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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hackney St John


The Parish

The parish of Hackney lies in the extreme east of Middlesex, indeed it forms part of the ancient border with neighbouring Essex. Prior to 1825 St John was Hackney's only parish, due to population growth Hackney eventually became 4 parishes. Hackney is located about 2 miles northeast of the city of London and prior to the middle of the 19th century was a distinguishable settlement distinct from the burgeoning City. Pepys in his writing described going to Hackney for its fresh air and in 1720 it was again praised for its "healthy air". Defoe describes the area as consisting of 12 distinct hamlets, the legacy still remains in its confusing road layout. Even by the end of this transcription period half of the parish was still grassland today it is part of inner London, a maze of small properties and businesses. The original centre of Hackney, by the church, lies just north of the Stratford to Camden rail line and west of both the busy A12 and the course of the River Lea which forms the county border with Essex. Today Hackney is an indistinguishable part of Metropolitan Greater London, a centre for social housing but increasingly gentrified as neglected areas are re-colonised by those seeking cheaper accommodation within the city area. The Lea drains the parish southwards to the nearby Thames and thence to the North Sea. Hackney is sited at around 15 metres above the sea, in the Lea valley and on rising ground from that of the Thames local heights reach scarcely more than 30 metres. The original parish acreage exceeded 3,200 acres and the population it supported grew from little more than that of a small market town to around 30,000 parishioners by the close of this transcription period. Hackney is not, however, specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St John's church sits just northeast of Hackney Central rail station and is usually accessed from Lower Clapton Road where it stands behind an semicircular area of gardens with a one-way system directing traffic past it "show front". Like all central London churches it is recommended to visit using public transport. The church was built between 1791 and 1794, an unusual time period for churches in England. The church is certainly unusual in design too, being shaped in plan as a Greek Cross. The church is large as befits its community, Pevsner uses the term "vast" to emphasise that sizing. The tower facing north is also unconventional, and in sunny conditions a difficult photographic subject. The design of tower, it is fair to say, stunned Pevsner who described it as "most unconventional in shape". The remainder of the church presents rather staid oblongs to the world. As you leave Hackney Central station, the old tower of St Augustine's leads the way to the site by skirting the bus station, whilst the church has a distinctly urban setting the churchyard gardens do dispense a sense of quiet to the site despite the traffic raging all around.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th May 1754 - 23rd August 1762 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/048 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads
2 28th August 1762 - 12th January 1770 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/049 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 18th January 1770 - 12th August 1794 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/050 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 14th August 1794 - 26th December 1803 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/051 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
5 1st January 1804 - 26th December 1807 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/052 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
6 1st January 1808 - 25th December 1812 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/053 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
7 1st January 1813 - 31st October 1817 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/054 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register has suffered water damage resulting in staining of both top left and top right corners, the former makes for challenging reading but hopefully the signatures allow correct transcription
8 31st October 1817 - 30th September 1821 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/055 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
9 1st October 1821 - 31st December 1824 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/056 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
10 1st January 1825 - 10th April 1828 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/057 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
11 13th April 1828 - 5th April 1831 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/058 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
12 5th April 1831 - 11th June 1834 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/059 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
13 12th June 1834 - 29th June 1837 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P79/JN1/060 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/01/1754 Charles WILKINS Single Whitechapel Jane REDMAID Single Whitechapel
06/02/1754 Daniel DANVERS Single Bath, Somerset Mary KING Single  
12/03/1754 Jonathan LAND Widower Shoreditch Margaret TURNER Single St George, Southwark, Surrey
1 07/05/1754 James GRAY Single   Elizabeth SHELLSON Single  
2 12/05/1754 William GOFF Single   Sarah PRESTON Single  
3 14/05/1754 William STARTUP Single   Sarah MEAD Single  
4 05/06/1754 William DOWSET Single   Hephzibah CLAVERING Single Whitechapel
5 11/07/1754 Joseph EVERETT Single   Elizabeth PEACOCK Widow  
6 18/07/1754 David GILBERT Single   Mary FELLOWS Single  
7 05/08/1754 John PEGRUM Single   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
8 18/08/1754 Joseph COTTERELL Single   Mary HEATH Single  
9 11/09/1754 William FRANCIS Single   Elizabeth OLLIVER Widow  
10 10/10/1754 Moses HUSE Widower   Ann GREEN Single Isleworth
11 16/10/1754 John JEVES Widower   Sarah JONES Single  
12 24/11/1754 James COOPER Single   Sarah MOYSER Single St Leonard, Shoreditch
13 17/12/1754 Richard BEWICK Single Spitalfields Sarah BETTS Single  
14 25/12/1754 John BAYLEY Single   Mary JOHNSON Widow  
15 26/12/1754 William TOMKINS Single Abingdon, Berkshire Hannah TOMKINS Single  
16 31/12/1754 Roger FENWICK Widower   Margaret BOUCHER Widow  
17 18/01/1755 Thomas HANBEY Single St Leonard, City Of London Mary SHEWELL Widow  
18 23/01/1755 Thomas PARKER Single   Frances WATKINS Single  
19 09/02/1755 Richard SANDERSON Single   Martha YOUNG Single  
20 21/03/1755 James SEDDON Widower   Dorcas JACKWELL Single  
21 03/04/1755 John RHODES Widower St Katherine Creechurch, City Of London Mary MASS Single  
22 06/04/1755 William MUNDY Widower   Ann HILTON Single  
23 08/04/1755 Samuel JOHNSON Single St Dionis, City Of London Mary JOHNSON Single  
24 24/04/1755 Edward THORNTON Single   Ann ROSE Single St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London
25 28/04/1755 William OSELAND Widower Wapping Mary MORRISS Single  
26 02/05/1755 Joseph DARK Single   Elizabeth POWELL Single  
27 31/05/1755 John HARGRAVE Single   Sarah COWLEY Single Hornsey
28 03/06/1755 William NEWTON Widower   Flora BUCKEY Widow  
29 12/06/1755 William ONGLEY Single St Magnus, City Of London Mary LANGWADE Single  
30 15/06/1755 Charles SHEPHERD Single   Elizabeth TODD Single  
31 20/06/1755 Samuel RAY Single   Ann BUCK Single  
32 25/06/1755 John HURST Single St Peter Le Poor, City Of London Mary BRIDE Widow  
33 26/06/1755 Walter MARSHALL Single   Esther WILLIAMS Single  
34 01/07/1755 James DOWNEY Single   Elizabeth YOUNGS Single  
35 13/07/1755 John PADOCK Single   Elizabeth RAMSEY Single  
36 15/07/1755 William PETTIT Widower St Luke Ann GILPIN Single  
37 20/07/1755 John NEWBOURN Single   Ann HORNER Single  
38 09/08/1755 John BRIDGEMAN Widower St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Sarah BENTLEY Single  
39 10/08/1755 Jeremiah BROWNE Single Camberwell, Surrey Catherine HONNOR Single  
40 17/08/1755 George RUTTERFORTH Single   Sarah SOCKETT Widow  
41 31/08/1755 John TURNBULL Single   Martha METCALF Single  
42 31/08/1755 John GENTERY Single   Susannah ALDRIDGE Widow  
43 06/10/1755 William HODGSON Single   Mary STANTON Single  
44 22/10/1755 Robert SWIRE Single   Mary LEE Single  
45 13/11/1755 Richard MONK Widower   Margaret ROBERTS Single  
46 13/01/1756 Thomas MEMBURY Single Bethnal Green Jane TREDER Single  
47 19/01/1756 John COLDACUTT Single   Susanna KNIPE Single  
48 22/01/1756 Thomas SMITH Single Covent Garden Margaret PHILPOT Single  
49 02/03/1756 Robert DOLLER Single   Sarah HORNSEY Single  
50 02/03/1756 Matthew DIXON Widower   Elizabeth COOPER Single  
51 06/04/1756 John BLACKMAN Single   Edith WINDSOR Single  
52 18/04/1756 James ROBINSON Single   Mary THORNTON Single  
53 25/04/1756 Richard FAWCETT Single St Luke Ann MILLNER Single  
54 27/04/1756 James JOYNER Widower   Elizabeth NEWMAN Single  
55 28/04/1756 Benjamin ROBERSON Single   Ann ALPORT Single  
56 10/05/1756 William BIRD Single   Dorothy ADAMS Single  
57 16/05/1756 Nathaniel FELLOWS Widower   Mary SMART Widow St Botolph Aldersgate, City Of London
58 19/05/1756 Anthony Henry STEMANN Single   Sally HODGSON Single  
59 23/05/1756 James COOPER Widower   Sarah SPELLER Single  
60 30/05/1756 Samuel BROADHEAD Single   Sarah CANNON Single  
61 06/06/1756 John BOULTON Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
62 22/06/1756 Daniel LEE Single   Mary FOX Single  
63 24/06/1756 William GARDINER Single   Ann HILL Single  
64 11/07/1756 Aaron BAKER Widower   Mary BALEY Single  
65 22/07/1756 John LEWIS Single   Lucy KEEN Widow  
66 01/08/1756 Richard THORPE Single   Elizabeth HOLMES Widow  
67 06/08/1756 Robert RADCLIFFE Single   Dorothy HOOPER Single St Bartholomew Exchange, City Of London
68 16/08/1756 Robert NORTHOVER Single Stapleford, Hertfordshire Mary DITTON Single  
69 02/09/1756 Edward PHILLIPS Single   Hannah REVELL Single  
70 05/09/1756 John HOLE Single   Mary REEVE Single  
71 14/09/1756 Robert HEMSTEAD Single Clerkenwell Ann TAPPING Single  
72 16/09/1756 Isaac WILLIAMS Single St Margaret, Westminster Ann AXFORD Single  
73 19/09/1756 John LEVER Single St Mildred Poultry, City Of London Alice BURTON Single  
74 21/09/1756 William DANSON Single   Mary BESKBY Single  
75 26/09/1756 Joseph THORNTON Single   Charlotte WILLIS Widow  
76 27/09/1756 John HESLOP Single   Ann UNTHANK Single  
77 07/10/1756 Daniel HICKMAN Widower All Saints, Hertford, Hertfordshire Elizabeth JOHNSON Widow  
78 23/10/1756 Edward FORD Widower   Jane MURRAY Single St Andrew Undershaft, City Of London
79 25/10/1756 Nathaniel CHAPMAN Single   Margaret TAYLOR Single  
80 01/11/1756 William THORNE Single   Elizabeth GROSS Single  
81 07/11/1756 George EATON Widower   Sarah COLLICE Widow  
82 23/12/1756 John JOHNSON Single St Dionis, City Of London Mary CATLIN Single  
83 30/12/1756 Isaac UPSDELL Single   Ann LOVELL Single  
84 31/12/1756 Alexander PULLEN Single   Alice HARVEY Single Leyton, Essex
85 03/01/1757 William HUMPHREYS Single   Martha VESSEY Single  
86 11/01/1757 Henry CHINNE Single   Mary LEONARD Single  
87 27/01/1757 Samuel BOLTON Widower St Dunstan In The West, City Of London Arabella BAKER Widow  
88 10/02/1757 Peter MEARING Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
89 21/02/1757 Louis COURSEULLE Single   Sarah HUDSON Widow  
90 24/03/1757 Thomas WADE Single St Andrew Undershaft, City Of London Mary HOLLOWAY Single  
91 05/04/1757 John PRESTON Single   Sarah WEBB Single Waltham Holy Cross, Essex
92 12/04/1757 John NOTH Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster Judith TETSALL Single  
93 14/04/1757 Chapman WHITTAKER Single   Mary NEWTON Single  
94 21/04/1757 Thomas CORNTHWAITE Single   Hester MOOREY Single St Margaret Moses, City Of London
95 23/04/1757 Adam CLARK Single St Dunstan In The East, City Of London Elizabeth BROWN Single  
96 23/04/1757 Jonathan COBBIN Single St Giles In The Fields Catharine CARTEY Single  
97 28/04/1757 William SQUIRE Single St Dunstan In The East, City Of London Mary BARROW Single  
98 03/05/1757 John DONALD Single Barking, Essex Ann MILLS Single  
100 07/05/1757 John FLOVAR Single Bethnal Green Margaret RONDEAU Single  
99 07/05/1757 Peter Constant LAMARE Single   Ann HUMPHRIES Widow  
101 08/05/1757 John BISHOP Single Shoreditch Sarah WEATHERS Single  
102 12/05/1757 William MILLER Widower   Elizabeth SIGNALL Single  
103 31/05/1757 Joseph STATHAM Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
104 02/06/1757 William PLOMER Single St Katherine Creechurch, City Of London Susanna REEVES Single  
105 09/06/1757 William PERKINS Widower   Ann SMITH Widow Worlaby, Lincolnshire
106 23/06/1757 Thomas STRATTON Single St Katherine Creechurch, City Of London Elizabeth TOMKINS Single  
107 27/06/1757 Thomas GREENWOOD Single   Elizabeth ROTTENBURY Single  
108 11/07/1757 Samuel MILLWOOD Single   Sarah PARMER Single  
109 12/07/1757 John PHILLIPS Widower   Mary BASS Single St Magnus, City Of London
110 18/07/1757 Edward CRAFT Widower   Sarah WICKS Widow  
111 18/07/1757 Edward BARR Single Tottenham Tamar DEAN Widow  
112 20/07/1757 David POWELL Widower   Sarah VENABLES Single  
113 20/07/1757 Joseph GOODWIN Widower   Sarah HOMESBY Single  
114 03/08/1757 Henry RAINES Widower   Mary DOD Widow  
115 04/08/1757 Thomas ADLARD Widower   Mary PASCHALL Single  
116 16/08/1757 George HALL Single   Ann MAYHEW Single  
117 21/08/1757 John AYRES Single   Jane BOW Single  
118 21/08/1757 William MILNEAR Single   Rebecca RICHARDSON Single  
119 24/08/1757 James TOMKINS Widower   Elizabeth CUREL Single  
120 26/09/1757 Leonard GLADELL Single   Mary HALL Single  
121 28/09/1757 William YOUNG Single   Elizabeth FRANCES Widow  
122 02/10/1757 Jonathan MANLEY Widower   Eleanor PHIPPS Single  
123 09/10/1757 James MCLEAN Single St Clement Danes, Westminster Ann CALLDINE Single  
124 18/10/1757 William COMBES Single Covent Garden Hannah STILES Single  
125 27/10/1757 Paul BERTHON Single St Dionis, City Of London Amphillis LEWIS Single  
126 30/10/1757 Benjamin BAYLIS Single   Elizabeth Martha ROYSTON Single  
127 10/11/1757 John SMITH Widower   Ann WRANGLES Single  
128 20/11/1757 Joseph MASON Single Kings Langley, Hertfordshire Grace CALLDINE Single  
129 15/12/1757 William DICK Single   Mary COLEMAN Single  
130 19/12/1757 William COLBURN Widower   Lydia NUTMAN Widow  
131 19/12/1757 John LOVELL Single   Penelope TURLINGTON Single  
132 03/01/1758 Paul Henry ROBINSON Widower St Nicholas Acon, City Of London Mary TOTTON Single  
133 08/01/1758 Robert HUGHES Single   Ann EASTBURN Single St Botolph Aldgate, City Of London
134 13/01/1758 Thomas DURRANT Single   Jane SIMMONDS Single  
135 13/01/1758 Joseph ATKINS Single Christchurch, City Of London Eleanor STOKES Widow  
136 19/01/1758 John CHEEK Single   Mary ARMANDY Single  
137 23/01/1758 St George RUDD Widower   Phillis TIDMARSH Single  
138 06/02/1758 Daniel VIALARS Widower   Elizabeth Margaret RIGAIL Single St Peter Le Poor, City Of London
139 02/03/1758 Allyn SIMMONS Single St Swithin, City Of London Mary GROSVENOR Single  
140 07/03/1758 William STRINGER Single   Sarah BURRELL Single  
141 28/03/1758 John KEATES Single Shadwell Sarah TRAMPINGALL Single  
142 10/04/1758 Joseph HILL Single   Ann BICKNELL Single  
143 04/05/1758 Thomas GRIFFITHS Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single Whitechapel
144 09/05/1758 Joseph Arnaud DEWALEMBERGH Single Clapham, Surrey Mary Magdalen Victory DUQUAIRE Widow  
145 13/05/1758 Thomas HILL Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
146 15/05/1758 Matthew SIDGWICK Single   Mary FISHER Single  
147 21/05/1758 Jeremiah RAYMENT Widower Bethnal Green Jane FLEETWOOD Single  
148 04/06/1758 James WHEELER Single   Mary CURTIS Single  
149 29/06/1758 Thomas DAWSON Single   Mary CORBETT Single  
150 02/07/1758 Thomas JOHNSON Widower   Susanna WHITEHOUSE Single  
151 09/07/1758 George THOMAS Single   Elizabeth FAIRWEATHER Single  
152 16/07/1758 Alexander STEVENSON Single   Ann CORDELL Single  
153 25/07/1758 Robert TURNER Widower   Ann SHEPHERD Single  
154 08/08/1758 John SAFFORY Widower St Margaret Lothbury, City Of London Ann BAKEWELL Single  
155 10/08/1758 William HOPWOOD Single   Susanna DRAGE Single  
156 13/08/1758 William NORTON Single   Miner GAGE Single  
157 13/08/1758 Morris DAVIS Widower Bethnal Green Ann JONES Single  
158 20/08/1758 John BYWORTH Widower   Mary ALDRIGE Widow  
159 24/08/1758 William TOTTON Single   Frances JURIN Single  
160 07/09/1758 John REDMAN Single   Catharine HOLMES Single  
161 18/09/1758 John Colton CLARKE Single   Elizabeth PLUMRIDGE Widow  
162 24/09/1758 John RAWLINS Single   Elizabeth HARROLD Single  
163 24/09/1758 Simon BOLTON Single   Mary ABNEY Single  
164 26/09/1758 Thomas CLARK Single Bethnal Green Elizabeth PRATT Single  
165 08/10/1758 Thomas DAWSON Single Wymering, Hampshire Catharine MACKAY Single  
166 22/10/1758 George MYERS Widower   Mary WEST Widow  
167 24/10/1758 James LAW Single   Hannah TILLEY Single  
168 26/10/1758 Robert GODDARD Single   Ann HILL Single  
169 29/10/1758 John HUMPHRIS Widower   Dorothy TROTMAN Single  
170 07/11/1758 Thomas HETT Single   Ann STOTT Single  
171 13/11/1758 Christopher HARFORD Single   Elizabeth HYDE Single  
172 14/11/1758 William CORNHILL Single   Deborah COOPER Single  
173 15/11/1758 Thomas FRYE Single   Sarah BLIGHTON Widow  
174 18/11/1758 Edward DANIELS Single   Ann PAMPLIN Single  
175 21/11/1758 John ARRUNDALL Widower   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
176 26/11/1758 John DORSETT Widower   Sarah CAMPTON Single  
177 17/12/1758 Anthony FORD Single   Elizabeth HAM Widow  
178 25/12/1758 Rowland JONES Single   Mary ROGERS Single  
179 04/01/1759 Joseph WILD Single   Elizabeth MATHEWS Single  
180 09/01/1759 Robert GREEN Single   Elizabeth DAKIN Single  
181 05/02/1759 Richard GILL Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
182 06/02/1759 John LEWIS Single   Sarah BRINKLEY Single  
183 09/02/1759 James FOURLE Single   Elizabeth NITCHER Single Lewes, Sussex
184 15/02/1759 Ralph BATTLE Single   Mary ATKINS Single  
185 18/02/1759 George GREEN Widower St Luke Elizabeth ENGLAND Single  
186 23/02/1759 Ephraim POTTER Single   Alice RAWLEIGH Single  
187 25/02/1759 Matthew SMITH Widower   Hannah KNOWLSLEY Widow  
188 26/02/1759 Richard Marsh PRATT Single   Martha CHAPPIN Single  
189 26/02/1759 Lawrence O'CONNOR Single   Margaret LEE Single  
190 27/02/1759 James Samuel REDMAYNE Single   Ellis EDWARDS Widow  
191 08/03/1759 James SHEPPARD Widower St Botolph Aldgate, City Of London Elizabeth PALMER Widow  
192 21/03/1759 William STOW Single   Mary SCARNELL Single  
193 07/04/1759 Richard FELL Widower St Ethelburga, City Of London Rachel JACKSON Single  
194 15/04/1759 John BAKER Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
195 19/04/1759 Joseph COWLING Single   Jane WRANGLES Single  
196 28/04/1759 Isaac HARLEY Single   Mary COLTON Single  
197 29/04/1759 John EVANS Single   Margaret HAWKESFORD Single  
198 30/04/1759 John COX Single   Martha KEMP Single Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
199 27/05/1759 William MITCHEL Single   Sarah WELLER Single  
200 02/06/1759 Henry NEWCOME Single   Mary MAWDSLEY Single St Ethelburga, City Of London
201 02/06/1759 Morris EDMONDS Single   Sarah MERRIT Single  
202 04/06/1759 John BUNGAY Single   Milly BARNS Single  
203 21/06/1759 John JOHNSON Single   Ann GRIFFITH Single  
204 26/06/1759 John WEST Single   Mary BONES Single  
205 02/07/1759 William GROUT Single   Sarah GOODWIN Single  
206 08/07/1759 John HARLOW Single   Elizabeth HUGHES Single  
207 17/07/1759 Daniel HANMORE Single   Elizabeth OVERTON Single  
208 22/07/1759 Thomas BINLEY Widower   Elizabeth ROBERTS Widow  
209 29/07/1759 George WELLS Single Bromley St Leonard Elizabeth NEWMAN Single  
210 02/08/1759 John PRICE Single St Mary Woolnoth, City Of London Martha BROWNE Single  
211 12/08/1759 James HAROLD Single   Ann BROWN Single  
212 19/08/1759 John CARTER Widower   Martha PARTRIDGE Widow  
213 19/08/1759 Richard HARDEN Widower   Elizabeth WOOGER Widow  
214 26/08/1759 Francis BUNN Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Mary JAMES Single  
215 01/09/1759 Thomas CLARK Single Islington Elizabeth WOTTON Single  
216 09/09/1759 Thomas DORSETT Single   Martha KILLICK Single  
217 11/09/1759 John BROOK Single   Alice WRANGLES Single  
218 11/09/1759 Thomas LEVEN Single   Elizabeth BRUMTON Widow  
219 14/09/1759 John Charles SCHREIBER Widower St Nicholas Cole, City Of London Sophia LATEWARD Single  
220 16/09/1759 William FROSLEY Widower   Mary HASE Single  
221 20/09/1759 Thomas GRADWELL Widower   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
222 23/10/1759 John DALE Single   Elizabeth BRIDGMAN Single  
223 24/10/1759 John WOOD Single   Mary BUTTOM Single  
224 04/11/1759 Charles WEYMAN Single Chelsea Jane BURNETT Single  
225 04/11/1759 John LANE Single   Mary PETTIFER Single  
226 15/11/1759 Nehemiah RING Single Stepney Elizabeth GOLDHAM Single  
227 27/11/1759 Thomas JUDD Single   Sarah MANCHESTER Single  
228 27/11/1759 John DARNELL Widower   Martha GREENWAY Widow  
229 11/12/1759 Thomas FISHER Widower St Sepulchre, City Of London Patience FAULKNER Single  
230 13/12/1759 Nathaniel NASH Single   Sarah CRAWLEY Single Edmonton
231 16/12/1759 Mark HAMILL Single   Ann PARSONS Single  
232 23/12/1759 William FEAST Single   Sarah MOODY Single  
233 01/01/1760 Benjamin PARSONS Single Tottenham Sarah BIGG Single  
234 01/01/1760 William BECKINTON Single   Elizabeth FOLEY Single  
235 01/01/1760 Edward CEMPE Single   Ursula RATLEY Single  
236 05/01/1760 Thomas DAVIES Widower St Olave Hart St, City Of London Elizabeth DRURY Single  
237 21/01/1760 John HUNT Single St Giles, City Of London Elizabeth DUFFIELD Single  
238 22/01/1760 Thomas WILLIAMS Single St Mary Le Bow, City Of London Jane SIKES Single  
239 31/01/1760 Thomas BATEMAN Single St Luke Jane ARRUNDALL Single  
240 31/01/1760 John HARLAND Single Shoreditch Ann NORMAN Single  
241 05/02/1760 Richard READ Single   Lydia AMESS Widow  
242 10/02/1760 William SMITH Single   Ann CLARKE Single  
243 16/02/1760 Andrew WOOD Widower Shoreditch Mary WALKER Single  
244 17/02/1760 John FLOYD Single Whitechapel Esther COOKSEY Single  
245 20/02/1760 James HUNSDON Single   Ann WYNN Single  
246 25/02/1760 Thomas GURNEY Single   Sarah EVERETT Single  
247 27/04/1760 Teague GRIFFITHS Single   Elizabeth LOVELL Single  
248 30/04/1760 William STRINGER Single   Mary MACKAY Single  
249 04/05/1760 James WITTEM Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
250 25/05/1760 William MARSH Widower St Botolph Aldgate, City Of London Jane CARDWELL Widow  
251 02/06/1760 Richard BRUIN Single   Sarah LOWE Widow  
252 02/06/1760 Samuel HOLLYOCK Single   Elizabeth EWERS Single  
253 08/06/1760 John RUSH Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
254 24/06/1760 William DUCK Single Wapping Mary CRAIG Single  
255 03/07/1760 Thomas LONG Single Newington, Surrey Elizabeth SAXBY Single  
256 12/07/1760 William LEAR Single   Susanna CALMENIL Single  
257 20/07/1760 John MILLER Single St George In The East Ann BLEMENIY Single  
258 21/07/1760 Robert MADDICKS Widower St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Betty CHARLES Widow  
259 21/07/1760 William MUNDAY Single   Mary ADY Widow  
260 21/07/1760 William CLAYTON Single   Elizabeth HAWKINS Single  
261 22/07/1760 Thomas TURNER Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
262 05/08/1760 Thomas RICHARDSON Single St George, Southwark, Surrey Sarah HOARE Single  
263 19/08/1760 William NETTLETON Single   Mary LEE Single  
264 30/08/1760 Thomas VENN Single   Mary SOULE Single St Luke
265 03/09/1760 David DAVIS Single Shadwell Susanna CHOATE Single  
266 10/09/1760 John GILES Single   Mary HUDSON Single  
267 11/09/1760 George STUART Single St Bartholomew The Great, City Of London Deborah CHURCH Single  
268 05/10/1760 Thomas EDMONDS Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
269 15/10/1760 John WILLIAMS Single   Anne POWELL Single  
270 19/10/1760 Walter JONES Single   Anne PAVITT Single  
271 03/11/1760 John CROCKFORD Single   Elizabeth BESTWICK Single  
272 10/11/1760 David GIDMAN Single   Mary DIPPLE Single  
273 25/11/1760 William SLEATH Widower St James, Westminster Mary PURSER Single  
274 27/11/1760 Joseph PASCO Widower   Hannah LEWIS Single  
275 29/11/1760 Samuel DENDY Single   Sarah RENNY Single  
276 06/12/1760 John CARTER Widower   Anne SMITH Widow  
277 14/12/1760 Richard CRAFTS Widower   Mary ARTIS Single  
278 15/12/1760 Henery BUTT Single   Rachell HAUKINS Single  
279 21/12/1760 Thomas WILTON Widower   Mary JACKSON Single  
280 31/12/1760 Jacob ROBERTS Single   Hannah BUTLER Single  
281 06/01/1761 George BEECH Single   Elizabeth WOOD Widow  
282 06/01/1761 Richard CROSS Widower   Alice GIBBS Single  
283 25/01/1761 Robert FULLER Single   Mary Elizabeth LAND Single  
284 29/01/1761 John COPELING Single   Catherine JACKSON Single  
285 03/02/1761 John HAROLD Single   Judith PALMER Widow  
286 03/02/1761 Richard REYNOLDS Single   Mary DELL Single  
287 27/02/1761 Henry YATMAN Single   Ann MITTEN    
288 23/03/1761 Thomas WHITCHURCH Single   Elizabeth BELL    
289 30/03/1761 Thomas TITTRELL Single   Rebecca CROUCHER Single  
290 01/04/1761 Joseph WHITE Single Limehouse Nancey GWILLIAM Single  
291 04/04/1761 Richard MANWARING Single   Mary BALL Single  
292 05/04/1761 William BISHOP Single   Martha BULL Single  
293 09/04/1761 John ARCHER Single Stanford Rivers, Essex Elizabeth MILBOURNE Single  
294 12/04/1761 James SELL Single   Mary LOCK Single  
295 15/04/1761 John STEPHENS Single   Mary HARDING Single  
296 20/04/1761 Abraham MERCER Single   Elizabeth GROVE Single  
297 27/04/1761 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Ann ABBY Widow  
298 30/04/1761 Samuel FLETCHER Single   Sarah MILWARD Widow  
299 05/05/1761 John PENNY Single St Stephen Coleman St, City Of London Hannah RAYSON Single  
300 11/05/1761 George MAYNARD Single   Mary HEWSON Single  
301 12/05/1761 Gregory SMITH Single Bloomsbury Elizabeth WELLS    
302 18/05/1761 Stephen HALES Single   Mary DOORN Single  
303 21/05/1761 James HOOKER   Shoreditch Mary THORNE    
304 26/05/1761 William SHEPHERD Single St George In The East Ann COOPER Single  
305 31/05/1761 Richard WOOD Widower St Stephen Coleman St, City Of London Mary DINSDALE Single  
306 02/06/1761 John MASON Widower   Elizabeth WATSON Single  
307 02/06/1761 John CLARKE Single   Mary LANCASTER Single  
308 07/06/1761 Thomas EVANS Single   Mary TOMPSON Single  
309 13/06/1761 Joshua HOBBS Single   Elizabeth Worth MAY Single  
310 21/06/1761 Thomas BAYLEY Single   Elizabeth WALTER Single  
311 14/07/1761 Mark TURNER Single West Ham, Essex Elizabeth BUMPSTED    
312 03/08/1761 William PALMER     Mary WOOD Single  
313 06/08/1761 Edward COOKE Single St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Esther FRANCIS    
314 11/08/1761 William TOULMIN Single   Sarah CLARKE Single Wapping
315 18/08/1761 Stephen BROWN Single Stoke Newington Mary BAKER Single  
316 22/08/1761 Robert TUCK Widower   Dinah GANFOR Single  
317 30/08/1761 Thomas HAGAR Single   Sarah HUMPHRYS Single  
318 08/09/1761 John WALTON Single   Elizabeth HALLET Single  
319 24/09/1761 John WALKER Single Shoreditch Elizabeth STRATTON Single  
320 27/09/1761 John SAMWELL Single   Mary REEVES Single  
321 01/10/1761 Edward HIND Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
322 02/10/1761 John KAY Single St Paul, Hammersmith Porthane COLLINGWOOD Single  
323 07/10/1761 Robert SHEELS Widower   Ruth FILKINS Widow  
324 11/10/1761 Thomas FENSUM Single   Sarah SPENCER Single  
325 12/10/1761 George MARSH Single   Ann TURNER Single  
326 22/10/1761 William FORESIDE Single   Mary ASPINNELL    
327 29/10/1761 Edmund FURBANK Widower   Sarah PATMORE Single  
328 29/10/1761 Samuel RHODES Single   Ann WOOLRIDGE   St Andrew Holborn, City Of London
329 01/11/1761 James WRIGHT Widower Leyton, Essex Rebecca CHESTER Single  
330 01/11/1761 Cornelius PASFIELD Single   Elizabeth LATTER Widow  
331 12/11/1761 John REYNOLDS Widower   Maria Catharina LANGIN   Newington, Surrey
332 13/11/1761 John GEAREY Single   Mary LAWRENCE Single  
333 17/11/1761 Thomas CRISP Single   Elizabeth TREE Widow St Luke
334 17/11/1761 Barnard TAYLOR Single   Sarah FLANDERS Single  
335 17/11/1761 James SPENCER Single   Mary BROWN Single  
336 27/11/1761 Thomas ELKEN Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
337 15/12/1761 Josiah FOWLER Single St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Elizabeth NAIL Single  
338 17/12/1761 Abraham CLARK Single Limehouse Hannah LOYD Single  
339 20/12/1761 John WINTER Widower   Jane RICHARDS Widow  
340 26/12/1761 Daniel OADY Single   Sarah GOODMAN Single  
341 28/12/1761 Samuel DAVIS Single   Esther OSBORNE Single  
342 31/12/1761 William TOMKINSON Single   Ann DAVIS Single  
343 12/01/1762 John BROWN Single   Eleanor HINDS Single  
344 12/01/1762 William FYSSEN Single   Mary WOOTTON Single  
345 14/01/1762 Thomas SURRIDGE Single   Ann PHILLIPS Widow  
346 20/01/1762 William DEAN Single St Luke Sarah TROUGHTON Single  
347 31/01/1762 Ralph TINLEY Single Shoreditch Hannah STIFF Single  
348 01/02/1762 John WEBB Single   Sarah SPICER Single  
349 04/02/1762 Mark HADDOCK Single   Elizabeth HADDOCK Widow  
350 14/02/1762 John LANE Single St Botolph Aldgate, City Of London Jane HIGGINS Single  
351 14/02/1762 Robert WATERS Single East Ham, Essex Mercy WOOD Single  
352 16/02/1762 George FARRELL Single   Dorothy DRAKE Single  
353 18/02/1762 Samuel COLLINWOOD Single   Sarah WASHINGTON Single  
354 21/02/1762 John MILLWOOD Single   Mary CHILTON Single  
355 23/02/1762 John GRISSON Single   Jane JACKSON Widow  
356 23/02/1762 Philip DUFFIL Widower   Mary RYAN Single St Luke
357 05/03/1762 Thomas JONES Single   Sarah THOMAS Single  
358 14/04/1762 Richard STEPHENS Single St Andrew, Norwich, Norfolk Anna Roberta MOODY Single  
359 18/04/1762 Benjamin PANTON Single   Sarah READ Single St Andrew Undershaft, City Of London
360 25/04/1762 Robert NEWTON Single   Grace MUNTON    
30/04/1762 Newman BOURNE Widower   Hannah BETTS Single  
29/05/1762 William CARTWRIGHT Single   Ann CULLIS Single  
30/05/1762 Henry RATCLIFF Single   Mary THETFORD Single St Stephen Coleman St, City Of London
30/05/1762 Joseph COLLINS Single   Ann HALEY Single  
04/06/1762 George SMITH Widower   Elizabeth SHAW Single  
03/07/1762 George WRIGHT Single   Martha BOOTH Single  
15/07/1762 William OLDE Widower   Mary KINSEY Single  
22/07/1762 John ENGLAND Single   Ann WOOD Single  
25/07/1762 John PARKER Widower   Mary GREENWOOD Widow  
04/08/1762 Joseph COX Single   Sarah JEFFERSON Single  
04/08/1762 Richard BUNDY Single   Sarah SOPER Single  
11/08/1762 Thomas COBLEY Single   Frances COLE Widow  
21/08/1762 Samuel WEST Single Whitechapel Susannah HATHAWAY Single  
23/08/1762 William ROBERTS Single   Elizabeth ORSBURN Single All Hallows Barking, City Of London
1 28/08/1762 John Newman COUSSMAKER Single Shoreditch Ann COUSSMAKER    
2 28/08/1762 Lanney Richard COUSSMAKER   Shoreditch Johanna COUSSMAKER    
3 05/09/1762 William PARKINSON Single   Elizabeth HARFORD Widow  
4 12/09/1762 John JONES Widower Deal, Kent Elizabeth HULKS    
14/09/1762 Thomas HATCH Single   Ann SUTTON   Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire
10/10/1762 James WILSON Widower   Harriet FISHER Single Clapham, Surrey
24/10/1762 Thomas WARD Single   Mary KILLICK Single  
02/11/1762 William LEE Single Whitby, Yorkshire Ann BUTLER Single  
02/11/1762 Walter Cockerell BAMBER Single West Ham, Essex Mary PIGGOTT    
07/11/1762 John GUBARD Single   Mary BURGIN Single  
25/11/1762 Samuel GLADWIN Widower   Rebecca VICURIS Widow Enfield
02/12/1762 Robert ROLLESON Single   Mary CROSBY Single  
29/12/1762 Robert PATTERSON Single   Margaret WALKER Single  
01/01/1763 John PRESSLY Single   Ann WARRINGTON Single  
18/01/1763 John FIELD Single   Amy WESCOAT Single  
01/02/1763 Henry KIRBY Single   Elizabeth ROOF Widow  
13/02/1763 Thomas WRIGHT Widower St Giles In The Fields Susannah SIMPSON Single  
13/02/1763 William BLAKE Single Shoreditch Elizabeth FERRIS Single  
17/02/1763 Robert UNKELS Single   Ann BROWN Widow Stepney
20/04/1763 George GROOM Widower   Jane CHARLES Single  
25/04/1763 William GRIMES Single Shadwell Mary DAVIS Single  
04/05/1763 Robert ROBINSON Single   Margaret MAWTASS   St Magnus, City Of London
05/05/1763 Joseph HORNE Single   Elizabeth BOSTRELL Single  
22/05/1763 William MORRISON     Sarah BANKS Single  
25/05/1763 George JERMAIN Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Elizabeth GILBERT Widow  
25/05/1763 Thomas ANDERSON Single St Anne, Westminster Ann KIRKLY Single  
29/05/1763 John NEWTON Single   Elizabeth CREASE Single  
30/05/1763 Robert FLEED Single   Mary PAYNE Single  
08/06/1763 John CHALIE Single St Dunstan In The East, City Of London Susanna CLARMONT Single  
19/06/1763 Israel CURTIS Single St Giles, City Of London Isabella HARRISON Single  
25/06/1763 Mark WOODHOUSE Single   Sarah ALLEN    
26/06/1763 John SILLET Single   Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
19/07/1763 William CROWLEY Single   Margaret ADAMSON Single  
31/07/1763 Thomas WOOTTON Widower   Mary REYNOLDS Widow  
31/07/1763 Alexander READ Single   Mary VALLET Widow  
01/08/1763 John ROYSTON Single   Jane STONE Single  
01/08/1763 Henry BLAINE Single St Botolph Aldgate, City Of London Ann CURTIS Single  
11/08/1763 Francis PAWSON Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Mary CROWDER Single  
11/08/1763 Thomas LIKE Single St Michael Bassishaw, City Of London Mary ARBOUIN Single  
15/08/1763 Henry HARPER Single   Elizabeth DUNN Single  
06/09/1763 John MONDAY Single Stoke Newington Elizabeth BAVERSTOCK Single  
20/09/1763 Simon STEPHENSON Widower St Margaret, Westminster Martha STREET Widow  
23/09/1763 John RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth LUCKING Single  
10/10/1763 John BARROW Single   Sarah STONE Single  
16/10/1763 James SEATON Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single  
16/10/1763 John HARRIS Single   Elizabeth BURTON Widow Clerkenwell
23/10/1763 Thomas HARLING Single   Hannah BOMBEE Single  
01/11/1763 George PLUMRIDGE Single   Eleanor HERBERT Widow  
01/11/1763 John TICHBOURNE Single   Sarah GOODALL Widow  
03/11/1763 Nathaniel PRETLOVE Single   Hannah BURTON Single  
11/11/1763 William MOODY Single   Catherine GLOVER Single  
19/11/1763 William BROOKS Single   Elizabeth CROSBY Single  
20/11/1763 Joseph WELLS Single   Sarah HOWELL Single St Andrew Undershaft, City Of London
20/11/1763 Matthew FOSTER Single   Eleanor FRANKISH Single  
27/11/1763 Charles CRAWLEY Single   Sarah AGUST Single  
27/11/1763 Henry HARADIN Single   Susannah MARCHELL Single  
27/11/1763 Abraham HANMORE Single   Ann TURNER Single  
30/11/1763 Thomas JENKINS     Mary HORNSBY   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster
04/12/1763 Samuel DILLICKS Single   Margaret FITCH Single  
12/12/1763 John ELLIS Single   Sarah BELKNAPP Single  
18/12/1763 John PATTON Single   Elizabeth TURPIN Single  
25/12/1763 Robert EVERED Single   Martha HOMMERSTON Single Stoke Newington
1 03/01/1764 Benjamin KIRK Widower   Elizabeth WILSON Widow  
2 17/01/1764 Richard KIDMAN Single   Jane PEARCE Widow All Hallows Staining, City Of London
3 06/02/1764 William CHILTON   Bethnal Green Elizabeth SHEPPARD    
4 09/02/1764 John HILL Single   Hannah HUGHES Single  
5 09/02/1764 Charles FOUCH Single   Leah CRAGGS Single  
6 14/02/1764 James GOURBON Widower St James, Westminster Mary DYE Single  
7 26/02/1764 Robert TAYLOR Single   Jane BRUSH Single  
8 28/02/1764 William READ Single   Susannah MAYSEY Single  
9 04/03/1764 Robert MADDICKS Single Clerkenwell Maria Ann DARLING Single  
10 06/03/1764 Isaac FELL Single St Faith, City Of London Elizabeth DOD Single  
11 06/03/1764 John SMITH Single   Sarah WILLIAMS Widow  
12 16/03/1764 Thomas BODDINGTON Single   Maria Catherina FREMEAUX Single  
13 25/03/1764 William LEE Single   Jane SMITH Single  
14 25/03/1764 Joseph TINLEY Single   Elizabeth GILLPIN Single  
15 05/04/1764 Thomas HOWORTH Single St Giles In The Fields Mary UNWIN Single  
16 22/04/1764 James HANKIN Single   Elizabeth SIMONDS Single  
17 26/04/1764 Thomas THORN Single   Sarah MISELBROOK Widow  
18 04/05/1764 Joseph GENTRY Single   Elizabeth BUTLER Single  
19 08/05/1764 Henry PRATT Single   Hannah EVANS Single  
20 13/05/1764 David DAVIS Single St Botolph Aldersgate, City Of London Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
21 03/06/1764 Joseph ERBY Widower   Martha BELL Widow  
22 05/06/1764 William WADE Single   Rachel BUTT Widow  
23 10/06/1764 Ellis ROBERTS Single Shadwell Mary JACKSON Single  
24 14/06/1764 Samuel GARTON Single Bermondsey, Surrey Elizabeth RUDD Single  
25 19/06/1764 Samuel MIDWINTER Single Shoreditch Mary HAWLEY Single  
26 23/06/1764 George HODGKINSON Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
27 24/06/1764 Richard WILLIAMSON Single   Martha CROUCH Single  
28 26/06/1764 William MELBOURN Widower   Rachel RUMBOLD Single  
29 26/06/1764 John SPRING Single   Mary CLENCH Single  
30 30/06/1764 William KERR Single All Saints, Northampton, Northamptonshire Charlotte YEATES Widow  
31 01/07/1764 William JOHNSON Single   Mary HESKETH Single  
32 15/07/1764 Richard AYLETT Single   Ann STOKES Single  
33 17/07/1764 Nicholas UNDEY Widower Twickenham Elizabeth SMITH Widow  
34 22/07/1764 Jeremiah RAYMENT Widower   Frances MATHEWS Widow  
35 23/07/1764 Joshua RICHMOND Widower   Susannah FOWEL Widow  
36 29/07/1764 John OHLSON Single St Anne, Westminster Ann HOORD Single  
37 11/08/1764 John MIDDLETON Single St Katherine Coleman, City Of London Mary HALSTAFFE Single  
38 12/08/1764 William GROVES Single   Hannah HANCOCK Single  
39 12/08/1764 John DOWNS Widower   Sabrina LODGE Single  
40 08/09/1764 Robert ROBINS Single   Ann FIELD Single  
41 08/09/1764 Daniel KEEFE Single St Luke Mary KEEFE Single  
42 20/09/1764 Samuel James DELOFE Widower St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Ann SKERRETT Single  
43 23/09/1764 John FARMER Widower   Martha STRATTON Widow St Sepulchre, City Of London
44 01/10/1764 John CROUTAR Widower   Elizabeth REAY Widow  
45 07/10/1764 Joseph FOWLER Single   Mary TRIBE Widow  
46 08/10/1764 Richard ADAMS Single   Margaret SMITH Single  
47 11/10/1764 Robert CUTHBERT Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
48 28/10/1764 Stephen NICHOLSON Single   Sarah POWELL Widow  
49 01/11/1764 John OVERLAND Widower Bromley St Leonard Ann TAYLOR Widow  
50 04/11/1764 William DOBSON Widower   Elizabeth THORMAN Widow  
51 05/11/1764 Thomas CANNON Single   Hester EVERARD Single  
52 10/11/1764 Henry CLARKE Single   Ann Catharine MILLIQUET Single  
53 22/11/1764 Thomas SAUNDERS Single Shoreditch Jane MARTHES Single  
54 26/11/1764 John STOREY Widower   Mary DOWDEN Single  
55 27/11/1764 John TRAPPIT Single   Elizabeth PERRY Single  
56 04/12/1764 John HARRIS Single   Elizabeth VESSEY Widow  
57 06/12/1764 Patrick RUSSEL Single   Elizabeth BALLARD Single  
58 25/12/1764 John ROSS Single   Elizabeth ROSS Single  
59 31/12/1764 Daniel KEFFORD Single   Mary LEACH Single  
1 01/01/1765 William HAMPSHIRE Single   Mary WARREN Single  
2 28/01/1765 James WEST Widower St Bride, City Of London Agnes ARNOLD Single  
3 31/01/1765 James NELSON Single Bethnal Green Sarah PAMPLIN    
4 08/02/1765 John BANYARD Widower   Mary NEWTON Widow Hammersmith
5 10/02/1765 Thomas BOWRAN Single   Mary SPARROW Widow St Mary Breadman, Canterbury, Kent
6 11/02/1765 William FARRINGTON Single   Mary PLANT Single  
7 13/02/1765 Jonathan PORTER Single   Ann WIGGINTON Single  
8 17/02/1765 James BAKER Widower   Elizabeth SPARKES Single Lambeth, Surrey
9 19/02/1765 Samuel WILLIAMS Widower   Ann FLETCHER Widow St Luke
10 26/03/1765 John ROSAMOND Single   Ann BARKER Single  
11 30/03/1765 Uriah HUDDIBULL Widower   Mary ADAMS Widow Shoreditch
12 08/04/1765 Richard MOORE Single Camberwell, Surrey Eleanor BROWN Single  
13 11/04/1765 Edward WARRINGTON Single   Susanna DORE Single  
14 24/04/1765 John GOODMAN Single   Elizabeth WATTS Single  
15 25/04/1765 John SWABY Single   Mary MITCHELL Single  
16 28/04/1765 William BAYLIS Single St Sepulchre, City Of London Mary STATTARD Single  
17 02/05/1765 Thomas GRICE Single   Margaret LAWRENCE Single  
18 26/05/1765 Robert NORMAN Single St Sepulchre, City Of London Elizabeth SMITH Single  
19 26/05/1765 William WOODWARD Widower   Elizabeth OXLEY Widow  
20 28/05/1765 Joseph ROSAMOND Single   Sarah SERLE Single  
21 17/06/1765 Thomas IVORY Single   Mary STYLES Single  
22 18/06/1765 Robert EVELEIGH Widower Clerkenwell Sarah BISHOP Single  
23 20/06/1765 John HOLE Widower   Elizabeth ATHAWES Widow Waltham Holy Cross, Essex
24 20/06/1765 James WARRIN Widower Shoreditch Sarah BLAKE Single  
25 24/06/1765 James GRAYSON Single   Margaret PARDDA Single  
26 25/06/1765 Abraham LLOYD Single   Sarah DARVILL Single  
27 29/06/1765 Clement GILBERT Single   Mary RAYE Single  
28 10/07/1765 Thomas STONE Single   Mary KING Single  
29 10/08/1765 John BURGES Single   Elizabeth MERRY Widow  
30 17/08/1765 James BRISTOWE Widower St Margaret, Westminster Sarah CONSTABLE Widow  
31 21/08/1765 Phillip FREEMAN Single Shadwell Mary DITCHFIELD Widow  
32 02/09/1765 James MOODY Single   Jane PARSONS Single  
33 05/09/1765 Peter GREENE Single St Anne, Westminster Catharine PRITZLER Single  
34 28/09/1765 Thomas PRESTAGE Single   Martha MATTHEWS Single  
35 05/10/1765 John ROSE Widower   Ann BARTHOLOMEW Single  
36 23/10/1765 John COOPER Single   Frances PAYNE Widow  
37 23/10/1765 James RICHARDS Single Shadwell Dorcas JONES Single  
38 25/10/1765 William WHITAKER Single   Sarah GOODWIN Widow  
39 03/11/1765 Charles DENMAN Widower   Mary PORTER Single  
40 03/11/1765 Thomas SHARP Single   Elizabeth GEE Single  
41 05/11/1765 Francis HAYWARD Single   Anne GREEN Single  
42 10/11/1765 Francis ROSAMOND Widower   Mary CUMBERLAND Widow  
43 14/11/1765 Thomas MORGAN Single   Elizabeth TATE Single  
44 26/11/1765 Thomas BURROUGHS Single   Ann MAGGS Single  
45 08/12/1765 John WOODS Single Bermondsey, Surrey Ann GILES Single  
46 15/12/1765 William HALE Single   Sarah CHILTON Single  
47 28/12/1765 Robert SAUNDERS Single   Ann HENDUE Widow  
1 05/01/1766 William WALLFORD Single   Dorothy BURTON Widow  
2 25/01/1766 William ELLIS Single   Hannah ADAMSON Single  
3 30/01/1766 Horton DUNN Single St Mary, Westminster Mary FERREY Single  
4 02/02/1766 Joseph THORNTON Widower   Elizabeth HORNSEY Widow  
5 18/02/1766 Edward PRIESTLY Single   Sarah HEARL Widow  
6 24/02/1766 James BOWEN Widower   Abigail BURRIN Single  
7 31/03/1766 Bartholomew VESSEY Widower   Elizabeth TOMPKINS Widow  
8 01/04/1766 Richard PLIMPTON Single   Mary ELLIS Single St Clement Danes, Westminster
9 03/04/1766 John CLARKE Single All Hallows Lombard St, City Of London Elizabeth SEARLE Single  
10 10/04/1766 John LEWIS Single   Sarah DE NEUFOILLE Single St Anne, Westminster
11 10/04/1766 William WALFORD Single   Ann URLWIN Single  
12 17/04/1766 Samuel KISLINGBURY Widower   Ann GARDINER Widow  
13 23/04/1766 George BAKER Single   Catherine GLOVER Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
14 05/05/1766 Edward LOWE Widower   Mary TURTLE Single St Luke
15 06/05/1766 John ATKINSON Widower   Elizabeth FREEMAN Widow  
16 07/05/1766 James SPRAUSLEY Single   Ann THOMAS Single  
17 15/05/1766 John CRIPPS Widower   Elizabeth GRIFFITH Widow  
18 19/05/1766 John REYNOLDS Single   Mary HUGHES Single  
19 20/05/1766 John ARGELL Widower   Ann RIDER Widow  
20 22/05/1766 John Haythorn WHITE Single St Anne, Westminster Mary EVANS Widow  
21 24/05/1766 Joseph KNIGHTS Single   Susannah PALMER Single  
22 25/05/1766 John RUNHAM Single   Lydia WARLER Single  
23 27/05/1766 James CHANDLER Single   Sarah BENGOUGH Single  
24 16/06/1766 Charles COOLEY Widower   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
25 19/06/1766 Absolom MARDEN Widower Shadwell Ann ANDERSON Single  
26 23/06/1766 John HALL Single   Margaret EVANS Widow  
27 13/07/1766 James SIGGINS Single   Jane CRACKTON Single  
28 16/07/1766 John WINT Single   Frances WYKES Single  
29 17/07/1766 Peter FRANCIS Single St Margaret, Westminster Elizabeth Dorothy COLE Single  
30 20/07/1766 Thomas ASHBY Single   Mary BUXSTONE Widow  
31 22/07/1766 John PENNINGTON Single   Ann GOSLING Single  
32 28/07/1766 John GROOMBRIDGE Widower   Abigall BURREL Widow  
33 16/08/1766 John Flatman GODFREY Single   Mary HOLLENSBEE Single  
34 17/08/1766 Thomas STINT Single   Hester THOMAS Single  
35 21/08/1766 Stephen COMYN Widower Barking, Essex Anna WILSONN Single  
36 24/08/1766 Joseph CHAMBERS Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
37 02/09/1766 John KIRKUM Widower Christ Church, Southwark, Surrey Elizabeth MAIN Single  
38 14/09/1766 Frederick HINSCH Widower St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Martha OWENS Single  
39 16/09/1766 William ASPIN Single St Clement Danes, Westminster Elizabeth TREACHER Single  
40 18/09/1766 John SPRATLEY Single   Susanna GOLD Single  
41 28/09/1766 John BULLEID Single   Mary FIELD Single  
42 02/10/1766 Joseph HUNT Single   Ann FINLINSON Widow  
43 05/10/1766 George Mabank GARDNER Single All Hallows Barking, City Of London Mary HOBBS Single  
44 15/10/1766 John TATT Single   Prudence COWLEY Single  
45 19/10/1766 William DAVIS Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
46 19/10/1766 Joseph RICHARDS Widower   Ann PUNT Single  
47 20/10/1766 Abraham WATSON Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Widow  
48 01/11/1766 John MILSON Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
49 01/11/1766 John HUGGON Widower Tottenham Jane MESSENGER Widow  
50 04/11/1766 John MARTIN Single   Rebecca CHELTON Single  
51 10/11/1766 Henry PILGRIM Single   Jane CROUTER Single  
52 11/11/1766 Poullgreen FRANCIS Widower Shadwell Elizabeth INGRAM Widow  
53 15/11/1766 Charles COMBS Single   Ann HOWARD Widow  
54 20/11/1766 Joseph WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth EVERITT Single  
55 09/12/1766 Jonathan HILLS Widower   Susannah TARRY Single  
56 25/12/1766 William BURTON Single   Ann LEWIS Single  

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