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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Oxborough St John the Evangelist


The Parish

The parish of Oxborough lies in southwestern Norfolk about 7 miles southwest of the market town of Swaffham. Oxborough is a large village (it briefly had market town status with a market granted by Edward 1 but this has long since lapsed) which sits, in lanes, about 2 miles northeast of the A134 road which connects Thetford with King's Lynn. Oxborough and its surroundings have long been dominated by the local influential family of the Bedingfield, their 15th century hall occupying most of the parish land to the south of the village. Oxborough sits just north of the River Wissey which cuts a path of fertile land through the otherwise sandy expanses of Norfolk's Breckland, this fertility gave Oxborough a more varied economy than many Norfolk parishes, cattle grazing on the water meadows, sheep & rabbits on the sandier areas and some arable farming where soil permitted. The Wissey drains the parish westwards heading into Fenland to join the Great Ouse at Denver and thence to the North Sea through the port of King's Lynn. Oxborough is sited at around 10 metres above the sea and land is at or slightly above or below that height for many a mile. Norfolk parishes in the west of the county are larger than those of the east and Oxborough parish was typical of that, it covered around 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Oxborough was largely held by one Ralph de Limesy, a small place offering 7 ploughs, small meadows & woodland but possessed 2 mills and a fishery, both likely to have been along the Wissey.

The Church

St John the Evangelist's church sits at the heart of Oxborough to the southwest of the main village crossroads. The Topographical Dictionary of England describes St John as "spacious structure of flint and stone, in the later English style, with a square embattled tower surmounted by a lofty spire", that spire was, at 150 feet tall, one of the tallest in Norfolk. Sadly in 1949 the collapse of that tower destroyed not only that mighty edifice but also the nave and southern aisle of the church. Emergency repairs created a new external wall where the chancel arch stood to create a small remaining church surrounded by the saved ruin of the remainder. The church that remains is almost entirely from the perpendicular era and typical of a Norfolk church. The interest for St John comes internally where the Bedingfield's private chapel, fortuitously surviving the accident, contains some exceptional examples of terra-cotta monuments to the landed family, worth a visit in themselves. Facing the triangular green marking the main junction of lanes, the church sits behind a low flint & brick wall with a driveway into the site at the western end, whilst hemmed in from the south there are adequate other angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th October 1754 - 22nd October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD 139/3
Plain & ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th May 1813 - 19th April 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD 139/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Barton Bendish St Andrew
Beachamwell St Mary
Shingham St Botolph
Boughton All Saints
Stoke Ferry All Saints
Cockley Cley All Saints
Gooderstone St George
Northwold St Andrew
Northwold St Andrew
Foulden All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
17/10/1754 Richard CARTER Single   Mary TINGEY Single  
01/12/1754 Andrew CARR Widower   Frances HORSLEY Widow  
15/12/1754 Thomas FISH Single   Mary BOX Widow  
20/10/1755 William ANDREWS Single   Ann RAME Single  
03/08/1756 William JOHNSON Single   Rose HAYLETT Single  
28/07/1757 Richard PRATT Single   Frances HALL Single  
20/02/1759 Thomas HAYLETT Single   Amy FISH Single  
29/04/1760 Robert RAM Single   Anne FISH Single  
16/09/1760 James SALMON Widower Hilborough Rose HAILETT    
11/11/1762 John GUIBON Single   Martha PENTNEY Single  
22/12/1763 Thomas SPARROW Single   Frances PENTNEY Single  
23/04/1764 John KILTEREN Single   Esther FISH Single  
07/10/1766 Peter FRANKS Single Northwold Sarah SPARROW Single  
24/05/1767 John WRIGHT Single   Ann THOMPSON Single  
23/06/1767 William COKER Widower Foulden Martha GIBBON Widow  
01/09/1767 John CANEY Single   Mary MATHES Single  
24/01/1769 Edmund SPENCER Single   Elizabeth FISH Single  
30/01/1770 Edmund BARKER Widower   Susan GOODRICH Widow  
12/11/1770 Benjamin FULLER Single   Elizabeth MAN Single  
24/12/1770 Thomas RUDD Single   Susan PRATT Single  
31/05/1771 Joseph SCOTT Widower   Frances PLATFORD Widow  
11/11/1771 Henry BUCK Single   Eleanor PRATT Single  
23/11/1771 James SALMON Widower Denver Mary RAINER Single  
05/05/1772 John RUDD Single   Frances LOCK Single  
13/10/1772 William SHINFULL Single   Mary BENSTEAD Single  
08/02/1773 William PARMER Single   Dinah MILLER Single  
19/06/1773 John STIMSON Single Cockley Cley Frances MILLER Single Cockley Cley
14/12/1773 James RAM Single Cockley Cley Mary BOX Single Cockley Cley
26/12/1774 George COOPER Single Swaffham Anne HAZEL Single  
14/05/1775 John HOWELL Single   Anne ANDERSON Widow  
11/07/1775 John HUDSON Single   Susanna FISH Single  
11/09/1775 Thomas DYE Widower   Frances BUSH Single  
21/10/1776 James RAWLINGS Widower   Elisabeth SUGGITT Widow  
21/10/1776 Samuel CREASY Single   Diana KITTERINGHAM Single  
12/10/1778 John DENCH Single   Frances STIMSON Widow  
20/10/1778 John LACEY Single Old Catton Hannah SWALLOW Single  
23/08/1779 Robert JAMES Single   Lydia GREEN Single  
06/10/1779 John ANDREWS Single   Judith GARLAND Single  
01/12/1779 John JOHNSON Single Gooderstone Anne PENTNEY Single  
01/02/1780 Christopher LAST Widower   Rose JOHNSON Widow  
25/11/1782 Robert SMITH Single   Hannah CROPLEY Single  
10/10/1783 William BARKER Single Little Dunham Elizabeth HASTINGS Widow  
01/11/1783 John BUTCHER Single   Dinah CREASEY Widow  
17/03/1784 Robert MILLER Single   Ann GATHERGOOD Single  
09/08/1784 John SADD Widower Swaffham Susanna BARKER Widow  
23/05/1785 Thomas DOCKING Single   Anne ANDERSON Single  
26/12/1785 James FULLER Widower Cockley Cley Alice AGERS Widow Shingham
26/05/1788 William ANTHONY Single   Mary ROLFE Single  
30/06/1788 Cornelius BUNNING Single   Lydia JAMES Widow  
13/09/1788 William WRIGHT Single   Rose HAYLET Single  
08/12/1789 William BENNET Single   Ann BUSH Single  
05/08/1790 Thomas HARVEY Single Wereham Mary EADE Single  
12/10/1790 Edward BARKER Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
14/12/1790 John FIRBY Single   Rose WRIGHT Widow  
11/10/1791 William MORLEY Single   Ann MENDHAM Single  
12/12/1791 Dunham SIMMONS Single   Mary GREENWOOD Single  
27/02/1792 William DINES Single Hilborough Ann SIMMONS Single  
26/11/1792 John GODMAN Widower   Elizabeth HAWESS Widow  
04/02/1793 Robert BUTTER Single   Elizabeth GODMAN Single  
30/06/1794 John MOFFAT Single   Elizabeth SHINGFIELD Single  
14/07/1794 Samuel SPINKS Single   Elizabeth SPARROW Single  
04/05/1795 William HEMSON Widower   Ann EAGLE Single  
11/11/1795 James TAYLOR Single   Ann DOSSIER Single  
13/11/1795 Thomas CROSS Widower Barton Bendish Amy SEGER Widow  
17/03/1796 William GATES Single Roydon By Lynn Margaret GARNER Single  
24/08/1796 William TOWLER Single Ashill Lucy EADE Single  
26/06/1797 Henry TUDENHAM Single Gooderstone Mary DAVEY Single  
13/07/1797 John TABBLE Single   Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Single  
04/10/1797 Robert HARWOOD Single Boughton Mary ENGLISH Single  
03/11/1797 Richard FLETCHER Single   Patience ABLE Single  
16/10/1798 Thomas PETTITT Single Barton Bendish Elizabeth VIRGINSON Single  
15/04/1799 John LAMBERT Single Barton Bendish Theresa HEMSON Single  
16/04/1799 John MUNTON Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
07/06/1799 John LINCOLN Single   Ann BARNES Single  
15/10/1799 Richard LAMBERT Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish Charlotte REEVE Single  
23/12/1799 John FULCHER Single   Sarah SEXTON Single  
06/02/1800 Daniel JOHNSON Widower   Mary VIRGINSON Single  
04/11/1800 William ENGLISH Single   Elizabeth WATERS Single  
26/01/1801 John LEVERETT Single Cockley Cley Susanna DURANT Single  
30/06/1801 John WARNES Widower   Ann PARKES Single  
29/07/1801 Zachariah YOUNGS Single   Susanna WARNES Single  
02/09/1801 William ROLF Single   Elizabeth DURRANT Single  
24/09/1801 Samuel OBBINGS Widower   Ann PASK Widow  
11/01/1802 John WILKERSON Single   Mary CARR Single  
27/10/1802 James THORP Single   Agnes BEDDERS Single  
02/11/1802 James BASSETT Single   Susanna GIPSON Single  
24/01/1803 John GARRAD Single Castle Acre Ann BUTTERS Single  
07/06/1803 John AKERS Single   Ann BEDDOES Single  
21/06/1803 Edward THORP Single   Ann DURRANT Single  
22/08/1803 Charles HEMSON Single   Priscilla ROOM Single  
17/10/1803 Edward STRATTON Single Shingham Susanna HOULDING Single  
18/10/1803 John MANN Single   Susanna HOPKINS Single  
25/10/1803 Adam STANFORD Single Bexwell Lucy BURTON Single  
16/01/1804 John TABBLE Widower   Mary SMITH Widow  
20/06/1804 Sylvester HEMSON Single   Ann REYNOLDS Single  
02/10/1804 Richard ENGLISH Single   Mary RUSHBROOK Single  
12/10/1804 James SEXTON Single   Frances OLLERTON Single  
15/10/1804 Joseph GALLAWAY Single   Ann AKERS Single  
08/11/1804 James EVANS Single   Mary STAGG Single  
29/04/1806 Thomas HOWLETT Single   Charlotte ELLIS Single  
10/05/1808 Thomas BRISTON Single Northwold Esther EYRES Single  
20/10/1808 John Ellys TWISS Single Brettenham Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
10/01/1809 James PARKER Single   Winifred GILL Single  
27/05/1811 Richard GARDINER Single   Sarah WARNES Single  
22/06/1811 Samuel BRELSFORD   Stockport, Cheshire Ann SMART    
11/10/1811 Fox HUDSON Single   Susan DYER Single  
26/11/1811 Thomas RUSHBROOK Single Outwell Elizabeth ENGLISH Single  
17/12/1811 Edmund TRUNDLE Single   Martha WORTLEY Widow  
06/01/1812 Thomas DEW Single   Elizabeth MEARS Single  
11/02/1812 Abell SAVORY Single   Frances ELLIS Single  
09/07/1812 James SMITH Single   Ann GODFREY Single  
29/08/1812 Richard BRIDGER Single   Lucy HEMSON Single  
18/09/1812 Robert HAWKS Single Beachamwell Ann TRUNDEL Single  
08/10/1812 Silvester HEMSON Widower   Ann HEMSON Single  
22/10/1812 Joseph BRIDGER Single   Mary TURNER Single  
1 05/05/1813 James PRIOR Single   Joyce BARRETT Single  
2 15/06/1813 Henry WILKERSON Single Great Bircham Mary LARNER Single  
3 22/06/1813 Charles OXBURGH Single   Rachael RUDD Single  
4 02/11/1813 John MEARS Single   Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Single  
5 13/06/1814 David BENNETT Single Gooderstone Elizabeth DURANT Single  
6 31/10/1814 William NURSE Single Foulden Mary VIRGURSON Single  
7 08/11/1814 James DURANT Single   Martha FYSON Single  
8 10/04/1817 William HOPKINGS Single   Eliza KING Single  
9 14/10/1817 William ELLIS Single   Mary PARKER Single  
10 12/10/1818 William HOBBINS Single   Elizabeth SEAR Single Ickburgh
11 22/06/1819 Thomas RUSSELL Single   Mary RICKARD Single  
12 30/09/1819 Francis Durrent HEWETT Single   Mary CASE Single  
13 28/10/1819 Dunham SIMMONS     Sarah HARRISON Single  
14 11/05/1821 Thomas HENDRY Single Watton Susan MORLEY Single  
15 29/05/1821 William BENNETT Single   Elizabeth HOUGHTON Single  
16 07/11/1821 Edward CLARK   Gooderstone Mary HOPKINS    
17 23/01/1822 Henry BASSETT Single   Jane MENDHAM Single  
18 14/10/1822 Robert WOODFIELD Single   Marey BALLS Single  
19 07/11/1822 Noah BENNETT Single Northwold Elizabeth KEMP Single  
20 13/05/1823 Thomas WHITE Single   Anne WARNES Single  
21 24/06/1823 James LAMBERT     Agnes AKERS Single  
22 05/08/1823 John WILKERSON Single   Anne DURANT Widow  
23 03/11/1823 James GUTTRIDGE Single   Eliza BEAVIS Single  
24 12/05/1824 Noah MEARS Single   Elizabeth SEXTON Single  
25 06/12/1824 Richard FLETCHER Widower   Elizabeth STACY Widow  
26 02/02/1825 William SEYMOUR Widower   Anne THORPE Widow  
27 19/04/1825 Robert WATERS Single Beachamwell Elizabeth WILSON Single  
28 25/07/1825 Finlater CAMERON Single Louth, Lincolnshire Charlotte GRAVES Single  
29 21/11/1825 James REEVE Single Northwold Hannah ENGLISH Single  
30 14/04/1826 Dennis TUDDENHAM Single Gooderstone Mary GRICE Single  
31 19/04/1826 Joseph CHATTEN Single   Eliza RANDS Single  
32 12/10/1827 William EVERETT Single Stoke Ferry Susanna BUNTON Single  
33 12/10/1827 Edward BEAVIS Single   Anne HOWLET Single  
35 05/11/1827 James FEATHERLEY Single Downham Market Elizabeth MORLEY Single  
34 20/11/1827 Benjamin WORTLEY Single   Mary HOWLETT Single  
36 24/06/1828 George BROWN Single Shingham Sarah MORLEY Single  
37 14/10/1828 William HINDLE Single   Sarah ROLFE Single  
38 21/10/1828 Thomas HOWLET Single   Susannah HUDSON Widow  
39 25/09/1829 Edward JIMPSON Single   Elizabeth STARING Single  
40 15/10/1829 Michael JARROD Single   Frances CAPPS    
41 18/02/1830 Henry FURBY Single Shingham Jane STARLING Single  
42 06/04/1830 William REEVE Single Gooderstone Anne PERKINS Single  
43 30/11/1830 George ENGLISH Single   Sophia GRIEF Single  
44 21/07/1831 Thomas WINFIELD Single   Elizabeth VERGUSON Single  
45 01/08/1831 William UPCRAFT Widower Feltwell Lucy AKERS Single  
46 26/11/1831 Francis THORPE Single   Mary DAYER Single  
47 17/04/1832 Rashar TUDDENHAM Widower   Frances BARTLE Single Gooderstone
48 04/06/1832 James BRINDLE Single   Isabella SINGLETON Single  
49 09/04/1833 James SEXTON Single   Sarah HOWLET Single  
50 12/09/1833 Richard LEVERETT Single Cley Next The Sea Mary Anne BEAVIS Single  
51 08/10/1833 Josiah LAMBERT Single Gooderstone Frances REYNOLDS Single  
52 28/02/1835 Joseph PALMER Single   Susanna REYNOLDS Single  
53 14/03/1835 Robert SHINFIELD Single   Maria COKER Single  
54 07/10/1835 Anthony ROLFE Single   Chatherine CURTIES Single  
55 03/11/1835 John AKERS Single   Anne GEORGE Single  
56 25/12/1835 William WARD Widower Cockley Cley Mary HEMSON Single  
57 13/03/1836 Thomas PRATT Single Cockley Cley Susanna RAINS Single  
58 29/10/1836 Thomas GEORGE Single   Elizabeth PITCHER Single  
59 31/10/1836 Thomas HAYLET Widower   Susan MEARS Widow  
60 28/01/1837 Thomas EASTICK Single   Frances HOLWET Single  
61 28/01/1837 Henry DARCH Single Wretton Maria HOWLET Single  
62 04/02/1837 William HUDSON Widower   Constant JOHNSON Single  
63 10/02/1837 William GEE Widower   Mary CROSS Single  
64 19/04/1837 Daniel NUNN Single   Susan GALLOWAY Single  

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