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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Forncett St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Forncett St Peter lies in southern Norfolk about 8 miles east of the market town of Attleborough. One of a pair of villages distinguished by their church's dedication. Forncett St Peter is the larger and more southern of the pair and is a rather strung-out linear village situated around 2 miles west of the B1113 road which connects the city of Norwich with New Buckenham. Like most Norfolk villages it is a farming community with the majority of the land used for arable farming, Forncett St Peter did have a little variety in that the eastern portion of the parish lies on the flood-plain of the River Tas and enabled pastures. Modern developments have intruded on the rural peace as the Norwich to London rail line sits just east of the village on the opposite side of the Tas. The Tas drains the parish northwards joining the Yare to the south of Norwich and thence to the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Forncett St Peter is sited at around 30 metres above the sea in its valley setting, land rises gently to the west to plateau at around 60 metres. Forncett St Peter parish was fairly typically sized for Norfolk's south, it covered around 1,800 acres and would have supported a population of around 650 parishioners. In Domesday times the Forncetts were recorded as one manor and was shared largely by 2 Normans, Roger Bigot & Bishop Osbern of Exeter, with a tiny portion retained by a Saxon survivor, Ulfkil. Collectively Forncett St Mary & St Peter could muster 23 ploughs as well as extensive meadows & woodland making for a prosperous settlement indeed.

The Church

St Peter's church is tucked away from the main street down a dead-end lane opposite the lane to Forncett End. The presence of a round tower is usually indicative of an early church and this is no exception. Pevsner dates the tower to the Anglo-Saxon period e.g. pre-Conquest. It is also a rarity in being a complete piece with no later additions. The herringbone flushwork of the chancel is also indicative of an early origin but the windows of both the chancel and nave are all Perpendicular in style indicating, at least, that a major restoration or rebuild occurred in the late 14th century. Certainly the arch-mouldings show late 14th century designs. The access road to the church and its neighbouring farm is brick-woven and just about permits a car to park without blocking the farm entrance, a short distance in metal gates grant access southwards into an extensive churchyard which is open and free of photographic obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th July 1754 - 13th November 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD421/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th January 1813 - 22nd May 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD421/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Tacolneston All Saints
Tacolneston All Saints
Tacolneston All Saints
Bunwell St Michael
Forncett St Mary
Bunwell St Michael
Bunwell St Michael
Aslacton St Michael
Great Moulton St Michael
Wacton All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
00/03/1754 John TAYLOR   Wissett, Suffolk Susanna FOX   Rumburgh, Suffolk
07/03/1754 John MOSS   Diss Margaret SHELDRICK   Oakley, Suffolk
1 25/07/1754 John MURRELL Widower   Mary CARRY Single  
2 23/09/1754 Jacob DYE Single   Amy VIPOND Widow  
3 09/02/1755 Samuel BURGESS Single   Mary CULLUM Single  
4 10/02/1755 Christopher FRANKLIN Single   Mary HILLING Single  
5 06/10/1755 Thomas BLACKBOURNE Widower   Eleanor SMITH Single  
6 16/10/1755 Thomas PAGE Single   Martha CUSHION Single  
7 04/11/1755 John TOOK Single   Elizabeth WORAM Single  
8 17/11/1755 Robert BROWNE Single   Hannah HOWSE Single  
9 29/03/1756 Daniel BOND Single   Mary PLOWMAN Single  
10 17/05/1756 Timothy BARKER Widower   Amy PERFECT Single  
11 09/08/1756 Henry BUCK Single   Hannah SHARP Single  
12 12/10/1756 Samuel NICKLESS Single   Elizabeth PLOWMAN Single  
13 05/11/1756 John BROWES Single   Ann JERRY Widow Tibenham
14 10/04/1757 Thomas WIGGERTON Single Carleton Rode Mary KNIGHTS Single  
15 27/09/1757 John GOOCH Single   Sarah CULLUM Single  
16 11/10/1757 John BALES Single Ashwellthorpe Ann SMITH Single  
17 13/10/1757 Aaron BUCK Single   Sarah SCALES Single  
18 17/06/1758 William SYER Single   Martha SWANN Single  
19 25/06/1758 David LONG Single   Mary SPINK Single  
20 20/11/1758 John THIRKETTLE Single   Jemima THROWER Single  
21 25/02/1759 John CARKIN Single   Ann MATHER Single  
22 15/04/1759 James HILLING Single   Elizabeth LINCOLN Single  
23 18/04/1759 Robert GOWEN Single   Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
24 16/10/1759 Robert BILHAM Single   Mary TOBILL Single  
25 21/10/1759 James BRITING Single Tibenham Mary WEST Single  
26 23/01/1760 Agas BROWNE Widower   Lydia STONE Single  
27 19/02/1760 John CLARKE Single   Lydia BRITING Single  
28 12/10/1760 James CLARKE Single   Thamasin WELTON Single  
29 16/11/1760 Shadrack HIPPERSON Single   Mary BROOKS Single  
30 30/11/1760 John FASCIT Single   Ruth FELTHAM Single  
31 06/02/1761 James LONG Single Tacolneston Charity LING Widow  
32 31/03/1761 John CHALKER Single   Elizabeth SHARPE Single  
33 16/04/1761 Richard PULLYN Single   Elizabeth MURRELL Widow  
34 23/04/1761 William RICHES Single   Susanna MATHER Single  
35 09/08/1761 George HALES Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
36 10/09/1761 Thomas BILLHAM Single   Frances HASTINGS Single  
37 22/02/1762 Charles JUDD Widower Necton Anne WRIGHT Single  
38 08/06/1762 William TRUNDLE Widower Forncett St Mary Elizabeth STONE Single  
39 12/10/1762 Samuel WATSON Single   Sarah HIPPERSON    
40 17/10/1762 William ROWLAND Single   Susan SMITH Single  
41 10/12/1762 George MATHER Single   Mary CAWSEY Single Gissing
42 07/04/1763 James PEAK Single   Ann FULLER Single  
43 14/06/1763 Jonathan SAUNDERS Single   Sarah SPINK Single  
44 11/10/1763 Henry FORD Single   Ann BUSH Widow  
45 13/11/1763 Robert HOWLETT Single   Hannah WOODS Single  
46 08/05/1764 Nathan LEVERITT Single Bunwell Esther PLUMMER Single  
47 21/05/1764 John NEALE Single   Ann BUCK Single  
48 06/07/1764 John SHILLING Single   Mary ARCHER Single Forncett St Mary
49 15/11/1764 Daniel VIPER Single   Mary BROCK Single  
50 20/11/1764 John LITTLEBOY Single   Ann NUBY Single  
51 30/07/1765 George HALES     Sarah WOOLBY    
52 03/12/1765 John BOKENHAM Single Hardwick Mary VIPER Single  
53 19/12/1765 William CARISON     Esther SPINKS    
54 23/12/1765 Samuel OSBORN     Lydia CULLUM    
55 30/08/1766 John BELL   Forncett St Mary Mary BUNN    
56 22/09/1766 Jonathan HARDY Widower   Hannah FLATMAN Widow  
57 28/09/1766 Samuel BLOOM Single   Martha JULING Single  
58 29/12/1766 William HALL Single Bunwell Mary FORD Single  
59 05/01/1767 John CHASTEN Widower   Frances FORD    
60 24/01/1767 James BRAME Single   Margaret WARD Widow  
61 30/03/1767 John BELL   Bunwell Esther HIPPERSON    
62 01/05/1767 James SHIMLING   Norwich Mary CLARK    
63 08/06/1767 Henry FORD Widower   Mary WOODARD Widow  
65 07/03/1768 Richard HOWSE Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
66 31/10/1768 Thomas PARSON Single   Mary ANDREWS Widow  
67 16/05/1769 Peter BUCK Single   Margarett ROBERTS Single  
68 29/05/1769 John BRUNDISH Single   Hannah CULLUM Single  
69 12/07/1769 John HALES Single   Mary ALEXANDER Single Tharston
70 10/09/1769 Charles GOWEN     Elizabeth CLARKE    
71 31/10/1769 Robert REEVE     Elizabeth CLARKE    
72 11/02/1770 Isaac CLARKE Single   Ann ARTHER Single  
73 25/06/1770 John FISHER     Susanna NICKLESS   Tacolneston
74 04/12/1770 Thomas RINGAR Single   Sarah HARDY Single  
75 25/12/1770 Nicholas HUMPHREY Single   Mary ELMER Single  
76 29/03/1771 John CURTIS     Mary WALTON    
77 28/03/1772 Robert BARNES     Sarah HUMPREYS    
78 22/05/1772 Jeremiah HARDY Single   Abigail BREWSTER Single  
79 15/06/1772 Benjamin BURKSTONE Single   Sarah ELLIOT Single  
80 11/08/1772 William THURLING Single   Elizabeth ALEXANDER Single  
81 18/10/1772 Samuel GEORGE Single   Mary BROWN Single  
82 11/01/1773 David BROOKES Widower   Frances REYNOLDS Widow  
83 17/01/1773 Thomas SPINK Single   Elizabeth PLUMMER Single  
84 20/04/1773 John HOWLET Single Bawburgh Phoebe BROWN Single  
85 05/08/1773 James BROCK Widower   Mary JEFFRIES Single  
86 19/10/1773 William CHAMBERS Single   Judith FORSTER    
87 04/01/1774 William RINGER     Sarah EVERETT Single St Michael, Long Stratton
88 03/02/1774 Henry FELTHAM Single   Ann MOORE Single  
89 08/02/1774 Robert BIGGOT   St John Maddermarket, Norwich Faithful HURRELL Single  
90 01/04/1774 William HOWELL Widower   Rachell BUSH Single  
91 25/06/1774 William LING   Mendlesham, Suffolk Sarah FULLER Single  
92 23/10/1774 John HARDY Single   Elizabeth JUBY Single  
93 31/01/1775 John SHILLING     Sarah SUMMON    
94 05/07/1775 John PLUMMER Single   Diana CURTIS Single  
95 10/10/1775 John OSBORN Single   Mary BROOKE Single  
96 18/10/1775 John DRIVER Single   Elizabeth BARBER Widow  
97 12/02/1776 Isaac TANN Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
98 05/08/1776 Timothy COLEMAN Single Tharston Sarah HARDY Single  
99 12/08/1776 Thomas BUSH Single   Sarah WEAVERS Single  
100 22/08/1776 William REEVES Single   Ann CULLUM Single  
101 28/08/1776 Robert WRIGHT Single Wymondham Sarah SMITH Single  
102 22/09/1776 William POTTER Single   Elizabeth FOULSON Single  
103 11/10/1776 Joseph OSBORNE Single Tibenham Mary CHAPMAN Single  
104 11/10/1776 William TOMPSON Single Wreningham Ann CLARKE Single  
105 28/10/1776 Luke TOMPSON   Horsham St Faith Judith MURRELL Single  
106 03/11/1776 John KNOLLS Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single Diss
107 02/12/1776 James PEAKE Widower   Mary LAUGHTER Widow  
108 06/01/1777 John HENRY Single   Mary CHASTEN Single  
109 01/04/1777 John CULLUM Single   Esther CLARK Single  
110 25/09/1777 Charles HALES Single   Mary FELTON Single  
111 13/10/1778 Benjamin BARNES Widower Carleton Rode Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
112 06/04/1779 Stone TIPPLE   Hopton By Thetford, Suffolk Ann SAUNDERS    
113 02/08/1779 Joseph KETTS Widower   Elizabeth CHASTENAY Single  
114 18/10/1779 John THIRKETTLE   Tacolneston Elizabeth KNIGHTS    
115 02/10/1780 John BOTWRIGHT Widower Tacolneston Esther CULLUM Widow  
116 11/10/1780 Stephen DASSON Single   Mary TANN Single  
117 28/11/1780 Robert SPICER Single   Susanna LOVETT Single  
118 12/01/1781 John ARCHER Single Tacolneston Susanna WEST Single  
119 16/01/1781 Richard LEATH Single Great Ellingham Alice CLARKE Single  
120 18/10/1781 Thomas CALEY Single   Ruth FELTON Single  
121 12/02/1782 James BRANCH   Wacton Sarah DOE Single  
122 19/12/1782 John OSBORN Widower   Esther BROW Single  
123 03/02/1783 John HEARN Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
124 22/04/1783 Edmund BLACKBURN Single   Elizabeth WETHERLY Single  
125 22/07/1783 Henry BURTON Widower   Mary SMITH Single  
126 17/11/1783 James LINCOLN Single Poringland Mary PLUMMER Single  
127 07/06/1784 Benjamin BUXTON Single   Hannah HARDY Single  
128 11/07/1784 Robert PLOWMAN Widower   Susanna NASON Widow  
129 12/10/1784 Thomas BLACKBOURN Single   Mary WHETHERLY Single  
130 02/11/1784 James MILLER Single St Saviour, Norwich Ann WEST Single  
131 06/11/1784 Charles BROOKE Widower   Esther HARRISON Widow  
132 11/01/1785 Aaron BUCK Single Fundenhall Elizabeth BILLHAM Single  
133 21/03/1785 Robert PLUMMER Single Forncett St Mary Diana CLARKE Single  
134 13/12/1785 Christopher SMITH Single   Elizabeth HOWLING Single  
135 25/12/1785 John PLOWMAN Single   Mary FRANKLIN Single  
136 06/06/1786 James ADCOCK Widower   Susanna NEEVE Single  
137 11/10/1786 Philip LAST Single Suffolk Sarah RINGER Single  
138 12/06/1787 Henry CHAPMAN Widower St James Pockthorpe, Norwich Martha HOULDEN Widow  
139 22/10/1787 Shern BROWN Single   Mary MOOR Single  
140 29/10/1787 Francis BILHAM Single   Mary DOE Single  
141 15/11/1787 Thomas WINSON Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
142 23/05/1788 Christopher CULLUM Single   Sarah FELTON Single  
143 07/07/1788 Thomas FORSTER Single Forncett St Mary Sarah HILLING Single  
144 29/07/1788 William HOWLET Single   Deborah BROOKS Single  
145 15/10/1788 John CROW Single   Mary TURRELL Single  
146 20/10/1788 Richard KEMP Single   Mary SAUNDERS Single  
147 23/10/1788 Thomas HACKARD Single   Elizabeth BALES Single  
148 16/06/1789 Jonathan FORD Single New Buckenham Sarah NEVE Single  
149 09/09/1789 Thomas MASON Widower   Jane GRIMSTONE Widow  
150 09/02/1790 Thomas GARRER Single Tibenham Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
151 22/02/1790 Zachariah CULHAM Single   Elizabeth BLYE Single  
152 07/03/1790 George HOWLET Single   Elisabeth CULHAM Single  
152 30/03/1790 Thomas BILHAM Single   Mary ARCHER Single  
153 19/04/1790 Jeremiah ROBERTS Single   Elizabeth SPINKE Single  
154 04/05/1790 Jonathan MOORE Single   Penelope MARJORAM Single  
155 07/10/1790 Thomas SPICER Single   Marianne RIGG Single  
156 23/11/1790 James STUBBINGS Single   Sarah KING Single  
157 13/10/1791 John BETTS Single   Susanna ALEXANDER Single  
23/10/1791 Samuel WORRAGE   Bunwell Rebecca RAYNER    
02/11/1791 Robert BROWN Single   Sarah PARSONS Single  
10/01/1792 James SPINKE Single   Ann BAKER Single  
05/03/1792 Jeremiah HICKSON   St Michael At Thorn, Norwich Mary HAYSTEAD Single  
06/08/1792 John FULCHER Widower Great Moulton Margaret LONG Single  
05/11/1792 John BAXTER Single   Alice HALES Single  
13/12/1792 Thomas MAYES Single   Ann BROWNE Single  
24/01/1793 Jacob HARDY Single   Lydia GIBBS Single  
26/02/1793 Robert CARLETON Single Forncett St Mary Prudence BROWNE Single  
19/11/1793 Robert REEVE Single   Sarah PAKE Widow  
13/01/1794 Philip MASON Single Forncett St Mary Frances LOCK Single  
18/02/1794 William DOE Single   Lucy SPINKE Single  
09/04/1794 Edward SEWELL Single   Mary COLEMAN Single  
21/04/1794 William HUGGINS Single   Ann WIGGET Single  
14/05/1794 John CLARKE Widower   Susanna SEAGOR Widow  
23/06/1794 John PARISH Widower   Esther OSBORNE Widow  
17/10/1794 William REEVE Widower   Martha CULLUM Widow  
14/11/1794 John BLOOM Single   Mary SMITH Single  
17/11/1794 John DOE Single   Rose ROBINS Single  
04/01/1795 James FLOWERDEW Widower Earsham Susanna BROWNE Single  
05/01/1795 Jonathan GOOK Single Tasburgh Mary HALES Single  
11/03/1795 George POTTER Single Forncett St Mary Dorothy BROWNE Single  
17/03/1795 William ELLISS Single Banham Judith NICKLESS Single  
29/07/1795 James LEGGETT Single   Mary FORD Single  
29/09/1795 Thomas SPINKE Widower   Elizabeth TUBBY Single  
13/10/1795 John SUMMERS Single   Elizabeth GOULBY Single  
22/03/1796 Charles REYNOLDS Single Aslacton Elizabeth SEWEL Single  
29/09/1796 Dennis WRIGHT Single Oxborough Susanna BLOMFIELD Single  
11/10/1796 John SMYTH Single   Sarah PLUMMER Single  
11/10/1796 John TANN Single   Ann ROWLAND Single  
08/11/1796 Thomas SMITH Widower   Ann MOORE Widow Forncett St Mary
22/11/1796 Richard CATTERMOUL Single Bunwell Ann LAMBERT Single  
25/01/1797 John PEACHMENT Single Wreningham Sarah SEWEL Single  
13/02/1797 Jonathan MOORE Widower   Sarah MOORE Single  
07/11/1797 George STAFF Single Great Moulton Lydia LOCKE Single  
13/03/1798 John KING Single   Sarah HOWLET Single  
19/03/1798 William WEBSDALE Single Tibenham Mary FISHER Single  
10/04/1798 William BREWSTER Single   Susanna SPICER Single  
21/06/1798 Catlyn CUNNINGHAM Single   Elisabeth SPICER Single Forncett St Mary
15/10/1798 John NEAL Single   Sarah BRYANT Single  
27/11/1798 George WEST Single   Anne GRIMBLE Single  
24/12/1798 William DEADE Single   Mary CULLUM Single  
12/03/1799 Thomas GENERY Single Hapton Anne BALES Single  
01/10/1799 William BROOKS Single Forncett St Mary Mary SWORD Single  
26/12/1799 James PEAKE Single   Sarah ROW Single  
10/09/1800 James MOORE Single   Frances KING Single  
01/10/1800 Samuel PRENTICE Single   Elisabeth HUNT Widow  
23/10/1800 Robert BROOKS Single   Rose LONG Single  
05/12/1800 Gabriel SHARP Single   Susanna FELTHAM Single  
05/02/1801 James HAILES Single   Aminia MOORE Single  
21/05/1801 William EBBON Widower Carleton Rode Ann HART Widow  
01/06/1801 John MILLER Single Great Moulton Elizabeth SPICER Single  
06/07/1802 Thomas EVERETT Single Forncett St Mary Ann HARDY Single  
22/07/1802 Jeremiah COLMAN Single   Sarah GREEN Single  
10/08/1802 William MOORE Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
14/10/1802 James MOORE Widower   Anne PARKE Single  
01/11/1802 James CHILD Single Wymondham Mary HUMPHREY Single  
09/11/1802 William RAWLIN Single   Sarah LIGHTNING Single  
16/11/1802 John CROSS Single Wymondham Judith BREWSTER Single  
19/11/1802 John DEARSLEY Single   Ann SEWELL Single  
03/01/1803 James MURRELL Single   Elizabeth FELTHAM Single  
08/02/1803 Thomas NORTON Single St Stephen, Norwich Rose KERRISON Single  
27/07/1803 William POTTER Single   Ann NUDDS Single  
11/02/1804 William BROOKS Single   Keziah CULLUM Single  
10/12/1804 James EAGLEING Single   Abigail FISHER Single  
15/01/1805 Benjamin SMART Single   Ann HAYES Single  
04/06/1805 John MOORE Single Forncett St Mary Elizabeth POTTER Single  
25/08/1805 James KING Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
28/11/1805 John ELLIS Single   Susanna MOORE Single  
21/02/1806 Richard TYRRELL Widower Wacton Jane GOODRAM Single  
09/09/1806 Charles HALES Single   Diana PLUMBER Single  
14/10/1806 John MOORE Single   Elizabeth CULLUM Single  
16/11/1806 Jonathan ELLIS Widower Bunwell Mary ROCKETT Widow  
18/05/1807 Robert MAYES Single Tacolneston Mary ELLIS Single  
19/10/1807 John HERNE Single   Hannah GOULTY Single  
01/01/1808 John BAILEY Single Starston Susanna LIGHTNING Single  
05/07/1808 Matthew SMITH Single   Mary POTTER Single  
20/10/1808 Henry BREWSTER Single Forncett St Mary Anna Maria BRANCH Single  
20/12/1808 Richard LOVELL Single   Susanna JEFFRIES Single Pulham Market
19/04/1809 John SMITH Widower   Ann MOORE Single  
10/09/1809 Stephen HAMMOND Single Carleton Rode Mary FELTAM Single  
17/10/1809 James HUMPHREYS Single   Lucy SPINK Single  
19/10/1809 James MOORE Single   Mary BAKER   Forncett St Mary
12/11/1809 William MOORE Single   Rebecca HAILES Single  
18/10/1810 James SEAGER   Great Yarmouth Maria BILHAM Single  
12/11/1810 John BRADSHAW Single Brandesburton, Yorkshire Tabitha BROWNE Single  
04/12/1810 James CASTON Single   Sarah KING Widow  
04/02/1811 William RUST Single Carleton Rode Jane BREWSTER Single  
19/04/1811 William RINGER Single   Sarah Ann LONG Single  
04/06/1811 Jonathan TURNER Single   Sarah BROOK Single  
16/09/1811 William REEVE   Great Yarmouth Ann LONG Single  
04/11/1811 Joseph FISHER Single Tibenham Elizabeth MOORE Single  
11/02/1812 Samuel CROSS Widower   Susanna SEARL Single  
16/06/1812 Christopher COLEMAN Single   Elizabeth HARDY Widow  
27/07/1812 George HOWLETT Single   Charlotte STERMAN Single  
17/09/1812 William SEAGER Single   Mary BILHAM Single  
12/10/1812 John LOVEDAY Single   Susannah THOWLING Single Tivetshall St Margaret
29/10/1812 John MEAR Single   Emry STACKARD Single  
13/11/1812 John TOOK Single   Martha KITTLE Widow  
1 09/01/1813 William FELTHAM Single   Elizabeth KEMP Single  
2 01/04/1813 Joseph AGLINTON Single   Mary REVEL Single Woodton
3 17/06/1813 Richard KEMP Single   Jane COLMAN Single  
4 27/07/1813 William HOWARD   Forncett St Mary Sarah DORDERY    
5 05/08/1813 James PLUMER     Elizabeth DAWSON    
6 11/10/1813 Richard PECK   Wacton Sarah HEARN    
7 28/02/1814 William FOLGATE Single   Ruth BRUNDLE Widow  
8 06/07/1814 Robert HOWLETT Single   Elizabeth HERNE Single  
9 05/08/1814 John LONG Single Great Moulton Elizabeth HUGGINS Single  
10 01/11/1814 Charles GOODRAM Single Tibenham Sarah DOE Single Fundenhall
11 08/11/1814 John COLEMAN Single Edgefield Betsy HARDY Single  
12 17/11/1814 George BARNES Single   Mary WALKER Single Tharston
13 28/11/1814 William FROST Single   Ann QUANTRIL Single  
14 28/11/1814 John DAY Single   Mary BAXTER Single  
15 04/04/1815 Robert WEST Single   Ann BROWNE Single  
16 02/10/1815 John RINGER Single   Mary Susanna BLOOM Single  
17 27/11/1815 Stephen BUXTON Single   Sarah BALDEN Single  
18 18/12/1815 Samuel RUMP Single Hempstead By Holt Elizabeth MARCON Single  
19 29/10/1816 Thomas STAFF Single   Hephzibah MASON Widow  
20 01/06/1817 Samuel RICHES Single   Hannah HOWLET Single  
21 14/10/1817 Joseph MARTIN Single   Mary POTTER Widow  
22 20/10/1817 James HERNE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single St Mary, Long Stratton
23 20/10/1817 Robert POTTER Single   Jane MOORE Single  
24 22/10/1817 William HOWES Single Tacolneston Hannah BLOMFIELD Single  
25 05/01/1818 John HIPPERSON Widower Elsing Elizabeth RUDD Single  
26 23/06/1818 William DOE Widower   Sarah LENT Single  
27 12/10/1818 William DANN Single   Elizabeth REEVE Single  
28 25/10/1818 William SMITH Single   Sarah AUSTIN Single  
29 25/12/1818 Richard ELLIS Single Kings Lynn Priscilla Catharine POTTS Single  
30 31/12/1818 William LONG Single   Frances SIMONS Single  
31 28/03/1819 John SMITH Single   Frances LEADER Single  
32 28/06/1819 Isaac CLARKE Single   Ann SMITH Single  
33 03/02/1820 Edward FROST Single   Mary CULLAM Single  
34 04/02/1820 George GROOM Single   Susan BARNES Single  
35 09/02/1820 George DOE Single   Sarah FIDDY Single  
36 16/03/1820 Nathaniel WESTON Single   Emma MEARS Widow  
37 24/10/1820 Aaron BANKS Single   Tabitha THANE Single  
38 09/11/1820 Joseph RAYNOR Single   Lucy LIGHTON Single  
39 12/12/1820 Stephen BAKER Single   Sarah KEMP Single  
40 13/04/1821 Richard POTTER Single   Frances KEMP Single Dickleburgh
41 01/05/1821 Daniel BLOOM     Mary Ann GENERY    
42 01/05/1821 Thomas BLOOM     Mary MILLER   Dickleburgh
43 30/05/1821 James MOORE Widower   Elisabeth MASON Single  
44 10/07/1821 James BROWNE Single   Susan THORPE Single Forncett St Mary
45 22/07/1822 William HAILES Single   Martha CATAMOLE Single  
46 06/09/1822 Robert BROWNE Widower   Mary KERRISON Single  
47 31/10/1822 Isaac CLARKE Widower   Jane POTTER Single Forncett St Mary
48 21/11/1822 George LANT Single St Michael, Long Stratton Mary MILLER Single  
49 24/11/1822 Frederick Garle SMITH Single   Ann WEST Single  
50 10/12/1822 James AUSTIN Single   Mary LAND Single  
51 31/10/1823 Francis DYE Single Wacton Mary REEVE Single  
52 13/11/1823 Robert SEAMAN Single Tasburgh Mary MOORE Single  
53 09/08/1824 Mark BRIGGS Single Carleton Rode Ann SMITH Single  
54 07/10/1824 Richard FULLER Single   Elizabeth FROST Single  
55 17/11/1824 John GAWING Single   Harriet LORD Single  
56 23/11/1824 Archer TOOK Single Tacolneston Charlotte HERNE Single  
57 14/12/1824 John CUTTING Single Wacton Mary AUSTIN Single  
58 11/01/1825 John GOODERHAM Single   Amelia BAXTER Single  
59 02/10/1825 Edward HALES Single   Lucy BILHAM Single  
60 27/12/1825 James LAUD Single   Rachel POTTLE Single  
61 09/01/1826 Thomas ROOKARD Single Great Moulton Mary BARNES Single  
62 10/01/1826 Samuel BOULTON Single   Rachel FULLER Single  
63 10/01/1826 George BOULTON Single   Mary HALES Single  
64 11/05/1826 William EGLINGTON Single   Mary Ann CHAPLIN Single  
65 16/05/1826 Robert CANHAM Single Tacolneston Mary Kezia GARROD Single  
66 24/07/1826 Thomas HARDY Single   Ann BETTS Single  
67 13/08/1826 George WEST Single Tivetshall St Margaret Elizabeth WEST Single  
68 12/10/1826 Charles BUNN Single   Elizabeth HANSON Single  
69 26/12/1826 William HOWLETT Single   Phillis DEATH Single  
70 18/01/1827 John HALES Single   Elizabeth EGLINGTON Single  
71 05/02/1827 Edward KITTLE Single   Priscilla GOSLING Single  
72 06/02/1827 James KEMP Single Wacton Amelia REEVE Single  
73 14/02/1827 Edward COOPER Single   Sarah CATCHPOLE Single  
74 11/07/1827 John Newson GOODRUM Single   Mary HARDY Single Tibenham
75 15/10/1827 Stephen CALEY Single Forncett St Mary Mary CHANDLER Single  
76 29/11/1827 James SMITH Single Bunwell Mary MOORE Single  
77 03/01/1828 Archer TOOK Single Tacolneston Elizabeth BROOKES Single  
78 28/05/1828 Thomas MILLER Single Dickleburgh Hannah MILLER Single  
79 18/06/1828 George BETTS Single Stradbroke, Suffolk Mary PARKE Single  
80 14/10/1828 Benjamin LAIN Single   Mary MICKLEBURGH Single  
81 18/11/1828 John ATKINS Single   Elizabeth TANN Single  
82 08/06/1829 James BUSH Single   Mary FARROW Single  
83 11/05/1830 Robert TYRRELL Single   Elizabeth THANE Widow  
84 13/07/1830 Richard BILLHAM Single   Hannah JAMES Single  
85 04/11/1830 Robert BACON Single   Mary Ann BLOOM Widow  
86 18/11/1830 Charles RINGER Single   Maria BETTS Single  
87 12/09/1831 Jasper PLUMMER Single   Frances LUDKIN Single Bunwell
88 13/10/1831 Isaac MOORE Single Forncett St Mary Maria BILHAM Single  
89 30/10/1831 Robert ELVIN Single   Eleanor SMITH Single  
90 01/11/1831 John TANN Single   Eliza ELLIS Single Bunwell
91 29/11/1832 Charles NICKLESS Single   Mary BLOOM Single  
94 00/00/1833 George HUMPHREYS Single   Sarah HALES Single  
92 24/01/1833 William TOOK Single   Maria ELSY Single  
93 28/02/1833 John KING Single   Harriot BROWNE Single  
95 25/06/1833 John FROST Widower   Martha TOOKE Widow  
96 25/07/1833 Thomas POTTER Single   Mary Ann RINGER Single  
97 11/09/1833 William SMITH Single   Harriet WILLIAMS Single Forncett St Mary
98 22/10/1833 Noah BUSH Widower   Eliza BLAZY Single  
99 06/04/1834 James BURGESS Single Lakenham Mary NUDDS Single  
100 03/06/1834 Thomas HUGGINS Widower   Susan HALL Single Great Moulton
101 15/06/1834 Samuel BROWNE Single   Emily MICKLEBURGH Single  
102 17/06/1834 Thomas HURN Widower Great Moulton Early HOWLET Single  
103 10/12/1834 Robert BACON Widower   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
104 24/12/1834 William CANEY Single   Malinda LORD Single  
105 08/10/1835 Timothy BLY Single   Elizabeth THANE Single  
106 09/11/1835 George LOYD Single   Anna MOORE Single  
107 24/12/1835 William HAMMOND Single St Andrew The Less, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Mary Ann CASTON Single  
108 25/12/1835 William NUDDS Single   Hannah TUNMORE Single Aslacton
109 09/01/1836 James DAWSON Single   Phoebe RINGER Single  
110 05/04/1836 William HART Single Wymondham Ann MOORE Single  
111 14/09/1836 Matthew SMITH Single   Mary MASON Single  
112 27/09/1836 Richard MANCER Single Aslacton Maria KING Single  
113 13/10/1836 William BROWNE Single   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
114 03/02/1837 James LONG Single   Lucy Anne LESTER Single  
115 27/02/1837 James LEVERETT Single   Sarah KNIGHTS Widow  
116 22/05/1837 John LOVEDAY Single   Lydia HALES Single  

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