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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Charing St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Charing lies in central Kent about 6 miles northwest of the market town of Ashford. Charing is a large village which sits at the junction of the A20 (Maidstone to Ashford) road with the A252 which heads towards Canterbury. Most of the properties of the village lie within the "Y" shape of that fork but it has expanded outside that original span in more recent times. Charing is dominated by the site of the Archbishop's Palace, now a farm next to the church, this former palace is also believed to have been a residence of King John at one time. More modern developments passing nearby include the London to Dover rail line as well as the modern M20 motorway. Charing is also an important stopping point on the North Downs Way National Trail which passes along the old Pilgrim's Way to Canterbury just a half mile north. Whilst Charing's economy would have been underpinned by farming, a broad regime including the usual arable and pastures but also orchards and many hop gardens, was supplemented by quarrying of the local chalk from Charing Hill. Small tributaries drain southwards from Charing to the nearby River Great Stour which makes its way to the North Sea through Ashford & Canterbury to the port of Sandwich. Charing, sitting at the foot of the North Downs, is sited at around 100 metres above the sea but the Downs rise sharply to the north to twice that height within a mile. Charing parish was one of the larger in extent in this area, it covered over 4,500 acres and would have supported a population of around 1,200 parishioners. In Domesday times Charing was a possession of the Archbishop of Canterbury, boasting an impressive 31 ploughs, meadows & woodland (including no fewer than 26 swine render) and also possessed a mill making it a wealthy holding, indeed.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits next to that former Archbishop's Palace at the eastern end of the village. The bulk of the church, both nave and chancel, show the style of the early English Gothic era dating the main building to the early part of the 13th century. To this 13th century core there have been many additions over the centuries, transepts were added in the early 14th century whilst major changes followed in the following century. The mighty western tower has documentary evidence placing its construction between c1479 and c1537, Pevsner describes it among the "most ambitious in Kent". Other changes in this period include the addition of a southern chapel and re-roofing of the nave, the chancel had to wait until 1620 for its current roof. For once Pevsner makes no mention of a Victorian overhaul leaving the church as a good testimonial to its long history. The church sits at the eastern, dead-end, of Market Place where there is a small parking area just outside the churchyard. The churchyard is open and spacious making for an easy photographic subject.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st April 1754 - 21st November 1812 Kent History & Library Centre - Reference - P78/1/A/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register suffers markedly from fading making for a difficult read at times, there are likely to be a few misreads as a consequence
2 4th December 1813 - 4th March 1837 Kent History & Library Centre - Reference - P78/1/D/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading whilst less prevalent than in the previous register is still sufficient to produce a slight caveat as to the likelihood of misreads

Lenham St Mary
Lenham St Mary
Otterden St Lawrence
Stalisfield St Mary
Lenham St Mary
Egerton St James
Westwell St Mary
Egerton St James
Pluckley St Nicholas
Little Chart St Mary
Westwell St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
30/01/1754 Sander PARKS     Bennet COPPEN   Egerton
18/02/1754 David RUSSELL   Lenham Rose REEVES    
1 21/04/1754 James MILLEN Single   Elizabeth MUNN Single  
2 29/07/1754 William BOLTON     Ann BEECHING Widow  
3 14/10/1754 William JULL Widower   Mary FREDERICK Single  
4 17/11/1754 Daniel PAGE Widower   Susanna HOULTON Widow  
5 29/12/1754 William FENN Widower   Elizabeth WARD Widow  
6 08/02/1755 William WANSTAL Single Norton Mary MARSH Single  
7 25/02/1755 John GOODCHILD Single   Mary TURNER Single  
8 13/05/1755 George PAIN Single Tenterden Catharine HARRISON Single  
9 13/08/1755 John BRENCHLY Single   Mary KNOCK Single  
10 06/09/1755 John MARSH Single   Margaret WANSTALL Single  
11 23/12/1755 Thomas BAULKHAM Single   Mary TILBY Single  
12 20/04/1756 Richard TILBY Single Hothfield Mary BRENCHLY Single  
13 16/05/1756 Anthony GODDEN Single Westwell Ann BRENCHLEY    
14 07/09/1756 William SMART Widower   Catherine CHAPMAN Single  
15 08/11/1756 William GRISBROOK Single Tenterden Susannah KNOWLES    
16 11/11/1756 Thomas WILSON Single   Susannah BRENCHLY Single  
17 05/01/1757 Edward AGAR Single St Andrew, Canterbury Elizabeth KNOWLES Single  
18 03/08/1757 Abraham BARHAM   Harrietsham Mary MOOR    
19 20/09/1757 William PEIRCE Single St Mary, Dover Sarah WEARE Single  
20 11/10/1757 William MILLING Single Maidstone Mary MUNS Single  
21 27/10/1757 Stephen MOON Widower   Ann WHITE Single  
22 09/01/1758 Edward HENNIKER     Mary FEKINS    
23 13/05/1758 William PRATT   Westwell Mary NEWELL    
24 09/07/1758 Thomas YORK Single Pluckley Elizabeth STANLEY Single  
25 21/10/1758 Thomas STANLEY Single Lenham Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
26 22/11/1758 George BRENCHLY Widower   Mary SPILIT Widow  
27 03/12/1758 John MUNDAY Single Pluckley Elizabeth YOUNG Single  
28 23/02/1759 George HARRISON Single   Frances WILLIAMS Single  
29 09/04/1759 Robert HARRIS Single Little Chart Sarah SPRAT Single  
30 27/04/1759 John LAW Single   Elizabeth STROOD Single  
31 14/10/1759 Thomas MILGATE Single   Jane WILSON Single  
32 10/12/1759 William BRADLEY Single   Mary WOOD Single  
33 01/01/1760 William MEDHURST Single   Sarah MEDHURST Single  
34 25/05/1760 John KNOCK Single   Elizabeth COBB Single  
21/08/1760 Charles FARRIS Single   Sarah PERKINS Single  
30/12/1760 Thomas CHAPMAN Widower   Jane ASHBY Single  
22/06/1761 Christopher FRIEND Single St Mary, Dover Elizabeth MEDHURST Single  
12/10/1761 William COOPPER Single   Caelia BRENCHLEY Single  
20/10/1761 Thomas CHAPMAN Single Eastling Sarah RUSSEL Single  
03/01/1762 Joseph WHITE Single   Anne MILLS Single  
26/10/1762 Richard BRENCHLEY Single   Elizabeth COLLEY Single  
18/02/1763 John KNOWLES Single   Ann BATH Single  
06/05/1763 John WELLS Widower   Sarah TURNER Widow  
23/05/1763 Thomas PAGE Single   Anne SKINNER Single  
05/09/1763 Richard KNOCK Widower   Mary MILLS Single  
06/09/1763 William BRADLEY Widower Barham Mercy HARTLY Single  
09/10/1763 Charles QUESTED     Sarah JOHNSON    
16/10/1763 John PETERS     Mary RIDDLE    
17/10/1763 John HOLYER Single Egerton Alice BRENCHLY Single  
18/12/1763 Leonard LEONARD Single Challock Mary JOHNSON Single  
14/10/1764 Jesse CLARKE Single   Alice MILLING Single  
15/10/1764 John TANTON Single   Sarah COLLER Single  
05/11/1764 John CROUCH Single   Mary DURTNALL Single  
19/01/1765 Paul WOOLLEY Single   Frances STILES Widow  
10/02/1765 Thomas SMITH Single   Jane COULTRE Single  
23/05/1765 William WILKINS Single   Winifred JARVIS Single  
01/06/1765 Thomas WILSON Single   Margaret BOURNE Single  
28/06/1765 John TERRY Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
10/08/1766 Joseph QUESTED Single Lenham Caroline COOK Single  
03/09/1766 John RANSOM Single Lenham Elizabeth KINGSLAND    
06/09/1766 John BISHOP Widower   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
19/09/1766 George BRENCHLEY Single   Mary WILSON Single  
17/02/1767 Robert LEPER Single   Martha BRICE Single  
28/05/1767 John KNOCK Single   Jane BRICE Single  
30/06/1767 Gilbert WARD Single   Mary CRACKET Single  
24/10/1767 Thomas MEDHURST Single   Anne HUGHES Single  
19/05/1768 George GILMAN Single   Sarah LAW Single  
12/07/1768 Isaiah BISHOP Single   Mary STONE Single  
15/08/1768 William HAWKER Single   Amie HAFFENDEN Single  
05/10/1768 James CURTIS Single   Elizabeth BUTLER Single  
07/11/1768 John MISSING Single   Ann ROBINS Single  
14/11/1768 John AUSTEN Single   Elizabeth AUSTEN Single  
06/03/1769 Thomas CRAMP Widower Ramsgate Jane HARRISON Single  
12/03/1769 Harry HOW Single   Lucy LAKER Single  
14/03/1769 Richard JACOB Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
18/05/1769 Thomas JACOB Single   Elizabeth MILLER Single  
21/05/1769 Henry MEDGETT Single   Mary LAKER Single  
12/06/1769 William ELLIOTT Single Lenham Catherine BRIGHT Single  
29/08/1769 Thomas HARRIS Single Stalisfield Mary WILSON Single  
10/10/1769 William DIAMOND Single   Hannah KETTLE Single  
12/10/1769 William COAST Single   Mary CASLEDEN    
28/12/1769 James AUSTEN     Alice JACOB    
29/01/1770 Thomas WRAIGHT     Ann WOOLLEY    
17/02/1770 Edward CLERK     Ann WANSTALL    
23/05/1770 Thomas MISSIN Single   Elizabeth ELLIOTT    
06/07/1770 Robert MILGATE Single Lenham Hannah MEDHURST Single  
10/07/1770 David MILLEN Single Pluckley Mary FULLER Single  
10/10/1770 Joseph NUNS Single   Susannah STANLEY Widow  
08/01/1771 James CALLING Single   Mary WARD Single  
14/01/1772 John RUSSEL Single Sittingbourne Mary BRIGGS Single  
05/05/1772 William DEW Single   Sarah MORPHEY Single  
27/05/1772 William MILGATE Single   Ann WANSTALL Single  
28/06/1772 Edward CREED Single   Mary RAYNER Single  
18/08/1772 Charles MANNOOCH Single Lenham Anne BRIGHT Single  
04/10/1772 Thomas MILGATE Single   Elizabeth RACHALL Single  
11/01/1773 Richard DOWNING Single Nonington Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
27/04/1773 Benjamin BAKER Single Godalming, Surrey Sarah BRIGHT Single  
29/04/1773 James EPPS Single   Mary BARNES Single  
18/05/1773 Richard Brown MILLS Single   Mary BISHOP Single  
23/09/1773 Thomas RUSSEL     Annis POST    
02/11/1773 John RUCKE Single Throwley Frances LANCEFIELD Single  
18/04/1774 William GRANT   Stalisfield Hannah BRENCHLEY    
13/06/1774 William STRUTFIELD Single Lenham Lydia MILLIN Single  
12/11/1774 Samuel CACKETT Single Pluckley Mary WILSON Single  
10/12/1774 Stephen WOOD Single Lenham Mary BRENCHLEY Single  
11/12/1774 William EPPS Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Anne KNOCK Single  
05/09/1775 William HUNT Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
24/10/1775 Thomas JOHNSON Single Little Chart Ann BOTTLE Single  
11/11/1775 John SUTHERN Single   Ann RACHEL Single  
14/05/1776 Thomas COPPIN Single   Sarah EARL Single  
19/06/1776 George BURKISS Single   Elizabeth MACKELDEN Single  
07/08/1776 Stephen RANSOME Single   Elizabeth RUSSEL Single  
26/09/1776 Richard STANDEN Single   Mary STURTON Single  
11/10/1776 Thomas HUMPHERY Single   Mary NEWTON Single  
28/10/1776 Thomas HODGES Single   Anne HUNT Single  
08/11/1776 Richard ROSE Single Pluckley Elizabeth CULLEN    
08/12/1776 John TAYLOR Single   Ann TERRY Single  
25/05/1777 John BUCKING Single   Hannah HARRISON Single  
11/10/1777 William ROLLINGS Single   Elizabeth STANLEY Single  
04/03/1778 James LAMB     Elizabeth BOURFORD    
20/04/1778 William HENTHEY Single   Amy COUNTER Single  
29/04/1778 William SMITH Widower   Mary BISHOP Widow  
25/06/1778 Stephen CHEEMER   Bethersden Susannah CHAPMAN    
11/10/1778 Adam BOTTLE Single   Mary GODDING Single  
20/11/1778 William JULL Single   Elizabeth JENNINGS    
30/11/1778 Austin BESDEN Single   Mary LUCKHURST Single  
07/12/1778 Edward MEDHURST     Elizabeth PARKS    
25/12/1778 Daniel LUCKHURST Single Lenham Martha WELLS Single  
09/01/1779 Thomas RANSOM Single   Jane VAUNT Single  
09/04/1779 Daniel STANLEY Single   Mary BRIGHT Single  
24/05/1779 John BUTLER Single   Sarah MORGAN Single  
04/08/1779 Richard AKHURST Widower   Sarah MILLING Single  
12/10/1779 John BASSETT Single   Mary JACOB Single  
01/11/1779 Thomas MEDHURST Widower   Mary BURTON Single  
07/06/1780 William JOHNSON Single   Amy FIELD Single  
04/12/1780 John MILLEN Widower   Elizabeth BERRIMAN Single  
12/01/1781 Alexander BONNEY Widower Ulcombe Mary BETTS Single  
19/01/1781 Richard JOHNSON Single   Mary RUSSELL Single  
05/04/1781 Stephen WARD Widower Pluckley Susannah BAYLEY Single  
11/10/1781 Robert ALLEN Single Lenham Mary ROSBROOK Single  
19/11/1781 Philip HOOK Widower Egerton Elizabeth HOLMES Single  
28/01/1782 Squire BATH Single Maidstone Elizabeth NETHERSOLE Single  
11/04/1782 John AUSTIN Single   Mary BOTTEL Single  
11/04/1782 John HIGHWOOD Single   Mary BOTTEL Single  
28/04/1782 James MILLER Single Doddington Alice RUSSEL Single  
11/09/1782 James ISTED Single Lenham Mary VANT Single  
11/10/1782 Richard LUCKHURST Single Pluckley Mary FOORD Single  
01/02/1783 James JENKINS Single   Rebecca LANE    
25/02/1783 John CORNS Single   Mary CACKETT Widow  
02/08/1783 Robert BUTLER Single   Elizabeth MILLEARD Single  
18/02/1784 Richard DAVIS Single Rolvenden Sarah BAKER Single  
14/06/1784 Daniel PARKER Single   Frances COX Single  
27/06/1784 Richard MILLEN Single   Mary SPRINGFIELD Single  
31/08/1784 Thomas COPPING Single   Jane BISHOP Single  
08/09/1784 David RUSSELL Single   Mary BRITCHER Single Ashford
12/09/1784 George BAKER Single   Anne GODING Single  
21/12/1784 William PARKER Single   Elizabeth TERRY Widow  
07/07/1785 John SPILLET   Stalisfield Catharine WRAIGHT    
31/10/1785 William DOWELL Single Hinxhill Frances KNOWLE Single  
20/12/1785 George KNOTT Single   Patience MILLGATE Single  
17/01/1786 Richard EPPS Widower   Sarah CHAPMAN Single  
01/02/1786 John ROBERTS Single   Sarah AKHURST Widow  
04/07/1786 Henry GIBBS Single Faversham Mary STANLEY Single  
04/08/1786 Edward LUCKHURST Single   Sarah HIGHWOOD Single  
30/08/1786 Samuel SEGAR Single   Mary RUSSELL Single  
10/09/1786 John WILLIS Single Faversham Jane ELSTED Single  
19/10/1786 John GOODCHILD Single Ashford Mary TERRY Single  
19/12/1786 Richard PEARCE Single   Mary BARTON Widow  
01/02/1787 Solomon BRENCHLEY Single   Margaret MERCER Single  
15/03/1787 Henry CLEAVERLY Widower Milton By Sittingbourne Elizabeth MILGATE Single  
29/09/1787 John CRAMP Single   Elizabeth BENEY Widow  
18/10/1787 John MACKEKEN Single   Martha BUTLER Single  
04/01/1788 Samuel WILSON Widower   Mary BURTON Single  
05/05/1788 John BOTTLE Single   Ann FLINT Single  
21/06/1788 Joseph COPINGS Single   Mary CROUCHER Single  
06/07/1788 George GILHAM Single Lenham Mary WARD Single  
29/07/1788 James GOBLE Widower Rolvenden Margaret ASHBEE Single  
03/08/1788 Phillip EDWARD Single   Sarah COOK Single  
05/10/1788 Henry JENKINS Single   Ann COURT Single  
01/11/1788 John RACHEL Single   Anne HUMPHERY Single  
13/11/1788 William BETTS Single   Anne BAKER Single  
09/12/1788 Thomas AUSTEN Single   Mary AUSTEN Single  
31/01/1789 William WESTOVER Single   Catharine KNOCK Single  
05/02/1789 George MAYLAM Single   Elizabeth CACKETT Single  
13/10/1789 Richard HILLMAN   Westwell Elizabeth BOTKIN Widow  
06/04/1790 Matthew CHAPMAN     Anne ISTEED   Westwell
15/07/1790 Robert HUMPHRY Single   Anne BRIGHT Single  
10/10/1790 William GILHAM Single   Elizabeth GODING Single  
23/10/1790 Daniel ROSE Widower   Mary RECKETT Single  
28/04/1791 John BARWICK Single   Frances Anne MARSHALL    
03/05/1791 James DENCE Single   Elizabeth WATEHURST Single  
09/11/1791 John ELLIOT Single   Sarah CAIN Single  
04/02/1792 James BELL Single Westwell Sarah HOLMES Single  
04/11/1792 Samuel RIDDLE Single   Mercy EARLE Single  
13/11/1792 Thomas KNIGHT Single All Hallows London Wall, City Of London Mary BARTEN    
03/12/1792 William FARMER Single   Phyllis WARNER Single  
27/12/1792 Peter WHITE Single   Ann HOWARD Single  
28/01/1793 Joseph BACK Single   Mary BANKS Single  
02/07/1793 Stephen SHERWOOD Single   Mary FLINT Single  
12/10/1793 Henry COOPE Single   Elizabeth AUSTEN Single  
21/10/1793 Thomas HADLOW Single Newnham Sarah WANSTALL Single  
13/11/1793 William CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth GILLMAN Single  
24/12/1793 George BURTON Single   Elizabeth BURTON Single  
02/10/1794 Joseph AKHURST Single Little Chart Frances BARNES Single  
23/11/1794 John BAKER Single   Ann CACKETT Single  
24/12/1794 James TANTON Single   Elizabeth SIMMONS Widow  
27/12/1794 John AUSTEN Single   Ann PEACOCK Single  
21/07/1795 Thomas MISSING Single   Elizabeth COX Single Egerton
26/12/1795 William WISE Single   Ann AUSTIN Single  
11/01/1796 John DENNET Single   Ann HAYWARD Single  
30/04/1796 James CLIFFORD Widower Leeds Elizabeth LAKE Widow  
24/10/1796 Robert CUTBUSH Single Chatham Catharine MILLGATE    
16/11/1796 John RUSSELL Single Pluckley Martha HUDSON Single  
25/03/1797 William HUGHES Single Minster In Thanet Mary CRUMP Single  
02/10/1797 John WELLAR Single   Catharine BISHOP Single  
25/11/1797 William HONISET Single   Frances KNOCK Single  
01/01/1798 Henry HUSSEY Single Faversham Mary BISHOP Single  
13/01/1798 James LONG Single   Elizabeth CHAPMAN Widow  
22/01/1798 Thomas Prescott WILKS Single   Mary HAWKER Single  
20/09/1798 Henry CHAPMAN Single   Ruth SHERLOCK Single  
09/10/1798 William HARRISON Single   Elizabeth EPPS Single  
16/10/1798 James WOOD Single   Elizabeth ELVY Single  
26/11/1798 John USMOUR Single   Elizabeth SIMMONS Single  
21/01/1799 John RUCK Single Throwley Allice MILLER Widow  
04/03/1799 John TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth DUNSTALL Single  
11/03/1799 Richard SLAUGHTER Single   Elizabeth HYDER Single  
09/06/1799 Richard OTTAWAY Single Little Chart Ann SEALY Single  
07/07/1799 Thomas HARRIS Single   Sarah WILKENSON Single  
09/07/1799 William GATES Single Mersham Ann PARKS Single  
17/08/1799 John CHEESMAN Single   Hannah DAYNES Single  
09/10/1799 William HUBBARD Single   Ann OTTAWAY Single  
12/10/1799 George CROUCHER Single   Margaret HIGGINS Single  
14/10/1799 Richard BEECHING Single   Elizabeth EAGLES Single  
08/11/1799 John ASHBEE Single   Lydia MOON Single  
16/11/1799 William PARTIS Single Throwley Elizabeth FOWLER Single  
07/03/1800 James CROUCHER Single   Nice HARRIS Single  
02/08/1800 Stephen MILLEN Single   Sarah BRENCHLEY Single  
06/10/1800 Thomas ASHBEE Single Pluckley Elizabeth MISSING Single  
05/12/1801 John AUSTIN Single Wye Sarah TURNER Single  
15/02/1802 John MACKELDEN Widower   Susannah STANLEY Widow  
24/04/1802 Peter WATCHWIN Single   Sibley SHOVER Single  
25/07/1802 William KIRBY Single Stalisfield Ann CURTEIS Single  
01/11/1802 Henry JENNINGS Single   Ann CHAPMAN Single  
11/04/1803 Thomas BOORMAN Widower   Anne GLADDISH Single  
18/04/1803 John COOPER Single Westwell Sarah WELLER Single  
18/07/1803 James JACKSON Single   Frances AUSTIN Single  
19/07/1803 John James SIMMONDS Single   Jane SIMMONDS Single St George, Canterbury
24/10/1803 Thomas MILLER     Elizabeth ELLIOT    
26/11/1803 John MISSING Single   Ann AUSTIN Single  
27/11/1803 Edward SELLING Single Little Chart Mary KIDDEL Widow  
11/08/1805 Levi RUSSELL Widower   Mary KNOCK Single  
24/10/1805 Thomas VIDGEON Single   Sarah DOWNE Single  
17/11/1805 Richard GUY Single   Mary EPPS Widow  
07/01/1806 Edward BUSHELL Single Stalisfield Jane KNOCK Single  
04/02/1806 Samuel TOLHURST Single   Elizabeth COPPIN Single  
16/05/1806 Thomas CHAPMAN Single   Mary WALLIS Single  
27/05/1806 Henry READ Single Sheldwich Mary HARRISSON Single  
05/09/1806 William WRAIGHT Single   Mary COULTER Single  
07/10/1807 John BENT Single   Margaret CLEMENTS Single  
12/12/1807 George MUNN Single Little Chart Charlotte SIMMONDS Single  
26/09/1808 John HUMPHREY Single   Jane CACKETT Single  
17/10/1808 Robert HARRISSON Single   Delilah ANDREWS Single Shorne
08/04/1809 William SPICER Single Pluckley Phoebe BURGESS Single  
21/05/1809 Stephen HAMMOND Widower   Mary BURGESS Single  
28/06/1809 George DUNGATE Single   Sarah RANSOM Single  
29/08/1809 Henry HOWARD Single St Peter, Sandwich Anne KNOCK Single  
12/01/1810 William LONG Single   Sarah JOHNSON Widow  
26/02/1810 Walter ALLEN Single   Charlotte JOHNSON Single  
08/05/1810 William GODFREY Widower   Henrietta APPS   Brede, Sussex
16/10/1810 William DOWNE Single   Ann GILLETT Single  
05/11/1810 Thomas SPICER Single   Catharine GILHAM Single  
05/02/1811 John AUSTEN Single   Jemima JONES Single  
07/03/1811 James DOWNE Single Little Chart Sarah NOTT Single  
16/04/1811 Thomas CURTIS     Harriet HODSON    
06/06/1811 William BURGESS     Hester YOUNG   Lenham
14/10/1811 Thomas BUTLER     Catharine COPPIN    
27/08/1812 James JENKINS     Sarah HATCHER    
31/08/1812 Daniel BEECHING Single   Sarah ROBERTS    
13/10/1812 John WATERS Single   Charlotte RANSOM Single  
09/11/1812 Edward NAILER     Mary MILLGATE    
21/11/1812 John OTTAWAY Single   Elizabeth BURGESS Single  
1 04/12/1813 Jethro MILLGATE Single   Mary JULL Single  
2 22/01/1814 George KNOTT Single   Sarah JENKINS Single  
3 19/03/1814 Job SMITH Single   Mary GRIGGS Single  
4 16/06/1814 Robert MATTHEWS Single   Jane CROUCHER Single  
5 14/07/1814 George KIDBY     Mary HEAL    
6 05/09/1814 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Mary SMITH Widow  
7 15/10/1814 Matthew CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth SWEETLOVE Single  
8 05/11/1814 John AKHURST Single Lenham Ann WEST Widow  
9 06/03/1815 Samuel BLINKS Single   Mary SPARROW Single Ashford
10 27/04/1815 Hugh GLADWICK Single   Martha NOAKES Single  
11 19/05/1815 James DUNGATE Single   Sarah MACKELDEN Single  
12 01/07/1815 John JUDGES Single   Amy WEEKS Single  
13 20/08/1815 William MARTIN Single   Elizabeth RANDELL Single  
14 05/09/1815 George CHAPMAN Single   Rhoda COLGATE    
15 14/09/1815 Henry EGERTON Single City Of London Mary SAYER Single  
16 28/09/1815 William WICKHAM Single Maidstone Catherine RACHELL Single  
17 27/11/1815 Jeremiah PETHWID Single   Patience DOBELL Single  
18 25/12/1815 Thomas MARTIN Single   Susannah COPPINS Single  
19 22/02/1816 John AMOS Single Hinxhill Sarah HARRISON Single  
20 08/04/1816 James STAPLES Single Maidstone Ann SIMMONDS Single  
21 07/05/1816 Thomas KNOCK Widower   Sarah ELVEY Single  
22 10/08/1816 Jesse HENNEKER Single   Sarah AUSTIN Single  
23 10/08/1816 Thomas HOWARD Single   Elizabeth ELLMAN Single  
24 16/09/1816 George HOOK Single   Charlotte SIMMONS Single  
25 14/10/1816 James WALKER Single   Frances BRENCHLEY Single Egerton
26 09/11/1816 James WILSON Single   Susanna PARKS Single  
27 30/11/1816 Richard BOORMAN Single   Eleanor BROMLEY Single  
28 25/03/1817 John BRENCHLEY Single   Charlotte COOK Single Great Chart
29 08/04/1817 Richard BARROW Single   Mary CROWTELL Single Little Chart
30 08/06/1817 George GILBEN Single Westwell Charlotte KINGSLAND Single  
31 13/07/1817 William BILLS Single   Sarah CRUMP Single  
32 12/10/1817 John SNIPP Single   Ann WHITE Single  
33 12/11/1817 Henry JENNINGS Single   Harriet BROWN Single Egerton
34 23/03/1818 Thomas CURLING Single   Mary MCDONNOCK Widow  
35 13/10/1818 Richard KNOCK Single   Ann BROWN Single  
36 14/10/1818 James WATERS Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
37 14/10/1818 James BRIANT Single   Alice BRENCHLEY Single  
38 18/10/1818 James STROLLER Single   Hannah WALKER Single  
39 07/11/1818 John CHAPMAN Single   Sophia BARRETT Single  
40 10/01/1819 James ALLEN Single   Ann BRENCHLEY Single  
41 30/01/1819 John SMITH Single   Sarah PIPER Single  
42 06/03/1819 Solomon MORGAN Widower   Hannah BRENCHLEY Single  
43 30/03/1819 Robert VIDGEN Single   Charlotte TAYLOR Single  
44 09/05/1819 Thomas GILBERT Single   Mary BOTTLE Single  
45 02/08/1819 William MARTIN     Mary BURGESS    
46 20/10/1819 William CORNES Single   Sarah MISSING Single  
47 25/12/1819 James CACKETT Single   Celia TILBY Single  
48 06/02/1820 Robert HARRISON Single   Elizabeth JENKINS Single  
49 23/03/1820 John MAXTED Single   Harriet CHAPMAN Single  
50 17/10/1820 George BARKER Single Boughton Under Blean Frances PAYNE Single  
51 22/10/1820 Richard ANDREWS Single   Ann JACKSON Single  
52 29/01/1821 John MYERS Single Goudhurst Mercy COPPIN Single  
53 26/05/1821 William CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth BRENCHLEY Single  
54 13/10/1821 James TANNER Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
55 01/11/1821 Henry MUNN Widower   Mary GRIGGS Widow  
56 18/11/1821 William BEECHING Single   Mary Ann BOORMAN Single  
57 19/11/1821 Henry Chapman SHERLOCK Single   Ann PAYNE Single  
58 12/12/1821 Thomas BURGESS Single   Elizabeth BRENCHLEY Single  
59 29/12/1821 Edward BETTS Single   Maria CLEAVER Single  
60 31/01/1822 Thomas TURNER Single Faversham Margaret POPE Single  
61 19/02/1822 George ADKINS Single   Sophia JACKSON Single  
62 04/03/1822 William RUSSELL Single   Harriet RALPH Single  
63 21/07/1822 John COBB Single Harrietsham Sarah ASHBEE Single  
64 02/10/1822 William CHAPMAN Single   Sarah CHAPMAN Single  
65 12/10/1822 Godfrey SPICE Single   Sarah GEORGE Single  
66 19/10/1822 Charles CLIFFORD Single   Elizabeth KNOWLES Single  
67 08/11/1822 Henry CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth MILES Single  
68 09/11/1822 William WOOD Single   Charlotte SMITH Single  
69 12/01/1823 William HONISETT Single   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
70 21/06/1823 Richard RUCK Widower   Ann BRENCHLEY Single  
71 01/07/1823 William BURGESS Single   Jemima DURRANT Single  
72 10/07/1823 Daniel WHITE Single   Mary BURTON Single  
73 05/08/1823 William CLIFTON     Anne KENNETT    
74 07/09/1823 William GOLDEN Single   Sarah WILES Single  
75 28/09/1823 Daniel DAWSON Single   Mary Ann MOULDEN Widow  
76 20/10/1823 William NASH Single   Alice BORTON Single  
77 26/10/1823 John PAIN Single   Mary COOPER Single  
78 08/11/1823 Henry JENKINS Single   Amy WEEKS Single  
79 27/11/1823 James BATES Widower   Charlotte MILGATE Widow  
80 11/12/1823 James BIRCH Single   Margaret Elizabeth CROUCHER Single  
81 24/01/1824 Samuel GODFREY Single   Mary Ann PAGE    
82 28/02/1824 John WELLER Single   Mary MALYON Single  
83 24/03/1824 Richard Chapman JENNINGS Single Westwell Sarah STREETER Single  
84 27/03/1824 Thomas BALLARD Single   Ann KEMP Single  
85 19/06/1824 John AKHURST   Lynsted Ann WILLIS    
86 05/09/1824 Thomas BURCH Widower   Sarah BISHOP Single  
87 13/10/1824 James BOLTON Single   Anne FEVER Single  
88 16/10/1824 John BRENCHLEY Single   Catharine CHAPMAN Single  
89 28/11/1824 Thomas PAGE Single   Elizabeth ANDREWS Single Challock
90 29/11/1824 George CACKETT Single   Hannah OLIVER Single  
91 17/05/1825 George Chapman AUSTIN Single   Charlotte KNOCK Single  
92 03/07/1825 Richard ASHBEE Single   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
93 12/11/1825 John HONISETT Single   Anne MACKLEY Single  
94 21/01/1826 John VANT Single Westwell Alice COPPIN Single  
95 21/01/1826 Charles HOGG Single   Sarah COOPER Single  
96 30/01/1826 William COPPINS Single   Frances DOWN Single  
97 06/02/1826 Thomas MILLEN Single   Frances COOPER Single  
98 19/03/1826 Edward SHRUBSALL Single Milton By Sittingbourne Charlotte CRUMP Single  
99 26/04/1826 James WHITEHEAD Single Kennington Ann STONE Single  
100 17/05/1826 Henry HENIKER Single Hothfield Charlotte BRENCHLEY Single  
101 29/07/1826 John WISE Single   Ann CLEAVER Single  
102 19/08/1826 John AUSTEN Widower   Sarah HENNIKER Single  
103 12/10/1826 Thomas COPPINS Single Hothfield Celia BRUNGER Single  
104 21/10/1826 William BOLLARD Single   Lydia BOLTON Single  
105 26/11/1826 James BIRCH Widower   Sarah BAKER Single  
106 26/12/1826 William REEVES Single   Barbara BURTON Single  
107 30/04/1827 Thomas BURGOYNE Single   Jane GILHAM Single  
108 06/05/1827 William BRIGHT Single   Elizabeth Akid ESPENETT Widow Tenterden
109 19/05/1827 William STONE Single   Ann GILHAM Single Stalisfield
110 14/07/1827 Edward RAYNES Single   Mary Ann BURTON Single  
111 13/10/1827 James CROUCHER Single   Abigail GODFREY Single Harrietsham
112 27/10/1827 William JENKINS Single   Sarah CRAMP Single  
113 31/10/1827 George BOORMAN Single   Sarah AUSTIN Single  
114 22/11/1827 Samuel CULLEN     Susanna BRIDGES    
115 03/12/1827 James HUGHES Single   Mary Ann COULTER Single  
116 26/12/1827 William JENKINS Single   Nysa CROUCHER Single  
117 30/04/1828 Samuel CLARKE Single Milton By Gravesend Ann HYDES Single  
118 14/09/1828 Thomas MILLEN Single   Catharine TONGE Single  
119 15/11/1828 Joseph COPPINS Single   Subylla Anne WATERS Single  
120 26/05/1829 Thomas Young HALL Single   Sarah SMITH Single Hollingbourne
121 08/08/1829 Henry WISE Single Ashford Mary Anne BROOKS Single  
122 08/10/1829 William HARRIS Single   Hannah CHEESMAN Single  
123 07/11/1829 John TAYLOR Single   Abigail Elizabeth LONG Single  
124 24/11/1829 John FOORD Single   Margaret MORRIS Single  
125 18/12/1829 Horace BATES Single Lenham Elizabeth MISSING Single  
126 11/01/1830 Alfred PARKER     Elizabeth GILHAM    
127 05/02/1830 William CHEESMAN Single   Mary Ann CHEESMAN Single  
128 18/02/1830 William HESSELDEN Widower   Hannah BURGESS Single  
129 27/03/1830 William ASHBEE Single   Harriet SMITH Single  
130 16/05/1830 Frank PAY     Mary WALKER    
131 08/08/1830 Henry Howland BUTCHER Single   Jane CROUCHER Single  
132 07/10/1830 Ralph GLADWIN Single   Parnel JOHNSON Single  
133 10/10/1830 George COPPINS Single   Eliza STEER Single  
134 15/11/1830 John BOORMAN Single   Harriet BURGESS Single  
135 03/04/1831 William TONGE Single   Elizabeth Ann ISTEED Single  
136 16/05/1831 George SMITH Single   Lydia BINGHAM Single Kingsnorth
137 17/07/1831 James DOWN Single   Harriet PIPER Single  
138 06/08/1831 John WOOD Single Westwell Mary Ann DAY Single  
139 12/10/1831 Thomas CARBETT Single   Charlotte Sarah PAULEY Single  
140 18/03/1832 Edward SWAFFER Single   Caroline HYDER Single  
141 15/07/1832 Joshua Morris RICHARDSON     Elizabeth Anne BARRETT    
142 01/09/1832 Stephens Edward BUSHELL Single   Sophia MILLEN Single  
143 13/10/1832 John COOPER Single   Jane RANDALL Single  
144 29/10/1832 Thomas FLINT Single Westwell Maria PYE Single  
145 18/11/1832 James FINCH Single   Elizabeth Ann HYDER Single  
146 04/02/1833 James GODDEN Single Little Chart Mary PYE Single  
147 02/03/1833 Thomas RACHELL Single   Ann WILKINS Single  
148 18/03/1833 George BOTTLE Single   Catherine MATTHEWS Single  
149 15/04/1833 John Henry STRIDER Single St John, Thanet Sarah CHEESMAN Single  
150 21/04/1833 George PEASLEY Single   Catharine SLY Single  
151 06/07/1833 John CLIFTON Single   Mary COPPINS Single  
152 08/07/1833 John NORGER Widower   Sarah HENNIKER Widow  
153 13/07/1833 Samuel FOREMAN Single   Frances WOOD Single  
154 27/07/1833 James Stanford COVENEY Single   Harriet CLIFTON Single  
155 15/09/1833 David Abijah SPILLETT Single Chatham Keziah MILLING Single  
156 19/10/1833 Charles HOGG Widower   Elizabeth KIDMAN Widow  
157 19/10/1833 George IDENDEN Single   Charlotte KENNETT Single  
158 11/02/1834 Jacob SPILLETT Single   Jemima MARSHALL Single  
159 01/03/1834 George CHAPMAN Single   Eliza NORRIS Single  
160 22/03/1834 Richard BOTTLE Single   Mary MILLEN Single  
161 09/04/1834 James PRATT Single   Charlotte SPILL Single  
162 31/05/1834 George JENKINS Single   Kitty HYDER Single  
163 01/06/1834 James WALKER Widower   Eliza EVANS Single Little Chart
164 03/10/1834 Daniel COPPINS Single   Alice RUSSELL Single  
165 14/10/1834 John ROBBINS Widower   Anne HARRIS Single  
166 24/01/1835 Richard HYDER Widower   Sarah MACKELDEN Single  
167 20/04/1835 William KEELER Single   Matilda WEBBERLEY Single  
168 04/07/1835 Nower PREBBLE Single St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Mary WILTSHIRE Single  
169 04/10/1835 George Humphrey CROUCH Single   Susannah BETTS Single  
170 02/04/1836 Thomas HYSTED Single   Sarah Ann BOLDOCK Single  
171 11/06/1836 George HOWLETT Single   Maria WHITE Single  
172 03/08/1836 William Watts SKILLMAN Single   Jane WILTSHIRE Single  
173 24/10/1836 John NORTON Widower   Hannah FULLER Widow  
174 02/11/1836 Thomas CHECKSFIELD Single   Mary GILBERT Single  
175 19/11/1836 Joseph CACKETT Single   Hannah NEAVES Single  
176 04/03/1837 George WILLIS Widower   Elizabeth BURGESS Single  

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