN Single Thruxton Ann SMITH Single  
25/05/1795 John WILLIAMS     Ann PHILLIPS    
25/05/1795 James POWEL     Sarah WILLIAMS    
12/06/1795 David PRICE Single   Mary BRACE Single  
27/10/1796 John EMMS   Little Birch Elizabeth MORGAN    
20/02/1797 William CARLESS Single St Peter, Hereford Elizabeth PRICE Single  
25/05/1797 James BAKER     Ann THOMAS    
25/05/1797 Thomas FOX     Mary LOWE    
29/05/1797 Nicholas HUTTON     Nancy COTTERELL    
08/02/1798 Edward EDWARDS     Jane GOODYER    
26/02/1798 Thomas CROSS     Sarah WILLIAMS    
21/06/1798 Charles WILLIAMS     Ann PRICE    
09/07/1798 John SEAL     Mary NICHOLLS    
24/12/1798 Edward LEWIS     Elizabeth KENT    
24/04/1799 Nicholas HUTTON     Catharine WATKINS    
16/06/1799 Thomas RUCK Widower   Catharine GREENAWAY    
05/08/1799 John STEPHENS     Jane PRITCHARD    
28/11/1799 Robert DAWSON Widower St John, Hereford Margaret BEAVAN Single  
27/12/1799 Thomas PRICE Widower   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
08/05/1800 William POWEL     Mary MORGAN    
03/09/1800 John EVANS Widower   Sarah WILLIAMS    
16/10/1800 William KINNERSLEY     Margaret PREECE    
06/04/1801 George WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth GAY Widow  
09/05/1802 William BRACE     Jane WILLIAMS    
02/07/1802 Joseph GRIFFITHS Single   Catharine LANE Widow  
12/01/1803 James JONES     Catharine STEVENS    
10/02/1803 Thomas MORGAN Single   Ann WATKINS Single  
24/07/1803 John CASTREY Single   Ann EVANS Single  
27/08/1803 John EDWARDS Single Much Birch Elizabeth COOKE Single  
10/11/1803 Michael ABRAHAM Widower Orcop Elizabeth CASTREE Single  
01/12/1803 Thomas BEAVAN     Ann MOULDS    
02/03/1804 Thomas JOHNSON Single All Saints, Hereford Sophia HOBART Single  
14/05/1804 Richard MATHEWS Single Clehonger Elizabeth SMITH Single  
04/06/1804 William BEAVAN   Kilpeck Vursia EMBRY    
04/01/1805 Thomas GILBERT     Mary HILL    
28/01/1805 James OWENS Single   Hannah JAMES Widow  
25/02/1805 Samuel BROOKS     Jane BEAVAN    
25/09/1805 William EDWARDS     Elizabeth JAY    
04/03/1806 William PITT Single Hampton Bishop Mary DAVIS Single  
16/10/1806 John ROBERTS     Jane KENT    
07/01/1807 Thomas JEFFERIES Single St John, Hereford Margaret DAVIES Single  
05/02/1807 Richard WATKINS Single   Mary EVANS Single Foy
07/05/1807 James BAYNHAM     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
28/09/1807 John CROSS     Sarah WILLIAMS   Kilpeck
05/11/1807 Simon THOMAS     Jane BRACE Widow  
22/11/1807 John MORRIS     Elizabeth WATKINS    
24/12/1807 William PORTER     Elizabeth JENKINS    
17/05/1808 John POWEL Single   Hannah GLANVELL Single  
17/10/1808 John JAMES     Jemima GRIFFITHS    
02/03/1809 William WITHERSTONE Single Kilpeck Sarah PRITCHARD Single  
16/05/1809 John WILLIAMS   St Weonard Margaret HARRY    
11/09/1809 Germain JOSEPH     Susan PROSSER    
30/01/1810 James PORTER     Eleanor WATKINS    
28/04/1810 John WILLIAMS     Sarah LANE    
02/07/1810 John HUGHES     Catharine RUCK    
12/07/1810 John POWEL     Nancy PREECE    
19/11/1810 John JONES     Mary THOMAS    
29/11/1810 James VEIL     Mary ATHERSUCH    
21/02/1811 John GREEN   Aconbury Ann RUCK    
02/07/1811 William MATHEWS   Kingstone Alice WATKINS    
28/11/1811 William COOKE   St Martin, Hereford Catharine WATKINS    
02/04/1812 William MORGAN     Sarah JONES    
11/05/1812 Thomas ADDIS     Catharine PRICE    
1 10/05/1813 John BIRT Single St John, Hereford Minerva WILLIS Single  
2 02/07/1813 James MATTHEWS Single Preston On Wye Amelia NASH Single  
3 21/12/1813 John BOUGHTON Single Westbury On Severn, Gloucestershire Alicia Joyce SKYRME Single  
4 24/03/1814 William WILDS Single   Ann POWELL Single  
5 19/05/1814 John WARPEN Single   Priscilla BEVAN Single  
6 15/06/1814 James WELLSON Single   Maria PRITCHARD Single  
7 13/03/1815 Thomas PARRY Single   Susanna ROWBREE Single  
8 11/05/1815 James WATKINS Single   Nancy HILL Single  
9 11/05/1815 Charles TOMKINS     Elizabeth HARPER    
10 26/06/1815 Thomas HARRIS Single   Phillis Ann MILLS Single  
11 06/07/1815 John PORTER Single   Mary PERKINS Single Lugwardine
12 31/08/1815 John PARRY Single   Charlotte JONES Single  
13 28/12/1815 John MACKLIN Single   Mary NASH Single Leominster
14 19/05/1816 Samuel NASH Single   Elizabeth WATKINS Single  
15 30/01/1817 Samuel HEAMES Single   Nancy CARTER Single  
15 30/01/1817 Samuel HUGHES Single   Nancy CARTER Single  
16 17/02/1817 Joshua JONES Single Wormbridge Mary ROWBREE Single  
17 11/02/1819 Edward GUNTER Single   Ann DAVIES Single  
18 07/07/1819 James RIDGEWAY Single Kilpeck Margaret JENKINS Single  
19 11/12/1819 James GREEN Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
20 04/05/1820 James SEAL Single   Mary BEAK Single  
21 10/05/1820 James PEAKE Single Orcop Eleanor GUY Single  
22 28/06/1820 Thomas HULL Single Withington Margaret POWELL Single  
23 02/05/1821 Jonathan PHILLIPPS Single   Mary PREECE Single  
24 23/05/1821 Joseph JONES Single   Margaret DAVIS Single  
25 28/01/1822 John WATKINS Single   Martha NASH Single  
26 02/02/1822 James EVANS Single   Elizabeth RUCK Single  
27 31/10/1822 Stephen ROBERTS Single Llanwarne Mary HARRIS Single  
28 05/06/1823 Benjamin PROSSER Single   Eleanor JENKIN Single  
29 24/10/1823 William THOMAS Single   Sophia RUCK Single  
30 13/01/1824 Arnold WATKINS Widower   Sarah KENT Single  
31 21/02/1824 James WATKINS Single   Hester HARRIS Single Llanwarne
32 02/05/1824 Benjamin PROSSER Single   Elizabeth SEABORNE Single  
33 01/07/1824 Edward DAVIES Single   Ann BAILEY Single  
34 13/11/1824 Thomas EDWARDS Widower Ross Hannah HODGES Single  
35 15/11/1824 Thomas PRITCHARD Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
36 24/02/1825 John JAMES Single Whitchurch Mary ARROWSMITH Single  
37 27/07/1825 John VAILE Single Much Birch Ann HIGGS Single  
38 25/10/1825 William EDWARDS Single Much Birch Mary NASH Single  
39 22/12/1825 James PORTER Widower Much Birch Catherine GALLIER Widow  
40 14/12/1826 William JAY Single   Maria EMBRY Single  
41 21/12/1826 William WENT Single   Sarah HYDE Single  
42 26/02/1827 John BARCLAY Single   Mary PEARCE Single  
43 28/05/1827 Thomas MASON Single   Mary GRIFFITHS Single  
44 06/06/1827 Philip PRICE Single Trevethin, Monmouthshire Sarah BOWENT Single  
45 17/06/1827 William COOKE Single Llanwarne Jane PHILLIPPS Single  
46 19/02/1828 Walter PALMER Single Pencoyd Sarah Horncastle PRENDERGAST Single  
47 06/06/1828 John VANMORE Single   Harriet GILBERT Single  
48 15/06/1828 Richard KENNARD Single Ewyas Harold Martha HARRIS Single  
49 22/10/1828 John EVANS Single Orcop Frances ROAKE Single  
50 12/12/1828 James COWDALL Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
51 06/05/1830 William PRITCHARD Single   Esther ADDIS Single  
52 25/05/1830 Walter Gilbert PRICE Single Peterchurch Mary MORGAN Single  
53 18/07/1830 Samuel DAVIS Single   Margaret PRICE Single  
54 11/04/1832 Jeremiah HILL Single   Mary MACKLIN Single Llanwarne
55 17/05/1832 Thomas EVANS Single Tretire Mary SYMONDS Single  
56 29/01/1833 William BALDWIN Single   Hannah BAILEY Single  
57 19/02/1833 William POWELL Single   Sarah HARRIS    
58 26/04/1833 Joseph NASH Single   Ann VAILE Single  
59 26/07/1833 James NASH Widower   Elizabeth PREECE Single  
60 13/06/1834 James PAYNE Single   Mary DOBBS Single  
61 31/12/1834 Joseph NASH Widower   Anne EVANS Single  
62 26/03/1835 William LOVE     Esther KENT Widow  
63 31/03/1835 William MARFELL Widower Michaelchurch Mary BROWN Widow  
64 25/02/1836 John WATKINS Single   Mary Drinkwater WATKINS    
65 15/04/1836 James WALTERS Widower   Jane PERKINS    
66 05/07/1836 William CROSS     Mary DAVIS Widow  
67 28/07/1836 James POWELL   Eardisley Eleanor FARR    
68 26/01/1837 William PALLOW     Elizabeth NICHOLS    
69 14/02/1837 William GRIFFITHS     Mary POWELL    
70 25/04/1837 Thomas LEWIS Single   Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
71 15/06/1837 Richard NICHOLLS Widower   Eleanor THOMAS Widow  
72 29/06/1837 James NASH Widower   Margaret JONES   Allensmore

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