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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ashwicken All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Ashwicken (which incorporates the former parish of Leziate) is located in western Norfolk about 5 miles east of the port of King's Lynn. Ashwicken is located just to the south of the B1145 road which runs eastwards across central Norfolk from King's Lynn to Bawdeswell. Ashwicken is a small hamlet, not a substantial place at all, most of the habitation consists of cottages and farms gathered around its hall. This is perhaps an indication that Ashwicken was a closed parish where most land and hence access was held by the lord of the manor and this restricted village growth. The land hereabouts is underlain with a coarse iron-rich sandstone which produces poor soils - much of the parish is heathland and what is farmed was largely pastoral. Ashwicken is sited at 30 metres above the sea on a low ridge, a glacial feature, which runs eastwards from King's Lynn and carries the B road. To both north and south streams drain westwards towards the Great Ouse and The Wash. With its smaller neighbour the area covered by Ashwicken parish was fairly typical of the area, at almost 1,200 acres it would have supported less than a 100 parishioners. In Domesday times Ashwicken was shared by Count Alan of Brittany and one Roger, it boasted 5 ploughs, a mill and a salthouse.

The Church

All Saints' church is one that can only be reached on foot, it stands about 200 metres from Ashwicken's lane accessed by a chestnut-lined pathway. Pevsner is rather coy in dating All Saints, he gives a 13th century date to the western tower and notes that it was reduced and capped by the curiously low pyramidal top, as well as adding formidable buttresses (presumably to prevent imminent collapse). The church was apparently in a near ruinous state in 1777 and much work has occurred to restore something which is usable today. Most of the windows date from the 19th century, as does the southern porch and chancel which had to be largely rebuilt. Access to All Saints is by a signed footpath which leaves the lane beside a large "Welcome" sign, the path is shaded but on reaching the graveyard the site opens out giving unrestricted photographic opportunities.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th July 1754 - 26th November 1812 Norfolk Record Office Bishop's & Archdeacon's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register prior to 1813 has been lost and these records were retrieved from the extant Bishop's & Archdeacon's copies. The quality is poor leading to a likelihood of misreads and there are gaps leading to a certainty of omission
2 7th February 1814 - 25th October 1835 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/719/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Grimston St Botolph
Grimston St Botolph
Grimston St Botolph
Bawsey St James
Mintlyn St Michael
Gayton St Nicholas
Middleton St Mary the Virgin
East Winch All Saints
East Winch All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
05/07/1754 William BURTON     Susanna PETCH    
10/10/1754 Samuel KIRBY     Rose LATTY    
16/10/1754 Joseph WILLSON     Anne NUTLER    
28/10/1754 William CRISP     Sarah PETCH    
13/10/1755 Stephen LAWS   North Runcton Sarah BURGENY    
04/10/1757 Richard CLAYDON Single   Elizabeth DOWNING Widow  
17/10/1759 Thomas OATLEY Single Gayton Sarah STEPHEN Single Bawsey
19/11/1759 William SHALLS Single Congham Mary ELMER Single  
18/02/1760 George WALLS Widower   Sarah BLOGG Widow  
19/02/1760 Christian OLLSEN Single St Margaret, Kings Lynn Mary HARRIS Single  
08/05/1766 Spelman COOK Single   Elizabeth CORSTON Single Bawsey
22/11/1767 John CODLING Single Bawsey Elizabeth HARWOOD Single Bawsey
21/06/1769   WOODS     Elizabeth ASHLEY Widow  
29/07/1783 John HOLTS Single   Mary YOUNGS Single  
30/09/1783 Bernard FOX Widower Bawsey Esther LEGET Single  
30/11/1783 John MAN Single Bawsey Elizabeth BASS Single  
18/10/1784 Richard SCRAGG     Rose TOWLER    
29/11/1784 William YOUNGMAN     Mary TUKE    
18/12/1786 John GRIMMER Single   Sarah FRANKS Single  
21/11/1788 John COOK Single Weasenham All Saints Ann SPRINGOLD Single  
10/10/1791 Charles BUNTON Single Bawsey Frances WIBOROUGH Single Bawsey
07/05/1793 Thomas KNIGHTS Single Bawsey Martha NAILOR Single  
17/06/1793 Isaac BARRET Single Bawsey Elizabeth MINDUM Single  
11/11/1793 Barnard FOX Single   Deborah HARPER Single  
07/09/1794 Robert WRIGHT Single   Frances FOX Single  
25/05/1795 John MAN Widower Bawsey Sarah BASS Single  
11/10/1795 Henry WHITE Single   Susan WILKIN Single  
13/03/1797 Benjamin EWEN Single Bawsey Rose SPRAGG Widow  
10/04/1800 John MANN Single Bawsey Mary MANN Single  
19/05/1800 John SMITH Widower Bawsey Elizabeth PEASE Single  
16/11/1801 Thomas PLUMB Widower Bawsey Elizabeth SHINKFULL Single  
28/11/1803 John JACKSON Single Bawsey Mary DEAN Single  
19/11/1804 James PAGE Single   Priss SAUNDERS Single  
14/10/1805 James THURROLD Single   Martha MANN Single  
23/01/1806 Richard DEWING Single Burnham Overy Elizabeth Goss HERRING Single  
14/10/1806 John BRICK Widower Westacre Elizabeth PLUMB Widow  
11/10/1808 Philip WAITES Single Castle Acre Susan ADAMS Single  
25/05/1809 George BENETT Widower   Mary Ann GOOCH Single  
04/06/1809 William SMITH Single Bawsey Sarah WALKER Single  
02/03/1810 Samuel WALKER Single Bawsey Elizabeth SIZELAND Single  
02/01/1811 Charles DENNY Single Grimston Susanna Longman HARRIS Single  
04/04/1811 Thomas THOMPSON Single   Jane HUNTER Single East Winch
29/09/1811 John LANCASTER Single   Ann FORSTER Single  
25/10/1811 Joseph SIMONS Single Spixworth Elizabeth STEBBINGS Single  
05/03/1812 John SAYERS Single East Walton Elizabeth POTTER Single  
02/08/1812 William SPELMAN Single Bawsey Mary SMITH Single Bawsey
26/11/1812 Robert JERMY Single Bawsey Mary ADAMS Single Bawsey
1 07/02/1814 William JEE Single Buxton Rose WALLS Single  
2 05/05/1814 Alexander BOWKER Single St Margaret, Kings Lynn Eliza TAYLOR Single  
3 30/07/1815 John BUGG Single Flitcham Cum Appleton Anne BUNTON Single  
4 14/11/1817 William YOUNGS Single   Mary WILLS Single  
5 13/03/1818 William SIZELAND Single   Anne ELLETON Single Bawsey
6 05/09/1818 Robert ADAMS Widower Bawsey Anne CLARKE Widow North Wootton
7 14/10/1819 George BROCK Single   Mary RANSHAWE Single  
8 11/11/1819 William WATTS Single   Mary SUCKLING Single  
9 13/10/1820 Thomas YOUNGS Single Bawsey Alice VINCENT Single Bawsey
10 05/11/1820 Simon SMITH Single St Margaret, Kings Lynn Mary BUNNING Single  
11 12/11/1820 Henry HOWARD Single   Sarah HAMMOND Single  
12 11/06/1821 Thomas INGLISH Single Bawsey Mary BRETON Single Bawsey
13 21/02/1823 Charles LEVERINGTON Widower Bawsey Susan BALDWIN Widow Bawsey
14 21/10/1824 John PANKS Single   Sarah Malaine PARK Single  
15 03/09/1827 Benjamin OAKES Single Burnham Norton Elizabeth Alice DEWING Single  
16 01/06/1829 William SHIN Single Gayton Mary ANGEL Single  
17 18/10/1829 John PANKS Widower   Elizabeth EVERITT Single Gayton
18 24/01/1830 Thomas WILLIAMSON Single Swaffham Emily ANDREWS Single Bawsey
19 01/11/1830 James GOULTY Single Bawsey Mary NORMAN Single Bawsey
20 24/12/1830 Robert FORSTER Single Middleton Elizabeth WILKIN Single Bawsey
21 09/01/1832 Thomas THOMPSON Widower   Frances FOX Single  
22 23/01/1832 Charles HART Single Bawsey Sarah OWTON Single Bawsey
23 18/10/1832 Robert BRITTON Single Bawsey Elizabeth SANDLE Single Bawsey
24 21/03/1833 William Spurrell KIDALL Single Swaffham Mary Ann TOMSON Single Bawsey
25 23/11/1833 Edward WEEKS Single Bawsey Hannah HALDING Single Bawsey
26 18/01/1835 George POTTER Single Bawsey Ann BOUGEN Single Bawsey
27 20/06/1835 Thomas SPAULL   Bawsey Plezence GOULTY   Bawsey
28 17/10/1835 James GOULTY Widower Bawsey Mary Ann ALLISON    
29 25/10/1835 William MASON Single Bawsey Mary ATKINS Single Bawsey

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