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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Bodham All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Bodham lies in northeastern Norfolk quite close to its North Sea coast. Bodham is a compact village sitting astride the A148 road about 3 miles east of the market town of Holt, the A148 connects Holt with the coastal resort of Cromer. Apart from the village which sits tucked away mostly to the south of the main road, there is the subsidiary hamlet of Lower Bodham almost a mile away to the southwest. Bodham sits inland of Norfolk's northern coast by just over two miles but is largely an agricultural parish at the time of this transcript nowadays much of the northern part of the parish is wooded and holds a large holiday facility. Bodham is drained to the southwest by the headwaters of the River Glaven which takes a long detour to the south before entering the North Sea through Cley next the Sea. Bodham is sited at around 70 metres above the sea, it sits on a glacial feature known as the Cromer-Holt ridge, and Lower Bodham is appropriately enough almost 20 metres lower. Parish sizes in this part of Norfolk are small and Bodham is no exception, it covered around 1,400 acres and supported around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times the parish was shared between Hugh de Montfort and Walter Giffard, it only boasted 3 ploughs and was a small and insignificant place.

The Church

All Saints' church sits nearer to Lower Bodham than to the present main village, it is almost a mile south of the main population centre and stands in isolation on an east/west running lane. Much of the external fabric of the church has been changed over the centuries but Pevsner noted the Decorated style western tower, porch and chancel arch which indicate that the building was early for a Norfolk church. However there were major restorations in 1859 & 1893 which rebuilt and re-faced much of the building leading to what we see today. The church sits on the northern side of its lane shielded by a tall hedge, an entrance to a gravel parking area is at the eastern end of the site and is not gated. The site is free of obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th October 1755 - 18th December 1810 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/347/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 13th April 1813 - 26th December 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/347/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/10/1755 Epher SILENCE   Baconsthorpe Elizabeth THURSBY    
23/04/1756 William LYNES     Matthew WARNS    
13/07/1756 Chapman PLANE     Elizabeth HUTTESON    
01/10/1757 William POOLEY Widower Roughton Mary LAKSY Single  
12/06/1758 John JAXSON Single   Anne JOHNSON Single  
1 17/09/1758 John PULL Widower   Elizabeth ATHOW Widow  
2 31/10/1758 James ARNOLD Single Wood Norton Rose DAVISON Single  
3 07/11/1758 James JONES Single   Mary SKERILL Single  
4 03/06/1759 Thomas FULLER Single   Mary BRIGHAM Single  
5 16/10/1760 John SECKER Single   Isadora COE Single West Beckham
6 21/10/1760 Edmund ALDRAGE Single   Elizabeth SEXTON   Baconsthorpe
7 28/07/1761 Edward BROWNE Single Hempstead By Holt Tameson HUTTESON Single  
8 18/08/1761 William TOMPSON Single   Amy HUMPHREY Single  
9 13/07/1762 Thomas SPOONER Widower   Elizabeth OTTY Single  
10 14/10/1762 Thomas COOPER Widower   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
11 04/11/1762 Henry JORDAN Single   Mary TOWER Single  
12 06/10/1763 Robert HALL Single West Beckham Mary STARLING Single  
13 15/12/1763 William COOPER Single   Mary OTTY Single  
14 24/07/1764 Dennis GUNTON Single   Phillis BULL Single  
15 09/08/1764 John SMITH Single Sheringham Anne EVERITT Single  
16 02/07/1765 William WOODHOUSE Single Sidestrand Elizabeth ATHOW Single  
17 20/10/1766 William KEMP Single   Elizabeth SMITH    
18 21/10/1766 William LEARNER Widower   Anne SPOONER Widow  
19 14/07/1767 William COOPER Widower   Alice NORTON Single  
20 15/07/1768 Thomas DENNIS Single   Mary DRURY Single  
21 09/08/1768 Thomas COOPER Widower   Mary PLATTEN Single  
22 24/11/1768 William LEAK Single Gresham Martha STARLING Single  
23 07/06/1769 John LINES Single   Mary PORRET Single  
24 16/07/1769 Robert NICKOLS Widower   Faith COE Single  
25 14/08/1769 William LEARNER Single   Mary MANN Single  
26 16/08/1769 William DAVISON Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
27 01/11/1769 James FROST Single   Martha HUMFREY Single  
28 26/02/1770 Thomas LEAK Single   Esther OLDRIDGE Single  
29 17/04/1770 Francis MANN Single   Margaret SMITH Single  
30 12/12/1770 James BARBER Single   Martha DENNIS Single  
31 15/10/1771 William FROST Single   Anne WOODYARD Single  
32 15/09/1772 James LYNN Single   Mary DENNIS Single  
33 27/10/1772 John STEWARD Single   Rose EMMERY Single  
34 04/01/1774 Robert OTTEY Widower   Anne HUTTESON Single  
35 21/10/1774 William HOLMES Single   Ann PORRET Single  
36 16/01/1775 Benjamin NICKALLS Single   Anne HOWARD Single  
37 02/11/1775 William SEXTON Single   Anne WARD Single  
38 16/02/1776 John MALLET Single Holt Sarah SMITH Single  
39 09/04/1776 John NUTT Widower Gresham Sarah DIGBY Single  
40 26/04/1776 John BLACK Single Thurgarton Martha PORRIT Single  
41 24/10/1776 William BURKS Single   Frances HUTTSON Single  
42 24/07/1777 John STEWARD Widower West Beckham Alice DRURY Single  
43 16/10/1777 John BUTTERFONT Single   Sarah PORRET Single  
44 06/11/1777 Abraham DAVISON Single   Margaret WOODGET Single  
45 05/01/1778 William LYNES Widower   Anne JACKSON Widow  
46 17/02/1778 William TEMPLE Single Aylmerton Dinah DENNIS Single  
47 21/04/1778 William BARNES Widower Roughton Elizabeth FROST Single  
48 27/07/1778 Thomas WELLS Single   Elizabeth BUTCHER Single Hindringham
49 27/06/1780 Benjamin BURTEN Single   Anne AKERS Single  
50 03/10/1780 Philip FROST Single   Susanna DAWSON Single  
51 19/10/1780 Simon STARLING Widower   Jamima FRANKLAND Single  
52 08/11/1780 Robert FREEMAN Single   Frances CHRISTMASS Single Stody
53 28/11/1780 Marker FISHER Single Baconsthorpe Mary WELLS Single  
54 31/07/1781 Charles SMITH Single   Elizabeth ROWSE   Hunworth
55 04/12/1781 Thomas EVERITT Single   Martha KEMP Single  
56 25/02/1783 John HUDSON Single   Martha BUNNETT Single  
57 02/06/1783 William TUCK Widower Weybourne Elizabeth COOPER Widow  
58 02/12/1783 Leman BLIGH Single   Sarah MANN Single  
59 31/05/1785 Isaac PARSONS Single   Elizabeth CASTON Single  
60 03/10/1785 George BUTCHER Single Holme Next The Sea Elizabeth WELLS Single  
61 18/10/1785 Thomas BIRD Single Sheringham Rose FULLER Single  
62 20/01/1786 William ARGIER Single Burnham Westgate Susanna PLANE Single  
63 28/02/1786 William DUNN Single   Esther BEAR Single  
64 25/04/1786 Robert SPOONER Single   Charlotte PLANE Single  
65 21/11/1786 John WOODYARD Single   Elizabeth WOODHOUSE Single  
66 26/03/1788 John DAWSON Single   Willoughby CLARKE Single  
67 07/10/1788 John MANN Single Gresham Bell WELLS Single  
68 26/10/1788 John CLARKE Single   Caroline CLARKE Widow Booton
69 02/11/1788 John GREEN Single   Sarah WEBSTER Single  
70 23/06/1789 John DAGLASS Single Little Walsingham Mary DYBALL Single  
71 25/06/1789 William HANDCOCK Widower   Elizabeth JARY Widow  
72 22/08/1790 John PIGOTT Single   Amy HUMPHRY Single  
73 08/03/1791 James EMERY Single   Phillis WELLS Single  
74 28/11/1791 John YAXLEY Single Binham Elizabeth KEMP Single  
75 14/02/1792 Robert COOPER Single Cley Next The Sea Mary SMITH Single  
76 07/03/1793 George FRANKLAND Single Bessingham Mary CLARKE Single  
77 06/06/1793 Abraham BOOTH Single Holt Mary Ann FULLER Single  
78 15/10/1793 Dennis BULLOCK Single   Sarah NEWARK Single  
79 20/11/1793 Thomas EMERY Single   Mary DERISLEY Single  
80 04/02/1794 Samuel WELLS Single   Mary ELDRIDGE Single  
81 21/04/1794 Thomas JAREY Single   Thomasine PLANE Single  
82 02/10/1794 Robert PARLETT Widower Weybourne Elizabeth PLANE Widow  
83 22/12/1795 John PILCH Single   Anne FROST Single  
84 18/02/1797 Philip ALLEN Single   Hester COCK Single  
85 28/02/1797 William PANE Single   Judith THAXTER Single  
86 11/10/1797 William PLATTEN Single Baconsthorpe Ann TUCK Single  
87 28/11/1799 Thomas DAGLASS Single   Anne PARTON Single  
88 09/07/1800 Thomas NURSE Single Barningham Mary OTTY Single  
89 13/08/1802 William NEWMAN Single Wells Next The Sea Susannah FROST Single  
90 02/11/1802 Samuel GROUTT Single   Anne MOPETT Single  
91 13/08/1803 George EMERY Single   Mary BOOTH Widow  
92 18/10/1803 Daniel DAGLASS Single Edgefield Elizabeth PARTON Single  
93 24/11/1803 William GRAY Single   Mary RISBOROUGH Single  
94 18/12/1804 John PORRETT Single   Caroline CHASTENY Single  
95 07/01/1805 John PINCHEN Widower   Sarah BLIGH Widow  
96 07/02/1806 Daniel WINTER Single   Anna Kezia SHERMAN Single  
97 28/10/1806 Peter GROUTT Single   Christian OTTY Single  
98 12/03/1807 Samuel WARD Single   Maria NICKOLDS Single  
99 12/02/1808 Henry FRANKLAND Single   Mary Ann PINSON Single  
100 13/06/1808 Robert FISHER Single   Lydia HYNES Single  
101 05/10/1808 Thomas NASH Single Sprowston Amy Ann NASH Single  
102 13/11/1810 Bartholomew FISHER Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single Weybourne
103 18/12/1810 Thomas NICKOLDS Widower   Margaret MANN Single  
1 13/04/1813 Robert CRASK Single   Elizabeth BASTARD Single  
2 24/11/1813 Samuel FREEMAN Single   Mary FREEMAN Single  
3 06/01/1814 Joseph WEST Single Matlaske Virtue LEARNER Single  
4 11/07/1814 John BLIGH Single Bessingham Mary RUDLIN Single  
5 10/10/1815 George HUDSON Single   Mary Ann PILCH Single  
6 22/08/1816 John MANN Single   Mary BLIGH Single  
7 19/05/1817 William BAVERS Single   Martha BLIGH Single  
8 23/06/1817 Richard STARLING Single   Ann HUDESON Single  
9 21/04/1818 John TEMPLE Single West Beckham Mary KEYBON Single  
10 12/05/1818 John BROWN Single   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
11 19/07/1818 Benjamin NEALE Widower   Elizabeth HURNE Single  
12 09/12/1819 Leman BLIGH Single   Elizabeth HOPPER Single  
13 05/01/1821 James EVERITT Single   Anne PANE Single  
14 01/02/1821 John DEW Single   Ann PEGG Single Hempstead By Holt
15 06/02/1821 John TUCK Single   Mary Cooper TUCK Single  
16 04/06/1822 John DOUGHTY Single Holt Mary LAXEN Single  
17 07/06/1822 Henry RANSOME Single   Ann GOODRICH Single  
18 07/01/1824 Robert GRAY Single   Martha BAVERS Widow  
19 14/04/1825 William NICKOLDS Single Matlaske Mary ALLEN Single  
20 17/11/1825 Matthew PENTON Single   Mary BROWN Single  
21 01/01/1827 William Parton DAGLASS Single   Sarah EMERY Single  
22 24/04/1827 Francis ABBS Single Runton Elizabeth HINDREY Single  
23 05/12/1827 Peter GROUTT Single   Elizabeth JARY Single  
24 10/12/1827 Samuel CLARE Single   Susanna BUTTERFIELD Single  
25 20/05/1828 William HAZLE Single   Elizabeth GROUTT Single Little Barningham
26 02/07/1829 John GROUTT Single   Debora ALLEN Single  
27 10/03/1830 Robert STOREY Single Baconsthorpe Elizabeth FROMOW Single  
28 27/06/1830 James FROST Single   Elizabeth BROWN Widow  
29 07/12/1830 Thomas WADE Single   Phillis EMERY Single  
30 24/02/1831 Jeremiah LAXEN Single   Sophia STEWARD Single  
31 03/03/1831 Henry LAXEN Widower   Christian GREEN Single  
32 07/04/1831 William ABRAHAM Single   Christian HOPPER Single  
33 21/04/1831 Francis HARMER Single   Ann CHRISTMAS Single  
34 25/04/1831 Robert Starling GRAY Single   Celia BIRCHAM Single  
35 07/11/1831 William SMITH Single Tivetshall St Margaret Elizabeth NICKOLDS Single  
36 09/04/1833 Jeremiah LAXEN Widower   Amy DUFFIELD Widow  
37 24/01/1835 Charles SAYER Single   Jane EMERY Single  
38 29/12/1835 John LOADS Single   Elizabeth GRAND Single  
39 22/01/1836 William BIRD Single   Cely LAXEN Single  
39 05/04/1836 Thomas CURSIN Single Baconsthorpe Mary Ann FRANKLAND Single  
40 26/12/1836 William BAVERS Single   Sarah Ann WEGG Single  

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