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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Orton on the Hill St Edith


The Parish

The parish of Orton on the Hill lies in the extreme west of Leicestershire, forming part of the border with neighbouring Warwickshire. Orton on the Hill is located about 6 miles east of the Staffordshire city of Tamworth and sits, in lanes, a little more than 2 miles south of the A444 road which connects Nuneaton with Burton upon Trent. A small and compact village Orton on the hill sits on a low ridge of land in an otherwise reasonably flat area of the county. Like many parishes in Leicestershire Orton on the Hill would have been a farming community, based largely on pastoral farming but with some arable admixed. Small brooks drain the parish southwards to the nearby River Anker which joins the Tame and then the Trent to reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Orton on the Hill is sited at around 100 metres above the sea and sits some 30 metres or so above the general lie of the land, the ridge, on which it sits, rises to a local height of 130 metres after a couple of miles. Orton on the Hill parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just under 2,300 acres it would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Orton on the Hill was one of the holdings of Henry de Ferrers and was a relatively small place offering just 9 ploughs.

The Church

St Edith's church sits towards the western end of the village on the highest ground within it. The church has its origins in the Decorated period of the early 14th century but has been altered repeatedly over the intervening periods. Retaining those original features are the nave and southern aisle, whilst the chancel was wholly remodeled in the Perpendicular era. At that time the western tower capped by its spire was added, as was a clerestory to aid internal lighting. The spire has had a varied history, in 1797 it was rebuilt to a height of 120 feet, an achievement that had to be reversed due to the possibility of collapse. The matching northern aisle was demolished in 1764 whilst during the same century the mausoleum to the Steele-Perkins family was added. The church sits on the western side of "The Green" where a triangular green space permits parking for a car or two. A picket fence surrounds the churchyard whilst wooden gates grant access to a broad path curving up to the church The churchyard is extensive and has few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th October 1754 - 7th April 1772 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1554/7 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 28th December 1772 - 24th August 1812 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1554/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 11th January 1813 - 3rd April 1837 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1554/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Austrey St Nicholas, Warwickshire
Norton Juxta Twycross Holy Trinity
Norton Juxta Twycross Holy Trinity
Polesworth St Editha, Warwickshire
Twycross St James
Polesworth St Editha, Warwickshire
Merevale Our Lady, Warwickshire
Sheepy Magna All Saints
Sheepy Magna All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
10/10/1754 William OLDNER     Mary WOODHOUSE    
05/11/1754 Thomas ARNOLD     Mary ERPE    
21/11/1754 John PEET     Jane REDFERN   Austrey, Warwickshire
06/02/1755 Henry CRESWELL     Ann BRADFORD    
10/10/1755 William WILLCOXS     Elizabeth PEGG    
13/10/1755 Richard CANTREL     Mary POINTON    
05/11/1755 Stephen PEET     Mary WOLFERTON    
10/05/1756 William OLNER     Hannah PUGH    
15/11/1756 Robert RADFORD   Sheepy Magna Martha ORME    
27/02/1757 William WOODHOUSE   Austrey, Warwickshire Sarah DENT    
27/10/1757 Thomas HARRISON     Mary COOPER    
17/11/1757 Charles GRUNDY     Sarah PARKER    
18/04/1759 John EATHERLEY   Ashby De La Zouch Elizabeth WILLET    
26/07/1759 Richard NUTHALL     Isabella ROTHERAM    
21/08/1760 John ALLEN     Ruth ORME    
12/04/1762 Joseph HEROD     Mary SHEPHERD    
29/09/1762 James SHERRARD     Ann HARRISON    
09/05/1763 Humphrey MOUSLEY     Elizabeth MOUSLEY    
04/05/1764 John ERPE     Ann PULTNEY    
13/07/1764 Thomas HINKS   Norton Juxta Twycross Mary OLDNER    
25/02/1765 John THORP     Martha OLDNER    
06/07/1766 Thomas SMITH Single Marston On Dove, Derbyshire Mary COOPER Single  
11/11/1766 Thomas COOPER Single   Elizabeth MOUSLEY Single Merevale, Warwickshire
18/04/1768 John BULLOWS     Mary LEEDHAM    
29/05/1768 John BOONE Single Twycross Ellinor SALISBURY Widow  
26/09/1768 John COOPER     Elizabeth BROUGHTON    
24/12/1768 Thomas KING Widower Twycross Rebecca YATES Single Twycross
00/00/1769 Joseph GREEN     Margaret SMITH    
00/01/1769 John HANSON Single Twycross Elizabeth HINKS Single Twycross
27/01/1769 John SMITH Single   Sarah COOPER Single  
01/05/1769 Joseph BOOTH Widower Clifton Campville, Staffordshire Mary SHAW Widow Twycross
18/05/1769 John FERN   Twycross Hannah MORETON   Twycross
06/06/1769 Thomas COOPER Single   Elizabeth HARDING Single  
19/07/1769 Thomas CLARK     Anne SAUNDERS    
25/07/1769 John MELLOR Single Twycross Sarah FARRIN Single Twycross
01/10/1769 Thomas WARGRAVE   Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Mary FREEMAN    
26/02/1770 John BOUGHTON   Twycross Alice GRIESLEY   Twycross
17/04/1770 Thomas FOSTER Single Kingsbury, Warwickshire Mary NEATH    
19/04/1770 James TOWERS Widower Lillington, Warwickshire Sarah BECK Single  
29/04/1770 Thomas ORTON Widower Twycross Hannah HOW Single  
23/09/1770 Thomas ELTON   Norton Juxta Twycross Anne ROTHERAM    
14/10/1770 John BARNES   Austrey, Warwickshire Susannah WOOTTON    
04/11/1770 George CATOR   Measham Maria CART    
27/12/1770 Thomas NEWBOROUGH     Elisabeth CART    
18/11/1771 Thomas MARRATT     Elizabeth ORCHARD    
07/04/1772 John FARRIN   Twycross Anne BEADMAN   Twycross
1 28/12/1772 John BROOKES Single Polesworth, Warwickshire Ann COOPER Single  
2 27/09/1773 Edward WILKES Single   Anne PARSONS Single  
3 28/11/1773 Thomas NEATH Single   Hannah PARKER Single  
8 06/02/1774 John HEMMINGS Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single  
4 04/04/1774 Thomas SIMNET Single Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire Isabel COOPER Single  
5 06/04/1774 Thomas PARKER Single   Anne NEATH Single  
6 19/09/1774 Thomas HEMMINGS Single   Anne MORRHALL Single  
7 30/01/1775 William MOULD Single Norton Juxta Twycross Elizabeth PARKER Single Twycross
9 16/04/1775 Joseph WILLNER Single   Hannah HOOD Single  
10 19/04/1775 Thomas MELLOR Single Twycross Hannah BOSTOCK Single Twycross
11 01/07/1775 Robert NEWMAN Single   Sarah PARSONS Single  
12 16/10/1775 Joseph NEWBOROUGH Single   Catharine COOPER Single  
13 13/05/1776 Thomas FARMER Single Sibson Sarah HARDING Single  
14 03/11/1776 Joseph KENDAL Single   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
15 22/12/1776 William COOPER Single   Anne ROBOTHAM Single  
16 20/10/1777 Thomas CART Single   Mary NEWBOROUGH Single  
17 02/01/1778 Henry FARMER Single Twycross Mary SHAW Single Twycross
18 08/02/1778 John BANTON Single   Mary MELLOWS Single  
19 26/02/1778 Isaac ORME Single   Elizabeth COXSON Single  
20 09/09/1778 Bates WITTENS Single Norton Juxta Twycross Elizabeth LEES Single  
21 18/10/1778 George BARNES Single   Elizabeth STEW Single  
22 22/10/1778 Thomas LEEDHAM Single Twycross Sarah PRIESTNAL Single Twycross
23 15/03/1779 William MINCHIN Widower Kingsbury, Warwickshire Sarah REDFERN Single  
24 25/10/1779 Thomas DEEMING     Mary RADFORD    
25 18/04/1781 John FITCHETT Single Twycross Sarah WHEEWHALL Single Twycross
26 20/05/1781 George HASTELEY   Twycross Hannah ROULSTON   Twycross
27 10/06/1781 Measom LEA Single   Elizabeth SADDINGTON Single  
28 11/06/1781 William WILLETS Single Twycross Nealey BATH Single Norton Juxta Twycross
29 14/10/1781 Charles HOOD     Sarah KEY   Sheepy Magna
30 07/04/1782 Henry FLEMMINGS Single   Anne MOUSELY Single  
31 10/11/1782 George WILSON Single   Sarah WILSON Single  
32 02/01/1783 William STUBBS Single Mancetter, Warwickshire Ann FORD    
33 20/04/1783 Edward WALKER Single   Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
34 17/11/1783 William ROBOTHAM Single   Elizabeth SMALLEY Single  
35 30/03/1784 Samuel BRIAN Single Merevale, Warwickshire Elizabeth MAWBEY Single  
36 27/09/1784 Samuel PARKER Single   Mary ARNOLD Single  
37 04/11/1784 John COOPER Single   Elizabeth ELTON Single  
38 17/09/1785 Robert CLAMP Single Norton Juxta Twycross Ann ALLEN Single  
39 09/12/1785 George EDWARDLY Single Twycross Mary WINTERS Single Twycross
40 26/06/1786 Thomas ROBINSON Single   Catherine MOUSELY Single  
41 13/06/1787 George MILNER Single   Elizabeth ARNOLD Single Austrey, Warwickshire
42 07/07/1788 Thomas BIRD Single   Hannah MAWBEY Single  
43 02/12/1788 William HINKS Single Twycross Sarah OLDNER   Twycross
44 18/01/1789 John ARNOLD Single   Elizabeth BURROWS   Austrey, Warwickshire
45 11/05/1790 Joseph SADDINGTON   Appleby Sarah ORME    
46 18/01/1791 John MANSFIELD   Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire Anne SMITH    
47 02/01/1792 Joseph OLDNER     Catharine BOTT    
48 16/02/1792 Robert FARMER Single Sibson Elizabeth ORME Single  
49 16/01/1793 Henry CUTLER   Witherley Hannah OLNER    
50 16/04/1793 Edward WALKER     Mary KNIGHT   Sheepy Magna
51 10/09/1793 James JOHNSON     Rebeckha STUBS    
52 06/05/1794 William ARNOLD     Hannah ERPE    
53 22/07/1794 Thomas ORRIL   Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire Sarah NUTTHALL    
54 27/07/1795 James JORDAN   Appleby Lydia ARNOLD    
55 18/08/1795 John ORME     Mary PEGG    
56 11/10/1795 Robert ERPE     Elizabeth MARROTT    
57 03/10/1796 Francis STUBBS     Charlotte CHOYCE   Twycross
58 12/10/1796 John ENSOR   Twycross Susannah LAKIN   Twycross
89 21/04/1797 John WILKINS Single Normanton Le Heath Sarah SYLVESTER    
59 18/06/1797 George HAYWOOD     Elizabeth ERPE    
60 27/08/1797 John SCRIMSHIRE Single   Catharine COOPER Single  
61 17/09/1797 William COOPER Single Ratcliffe Culey Sarah WOODHOUSE Single  
62 19/09/1797 Thomas MILLER Single Twycross Elizabeth BUXTON Single Twycross
63 25/09/1797 Joseph ORTON Single   Sarah FORD Single  
64 21/11/1797 Richard ORTON Single   Mary EARP Single  
65 25/03/1798 John TIMBRAL Single Sheepy Magna Sarah BARBER Single  
66 24/01/1799 Thomas KIRK Single East Leake, Nottinghamshire Ann BREEDON Single  
67 25/08/1799 John ORTON Single   Catharine WHITE Single  
68 00/10/1799 Francis BOOTON Single Twycross Mary YOUIT Single Polesworth, Warwickshire
69 29/12/1799 John WARD Single   Ann KING Single  
70 11/08/1800 Arthur BASSET Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
71 25/12/1800 William KENDRICK   Normanton Le Heath Ann BOUGHTON   Twycross
72 07/04/1801 Joseph PEGG Single   Hannah ORM Single  
73 28/10/1801 William MORRHALL Single   Elizabeth LEA    
74 29/06/1802 Robert CART Single   Mary FRITH Single  
75 07/07/1802 Thomas NEWMAN Single   Elizabeth POLLIT Single  
76 30/10/1802 Samuel KEY Widower St Werburgh, Derby, Derbyshire Eleanor HOROBIN   Twycross
77 10/11/1802 Joseph LATHAM Single   Elizabeth HAYWOOD Widow  
78 30/05/1803 John SMITH Single   Ann NEATH Single  
79 22/06/1803 John CART Single   Ann LEES   Twycross
80 23/06/1803 Samuel RAGG Single Ashby De La Zouch Catharine BRADFORD Single  
81 13/10/1803 John ORM     Ann ORTON    
82 05/04/1804 John SMITH   Austrey, Warwickshire Ann NUTHALL    
83 24/09/1804 Thomas STORER Single   Martha WILSON    
84 13/11/1804 John JAKES Single Twycross Elizabeth FLEMANS    
85 15/05/1805 George THOMAS Single   Mary COOPER Single  
86 17/11/1806 William BIRCH Single Edingale, Staffordshire Elizabeth BARNES Single  
87 22/12/1806 Richard BATES Single Church Gresley, Derbyshire Sarah GENT Single  
88 16/02/1807 Thomas ROOBOTTOM Single   Mary THOMPSON Single Grendon, Warwickshire
90 12/10/1807 Thomas CART Single   Elizabeth RIDGWAY Single  
91 26/10/1807 John LUCAS Single   Elizabeth WAKEFIELD Single  
92 21/03/1808 Samuel STRATTON Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
93 28/04/1808 John BRADFORD Single   Ann LEA Single  
94 03/11/1809 George WILSON Single   Frances WILSON Single  
95 05/11/1809 William FILEMAN Single   Elizabeth NEWBOROUGH Single  
96 26/12/1809 Richard ARNOLD Single   Charlotte BOWN Single  
97 21/06/1810 Robert DRUMMOND Single Scotland Mary PHILLIMORE Single  
98 27/09/1810 John Favell OLNER Single   Elizabeth STATER Single  
99 26/04/1811 Edward LEA Single   Mary GOWARD Single  
100 17/06/1811 Thomas ELD Single   Mary SMITH Single  
101 11/07/1811 Richard POULTNEY Single Polesworth, Warwickshire Maria LEA Single  
102 05/03/1812 Thomas MORRIS Single Austrey, Warwickshire Ann MORRHALL Single  
103 25/03/1812 William GOODERIDGE Single Clifton Campville, Staffordshire Ann BARNES Single  
104 14/05/1812 Joseph COELY Single   Ellen REEVES Single  
105 29/05/1812 William ARNOLD Widower   Elizabeth STUBBS Single  
106 24/08/1812 Francis DENNIS Single Measham Hannah BARNES Single  
1 11/01/1813 Joseph SHAW Single Polesworth, Warwickshire Sarah CART Single  
2 02/04/1813 James SIMMONDS Single   Hannah WILSON Single  
3 06/04/1813 John COOPER Single   Sarah ROOBOTTOM    
4 15/11/1813 Thomas CHAMBERS Single   Susanna OLNER Single  
5 26/09/1814 Samuel THOMAS Single   Ann YOUNG   Twyford
6 03/11/1814 Thomas CHATTAWAY Single Mancetter, Warwickshire Sarah ORM Single  
7 27/04/1815 Thomas PYNER Single Twycross Mary ROOBOTTOM Single  
8 27/04/1815 James BAMPTON Single Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Elizabeth COOPER Single  
9 08/05/1815 Thomas ARNOLD Single   Rebecca WILSON    
10 20/02/1816 Robert FOSTER Single Nether Whitacre, Warwickshire Catherine EARP    
11 15/10/1816 James GRIST Single Aston, Warwickshire Delila BRADFORD Single  
12 31/10/1816 Michael ROBOTTOM Single Nuneaton, Warwickshire Catherine COOPER Single  
13 15/12/1816 Joseph FREEMAN Single   Sophia OLNER    
14 01/01/1817 John Flavell OLNER Widower   Ann ARNOLD Single  
15 06/01/1817 Arthur BASSET Widower   Susannah PALIT    
16 30/03/1817 John SIMMONS Single   Elizabeth ROOBOTTOM Single  
17 07/04/1817 John MARLOW Single Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Mary NEWBOROUGH Single  
18 07/04/1817 William OLNER Single   Sarah PAGE Single  
19 19/06/1817 John OLNER Widower   Maria TAYLOR Single  
20 01/05/1818 William ORME Single   Mary PARKER Single  
21 29/06/1818 Thomas MILNER Single   Hannah BELCHER    
22 21/10/1818 John BROTHERHOOD Single   Mary ARNOLD Single  
23 01/02/1819 Thomas QUINBEY Single   Jane WILSON    
24 12/04/1819 Joseph WARNER Single   Mary WILSON    
25 06/04/1820 Samuel BROTHERHOOD Single   Sarah FLEMINGS Single Sheepy Magna
26 06/12/1820 Thomas SUTTON   Sheepy Magna Ann ERP    
27 02/08/1821 William LATHAM Single Austrey, Warwickshire Elizabeth NEATH Single  
28 14/11/1821 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Hannah ARNOLD    
29 15/11/1821 John WILKINSON Single Tamworth, Staffordshire Ann COOPER    
30 21/01/1822 Joseph HEAP Single Mancetter, Warwickshire Jane EARP Single  
31 11/10/1822 Job SPOONER Single   Sarah FREEMAN Single  
32 14/11/1822 James NEWBOROUGH Single   Ann MAKEPEACE Single  
33 16/12/1822 John OLNER Widower   Anna WILSON Single  
34 25/12/1823 James VARNAM Single   Elizabeth Hands KING Single  
35 05/01/1824 William EVANS Single Sheepy Magna Mary ARNOLD Single  
36 18/07/1825 John ORTON Single Polesworth, Warwickshire Mary PARKER Single  
37 10/11/1825 John UNDERWOOD Widower Binley, Warwickshire Sarah ORME Single  
38 20/06/1826 Job SPOONER Widower   Eliza MORRHALL    
39 17/07/1826 William NEWMAN Widower   Maria CART    
40 07/08/1826 William CART Single   Mary PITT   Appleby
41 16/10/1826 Christopher PARKER Single   Maria WILSON Single  
42 01/11/1826 John WILLTON Single   Sarah ROOBOTTOM Single  
43 18/06/1827 William HIGHFIELD Single Kingsbury, Warwickshire Jane NEWBOROUGH Single  
44 22/10/1827 Henry EARP Widower   Sarah POTTER Single  
45 03/03/1828 John MILLS Single Coleshill, Warwickshire Sarah BARNES Single  
46 27/05/1828 George ORTON Single Binley, Warwickshire Hannah ORME Single  
47 01/12/1828 John POULTNEY Single Polesworth, Warwickshire Mary PEGG Single  
48 12/05/1829 Job OUGHTON Single Polesworth, Warwickshire Sarah COOPER Single  
49 13/10/1829 Andrew CAMWELL   St Michael, Coventry, Warwickshire Maria WILSON    
50 19/10/1829 John SMITH Widower   Mary NEWBOROUGH Single  
51 18/10/1830 John MOSELEY   Ratcliffe Culey Helen COLEY    
52 16/11/1830 Samuel LAKIN   Ratcliffe Culey Susannah MAKEPEACE    
53 02/04/1831 Thomas FAIRFIELD   Tamworth, Staffordshire Elizabeth BASSETT    
54 04/04/1831 Francis BOOTON   Merevale, Warwickshire Maria FLEMMINGS    
55 24/10/1831 John BASSET     Elizabeth CLARK   Merevale, Warwickshire
56 23/01/1832 John CLIFTON   Grendon, Warwickshire Hannah SWIFT    
57 02/04/1832 Thomas WEBSTER     Elizabeth COOPER    
58 28/04/1832 Thomas DUNKLEY Widower   Sarah BROWN Widow  
59 15/10/1832 William MORRHALL     Sarah DOWSE   Merevale, Warwickshire
60 25/12/1832 William BESSON   Baddesley Ensor, Warwickshire Catherine FLEMINGS    
61 02/09/1833 Robert ARNOLD     Mary Ann HALL    
62 24/10/1833 Robert ARNOLD Single   Elizabeth NEWBOROUGH Single  
63 26/05/1834 John WILKINS Single Norton Juxta Twycross Charlotte ARNOLD Single  
64 28/10/1834 James NEWBOROUGH Widower   Mary STAFFORD Single  
65 18/05/1835 Thomas BARLOW     Elizabeth ARNOLD   Merevale, Warwickshire
66 13/10/1835 William HAVINS   Earl Shilton Elizabeth COLEY    
67 16/11/1835 Robert NEWBOROUGH     Catharine ROWBOTTOM    
68 23/11/1835 Robert HYDEN     Mary Ann FREMAN    
69 25/01/1836 Samuel WILSON     Mary CART    
70 15/06/1836 Charles GRUNDY Single Sheepy Magna Ann ORME Single  
71 06/10/1836 William CART     Mary WILLSON    
72 03/04/1837 Thomas JONES   Thorpe Constantine, Staffordshire Elizabeth BROWN    

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