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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Brisley St Bartholomew


The Parish

The parish of Brisley lies almost centrally within the county of Norfolk. Brisley is located about 6 miles northwest of the market town of East Dereham and sits on the B1145 which connects Bawdeswell through many villages to King's Lynn. Brisley is a small village concentrated along the B1145 and also at nearby Potthorpe a half mile northwest. Brisley's greatest asset is its green, stretching either side of the B1145 on the eastern edge of the village, a haunt of cricketers and summer drinkers from the Bell Inn. Brisley, like many Norfolk communities, would largely have earned its living through arable farming albeit some weaving would also have occurred. Brisley is drained south and then eastwards by a tributary of the River Wensum which is joined east of North Elmham, after passing through the city of Norwich the Yare is joined and reaches the North Sea though the port of Great Yarmouth. Brisley is sited at around 50 metres above the sea in gently undulating countryside; local heights rise gently to almost 80 metres to Brisley's west. Brisley parish was not untypically sized for Norfolk, it covered around 1,200 acres and would have supported a population of almost 400 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Brisley in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Bartholomew's church sits at the heart of the village on the southern side of the B1145 as its winds through. Its western tower is striking and typically Perpendicular, rather commonly in Norfolk. Documentary evidence shows donation for its construction from 1435 through to 1453 and these dates are typical of most of the church. A few Decorated features show an earlier commencement but much else is Perpendicular and a continuous build from the late 14th through to the mid 15th centuries. Unlike many churches Pevsner does not hint at major restoration work during the Victorian era and one must conclude that the building is little amended since the mid 15th century. The church stands in an unfenced site on a bend of the B1145 with properties opposite but few inhibitions to photography within, the proportions of tower to nave & chancel make it best to photograph from outside the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 22nd February 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/664/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 7th March 1813 - 7th February 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/664/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Horningtoft St Edmund
Horningtoft St Edmund
North Elmham St Mary the Virgin
North Elmham St Mary the Virgin
Stanfield St Margaret
North Elmham St Mary the Virgin
East Bilney St Mary
East Bilney St Mary
North Elmham St Mary the Virgin
Beetley St Mary Magdalene

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 00/00/1754 Philip CAREY Widower   Sarah BEARE Single  
2 02/01/1755 William MOULTAIN Single   Ann BLANCH Single  
3 12/01/1755 Thomas JOHNSON Single Billingford By Dereham Mary JARVIS Single East Rudham
4 14/10/1755 Christopher RUDD   Stanfield Susanna GIRDLESTONE Single  
5 16/11/1755 Robert STEEL Single   Martha BAKER Single  
6 10/10/1756 John KETTERNGHAM   Hoe Marina WALTON    
7 25/10/1757 Thomas COOK     Frances EWING    
8 11/04/1758 William RALF Single   Martha GOODMAN Single  
9 22/05/1759 Richard WILLIAMSON     Elizabeth SANDS    
10 05/01/1761 Nathaniel PILCH     Mary MEEK    
11 11/08/1761 John MOY Single   Judith FOX Single  
12 12/10/1761 William JARVIS Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
13 15/12/1761 Peter GEDGE Single   Mary DURRANT Single  
14 04/01/1762 William KENDAL   Great Massingham Ann PILCH Single  
15 12/10/1762 Matthew HANDSEAL Single   Martha PILCH Single  
16 04/01/1763 Nathaniel PILCH Widower   Eleanor CLAXTON Widow  
17 20/09/1763 Robert ATHOW Single   Mary FRANCIS    
18 16/02/1764 Samuel LONG Widower   Hannah BONE Single  
19 12/08/1765 John DAVY   North Elmham Mary ATHOW    
20 19/04/1768 William LEE Single   Jane ABLE Single  
21 23/05/1768 Matthew EDWARDS Single   Mary GOODWIN Single  
22 11/09/1769 William GALLON Single   Mary PICKENS Widow  
23 14/11/1769 Edward TUNGATE Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
24 01/02/1770 Robert COOKE Single Beetley Ann OVERTON Single  
25 04/12/1770 Samuel MADDER   Syderstone Mary BARRETT    
26 03/01/1771 John NOCOLS Single   Mary WHITBY    
27 12/09/1771 Nathaniel RAVEN Single Whissonsett Ann FOX Single  
28 14/10/1771 Henry PARKER Single   Mary WINGFIELD Single  
29 20/04/1772 William LYNG Widower   Mary GILES Single  
30 05/07/1772 Richard WILLIAMSON Widower   Elizabeth ROBERTSON Single  
31 03/11/1772 Robert MASON Single   Frances COOPER Single  
32 10/12/1772 Luke GOTTS Single   Mary FABB Single  
33 20/04/1773 Barton FINCH Single   Catherine MANN Single Colkirk
34 16/05/1775 Charles WAGG Single   Mary MOTT Single  
35 16/04/1776 Joseph SMITH   East Bilney Honour ASHBY    
36 27/11/1777 Henry COBB Single Little Dunham Catharine LEE    
37 05/04/1779 James LUBBUCK Widower   Martha STEEL Widow  
38 03/05/1779 Thomas FROST Single   Mary BRAY Single  
39 07/06/1779 Thomas COOK Widower   Hannah BURGESS Single  
40 10/10/1780 William MALLIN Widower Horningtoft Mary PICKINGS Single  
41 21/01/1781 John SMITH Single   Mary GOLDSPRING Single  
42 03/07/1781 Nicholas LEE Single   Mary TROLLOP    
43 11/02/1782 William WHITER Single North Elmham Mary JARVIS Single  
44 11/02/1782 John CURSON Single   Elizabeth EMERSON Single  
45 18/11/1782 William ATHOW Single   Sarah STREEK Single  
47 13/10/1783 Charles JEX Widower Hindolveston Elizabeth BENNINGTON    
48 25/11/1783 Charles MOTT Single   Mary OLDMAN Single  
49 19/01/1784 John LEACH Single   Mary HUBBARD Single  
50 17/05/1785 Arthur BURRELL Single   Ann HANSELL Single  
51 23/06/1785 Peter DE CAUX Widower Foxley Esther STRIKE Widow  
52 27/04/1786 Thomas WILLIAMSON Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
53 09/11/1786 Robert ELMER Single   Mary WHITER Single  
54 10/11/1787 Richard MAYES Single   Susanna COLLIER Single  
55 04/12/1787 James GOUT Single   Elizabeth DOEWELL Single  
56 11/01/1788 David DECAUX Single St Simon & St Jude, Norwich Martha SKIRRITT Single  
57 14/10/1788 John GOSHAWK Widower   Susanna SIMMONS Single  
58 24/02/1789 William LEWIS Single   Anne BONE Single  
59 02/02/1790 Francis WILLIAMSON Single   Mary JARVIS Single  
60 20/10/1790 John COLLIER Single   Ann BONE Single  
61 02/11/1790 Richard YOUNGS Single   Phillis FARROW Single  
62 08/11/1790 John HOWARD Widower   Amey BRADFIELD Single  
63 08/03/1791 David PRYER Single   Elizabeth POYNTER Single  
64 10/10/1791 Edward CREED Single   Mary HANSWELL Single  
65 31/10/1791 Thomas READ Single   Mary HOTCHEN Single  
66 23/11/1792 George WILLIAMSON Single South Wootton Frances PARSLEY Widow  
67 24/12/1792 Nathaniel PILCH Widower   Frances FULLER Single  
68 12/02/1793 John BONE Single   Frances SIMMONS Single  
69 05/11/1793 John RICE Single   Ester LIGHTFOOT Single  
70 23/04/1794 Roger GOUT Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
71 24/11/1794 William WILLIMITE Single   Jemima LAKE Single  
72 17/02/1795 James GOUT Widower   Mary KING Widow  
73 09/06/1795 James MITCHELL Single   Martha HANSELL Widow  
74 05/04/1796 Edmund ATMAR Single   Sarah HANSELL Single  
75 22/05/1797 John HALL Single Whissonsett Martha DECAUX Single  
76 21/11/1798 John MOY Single   Frances SKELT Single  
78 14/01/1799 Luke DREW Single   Rebecca POINTER Single  
79 17/06/1799 Richard BASS Widower   Elizabeth CURSON Widow  
80 08/07/1799 Thomas WHITER Single   Elizabeth NICHOLS Single  
81 15/04/1800 John CAPPS Single   Mary DURRANT Single North Elmham
82 06/07/1801 John CHAPMAN Single   Ann GAYTON Single  
83 05/05/1802 Joseph RICHES Single   Mary SANDS Widow  
84 31/05/1802 Richard Suckling KYBERT Single   Eleanor CLAXTON Single  
85 31/05/1802 Henry SMITH Single   Charlotte FLEGG Single  
86 09/11/1802 John GAGE Single   Ann ROOM Single  
87 21/11/1803 Daniel WARD Single   Tabitha STIMPSON Widow  
88 27/09/1804 John COOK Single   Mary SKELT Single  
89 31/10/1804 Henry SIMMONS Single   Mary PESTELE Single  
90 31/10/1804 James TUCK Single   Alice TANN Single  
91 28/01/1806 William MOORE Single   Martha HARMAN Single  
92 03/06/1806 Joseph CLAXTON Single   Mary HINSON Single  
93 23/10/1806 John WARD Single   Mary FROHAWK Single  
94 08/07/1807 William GRANGE Single   Catharine HANSELL Single  
95 26/01/1808 Frederick STOAKLEY Single   Susan LOADES Single  
96 31/10/1808 John CROWN Single   Eleanor TANN Single  
97 04/04/1809 Robert Hicks KING Single   Sarah CLAXTON    
98 15/08/1810 William ATTHOW Single   Elizabeth WEGG Single  
99 05/08/1811 George WHITAKER Single Pembury, Kent Philadelphia WALTER Single  
100 22/02/1812 Solomon SECKER Single Great Witchingham Judith SPARSHALL Single  
1 07/03/1813 John BILLINGS Single Litcham Mary WARD Single  
2 31/03/1814 Thomas SHAWL Single Cley Next The Sea Ann MEEK Single  
3 08/11/1814 William MEEK Single   Elizabeth DECAUX Single  
4 09/03/1815 James MITCHELL Single   Martha ATMORE Single  
5 06/11/1815 William WEGG Single   Charlotte WIGG Single  
6 11/12/1815 John BONE Single   Susanna Charity HOWLETT Single  
7 12/12/1815 Thomas ATTHOW Widower   Maria COOLBY Single  
8 26/01/1816 James BURRELL Single   Elizabeth SIMMONDS Single  
9 09/07/1816 Giles JARMAN Single   Elizabeth EBBERSON Single  
10 01/08/1816 Edmund FOX Single   Martha POINTER Single  
11 14/04/1817 James ATTHOW Single   Harriet MEEK Single  
12 31/07/1817 John WOOD Single   Hannah BASHAM Single  
13 14/02/1818 James JACOB Single Colkirk Susanna FIRTH Single  
14 25/04/1818 Nathaniel PILCH Single Briston Mary SPOONER Single  
15 12/05/1818 William LEEDS Single   Ann WILLIMITE Single  
16 18/05/1818 Neale William WHITE Single Whissonsett Jane ATTHOW Single  
17 04/06/1818 John RYE Single   Sarah PESTEL Single  
18 23/06/1819 William FRIER Single Horningtoft Phoebe WILKIN Single  
19 05/01/1820 John CREED Single   Elizabeth CLAXTON Single  
20 06/01/1820 Robert CLAXTON Single   Susanna GRANGE Widow  
21 11/10/1820 Peter HALL Single   Mary FRIER Single  
22 02/11/1820 William MUFFETT Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
23 19/02/1821 Simon WATLING Single Beetley Mary COLBY Single  
24 25/06/1821 John CODLING Single Fakenham Martha MITCHELL Widow  
25 08/11/1821 William ENGLEBRIGHT Single   Mary WEBSTER Single  
26 08/04/1822 Hamerton CLARK     Elizabeth ENGLEBRIGHT    
27 23/05/1822 Robert JACOB Single   Patience WILLIMITE Single  
28 21/06/1822 Robert COPPING Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
29 18/06/1823 William FOULSHAM Single   Charlotte BIRD Single  
30 19/09/1824 John HALL Single   Celia SIMMONDS Single  
31 22/11/1824 William MASON Single   Jemima WILLIMITE Single  
32 02/12/1824 Thomas BENSLEY Single Poringland Catharine WORMAN Single  
33 20/12/1824 Robert FOWLE Single   Sarah Eve ATTHOW Single  
34 24/01/1825 Peter CLAMP Single   Susanna ATTHOW Single  
35 25/09/1825 Thomas FOULSHAM Single   Elizabeth TUCK Single  
36 18/10/1825 John PALMER Single   Sarah LEE Single  
37 13/12/1825 John FROST Single Gateley Mary Ann FOULSHAM Single  
38 15/01/1826 Henry MIDDLEAGE Single   Belinda MENDHAM Single  
39 27/08/1826 David FOX Single   Mary SIMMONS Single  
40 11/10/1826 Benjamin WORNER Single   Ann GRAY Single  
41 04/12/1826 Henry RAVEN Single   Tabitha COLEBY Single  
42 08/05/1827 Henry HOPSON Single Shipdham Maria MOULTON Single  
43 15/10/1827 Charles Daniel TUCK   East Dereham Susanna PILCH Single  
44 04/12/1827 George COLEBY Single   Eliza WHITER Single  
45 03/03/1828 George POLL   Elsing Sarah RICHES    
46 26/05/1828 William BENSLEY Single   Eliza Jane MEEK Single  
47 10/06/1828 Henry DREW Widower   Martha CREED Single  
48 20/07/1828 Stephen RYE Single   Mary WIGG Single  
49 20/08/1828 Francis CLAXTON Single   Sarah WILLIMITE Single  
50 23/12/1828 Robert FRIER Single   Elizabeth GALL Single  
51 21/06/1829 William READ Single   Frances COOK Single  
52 12/10/1830 Robert KING Single   Elizabeth FRIER Single  
53 02/11/1830 Richard SPINKS Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
54 05/06/1831 William HOWLING Single   Mary CLAXTON Single  
55 01/07/1831 Robert MENDHAM Single   Mary Ann DECAUX Single  
56 27/08/1831 Robert FOWLE Widower   Maria ATTHOW Widow  
57 17/09/1833 Edward CREED Single   Sarah NICHOLSON Single  
58 25/10/1833 Trafalgar STOKELY Single   Mary HALLODAY Single  
59 27/02/1835 Benjamin Melton BRANDFORD Single   Sarah Ann WARD Single  
60 13/03/1835 Robert STOKELEY Single   Martha Ann GRANGE Single  
61 24/01/1836 John KING Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
62 07/02/1836 John Barber BASHAM Single Bawdeswell Lydia Arundel ROBINSON Single  

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