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Foston St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Foston lies in southwestern Lincolnshire not too far not only from its border with neighbouring Leicestershire but also with Nottinghamshire. Foston is located about 5 miles northwest of the market town of Grantham. Foston is a small and compact village sitting immediately north of the A1 (Great North Road) which connects London with Edinburgh and which passes through the parish as a busy dual-carriageway road. Foston does suffer a little from noise from that road but is otherwise a peaceful little village. At the time of this transcript Foston would have largely earned its living from agricultural activities with a mixed farming economy predominating, today it is rather more arable. Foston is drained southwards by the Foston Beck which soon reaches the River Witham and returns northwards to reach the North Sea through Lincoln and the port of Boston. Foston is sited at just 40 metres above the sea and sits on fairly level ground extending westwards away from the escarpment of the Jurassic limestone which sits a few miles to its east. Foston parish was of a fairly typical size for the area, it covered just under 2,200 acres and would have supported a population of almost 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Foston was held by one Count Alan of Brittany and could offer 14 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Peter's church occupies extensive grounds within the heart of the village situated almost at the main village crossroads. The church has very early origins which remain visible within the fabric, the chancel arch (often the earliest part of a church) shows Norman Romanesque styling and is clearly of a 13th or even 12th century origin. In addition to this feature the three-bay northern arcade is also dated by Pevsner to the early 13th century. In the Early English Gothic style the western tower is also 13th century. From later periods comes the clerestory which is either 16th or 17th century and as is usual the Victorian era saw restoration and refreshment which saw the rebuilding of the northern aisle and the addition of a southern equivalent. The churchyard covers an extensive area between Long Street and Church Street with a few fronting properties separating it from Newark Hill, many entries and pathways cover the grounds and there are few restrictions on photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th October 1758 - 12th May 1774 Lincolnshire Archives Bishop's Transcripts on loose folio Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads Registers prior to 1776 are probably included within Long Bennington - these 5 entries were identified from BTs and may be duplicated therein
2 24th June 1776 - 6th March 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference FOSTON/PAR/1/1 Plain unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads Some fading making for a slow but readable collection
3 23rd November 1813 - 16th April 1837 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference FOSTON/PAR/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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West Allington Holy Trinity
East Allington St Andrew
Great Gonerby St Sebastian

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
09/10/1758 James WHEATLEY Widower   Mary HARRISS Single  
13/05/1760 William Parker CHESELDINE     Mary HARWOOD    
30/04/1761 William BURROUGHS Single   Mary WYLES Single  
27/12/1773 William WRIGHT Single   Mary DOLBY Single  
12/05/1774 John WRIGHT Single Belton By Grantham Arabella DUNN Single  
1 24/06/1776 Thomas ALLEN   Grantham Ann BLISS    
2 23/11/1776 William MORRIL     Mary HIND    
3 21/01/1777 Michael WIGHT Single Great Gonerby Elinor JULION Widow  
4 30/10/1777 John PERCY Single   Jane NEWSTEAD Widow  
5 05/02/1778 Francis MILLER Single Bottesford, Leicestershire Elisabeth NEWSTEAD Single  
6 18/05/1778 Joshua NEEDHAM Widower North Clifton, Nottinghamshire Mary WADSWORTH Single  
7 15/06/1778 William BEECH Single Ampthill, Bedfordshire Mary WARING Single  
8 30/11/1778 Michael CATLING Single Syston Sarah THOMSON Single  
9 10/05/1779 Noah FOSTER Single   Mary BLISS Single  
10 13/09/1779 John CRAGG Single South Muskham, Nottinghamshire Ann ELLIS Single  
11 06/03/1780 John SMITH Single Welby Isabella DOLBY Single  
12 29/05/1780 John ELLIS Single   Sarah HOE Single  
13 23/11/1780 John MUSTON Widower   Rebecca DICKINSON Single  
14 00/06/1781 Jonathan ELLIS Widower   Alice AMBROSE Single  
16 18/05/1782 Henry CUCKRAM   Flintham, Nottinghamshire Jane HUNTER    
17 01/07/1783 Robert WALKER     Elizabeth WOOD    
18 27/11/1783 William HOLLAND Widower   Elizabeth BARKER Widow  
19 23/12/1783 John GREEN     Mary WRIGHT    
20 05/01/1784 John ASKEY Single Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire Ann MUNKS Single  
21 09/06/1784 James LINTIN Single Grantham Ann WARING Single  
22 03/09/1784 John TOWNSEND Single   Elizabeth JACKSON Widow  
23 14/06/1785 Richard WRIGHT Single   Jane PEARCE Widow  
24 26/10/1785 William DOLBY Single   Milly SPITTLEHOUSE Single  
25 15/05/1786 John SEWARDS     Mary MUNKS    
26 20/06/1786 Robert DAWCETT     Jane HOE    
27 23/11/1786 Miles BARNSDALE     Elizabeth DUNN    
28 14/05/1787 Thomas ELLIS     Mary HAYNES    
29 25/09/1787 John KNIGHT     Mary HAYSE    
30 04/12/1787 Francis GEESON     Elizabeth NUTTON    
31 10/12/1789 John HOYES Widower   Jane DORSET Widow  
32 09/08/1790 William BULLIMORE Single Great Gonerby Elizabeth HAYNES Single  
33 08/12/1790 Thomas HACKETT Single Welbourn Elizabeth SINGLETON Single  
34 24/02/1791 John RIMINGTON Widower Long Bennington Alice GUY    
35 06/10/1791 William COOLING Single   Mary REYNALDS Single  
36 23/01/1792 Thomas DOLBY Widower   Ann GUY Single  
37 16/02/1792 George LAWSON Single   Mary COOK Single  
38 30/10/1792 George GREEN Single East Markham, Nottinghamshire Ann ASKEY Widow  
39 17/09/1793 Robert PATCHETT Single West Allington Eleanor WISEMAN Single  
40 05/05/1794 George BURTON Widower   Elizabeth SUMNERS Single  
41 30/11/1794 William NELSON Single Beckingham Elizabeth GUY Single  
42 24/11/1795 Thomas ATTIWELL Single Harlaxton Mary STACY Single  
43 09/02/1797 William HINDSON Single   Mary HARE Single  
44 13/07/1797 Thomas SPEED Single   Anna NEALE Single  
45 05/09/1797 Thomas BARBER Single Rauceby Mary FISHER Single  
46 08/05/1798 John LOWE Single Great Gonerby Margaret ATKINSON Single  
47 02/08/1798 James JACKSON Single Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth RIMINGTON Single  
48 25/10/1798 William NORMAN Single   Sarah VICARS Widow  
49 14/01/1799 Richard ROBINSON Single   Ann RUDD Single  
50 22/01/1799 John COOK Widower   Sarah ELLIS Widow  
51 20/08/1799 Joseph HOLMES Widower Billinghay Mary BREWSTER Single  
52 12/11/1799 John LEA Single Long Bennington Elizabeth WINTER Single  
53 29/07/1800 John MANFIELD Single Holy Trinity, Hull, Yorkshire Margaret WINTER Single  
54 24/11/1800 John DIBLE Single Wakefield, Yorkshire Elizabeth PEARCE Single  
55 03/06/1801 Charles CAUNT Single Somerby By Grantham Mary WHEATLEY Single  
56 21/07/1801 Richard ROPER Single Sibthorpe, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth KENYON Single  
30/11/1801 John DAWN Single Hawton, Nottinghamshire Ann BROWN    
17/05/1802 William MUNKS Single Stragglethorpe Mary SINGLETON Single  
26/12/1802 John TOWNSEND     Christiana NEALE    
14/04/1803 Thomas FOSTER     Elizabeth ROWBOTTOM    
13/10/1803 William HAYES   Westborough Mary DERRY    
23/04/1804 Hezekiah STANLEY   Muston, Leicestershire Elizabeth JESSOP    
15/05/1804 William HOOTON     Elizabeth WOOD    
08/07/1805 Francis LANE   Great Gonerby Ann ATKINSON    
19/11/1805 John HATFIELD   Doddington Mary WARD    
01/12/1806 James YOUNG     Mary ELLIS   Marston
08/12/1807 John OLIVER Single Bingham, Nottinghamshire Ann HUTCHINSON Single  
12/09/1808 William NORMAN     Alice FAULKNER    
01/05/1809 John LAWSON     Ann RAWDIN    
31/10/1809 William ABBOT Single Ancaster Mary REAR Single  
16/04/1810 Thomas HUTCHINSON Single Stubton Hannah HOYES Single  
22/11/1810 Richard YOUNG     Sarah ELLISS    
23/05/1811 John SHARP   Wellingore Elizabeth ADKINSON    
29/07/1811 William ROWBOTTOM     Mary ASHER    
14/10/1811 John CHAPMAN   East Allington Rebecca MUSTON    
06/03/1812 Benjamin PYKETT     Elizabeth DOUGHTY    
1 23/11/1813 John BELL Single   Anne NEALE Single  
2 17/01/1814 Robert SCRIMSHAW Single West Allington Mary KNIGHT Single  
3 16/02/1814 Robert LOVE Single Everton, Nottinghamshire Lucy NEEDHAM Single  
4 16/05/1814 Richard WINTER Single Doddington Elizabeth ROWBOTHAM Single  
5 06/06/1814 James THORPE   Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire Mary LEDENHAM    
6 23/01/1815 Thomas WATSON     Mary DOLBY    
7 24/04/1815 John STOCKWELL Single   Elizabeth HAYNES Single  
8 30/04/1815 William CLAYTON Single Grantham Mary Ann GREEN Single  
9 28/04/1817 John MERCHANT Single   Phebe GEDSON Single  
10 14/05/1817 Joseph NEEDHAM Single Claypole Hannah PRATMAN Single  
11 14/05/1817 Edmund ANTCLIFF Single Balderton, Nottinghamshire Mary ELLIS Single  
12 10/06/1817 Joseph BLACKBURN Single   Ann PRITCHET Single  
13 01/07/1817 William NEALE Single   Ann ROSE Single  
14 02/12/1817 Daniel MUSTON     Elizabeth WATSON    
15 23/09/1818 Winter Cuppage POOLE Single Long Bennington Elizabeth WOOD Single  
16 24/12/1818 Henry NAILE Widower Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire Rebecca GEESON Single  
17 25/01/1819 John WICKHAM Single   Mary Anne PEEL    
18 13/05/1819 Robert SMALLEY   East Allington Ann GODDARD Single  
19 17/01/1820 William BENNETT Single Doddington Anne NEEDHAM Single  
20 14/02/1820 William NEEDHAM Single Welby Catharine KNIGHT Single  
21 03/08/1820 Richard POOLE Widower   Mary GREEN Widow  
22 10/08/1820 Edward HAWDEN Single   Anne REYNOLDS Single  
23 14/05/1821 John MOORE Single   Elizabeth SKINNER    
24 05/06/1821 James HARDY Single Hougham Elizabeth KNIGHT Single  
25 13/08/1821 John BROUGHTON Single Great Gonerby Elizabeth HARBY Single  
26 26/11/1821 William ANCLIFF Single   Elizabeth BEEL Single  
27 07/02/1822 William ANDREW Single Long Bennington Jane ROBINSON Single  
28 19/08/1822 John HOPWELL Widower   Mary BEADSLEY Single  
29 06/05/1823 William TAYLOR Single   Eleanor PATCHETT    
30 06/05/1823 William ELLITT Widower Barkston Jane HAYTO    
31 15/12/1823 William WATSON Single   Ann WILLOWS Single  
32 25/03/1824 Richard Doubleday CAWKWELL Single Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire Mary SPEED Single  
33 05/04/1824 John PORTER Widower   Mary JACKSON Widow  
34 20/05/1824 John WILLOWS Single   Anne SEYMOUR Single  
35 14/06/1824 William ANTCLIFF Single   Phoebe SEWARDS Single  
36 25/11/1824 William WESELBY Single Great Gonerby Rebecca THOMPSON Single  
37 04/04/1825 Jonathan BELL Single   Elizabeth LOW Single  
38 17/05/1825 William WILLOWS Single   Mary HEELS Single  
39 19/05/1825 Richard WILLOWS Single   Ruth HINDSON Single  
40 20/06/1825 Francis WISEMAN Widower   Mary BLANKLEY Single  
41 29/05/1826 Thomas SMITH     Mary ROBINSON    
42 08/06/1826 Thomas GIBSON Single Bassingthorpe Ann DOLBY Single  
43 30/07/1826 Thomas GAMBLE Single   Ann HARBY Single  
44 04/12/1826 John KNIGHT Single   Mary WINTER Single  
45 04/12/1826 Richard ROBINSON Single   Mary HOLMES Single  
46 05/04/1827 William TOWERISS Single Stoke Rochford Mary HASLOM Single  
47 30/04/1828 John HUTCHINSON Single   Elizabeth GUY Single  
48 22/05/1828 William WILLOWS Widower   Elizabeth SINGLETON Single  
49 16/09/1828 Richard MARRIOTT   Normanton Susannah WAINER    
50 06/10/1828 Henry ROSS     Jane DUFFEN    
51 12/01/1829 John DOOLAN Single Grantham Susan HALL Single  
52 09/04/1829 William Turney TONGUE Single Grantham Mary WISEMAN Widow  
53 17/09/1829 Robert HARBY Single   Sarah NORTH Single  
54 01/12/1829 John TYLER     Ann HILTON   Granby, Nottinghamshire
55 16/10/1830 John CLARK Single Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire Mary Ann FISHER Single  
56 25/07/1831 William FINN Single   Sarah YOUNG Single  
57 02/08/1831 Daniel DOLBY Single   Mary GUY Single  
58 17/10/1831 Robert COOMBS Single Great Gonerby Mary HOLMES Single  
60 31/05/1832 Charles James WINDOVER Widower Grantham Sarah PORTER Single  
61 24/08/1832 William FOWLER Single   Sarah ROSE Widow  
62 08/04/1833 John WOOD Single Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire Ann WOOD Single  
63 28/04/1833 James LONGLANDS Single   Mary SEILES Single  
64 15/05/1833 William HAYR Single   Sidonia HADISALL Single  
65 14/05/1834 Daniel HINDSON Single   Sally SANDERS Single  
66 19/05/1834 William DODD Single Grantham Mary Anne BARNES Single  
67 11/12/1834 Robert HARBY Widower   Ann FINN Single  
68 09/06/1835 Edward RAWLINSON Single Ropsley Ann HOLLIS Single  
69 28/09/1835 Thomas OVERTON     Lucy HOLLIS    
70 21/11/1835 John LEE Single Westborough Mary WINTER Single  
71 21/03/1836 Thomas Hubbard DARMON Single Great Gonerby Margaret FINN Single  
72 14/05/1836 George LEADENHAM     Jane BOSS    
73 08/08/1836 Robert SPEED Single St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary RIMINGTON Single  
74 16/04/1837 Matthew PECK Single   Mary BISHEL Single  

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