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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Eastwick St Botolph


The Parish

The parish of Eastwick lies in the extreme east of Hertfordshire forming part of the border with neighbouring Essex. Eastwick is located about 4 miles southwest of the market town of Sawbridgeworth and lies on, and just north of, the A414 road which connects the Essex new town of Harlow with the Hertfordshire town of Hertford. Eastwick is a small and compact riverside settlement nestling on the northern banks of the River Stort and just about maintains its integrity from the growing urban sprawl of Harlow thanks to that river. With its riverside setting Eastwick would have had a mixed farming regime, grazing cattle on the watermeadows and cereals growing on the drier northern portions of the parish. Modern developments did come to the parish with the Stort Navigation alongside the river being superseded by the Bishop's Stortford to London rail line which follows the southern side of the Stort valley. The Stort drains the parish the short distance westward to join the River Lea, thence down through the eastern edge of the capital to reach the outer Thames and the North Sea. Eastwick is sited at around 40 metres above the sea, out from the immediate valley there is gently rolling countryside rising to local heights of 80 metres within a couple of miles. Eastwick parish was one of the smaller in the area covering just under 850 acres it would only have supported a population of just over 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Eastwick was an equally small place, held by one Geoffrey de Bec it could offer just 5 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland albeit it did possess a mill.

The Church

St Botolph's church sits at the end of a dead-end off of a dead-end, the main lane through the village being one, as is the short roughly surfaced lane leading to the church. Sadly little remains of the mediaeval church the present building having been almost completely rebuilt in the 1870s. The chancel arch of the 13th century is perhaps indicative of the building which has been lost, whilst the western tower was so extensively modified as to appear new even if reused. All of the remainder dates from the rebuild and the short description provided by Pevsner is indicative that it brought little interest to him. Eastwick Hall Lane leads northwards from the A414 for almost a mile and a half before petering out to footpaths, the access to Eastwick Manor heads off this westwards and shortly one finds the rough lane leading to the church, heading back south. Parking is simple in the broad entranceway and a short walk leads to an open and uncluttered churchyard with few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th November 1755 - 24th March 1812 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/35/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Unfortunately this register suffers notably from bleedthrough of ink from backing entries and when combined with sporadic poor handwriting may lead to one or two misreads
2 29th June 1813 - 30th August 1834 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/35/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Widford St John the Baptist
Sawbridgeworth St Mary the Great
Hunsdon St Dunstan
Sawbridgeworth St Mary the Great
Gilston St Mary
Great Parndon St Mary, Essex
Great Parndon St Mary, Essex
Little Parndon St Mary, Essex
Little Parndon St Mary, Essex

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/11/1755 David BROWN     Sarah CARR    
2 02/11/1756 Matthew ROE     Mary ROBINSON    
3 13/06/1758 Nathaniel WEBB     Ann COUFFLEY   Sawbridgeworth
4 03/10/1758 Joseph TOPCOATE     Mary BARNARD    
5 16/10/1758 John BENNET   Ware Sarah PITTS    
6 30/09/1765 William ROBJANT   High Ongar, Essex Elizabeth PLUCK    
7 01/11/1765 William EPPEY   Widford Elizabeth HUSKE    
8 03/01/1766 John SMITH     Susannah RICKETT    
9 25/11/1766 Joseph PAGE Single   Sarah BULL Single  
10 23/10/1768 Richard WOOD     Elizabeth MORREL    
11 06/06/1769 John PIGRUM Single Gilston Elizabeth RUMBLE Single  
12 19/04/1770 Joseph RAINBIRD   Sawbridgeworth Susanna PATMORE    
13 08/09/1770 Benjamin THOMPSON Widower   Martha BOSWORTH Single  
14 01/02/1771 John RATTLE Widower   Anne BROWN Single  
15 18/04/1771 George HOLMES Single Sawbridgeworth Anne MEADOWS Single  
16 20/08/1772 John AYLETT Single   Sarah PAGE Single  
17 14/06/1774 Joseph FOSTER Single   Mary BLAKESLEE Widow  
18 05/07/1774 Matthew ROE Widower   Elizabeth LIVING Single  
19 01/10/1775 Samuel LINCOLN Single   Sarah WARD Single  
20 05/11/1776 Henry DURSLEY Single Roydon, Essex Elizabeth TUFNELL Single  
21 28/01/1777 Isaac BROWNE Single   Mary WREN Single Hunsdon
22 09/03/1777 Henry WARNER Single   Anne LAW Single  
23 13/12/1777 James MORRELL Single   Susannah POUTER Single  
24 21/09/1778 Abraham SUMMERS Single   Elizabeth ARCHER Single High Laver, Essex
25 25/10/1779 Daniel BULLEN Single   Martha BONNEY Single  
26 01/11/1779 Charles BURTON Single   Sarah BROWN Single  
27 09/12/1779 John HARDING Single Hunsdon Honour BROWN Single  
28 29/07/1780 William BIGGS Widower   Jane OGEN Single Ware
29 03/02/1781 Jeremiah PLUMMER Single Great Parndon, Essex Elizabeth FRANCIS Single  
30 16/10/1781 Joseph NASH Single   Sarah ANDERSON Single Sawbridgeworth
31 03/11/1781 Martin WHITE Single Great Amwell Ann HUNTER Single  
32 13/10/1783 Daniel BURTON Single   Mary BROWN Single  
33 15/04/1784 Philip PAVELY Single Roydon, Essex Elizabeth SIMPSON Single  
34 27/06/1784 John BURTON     Ann WHITE    
35 11/10/1784 Henry WARNER Widower   Sarah CRAMPHORN Widow  
36 10/12/1786 Edward BOND     Sarah DAUNT    
37 15/12/1789 William WHITEBREAD     Ann ROAST    
38 12/10/1790 Philip NEWSTEAD   Hunsdon Ann ROBINSON Widow  
39 12/10/1790 James CATMORE     Sarah WRENN    
40 19/10/1790 Henry THOMPSON     Ann WILSON    
41 25/10/1790 Joseph ROBJANT     Ann SAVAGE    
42 10/11/1790 Henry BYAM     Hannah MUNDANE    
43 10/05/1791 Thomas WEBB Single   Ann HANCOCK Single Broxbourne
44 25/12/1791 Edward SPETTER   Hunsdon Susanna BLAKESLY    
45 22/10/1792 James CULVER     Mary WRENN    
46 25/02/1793 John HOLMES   Sawbridgeworth Susanna PAYNE    
47 23/04/1793 Timothy PUCKLE   Stapleford Abbots, Essex Elizabeth SMITH    
48 11/10/1793 James SAVILL   Sawbridgeworth Mary SMITH    
49 15/01/1795 Edward SHEPHERD Widower Leyton, Essex Elizabeth BROWN Single  
50 29/03/1796 Matthew ROWE     Ann HILLS    
51 15/11/1796 Joseph BAKER   Latton, Essex Jane THOMPSON    
52 07/08/1797 William FRENCH Widower   Ann LEATHERMAN    
53 12/05/1799 Joseph WHEAL     Elizabeth ROAST    
54 03/10/1799 John POMFRET Single Harlow, Essex Ann GARDINER Single  
55 19/04/1801 Samuel RAINBIRD     Ann HOW    
56 25/08/1801 George WILSON Widower Cheshunt Ann SAVEALL Single  
57 07/02/1803 John SAVAGE Widower Netteswell, Essex Susanna SMITH Widow  
58 29/07/1804 John PHIPP   Bishops Stortford Elizabeth GREEN    
59 14/04/1805 Henry THOMPSON     Sarah SHARP    
60 24/04/1805 Thomas BROWN     Elizabeth DARBY   Hunsdon
61 15/05/1805 Isaac BROWN     Amy SABAN    
62 12/11/1805 William WAY     Sarah NASH    
63 18/02/1806 Joseph BROWN Single   Martha BATTLE Widow  
64 22/11/1807 William BURTON Single   Jane THOROUGHGOOD Single  
65 06/01/1808 Joseph FORSTER Widower   Martha WRENN Single  
66 25/10/1808 John AYLETT Single Gilston Lydia HARVEY Single  
67 18/04/1809 James DEAN Single   Mary HARDING Single  
68 27/08/1809 Benjamin BURTON Single   Mary ROBERTSON Single  
69 11/10/1809 James ATEY Single Harlow, Essex Elizabeth SWAINE Single  
70 14/01/1811 John HOLMES Single Gilston Martha FORSTER Widow  
71 02/02/1811 Charles WAY Single Gilston Susannah MORRELL Single  
72 23/04/1811 John BURTON Single Great Parndon, Essex Hannah FRENCH Single  
73 21/05/1811 Edward ROAST Single   Sarah LUCKING Single  
74 24/03/1812 Thomas SAMUEL Single   Sarah WARNER Single  
1 29/06/1813 John BIGNAL Single   Ann PASKE Single  
2 06/12/1813 Henry WARNER Single   Sarah BURTON Single  
3 28/12/1813 James SHEPHERD Single Stanstead Abbots Keziah NASH Single  
4 05/07/1814 Henry GRAHAM Single   Mary WHITBREAD Single  
5 29/11/1817 James SAMUEL Single Gilston Sarah HOCKLEY Single  
6 08/06/1818 John BURTON Single   Sarah RADLEY Single  
7 30/11/1819 John SHEPHERD   Netteswell, Essex Eliza SABIN    
8 06/03/1820 Thomas SMITH Widower   Charlotte BROWN Single  
9 05/01/1823 John BENNETT     Ann NASH    
10 29/03/1824 James POMFRETT Single   Sarah GILLETT Single  
13 09/02/1826 William BIGG Widower   Ann KNIGHT Single  
14 15/07/1826 Isaac MORRELL Single   Elizabeth WARNER Single  
15 02/12/1826 Joseph BUTTON Single   Mary BASS Single  
16 06/01/1827 James BROWN Single   Mary GRAHAM Widow  
17 22/03/1827 Joseph RAVEN Single Gilston Sarah FOX Single  
19 22/09/1828 Charles BURTON Single   Eliza BROWN    
20 24/10/1828 William WAY Single   Mary OAKLEY Widow  
22 21/08/1829 John ARCHER Single   Ann BROWN Single  
25 23/02/1830 Thomas BROWN Single   Sarah SHILTON Single Edmonton, Middlesex
28 19/09/1831 John POMFRETT Widower   Alice SUMNER Widow  
29 20/09/1831 Joseph WAY Single   Sarah MORRELL Single  
31 07/09/1833 William WAY Widower   Susanna HUDGEL Single  
32 07/10/1833 John CLARK Single Great Parndon, Essex Elizabeth MORRELL Single  
34 29/04/1834 Daniel KNIGHT Single   Ann HARBER Single Gilston
35 30/08/1834 Thomas DARBY Single   Sarah BADLEY Widow  

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