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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Irstead St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Irstead lies in eastern Norfolk about 3 miles south of the small market town of Stalham. Irstead is a rather small village, lacking most amenities, sitting on the western banks of the River Ant where it leaves Barton Broad. Irstead is located about 2 miles east of the A1151 which connects Wroxham with Stalham and is accessed by its own dead-end lane, this is quite an isolated community for Norfolk. Irstead's economy would have been based around agriculture but good farmland was only a small proportion of the area of the parish, much was marshland and indeed Barton Broad. This watery location lead to employment in wildfowling, reed collection and transport along the navigable waters of Norfolk's Broadland. The Ant drains the parish southwards, soon joining the Bure and reaching the North Sea through the Yare and the port of Great Yarmouth. Irstead is sited at just 3 metres above the sea and the land is flat and watery for some distance, local heights to only just above 10 metres. Irstead parish was a typically small Norfolk Broadland parish, it covered just over 1,000 acres but 120 of these was occupied by its share of Barton Broad, it would, however, have supported a population of around 150 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Irstead in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Michael's church sits at the end of the narrow and winding lanes leading to Irstead and is sited almost on the banks of the Ant. The church is slightly early for a Norfolk church having largely been constructed when the Decorated style was fashionable, the early 14th century. The main body together with the western tower dates from that century whereas the southern aisle is Perpendicular and maybe a century later. Like many Norfolk churches the Victorians made their expected restorations, in this case two, the first in 1839, the second in 1844. The church has a small pull-in at the end of the lane. The churchyard is surrounded by a low brick wall and entrance is at the southwestern corner, The churchyard has many trees which somewhat restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th April 1756 - 1st October 1811 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD245/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th July 1813 - 25th March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD245/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading and spilt ink stains raise the possibility of a few misreads

Barton Turf St Michael & All Angels
Barton Turf St Michael & All Angels
Catfield All Saints
Neatishead St Peter
Catfield All Saints
Horning St Benedict
Horning St Benedict
Ludham St Catherine
Ludham St Catherine

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/04/1756 George KNIGHTS Widower Neatishead Elizabeth ENGLAND Single  
1 26/12/1757 Ambrose SCRAPE Single   Susanna HOUGHTON Single  
2 12/05/1761 William WHITACRE Single   Phillis MORE Single  
3 04/06/1764 George WILKINS Single Smallburgh Ann WALL Single  
4 12/06/1764 Henry HEADLEY Single   Mary BARCHARD Single Great Yarmouth
5 01/10/1764 John WELSH Single   Jamima STRAINGE Single  
6 19/09/1765 Robert MINNS Single   Ann PALMER Single  
7 25/11/1766 Robert RUSSELS Single Horstead Hannah EMMERSON Single  
8 09/03/1770 John LOWND Single Catfield Mary HASTINGS Single  
9 19/11/1770 James BOND Single   Ann LOVECK Single  
10 01/10/1773 Thomas COOKE   Potter Heigham Elizabeth HORNER    
11 01/07/1776 William WRIGHT Single   Mary BLOOM Single  
12 01/12/1777 John BALLS Single Ludham Sarah BLOOM Single  
13 09/12/1777 Thomas NEWTON   St John, Hoveton Frances ROLL    
14 30/12/1780 Philip SMITH Single Tunstead Mary GOFFIN Single  
15 06/12/1782 William HALL Single Coltishall Alice CANHAM Single  
16 22/04/1783 John BLOOM Widower   Elizabeth LUBBOCK Single  
17 13/10/1785 John CROXON Single   Ann CARTER Single  
18 18/11/1785 James FLOWERDEW Single   Elizabeth TOOLEY Single  
19 09/05/1786 Robert ADKINS Widower   Mary WARNES Single  
20 27/09/1786 Francis DUTCHMAN Single St Mary Le Bow, City Of London Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
21 25/10/1786 Robert HORNER Single   Ann HARMER Single  
22 11/10/1790 Andrew ROSE Widower   Ann CROXEN Widow  
23 15/11/1790 George MASON Single   Sarah HASTINGS Single  
24 25/02/1795 John SPURGEON Single Hardingham Ann TAYLOR Single  
25 23/03/1796 Samuel BEALS Single Salhouse Sarah LITTLEBOY Single  
26 26/10/1796 Charles GRYMES Single Horning Elizabeth HORNER Single  
27 20/10/1801 Richard PRATT Single Itteringham Maria HORNER Single  
28 01/12/1801 Horner Robert HORNER Single   Mary EDRICH Single  
29 30/11/1802 Richard WENN Single   Hannah MANNING Single  
30 26/04/1803 Luke HOWARD Single   Elizabeth READE Single  
31 06/06/1803 James WILLIAMS Single   Mary CARTER Single  
32 22/08/1803 John KNIGHTS Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
01/10/1804 Charles HALL Widower   Mary GILDER Single  
29/10/1805 William SMITH Single   Charlotte BALLS Single  
24/12/1805 John HOTSON Single Hockering Marianne BALLS Single  
05/02/1806 Robert PRATT Single St George Colegate, Norwich Margarett HORNER Single  
26/10/1807 Benjamin WELLS Single St Peter, Hoveton Susanna EDRICH Single  
04/04/1810 Benjamin ARCHER Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
25/07/1810 William BROOME Single Wroxham Harriet HORNER Single  
10/10/1810 George THIRTLE Single   Catharine SMITH Single  
31/07/1811 Thomas CHAMBERLAIN Single St John, Hoveton Mary FISHER Single  
01/08/1811 William WRIGHT Single   Eleanor NEWTON Single  
01/10/1811 John Baxter BOND Single Palling Juliet HARCOURT Single  
1 05/07/1813 Edmund RIX Single   Susan WRIGHT Single  
2 02/11/1813 Samuel BEALS Single   Mary BULLEY Single  
3 07/11/1814 James BALLS Single   Ellen WILLIAMS Single  
4 23/10/1815 Edmund CLIPERTON Widower Barton Turf Harriet HARCOURT Single  
5 04/08/1817 John BACON Single   Mary BUCK Single  
7 14/10/1817 Joseph HARRINGTON Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
8 23/06/1818 John SCARLING Single   Elizabeth LEGGIT Single  
9 28/10/1819 William SENDALL Single Ludham Sarah SCARLING Single  
10 09/11/1819 Charles FROSDICK Single   Sarah ALLARD Single  
11 01/11/1821 Robert HALL Single St John, Hoveton Harriet RAMMANDS Single  
12 21/10/1824 William SMITH Single   Maria EDRICH Single  
13 12/12/1825 Robert FROSDICK Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
14 10/11/1826 William LUBBOCK Single   Hannah SPOONER Single  
15 05/01/1827 John SPURGEON Single   Sophia BACON Single  
16 07/03/1827 James LUBBOCK Single   Martha FOX Single  
17 26/07/1827 Ghean BOND Single   Marianne PLATFORD Single  
18 15/11/1827 William EDRICH Single Coltishall Elizabeth SCARLAND Single  
19 03/05/1830 William FROSDYKE Single   Mary BACON Single  
20 18/01/1831 William LOVICK Single Barton Turf Mary Ann WRIGHT Single  
21 30/05/1831 William DAGLES Single Coltishall Elizabeth EDRICH Single  
22 26/12/1831 John FLOWERDAY Single   Maria BOND Single  
23 29/02/1832 John BLOOM Single   Maria WRIGHT Single  
24 28/06/1833 James WATTS Single   Mary Ann CULLEY Single  
25 15/11/1833 William SMITH Single   Hannah FROSDICK Single  
26 09/03/1834 William JONES Single   Frances BEANE Single  
27 07/11/1834 Martin SHEPHERD Single   Mary Ann EDRICH Single  
28 24/07/1835 Charles LONDON Single   Maria BALLS Single  
29 06/04/1836 John JONES Single   Ann CLARKE Single  
30 25/03/1837 John ALLEN Single   Ann FLOWERDEW Single  

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