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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Tallington St Lawrence


The Parish

The parish of Tallington lies in the extreme south of Lincolnshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Northamptonshire and is also close to the border with neighbouring Rutland. Tallington is situated about 4 miles east of the market town of Stamford on the northern banks of the River Welland. Tallington is a small and compact village sitting astride the A1175 road (formerly A16) which connects Stamford with Market Deeping. Much of Tallington is built along the main road or in small extensions both to its north and south. The area would have been largely used for pastoral farming as it is low lying and poorly drained. The works of man are abundant in the form of drains, cuts and flooded workings (now the Tallington Lakes Leisure Park). The Welland drains the parish eastwards and eventually reaches the North Sea through The Wash. Tallington is sited at just 15 metres above sea level and much of the local landscape is about the same height or marginally higher. The Fenland area of Lincolnshire has typically large parishes but Tallington is more typical of one from the Wolds, it covered just under 1,800 acres and would have supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Tallington was shared between one Alfred of Lincoln and one Robert of Tosny, the parish could offer 9 ploughs some meadow and a mill.

The Church

St Lawrence's church sits to the south of the A1175 just to the west of the narrow lane running to Bainton. The church is large and shows many early features although the evolution of the church was a rather thorny problem for Pevsner as it indicated contrary changes in design over the years. In date order the church possesses a relict (perhaps reused Norman doorway, the arcades are from the early English era of the early 13th century, much else is of the Decorated era of the early 14th century including the western tower whilst some later features are Perpendicular. The church sits on the southern side of Church Lane almost on the banks of the Welland, a low brick wall encloses the churchyard and entry is by a set of wooden gates off Church Lane. The churchyard's western end is rather enveloped in trees making the best views from the east for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th November 1754 - 19th October 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - TALLINGTON PAR/1/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has suffered markedly from fading so much so that some entries are omitted as completely unreadable and misreads are very likely in what remains
2 25th January 1813 - 29th May 1837 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - TALLINGTON PAR/1/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting may lead to a few misreads

Barholm and Stowe St Martin
Barholm and Stowe St Martin
West Deeping St Andrew
Uffington St Michael
West Deeping St Andrew
Bainton St Mary, Northamptonshire
Bainton St Mary, Northamptonshire
Bainton St Mary, Northamptonshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 05/11/1754 Thomas WARD     Elizabeth HUBBARD    
3 16/12/1754 William SHERMAN Widower   Mary HEELY Single  
6 19/05/1755 William GILBERT Single   Arabella JOHNSON Single Wittering, Northamptonshire
7 23/11/1755 Thomas CARPENTER     Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
8 07/12/1755 John BURTON Single All Saints, Stamford Mary WALKER Single  
9 18/01/1756 William KITCHIN Single St Mary, Stamford Elizabeth WATSON Single  
10 28/06/1756 John SCOLNE Single   Rebeccka GILBERD Single  
11 09/08/1756 William STEPHENS Widower Market Deeping Mary TOMISON Widow  
12 12/01/1757 Robert WALKER Single   Rebeckha BLACKLEY Single  
13 14/04/1757 Jacob SCRIBO Widower Parson Drove, Cambridgeshire Dorothy ELSEY Single  
14 25/07/1758 Lawrence GILBERD Single   Ruth POPE Single  
15 09/08/1759 Benjamin POTTINGER Single   Elizabeth ROLLINGS    
17 06/03/1760 Henry ELDRED Single Bourne Ann RAWLINGS Single  
18 22/09/1760 John BURSNALL     Mary NEWBRIG    
20 05/11/1760 John TRIG Single   Mary BLACKLEY Single  
21 03/03/1761 Francis OTTER Single   Mary PODAM Single  
23 16/05/1762 Thomas SHEPHERD Single   Catherine HOLLIDGE Single  
24 26/09/1762 Thomas BELL Widower   Mary SPINNAL Single Langtoft
25 14/11/1763 William BRUMHEAD Single Uffington Ann STAPLE Single  
27 11/06/1765 John HATLEY   St Neots, Huntingdonshire Ann BULL Single  
29 11/03/1766 John KELLEY     Mary OTTER    
30 22/06/1766 William TRIGG     Sarah GILBERT    
31 06/10/1766 George REED Single Holbeach Elizabeth GREGORY Single  
32 29/12/1766 William GILLBERT Single Uffington Eleanour STAPLING Single  
33 02/02/1767 John MOSS Single   Mary DENNIS Single Uffington
34 25/12/1767 Hugh BOOR Widower Barnack, Northamptonshire Mary BULL Widow  
35 28/03/1769 Mathew COOPER Single Warmington, Northamptonshire Mary BULL Single  
36 23/11/1769 Richard COUZENS Single   Ann WATTS Single  
37 23/11/1769 James BOOTH Single   Elizabeth LEAMANS Single  
38 23/11/1769 Jonathan LANGSTAFF Widower   Mary DIGBY Widow  
39 06/04/1770 William GARNER Single   Mary SHARMAN Single  
40 16/04/1770 John WATSON Widower   Elizabeth HOLMES Widow  
41 08/10/1770 William MOSS Single   Elizabeth LANGSTAFF Single  
42 21/03/1771 Thomas HALLEY Widower Langtoft Ann SUTTON Single  
43 18/05/1772 William WEBSTER Single   Ann HULL Single Wittering, Northamptonshire
44 21/11/1774 William TRIGG Widower   Mary BRAMPTON Single Uffington
45 10/10/1776 Richard COZENS Widower   Bridget THORP Single  
46 25/11/1776 William ROLLINSON Single   Hannah WARD Single  
47 20/02/1777 William GILBERT Single   Elizabeth STIMPSON Single  
48 31/03/1777 Francis SMITH Single   Mary WALTON Single  
49 11/06/1778 William STEVENSON Single   Mary STAPLE Single  
50 13/07/1778 Richard BAYLEY Single Swineshead Sarah BACON Single  
51 22/10/1778 James BLACKLEY Widower   Sarah MARSTON Single  
52 20/05/1779 John MAXWELL Single Uffington Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
53 02/11/1779 William GRAY Single   Ann FRISBY Single  
54 01/10/1781 John OTTER Single   Mary GARFORD Single  
55 08/04/1782 George BANKS Single   Mary GILBERT Single  
56 15/04/1782 Thomas KELLEY Single   Ann SALTFOOT Single  
57 24/03/1783 Thomas GILBERT Single   Susanna SMITH Widow Deeping St James
58 23/12/1783 William LANGSTAFF Single   Mary DIGBY Single  
59 17/05/1784 James SALFOOT Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
60 18/10/1784 Thomas CORBY Single West Deeping Mary NEWTON Single  
61 28/10/1784 James HERRING Single   Mary BANKS Widow  
62 22/11/1784 Nathaniel TAYLOR Widower   Ann BAINS Widow  
63 25/11/1784 Richard ANDREW Single   Elizabeth PICK Single  
64 03/07/1785 William GILBERT Widower   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
65 27/09/1785 John CLOW Single   Elizabeth GROOBY    
66 22/01/1786 Samuel WILCOX     Frances CARPENTER    
67 19/02/1786 James WATSON Single   Lucy PINDAR    
68 05/12/1786 John TATLINGTON Single   Sarah KELLY Single  
69 07/12/1786 Thomas MASON Single   Frances SUTTON Widow  
70 20/02/1787 Richard COZINS Widower   Mary SHARMAN Widow  
71 09/04/1787 Richard REEDMAN Single   Elizabeth BAINS Single  
72 06/10/1789 Thomas WATSON     Ruth LANGSTAFF Single  
73 16/11/1789 James WATSON Widower   Mary GROUBY    
74 23/11/1789 Richard DICKENS Single Manton, Rutland Elizabeth CULPIN Single  
75 27/11/1790 John DURHAM     Elizabeth GILBERT    
76 16/04/1792 John GRAY     Sarah BLACKLEY Widow  
77 10/05/1792 Benjamin LITTLE Single   Ann DURHAM   Market Deeping
78 14/01/1793 Robert REEDMAN Single   Ann BATTERAM Single  
79 06/02/1793 Robert WARD Single   Rebecca BURTON Single  
80 30/07/1793 Thomas GREENSMITH   Greatford Ann CARWELL Single  
81 23/11/1794 Joseph OTTER Single   Elizabeth BAINS    
82 09/04/1795 John BAILEY     Mary CARWELL    
83 20/04/1795 Henry ELDRED     Sarah BULL    
84 03/04/1797 Bartholomy HULL   Easton On The Hill, Northamptonshire Susannah BRITTAIN    
85 10/10/1797 Thomas CHRISTIAN   Greatford Ann BULL    
86 23/10/1797 William NEWMAN     Elizabeth LOVEDAY    
87 29/10/1797 William GILBERT     Mary CURTIS    
88 24/12/1799 Francis WIGGINTON   Helpston, Northamptonshire Lucy TRIGG    
89 13/07/1802 Anthony Carel CLOW     Jane MATTER    
90 03/10/1803 William GIDDINGS   West Deeping Susannah GILBERT    
91 14/05/1805 Edward ARDEN     Ann THOMPSON    
92 07/10/1805 William ADKINS     Ann HILLARD    
93 07/10/1805 Robert MAPLES     Sarah FRISBY    
94 07/10/1806 Thomas William LIVING   St George, Stamford Catherine LOCKE    
95 12/11/1806 Thomas STRATTON     Elizabeth STANCER    
96 19/01/1809 William GATES     Ann KELLEY    
97 04/04/1809 William COOPER   Warmington, Northamptonshire Susannah BULL    
98 12/06/1809 Christopher SHELTON Single   Mary SUTTON    
99 07/11/1810 Samuel SWIFT   Deeping St James Catherine BULL    
100 12/05/1811 Thomas REYNOLDS     Elizabeth CUNNINGTON    
101 16/01/1812 James HOLMES     Ann STAPLES    
102 29/06/1812 John CLIFTON   Uppingham, Rutland Elizabeth THOMPSON    
103 03/08/1812 William ULLETT   Spalding Mary THOMPSON    
104 19/10/1812 James LANK     Mary GILBERT Single  
1 25/01/1813 James STOCKER   Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire Mary Langley BULL    
2 24/06/1813 George HEWSON   Deeping St James Ann BROMHEAD    
4 11/10/1813 Robert SKERRITT     Mary LANGSTAFF    
3 02/11/1813 Benjamin HILL Single Barnack, Northamptonshire Mary PARKER Single  
5 12/05/1814 William GILBERT     Elizabeth DURHAM    
6 03/11/1814 Samuel DUDLEY Widower Stilton, Huntingdonshire Jane BULL Single  
7 05/12/1814 Thomas GOODWIN Single Braceborough Mary GILBERT Single  
8 14/05/1815 John WRIGHT Single Thorney, Cambridgeshire Ann WARD Single  
9 19/06/1815 Robert WARD Single   Elizabeth MILLENTON Single  
10 13/07/1815 William THORNTON Single   Sarah ELDRED Widow  
11 06/06/1816 John GIEVES   Uffington Elizabeth GREENWOOD Single  
12 17/02/1817 James HILLIARD Single   Mary WHITE Single  
14 15/12/1819 Henry FRENCH Single   Elizabeth BROWNHEAD Single  
15 31/01/1820 John TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth BOOTH Single  
16 17/05/1820 Edward FOWLER Single   Jane BRUMHEAD Single  
17 21/01/1822 Richard POTE Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
18 05/06/1822 John WORSDALE Single   Elizabeth HIBBIT Single Alwalton, Huntingdonshire
19 11/03/1823 James PARKER Single   Mary SHIPLEY Single  
20 13/03/1823 George HUDSON Single Langtoft Sarah ROWLATT Single  
21 20/05/1823 John WARD Single   Lucy SUTTON Single  
22 24/06/1823 William LATTERMORE Single   Sarah HURST Single  
23 01/04/1824 James SMART Single Edenham Catharine WATSON Single  
25 29/06/1824 Robert SUTTON Widower   Jane WATSON Single  
26 21/02/1825 John BROOKS Widower   Mary GREEN Single  
27 30/05/1825 James BATTRAM Single   Sarah ANDREWS Single  
28 16/06/1825 Thomas PALMER Single Deeping St James Elizabeth VINES Single  
29 28/09/1825 Joseph GILBERT Single   Elizabeth BAGGELEY Widow  
30 28/10/1825 John NEWBORN Single   Anne GREEN Single  
31 10/05/1826 Matthew HOLDITCH Single   Susannah ROSE Single St John, Stamford
32 09/12/1826 Thomas NEWTON Single Morton Mary OSBOURNES Single  
33 16/01/1827 Edward MOORE Single Edenham Ann BAKER Single  
34 12/12/1827 Joseph PRIOR Single Deeping St James Mary VINES Single  
35 24/03/1828 John BROWN Single   Mary SANDAL Single  
36 20/05/1828 John BUCK Single   Sarah HOWETT Single  
37 02/06/1828 Thomas BEESON Single   Elizabeth WALPOLE Single  
38 06/11/1828 James ROBINSON Widower   Susannah HALL Widow  
39 02/11/1829 John BOYER Single Langtoft Catherine GREEN Single  
40 04/01/1830 Christopher JARVIS Single   Amelia SMITH Single Bourne
41 31/05/1830 Robert OLDHAM Single St Michael, Stamford Ann SCOTNEY Single  
42 13/10/1830 William PICKERING Single   Mary HILL Single St Mary, Stamford
43 02/05/1831 Thomas ALLEN Single   Elizabeth BEESON Widow  
44 21/06/1831 William WALPOLE Single   Thomasin GOULSON Single  
45 16/08/1831 Mathew JACKSON Single Bainton, Northamptonshire Catherine READ Widow  
46 21/02/1833 Edward RINCE Single   Anne WEATHERALL Single  
47 17/11/1834 John PAYNE Widower   Millicent JACKSON Single  
48 01/12/1834 Robert PATCHETT Single Ryhall, Rutland Ann DURHAM Single  
49 18/07/1836 Thomas BARNS Single Crowland Jane STRETTON Single  
50 09/01/1837 George GOODLIFFE Single Ryhall, Rutland Elizabeth SCOTNEY Single  
51 29/05/1837 John LIMMING Single   Jane SCOTNEY Single  

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