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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hilborough All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Hilborough lies in southwestern Norfolk about 6 miles south of the market town of Swaffham. Hilborough is a small village which sits on the A1065 road which connects Suffolk through to the Suffolk town of Brandon. Whilst Hilborough has a presence on the A1065, as it winds through, most properties are built along either of two lanes which head westwards from that road. Hilborough sits on the northern edges of the area known as Breckland, a vast expanse of infertile sandy glacial deposits which created an area where the normal Norfolk arable farming regime was unproductive, here pastoral farming, in the form of sheep or warrenries farming rabbits could be found. Hilborough, however, sits on the western banks of the River Wissey and the richer pastures alongside permitted better grazing and cattle raising. Hilborough's economy was dominated by that of the Hall, the grounds occupy much of the land between the A1065 and the river. The Wissey drains the parish southwards but soon turns westwards to cross the Fens and reach the Great Ouse near Downham Market, thence to the North Sea through the Wash. Hilborough is sited at between 20 & 30 metres above the sea in fairly gentle terrain, land rises gently westwards away from the Wissey to local heights of just 50 metres or so. Hilborough parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering close to 2,800 acres it would have supported a population of just over 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Hilborough was s substantial settlement, its population in the largest 20% of settlements recorded in that book, held by William de Warennes it could offer 11 ploughs, meadows & woodland and 3 mills.    

The Church

All Saints' church sits a quarter mile south of the village and is accessed along a roughly surfaced track eastwards from the A1065. The church spans the 14th century and the change in fashion from Decorated into Perpendicular styles. The chancel is the earlier portion and early 14th century in date, contemporary are the arcades. The remainder of the church is built in the Perpendicular style and is impressive in the use of that form. The tall western tower, very typical of Norfolk churches powered by wool-money, is a testament to the medieval wealth of the parish, like so many in this county. The use of the local knapped flint, a trade which made nearby Brandon a bustling centre, is highly skilled and together with stonework makes a pleasant chequered pattern. Documentary evidence places the completion either at the end of the 15th century whilst a will of 1516 shows repair work already in progress. The usual Victorian restoration took place in 1859 and focused on the roofs. The access track to the church starts just as the A1065 leaves a short forested area, it heads to the site of one of Hilborough's mills, there is a small area for parking by the churchyard which is open and with few obstacles for photography. 

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
31st October 1754 - 3rd December 1811
Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD141/5
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th August 1813 - 26th January 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD141/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Cockley Cley All Saints
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Great Cressingham St Michael
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Foulden All Saints
Langford St Andrew
Bodney St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 31/10/1754 Richard GREEN Single
Ann WHITING Single
2 05/05/1755 Henry RUSSELL Widower
Margaret CRUCKLAND Widow
3 18/10/1757 John GOULTY Single St Andrew, Norwich Thomasine NELSON Single
4 18/01/1759 William SMITH Single
Susanna GUTRIDGE Single
5 14/04/1760 Edward SPINKS Single
Elizabeth STAFFORD Single
6 28/10/1760 William HOBBS Single
Sarah MERISON Single
7 13/10/1761 William ADDISON Single
Mary HOWK Single
8 29/01/1762 William TEMPLE Widower
Sarah KNIGHTS Widow
9 19/07/1762 Mark JOHNSON Single
Mary MASH Single
10 13/04/1763 Robert JACKSON Single
Jane STAFFORD Single
11 24/12/1764 Thomas JACKSON Single
Ann SPINKS Single
12 19/02/1765 Thomas STOCKING Single
Elizabeth GUTTRIDGE Single
13 08/05/1765 Jonathan MAYES Widower
Margaret POWLEY Single
14 10/05/1765 William CODLING Single
Susanna HUNTON Single
15 29/10/1765 James CARTER Single
Elizabeth DIGGONS Single
16 02/12/1765 John MILLER Single
Mary ADDISON Widow
17 10/02/1766 Thomas ANDREWS Single
Elizabeth ROBINSON Single
18 14/10/1766 John EAGLE Single
Sarah SANKEY Single
19 14/10/1766 Isaac SPINKS Single
Susanna YOUNGS Single
20 20/10/1766 Jeremiah PRATT Single
Mary HOWARD Single
21 21/09/1767 Thomas SMITH Single
Mary THOMAS Single
22 22/12/1767 Jeremiah SPARROWE Single
Mary TOOKE Single
23 11/10/1768 James FAYEMAN Single
Ann BILNEY Single
24 08/11/1769 John HARROLD Single
Mary BURCH Single
25 03/07/1770 John THOMPSON Single
Elizabeth OLIVER Single
26 11/10/1770 William LAMBERT Single
Hester ADDISON Single
27 05/11/1770 John EAGLE Widower
Mary FOX Single
28 30/11/1770 John COVEL Single
Mary JOHNSON Widow
29 13/12/1770 James GRINT Single
30 09/05/1771 William IVORY Widower Foulsham Berbary HOGAN Single
31 12/08/1771 William WARD Single Didlington Sarah GIBSON Single
32 21/08/1771 William ALLEN Single
Sarah CIMMON Single
33 18/10/1771 William DRIVER Single
Mary BRETT Widow Houghton On The Hill
34 21/04/1772 James DIBULL Single
Ann COOPER Single
35 20/10/1772 Thomas HUBBARD Single
Sarah STOCKING Single
36 28/09/1773 William SNELLING Widower
Frances LOCK Single Caston
37 13/10/1773 William COE Single
Elizabeth COULSHIRE Single
38 01/11/1773 Edward COVIL Single
Alice THIRTON Single
39 05/04/1774 Thomas ANDREWS Widower
Mary WARD Single
40 21/06/1774 Benjamin SPINKS Single
Hannah HUNTON Single
41 03/07/1774 Adam BULLEN Single
Mary BRUNDELL Single
42 14/08/1774 Christopher LAST Single Swaffham Elizabeth JACKSON Single
43 11/10/1774 Jonathan TURNER Single Stanford Mary SCOTT Single
44 23/10/1774 Thomas SELF Single
Mary SNELLING Single
44 17/01/1775 Thomas WARTERS Single
Lydia CHANDLER Single
45 18/12/1775 James WINGFIELD Single Castle Acre Elizabeth MOORE Single
46 18/04/1776 Charles FLATT Single Methwold Mary HUNTON Single
47 21/10/1776 John WALKER Single
Rebecca DOCKING Single
48 26/12/1776 Daniel MARROW Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Frances SPINKS Single
49 03/01/1777 John POWELL Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Elizabeth SPINKS Single
50 01/03/1777 Luke WADE Single
Anna Maria ANDREWS Single
51 07/04/1777 Thomas LINCOLN Single Ashill Mary STEBBING Single
52 30/09/1777 James FISK Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Elizabeth NORTON Single
53 21/10/1777 John JACKSON Single
Frances BOOTY Single
54 03/02/1778 Robert PALMER Single
Mary ADDISON Widow
55 21/10/1778 William TOOKE Widower
Mary BILNEY Widow
56 27/01/1779 William WARNS Single Great Dunham Anne WHITBY Single
57 30/10/1779 Thomas WILSON Single Hockham Martha FROST Single
58 31/05/1780 Robert LEACH Widower New Buckenham Mary GREEN Single
59 03/09/1780 John WINNER Single
60 14/10/1780 John BULLEN Single
Michel RACE Single
61 18/04/1782 John WOODWARD Single Swaffham Sarah PRATT Single
62 10/10/1782 John GAMBLES Single
Mary ALCOCK Single
63 11/10/1782 John IVESON Single Little Cressingham Anne SAMPEL Single
64 24/12/1782 Isaac CHASTUN Single
Maria WADE Widow
65 17/02/1783 Thomas WHARF Widower Ashill Charity SCAPE Single
66 12/05/1783 William HOBBS Single
Mary DENT Single
67 20/07/1784 Stewart COWELL Single
Priscilla BROWNING Single
68 29/05/1786 Thomas DADE Single
Alice COCKSEDGE Single
69 11/10/1786 William ADDISON Single
Mary SELF Widow
70 10/10/1787 George PORTER Single
Sarah SNELLING Single
71 11/10/1787 John MUNSEY Single
Susanna MARSH Single
72 15/10/1787 John SAVAGE Single Swaffham Elizabeth JESSUP Single
73 07/07/1789 John BARRITT Widower
Susanna CARLTON Single
74 16/07/1789 John LAKE Single
Elizabeth SMITH Single
75 13/07/1790 Robert ADDISON Single
Elizabeth TAYLOR Single Stanford
76 16/06/1791 Thomas SNELLING Single
Mary RHEE Single
77 09/08/1791 Robert KEDDELL Widower Saham Toney Mary MOWER Single
78 11/10/1792 Robert ADAMS Single
Elizabeth REEDER Single
79 15/01/1793 Enoch GROOM Single
Mary COOK Single
80 03/04/1793 Thomas GOWNS Single
Mary SIMMONS Single
81 10/06/1794 John GROVE Single
Elizabeth CLARKE Widow
82 10/10/1794 John ANTHONY Single
Ann GARRARD Single
83 20/10/1794 Dennis SMITH Single
Frances GREEN Single
84 20/01/1795 Henry MOWER Single
85 12/10/1795 George PAIN Single
Mary HARROLD Single
86 10/11/1795 William COVEL Single
Grace ARMSTRONG Single
87 15/11/1795 William PICKER Widower
Elizabeth SPOONER Single
88 29/01/1797 John WINNER Widower
Ann BIRD Single
89 08/03/1797 John LEADER Single
Mary ANDREWS Single
90 30/04/1797 John RAM Single
Margaret SMITH Single
91 02/05/1797 Thomas CHANDLER Single West Tofts Frances SPINKS Single
92 17/11/1800 Thomas STOCKING Single
93 22/06/1801 Robert ELDRED Single
Sarah TOWLER Single
94 13/10/1801 Edward COVEL Single
Ann EAGLE Single
95 06/01/1803 Edward ANDREWS Single
Elizabeth DENT Single
96 27/06/1803 William RIPPER Single
Mary LOCK Single
97 10/11/1803 Mathew HARROD Single
Ann SMITH Single
98 08/12/1803 William EAGLE Single
Elizabeth ANDREWS Single
99 23/02/1804 Benjamin SPINKS Single
Frances MAYDENS Single
100 22/10/1804 William RICHARDSON Single South Pickenham Sarah JACKSON Single
101 17/09/1805 Peter DODDS Widower Foulden Elizabeth LAKE Widow
102 04/10/1805 William ATMORE Single Foulden Mary YOUNGMAN Single
103 11/03/1806 Francis CHANDLER Single
Henrietta PAYNE Single
10/06/1806 Benjamin PARKER Single Great Cressingham Ann EAGLE Single
12/08/1806 Charles DORR Single Tatterford Ellen CHANDLER Single
01/02/1808 Henry DENT Widower
Elizabeth HANS Widow
07/11/1808 John JACKSON Single
Ann ELGAY Single
24/09/1811 Jonathan RIPPER Single
Charlotte YOUNGMAN Single
14/10/1811 Samuel ORFORD Single
Elizabeth HARROD Single
04/11/1811 Thomas CRUCKLAND Single
Martha GOWNS Single
03/12/1811 Richard MATTHEWS
St Giles, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Lydia CHANDLER Single
1 11/08/1813 William SPARKHALL Single

2 03/02/1814 Samuel TURRINGTON Single St Cuthbert, Thetford Charlotte CLARK Single
3 07/02/1815 Thomas JACKSON Single
Elizabeth BOND Single
5 14/03/1815 James CLARKE Single
Sarah PORTER Single
4 13/04/1815 John ASHLEY Single Camberwell, Surrey Frances KETTERINGHAM

6 30/06/1815 John HIGH

Marianne PARSON

7 17/07/1815 John WINDER Single
Charlotte TURRINGTON Single
8 30/10/1816 Richard ANTHONY Single
Mary BOLISON Single
9 13/05/1817 John GROOM Single

10 08/11/1817 John HUBBARD Single
Rebecca COVEL Single
11 29/08/1818 Burton HOBBS Single Watton Mary MOWER Single
12 17/11/1818 Wright YOUNGS Single
Mary DENT Single
13 28/12/1818 James STURGEON Single
Charlotte SIMMONS Single
14 02/05/1819 Richard GARRED Single
Elizabeth MOORE Single
15 06/07/1819 James CHAPMAN Single
Elizabeth KITTERINGHAM Single
16 26/08/1819 Philip LAWS Single
Jemima ADDISON Single
17 09/04/1820 John HUDSON Single
Pleasance HUBBARD Single
18 22/05/1820 John CHITICK Single
Susan GOWNS Single
19 11/12/1822 William STEBBINGS Single
Sarah HUBBARD Single
20 15/07/1823 Richard OWEN Single Mundford Frances EAGLE Single
21 24/12/1823 James SAYER Single Bodney Elizabeth BULLEN Single
22 21/03/1825 Richard BELSHAM Single
Mary ADCOCK Single
23 10/05/1825 Edward MOORE Single
Michal WHITEHEAD Single
24 11/05/1826 Isaac MOORE Single
Mary HAWES Single
25 13/11/1826 James LEEDER Single
Elizabeth PARISH Single
26 25/04/1827 Thomas CURRY Single
Mary Ann HOWLETT Single
27 28/06/1828 William SIMMONDS Single
Elizabeth SPINKS Single
28 28/10/1828 William EAGLE Single
Frances GREEN Single Ickburgh
29 24/12/1828 William EVERETT Widower
Mary YOUNGS Widow
30 04/03/1831 James WAITES Single Ickburgh Elizabeth ELDRED

31 21/04/1831 John CROSS Single
Barbara SKEATE Single
32 14/10/1831 Reuben GOWNS Single
Hannah ADAMS Single
33 07/01/1832 William STOCKING Single
Sarah GOWNS Single
34 24/02/1832 John ELDRED Single
Hannah ROBERTS Single
35 10/10/1833 James LYON Single
Georgiana SHEARING Single
36 01/11/1833 George PARKER Single
Mary Ann ALLCOCK Single
37 17/11/1833 John RUDLAND Single Great Cressingham Mary HARROD Single
38 05/09/1834 Simon BARRETT Widower Holme Hale Margaret CHAMBERLAINE Widow
39 15/11/1834 Jeremiah GOWNS Single
Ann GRASS Single
40 20/11/1834 William OSTLER Single Feltwell Rachel YOUNG Single
41 24/12/1834 James HUNN Single
Frances WINNER Widow
42 23/01/1835 Thomas CRUCKLAND Single
Mary LYON Single
43 21/02/1835 Reuben LEADER Single
Mary GOODBODY Single
44 18/04/1835 John BULLEN Widower
Mary LEEDER Widow
45 03/07/1835 Christopher STOCKING Single Cockley Cley Sarah ELDRED Single
46 21/09/1835 John MATTHEWS Single Swaffham Mary PARKER Single
47 16/10/1835 Edward HUBBARD Single
Mary Ann YOUNG Single
48 09/02/1836 Vere HUDSON Single
Elizabeth GOWNS Single
49 26/02/1836 John GARWOOD Single
Charlotte ANDERSON Single
50 07/05/1836 Robert ELDRED Single
Elizabeth CRANE Single Brandon, Suffolk
51 14/05/1836 John GATHERCOLE Widower Cockley Cley Mary HOLDEN Single
52 09/07/1836 William HARROD Single
Harriot MAIDENS Single
53 14/10/1836 James JOSH Single Swaffham Mary COLLINS Single
54 15/10/1836 Jeremiah GOWNS Widower
Ann HUBBARD Single
55 12/11/1836 Robert ANDERSON Single
Mary WICKS Single
56 26/01/1837 William Lyon KERRY Single
Mary SEPPINGS Single

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