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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Midville St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Midville was created in 1820 to serve a large portion of reclaimed land on the eastern side of central Lincolnshire. Midville is located about 7 miles northeast of the market town of Boston. Midville has no distinct village its notional centre is a crossroads of straight roads alongside Hobhole Drain about 2 miles east of the A16 road which links Boston with Spilsby. This is an area of intensive agriculture largely on reclaimed land at or near sea level, huge skies and vast fields dominate the landscape. All of the drainage is designed and constructed by man, Hobhole Drain heads southwards before reaching the sea through the River Witham's mouth onto The Wash. The parish is extensive, covering nearly 3,500 acres and it would have supported just over 150 parishioners. There is no mention of Midville in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the eastern side of the lane which follows Hobhole Drain just north of the crossroads which forms the notional centre of the parish. The church was built in 1819 to serve the newly created parish. The building is rather dismissed by Pevsner who devotes less than a handful of lines to describe it. The building appears to be a bit of a box set off only with its octagonal cupola. St Peter's is screened by trees and a short paved pathway leads up to the building, once inside the trees there are some restrictions and obstructions to photography but no more than an inconvenience.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 19th August 1822 - 18th May 1837 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - MIDVILLE PAR/1/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Stickney St Luke
Stickford St Helen
Thorpe St Peter
Stickney St Luke
Wainfleet St Mary
Friskney All Saints
Stickney St Luke
Sibsey St Margaret
Leake St Mary
Friskney All Saints


Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 19/08/1822 William LAWSON Single   Mary EPTON Single  
2 07/10/1822 Thomas STERLING Single   Ann HORNE Single  
3 05/02/1823 Thomas CLATOR Widower Thorpe Eleanor CLARKE Widow  
4 29/05/1823 Thomas CLATOR Single Thorpe Lydia ROBINSON Single Leake
5 13/05/1824 John GOODMAN Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
6 18/05/1824 Thomas LANCASTER Single Stickney Ann Green PARKER Single  
7 18/05/1824 Thomas KNOTT Single Leverton Ann HOWARD Single Leverton
8 19/07/1824 Thomas BUCKNELL Single Wainfleet St Mary Mary BUTRES    
9 05/09/1824 Luke WALKER Single   Eleanor BARTON Single Leake
10 27/09/1824 John HUNDERWOOD Single Skirbeck Susannah LAMMEMAN Single  
11 03/11/1824 Thomas RETFORD Single   Sarah FENWICK Single Leake
12 17/05/1825 Mason DICKSON Single Candlesby Margaret PINCHBECK Single  
13 19/05/1825 John CABOURN Single West Keal Hannah BRION Single  
14 15/08/1825 Vincent TAYLOR Single Spilsby Elizabeth CLATER Single Thorpe
15 05/10/1825 John MARSHALL Widower Leake Mary Ann Goslin ATCHINSON Single  
16 30/10/1825 William HALL Single   Mary RONSTONE Single  
17 14/02/1826 William CAPES Single Butterwick Maria BLACKMORE Single Butterwick
18 15/05/1826 Stephen BRANCHFLOWER Widower   Helen PARKER Single  
19 23/05/1826 John BARKER Single   Mary TOPLAS Single  
20 07/06/1826 Robert Thompson PINNEY Single Alford Martha TORRINGTON Single  
21 31/08/1826 William NORTH Single Benington Mary GRANTHAM Single Benington
22 04/09/1826 Richard DAWSON Single Butterwick Charlotte SMITH Single Butterwick
23 05/12/1826 Robert WAKEFIELD Single   Keziah JOHNSON Single  
24 07/12/1826 William EASON Single   Rebecca CLARK Single  
28 00/00/1827 Henry CLATOR Single Thorpe Eliza ROBINSON Single  
25 07/05/1827 John GOODMAN Widower Thorpe Elizabeth RUSHBY Single Thorpe
26 14/06/1827 Benjamin COOK Single Leake Anne REDFORD Single  
27 02/07/1827 John GRAY Single   Anne CHEALS Single  
29 11/12/1827 Esaias SKIPWORTH Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
30 20/05/1828 John MATSON Single   Mary DIMBLEBY Single Toynton All Saints
31 15/09/1828 Thomas LANCASTER Single   Mary DENNIS Single  
32 14/05/1829 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Anne RICHARDSON Single  
33 21/06/1829 Robert WALTHAM Single   Maria PRIESTLEY Single  
34 24/07/1829 John WALE Single Sleaford Mary Anne JACKSON Single  
35 01/10/1829 John CLARKE Single Butterwick Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single Butterwick
36 29/10/1829 John STEAR Single Freiston Sarah NICHOLSON Single Leverton
37 10/11/1829 John PARKER Single Leake Sophia WAIN Widow Leake
38 12/01/1830 James BLACKMORE Single Butterwick Mary SEWARDS Single Butterwick
39 11/03/1830 Samuel PLANT Single   Georgiana STENNETT Single Leverton
40 11/03/1830 Henry YOUNG Single   Mary ALLIS Widow  
41 03/05/1830 George REESON Widower Leake Ann RICHARDSON Widow Leake
42 17/05/1830 Granger DENNIS     Elizabeth EPTON   Wrangle
43 09/06/1830 Robert ALBONES Widower   Mariah JOHNSON    
44 03/08/1830 John WELLS Widower Leake Ann MASON Single Leake
45 03/01/1831 Samuel HUMSTANCE Single Leake Margaret JESSOP Single Leake
46 04/04/1831 Charles BURTON Single Leake Matilda BILTON   Leake
47 19/04/1831 Smith William Kirkham BURTON Widower Wainfleet All Saints Bridget HARDY Single  
48 16/05/1831 Charles SEARBY Single   Ann HUMSTANCE Single Fishtoft
49 17/05/1831 John Pacey WATSON Single   Hannah BURN Single  
50 15/09/1831 Thomas GIPSON Single   Maria BASLINGTON Single  
51 24/10/1831 Hager OLIVER Single Leake Charlotte BURTON Single Leake
52 08/11/1831 William HUMPHREY Single Butterwick Ann HENSTOCK Single  
53 15/05/1832 Francis HOLMES Single West Keal Matilda RAITHBY    
54 12/06/1832 Samuel LAMBERT   Leake Sarah Sophia WHILEY   Leake
55 17/06/1832 William LEFLEY   Butterwick Elizabeth MARSTON Widow Butterwick
56 24/07/1832 Robert WHILEY Widower Leake Eleanor CHAPMAN Widow Leake
57 09/09/1832 John COUPLAND Single Butterwick Rebecca RICHARDSON Single Butterwick
58 12/09/1832 William BETTS Single   Mary Anne Physic HEER Single  
59 09/04/1833 Richard INGAMELLS Single   Rebecca EPTON Single  
60 25/06/1833 Joseph Bennett SMITH   Leake Mary BOOTH   Leake
61 30/06/1833 Robert EAST Widower Leake Mahala BAGLEY Widow Leake
62 08/07/1833 Thomas RAMM Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
63 25/08/1833 John CARTER Widower Butterwick Maria WRIGHT Widow Butterwick
64 17/09/1833 John BALDERSTON Single Leake Eliza BURTON Single Leake
65 19/11/1833 William RICHARDSON Single Leake Mary HALL Single Leake
66 24/12/1833 John HODGSON Single Leake Betsy REDFORD Single Leake
68 10/02/1834 John DAVY Single   Sarah BANTHORPE   Ashby By Partney
67 13/02/1834 William SMITH Single Leake Sarah HEBB Single Leake
69 25/03/1834 Edward STURR Widower   Rebecca SCRIMSHAW Single Butterwick
70 08/04/1834 Aaron Motley SHAW Single   Charlotte BOOSTON Single  
71 09/06/1834 John BIRD   Leake Sarah VOSS   Leake
72 12/06/1834 Joseph CARDER Single Leake Elizabeth COOPER Single  
73 21/07/1834 George BOOR Widower   Eliza HARDY Single  
75 06/09/1835 Richard CLAPHAM Single   Mary TURNER Widow  
74 30/10/1835 Isaac HURRY Single   Sarah ATKIN Widow  
76 03/11/1835 Joseph BLACKMORE Single   Mary TILSON Single  
77 07/04/1836 Henry GOODERICK Single Toynton All Saints Harriot BURTON Single  
78 07/05/1836 Matthew IRONMONGER Single   Mary BURRELL Single  
79 24/05/1836 John WRIGHT Single   Mary Ann TURNER Single  
80 26/05/1836 Davisson SHERRIFF Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
81 07/07/1836 John SMITH Single Butterwick Ann BROWN Single Butterwick
82 08/08/1836 James SMITH Single Spilsby Mary Ann SANDS Single Spilsby
83 24/10/1836 William NIGHTINGALE Widower   Mary SMITH Single Leake
84 13/04/1837 William CHESTER Single   Elizabeth SHORT Single East Kirkby
85 18/05/1837 John HEPTON Single   Lucy BROWN Single  

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