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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Mundesley All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Mundesley lies on the east coast of the county of Norfolk. Mundesley is located about 6 miles southeast of the coastal resort of Cromer and 4 miles northeast of the market town of North Walsham. Mundesley is today a thriving seaside resort bustling in summer with the bucket & spade brigade and blessed with a broad expanse of firm sand at the foot of the low sandy cliffs that characterise this part of the Norfolk coast. Mundesley, at the time of this transcript, was probably more concerned with agriculture than with coastal matters as the 20 metre cliffs were quite a constraint on launching vessels. It was only with the coming of the Midland & Great Northern Railway that Mundesley began to flourish with the fashion of sea bathing. Formerly centered at the road head of the B1145 road from North Walsham, Mundesley has now spread for almost 2 miles along the coast road in a rash of bungalows and caravan sites. The land surface is around 20 metres above the sea but the coast is a rapidly eroding one and extensive sea defenses now protect the village. The parish is a small one just over 500 acres and supported around 450 parishioners. In Domesday Book Mundesley merited two entries as the land was shared by a freeman (Grimkel) and King William's tenant William de Warenne; the parish was small supporting only two ploughs.

The Church

All Saints church is sited adjacent to the busy coastal road at the northern end of what would have been Mundesley village, it is barely 200 metres from the cliff-top and has extensive coastal views. At the turn of the 20th century All Saints was a ruin and only partially roofed. What survives today is a combination of some preserved early fabric and 20th century additions and renovations. Very few features remain to indicate the probable age of the original church, a Norman slit window indicates it was certainly an old church; in addition there are Perpendicular features which date from the primary church building period in Norfolk. However, the chancel was completely rebuilt just prior to World War 1 and the western end had been extended 10 years earlier so much is modern. All Saints sits right by the road, separated only by a low cobble flint wall topped with brick. Access to the rather austere and open graveyard is through the remains of a lych gate, there are a few bushes against the stone wall to the western end but otherwise this is a very open site.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th October 1756 - 23rd October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/433/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 29th January 1814 - 6th September 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/433/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Gimingham All Saints
Gimingham All Saints
Trunch St Botolph
Knapton St Peter & St Paul
Paston St Margaret

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/10/1756 Richard FRANCIS Single   Ann SCOWTON Single  
2 01/11/1756 John WORTS Single   Sarah JOHNSON Single  
4 11/04/1757 John GARDINER Single Gimingham Mary SAUL Single  
5 09/10/1757 William FLOTMAN Single   Lydia ELWARD Single  
6 31/01/1758 John BROWNE Single   Frances SMITH Single Gresham
7 01/08/1761 Christopher FIELD Single   Lydia GLADDON Single  
8 19/10/1761 John GREEN Single Paston Rachel STEWARD Single  
9 18/02/1762 James HOWARD Single Cromer Mary BIRKS Single  
10 07/05/1762 Woolmer CUBITT Single Calthorpe Mary Anne CHALONER Single  
11 05/09/1762 William BIRKS Single   Mary ROLFE Single  
7 07/10/1762 John SMITH Single Great Yarmouth Mary CUBITT Widow  
12 20/12/1762 Henry BACON Single   Mary ARNOLD Single  
13 10/02/1763 Michael ROBINSON Widower   Mary HAMMOND Single  
8 10/02/1763 Michael ROBINSON Widower   Mary HAMMOND Single  
14 04/10/1763 Richard BLACKBURN Single Felmingham Mary CRANE Single  
15 11/10/1763 John WRIGHT Single   Margaret BURREL Single  
16 24/02/1764 Samuel HOWARD Single Roughton Mary BOULTER Single  
17 10/10/1764 John FAULKE Single   Margaret BARTRAM Single  
18 26/12/1764 James MINNS Single   Frances SHEALL Single  
19 31/12/1765 William COSSEY Single   Hannah WARNER Single  
20 10/10/1766 Robert WARD Single   Ann CROW Single  
21 19/10/1767 Jonathan CHALONER Widower   Elizabeth SCOUTON Single  
22 03/01/1768 John SHINN Widower Felmingham Mary PYE Single  
23 16/02/1768 Richard EVERARD Single Gimingham Sarah MONEY Single  
24 23/02/1768 James CLARK Single   Mercy WORTS Single  
25 22/05/1768 Robert SHERWOOD Widower Buxton Sarah COLLINS Single  
26 15/09/1768 James BARTRAM Widower   Ann ROOF Widow  
27 09/10/1768 James HOLLIDAY Single   Lydia ADAMS Single  
28 10/07/1769 James EARL Single   Ann STEWARD Single  
29 23/10/1769 Henry NEALE Single   Sarah DANNIELS Single  
30 08/03/1770 John BULL Single   Elizabeth RICHES Single  
31 19/07/1770 John ARMS Single   Barbara ROLFE Single  
32 04/02/1771 James BULIMER Single   Margaret RIGHT Single  
33 15/12/1771 John SAUL Single   Mary BOWERS Single  
34 27/05/1772 Samuel PRATT Single   Elizabeth BOLTER Single  
35 12/10/1772 James RUDRAM Single   Mary LAWGER Single  
36 24/10/1774 James CHAMBERLAIN Single   Mary TURNER Single  
37 28/11/1774 Robert SUFFULK Single   Elizabeth YAXLEY Single  
37 09/10/1775 Richard FISH Single   Mary ULPH Single  
38 27/10/1775 Benjamin DOLTON     Lidia Ann PLUMBLEY    
39 30/10/1775 John TRIVET     Mary KNIGHT    
40 07/04/1776 Thomas HEWETT Single   Ann WEGG    
41 12/09/1776 John SAUL Single   Mary SAUL Single  
42 28/11/1776 James MEALL Single   Hannah BOULTER Single  
43 28/01/1777 Augustus HARMER Single   Sarah YAXLEY Single  
44 23/12/1778 Benjamin LOWN Single   Hannah YAXLEY Single  
45 17/12/1780 Samuel WENN Single Walcot Mary BETTS Single  
46 05/02/1781 Robert BLOGG Single Swafield Sarah HEWITT Single  
47 20/06/1783 Thomas PULLAM Single   Mary BLACKBURN Single  
48 21/07/1784 Thomas NEALE Widower   Deborah WORTS Single  
49 09/11/1784 Thomas NEWMAN Single   Mary DEEKINS Single  
50 31/03/1785 John GAMBLING Widower   Ann WISEMAN Widow  
51 30/09/1785 James SAYERS Single Thurgarton Ann GAMBLING Single  
52 28/02/1788 John STEWARD Single North Walsham Sarah CUTTING Single  
53 19/05/1788 John SMITH Single   Margaret WRIGHT Single  
54 02/11/1790 Joseph ROBERTS Single Knapton Elizabeth WARNES Single  
55 17/08/1791 Matthew STARR Widower Knapton Mary BURKS Single  
56 18/03/1792 Joseph SAUL Single   Ann LACY Single  
57 20/08/1793 Francis WHEATLEY Single   Phillis BURKS Single  
58 03/11/1793 Robert BENS Single   Elizabeth BULLIMER Single  
59 18/11/1793 William CHURCH Single   Mary DUNHAM Single  
60 27/06/1794 John HOWARD Single   Deborah EARL Single  
61 19/11/1795 James BULLIMER Single   Elizabeth HARMER Single  
62 12/06/1797 Joseph LOADS Single Trunch Mary TRIVET Single  
63 26/10/1797 James GIBBENS Single Knapton Mary RUDDRAM Single  
64 08/01/1799 Peter JUNIPER Widower   Mary CROWE Widow  
65 01/05/1799 Samuel NEAL     Anna COLK Single  
66 10/02/1800 William PALMER     Elizabeth SHIELDS    
67 27/09/1801 Cubitt SPRINGALL   Great Yarmouth Mary SAUL Single  
68 01/10/1801 John EARL Single Great Yarmouth Sarah KIDD Single  
69 18/11/1801 John BARBER Single   Mary SAUL Single  
70 14/02/1802 James NEWSTEAD Single   Mary TOWELL Single  
71 06/06/1802 Thomas GAZE Single Paston Mary EARL Single  
72 09/10/1804 John HOWES Single Ridlington Mary COLK Widow  
73 02/12/1804 Thomas DUNHAM Single   Frances SHALES Single  
74 05/08/1805 William Aram MACKIE Single Lakenham Sarah GELDART Single  
75 16/02/1806 John CLIPPERTON Single   Sarah SHERWOOD Single  
76 15/10/1806 William BARNARD Single Knapton Ann LEATHES Widow  
77 02/01/1807 Thomas DUNHAM Widower   Elizabeth WORTS Single  
78 15/10/1809 Robert SEXTON Widower   Sarah HEWITT Single  
79 20/10/1809 William CHURCH Widower   Elizabeth THIRTLE Single  
80 16/01/1810 James TOWNROW Single   Mary STARR Single  
81 20/03/1810 Benjamin LEE Single   Mary SUFFOLK Single  
82 14/05/1810 Richard TAYLOR Single Westmill, Hertfordshire Sarah RANSOME Single  
83 13/11/1810 Robert GREEN Single   Elizabeth CUBITT Single  
84 18/02/1811 John WINCH Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single  
85 01/11/1811 Francis WARNES Single Cromer Elizabeth WILLIS Single  
86 23/10/1812 Isaac WORAME Single   Elizabeth ANDREWS Single  
1 29/01/1814 Skyles JUNIPER Single   Elizabeth CARRISON Single  
2 02/02/1814 Robert HAMMOND Single St Stephen, Norwich Sarah ANDREWS Single  
3 24/05/1814 Ezekiel BUTCHER Widower   Ann THURSTONE Widow  
4 13/02/1815 Thomas WOODHOUSE Single   Phillis CHURCH Single  
5 16/04/1815 William PESTELL Widower   Elizabeth DENHAM Widow  
6 19/12/1815 Joseph SAUL Single   Mary BEAN Single  
7 06/02/1816 Edmund BULL Single   Elizabeth DAVISON Single  
8 21/02/1816 William SEXTON Single   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
9 20/03/1816 George CURTIES Single Trimingham Sarah PAYNE    
10 18/00/1817 John LARKE Widower Trunch Hannah BANE Single  
11 19/03/1817 John MILES Widower Helhoughton Elizabeth WAKELIN Single  
12 04/04/1817 William RANSOME Single Cromer Anna RANSOME Single  
13 27/03/1818 Robert WALLACE Single   Mary RANSOME Single  
14 07/07/1818 Robert GRAY Single   Mary Ann DOUGHTY Single  
15 27/09/1818 William HOLMES Single   Susan HULLEN Single  
16 23/10/1818 John DIX Single   Maria HARVEY Single  
17 25/01/1819 Benjamin HOWLETT Single   Elizabeth HOLIDAY Widow  
18 29/06/1819 John Kerrison PRESTON   Great Yarmouth Jane WHEATLEY    
19 07/11/1820 William PEARCE Single St Saviour, Norwich Elizabeth EVERARD Single  
20 12/06/1821 Charles EARL Single   Susanna DOUGHTY Single  
21 25/03/1822 John POOLEY Single Hempstead Mary MINNS Single  
22 31/07/1822 Richard WEGG Single   Frances ANDREWS Single  
23 16/06/1823 Mark WEGG Single   Elizabeth WARNES Single  
24 10/03/1824 John RAYNER Single   Emily EARL Single  
25 08/06/1824 Philip MORTIS Single   Susan MINNS Single  
26 04/01/1825 Robert Lightfoot BOND Single   Elizabeth EARL Single  
27 05/05/1825 James RUDDRAM Single   Maria BEANE Single  
28 13/05/1825 Thomas ANDREWS Widower   Elizabeth BULL Widow  
29 23/05/1825 George CLARK Single   Mary Anne HOWES Single  
30 30/05/1826 George MUSKETT Single   Frances MORTER Single  
31 27/06/1826 Francis GRAY Single   Sarah LOADES Single  
32 20/11/1826 Samuel COCKMAN Widower   Sarah RICE Single  
33 23/11/1826 Joseph WITHERS Single   Susanna PEGG Single  
34 09/01/1827 John BUNTON     Ann COX    
35 11/04/1827 George GRAY     Elizabeth FARROW    
36 08/04/1828 Samuel THURSTON     Elizabeth CURTIS    
37 29/08/1828 Robert HILL Single   Ann WATSON Single  
38 23/12/1828 Henry HARRIS Single Bacton Sarah HARRIS Single  
39 24/02/1829 William Cubitt HASTINGS Single   Hannah NURSE Single  
40 15/04/1829 Francis ROBERTS Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Mary HOWES Single  
41 30/06/1829 James NORMAN Widower St George Colegate, Norwich Judith BARCHAM Single  
42 15/12/1829 John CLAXTON Single Cley Next The Sea Sarah Ann EARL Single  
43 02/03/1830 William DRURY Single   Elizabeth SEXTON Widow  
44 29/05/1832 William WITHERS Single   Sarah ALLARD Single  
45 25/12/1832 John YAXLEY Single   Elizabeth AMES Single  
46 01/01/1833 Timothy FLINT Single Trunch Anne EARL Single  
47 10/08/1833 Robert TILNEY Single Beeston Regis Eliza EARL Single  
48 17/09/1833 William BASKETT Single   Mary Ann ROUSE Single  
49 10/07/1834 William WOODS Single Runton Anne PAGE Single  
50 08/04/1835 George EMPSON Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
51 26/11/1835 William EARL Single   Mary Ann TWAITS Single  
52 15/12/1835 Thomas MARTIN Single City Of London Elizabeth STEELE Single  
53 30/05/1836 John WOODS Widower   Elizabeth SHALES Single  
54 06/09/1836 Thomas GREENE Single Fulmodestone Elizabeth PATTESON Single  

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