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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Addlethorpe St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Addlethorpe lies in the extreme east of Lincolnshire and forms a very short stretch of the coast with the North Sea. Addlethorpe is located about 4 miles north of the seaside resort of Skegness and sits a half mile west of the A52 coastal main road which connects Skegness northward to Mablethorpe. Addlethorpe is a small and compact village clustered around a crossroads and sitting within largely a man-made landscape with much reclamation from the sea, a process occasionally interrupted by incursions from that sea. The local landscape is flat and at or near sea-level, the grazing marshes providing the majority of farming but some arable occurs on the drier patches of the parish. There are numerous man-made drains which take water to the North Sea, less than 2 miles to the east, most emerging at Ingoldmells Point. Addlethorpe is sited at just 2 metres above the sea and land is at or even below that level for many miles. Addlethorpe parish is fairly typically sized for this area, covering close to 2,000 acres it would have supported a population of just under 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Addlethorpe was an altogether much more important place, its population then saw it in the largest 20% of settlements recorded within that book; the parish was shared by no fewer than 7 landholders, collectively their holdings could offer 17 ploughs and extensive meadows.

The Church

St Nicholas' church sits on the northeastern edge of the village close to the A52 but set back in a cut-off lane, Old Church Road. The church is entirely Perpendicular in origin and probably dates from the late 14th into early 15th century. The church is, however, curiously foreshortened as the chancel was demolished and removed in 1706 due to impoverishment of the parish caused by coastal erosion. The remainder consists of a nave augmented by northern & southern aisles with a western tower. The building makes much use of ashlar blocks giving it a plain facing but is diversified by extensive battlements on all upward facing surfaces. Parking can be found either in Old Church Road or around the corner in Church Lane where a substantial pull-in is sited. The hedged churchyard hides the church from the roadside but once within there are no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 28th April 1756 - 30th August 1758 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference ADDLETHORPE/PAR/1/2 Plain unruled book a continuation of the extant composite register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th May 1759 - 21st April 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference ADDLETHORPE/PAR/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 6th October 1813 - 9th March 1837 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference ADDLETHORPE/PAR/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Hogsthorpe St Mary
Hogsthorpe St Mary
Chapel St Leonard
Hogsthorpe St Mary
Ingoldmells St Peter & St Paul
Orby All Saints
Burgh le Marsh St Peter & St Paul
Winthorpe St Mary
Winthorpe St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/03/1754 Thomas WARNER Widower Mary HALL Widow
28/04/1756 Joseph SMITH Dimaris COTNAM
10/05/1757 James ADLARD Elizabeth WOODTHORPE
12/05/1757 William SMITH Huttoft Mary TAYLOR
12/05/1757 Benjamin LADLEY Burgh Le Marsh Sarah HALL
30/08/1758 Charles FLESHBOURNE Widower Susanna CHEFFINS Single
1 16/05/1759 Caleb FLOYER Single Ela Maria TINCLAR Widow
2 19/02/1760 Robert RINDER Single Leeds, Yorkshire Susanna STEPHENSON Single
3 08/05/1760 Arkin MOODY Dorothy STARMER
4 08/09/1760 John MOODY Ann CLARKE
5 10/11/1760 Peter ASHLING Mary ALCOCK
6 25/11/1761 James DICKSON Hogsthorpe Mary RYCROFT Single
7 28/06/1762 Henry HODGSON Single Susanna ALLMANS
8 27/10/1763 Joseph SMITH Widower Mary CROW
9 11/05/1764 William JOHNSON Mary ADLARD
10 21/05/1764 John LAMMING Single Wainfleet All Saints Sarah TAYLER Widow
11 24/05/1764 Joseph PAYNE Widower Mary REDMORE Single
12 15/06/1764 Mathew KIME Widower Mary LUPTON Single
13 03/01/1765 David KEMP Single Mary HUDSON Single Hogsthorpe
14 18/02/1765 Jeremiah MUNK Widower Mary LOWTH
15 25/02/1765 Robert SMITH Widower Ann TOOLY Single
16 09/05/1765 Thomas TOMMAS Widower Sarah MOODY Single
17 20/08/1765 Richard ISSAT Susanna TAYLOR Single
18 09/09/1765 John ARCHER Single Ingoldmells Frances REYNOLDSON Single
19 23/01/1766 Robert HOWARD Widower Mary STORY Widow Welton Le Marsh
20 20/10/1768 Mark WAITE Single Susanna COULSY Single
21 12/05/1769 John FREEMAN Single Skirbeck Mary SMITH Single
22 26/04/1770 Robert REYNOLDSON Single Mary GILBY Single Alford
23 16/05/1770 John BALDERSTON Single Huttoft Sarah WINTER Single
24 23/05/1770 George CLARKE Single Elizabeth BEMBROSE Single
25 26/12/1770 Willouby LAMMING Widower Sarah ALCOCK Widow
26 05/12/1771 Edward BOYS Widower Willoughby Ann GILBY Single
27 15/04/1773 Joseph LOWTH Single Susanna REYNOLDSON Single
28 12/05/1773 Thomas HAW Single Sarah GIBSON Single Spilsby
29 08/07/1773 Robert HOWARD Single Elizabeth COTNAM Widow
30 06/08/1773 Thomas SNOWDEN Widower Elizabeth TEESDALE Single
31 04/10/1773 Basil BUCKALL Widower Anne STEPHENSON Single
32 10/11/1773 William ALLMANS Single Mary TINKER Single
33 10/01/1774 John SAUL Single Elizabeth WINTER Single
34 13/05/1774 Robert ANDREW Single Halton Holgate Frances MADDISON Single
35 20/05/1774 William BEECH Single Ann NUNDY Widow Ingoldmells
36 24/07/1775 Thomas REYNOLDSON Single Frances LOWTH Single
37 23/07/1776 William JOHNSON Widower Mary STEVENSON Single
38 25/03/1777 John SAUL Widower Elizabeth DODDS Single
39 12/05/1777 William RICHARDSON Single Phoebe KEMP Single Orby
40 11/07/1777 Benjamin MANIFOLD Skidbrooke With Saltfleet Haven Elizabeth PLATTS Widow
41 14/10/1777 James RAYNOR Single Hannah HOWDEN Widow
42 26/12/1777 George HOWARD Single Susannah BROWN Single
43 14/05/1778 William SHAW Single Mary SNOWDEN Single
44 29/05/1778 David BRIGGS Single Mary DAY Single
45 26/05/1779 Bazil BUCKNALL Widower Elizabeth WRIGHT Widow
46 24/02/1780 John TROLOVE Widower Raithby By Spilsby Dorothy STARMER Single
47 11/05/1780 Jonathan BURNOFT Widower Croft Ann KEMP Single
48 15/03/1781 Samuel YOUNGER Widower Mary WAITE Widow
49 28/08/1781 John PELL Widower Little Steeping Susanna SNOWDEN Single
50 05/03/1782 David PARKER Single Ann SLEIGHT Single
51 16/04/1783 Edward LOUTH Single Mary COPPING Single Ranby
52 03/02/1784 William COULSEY Single Mary JOHNSON Widow
53 17/05/1784 Thomas GRANNIL Single Mary PICKERING Single Mumby
54 07/04/1785 Thomas CRAM Single Mary BILTON Single
55 25/04/1785 William SIMPSON Single Ingoldmells Mildred PAYNE Single
56 26/05/1785 Joseph TAYLOR Widower Binbrook Ann ELY Widow
57 27/07/1785 Samuel JOHNSON Single Ruth CHEFFINS Single
58 20/01/1786 Thomas SYKES Single Hannah SNOWDEN Single
59 03/03/1786 John BELL Single Sarah HOWARD Single
60 25/06/1786 William ALMONDS Widower Leaf GOODWIN Single
61 19/07/1787 Percy COCK Single Sarah ELY Single
62 19/03/1788 George JOHNSON Single Hogsthorpe Mary MUNCASTER Single
63 05/05/1788 Walter WOODELL Single Skendleby Elizabeth TICKLER Single
64 24/07/1790 Charles BYRON Single Elizabeth STAMP Single
65 08/11/1790 Samuel YOUNG Single Mary BELL Single
66 09/09/1791 William WAITE Single Dinah COOK Single
67 14/05/1792 Zachariah BALDERSON Single Frances KENT Single
68 31/05/1793 William HOWARD Widower Mary NELCY Widow Skegness
69 05/08/1794 John LEEMAN Single Croft Mary NUNDY Single
70 31/12/1794 Thomas COXON Single Elizabeth MUNCASTER Single
71 16/11/1797 Thomas BILTON Single Elizabeth COXON Widow
72 09/09/1798 William GOODWIN Widower Elizabeth STAPLES Single
73 01/12/1799 Jacob LAMMIMAN Single Burgh Le Marsh Ester WILSON
74 03/11/1801 Joseph STOREY Single Wyham Cum Cadeby Mary BUCKNALL Single
75 22/04/1802 Thomas CURSON Widower Frances BYCROFT Single
76 06/07/1808 Thomas LUSBY Widower Elizabeth GOODWIN Widow
02/04/1810 Robert BONNET Single Sarah DEFORDGES Single
04/12/1810 John SMALLEY Mary COUPLAND Skegness
23/02/1811 Richard PIGGINS Single Gosberton Ann HARR
02/04/1811 Thomas Wright TONGE Single Alford Elizabeth HOWARD Single
21/04/1812 Mark WAITE Single Mary SYKES Single
1 07/10/1813 Joseph GOSTELOW Widower Bratoft Rebecca ATKINSON Single
2 14/03/1815 Thomas HAW Widower Frances HOUSAM Single
3 21/06/1816 James JOHNSON Single Elizabeth HIDES Single
4 20/11/1816 George Ancient NEAL Single Bilsby Mary ADLARD Single
5 05/01/1817 John DICKINSON Single Wainfleet All Saints Mildred SEBRIGHT
6 20/05/1818 Vickers WALKER Single Jane CLIFF Single
7 14/12/1818 Joseph SIRER Single Hogsthorpe Sarah WILSON Single
8 31/05/1820 Jess WHITE Single Rebekah LADLEY Single
9 27/06/1820 Samuel SIMPSON Single Ann HOWSAM Single
10 26/03/1821 John VEAL Single Leake Elizabeth COUPLAND Single
11 14/05/1821 Arnill TRUEBLOOD Mary WITTON Single
12 19/07/1821 William WALLS Single Winthorpe Helen KEMP Single
13 28/11/1821 Samuel WHALER Single Elizabeth BELLAMY Single
14 04/12/1822 John HARR Widower Sarah KEIGHTLEY Single
15 28/04/1825 George SIMPSON Single Ann MARLOW Single
16 12/05/1825 Thomas ALMONS Single Ely HANDSLEY Single
17 25/06/1826 John JACKSON Single Hogsthorpe Elizabeth HOWARD Single
18 08/03/1827 George TYSON Single Mary GUNNIL Single
19 19/06/1827 Joseph LADLOW Single Mablethorpe Mary CRAM Single
20 07/08/1828 Thomas JACKLIN Single Mary SMITH Single
21 05/02/1829 William WARD Single Anderby Eleanor WHITE
22 08/03/1830 John MAULKINSON Single Jane CARTWRIGHT Single
23 11/06/1830 William WHITE Single Maria STEER Single
24 16/11/1830 Henry KEMP Single Sophia ROBINSON Single
25 22/11/1831 John HANES Single Ingoldmells Elizabeth MAWER Single
26 06/01/1832 Charles HEWSON Single Hogsthorpe Martha SIMPSON Single
27 12/06/1832 Robert OVERTON Widower Susanna DAVEY Single
28 13/12/1832 Thomas DAVEY Single Charlotte WHITWORTH Single Ingoldmells
29 05/08/1833 Smith COXON Single Ingoldmells Mary BRAY Single
30 14/05/1834 John DAVISON Single Ingoldmells Maria SYLVESTER Single
31 11/06/1834 Joseph SIMPSON Single Mary SMALLEY Widow
32 22/09/1834 Edward SMALLEY Single Mary RAITHBY Single
33 15/01/1835 John DAVEY Single Charlotte CARTER Single Mumby
34 20/07/1835 William SMITH Single Frances KEMP Single
35 21/10/1836 Robert DAVEY Single Susan WHALER Single Ingoldmells
36 09/03/1837 Joseph BROWN Single Jane DAVEY Single

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