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Thimbleby St Margaret


The Parish

The parish of Thimbleby lies in central Lincolnshire about 1 1/2 miles west of the market town of Horncastle. Thimbleby is a rather linear village which is mainly built along the B1190 road which meanders westwards from Horncastle towards Bardney, a small sub-settlement is grouped around a crossroads nearer Horncastle. Like most Lincolnshire parishes Thimbleby would have almost totally been involved in arable farming, the light chalky soils being easy to work for cereal, beet & nowadays oilseed. A series of small streams drain the parish westwards towards the nearby River Witham which makes its way to the North Sea through the port of Boston. Thimbleby is sited at between 45 & 60 metres above the sea the eastern end being the higher, land around here is only gently undulating with local heights topping out at only a handful of metres higher. Thimbleby parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just under 2,600 acres it would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Thimbleby was shared three ways, the largest portion in the hands of Drogo de la Beuvriere with smaller holdings with Bishop Odo of Bayeux and the King, himself; collectively the parish was able to offer 10 ploughs, extensive meadows & woodland and there was also a mill.

The Church

St Margaret's church sits on the northern side of B1190 at the eastern end of the main portion of the village and where that road performs a series of right angled bands. Sadly the church is not some mediaeval masterpiece but a Victorian replacement, indeed the present building is actually the third recorded on the site and not the building in which these events occurred. The original church must have been an early English Gothic church as reused remnants, sedilia & piscina internally, are of this period and a single reused window is 14th century Decorated. The mediaeval church was replaced in 1744 and this in turn replaced by the present building in 1879. Pevsner is still taken by the tower describing it as "willful". There is just sufficient room to park by the gates which penetrate a simple post & rail fence, the churchyard has close trees but there is just about enough room to adequately record the building.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd May 1754 - 17th September 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - THIMBLEBY PAR/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 29th April 1813 - 3rd November 1836 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - THIMBLEBY PAR/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Edlington St Helen
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Horncastle St Mary
Woodhall St Margaret
Langton St Margaret
Horncastle St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 22/05/1754 Robert SQUIRE Single Rand Cum Fulnetby Mary BAVINGTON Widow  
2 24/06/1754 William RICHARDSON Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
3 11/05/1755 John CLARKE Single   Ann PINDAR Single  
4 13/05/1755 Hugh DICKSON   South Willingham Catharine BUTLER Single  
5 22/07/1755 Christopher READ Widower   Ann BALDOCK Widow  
6 11/01/1756 Christopher SOUTHWELL Single   Eleanor DIXON Single  
7 12/05/1757 Francis SHILL Single Ashby Puerorum Mary MILLIT Single  
8 26/05/1757 Richard NORRIS Single   Ann WILSON Single  
9 17/07/1760 Henry KEMP Single   Mary DIXON Single  
10 30/04/1761 John RICHARDSON Single   Ann TROLLOP Single  
11 17/08/1761 John HARRISON Single Strubby Elizabeth WILSON Single  
12 23/08/1761 David WILSON Single   Mary WINGOD Single  
13 14/10/1761 George OLIVER Single Usselby Ann READ Single  
14 13/05/1762 Robert RICHARDSON Single   Mary JACKSON Single Fiskerton
15 08/05/1763 Henry HOOKAM Single Hemingby Eleanor DICKINS Single  
16 06/10/1763 Isaac CARTER Widower Baumber Mary EVESON Single  
17 08/05/1764 Richard DIXON Widower   Elizabeth BARKER Widow  
18 08/05/1764 David DIXON Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
19 03/01/1765 Charles TODD Single   Ann CARTER Single Horncastle
20 28/04/1765 Edward ELVIN     Catherine WEST    
21 01/07/1765 Christopher READ Widower   Bridget DICKENSON Widow Edlington
22 06/05/1766 Robert KEMP Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
23 20/05/1766 Thomas BRACKENBURY Single   Eleanor WALESBY Single Edlington
24 26/04/1768 William NORTON Widower   Anne CLIFFE Single  
25 11/08/1768 Thomas KEMP Single   Mary TODD   Horncastle
26 08/11/1768 William KIRK Single Blankney Mary BURNETT Single  
27 11/05/1769 Daniel ROBINSON Single Kirkby On Bain Mary SCRIMSHAW Single  
28 26/11/1771 Richard BAMBER Single   Elizabeth BLADES Single Coningsby
29 04/06/1772 Richard DIXON Single   Mary BARKER Single  
30 25/05/1773 Joseph DIXON Single   Elizabeth CURTOIS Single Horncastle
31 25/05/1773 Thomas PARKER Single   Elizabeth CURTOIS Single Scrivelsby
32 27/12/1773 John RAWLINSON Single Edlington Mary MILSON Single  
33 05/04/1774 Mark MARSHALL Single   Mary PACEY Single  
34 12/05/1774 Thomas NORTON Single   Elizabeth OVERTON Single  
18/05/1774 William SMITH Widower Stainfield Ann YORK Widow  
19/05/1775 John WINGOD Single   Ann MELSON Single  
30/04/1776 William ABLEWHITE Single Langton By Wragby Sarah SMITH Single Horncastle
11/06/1776 William READ Single   Elizabeth DIXON Single  
11/06/1776 Richard JOHNSON Single   Sarah GANT Single  
25/11/1776 Richard DIXON Single   Mary HOTCHON Single  
10/06/1777 John WARTER   Kirkstead Eleanor LILL    
24/11/1777 Stephen ROBERTSON Single   Mary WILSON    
11/12/1777 John WILLIAMS Single   Ann BROWN    
26/05/1778 William BURNITT     Mary COULMAN    
30/06/1778 William CLARKE   Kirkstead Mary ELVIN    
14/07/1778 Leonard HOLLINGSWORTH Widower   Eleanor SOUTHWELL Widow  
21/10/1778 John TODD Single   Mary STEPHENSON Widow Edlington
26/01/1779 Richard TODD     Susanna ADLARD    
20/06/1779 Robert COOK Single   Martha DIXON Single  
14/11/1780 Thomas WELLS     Jane PINDER    
16/01/1781 William TROLLOP     Eleanor TODD    
24/02/1783 Richard WALESBY Single Toft Next Newton Jane GIBBONS Single  
22/05/1783 William JOHNSON     Anne WINGATE    
09/02/1784 Richard GREENFIELD Single Baumber Jane NORRIS Single  
13/05/1784 Martin BORROWS Single Edlington Anne WILLIAMS Widow  
18/05/1784 John WALKER Single Haugh Mildred TODD    
12/05/1785 Joseph BARKER Single   Elizabeth KEMP Single  
12/05/1785 Joseph DAWSON Single   Anne RUSSEL Single  
13/05/1785 Charles DIXON Single   Mary DEARLOVE Single  
16/05/1785 Richard WALTER Single Walesby Anne JACKSON Single  
26/12/1787 Charles ROWSON     Anne ATKIN    
14/07/1788 Andrew COOKE Single Metheringham Susannah PEARSON Single  
12/11/1788 Thomas FOSTER Widower Salmonby Mary LILL Widow  
01/02/1789 Edward LILLY Widower Horncastle Frances FOWLER Single  
12/05/1789 Joseph KEW Widower   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
04/01/1791 Thomas HARRIS Widower Mareham Le Fen Sarah WILSON Single  
14/05/1791 David CADE Single   Susannah NORTON Single  
13/05/1793 William PALMER Single Stickney Elizabeth SEAMAN Single  
08/10/1793 James GREEN Widower   Sarah GRONILL Single  
13/05/1794 James BURTON Single Stixwold Mary YORKE Single  
12/05/1795 Robert LOVELL Single   Sarah SHARP Single  
19/04/1796 John BARRATT Widower Low Toynton Anne TODD Widow  
10/11/1796 William GAUNT Single   Catharine ELVIN Single  
22/11/1796 William BURNETT Widower   Elizabeth HUGHSON Single  
07/04/1797 William GOODYER Single   Jane WINGATE Single  
19/02/1798 William BURNETT Widower   Jane STEVENSON Widow  
08/05/1798 John SHARP Widower   Comfort ELSEY Single  
14/05/1798 Michael KEMP Single   Susannah WHITTAKER Single  
13/06/1799 William BONNER   Butterwick Anne MARSHALL    
08/05/1800 William WATSON Widower   Sarah TOPHAM Single  
30/06/1801 John COLE Widower Belchford Anne WALTER Widow  
17/05/1802 John TOPHAM Single   Sarah LEVICK Single  
10/10/1802 Francis LAXTON Single   Anne DICKENSON Single  
22/02/1803 William SKIPWORTH Single   Anne CROFT Single  
15/04/1805 James ESPIN Single Louth Mary ORWELL Single  
16/04/1805 Richard TODD Single   Mary KEMP Single  
13/05/1806 William LADLEY Single   Mary TODD Single  
24/08/1807 John CURTIS Single Revesby Sarah SHERRIFF Single  
07/06/1808 William PICKIT Widower   Anne SELLERS Single  
27/10/1808 William GODHARD Single Baumber Eleanor KEMP Single  
06/04/1809 Christopher PARKER Single Horncastle Ann BARR Single  
15/05/1809 Richard WALTER Single   Mary DIXON Single  
21/12/1809 Joseph HARRISON Single Saxby St Helen Susannah KEMP Single  
14/05/1810 William CROWFORD Single   Anne ROWSTON Single  
05/02/1811 Charles TODD Single   Easter WRIGHT Single Horncastle
07/02/1811 George HOULDEN Widower Mareham Le Fen Elizabeth PARKER    
09/04/1812 Jarvis SPENCER Single Baumber Ann MASKILL Single  
14/05/1812 Thomas GREENFIELD Single Mareham Le Fen Mary DIXON Single  
02/06/1812 John SCOTT Single   Elizabeth KEW Single  
31/07/1812 William COVELL Single Horncastle Susan MARSHALL Single  
17/09/1812 Barnard KING Widower   Mary JOHNSON Widow  
29/04/1813 George DICKINSON Single Coningsby Sarah GOODRICK Single  
1 31/05/1813 William RICHARDSON Widower   Rebeccah DONNER Single  
2 19/05/1814 David DIXON Single Edlington Mary HALL Single  
3 29/09/1814 Thomas CARTER Single Horncastle Mary ROWSON Single  
4 23/10/1814 George FARMER Single   Eleanor FORMAN Single  
5 31/07/1815 William BRADER Single West Ashby Sarah EVISON Single  
6 24/03/1816 James RODGERS Widower   Elizabeth TILER Single  
7 27/03/1816 William BENTON Widower Bardney Elizabeth MOODY Widow  
8 16/04/1816 William BANNISTER Single   Susan CADE Single  
9 02/09/1816 William ELDRIDGE Single Sotby Sophia BINGHAM Single  
10 25/03/1817 William WITLAM Single   Sarah PRESTON Single  
11 24/07/1817 Titus GREEN Single Scremby Jane GREENFIELD Single  
12 25/11/1817 Marcham MOWBRAY Single Bardney Ann SMITH Single  
13 16/06/1818 William JOHNSON Single Stixwold Elizabeth DIXON Single  
14 18/03/1819 Dennis MITCHELL   Woodhall Elizabeth TODD    
15 03/07/1820 Christopher BELTON Single Horncastle Hannah HELEY Single  
16 02/01/1821 Richard HEWSON   Old Bolingbroke Elizabeth ATKINSON    
17 22/05/1821 John DRAYTON Single   Mary GIPSON Single  
18 28/02/1822 Richard CHESELDINE Single Langton By Partney Elizabeth LOVELL Single  
295 13/05/1822 Thomas WRIGHT Widower   Maria BRADER Widow  
19 28/11/1822 Thomas DIXON Single West Ashby Mary BARKER Single  
20 02/09/1823 Edward DAVY Single   Elizabeth WINGATE Single  
21 13/10/1823 Joseph BLACKEY Single   Mary WINGATE Single  
22 23/12/1824 Jackson PARKES Single Edlington Ann DAY Single  
23 21/01/1825 Isaac ADCOCK Single   Mary PICKETT Single  
24 24/05/1825 Robert DIXON Single   Mary Ann CLARK    
25 08/06/1825 John CLARKSON Single Horncastle Rebecca BANNISTER Single  
26 19/07/1825 William JOHNSON Single   Maria TOOLEY Single  
27 20/04/1826 Henry MOODY Single Greetham Susanna BANNISTER Single  
28 04/07/1826 John RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth ELLEY Single  
29 23/01/1827 George FOWLER Single   Elizabeth BELLAMY Single  
30 26/04/1827 George WEIR Single   Sarah Ann ADDISON Single  
31 14/05/1827 Edward WILKINSON Single Ranby Agnes ROWSON Single  
32 27/05/1827 Richard MORTON Single Horncastle Susannah FLETCHER    
33 30/10/1827 Thomas GREEN Single   Elizabeth GREENFIELD Widow  
34 20/01/1829 Charles CADE Single   Rebecca GREENFIELD Single  
35 07/10/1829 John GRAY Widower Bardney Mary BANNISTER Single  
36 01/12/1829 David GREENFIELD Widower   Mary KEW Single  
37 21/01/1830 Joseph NEEDHAM Single   Martha CASEY Single  
38 08/06/1830 Robert WITLAM Single   Catharine JOHNSON Single  
39 15/06/1830 James Hare SICKLER Single   Ann DAVY Single  
40 13/07/1830 Edward THACKER Single   Elizabeth MASKELL Widow  
41 12/08/1830 William LOVELL Single   Elizabeth KEMP Single  
42 21/11/1830 Francis WELLDON Widower Wragby Elizabeth GIBBINS Single  
43 22/05/1831 James Charles FOX Single Edlington Anne GRANT Single  
44 17/01/1832 Richard HEDLING Single   Maria ALLBONES Single  
45 20/03/1832 Robert GREENFIELD Single   Sarah DAWSON Single  
46 08/11/1832 James BOUCHER Single Thornton Dinah WHITE Single  
47 20/05/1833 Thomas HARRISON Single Somersby Sarah KEMP Single  
48 18/10/1835 James SCOTT Single   Susan COOK Single  
49 12/04/1836 Charles NORRISS Single Stickney Elizabeth BANNISTER Single  
50 03/11/1836 James ELY Single   Mary AYSCOUGH Single  

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