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Lower Hardres St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Lower Hardres lies in the central portion of eastern Kent about 3 miles south of the city of Canterbury. Lower Hardres sits just a half mile east of the B2068 road, a former Roman Road connecting Canterbury with the ancient port of Hythe. Much of Lower Hardres is located wither along that road (the settlement being Street End) or along the lane which heads southeastwards towards Bossingham. Lower Hardres would have earned its economy largely from farming at the time of this transcript and it remains largely a rural settlement albeit with some modern development along the B2068. Lower Hardres is drained largely by field drains and there is little actual surface drainage, what there is is headed northeastwards to join first the Nail Bourne, then the Little Stour to reach the North Sea through the port of Sandwich. Lower Hardres is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside, local heights rise gently westwards to reach almost 110 metres on Chartham Downs. Lower Hardres parish was on the small side for Kent, it covered just under 1,200 acres and would have supported a population of about 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Lower Hardres was returned for the Book together with its neighbour Upper Hardres both being held by Bishop Odo of Bayeux, collectively they could offer around 5 ploughs together with pig-populated woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the eastern side of the village as the lane to Bossingham (School Lane) leaves the built area. Sadly this church is not some mediaeval masterpiece as the original church was demolished in the Georgian era and the present church erected in the early 1830s. The architect used the style of the Early English Gothic period with semi-authentic details of that period including lancet windows, Pevsner decrees the attempt "tolerable". The talking piece of the church is the broach spired tower, unusually set in a southwestern position. The church sits on a sharp bend in School Lane partially masked by a large tree, a rising pathway leads past neighbouring properties to a set of gates in the surrounding brick wall. The churchyard is somewhat crowded with mature trees which do somewhat limit the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th February 1755 - 4th July 1812 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - U3/107/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th January 1813 - 12th October 1836 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - U3/107/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Upper Hardres St Peter & St Paul
Upper Hardres St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 24/02/1755 John PRESLEY     Anne NORRIS    
2 07/10/1756 Henry WOODCOCK     Mary AUSTEN    
3 13/10/1756 John WATER   Elmstead Elizabeth HALSE    
4 13/11/1756 Benjamin JERVAISE     Mary NEAMES    
5 22/11/1756 William TERRY   Barfrestone Sarah HOBDAY    
6 02/12/1756 Edward CLOAKE Single Chartham Sarah WHITE Single  
7 05/01/1758 Richard FOX   Petham Mary NOBLE    
8 04/06/1758 William NEAMES     Elizabeth WEST    
9 07/11/1758 John HULKS Single St Margaret At Cliffe Susan HUGHES Single  
10 23/08/1759 Daniel QUESTED     Abigail BEACH    
11 16/10/1759 Edward KEELER     Mary FOX    
12 27/01/1760 Isaac DADD     Mary MITCHELL   Ospringe
13 11/10/1760 Thomas FOREMAN     Ann MARTIN    
14 17/11/1760 Richard READ     Martha SHARP    
15 21/03/1761 William KNIGHT Single Kingston Mary TAYLOR Single  
16 27/07/1763 Daniel PIERCE Widower Bridge Sarah DANIELS    
17 03/11/1763 John NEAMES     Elizabeth HALSE    
18 10/08/1766 John NORRIS Single   Lucy SPRATT Single  
19 16/10/1769 David FOX Single Westbere Esther PILCHER Single  
20 29/04/1770 Stephen WACKERS Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Mary GATHERS Single  
21 12/08/1770 Daniel QUESTED Widower   Sarah SPEARPOINT Widow  
22 17/10/1770 John KING Single   Margaret HAMBROOKE Single  
23 02/11/1772 William DADD Single   Elisabeth CHURCH Single  
24 07/12/1772 John RUSSELL Single St Peter, Thanet Mary BARTLETT Single  
25 29/01/1775 Robert SCOTT Widower   Mary DADD Widow  
26 29/10/1775 William HOLNESS Single   Elizabeth UDEN Single  
27 20/10/1777 Robert DODD Widower   Elizabeth BARTLETT Single  
28 07/11/1777 John NEWPORT Widower   Elizabeth AUSTEN Widow  
29 12/11/1777 Vincent TERRY Single   Ann SANKEY Single  
30 05/11/1778 Thomas BROCKMAN Single Nackington Hannah TERRY Single  
31 07/04/1779 Thomas SHEAFE Widower St Martin, Canterbury Mary SCOTT Widow  
32 09/11/1779 John WEST Single   Mary CHURCH Single  
33 13/11/1783 William ELDRIDGE Single Ospringe Amy FULLER Single  
34 08/01/1787 John BROADBRIDGE Single Milstead Sarah HOGBEN Single  
35 11/04/1787 Thomas GODFREY Single Petham Sarah FOREMAN Single  
36 21/07/1787 Thomas HOLMES Single Petham Elizabeth HOGBEN Single  
37 02/09/1787 George PAGE Single   Mary BLAND Single  
38 05/10/1787 George AUSTEN   Petham Susannah PILCHER    
39 04/02/1788 John HOGBEN Single   Sarah CURLING Single  
41 18/10/1788 Charles HYDER Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
42 18/10/1788 Paul PAGE Single   Elizabeth NEAME Single  
43 03/05/1790 Thomas FOREMAN     Ann RICH    
44 10/08/1790 Robert GAMBRILL   Waltham Elizabeth CASTLE    
45 27/06/1791 William WHITE Single   Sarah FOREMAN Single  
47 21/03/1792 Thomas FAIRBRASS     Sarah IRONS    
48 20/08/1792 Thomas CASTLE Single   Phoebe COBUS Single Petham
49 05/02/1793 Daniel BAKER Single   Margaret WYBOURN Single  
50 16/09/1793 Joseph OVENDEN Widower   Mary WILKES Single  
51 21/10/1793 Thomas FAGG Single Elmstead Mary KNIGHT Single  
52 01/03/1794 Joseph PETTITT   Nackington Sarah NOBLE    
22/07/1794 Thomas HOLMES   Kingston Sarah DANIELS    
28/09/1795 Isaac COFFEE Single   Ann BAPSON Single  
26/11/1796 William WELLS Single Preston Next Faversham Ann HOLNESS Single  
04/05/1798 John HADDAWAY Single Bridge Rebecca COUCHMAN Single  
25/08/1799 John SMITH Single Petham Sarah BEAN Single  
1 19/04/1802 Robert BOUGHTON Widower   Sarah PIBUS Single  
2 26/04/1802 George LYON   Harbledown Ann DANIELS    
3 12/06/1802 Francis FARRANT   West Hythe Maria FETHERWICK    
1 06/02/1803 Thomas WHITE     Ann JOHNCOCK    
2 22/10/1803 Thomas BUCK Single Petham Sarah FARLEY Single  
3 31/10/1803 Thomas WALLER Single   Ann LAMB Single  
1 31/01/1804 Joseph SNELLING Single Elham Harriot DANIELS    
2 21/05/1804 William NOBLE Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
3 16/07/1804 Thomas MUMMERY Single   Mary COUCHMAN Single  
4 30/10/1804 Edward MORRIS   Elham Mary NOBLE    
1 17/09/1805 George ELWYN Single St Margaret, Canterbury Anna TERRY Single  
2 10/11/1805 Henry ENKEN     Anne DOWSEY    
1 19/12/1807 John FISHER Single Stelling Minnis Sarah HOLMES Single  
2 29/12/1807 George STARR Single St John, Thanet Rebecca DAVIS Single  
18/11/1809 James PHILPOOT     Elizabeth EVENS    
25/12/1810 John AUSTEN     Sarah DODD    
03/02/1811 William HALL   Chartham Hester COUCHMAN    
26/02/1811 Thomas ANDREWS   Nackington Ann Maria NOBLE    
02/04/1811 William BEAKE Single Wickhambreaux Mary TERRY Single  
01/11/1811 Thomas TERRY     Mary BROMLEY    
04/07/1812 John WILSON     Elizabeth OVENDEN   Bridge
1 09/01/1813 Robert MAXTED   Patrixbourne Sarah EVANS    
2 08/10/1814 Charles HOGWOOD   Gillingham Martha HALL    
3 13/10/1814 Joseph ANDREWS     Martha BROMLEY    
4 27/05/1815 Thomas COUCHMAN     Mary HOMES    
5 26/02/1816 William WILSON     Catharine BARTHOLOMEW    
6 04/05/1816 James HOWELL     Ann HOLMES    
7 14/12/1816 John HOWELL     Sarah FAIRBRASSE   Petham
8 20/07/1817 Henry ATTWOOD   Upper Hardres Sarah GRAVE    
9 31/07/1817 William SMITH Single St Paul, Canterbury Hester TERRY Single  
10 12/05/1818 William AUSTEN   Bishopsbourne Lucy CROCKFORD    
11 10/10/1818 Robert HOLLANDS     Mary GILLHAM   Bridge
12 01/06/1819 Edward PEARCE     Maria FRIAR   St Margaret, Canterbury
13 13/11/1819 Hodges EMRY     Mary BOURN    
14 25/01/1820 John LEEDS   Waltham Maria TAYLER    
15 27/02/1820 James PAY   Petham Mary SPAIN    
16 13/03/1820 File ROLF     Martha LINCOLN    
17 10/06/1820 William HOLNESS Widower   Elizabeth HULKS Widow  
18 24/02/1821 William ELDRIDGE   Bridge Phoebe BROMLEY    
19 08/11/1821 John FINCH Single St Mildred, Canterbury Charlotte PELES Single  
20 22/08/1822 John WHITE     Mary FAGG    
21 06/10/1822 Thomas WHITE Single Sturry Sarah HUNT Single  
22 13/10/1822 Edward NEAMES   Bishopsbourne Catherine MAYPOLE    
23 04/12/1822 William FAGG     Hesther WOOD    
24 02/01/1823 John HUNSKOM   St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Lydia FAGG    
25 08/07/1823 William HOLNESS Widower   Mary DAIRMAN Widow  
26 01/01/1825 John HOPKINS Single   Martha PILCHER Single Petham
27 08/01/1826 Henry BOWZIER Single   Mary EPPS Single Waltham
28 20/05/1826 James BARTHOLOMEW     Harriet BROWN   Bridge
29 14/10/1826 Edward CLAYSON   Nackington Charlotte FOLWELL    
30 28/12/1826 Thomas DIVERS     Sarah SOUTON    
31 01/04/1827 John WATERS   Elmstead Anne BOWZIER    
32 21/04/1827 Edward HOLMES     Martha LUCUS    
33 05/04/1828 William BRETT     Sarah KEMP    
34 27/11/1828 Henry ATTWOOD   Upper Hardres Harriet DORTREY    
35 01/03/1829 Edward KEMP     Phoebe GIBSON   Chartham
36 13/10/1829 William SMEETH   Upper Hardres Margaret ROSE    
37 15/10/1829 Thomas HARNETT     Mary Ann BRETT    
38 24/10/1829 John NOBLE     Harriett BUSHELL   St George, Canterbury
39 13/11/1830 Thomas SCOTT     Charlotte WILSON    
40 28/05/1831 James WARDEN     Sarah GIBSON    
41 10/10/1832 John FAMARIS   Eastry Sarah DADD    
42 11/05/1833 John TAPLEY     Elizabeth ELDRIDGE    
43 01/08/1833 Charles MATCHAM   Nackington Elizabeth DADD    
44 19/08/1833 John Newport BOULDING   Waltham Mary Ann AUSTEN    
45 12/10/1833 John COOK   Chartham Charlotte CORK    
46 20/11/1833 Stephen WHIDETT   Herne Mary ELLEN    
47 28/06/1834 Thomas ELLIS     Mary HOLMES    
48 02/04/1835 Charles FAMARISS   Ash By Sandwich Harriot DADD    
49 12/10/1836 William STEEL     Susanna SHARP   Bridge

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