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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Grendon All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Grendon lies in the extreme north of Warwickshire forming part of the border with neighbouring Leicestershire but also very close to both Derbyshire & Staffordshire.Grendon is situated roughly 6 miles southeast of the Staffordshire town of Tamworth and sits on the B5000 road which connects Tamworth with Atherstone. Grendon is a settlement of two distinct halves, a small group of farms and cottages cluster around the church on the banks of the River Anker whilst just over a mile to the southwest a further settlements sits on the A5, the ancient Roman route of Watling Street. The land is rich and fertile and both arable and pastoral farming were the dominant form of employment, coal could be found locally and some mining occurred nearby whilst the power of the Anker supported a flour mill. Modern developments are rife in the area, the Coventry & Fazeley Canal and the West Coast main railway line cut through between the two settlements of Grendon. The Anker drains the parish westwards before meeting the Tame and turning to the north, meeting the Trent a long journey then follows to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Grendon is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in generally gentle terrain, local heights can be found rising to just over 100 metres at nearby Orton on the Hill. Grendon parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering around 2,300 acres it would have supported a population of just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Grendon was held by Henry de Ferrers and could offer 8 ploughs, with potential for a further 8, the usual meadows and woodland and there was, even then, a mill.

The Church

St Mary's church sits in the more northern part of Grendon on the banks of the Anker and amongst farms. Much of the church is a product of the 13th century, lancet windows in the chancel as well as the style of the southern doorway to the nave are from that period. Much else is slightly later and Decorated in style from the later part of the 13th century, perhaps a long-running build crossed the style change. Pevsner notes both the southern aisle and arcade as examples of this style. The imposing western tower that dominates the building is, however, later and the work of the resident engineer from the nearby canal, John Sinclair. Built in the mid 1840s in a blue brick and faced with ashlar blocks it dominates the low-slung main body of the church. The replacement of the earlier tower was one of a series of restoration that occurred throughout the 19th century, a major piece in the 1820s being followed by the work above in the 1840s, further work followed in the 1860s to arrive at today's church. Traveling eastwards along the B5000 one crosses, in turn, railway, canal and finally the Anker, immediately after the river a lane heads northwards toward the church ending at a broad car park making for a straightforward visit. The churchyard has no obstructions to photography whatsoever.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
10th November 1754 - 5th October 1807
Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DRB0006/5
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 11th January 1808 - 25th December 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DRB0006/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 20th October 1813 - 25th february 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DRB0004/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Polesworth St Editha
Polesworth St Editha
Orton on the Hill St Edith, Leicestershire
Polesworth St Editha
Baddesley Ensor St Michael
Sheepy Magna All Saints, Leicestershire
Mancetter St Peter
Baddesley Ensor St Michael
Merevale Our Lady
Mancetter St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/11/1754 William ALBERTON Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single
2 22/12/1754 John GOREBY Mary WHITE Single
3 04/05/1755 Edward THURMAN Alice SARGEANT
4 21/07/1755 Richard BROOM Eleanor ALBERTON
5 12/10/1756 James REDFERN Widower Anne BAYLY
6 02/11/1756 John SMITH Single Elizabeth MOGGS Kingsbury
7 15/11/1756 John COLLINS Mary BALLARD
8 21/11/1756 Richard CAVE Ann HALL
9 07/02/1757 Edward BASSET Single Elizabeth WYERSDALE Single Shustoke
10 09/07/1757 Samuel MATTS Katherine ALBERTON
11 07/08/1757 Robert SMITH Merevale Elizabeth BURBIDGE
12 13/10/1757 John BLOER Elizabeth BALDWIN
13 21/11/1757 Thomas ORME Orton On The Hill, Leicestershire Anne WALTON
14 07/02/1758 John FAIRFIELD Jane JARVIS
15 07/02/1758 John TREVIT Sarah DEEMING Polesworth
16 10/08/1758 John FAIRFIELD Mancetter Mary JARVIS
17 11/02/1759 William Titley COPE Catherine SLATER
18 15/10/1760 Robert HAYWOOD Elizabeth BOONHAM Kingsbury
19 15/09/1761 Edmund BENNETT Handsworth, Staffordshire Susanna BLAKESLEY
20 11/10/1761 Thomas BLAKELY Mary CLAMP
21 26/10/1761 Thomas MOREWOOD Fillongley Dorothy THURMAN
22 06/12/1762 Francis RICHARDSON Margaret EBERY Nuneaton
23 19/09/1763 Uriah SPILLSBURY Mary STARKEY
24 28/11/1763 John HARPER Ann MARLEY Widow
25 08/12/1763 John CARTER Sarah WATSON Polesworth
26 13/06/1764 John GUEST Single St Martin, Birmingham Margaret THURMAN Single
27 11/10/1764 John DILKES Elizabeth WAINE
28 22/10/1764 Thomas ARCHER Elizabeth COLLIER
29 22/10/1764 William PAYNE Polesworth Sarah SMITH
30 29/10/1764 John ALBERTON Mary KENDALL
31 24/12/1764 John HINCKS Tamworth, Staffordshire Ann FAIRFIELD
32 29/01/1765 John COOK Elizabeth ROSS
33 14/04/1765 Joseph ROSS Mary STEVENS
34 21/04/1765 William MOORE Hinckley, Leicestershire Mary ALTON
35 18/06/1765 John MALLABEY Sarah THURMAN
36 23/09/1765 Crispin WOOD Baddesley Ensor Elizabeth FAIRFIELD
37 11/10/1765 Thomas ISON Ann FAIRFIELD
38 14/10/1765 John HAYWOOD Rebeckah YATES
39 23/12/1765 Edward HATTON Hannah DEEMING
40 12/01/1766 Richard WAKELIN Mary BEADMAN
41 08/06/1766 William BLAKELEY Sarah HANCOCKS Polesworth
42 16/11/1767 William COOK Single Elizabeth MESSENGER Widow Nuneaton
43 16/11/1767 George SHIERS Single Nuneaton Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single
44 19/01/1768 John BARNS Widower Polesworth Mary GREEN Single
45 05/05/1768 Richard SMITH Single Mary BROWN Tamworth, Staffordshire
46 19/05/1768 William DIPPLE Tanworth In Arden Mary LEAKE
47 30/06/1768 Thomas ALLBRITTON Single Dorothy HATTON Single Polesworth
48 23/07/1768 William HOLLAND Widower Polesworth Ann OULSON Single
49 04/09/1768 Thomas BOMBER Single Polesworth Sarah WALLACE Single
50 08/09/1768 John WOTON Single Mary SOUL Single
51 14/10/1768 John EALD Single Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Ann SMART Single
52 17/10/1768 John MILES Single Mary SMART Single
53 16/01/1769 Edward SHILTON Single Shustoke Sarah WALTON Single
54 03/04/1769 Thomas PYNOR Single Katherine DEEMING Single
55 13/08/1770 Abraham ORM Single Sarah MOULD Single Clifton Upon Dunsmore
56 05/11/1770 Thomas WRIGHT Single Baddesley Ensor Sarah BLOWER Single
57 17/06/1771 John SMITH Single Laetitia CLIFFORD Single Baddesley Ensor
58 21/08/1771 Richard SWANE Widower Elizabeth WALTON Single
59 26/09/1771 Richard SMITH Widower Abigail WALE Single
60 01/12/1771 William COOPER Widower Ann SALTER Single
61 12/12/1771 Thomas MARLER Single Mancetter Mary HEALEY Single
62 20/04/1772 Thomas BARNS Single St Martin, Birmingham Anne COLEMAN Single
63 15/05/1772 John STARKEY Widower Mary WRIGHT Single
64 29/06/1772 Charles ALLBRITTON Single Mary MOSS Single
65 13/07/1772 Thomas GOODWIN Single Elizabeth BUTLER Single Polesworth
66 05/10/1772 William FAIRBROTHER Single Mary GREEN
67 11/04/1773 Humphrey PICKERING Single Orton On The Hill, Leicestershire Elizabeth COLEMAN Single
68 05/06/1774 William RICHARDSON Single Mary BULLOWS Single
69 20/06/1774 Edward ATKINS Single Mary KEY Single
70 16/10/1774 George BLAKE Single Ann HOOD Single
71 17/11/1774 Isaac WHYLEY Widower Witherley, Leicestershire Priscilla HOWES Widow
72 28/11/1774 John BARBER Single Market Bosworth, Leicestershire Mary WILSON Single
73 05/10/1775 William BROWN Single Mancetter Sarah WALE Single
74 01/02/1776 John STARKEY Single Elizabeth ALBERTON Single
29/02/1776 Ambrose SALISBURY Single Polesworth Ann HEALEY Single
18/04/1776 William BUNNEY Single Bagington Elizabeth HEALEY Single
08/07/1776 David WAGSTAFF Single Ann ROSS Single
14/10/1776 Joseph HUDSON Single Sarah EGGINTON Single
17/10/1776 Thomas GOODWIN Widower Jane PEGG Single
31/10/1776 Thomas RICHARDS Single Ann HARRISON Single
23/04/1777 William BISHOP Single Mary STARKEY Widow
15/10/1777 John PERCIVAL Mancetter Mary FAIRFIELD
03/12/1777 Thomas DEWELL Single Elizabeth ARGYLE Single
08/06/1778 Samuel DAMON Single Catherine COOPER Single
12/10/1778 Robert WALTON Single Mary WHITEHEAD Single Polesworth
22/10/1778 Thomas DEXTER Single Catharine COPE Single
04/11/1778 Peter NICKSON Single Elizabeth STARKEY Widow
15/11/1778 William SMITH Single Ann SMITH Single
17/10/1779 John STRETTON Single Elizabeth WARNER Single
05/12/1779 James THOMPSON Single Ann TRAVET Single
31/01/1780 Thomas OLIVER Single Orton On The Hill, Leicestershire Elizabeth TRAVET Single
07/02/1780 Richard FOWKES Single Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Mary COPE Single
21/05/1780 William JEBBETT Single Mary MORRAL Single
27/12/1781 William ALLCOCK St Martin, Birmingham Sarah COLEMAN Single
09/02/1782 John WAKEFIELD Single Handsworth, Staffordshire Elizabeth DEWELL Single
31/03/1782 William RILEY Single Shustoke Ann COLEMAN Single
25/06/1782 William BLOWER Catherina HILL Mancetter
10/05/1785 John STARKEY Single Ann BALDWIN Single
25/07/1785 Thomas HALLSOP Single Mary JEFCOAT Single
12/09/1785 Thomas RADFORD Single Hannah RICHARDSON Single
11/10/1785 William HOLLICK Single Mary HOULDING Single Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire
23/11/1785 William PARSONS Single Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Sarah BALLARD Single
15/01/1786 Robert COOPER Single Harlaston, Staffordshire Mary BASSETT Single
16/02/1786 Thomas BULLOWS Widower Mary ATKINS Widow
20/04/1786 William TRICKELBANK Single Clifton Campville, Staffordshire Elizabeth BOSS Single
05/05/1786 Joseph BLOWER Single Elizabeth DRAKE Mancetter
25/06/1786 John STRATTON Widower Mary FAIRBROTHER Single
23/07/1786 Edward MORRAL Single Susanna BARTRAM Single
06/11/1786 Thomas ALBERTON Widower Ann BUNNEY Widow
19/11/1786 Samuel BARBER Single St Michael, Lichfield, Staffordshire Mary BALDWIN Single
12/03/1787 Thomas KAY Single Ann CHANTRILL Single
08/04/1787 John HOPKINS Single Hannah CLARE Single
09/04/1787 John PRIME Single Elizabeth HONNEY Single
15/11/1787 William KEY Widower Mary STRATTON Widow
19/11/1787 Joseph LAKIN Single Market Bosworth, Leicestershire Mary Frances IRISH Single
06/01/1788 Edward HOBSON Single Elizabeth BLAKELY Single
20/02/1788 William HEAP Single Anne BONSOR Single
18/05/1788 John LUNN Single Tamworth, Staffordshire Bridget REDGATE Single
03/08/1788 Joseph Painter COLEMAN Single Mary NUTHALL Single
17/08/1788 Richard INSLEY Single St Michael, Lichfield, Staffordshire Sarah TRIVET Single
13/04/1789 John WATERS Single Martha COOPER Single
13/09/1789 John BRINDLEY Single Mary WATSON Single
01/11/1789 William LOVE Single Sarah CARTER Single
29/12/1789 John PIPE Single Tamworth, Staffordshire Elizabeth LONG Single
21/04/1790 James DAVIS Single Elford, Staffordshire Mary TRIVET Single
01/08/1790 William COPE Single Ann HENNEY Single
15/08/1790 William ROWLEY Single Mancetter Elizabeth ALLEN Single
18/11/1790 Thomas SHRED Elizabeth HADDEN
17/01/1791 John BURKS Rebecca CLUTTON
01/08/1791 John MASTERS Widower Sarah MILLER Single
26/12/1791 William GLOVER Baddesley Ensor Anne ALBRIGHTON
01/04/1792 John BAKER Ann MALLABEY
09/04/1792 Henry HALL Mancetter Jane COLLINS
16/09/1792 Thomas BASSET Elizabeth SMITH
15/10/1792 Joseph WRIGHT Mary DRAKE Mancetter
24/12/1792 William COOK Sarah VINSAN Mancetter
11/02/1793 Edward ORTON Mancetter Sarah BOOTH
11/03/1793 Henry WEBB Mancetter Hannah ISON
01/04/1793 Samuel BLOWER Mary COLLIER Mancetter
24/06/1793 Thomas ALBRITTON Jane SHARROT
20/10/1793 Daniel BAILEY Sarah SMITH Polesworth
26/10/1794 William ROSS Sarah ORTON
10/11/1794 Henry TAYLOR Elizabeth KEEN
25/05/1795 Thomas LONG Ann RICHARDSON
09/07/1795 William TUNKS Lea Marston Elizabeth HOOD
25/10/1795 John BATES Mary MILES
12/05/1796 Charles COLEMAN Mary SALISBURY Heather, Leicestershire
26/12/1796 Thomas PICKERING Baddesley Ensor Mary ALBRITTON
26/12/1796 John BOSS Sarah WILSON
14/05/1797 Robert FAIRFIELD Susanna MORELL
26/06/1797 William ATKINS Hannah WILSON
16/10/1797 John WATHERS Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Ann SMITH
06/11/1797 Richard EARP Sarah ATKINS
14/12/1797 Thomas ALBRIGHTON Elizabeth SMITH
27/12/1797 Thomas WRIGHT Polesworth Sarah RHOEBOTOM
14/02/1798 Joseph BEADMAN Merevale Mary MILLS
18/02/1798 James HINKS Aston Elizabeth STARKEY
04/06/1798 John DAWSON Mary TURNER
26/06/1798 James BALL Appleby, Leicestershire Mary BLAKERLEY
04/12/1798 Thomas LATIMER Shenton, Leicestershire Catherine ROWLEY
31/03/1799 William BAKER Emma COPE
23/06/1799 William WARD Ann FISHER
04/08/1799 Thomas BULLERS Jane ORM
25/12/1799 William KILBURN Sarah THOMPSON
26/01/1800 Thomas SPENCER Hannah WAKELIN
21/02/1800 John WYATT Leicestershire Elizabeth WALKER
03/05/1800 William TAYLOR Mary COLLINS
07/06/1800 John FAIRFIELD Tamworth, Staffordshire Ann CARTER
16/10/1800 John LYTHALL Foleshill Sarah MALLABEY
29/12/1800 Henry SMITH Mary HINSLEY
00/00/1801 Benjamin LEEVERS Mary FAIRFIELD
04/03/1802 Samuel MALLABY Ann DEXTER
31/05/1802 Walter FOWKES Mary DEAMAN
23/09/1802 James HOUGH Sarah SWEET
26/09/1802 Richard PRICE Mary JAKEWISE
25/10/1802 Benjamin ALLSOP Jane GLOVER
31/10/1802 Thomas LEEDAM Mary LAWLES
25/12/1802 John ATKINS Elizabeth DAY Baddesley Ensor
27/12/1802 Michael ATKINS Elizabeth PICKERING Baddesley Ensor
27/12/1802 John SMITH Elizabeth COOPER Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire
10/04/1803 Major ENSOR Elizabeth SILVESTER
12/04/1803 Thomas NIXON Elizabeth WOOD
05/06/1803 William JEBBITT Elizabeth ARGILL
12/10/1803 Thomas MELLOWS Phebe CHESOR
24/10/1803 Charles ALBRITTON Ann WARNER St Mary, Lichfield, Staffordshire
29/10/1803 George HADDON Appleby, Leicestershire Jane TRIVET
09/04/1804 Edward SHELTON Kingsbury Elizabeth DIXON
10/04/1804 Thomas COLLINS Lucy COLLINS
21/06/1804 John CHETTEN Baddesley Ensor Mary WILSON
26/12/1804 William BALL Shustoke Lettisha ALBRITTON
15/07/1805 Thomas WILLETT Mary SMALLEY
05/10/1805 Edward OWEN St Martin, Birmingham Elizabeth MALLABEY
02/12/1805 William DAWS Letitia ATKINS
27/02/1806 Robert FAIRFIELD Sarah WARD
28/04/1806 Charles BRANT Tamworth, Staffordshire Mary DEWELL
30/06/1806 Joseph ROSS Mary PAYNE Polesworth
30/06/1806 Henry ISON Jane SUTHERNS
03/08/1806 William THOMPSON Elizabeth WALLIS
07/10/1806 John ORTON Mary COLLINS
05/10/1807 William BARBER Hannah TUNKS
1 11/01/1808 Samuel MOORE Margaret TRIBBET
2 18/04/1808 John UPTON Charwelton, Northamptonshire Mary PAYN
3 29/09/1808 William SMALLWOOD Mary PARKS
4 06/10/1808 George HUBBARD Mary THORP
5 06/10/1808 John WRIGHT Hannah SHELLEY
6 17/11/1808 Lancelot ROLLESTON Single Greasley, Nottinghamshire Caroline CHETWYND Single
7 10/04/1809 Joseph ARCH Halesowen, Worcestershire Elizabeth MILES
8 02/07/1809 Richard WAKELIN Ann TOMPSON
9 09/11/1809 William ADAMS Tamworth, Staffordshire Ann FAUX
10 05/02/1810 Thomas PEARSON Mary STRINGER Mancetter
11 25/06/1810 William PRITCHETT Baddesley Ensor Mary WATSON
12 15/10/1810 William SHARLOCK Elizabeth BLOWER
13 30/10/1810 William ROE Elford, Staffordshire Mary SANDERS
14 27/11/1810 Thomas HOLYOAK Elizabeth MARLOW Tamworth, Staffordshire
15 04/12/1810 Charles WILLSON Single Mary WATTERS Single
16 02/01/1811 Joseph JACKSON Single Frances MELLOWS Single
17 15/04/1811 Luke FLETCHER Single Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Mary Wilson BOSS
18 26/05/1811 John COLEY Mancetter Ann WOOD
19 07/06/1811 Richard KILBOND Witherley, Leicestershire Elizabeth LAWLESS
20 11/06/1811 Thomas COPE Judith BIGGS
21 07/07/1811 John BLOWER Ann RICHARDSON
22 23/09/1811 Thomas DEWELL Mary SIMPSON Caldecote
23 03/02/1812 Richard WHITTON Mary ORYDON Mancetter
24 08/05/1812 Samuel RATHBONE Ann COPE
25 30/06/1812 John WITHNALL Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Ann NEWTON
26 07/10/1812 Jesse WILLIAMSON Ann BULLOWS
27 08/10/1812 William WALL Elizabeth SMITH
28 15/10/1812 Thomas TRUEMAN Sarah BRINDLEY
29 25/12/1812 Thomas CLAMP Mary TILL Single Tamworth, Staffordshire
1 20/10/1813 Eli OWEN Ann COOPER
2 27/12/1813 Joseph SANDERS Elizabeth ALBRIGHTON
3 27/12/1813 John ARCHER Sarah PARKER Mancetter
4 22/02/1814 John ALBRIGHTON Widower Catherine JONES Widow
5 17/10/1814 George BALY Single Elizabeth HUNTER
6 20/10/1814 Samuel BONN Elizabeth BEILBY
7 26/10/1814 Thomas RATHBONE Eliza LYTHALL Polesworth
8 10/11/1814 John BOONHAM Elizabeth BATH
9 24/11/1814 John SLATER Nether Whitacre Hannah BULLERS
10 19/01/1815 John Dean PITTAM Anne COLLINS
11 11/10/1815 Samuel CLAMP Ann ARNOLD
12 27/11/1815 William ALBRIGHTON Sarah PALFREYMAN Mancetter
13 11/09/1816 Robert BILLSON Widower Baxterley Elizabeth KEATLEY Single
14 17/09/1816 John TURNILL Single Baddesley Ensor Susanna NIXON Single
15 14/10/1816 John POWER Single Mancetter Mary CROSSLEY Single
16 09/12/1816 James PERKINS Single Charlotte WILSON Single
17 21/01/1817 Joseph MOORE Nuneaton Ann HOLYOAK
18 29/05/1817 John Wilson BOSS Catherine LEE Polesworth
19 13/10/1817 Robert ARGILL Hannah DALKINS
20 29/12/1817 James YARDLEY Elizabeth TAYLOR
21 22/02/1819 Daniel BAILEY Single Mary BRADLEY Single
22 03/05/1819 George CLARK Elizabeth DEWELL
23 28/09/1819 James DEEMAN Baddesley Ensor Joyse WALKER
24 11/10/1819 William ARCHER Ann BALDWIN
25 18/10/1819 William BAXTER Elizabeth ARNOLD
26 22/11/1819 David BLOWER Sarah SMITH
27 26/10/1820 John THOMPSON Sarah WOOD
28 21/12/1820 James TOON Shustoke Elizabeth FAIRFIELD
29 08/02/1821 William COOKE Ann DAY Baddesley Ensor
30 15/10/1821 James HUDSON Ann TOON
31 15/10/1821 Joseph BLOWER Ann WATERS
32 15/10/1821 Joseph BOWN Mancetter Ann BRINDLEY
33 21/10/1821 William DOWELL Sarah BAILEY
34 05/11/1821 Joseph BOSTON Mary DIXON
35 21/01/1822 William THURN Sarah GREEN
36 27/05/1822 William HODKISSON Polesworth Ann DAMIN
37 23/06/1822 Thomas CHANTILL Mary BLOWER
38 24/06/1822 John SIMPSON Mary CARTER
39 11/07/1822 John POULTNEY Mary WOODROFF
40 18/08/1822 Edward CHETWYND Baddesley Ensor Sarah BLOWER
41 08/10/1822 William HATTON Mary ROSS
42 17/10/1822 James DEEMING Polesworth Susanna THOMPSON
43 26/12/1822 Thomas LAKIN Polesworth Mary Ann ALBRIGHTON
44 18/03/1823 Thomas HOWE Mary DIXON
45 15/04/1823 William JELLY Sapcote, Leicestershire Mary RADFORD
46 29/12/1823 John ALBRIGHTON Rebecca WILLNER
47 05/01/1824 James OXFORD Polesworth Elizabeth CLAMP
48 21/03/1824 William LEA Arley Elizabeth BLOWER
49 15/05/1824 Joseph PRESTON Mary CLEATON Shuttington
50 11/10/1824 James BATES Sarah OLNER
51 06/12/1824 Daniel JENNINGS Elizabeth THOMPSON
52 27/12/1824 Thomas BOUNDSLEY Ann SIMMS
53 09/03/1825 John THOMPSON Elizabeth KIRBY
54 18/07/1825 John ALBRIGHTON Elizabeth WARD
55 12/10/1825 Joseph VALE Austrey Alice BRADLEY
56 12/10/1825 John GUDGIN Austrey Mary MANTON
57 02/11/1825 John Brierley PAYN Aston Ann BAKER
58 15/12/1825 Benjamin MAYON Mancetter Mary COLEMAN
59 27/03/1826 Joseph COOK Rebecca ROWE
60 26/06/1826 William BARLOW Ann THOMAS Shustoke
61 16/07/1826 John MILLS Ann RICHARDS Mancetter
62 10/09/1826 George Knaggs O'CONNOR Jaqueline Frances RINGIER
63 12/10/1826 John BAKER Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Ann Owen MALLABEY
64 22/11/1826 Henry Wiggin BARNES Edgbaston Elizabeth OWEN
65 03/07/1828 Abraham Newland RADFORD Single Baddesley Ensor Mary Salte HODGES Single
66 13/10/1828 Thomas ARCHER Hannah ARNOLD
67 31/12/1828 John GRIFFIN Hinckley, Leicestershire Elizabeth WATERS
68 31/12/1828 Richard WALKER Mary BLACK Baddesley Ensor
69 23/03/1829 George STARKEY Rose Ann ATKINS Baddesley Ensor
70 23/03/1829 Thomas BELCHER Hannah SANDS
71 11/01/1830 Joseph ROSE Jane ARCHER
72 11/02/1830 Thomas ROSS Jane FAIRFIELD
73 22/02/1830 John BALL Mary BROADHURST Mancetter
74 28/06/1830 John ROSS Catherine ALBRIGHTON
75 20/07/1830 William HIRONS Widower St Michael, Coventry Elizabeth DIXON Single
76 01/08/1830 Richard ELLISON Single Teddington, Middlesex Charlotte CHETWYND Single
77 11/08/1830 Samuel ORTON Single Elizabeth HUDSON Single
79 14/02/1831 Edward RADFORD Single Harriet SMITH Single
80 29/05/1831 William ALBRIGHTON Single Jane BARWELL Single
81 30/06/1831 John CHAMBERLAIN Single Ann ARCHER Single
82 28/06/1832 John Dean PITTAM Widower Caroline ORTON Single
83 24/09/1832 George MARRIOTT Single Mary FROGETT Single
84 11/11/1832 Thomas MORRIS Single Elizabeth JACKSON Single
85 12/11/1832 Thomas ATKINS Single Mary Ann COLLINS Single
86 11/12/1832 John COOK Single Witherley, Leicestershire Mary DALE Single
87 09/04/1833 William THOMAS Single Hannah BULLARS Single
88 27/05/1833 Joseph COOPER Polesworth Ann PARSONS
89 24/06/1833 John WALLBANK Single Sarah BLOWER Widow
90 03/09/1833 John HANMER Single Hanmer, Flintshire Georgiana CHETWYND Single
91 22/10/1833 Thomas WRIGHT Sarah DICKSON
92 31/10/1833 John WALTON Elizabeth BAILEY
93 02/12/1833 James HOLYOKE Widower Jane MAYES Single Witherley, Leicestershire
94 11/02/1834 John RICHARDSON Single Mary Ann DINGLE Single
95 10/03/1834 John LEES Sarah JACKSON
96 29/04/1834 William MURDOCK Handsworth, Staffordshire Sarah MALLABEY
97 30/05/1834 William JONES Single Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Ann COOPER Single
98 06/08/1834 John ALBRIGHTON Single Jane ASBURY Widow Polesworth
99 13/10/1834 Henry WALTON Single Polesworth Mary ALBRIGHTON Single
100 16/10/1834 Richard OLIVER Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Elizabeth CROSSLEY
101 25/12/1834 Henry RAGDALE Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Anne WRIGHT
102 10/08/1835 Thomas ROBSON Single Trentham, Staffordshire Ellen GROVE Single
103 14/11/1835 Luke LAKIN Baddesley Ensor Martha WATERS
104 16/11/1835 Henry IZON Single Sarah BOWN Single
105 25/12/1835 William NEWBOLD Single Mary BALL Single
106 25/01/1836 Henry GRIMES Single Churchover Maria Elizabeth CHETWYND Single
107 16/02/1836 George BARRS Single Mary BROWN Single
108 24/03/1836 William ALCOCK Maria HOOD
109 08/04/1836 Thomas SAWARD Single Ann BROMHAM Single
110 12/06/1836 Joseph COOPER Elizabeth HINTON
111 01/07/1836 William WATKINS Single Tettenhall, Staffordshire Ann PRINCE
112 17/10/1836 Benjamin SATCHWELL Ann SANDERS
113 27/10/1836 William TAYLOR Mary SHAKESPEARE Merevale
114 03/11/1836 Joseph ORTON Jane ARNOLD
115 13/12/1836 Thomas WOOD Ann SHARATT
116 22/12/1836 George BUTLER Single Baddesley Ensor Esther FAIRFIELD
117 30/12/1836 Samuel SHILTON Mancetter Elizabeth WORTHINGTON
118 10/01/1837 Thomas LADKIN Shawell, Leicestershire Susannah THOMPSON
119 25/02/1837 William WORRALL Tamworth, Staffordshire Elizabeth RICKETS

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