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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cockley Cley All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Cockley Cley lies in west, central Norfolk about 3 miles southwest of the market town of Swaffham. Cockley Cley sits just over 2 miles west of the A1065 road which connects Swaffham through to Brandon. Cockley Cley is a small and compact village which sits in a shallow valley formed by the headwaters of one of the River Wissey's tributaries. The village sits on the edge of Norfolk's share of Breckland, an area of sandy glacial deposits which are relatively infertile land for this normally richly arable county. Whilst arable farming still dominated the parish there were also extensive sheep pastures and , something of a local phenomenon, rabbit warrenries. Today much of the parish land is set to forestry plantation, viewed as better use of the poorer quality land by owner as the light soils have a great tendency for wind erosion when dry. The Wissey's tributary heads off southwest to join it east of Stoke Ferry then making its way into Fenland and the Great Ouse, reaching the North Sea through The Wash. Cockley Cley is sited ar around 30 metres above the sea in fairly gentle terrain which rises steadily to local heights of just over 60 metres by the time it reaches the outskirts of Swaffham. Breckland parishes are often larger then those in eastern Norfolk and Cockley Cley was one of those, it covered just over 4,400 acres and would have supported a population of close to 250 parishioners. In Domesday times the majority of Cockley Cley was held by King William, himself, whilst smaller holdings were with William de Warennes. Collectively the parish could muster 5 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland but there were 2 mills.

The Church

All Saints' church sits on the northern side of the lane, which heads for Oxborough, next to the village inn, the unusually named Twenty Churchwardens. The first aspect of the church which immediately grabs attention is the remains of the western, round, tower which fell in 1991. A round tower is usually indicative of an early church and Pevsner tentatively places the origins into the late Norman Romanesque period of the 12th century while indicating that the tower had also been rebuilt during the 14th century. As the chancel is in the Early English Gothic style with lancet windows it is clear that the original Norman church was gradually replaced from east to west, first the chancel in the first half of the 13th century then the nave and that tower in the early 14th century whilst retaining many features from the first building. A major restoation in the 1860 saw many further changes with the removal of the 14th century clerestory and the addition of a northern aisle but it is for that more recent calamity that the church is most remembered. A gravelled pathway leads to the church almost from the gardens of the inn, passing in front of the church before curving around ro the southern entrance. Because the church sits almost flush to this pathway and then the road the better views are actually from the lane itself with no major obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
17th October 1754 - 18th December 1790
Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD137/3
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 25th June 1792 - 30th July 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD137/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 27th May 1813 - 14th March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD137/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
17/10/1754 Richard CARTER Single Mary TINGAY Single
01/12/1754 Andrew CARR Widower Frances HORSLEY Widow
15/12/1754 Thomas HILLE Single Mary BOX Widow
12/10/1755 William ANDREWS Single Ann RAME Single
03/08/1756 William JOHNSON Single Rose HAYLETT Single
28/07/1757 Richard PRATT Single Frances HALL Single
12/02/1759 Thomas HAYLETT Single Amy FISH Single
29/04/1760 Robert RAM Single Anne FISH Single
16/09/1760 James SALMON Widower Hilborough Rose HAILETT
11/11/1762 John GUIBON Single Martha PENTNEY Single
22/12/1763 Thomas SPARROW Single Frances PENTNEY Single
23/04/1764 John KITTEREN Single Esther FISH Single
07/10/1766 Peter FRANKS Single Northwold Sarah SPARROW
24/05/1767 John WRIGHT Single Ann THOMPSON Single
23/06/1767 Edmund EARSLEY Single Sarah WILES Single
01/09/1767 John CANEY Single Mary MATHIS Single
24/01/1769 Edmund SPENCER Single Elizabeth FISH Single
30/01/1770 Edmund BARKER Widower Susan GOODRICH Widow
12/11/1770 Benjamin FULLER Single Elizabeth MAN Single
24/12/1770 Thomas RUDD Single Susan PRATT Single
31/05/1771 Joseph SCOTT Widower Frances PLATFORD Widow
11/11/1771 Henry BUCK Single Eleanor PRATT Single
23/11/1771 James SALMON Widower Denver Mary RAINER Widow
05/05/1772 John RUDD Single Frances LOCK Single
13/10/1772 William THINFULL Single Mary BENSTEAD Single
08/02/1773 William PARMER Single Dinah MILLER Single
19/06/1773 John STIMSON Single Frances MILLER Single
14/12/1773 James MANN Single Mary BOX Single
26/12/1774 George COOPER Single Swaffham Anne HAZEL Single
14/05/1775 John HOWELL Single Anne ANDERSON Widow
11/07/1775 John HUDSON Single Susanna FISH Single
11/09/1775 Thomas DYE Widower Frances BUSH Single
21/10/1776 Samuel CREASY Single Diana KITTERINGHAM Single
28/10/1776 James RAWLINGS Widower Elizabeth SUGGITT Widow
12/10/1778 John DENCH Single Frances STIMSON Widow
20/10/1778 John LONG Single Old Catton Hannah SWALLOW Single
23/08/1779 Robert JAMES Single Lydia GREEN Single
26/10/1779 John ANDREWS Single Judith GARLAND Single
01/12/1779 John JOHNSON Single Gooderstone Ann PENTNEY Single
01/02/1780 Christopher LAST Widower Rose JOHNSON Widow
25/11/1782 Robert SMITH Single Hilborough Hannah CROPLEY Single
10/10/1783 William BARKER Single Little Dunham Elizabeth HASTINGS Widow
01/11/1783 John BUTCHER Single Dinah CREASY Widow
14/03/1784 Robert MILLER Single Ann GATHERGOOD Single
09/08/1784 John SADD Widower Swaffham Susanna BARKER Widow
23/05/1785 Thomas DOCKING Single Anne ANDERSON Single
26/12/1785 James FULLER Widower Alice AGURS Widow Shingham
26/05/1788 William ANTHONY Single Mary ROLFE Single
30/06/1788 Cornelius BUNNING Single Lydia JAMES Widow
13/09/1788 William WRIGHT Single Rose HAYLET Single
08/12/1789 William BENNET Single Anne BUSH Single
12/10/1790 Edward BARKER Single Elizabeth WARD Single
18/12/1790 John FIRBY Single Rose WRIGHT Widow
1 25/06/1792 John NEAL Single Beachamwell Ann BUTCHER Single
2 08/04/1793 Nathaniel HARRISON Widower Swaffham Sarah DENNAH
3 14/10/1793 John WARD Single Great Cressingham Anne CROWE Single
4 21/10/1793 Robert ASHWORTH Single Elizabeth LLOYD Single
5 27/01/1794 Benjamin BELL Single Mary SCASE Single
6 13/03/1794 John KITTERINGHAM Single Alice DYE Single
7 24/07/1794 Robert WRIGHT Single Oxborough Eleanor CROWE Single
8 15/09/1794 Charles HART Single Elenor BONE Single
9 13/10/1794 John ONIONS Single Fincham Mary SHINFIELD
10 13/11/1794 Edward BROWNE Single Great Cressingham Mary CROWE Single
11 19/10/1795 James WARD Single Ann CREASY Single
12 13/11/1796 James PORTER Single Mary CROWN Single
13 11/07/1797 Benjamin FULLER Single Ann DYE Single
14 12/08/1797 Thomas MAYDEN Single Sophia HALLIDAY Single
15 10/10/1797 Henry DOWNS Single Mary HILL Single
16 27/08/1798 Richard BARKER Single Sarah SCAISE Single
17 14/10/1798 Edmund CROWN Widower Mary ROLFE Widow
20 09/03/1799 John TEEL Single Honor HAYLETT Single
18 29/05/1799 Robert REYNOLDS Single Elizabeth KNOCK Single
19 04/06/1799 Samuel PRICK Single Ann DAVY Single
21 18/09/1800 Thomas HAMMOND Widower Mary FENN Single
22 31/12/1800 James AMYS Single Swaffham Ann WITTROD Single
23 01/04/1801 John FULLER Single Eleanor BLACK Single
24 01/06/1802 James KETTERINGHAM Single Elizabeth HAILETT Single
25 22/11/1802 John TOWLER Single Dinah SCASE Single
26 21/03/1803 William BRISTON Widower Ann HAMINTON Single
27 12/10/1803 Thomas SMITH Widower Swaffham Frances SEXTON Single
28 11/06/1804 William PATTERSON Single Martha FORKES Single
29 07/10/1805 Thomas COOPER Single Susan DOCKING Single
30 14/10/1805 Robert SHINFIELD Single Mary GATHERGOOD Single Swaffham
31 03/01/1806 William OVERTON Widower Hilgay Lydia EATON Single
32 06/02/1809 John SHINFIELD Single Charlotte SMITH Single
33 22/04/1811 Benjamin BELL Widower Elizabeth RIX Single
34 30/07/1812 James WILKIN Single Alice PETTITT Single
1 27/05/1813 Robert REYNOLDS Widower Dillana RANDALL Single
2 12/10/1813 James RUSHBROOK Single Mary BONE Single
3 12/10/1814 William WELLS Single Rose SHINFIELD Single
4 24/01/1815 Jeremiah THURSTON Single Diana BOWEN Single
5 05/06/1815 Mark RUNIK Single Ann FIELDS Single
6 17/10/1815 Thomas COLMAN Single Ringland Maria MANNING Single
7 25/10/1815 John BRISTON Single Gooderstone Mary GREEN Single
8 16/04/1816 William WALKER Single Anne DOCKING Single
9 27/07/1816 Benjamin KEDDERSON Single Elizabeth DOCKING Single
10 14/10/1816 William HALL Single Sarah ADDERSON Single
13 09/12/1819 John Nurse BOX Single Dinah TOWLER Widow
14 13/12/1819 Thomas HOCKING Single Mary NICHOLS Single
15 29/12/1820 John SHINKFIELD Single Mary WARD Single
16 12/05/1823 William BUCKENHAM Widower Susan FULLER
17 21/10/1823 Samuel ELLIS Single Susan REYNOLDS Single
18 28/10/1823 Thomas BUCKINGHAM Single Mary PRATT Single
19 06/01/1824 John PRATT Mary TOWLER
20 26/10/1824 John STOCKINGS Susan SCOTT
21 25/01/1825 Joseph TAYLOR Mary PRICK
22 13/10/1825 Thomas WILSON Barton Bendish Rhoda KING
23 16/05/1826 Stephen TOWLER Mary SHINFIELD Widow
24 06/06/1826 Charles WOODBINE Single Susan BUCK
25 10/06/1826 Thomas CREASY Single Mary SCASE Single
26 10/03/1827 William BUCKENHAM Sarah BUCK
27 23/08/1827 John BUCK Rose SAVORY
28 05/10/1827 James WARD Rachel REYNOLDS
29 12/10/1827 William FULLER Phoebe WARD
30 09/11/1827 George THURSTON Single Mary ADDERSON Single
31 10/11/1827 William SMITH Margaret BUCK
32 15/03/1828 Thomas ROOT Single Sarah PARISH Single
33 23/03/1829 James FROST Mary BRIGGS
34 12/05/1830 William JESSOP Lucy BUCKENHAM
35 14/05/1833 John ABEL Mary WILKIN
36 14/06/1833 William WARD Maria PARISH
37 01/04/1834 Stephen SHINKFIELD Ellen FULLER
38 20/09/1834 William PRICK Single Mary Ann BUCK
39 14/10/1835 John LEVERET Single Maria JESSUP Single Gooderstone
40 08/09/1836 George MATTHEWS Single Jane BUCK Single
41 11/11/1836 John NICHOLS Single Harriet SHINGFIELD Single
42 14/03/1837 Robert OSBORNE Sarah DENNY

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