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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Stoke Ferry All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Stoke Ferry lies in southwestern Norfolk roughly 6 miles southeast of the market town of Downham Market. Stoke Ferry sits on the A134 road which connects the port of King's Lynn with Thetford, that road being now taken in a bypass to the north of the village. Whilst Stoke Ferry might legitimately be termed a village its status wasn't always that simple. A market was granted for Stoke Ferry by Henry III and ran for many years before falling into disuse, a revival around the time of this transcript proved unsuccessful too and Stoke Ferry lapsed into village status, albeit a large one. Stoke Ferry gets its suffix from the former ferry which here crossed the River Wissey and most properties are built along the former route of the A134 or along Wretton Road heading west from it. With market status deferring to nearby Downham Market Stoke Ferry's economy was underpinned by farming with a higher proportion of pastoral farming than is usually the case in Norfolk. The river, navigable to Stoke Ferry, also provided some incomes in moving of farming produce to the port of King's Lynn. The Wissey drains Stoke Ferry out into the neighbouring Fenland merging with the Great Ouse in largely man-interfered drainage systems to reach The Wash and thence the North Sea. Stoke Ferry is sited at just 10 metres above the sea and land around is gentle only rising to the north where local heights reach just over 30 metres at nearby Boughton. As a fen-edge settlement Stoke Ferry parish was larger than is normal for Norfolk, covering just under 2,100 it would have supported a population of close to 650 parishioners. In Domesday times Stoke Ferry was largely held by one Ivo's son Reginald with smaller holdings with Ralph Baynard & Count Alan of Brittany, collectively their holdings could muster only 8 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland the parish did, however, have 2 fisheries and a half share in a mill.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the heart of its community on the junction of the former route of the A134 with Wretton Road. This is a church with a chequered history, the former western tower collapsed in 1578 and the chancel was demolished in the same century to leave just a lengthy nave, a reconstituted and smaller chancel topped with a bellcote. Dating evidence was further removed by both Georgian, in the 1820s, and Victorian, 1840s, restorations which leaves Pevsner's account devoid of most dating detail. The only feature dated by him is the remains of the original chancel arch which is Perpendicular and probably 14th century. Even recently, during my visit work was still ongoing to remake the church for the 21st century. At the junction of Wretton Road and the High Street sits a substantial car park where gates lead through atypical flint and brick wall to the churchyard. The churchyard is compact making it difficult to get sufficient distance away and trees crowd the eastern end limiting the angles available to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
17th May 1754 - 5th November 1811
Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD590/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 21st October 1813 - 25th February 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD590/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Wretton All Saints
Wretton All Saints
Boughton All Saints
Boughton All Saints
West Dereham St Andrew
Oxborough St John the Evangelist
Northwold St Andrew
Methwold St George
Methwold St George
Northwold St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
12/02/1754 William MALBY Single Shouldham Elizabeth BENNETT Single
1 17/05/1754 John PECKETT Single Southery Mary BARKER Single
2 12/12/1754 William HEBGIN Ann YOUNG
3 06/01/1756 William BLOMFIELD Single Frances WINTER Single
4 12/05/1757 William DRIVER Single Elizabeth FAIRCHILD Single
5 06/06/1757 John PAULET Single Mary RAVAN Single
6 11/10/1757 Thomas BLOWER Single Mary DOWNING Single
7 18/10/1757 Thomas FORBY Single Susan HARVEY Single
8 11/10/1764 Thomas BASHAM Single Methwold Jane SMITH Single
10 21/10/1766 Robert DRAKE Single Sarah DEAN Single
9 26/10/1766 William MURREL Single Ann CARTER Widow
12 13/10/1767 Stephen BARKER Single Anne COATS Widow
13 14/10/1767 John FLOWER Single Mary WINTER Single
14 29/02/1768 Cole TINGAY Single Mary LUSHER Single
15 05/04/1768 Jonas DENCH Single Mary KILLINGRAY Single
16 01/08/1768 Martin PATERSON Single Mary ANDERSON Single
17 09/08/1768 Thomas SPINKS Single Elisabeth PALMER Single
19 20/10/1768 Philip PARLETT Single Mary DRAKE Single
23 09/10/1769 William HUTSON Single East Dereham Frances CUNNINGHAM Widow
25 17/10/1769 Robert RUSSELL Single St Mary, Feltwell Susan PARLETT Single
24 24/10/1769 Samuel PARLET Single Hannah DRAKE Single
26 07/12/1769 Thomas SEXTON Single Oxborough Elisabeth THORP Single
27 24/01/1770 James WIFFIN Single Downham Market Ellen WARD Single
28 06/02/1770 William WHAIT Single Wimbotsham Elisabeth BUTLER Single
30 11/10/1770 William SPENDLOVE Single Brandon, Suffolk Rebecca FOWLER Single
29 16/10/1770 John HUTSON Single St Mary & All Saints, Barton Bendish Anne PURDY Single
31 30/10/1770 Timothy HASTING Single Anne MORTLOCK Single
33 24/09/1771 Thomas BARKER Widower Sarah NOBES Single
35 13/11/1771 James CURREL Single Wretton Anne PARLET Single
36 10/12/1771 John HAMBLYN Single Anne LUSHER Single
37 17/12/1771 Francis DRAKE Widower Elisabeth TINGEY Widow
38 08/10/1772 Robert PROCTOR Single Lydia JUDD Widow
39 12/11/1772 Charles KILLINGRAY Single Susan CREASEY Single
40 22/12/1772 Edmund TOMPSON Single Susan COKER Single
41 12/07/1773 John BONESLY Single Elisabeth KENTON Single
42 15/05/1774 Jeremiah WALLER Single Elisabeth GREENWOOD Single
43 31/05/1774 William WRIGHT Single Mary FRETWELL Single
45 14/12/1774 Henry ARCHER Widower Hilgay Susan THORP Single
46 10/06/1775 John MODLOCK Widower Elizabeth DICKSON Widow
47 08/08/1775 Edward WRIGHT Single Feltwell Susan THORP Single
50 23/07/1776 John DIXON Single Rose SNELLING Single
51 14/10/1776 Peter CARTER Single Elizabeth KILLINGRAY Single
53 24/11/1776 John ALLEN Single Elizabeth BARBER Single
54 27/11/1776 Abraham WEST Single Mary LARNER Single
55 26/12/1776 John DRAKE Single Ann HASTING Widow
56 20/05/1777 Thomas NEWMAN Single Mary THORP Single
58 19/01/1778 Pawling GREEN Single Mary IRESON Single
59 06/01/1779 John MATSELL Single Kings Lynn Ann PEDGE Single
60 06/04/1779 Edmund WATSON Northwold Ann READ Single
61 09/09/1779 William ANDERSON Single Wretton Mary SAYER Single
63 11/10/1779 Joseph BARFOOT Mary TUDMAN
64 02/11/1779 Isaac BENNET Mary COCK
62 15/11/1779 Samuel LANCASTER Frances BLOWER
65 30/03/1780 Francis WEBB Ann GAMBRELL
66 27/04/1780 John HEUSON Hannah HAWES
68 02/07/1780 Robert KENTING Single Mary RAWLING Single
67 09/07/1780 Thomas THORP Single Wretton Mary NEWELL Single
69 04/06/1781 John CROPTON Single Ann Mary SPINK Single
70 29/10/1781 Matthew HAMMOND Single Mary LOVETT Single
71 06/11/1781 William FRETWELL Single Jane BUTTER Single
72 05/12/1781 George KILLINGREY Single Hannah THORPE Single
73 08/03/1782 John JOHNSON Single Northwold Anne PEARSON Single
74 22/04/1783 Philip PARLETT Widower Mary SPINKS Single
75 27/07/1784 William WEBB Single Susan KILLINGREY Widow
76 18/01/1785 Thomas WILSON Single Wereham Ann CASEBOW Single
77 21/05/1785 William CHIFNEY Single Ann JOHNSON Single
78 03/10/1785 James WARD Ashill Mary NURSE
79 18/10/1785 John COOPER Single South Pickenham Sarah COOKE Single
80 09/01/1786 Richard KING Single Mary VEALE Single
81 25/01/1786 Edward BADCOCK Single Frances MOLE Single
82 19/04/1788 Thomas STEVENS Single Elizabeth ANDERSON Single
83 11/09/1788 Peter FRANKS Widower Frances SPARROW Widow
84 10/11/1788 Stephen PALMER Single Elizabeth EADE Single
85 10/11/1788 Charles DYE Single Mary DAVY Single
86 22/11/1788 Thomas GRASS Downham Market Elizabeth LUSHER
86 22/11/1788 Thomas GRASS Downham Market Elizabeth TINGEY
87 07/04/1789 John POWELL Single Alice CLITHEROW Single
88 29/03/1790 Robert WRIGHT Single Elizabeth HUDSON Single
89 06/09/1790 John POOLEY Widower Jane FLATT Single
90 25/10/1790 John GILL Single Sarah FIRMAGE Single
91 01/02/1791 Benjamin BAKER Single Foulden Ann SEPPINGS Single
92 01/02/1791 Jarvis GILL Widower Elizabeth FALTHORPE Single
93 03/10/1791 James BLOMFIELD Single Anne HEBGIN Single
94 22/11/1791 Thomas BECKET Single Mary CLARKE Single
95 31/05/1792 William FARRER Single Tottington Mary WOMACK Single
96 15/10/1792 William TINGEY Single Wretton Jane KNOCK Single
97 01/10/1793 Robert JUDD Single Sarah STEWARD Single
98 21/10/1793 Robert SEMMENCE Single Mary LARNER Single
99 18/11/1793 William PARKER Single Downham Market Anne BAZELY Single
100 13/02/1794 John KIDD Single Margaret Anne EADE Single
101 07/04/1794 John EMMITT Single Elizabeth MUNTON Single
103 26/08/1794 William GARNHAM Single Martha SPENCER Single
104 13/10/1794 John BROWN Single Ann CLOW Single
105 18/11/1794 John SKOULDING Single Wymondham Anne HACKETT Single
106 12/10/1795 Samuel HARROD Single Catharine COE Single
107 12/10/1795 John TINGEY Single Sarah TOMPSON Single
108 13/10/1795 John TOKELOVE Single Anne BIRD Single
109 31/03/1796 Robert STEWARD Single Elizabeth SPINKS Single
110 11/05/1797 Robert GREEN Single Mary TOKELOVE Single
113 12/10/1797 John MELTON Single Anne BUCK Single
114 30/11/1797 William TINGEY Single Elizabeth SPINKS Single
115 04/01/1798 William HASTINGS Single Eleanor WEST Single
116 12/04/1798 John DORMAN Single Elizabeth DRAKE Single
117 04/10/1798 Robert SPARROW Single Mary SPINKS Single
118 23/04/1799 James MOBBS Single Sarah NICHOLLS Single
119 05/12/1799 Benjamin WEST Single Mary TOMPSON Single
120 06/01/1800 John GATHERCOLE Widower Ellen SELVAGE Single
121 10/06/1800 Christmas VINCE Single Ann LATTEN Single
122 06/08/1800 Robert CATTON Single Wereham Mary MICKLEFIELD Single
122 06/08/1800 Robert CATTON Single Wereham Mary FINDERY Single
123 31/08/1800 Thomas LATTON Single Burgh Next Aylsham Martha PERRY Single
124 17/11/1800 John PENDEL Single Ann DIXON Single
125 08/12/1800 Robert BORE Single St Mary, Thetford Sarah GREEN Single
126 11/05/1801 Robert BOND Widower Oxborough Mary BARKER Single
127 03/08/1801 Thomas SALMON Single Elizabeth DREW Single
128 13/10/1801 George KILLENGREY Single Mary BERTEL Single
129 22/10/1801 Robert SPINKS Single Sarah BROWN Single
130 26/11/1801 John RIVERS Single Anne WILSON Single
131 28/04/1802 William WINFIELD Single Sarah WALTON Single
132 27/12/1802 John WINGFIELD Single Elizabeth BENNET Single
133 13/01/1803 Robert CAWTHORN Single Susan TUFFS Single
134 10/03/1803 Joseph CATER Single Ellen FLOWER Single
135 23/01/1804 Henry RICKARD Single Olly NICHOLS Single
136 21/08/1804 Edward BADCOCK Widower Mary BARFORD Widow
137 15/10/1804 John VERGERSON Single Oxborough Mary BENNET Single
138 05/11/1804 James HARDY Single Elizabeth JOHNSON Single
139 19/11/1804 James GOAT Single Wereham Elizabeth CARROL Single
140 17/04/1805 John CURREY Single Lakenheath, Suffolk Mary DREW Single
141 18/01/1806 Robert DAWS Widower Wretton Susan STEVENS Single
142 21/10/1806 Peter CARTER Single Susan FENDICK Single
143 20/01/1807 Richard TUDDENHAM Single St Stephen, Norwich Peggy HEWSON Single
144 30/03/1807 John BETTS Single Susan CLARKE Single
145 19/05/1807 Charles SAGROTT Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Mary POWELL Single
146 02/06/1807 William GREEN Single Elizabeth WEST Single
29/08/1808 John BRADFIELD Widower Margaret TOKELOVE Widow
26/09/1808 Samuel FULLER Single Langford Martha DREW Single
02/11/1808 Francis TERRINGTON Single Mary FIRMAGE Single
08/12/1808 John KILLENGRAY Single Elizabeth KILLENGRAY Single
26/01/1809 William WARDELL Single Shotesham Eliza LENAIN Single
05/06/1809 Anthony ETHERIDGE Widower Sophia ETHERIDGE Single
22/08/1809 Charles BIRCH Single Margaret BALDREA Single
07/09/1809 John GREEN Single Boughton Elizabeth WATTS Single
28/12/1809 Richard BAYLEY Single St Mary, Newmarket, Suffolk Betsy PRATT Single
27/02/1810 William FLOWER Single Mary CHAPMAN Single
02/05/1810 James EAGLE Widower Susan WOOD Single
23/08/1810 Robert CAWTHORN Widower Sarah THOMPSON Single
29/09/1810 John STAFFORD Widower Susan DRIVER Widow
09/10/1810 James MACKINGTON Single Frances GOULDEN Single
29/10/1810 William DOCKING Single Elizabeth WEBB Single
15/10/1811 Henry BITSON Single Jane TOKELOVE Single
04/11/1811 William BAKER Single Frances GILL Single
05/11/1811 Samuel LANCASTER Single Elizabeth HARWOOD Single
29/09/1812 Thomas LARGE Single Alice PEARSON Single
30/09/1812 William BUNKALL Single Northwold Hannah WEST Single
05/11/1812 Edward SPINKS Single Sarah WALKER Single
4 21/10/1813 Simon Smalridge HORE Single St Thomas, Exeter, Devon Sarah Bradfield SANDERS Single
5 21/10/1813 Robert SPARROW Widower Mary CURSON Single
6 21/10/1813 John WILSON Single Boughton Ann SPINKS Single
7 21/10/1813 Richard TAYLOR Single Wereham Sarah DENNY Single
8 03/02/1814 William WARD Single Sarah GARDNER Single
9 22/02/1814 Henry WINGFIELD Single Mary Ann WALTON Single
10 09/03/1814 Edmund TOMPSON Single Elizabeth DREW Single
11 09/05/1814 John BRADFIELD Widower Mary HUNT Widow
12 31/10/1814 John SMITH Single Maria STAFFORD Single
13 02/11/1814 Richard ALLISON Single Old Windsor, Berkshire Jane GLANVILE Single
14 21/11/1814 Thomas BROWN Single Elizabeth LANCASTER Single
15 07/06/1815 John STEVENS Single Jane SPINKS Single
16 05/10/1815 Robert CORY Single West Dereham Elizabeth WINFIELD Single
17 12/10/1815 James WOODS Single Frances SEAL Single
18 14/10/1816 Thomas BARLEY Single Elizabeth DYNES Single
19 14/10/1816 Henry CARTER Single Sarah BRUNNEY Single
20 17/10/1816 Robert ENGLISH Single Mary KIDD Single
21 28/10/1816 Baker SPINKS Single Wretton Sarah TOKELOVE Single
22 23/01/1817 Jacob MACKROW Single Oxborough Martha LANCASTER Single
23 17/03/1817 Nathan BOOTY Single Frances STAFFORD Single
24 26/05/1817 John SHINN Single Mary Ann PALMER Single
25 14/11/1817 William WEBB Single Olley GREEN Single
26 04/12/1817 Edmund MASTERS Single Gayton Harriotte LE NAIN Single
27 06/01/1818 Seymour TUFFS Single Anne STEVENS Single
28 16/03/1818 William WILSON Single Upwell Martha SPINKS Single
29 11/05/1818 James NEWBY Single Mary HAMMOND Single
30 02/07/1818 William WILSON Single Mary HARWIN Single
31 15/02/1819 William TINGEY Single Lucy SALVAGE Single
32 22/02/1819 John WATERS Single Catharine WARNER Single
33 12/07/1819 Edward RUDGE Single Fakenham Alice ETHERIDGE Single
34 20/10/1819 William SMITH Single Elizabeth HUTSON Single
35 06/01/1820 William PARISH Single Northwold Rebecca BIRD Single
36 15/07/1820 Thomas CLARK Single Northwold Susanna NEWTON Single
37 26/10/1820 Thomas GAMBLE Single Downham Market Frances BLOMFIELD Single
38 26/10/1820 John CURTIS Single Wereham Mary ETHERIDGE Single
39 26/10/1820 Anthony ETHERIDGE Single Ickburgh Susanna SANDERS Single
40 02/11/1820 Thomas HEUSON Single Charlotte VINCENT Single
41 30/03/1821 Thomas OWEN Single Mary TAYLOR Single
42 07/04/1821 William BITSON Single Elizabeth LAWS Single
43 16/04/1821 Josuah JOHNSON Single Runcton Holme Sarah WINFIELD Single
44 29/05/1821 Thomas YOUNGMAN Single Sarah BODY Single
45 03/08/1821 Robert ROBERTSON Single Elizabeth WEST Single
48 23/10/1821 Thomas SPINKS Single Biddy LANCASTER Single
46 19/11/1821 Thomas Gurneys WALES Downham Market Mary HEBGIN
47 05/12/1821 Philip CHAMBERS Single Sarah BLOFIELD Single
49 02/09/1822 James BURROWES Single Mary Ann ROBERTS Single
50 17/10/1822 John BLY Single Denver Susan TOMPSON Single
51 13/11/1822 George BELL Single Elizabeth PARLETT Single
52 19/11/1822 John BODY Gooderstone Honor HUDSON
53 18/07/1823 Robert MUNSON Single Sarah GERMANY Single
54 17/10/1823 George SALMON Single Susan BENNET Single
55 13/11/1823 John ELDEN Single Elizabeth BENNETT Single
56 14/11/1823 Robert BIRD Single Mary JOHNSON Single
57 30/12/1823 William WHATNALL Single Hannah TINGAY Single
58 06/04/1824 Henry RUTTER Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Mary SANDERS Single
59 10/04/1824 James HOLMES Hannah RIX
60 07/05/1824 Thomas SCOTT Single Sarah BUNTON Single
61 01/10/1824 William COUSINS Single Hannah KEMP Single
62 23/12/1824 John ROLFE Single Mary TIPPLE Single
63 24/02/1825 Henry WINFIELD Widower Fanny KING Single
64 22/08/1825 John GREEN Single Jane HEAD Single
65 13/10/1825 Thomas HARRISON Single Northwold Mary ROOLFE Single
66 23/12/1825 Robert DENNIS Single Elizabeth BOWEN Single
67 17/04/1826 Robert EVERET Single Mary BASSET Single
68 29/04/1826 Thomas BLY Single Susan STEPHENS Single
69 19/06/1826 William BOWERS Single Martha KIDD Single
70 31/08/1826 John HEWSON Single Mary Ann SPENCER Widow
71 15/09/1826 James CHESSON Single Mary BARTELL Single
72 26/09/1826 Edward PARISH Single Elizabeth SPINKS Single
73 26/09/1826 James ENGLISH Single Susan STAFFORD Single
74 16/10/1826 George PALMER Single Lucy KIDD Single
75 02/01/1827 William RINGER Single Mary Ann SALVIGE Single
76 16/01/1827 Edward Wright ETHERIDGE Single Gertrude Bradfield SANDERS Single
77 20/01/1827 Thomas DRIVER Widower Ann SMITH Single
78 30/03/1827 Robert CORTHEN Single Elizabeth PUMPHERRY Single
80 02/09/1827 Edmund SMITH Single Mary ENGLISH Single
81 12/10/1827 George REUDER Widower Brandon, Suffolk Elizabeth BENNETT Single
82 13/10/1827 Richard HOLMES Single Olivia MORTLOCK Single
83 05/02/1828 John SEALES Single Beachamwell Elizabeth SANDERS Single
84 11/02/1828 John Drosier ETHERIDGE Single Sarah HEBGIN Single
85 26/03/1828 William SECKER Single Hannah ALLEN Single
86 10/06/1828 John HOLT Single Margaret COLLINS Single
87 26/07/1828 William GREEN Widower Sarah HODSON Single
88 12/09/1828 William STEVENS Single Mary PARLETT Widow
89 24/11/1828 William KNOCK Single Charlotte SHIP Widow
91 17/07/1829 Samuel WRIGHT Single Canada Agnes Bradfield SANDERS Single
92 19/07/1829 Robert GARROD Single Mary ARNOLD Widow
93 11/11/1829 Samuel MURRELL Single Elizabeth BIRD Single
94 25/12/1829 James EDWARDS Single Ann GILL Single
95 31/12/1829 Thomas WEST Single Mary TINGEY Single
96 28/01/1830 William LARNER Single Mary Ann JERMYN Single
97 12/04/1830 John WEBB Single Swaffham Mary Ann WISEMAN Single
98 27/05/1830 John BRISTON Single Mary FIRMAN Single
99 31/05/1830 Robert CITTRINGHAM Single Rhoda SUCKER Single
100 29/06/1830 John GERMANY Single Charlotte WINFIELD Single
101 04/07/1830 Charles EDWARDS Single Maria OLLINGTON Single
102 14/10/1830 James MUNTON Single Mary Ann TUDDENHAM Single
103 19/10/1830 Mallows GARROD Single Gooderstone Mary HASTINGS Single
104 19/10/1830 Richard WEST Single Mary AVES Single
105 19/10/1830 John POWELL Widower Elizabeth CLARK Single
106 10/01/1831 Thomas SPINKS Single Eliza HINNESS Single
107 25/02/1831 William TAYLOR Single Mary JARROD Single
108 29/03/1831 Robert HEWSON Widower Jane BITSON Widow
109 19/04/1831 William TURVEY Single Marthy THORPE Single
110 18/07/1831 Henry TINGEY Single Lucy TINGEY Widow
111 21/07/1831 Robert JOHNSON Widower Susan BELL Single
112 21/07/1831 Charles ENGLISH Single Sophia TIPPLE Single
113 13/09/1831 George CLODD Widower Martha LARNER Widow
114 11/10/1831 Joseph PALMER Single Mary Ann JOHNSON Single
115 11/11/1831 William BIRD Single Ann BAILEY Single
116 12/06/1832 James NURSE Single Elizabeth HEAD Single
117 23/08/1832 Henry Evetts TUDDENHAM Single Swaffham Charlotte CROSS Single
118 20/10/1832 John EVERETT Single Freckenham, Suffolk Mary TURNER Single
119 28/11/1832 John HEWSON Single Eleanor WILSON Single
120 16/05/1833 John WILSON Single Swaffham Mary FOSTER Single
121 18/10/1833 Youngs LARNER Single Hannah BROWN Single
122 05/11/1833 Robert FULLER Single Sophia BLOWER Single
123 17/12/1833 Fuller ROLFE Single Ann RIVERS Widow
124 06/05/1834 Richard PIGOTT Single Charlotte ETHERIDGE Single
125 11/08/1834 John ROSE Sophia SECKER
126 22/09/1834 John FOWLER Single Sophia BELL Single
127 17/10/1834 William KILLINGREY Single Sarah ADDERSON Single
128 30/12/1834 Joseph CATER Single Harriet METCALF Single
129 08/06/1835 Edward ROLFE Single Eliza GOULD Single
130 12/10/1835 Edward FISHER Single Mattishall Mary FINCHAM Single
131 06/11/1835 James CANN Single Mary NEWELL Single
132 11/01/1836 William NORTH Single Ellen THEOBALD Single
133 23/03/1836 William CANN Single Rebecca BEAUMONT Single
134 29/05/1836 John WEST Single Mary GREEN Single
135 26/06/1836 Thomas POWLEY Single Elizabeth NAPKIN Single
136 15/08/1836 John SHACKEL Widower Ann HOWLET Widow
137 06/01/1837 Rayner Hall TIPPLE Single Harriet ENGLISH Single
138 25/02/1837 John SPINKS Single Sarah JARROD Single

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