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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wacton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Wacton lies in southern Norfolk about a mile southwest of the large village of Long Stratton. Wacton is a small and compact village sitting in lanes about a mile west of the A140 road which connects the city of Norwich with Ipswich. To the west of the village also runs the rail line from Norwich via Ipswich to London. Wacton, at the time of this transcript, would have a mixed farming regime almost equally divided between arable and pastoral farming; today arable farming predominates with large fields of cereals, oil seed and beet dominating the local landscape. Wacton is drained to the north by small feeder streams for the River Tas, this river heads to the edge of Norwich where it joins the Yare and thence the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Wacton is sited at around 40 metres above the sea and contours are few and far between in the local area which is something of a plateau. Wacton parish was small, as are many in Norfolk, it covered just over 1,000 acres and would have supported a population of just over 250 parishioners. IN Domesday time Wacton was shared between two prominent Normans, Count Alan of Brittany & Roger Bigot; the parish could offer an impressive 33 ploughs as well as small meadows & a patch of woodland, the parish also held a 5th share of a mill.

The Church

All Saints' church sits, appropriately enough on the eastern side of Church Road which runs northwards from the main junction within the village. The presence of a rounded tower is indicative of an early church in Norfolk and All Saints is no exception. Pevsner dates the round tower, which he likens to a windmill in shape and construction, to the 12th century albeit with a brick parapet added in 18th century. The remainder of the church dates from the Decorated era and thus the early 14th century. The windows show much use of the then fashionable ogee arch with its characteristic double curve. The church sits behind a low brick wall topped by a picket fence, a small gate leading to a gravel path at the southern end. Within the churchyard there are relatively few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st October 1754 - 13th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD496/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 24th February 1813 - 14th June 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD496/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of some entries makes for a tricky read in places leading to a possibility of a few misreads

Forncett St Peter
Forncett St Mary
Tharston St Mary the Virgin
Great Moulton St Michael
Long Stratton St Mary
Great Moulton St Michael
Great Moulton St Michael
Pulham Market St Mary Magdalene

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/10/1754 Henry CUNNINGHAM Single   Susan HALL Single  
2 21/10/1754 Robert GREY Single   Susanna COOPER    
3 30/10/1754 John LINCOLNE Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
4 02/12/1754 Henry RISEING Single   Elizabeth HOWLETT Single  
5 07/06/1756 Robert WRIGHTE Single   Ester DADE Single  
6 02/11/1756 William GIBBS Single   Ann BARRETT Single  
7 20/06/1757 John LOFTLY Single   Mary MAID Single  
8 10/10/1757 John TYRRELL Single   Ann NEWMAN Single  
10 13/11/1758 Henry STAFF Single   Mary ROLFE Single  
9 13/11/1758 John KNIGHTS Single   Ann SUTTON Single St Michael, Long Stratton
11 30/11/1758 Robert HUBBARD Single   Ann CLAYTON Single  
12 17/04/1760 Henry GARLAND Single   Elizabeth STARN Single  
13 08/01/1761 John WARD Single   Ann LEASE Single  
14 13/10/1761 William WRIGHT Single New Buckenham Una GALL Single  
15 15/10/1761 John BETTS Single   Ann RIVERS Single  
17 20/01/1763 James GILL Single Carleton Forehoe Ann PIERCE Single  
18 15/01/1764 John RICHES Single   Lidia SUTTON Single  
19 28/08/1764 John TYRRELL Widower   Mary TYE Single  
20 06/10/1765 Robert LONG Widower   Ann DOWNES Widow St Mary, Long Stratton
21 06/12/1765 William DADE Single   Margarett GREATA Single  
22 12/02/1766 Matthew CATCHPOLE Widower   Elizabeth BARKER Widow  
23 20/11/1766 John LEDDER Single   Mary GOLDSPRING Single  
24 05/02/1767 Robert CATLEYN Single Newton Flotman Ann BULLEN Single  
25 27/02/1767 John HOWLETT Widower   Mary WRIGHTE Widow  
26 12/10/1767 John SMITH Single Forncett St Peter Mary SMITH Single  
27 13/10/1767 Ellenor SPURLING Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
28 13/12/1768 William YOUNGS Single   Mary BIRD Single Fundenhall
29 21/12/1768 Jeremiah CLAYTON Single   Sarah RINGAR Widow  
30 11/01/1769 Edmund BETTS Widower   Bathsheba DADE Widow  
31 21/02/1769 Daniel FULLER Widower Pulham Market Sarah YOUNGS Single  
32 03/04/1769 John MENDHAM   St Michael, Long Stratton Honour BRIGGS    
23/02/1770 Jacob FROST Single   Ann STAFF Single  
12/11/1770 George DAY Single   Ann HUMPHREY Single  
29/10/1771 Catling CUNNINGHAM Single   Susanna SMITH Single  
27/12/1771 Matthew STAFF Widower   Rebecca MOOR Single  
03/03/1772 John NUDDS Widower   Mary DAWDRY    
11/09/1772 Henry KNIGHTS Single   Ann ELSEGOOD Single  
24/12/1772 Robert LONG Single Tivetshall St Margaret Ann BULLEN    
04/11/1773 William CHAMBERLAYNE Widower   Ann LONG Widow  
22/12/1773 Robert DOE Single   Susan ALDIS    
10/10/1774 Richard LONG Single   Amy ARCHER Single  
14/11/1774 John DYBALL Single   Constant MEADOWS Single  
12/08/1776 Robert STAFF Widower   Susan MEADOWS Widow  
29/10/1776 Sloing CUNNINGHAM Single   Mary SPALDING Single  
26/04/1777 Robert CLARK Single   Phoebe GENERY Single  
13/10/1779 Benjamin FROST Single   Mary HOWLETT Widow  
19/10/1779 John TYRRELL Widower   Amy FROST Single  
21/10/1779 Robert MOTTS Single Fressingfield, Suffolk Hannah BRANCH Single  
04/10/1780 John DYE Single   Mary EMS Single  
20/03/1781 John SKINNER Single   Sarah BARTRAM Single  
20/12/1781 Henry BUNN Single Tharston Charlotte TYRRELL Single  
20/08/1782 Jonathan STEWART   Carleton Rode Mary BENNET Widow  
01/07/1783 Jacob FROST Widower   Ann KNIGHTS Widow  
14/10/1784 John BRANCH Single   Hannah STAFF Single  
15/11/1784 Jeremiah LINCOLN Single   Susanna MEADOWS Single  
26/04/1785 John FISK Single Forncett St Mary Elizabeth BARRETT Single  
23/09/1785 Edmund WRIGHT Single Norwich Frances WILLIAMS Single  
31/01/1786 John MASON Single   Susanna WATERS Single  
03/07/1786 Benjamin ABEL Single Castle Acre Mary CHAMBERLAIN Single  
22/02/1787 Richard TYRRELL Single   Susanna WRIGHT Single  
26/12/1787 John COPSIE Single St Mary, Long Stratton Favilla SCOTT Single  
26/12/1787 Thomas MUDD Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
14/01/1788 William HARBOURD Single Metfield, Suffolk Frances MAYHEW Single  
25/04/1788 Robert BOWER Single Great Yarmouth Sarah RINGER Single  
03/08/1789 Robert REEVE Widower   Elizabeth KNIGHTS Single  
18/11/1789 William PEAK Single Shelfanger Sarah KNIGHTS Single  
07/05/1790 John JAMES Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
10/05/1790 Jacob FROST Widower   Charlotte SNELLING Single  
27/07/1790 Jeremiah CLAYTON Widower   Mary FULLER Single  
08/10/1790 Benjamin ALDERTON Single   Mary BOWING Single  
16/11/1790 Robert JAMES Single St Mary, Long Stratton Rebecca PARSONS Single  
27/06/1791 Henry GREEN Single   Hannah GIBBS Single  
26/07/1791 James SMITH Single   Elizabeth BREEZE Single  
26/06/1792 James KEMP Single   Elizabeth BISHOP Single  
01/11/1792 Samuel COPPING Single Hardwick Mary BRANCH Single  
25/12/1792 Robert LOVETT Single   Anne SMITH Single  
07/04/1795 Charles HUKE Single North Cove, Suffolk Sarah BALLY Single  
30/11/1795 Robert BARKERWAY Single Winfarthing Esther DADE Single  
02/08/1798 John LURKIN Single   Mary LIVOCK Single  
21/10/1799 James REEVE Single   Elizabeth ALDIS Single  
24/10/1799 John DENNEY Single   Sarah BAXTER Single  
16/03/1801 John JEFFREYS Single   Mary HUBBARD Single  
02/11/1801 Green DYE Single   Mary SHIBLEY Single  
02/11/1801 John HENRY Widower   Mary WATSON Single  
27/01/1802 Richard CARMAN Single   Hannah SEWELL    
22/02/1802 Henry LURKIN Single   Elizabeth NEAVE Single Whitwell
12/10/1802 Edmund ALDERTON Single Forncett St Mary Mary LINCOLN Single  
30/11/1803 John BAYLEY Single   Mary BARTON Widow  
15/11/1804 Jonathan DADE Single   Mary BATES Single  
15/10/1805 Daniel WEBB Single   Sarah SPURLING Single  
10/11/1807 William DYBALL Single   Elizabeth BORRETT Single  
25/10/1808 William DELF Single Topcroft Margaret MUSKETT Single  
04/07/1809 William BREEZE Widower Tibenham Elizabeth LONG Single  
01/05/1810 Charles SMITH Single Forncett St Peter Maria DYE Single  
20/11/1810 Samuel PEEK Single   Elizabeth HUBBARD Single  
28/05/1811 Robert OLIVER Single   Ann ARCHER Single  
21/10/1811 John DYE Single   Mary RIVETT Single  
13/10/1812 Henry STAFF Single   Lydia GEORGE Single  
1 24/02/1813 Thomas ARCHER Single Tharston Charlotte CULLUM    
2 13/05/1813 Joseph BRIGHAM Single Brooke Sarah HANTON Single  
3 06/12/1813 Stephen STEVENSON Single   Sarah HUBBARD Single  
4 16/08/1814 Richard CARMAN Single   Susanna SMITH Single  
5 12/10/1814 William DYE Single   Mary PEEK Single  
6 03/10/1815 Thomas STAFF Single   Elizabeth GOODING Single  
7 08/05/1816 Richard PECK Single   Sophia BOWING Single  
8 27/05/1816 John POTTER Single Tivetshall St Mary Early CLARK Single  
9 11/10/1816 Francis CULHAM Single   Ann OLIVER Widow  
10 01/12/1818 Daniel SMITH Single   Harriot FROST Single  
11 08/02/1819 Samuel SCOTT Single Saham Toney Mary DEATH Single  
12 15/04/1820 John LINCOLN Single   Mary RUDD Single  
13 17/04/1820 Joseph PECK Single   Mary HOWES Single  
14 05/02/1821 Shadrach BATLEY Single   Elizabeth LURKIN Single  
15 29/01/1822 John COOPER Single   Sarah STAFF Single  
16 23/09/1822 John MASON Single   Frances LURKINS Single  
17 30/09/1822 William HOWES Single   Sarah RIX Single  
18 11/02/1823 Robert HUBBARD Widower   Mary KNIGHTS Widow  
19 13/10/1823 John WOMACK Single Fersfield Hannah WESTON Single  
20 27/10/1823 Robert TROWER Single   Sarah BATTLEY Single  
21 09/12/1823 Isaac WEBSTER Single Tasburgh Ann DEATH Single  
22 23/09/1824 Perfitt WALPOLE Single Long Stratton Mary STAFF Single  
23 20/01/1825 James LURKIN Single   Mary HOWLETT Single  
24 08/03/1825 John HOWES Single   Ann CLARKE Single  
25 27/12/1825 Robert LORD Single   Mary Ann COPPING Single  
26 17/01/1826 William ROWLAND Single Aslacton Martha BATTLEY Single  
27 23/01/1826 James FISHER Single St John Maddermarket, Norwich Ann SMITH Single  
28 03/03/1826 Edmund ALDERTON Single   Rebecca BATLEY Single  
29 24/07/1826 Nathaniel GURLING Single   Ann HOWES Single  
30 31/10/1826 William PARISH Single   Jane PECK Single  
31 27/12/1826 John PECK Single St Stephen, Norwich Elizabeth BREEZE Single  
32 15/01/1828 James HOWES Single   Ann STAFF Single  
33 23/12/1828 Samuel NORTON Single East Dereham Mary ELVIN Single  
34 17/12/1829 John TUBBY Widower   Maria PALMER Single  
35 16/12/1830 George BANHAM Single   Mary BANHAM Single  
36 10/10/1831 John CUNNINGHAM Widower Tivetshall St Mary Elizabeth WESTON Single  
37 18/01/1832 John THIRKETTLE Single Pulham Market Sarah GIRLING Single  
38 29/05/1832 John BATLEY Single   Diana PLUMMER Single  
39 15/10/1832 James LORD Single   Mary LAWN Single  
40 20/11/1832 William PECK Single   Diana KEMP Single  
41 01/01/1833 John DYE Single   Elizabeth BATLEY Single  
42 09/11/1833 James BENSLEY Single   Elizabeth HUBBARD Single  
43 29/01/1835 Charles LORD Single   Diana DYE Single  
44 13/04/1835 James HOWES Widower   Elizabeth MUMFORD Single  
45 06/08/1835 John WEBSTER Single   Eleanor DELF Single  
46 22/09/1835 George MAYS Single   Mary Ann ARCHER Single  
47 03/11/1835 Robert LUDKIN Single   Harriet NUNN Single  
48 08/12/1835 Robert DADE Single   Rebecca DYE Single  
49 14/06/1836 Richard CARMAN Single St Mary, Long Stratton Lucy LURKIN Single  

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