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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Barton Bendish St Andrew


The Parish

The parishes of Barton Bendish (for St Andrew is merely one of two with St Mary & All Saints) lie in western Norfolk close to the edge of Fenland. The village is located about 6 miles northeast of the market town of Downham Market and the same southwest of Swaffham. The village is sited on a minor lane south of the A1122 road which links those two places. Of the two churches in Barton Bendish St Andrew is nowadays the major one. The village is compact built mostly to the north of the main lane closely grouped around church and pub. The village is sited where the sandy heaths of Breckland merge to the lowlands of the Fens, Barton bendish is sited at around 10 metres above sea level in a broad agricultural plain of wide open skies and arable fields. To its north lies the major air base of RAF Marham home to some rather noisy jets which regularly patrol the area in training. The joint parishes covered a substantial area, over 3.300 acres and between them supported around 450 parishioners. On Domesday times Barton bendish was held by the King and merited several mentions in the book, however it seemed to be a poor area holding only 2 ploughs.

The Church

St Andrew's church is the present day village church and is sited in the heart of the village adjacent to a lane which winds through the buildings. The church has some early features from the 12th century but is mainly in the typical style for Norfolk of Perpendicular and mainly from the mid 14th century. The church has the classic style of nave, chancel and western tower. Like many churches there was restoration in Victorian times although in this case it appears to have mainly resulted in the re-roofing of the main body of the church. The church sits appropriately enough in Church Road behind a low flint wall and accessed through a pair of wooden gates. The churchyard is quite well endowed with mature trees and the access path is lined with some bushy conifers.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th May 1754 - 9th December 1811 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/350/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st November 1814 - 2nd November 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/350/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Fincham St Martin
Fincham St Martin
Shouldham All Saints & St Margaret
Marham Holy Trinity
Marham Holy Trinity
Fincham St Martin
Barton Bendish St Mary & All Saints
Beachamwell St Mary
Barton Bendish St Mary & All Saints
Boughton All Saints
Boughton All Saints
Oxborough St John the Evangelist
Oxborough St John the Evangelist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 07/05/1754 William KETTERINGHAM Single Foulden Mary RUMBALL Widow  
2 07/01/1755 Henry GUNNS Widower Shouldham Mary STEEL Single  
3 24/01/1755 Edmund SAVAGE Single Oxborough Frances WRIGHT Widow  
4 24/06/1755 Robert CUTTS Widower   Mary MORTON Widow  
5 07/10/1755 John PARNEL Single Shotesham Elizabeth PRICK Single  
6 11/10/1756 John BROUGHTON Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish Hannah SHORTEN Single  
7 08/02/1757 William STEWARD Single   Mary FLATT Single  
8 25/10/1757 George HAMMONT Widower   Elizabeth HARRISON Widow  
9 10/11/1757 John FRAISE Single   Anne BUTTER Single  
10 16/11/1757 John WILKIN Widower   Susanna FREEMAN Single  
11 21/06/1758 Robert FULLER Single Marham Mary CHANDLER Single  
12 11/01/1759 Samuel CAPPS Single   Elizabeth PARMER Single  
13 29/05/1759 William BUTTER Single   Mary STEWARD Single  
14 09/06/1761 Adam AMASON Single   Elizabeth WILKIN Single  
15 01/07/1761 Thomas ROUNCE Single   Mary MINICK Widow  
16 03/06/1762 Thomas WORTLEY Single   Constance ELMER Single  
17 15/11/1762 William GRAY Single   Mary CRACKLIN    
18 02/12/1762 William WHEATFIELD Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish Rose WORTLEY Single  
19 25/04/1765 Joshua PARKER Single Fincham Elizabeth STEWARD Single  
20 04/06/1765 Thomas BROTTON Single Marham Mary FLOOD Single  
21 14/10/1765 Thomas CAMP Single   Mary OVERTEN Single  
22 14/10/1765 John SMITH Widower   Mary KETTERINGHAM Widow  
23 30/10/1765 James RUDDERHAM Single   Alice BUCKLE Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish
24 11/12/1766 John RICE Single Oxborough Elizabeth PAIN Single  
25 08/03/1769 Matthew GAGE Single St Nicholas, Kings Lynn Julian ARTOR Single  
26 30/10/1769 Robert WATSON Single Castle Acre Mary MANN Single  
27 11/12/1769 James HILL Single   Elizabeth FLOOD Single  
28 16/09/1770 John GOLDSMITH Single   Anne BUCKLE Widow  
29 17/01/1772 Jeremiah WOODFIELD Single   Frances BUCKLE Single  
30 10/10/1772 Edward WHITTRICK Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish Margaret OVERTON Single  
31 08/08/1773 John ROBERTS Single   Mary JAKES Single  
32 18/11/1773 Richard AYLMER Single   Mary HUNT Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish
33 10/01/1774 John JOHNSON Single   Mary KETTERINGHAM Single  
34 31/12/1774 Philip ROOM Single Fincham Ann TAYLOR Single  
35 30/10/1775 William BLAND Single   Margaret HUDSON Single  
36 08/04/1776 Thomas JACKSON Widower Hilborough Rose WHITFIELD Widow  
37 07/06/1776 Thomas CRANE Single   Mary MANSEL Widow  
38 28/10/1776 Thomas BAXTER Single Shouldham Mary MINICK Single  
39 12/11/1776 John TOUNGATE Single Plumstead Susannah WILKIN Widow  
40 03/11/1777 Thomas CRISP Single   Ann KETTERINGHAM Single  
41 09/07/1778 Thomas JACKSON Widower   Elizabeth RUDDERHAM Single  
42 21/09/1778 Samuel BERRY Single   Elizabeth CAPS Widow  
43 04/12/1778 Ralf BUCKLE Single   Jane ROLFE Single  
44 16/02/1779 Daniel BAYES Single Shouldham Ann HUDSON Widow  
45 04/04/1779 Francis LAMBERT Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
46 22/07/1779 Robert WOODARD Single   Elizabeth SPALDING Single  
47 11/10/1779 George MANN Single   Elizabeth ROLFE Single  
48 01/12/1779 Robert HEUSON Single Boughton Ann WORTLEY Single  
49 04/12/1780 Edward NELSON Single   Ann GOODRICK Single  
50 17/01/1781 William CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth MEE Single Hilborough
51 12/10/1784 Samuel SIMMONS Single   Jane STAFF Single  
52 18/08/1785 Henry BRETT Single   Martha SUGGAMORE Widow  
53 24/10/1785 Joseph BUTTER Single   Elizabeth LAMBERT Single  
54 06/11/1785 William ADCOCK Single   Sarah LAMBERT Single  
55 12/12/1785 William FOKES Single   Mary KEMP Widow  
56 25/07/1786 William JOHNSON Widower   Mary CRANE Widow  
57 12/04/1787 Henry BRETT Widower   Sarah CROSHFIELD Single  
58 03/10/1787 James ARMSTRONG Single   Mary BARKER Single  
59 21/11/1788 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Ann ADCOCK Single  
60 04/08/1789 Edward BUXTON Single   Rose WORTLEY Single  
61 10/10/1789 John WARD Single Fincham Jane TAYLOR Single  
62 28/10/1789 John JERRY Single Swaffham Margaret WILSON Single  
63 11/10/1790 William WHITFIELD Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish Sarah ADCOCK Widow  
64 13/06/1791 Thomas OWEN Single Stoke Ferry Mary WARD Single  
65 08/11/1791 John WARD Widower   Mary ANDREWS Widow  
66 11/03/1793 Thomas GARWOOD Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
67 11/11/1793 William TUDNAM Single Oxborough Mary GAGE Single  
68 24/04/1794 Thomas LINDOE Single   Lydia TRUNDLE Single  
69 08/04/1795 John BULEN Single   Elizabeth ANDREWS Single  
70 24/09/1795 Thomas HERRING   East Winch Martha STEWARD    
71 09/11/1795 Thomas WORTLEY Single   Sarah GOLDSMITH Single  
72 15/02/1796 Henry ROBINSON Single Swaffham Sarah STEGGLES Single  
73 01/03/1797 John TOVILL Widower   Elizabeth MANN Widow  
74 02/11/1797 Thomas SMITH Single   Ann BOND Single  
75 19/11/1798 Benjamin CANEY Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
76 05/06/1799 Thomas ELY Single   Margaret EYER Widow  
77 31/10/1799 Christopher HARRIE Single   Sarah KEMP Single  
78 24/03/1800 Richard MENDHAM Single Boughton Sarah RAYNER Single  
79 25/06/1800 Thomas FORSTER Single Wymondham Frances OVERLAND Single  
80 02/02/1801 George WARD Single   Mary KNIGHTS Single  
81 18/10/1802 John WATSON Single   Elizabeth ADCOCK Single  
82 31/03/1803 Edward WEST Single   Mary MINICK Single  
83 20/08/1803 William STOKES     Ann PALING    
84 07/11/1803 Henry PUMFREY     Biddy NIGHTS    
85 04/12/1803 William SHINGFIELD     Hannah BROUGHTON    
86 17/01/1805 Thomas PALMER Single Congham Mary WEST Widow  
87 25/02/1805 James DOCKING     Mary HARRISON    
88 15/07/1805 John CHAPMAN Single   Sarah WHITFIELD Single  
89 24/09/1805 Thomas WHITFIELD Widower   Sarah CROME Widow  
90 15/10/1805 William BOND Single   Mary WHITFIELD Single  
05/01/1807 John CLAYTON Single   Frances WOODHARD    
09/02/1807 Cornelius GATES Single   Elizabeth WOODHARD    
25/04/1808 William GREEN Widower   Elizabeth GATES Single  
15/08/1808 Edmund CRISP Single Shouldham Mary ENGLISH Widow  
19/10/1808 Thomas WORTLEY Widower   Elizabeth PORTER    
06/07/1810 Ambrose OBELL Single   Mary FIDEMAN Single  
11/10/1810 John TOVELL Widower   Elizabeth BARKER Widow  
09/12/1811 Robert BEART Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single Stoke Ferry
1 01/11/1814 Henry PALMER Single Narborough Sarah BALES Single  
2 16/01/1815 James RASSON Single   Sarah ROBINSON Single  
3 13/09/1815 Jacob GALLOWAY Single   Susanna CROME Single  
4 27/11/1816 William COPSEY Single   Ann KNIGHTS Single  
5 04/02/1817 William ARMSTRONG     Mary ELEY    
6 05/04/1817 Robert GREEF Single   Sarah LAWS Single  
7 07/04/1817 John LYNDOE Single   Mary ELLMER Single  
8 13/10/1817 Samuel PEALING Single   Rebekah BEALS Single  
9 28/10/1817 Samuel CROME Single   Mary RUMBLE Single  
10 11/09/1818 William SOUTHAM Single St John, Peterborough, Northamptonshire Caroline EBDEN Single  
11 02/03/1819 William MORLEY Single   Mary MASON Single  
12 15/07/1819 William CARNALL   Cathedral, Ely, Cambridgeshire Sarah LYNDOE    
13 30/07/1820 John PAIN Single Downham Market Ann WILKIN Single  
14 25/05/1821 William BAILEY Single   Rachel KENT Single  
15 07/08/1821 William ENGLISH Single   Martha MASON Single  
16 02/12/1821 John PORTER Single   Mary BUCKELL Single  
17 05/12/1821 Ralph WHITFIELD Widower   Deborah HALL Single  
18 30/07/1822 William BARKER Single   Mary TUFFTS Single  
19 25/12/1822 James CHALTAN Single   Mary WATSON Single  
20 07/01/1823 Robert WOODARD Single   Mary CANEY Single  
21 07/03/1823 George TAYLOR Single Middleton Mary PORTER Single  
22 28/02/1825 Samuel HILL Single St George In The East, Middlesex Mary Anne HOWELL Single  
23 11/04/1825 John BRADLEY Single Rattlesden, Suffolk Elizabeth ROLFE Single  
24 24/01/1828 Joshua JOLLYE Single Rockland All Saints Mary PORTER Widow  
25 25/11/1828 William ADDERSON Single Downham Market Mary CHAPMAN Single  
26 31/07/1830 William TUFFTS Single   Mary ALEXANDER Single  
27 03/10/1830 Richard CLARK Widower   Mary BROWN Single  
28 20/11/1830 George BROWN Single   Rachel BRETT Single  
29 03/07/1831 Thomas KNIGHTS Single   Susan YAXLEY Single  
30 11/05/1832 John WHITFIELD Single   Mary MANN Single  
31 15/10/1832 John ELY Single   Ann Maria ABLE Single  
32 22/10/1832 William RAINER Single   Ann PARKER Single  
33 05/11/1832 James TUFTS Single   Susan DEWING Single  
34 06/11/1832 Robert SMITH Widower   Rose HARRISON Single  
35 10/09/1833 Richard David DONTHORN Single Fincham Jane WHITFIELD Single  
36 24/10/1834 Thomas COOPER Single   Harriet CHAPMAN Single  
37 24/10/1834 John JACKSON Single   Sarah GAGE Single  
38 28/10/1834 John TUFFS Single   Martha HOOKS Single  
39 25/01/1835 Lark HARRISON Single   Frances CURTIS Single  
40 26/12/1835 John GALLOWAY Single   Elizabeth ROLFE Single  
41 10/06/1836 Lawrence HARPER Single   Ellen BOLDEN Single  
42 10/06/1836 Henry TOWERS Single Fincham Ann GARMAN Single Fincham
43 02/11/1836 James CROME Single   Mary COLLINS Single  

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